Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker, Feature rich, but small concerns

I bought this brewer about 4 months ago…we are a bit of coffee snobs and thought $$$=:):):). Well, i now have very mixed reviews. We knew this going in, but at 0400 everyone but the deepest of sleepers will awake to the loud 60+ sec loud full pot grind. #2 grounds overflow: i think the design should have a deeper/bigger basket because it is almost always overflowing/messy when you even take the basket out to dump. Too afraid to find out if i actually added a paper basket (when i use pre-ground)=huge overflow. Not always, but sometimes…haven’t been able to completely figure out why some days and not others (we ~90%/time use whole beans + grinder) #4: 12 cups water = mess. We only fill to 11 cups because whenever we fill to 12, it makes an overflow mess all over the counter. #5: coffee in the carafe stays hot consistently for about 2 hours+ (without the ‘hot rinse’).

I have had this coffee pot 6 months and really like it. The only downside isthat it took several days to figure out how to get it to work and about a month until i got the adjustments made to produce my perfect cup of coffee. I love the fact that i can use fresh beans or put in ground coffee. I have even made adjustments so i can throw in a little ground flavored coffee while still using the grinder. Having room to use a travel mug is great too. The customer service is superior. When i tried to clean it as suggested, some part would not open for cleaning. I called cs, they had me make some tests and when they were sure it was defective, told me to pack it up and return it and they’d send me a new one. They promptly sent me a brand new one as soon as they received my return.

Bought this to replace a melita grind and brew, and i’m really glad i did. It makes a good coffee, and allows you to select the strength of your brew. I’m using paper filters instead of just the gold-tone basket that comes with it because i found there were grounds in the bottom of the cup with out them. The single cup brewing option works quite well too;; in addition to strength of the brew, you can select how long it steeps and make a perfect mug of coffee. Some other people have complained that they use too much coffee, but i find that i make a smaller pot for first thing in the morning then make a single mug after breakfast if i want another cup. I’m using less coffee because i used to make a larger pot and often threw part of it away. It’s a little fiddly to get set up like you want, but read the manual; everything you need to know is in there.

Key specs for Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Brewing system doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature
  • Built-in 0.5-lb bean hopper and integrated burr grinder
  • Carafe’ setting with brew pause feature and makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Single Cup’ setting from regular to extra-large cup size
  • Adjustable strength settings

Comments from buyers

“Conceptually a great idea, but in practice does not live up to expectations
, Life changing (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration)
, Simply fantastic

So far this coffee pot seems like a winner. The coffee tastes great and the grinder functions as expected. The unit determines how much coffee to grind based on the cups you’re brewing. I knew it was on the bigger side of coffee pots though i was surprised by how tall it is. Measure the height of the unit for the space you have. Not really that much wider than your average coffee pot. The custom options are great. You can select the brew strength. You can also fill the water reservoir to the top though brew the number of cups you desire.

I received my youbrew yesterday and brewed my first cup this morning. My first impression is good. I selected ‘strong’ and can already tell i need to bump it up to ‘intense’. From other reviews i expected the grinder to make some noise. I didn’t think it was that bad though. I have their espresso machine and it makes the same amount of noise. My only new complaint has to do with the one-cup setting. When you use a cup, it doesn’t come like a shirt size (small, medium, and large). Typically the cup is labeled with how many ounces it will hold. I used a 16 ounce cup and went down 2 notches on the size, knowing the max size is 20 ounces. I chose poorly and coffee poured over the top. So why not choose the number of ounces you want?i’ll add more as i go along. . *******update*******i have had the youbrew for several days now. I am very pleased, however, it has caused me to rethink my coffee mug collection.

Firstly, the idea behind this brewer is nearly perfect. Grind, preheat water to correct brew temp, bloom the grounds (steep grounds before extraction), brew. The execution is where things fail. Here’s a listing of good and bad within each step. At first i thought i may have been doing something wrong, and just needed to ‘dial in’ the machine. But, after spending 3 hours of time playing with it the other night, i still cannot get consistent or desired results. My primary desire for this machine was to have an automatic machine that will produce a cup of freshly ground/brewed coffee first thing in the morning. During other times of the day i make coffee with other methods (press pot, pour over/chemex, clever coffee dripper)for reference, i am using mix of columbian supremo (city+ roast) and starbucks verona and yukon blend. 1) grinding – uses flat burr grinder.

To be fair, i have only had this coffee maker for a month. The being said, i absolutely love it. The amount of customization that is possible, is wonderful. The ability to make 6 cups of coffee, and still have 6 cups of water in the reservoir for the next day is a huge time saver. I usually make 2 cups for me in the morning, and just take 4 to work. I use paper filters, but it does come with a gold mesh basket. I also really like the ability to make a single cup, and have a range of coffee mug sizes to choose from. The only thing i am a bit disappointed with, is that you have to continually program the machine when you want it to come on and start making coffee automatically. It’s not set it and forget it. Not a big deal, but it’s the only drawback.

So i rarely write reviews, however felt it necessary to share my absolute love of this coffee maker. We previously had the capresso team which lasted a good 6 years, a wonderful coffee maker untill it just stopped working several weeks ago. I did my due diligence and researched every coffee maker with a grinder out there. I was tempted to just go back to the capresso, but read reviews that were not flattering about the newer versions. The breville had the best reviews out of many, the biggest complaints seemed to be noise with the grinder and other strange malfunctions. We decided to take the leap and get it and couldnt be happier. This blows the capresso out of the water, from the taste of the coffee to the little things like the ridges in the carafe spout that make the liquid flow out without any spillage. While the grinder is a little noisy, its a grinder people i dont know what people expect, it not as loud as the capresso for sure. When i first got it i was afraid it might be complex from the looks of it but its literally point and click, you just add beans and pour the water in, select the strength, press start and boom wonderful coffee. Just a wonderful machinepros: well designed, great coffee, easy to use despite looking complex, easy clean up, easy pouringcons: takes more beans than most.

I have used another major brand of grind and brew coffee maker for a few years. . Or i should say i’ve used several of them from this maker, as the grinder is forever tearing up on it. I went thru 4 under warranty. I finally decided to try this breville version of grind and brew back in 2012. I have meant to report many times how much i love this coffee maker. Two years later and its running strong and gets used at least two or three times a day. You can’t beat the build quality and great cup of coffee that comes from this machine.

I’ve owned the cuisinart grind and brew models for many years. The steaming water always entered the chamber where the beans are ground, requiring the grinding section to be cleaned regularly. Upon reading reviews, i reluctantly tried this model. I was hoping for the best as i have learned to appreciate coffee made from fresh grounds. My wife had adopted to the daily cleaning and preparation required from the old models. We are both delighted with the breville. It is so much easier to operate and clean. It makes great coffee and provides so many easy options for preparation. The coffee bean and grinding chambers remain isolated and clean.

Have been using this for just over a month. Previously i had a very high maintenance jura bean-to-cup maker and got sick of all the coddling that it required to keep running. This machine is nothing like that. It’s really well built and designed for easy cleaning. It brews great coffee with settings that go right up to intense if you need it. Every day after use it requires the grinds to be washed out and the disk that stops the steam from leaving the brew engine once the water is in. Love the design and it has a clear, easy to operate interface. It can make either a cup or a carafe of coffee (needs the same cleaning after both). The insulated carafe keeps the coffee warm for a few hours without burning it, or turning it to syrup.

I must drink decaf, and in my quest for the best cup of coffee, this coffeemaker does a very good job. I have tried everything from old percolator style to high dollar drip coffeemakers. I have had this one for two weeks now. As other customers have noted it does have some quirks. As for using too much coffee and making the coffee too strong when brewing in the carafe, yes it does, if you fill the bean hopper up. I do not leave beans in the hopper. I measure out how much i need for the amount i’m brewing whether in the carafe or in a cup. I adjust the strength button on the coffeemaker to make sure all the beans i put in are ground. There are too many variables, size of beans, amount in hopper, the rate the beans fall into the burr grinder, and grinding time to grind the same amount of coffee beans each time to create a consistent cup of coffee. By taking an extra minute in my morning to measure my beans and add only the amount of water i need, i get a great cup of coffee each morning, consistently.

I’ve had this coffee maker for many months now and i cannot say anything negative about it. My husband likes regular french roast so i fix a pot for him in the morning. Decaf can be a fragile coffee, so i buy beans and use the large cup feature. It grinds it, brews it in the basket, and dispenses it into a thermal coffee mug and it is perfect every time. I have other breville products and they are all outstanding. Great engineering, quality build.

I’ve been using a french press for several years but i was tired of boiling water, waiting for it to steep and then cleaning etc. This machine is like a spa for my coffee making. I was afraid at first that the brew wouldn’t be strong enough after reading several reviews and also when my first carafe looked like it brewed just a few beans. I then brewed a cup instead of a carafe and i had the same issue. The hopper wasn’t feeding into the burr grinder and getting clogged. I then opened the shoot and cleaned out the whole beans stuck in the hopper. I then put the hopper back on and tried it again while sitting the beans until they fell into the grinder. The result was a very dark and steeped cup of coffee. Actually to strong for my bold tastes at the highest level.

Typical robust breville build, lots of stainless steel, less plastic, from a company that knows how to make appliances. Pros:- customizable to a fare-thee-well; if you can’t get a cup or carafe of coffee to your exact taste, you’re doing something wrong. Including the ability to adjust flavor (steeping time) for cups, and flavor and strength (amount of coffee) for cups and carafe, as well as multiple sizes for both. – with this version you can easily brew a partial carafe if you want more than a cup but not a whole pot – just program the number of cups you want to brew; you can start with a full tank. With the glass carafe version: breville bdc550xl the youbrew glass drip coffee maker, you need to add the exact amount of water you intend to use (it empties the tank). If you haven’t used a brew/grind before, get used to some maintenance. This one is one of the easiest i’ve used to clean and maintain, but it’s not a pod machine; couple of minutes after brewing to dump the grounds and rinse the basket holder.

I will start by saying before purchasing the breville bdc600xl a month ago i had used the cuisinart grind n’ brew for almost 7 years. I did my homework and research before purchasing this new coffee maker and always look over several sites with many reviews. Some of the negatives that i read were mainly regarding noise of the grinder and the coffee not being hot enough. I can say from my perspective this is not the case. The cuisinart grind and brew was extremely loud as well so maybe i’m just used to that. And i’m not quite sure other than making coffee in a metal coffee pot over a camp fire how much hotter you could get your coffee. I think the breville is definitely hot and the stainless carafe is a must for me, since the previous cuisinart was also a stainless carafe i could never go back to glass. I don’t like the gold filter as it is messy to clean up so i like many other’s went back to the good ol’ brown paper filters. I also will agree with others that you will use more beans than in a typical grind n’ brew coffee maker, i attribute this to the burr grinder vs.

Despite many negative reviews here, i bought this for our family christmas gift. Made our first carafe of coffee yesterday and we are all thrilled. It was easy to clean and set up. Even my husband doesn’t think it will be a pain and he doesn’t enjoy fiddling with toys just to get a cup of coffee. 1-yes it makes noise when it grinds coffee, but it’s far less noisy than my old krups grinder was and it’s much easier to simply load the whole beans in the back and not worry about transferring the grounds. Not that i ever truly worried about that before, but this is super easy2-this is actually smaller in size than my old kitchen aid pro line drip coffee maker. It’s shorter and smaller in footprint and does much more. I have no problem with this fitting under my cabinets. I put cold creamer in my coffee and it’s stll hot. I did pre warm the carafe and the coffee was still hot 2 hours later. 4-brewed into a cup this morning and it’s so nice to have so many sizes, strengths and intensities to choose from. It remembers your last setting, but allows so many combos that this will be a blast to play with5-far more economical and environmentally friendly than the k-cups are. I’m even considering roasting my own beans so i can kick it up a notch and save even more money to boot.

I have been asking myself for years why coffee maker manufacturers don’t make an ‘all-in-one’ machine that allows the user to choose between ground coffee and whole bean, coffee carafe or coffee cup, small coffee cup or travel coffee cup, etc, etc. Imagine my happiness when i found that breville tackled these questions.I love, love, love this machine. I have had it for about a month now and look forward to using it everyday. I am the only coffee drinker in my household so the various single cup options are fantastic, and when i have coffee drinking company, voila. A carafe full of coffee from the same machine. And, whether it is a cup or a carafe, i can have coffee brewed to meet my taste as well as the tastes of others. Okay, so i do have one small complaint about the entire set up.

First, we are coffee snobs and have tried a multitude of coffee makers, french press etc. This by far makes the best coffee ever. We love the coffee and don’t even mind the noisy grinder. The bottom line is, grinding coffee is noisy. Other coffee makers with grinders are often reviewed as messy, leaving grinds on the counter. I thought i was going to be annoyed by the cleaning because to do it properly is several steps. In addition to the normal rinsing of the carafe and filter there is an area on the machine that where the grounds come out that needs to be wiped each time and a little tray below that needs to be rinsed. Happy to do it to ensure more smooth amazing coffee.

I have owned a lot of different grind-and-brew coffee makers over the years and so far the breville is the best, albiet the most expensive. After a couple of months on the job, the breville has proved capable of making excellent coffee with a minimum of guesswork and elbow grease. This is the first machine i have owned that is really designed for those who want to make less, sometimes much less, coffee than the machine’s capacity of twelve cups. I like being able to simply fill it with water and beans, tell it how many cups to make, and let the machine decide how much water and how many beans to use for each batch. The breville is large and imposing–needs a lot of space on the counter–but is also pleasing to the eye. The big issue with all grind-and-brew coffee machines is cleaning, and moving the coffee grinds smoothly from the grinder to the filter basket and then shutting off the passageway so when the water comes into the basket it does not seep back into the grinder passageway causing clogs from wet coffee grinds. Other machines have multiple parts that must be disassembled for cleaning, and eventually they can break of get clogged with wet coffee grinds. The breville has come up with a simple system with a trap door that opens and closes each time, and that seems to work very well, although even the trap door needs to be wiped down regularly to avoid clogging, something that the directions don’t mention. The only component that is removed for cleaning is the filter basket which is easy to rinse under the kitchen faucet. Also, periodic descaling is done with white vinegar instead of expensive high-end cleaning solvents which many other brands recommend.

We have had several brands & models of coffee makers through the years and not been completely satisfied with any of them. Then my wife bought a breville toaster which has elevated making toast in a way i couldn’t have imagined. It simply has convenience features no other toaster possesses. Then we saw the coffee maker in a kitchen supply store and started researching the coffee maker universe. To start, it’s expensive and physically imposing. If those two things are important, go no further. I downloaded the owner’s manual from the breville website & watched the online videos. Somebody at breville had gathered all the possible problems you can suffer with a coffee maker and designed a unit that eliminated them. And, the unit has instructions printed anywhere on the unit that you might need help. The control panel virtually eliminates screw-ups on your behalf and makes using it quite simple.

I absolutely, positively love this coffee maker. I agonized for months over spending this much money to replace an appliance that cost $45. What really drew me to this machine were the integrated bean grinder, the ability to brew a single cup without having to use k-cups, and the customization options. Like our mattress (where he prefers a softer surface and i’m happiest with something equivalent to concrete), my husband and i have differing views on what makes a great cup of coffee. I cannot tell you how many times i made a pot of coffee in the morning only to have my husband turn his nose up at it. We were spending may too much at coffee houses where we could each get our own concoction. That’s how i justified the expense. I figured it would cut down on our coffee-shop spending. Prosit makes a great cup of coffee.

I rarely write these reviews, but i thought i should given the large number of very high and very low reviews for this high-end coffee maker (and quite frankly, for most of them). I did a lot of research before buying this breville. Given the expense, i did not want to make a mistake. Keeping mind that i have only used the coffee maker for 4 days, here is what i have found:1) it is easy to use;2) it is easy to clean;3) the carafe is excellent (even if it is difficult to get the last bit of coffee out of it); and most importantly,4) the coffee is superb. It is surely better than starbucks and every bit as good as the local coffee shop i (used to) go to, where they roast their own beans and take great pride in their coffee. This breville machine makes a stunning cup of coffee. I wish to update my initial review. I’ve had this breville coffee maker for three years now. In addition to what i wrote three years ago, i can now say that the maker has been reliable. I have not had a single problem (after making about 8 cups of coffee practically every day for 3 years).

Yes, this is an expensive coffee maker, and yes, it takes up a bit of counter space, but it is so worth it. I have been on a bad streak, the past four years, as i have had 3 cuisinart coffee makers die on me, and then after upgrading to a capresso, that sucker lasted less than one year as well. Then i ordered the breville and i have been very, very pleased. Not only does it make an excellent cup of coffee, it is so easy to adjust the brewing cycles and set times. I read comments about the noise, but it makes no more noise than a hand grinder. The bottom line is, if you are a coffee aficionado, as i am, this bdc600xl is simply the best coffee maker i have ever used, period. The carafe is excellent as well, and when i return home in the evening and open the pot to clean it for the next day, the coffee is still warm after several hours.