Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer : Just what I imagined

This is the best hand mixer i’ve owned in years. My last one broke where the one beater went in (plastic casing) and all i was mixing up were chocolate chip cookies. This is a powerful mixer, well made and easy to use. Some reviews had stated it was too powerful even starting out on the 1 setting. I don’t find that to be true on my part, but to each ones’ preference. Am very glad i purchased this and love using it (which is quite often). You just can’t find well usa made and durable hand mixers in the stores anymore.

Got this to replace a lesser quality hand mixer. Works ok, but replacing it because one of the beater gears stripped out. This mixer’s controls are a bit awkward for larger hands – i frequently changed speeds without wanting to, since the lower and upper speed buttons were too close to my grip. Ejector button also a bit tight (got to push hard to eject the beaters).

Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer, Red

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  • 16 speeds for light mixing to high speed whipping
  • Backlit lcd with timer function
  • Non tip heel rest
  • 200-Watt Twin Beater Action
  • Includes two flat beaters, one wire whisk, and two dough hook attachements

I do a lot of baking and this is the best mixer i have ever owned. It is worth the money and the 16 speeds helps so much.

I wanted a mixer that would be reliable,so i read all the mixer reviews and picked the breville. It has a lot of power,so it should be reliable,but it really has no low speed. If you add dry ingredients to your bowl,you might get them all over you. I like the fact that it is digital and it is easy to hold. It is great for heavy batters,but be sure to keep it down in the bowl.

Difficult to eject the beaters. While using it to make icing it started sounding funny then stopped. I tried it later on and it worked fine while not mixing anything but when added ingredients to the bow, it quit again. I will try it once more before giving up. I need a dependable workhorse with the holiday season upon us. I’m beginning to think these applicances are not meant to hold up to the workload. I like to cook/bake so i need something that will do it justice.

Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer, Red : How many times has the recipe called for you to beat for two minutes and you’re not sure when you started. This mixer actually times it. Love the different beaters that come with it. Plus it is not too heavy to hold.

It is very sturdy compared to others i have had. It is very difficult to eject the beaters.

It is a good mixer for the price, although i dont think i would buy it again since the first speed setting is way to fast for what i like. Also it isnt the greatest mixer when using it for dough as i can feel the motor has a hard time mixing with pizza dough for example.

I had a mixer that lasted me about 11 years, when it died i tried another one of a same or similar brand and i went through 3 more in a short amount of time. I wanted one that would last a long time again. I have had this mixer for a couple of months and have used it many times. I love how many settings it has and it has a guide printed on the mixer so if it is a stiffer dough you don’t put the mixer too high. The low is lower than some of the other mixers i have used, which is nice because then in doesn’t cause a cloud of dust when mixing in flour or powdered sugar. I have not tried it with bread dough, i use my bigger mixer for that, but i have done many other less stiff doughs.

Still noisier than i had hoped for. I love the whip attachment, it is awsome for whipping cream.

I’m really impressed with this mixer. Not only does it look great, but it’s hands down the best mixer i’ve ever owned. From whipping cream to cake mix batter, to egg whites, this does a superior job and has become my culinary workhorse.

I owned this mixer for well over a year now and all i can say is wow. Had not heard of this brand before finding it on amazon so i browsed the reviews and decided to take a chance on it.

This is an attractive mixer that works well. I love the fact that it has a turbo button for an extra push of speed. The digital window is clear to see with a timer that is a great feature to use. It does take a little effort to pull out the beaters, but not a big deal to me. This mixer comes with dough hooks, whisk and regular beaters. I only wish this had a retractable power cord, recommended.

I chose this mixer because of the color and the reviews it received. I used it to mix chocolate chip cookie dough and it lasted through the whole process without slowing down or smoking. It fit well in my hand and was not overly heavy. I’ve used my mother’s 25 year old hand mixer for the last several years. It still runs, but i’m glad to switch to the breville now. The old one never made it through the whole cookie dough process.

So far, i am happy with this mixer. I dont think it is too loud and it stands and stores nicely. I like having a whisk attachment along with the bread dough hooks, although i have not used them yet. There is a lot of power for big jobs with all the settings. The built in timer is a nice feature. No more setting the timer on the microwave or looking at the clock. I feel confident in the breville name and believe this mixer wil last a long time.

This was the perfect alternative to a stand mixer. I don’t do alot of serious baking, but needed something more substantial than an average hand mixer. This fit the need perfectly .

Worked ok for less than a year. Nice mixer, not as much power and torque as expected. Electronics stopped working properly. When the high speed was pressed it would only work sporadically. Same thing started happening with regular speed functions. Progressively got worse and worse till became unreliable. Called breville and was told it was passed warranty period. Offered to sell me one with 20% discount from them. A bit of an insult as you can by it even cheaper than that on amazon.

I have several breville appliances and am very pleased with them all. When my old hand mixer died i was pleased to find that breville has a hand mixer. I like its wide blade standard beaters (some hand mixers don’t feature these any more). I haven’t used the dough hooks, but the whisk makes wonderful whipped cream and meringue. I especially like the flat base. No more hanging the beaters over the bowl edge while adding ingredients. It has nothing to do with the mixer’s great performance, but i do love the red color. Breville has another winner.

The lcd display for speed and timing seem stuck on 16 and 01:27 no matter what i did. The booklet said nothing about a display sticker that you must first peel off. D’ohthe beaters did not self-eject. The booklet seemed to imply that pressing the eject button would release the beaters and it does but they don’t fall out. I had my old beater for 30 years and have had two high-end replacements which i returned for various reasons.

Bought this for my sister as a christmas gift. I decided to go with breville because they have way more power than kitchen aid. I am on my 3rd kitchen aid hand mixer in 5 years – the only reason i go back is because its replaced due to warranty. After buying a breville blender and having great success i decided this was the way to go for my sister. There is so much power and it mixes like a champ. No need for a stand mixer, this one will do it all. Now i have to break down and buy myself one.

Bought as gift for daughter. She enjoys cooking a lot so we also gave her a 1hp kitchenaid. She actually likes the breville better.

I choose this five star because that is what this is five stars, mixed a heavy heavy batter of oatmeal cookies and fresh apple cookies and no problem with this mixer so far. Mixed my heavy dough that i usually have to mix by hand and never even had to turn this way up, doesnt seem to have a problem with any mixing so far. Looks great and cleans up very easily. The only little thing is the turbo power button i have hit and had to change the way i control the mixer, other than that, love this mixer and would highly recommend to family and others.