Breville BBL605XL Remanufactured Hemisphere Control Electric Blender : Excellent blender

After using the breville, i have no idea why i wasted all of my time with cheap blenders. This blender has all of the bells and whistles. We made smoothies and i love the fact that it has a timer and goes through the various speeds on it’s own. Our margaritas were also great with crushed ice that was perfect.

Rated top of the line by americas test kitchen. This blender is rated up there with the quality and durability of the high speed blenders costing over $500. I enjoy mine most every day. See test kitchens video review.

00 does and and you don’t have to use some kind of stick to be sure it all gets blended.

The first one i recd didn’t work right so i returned it and amazon sent the replacement before i even got the malfunctioning one in the mail. Thanks to amazon, the return was easy and i love the blender.

  • Great way to improve one’s diet
  • Maybe this one will make my husband happy!
  • Great Blender

Breville BBL605XL Remanufactured Hemisphere Control Electric Blender

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  • Permanent Hemisphere Bowl and Blade System with central blades that draw down what’s on top and wide sweeping blades hug the bottom of the jug
  • Electronic 5 speed control plus PULSE electronic controls ensure that the RPM speed is maintained for consistent results every time
  • Made from BPA-free, lightweight, superior clarity and shatter resistant Eastman Tritan copolyester
  • LCD timer counts up on speed settings and down for pre-programmed settings for complete control when blending
  • Illuminated buttons for clarity and ease of reading

My wife uses it every day where it breaks down ice and frozen fruit to make sports drinks. It works wonderfully for the task. The first one he had did break down after 4 years of daily use but i really feel like we got our money’s worth given the high number of hours we put on the device. So we bought another of the same type.

Highest ratings from cook’s illustrated. Its footprint is smaller than the vitamix and it’s not as noisy. Very well made with an elegant design. Since it’s “refurbished,” i also bought the square trade guarantee to protect my purchase. My husband hated the vitamix. It has only two speeds, is loud and finicky. The capacity of the container wasn’t large enough for him to make orange juice. The breville definitely has all the features he wants.

I highly recommend the remanufactured breville. It works great and has an excellent price. I have told family and friends to go and buy.

Does everything it should, from soup to nuts.

I bought this specifically for making smoothies, because the blender we had was cheap and doing a terrible job. After a lot of researching, this seemed to be the only viable candidate that wasn’t a blendtec or vitamix. I’m sure there are some advantages to the more expensive blenders, but this was has been great. The different settings and auto-blend modes work really well, the counter is handy, and the motor seems good enough to stand up to just about anything.

This refurbished breville blender arrived in like new condition and perfect working order. The only reason a previous owner might have returned it is the slight burnt insulation smell it produces after about 25 seconds at high speed. Others have mentioned this with this and other brands of power blenders. This smell does not concern me because the breville is putting out an intense amount of instant torque from a powerful electric motor. I bought the breville to produce green smoothies and it does a spectacular job at turning a big handful of greens, frozen fruit, protein powder, ginger root, ice, yogurt, and some fruit juice and water into the major component of a really fun meal. I have even used broccoli in the mix and the breville did a good job at pulverizing it although greens are a better choice. Rather than going on a diet, i am working to change my eating habits, which is easy with these great smoothies. The unit has only three components: the lid, the pitcher, and the base. With the rounded pitcher bottom, it blends every scrap and is easy to rinse after use. The blades are attached to the pitcher and are not removable.

With much hesitation, i finally replaced my oster blender with this one. I did a significant amount of research on blenders because, after 18 years of using an oster, things have changed a lot. I tried to limit the amount of computerized parts to my products as it tends to increase the potential for costly repairs or replacement. There is still something to be said about manual or analog items. I reviewed many different kinds of blenders before making a purchase, but my main purpose was for smoothies. I don’t really care about mixing drinks or crushing ice. My maiden voyage with the blender was not successful: i made my typical smoothie recipe too think for the blender to handle, and i needed to occasionally turn it off and stir it–something that i had to do with the oster. I adjusted the recipe a little the second time, and it was too runny, but i didn’t need to stir it. The motor is very powerful and quiet when i use it for just cleaning.

I’ve used this product on a daily basis for almost 2 month now. It has 6 month warranty, but not from breville though. Warranty is from a third-party company that performs the refurbishing (with a breville licence obviously).

Good and we daily use it very light weight. Better than the 600 model but priced little higher.

If you want to make a snowball in summer then just fill it will ice cubes and let it do the rest.

Wife loves the breville rm-bbl605xl. It has been a performance machine, and the family likes watching the way this machine breaks ice down. It has not been a problem, from set up and running the first time, to the 16th set of smoothies that we have made. I would have paid full price for it in a heartbeat had i know how great this machine would have been. The over-heat protection feature hasn’t even been needed yet, but we haven’t let our children touch it yet.

I bought this blender after watching an episode of “americas test kitchen” where they review blenders in their equipment corner. This blender was the second place winner after the vitamix with similar performance at half the price. Refurbished but still covered by manufactures warranty for one year i highly recommend this blender. Unique domed base of blender keeps ingredients flowing giving you smooth results every time. I use this blender 3 times a week for smoothies and less often for daiquiri’s and always impressed with the results. Many different settings and modes. I love the loop in the power plug it makes unplugging effortless, should be one on every plug. Also love cord wrap base that hides extra cord. Best blender at this price on amazon can’t go wrong. All other blenders at this price range don’t blend smooth all foods and will leave you chewing your smoothie, just read the reviews.

I own an older vitamix and use it regularly to blend kale, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables for a green drink base which i freeze. I was using an oster blender to mix up this base with protein powder and other goodies for the actual drink. The oster was loud and lame. I bought the breville after reading some reviews and i am thrilled. I haven’t used it to grind vegetables though i’m sure it would. I just love the way it handles the mix i put in it. It is efficient, relatively quiet, very sturdy, easy to clean, attractive and i just like using it. It’s motor isn’t as powerful as the vitamix but it is quieter and compared to the oster it is fun to use. It is a well designed machine.

This blender does everything. It has a digital timer to which runs so you know exactly how long the machine has been running. Thats a feature i don’t think i have seen on any other blender. You can just press the ‘smoothie’ function button and it goes automatically through the different settings needed to give you a perfect smoothie. I highly recommend this product and getting one that is factory re-certified saved me about $60.

I’ve been using the blender since september. I’m not sure if this is normal, but the blender makes a high pitched squealing sound when it is under any kind of load (1c water,. 5c milk, 1c blueberries, 2c spinach). It otherwise blends well, but i’m afraid to blend anything with more consistency than a liquid. I’m under the impression that i will have to utilize the 6 month warranty period.

This is a refurbished unit but it looks or operates like a new product off the shelf. High quality all the way, it’s powerful, and does a fantastic job with whatever i have used it for. I’ve owned it for about 1 1/2 years now and have never had a problem with it. This was a great buy on an awesome blender.

This blender has abour 6 settings for every type of blending but what i use it for is smoothies and i like the pulse setting. It has 2 blades in the bottom, one for pulling what is on the top down to the bottom and the other is on the bottom to make sure your concoction is well blended with no chunks. I must say that i have never had a really nice blender and i thought that chunks were normal.

I purchased this blender in june, and i am really happy with my purchase. I’ve been making smoothies everyday, and i am very pleased with the blender’s ability to thoroughly blend kale, apples, oats, mangoes or whatever i put in to make a truly smooth smoothie. I purchased this after i saw the review of it on america’s test kitchen. The six blades and curved bottom of the blender are key to making this blender work as well as it does.