Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper : Works as advertised

Been using it for 10+ years constantly to zip up everything from eggs, to soups to vegetables to quiches to gravy. The jar/cup broke awhile back but i love this hand blender just the same. Once it goes i will be purchasing another braun.

Quality is good enough for moderate home usage for the past 2 years.

Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper

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  • Set includes blender, whisk, chopper, bowl, beaker, and wall mount
  • Blends soups, sauces, baby food, juice drinks, and milk shakes
  • Whips cream, egg whites, and puddings
  • Chops herbs, nuts, garlic, and onions
  • One-year warranty against defects

Wish braun still made this model. It’s the best and doesn’t scratch your pans unlike kitchenaid’d immersion blender.

We use this immersion blender for mashed potatoes and milkshakes most of the time, although the chopping functions has also come in handy now and again. It’s so much nicer then washing an entire giant blender – just screw off the attachment and rinse and you’re done. I’ll never go back to a regular blender again. This model was conservatively priced and has all the power i need, and i’d buy it again.

I use this product while preparing almost every meal. The machine is really versatile – making blending, chopping and mincing of wet or dry ingredients really easy. Its a breeze when it comes to cleaning – whether by hand or in the dishwasher. The blender part of the machine is heat tolerant to the extent that you can use it directly in the pot where food is cooking. And you’ve got to love the compact size. Be careful of the whisk though – due to the high speed, i’ve sometimes had ingredients spilling out of my mixing bowls.

Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper : This takes the mess out of many tasks like blending soups and gravies. The multiquick is powerful enough to go get a smooth puree out of almost anything. Mine did not come with the whisk, but it use the regular attachment for almost anything. Careful with uncooked, easily oxidizing vegetables like avocado: the heat generated by the front-blade can turn your veggie puree color, so chill your bowl and reduce the rpms and exposure time.

Small but very powerful blender. In many cases provides better results than the large, more powerful blenders. Too bad that it is not sold in the us anymore. Most stuff produced in the us is useless because too many parts, too difficult to assemble and clean.

I’ve used similar handmixers like this one and find them very useful. This one, however, does have a slight flaw, one of the attachments keeps falling off in the middle of operation. Other than that one problem, i would have to still recommend this item because it is still functional.

This is a kitchen tool that is well worth the reasonable price. It takes up very little shelf space and can be easily cleaned. The accessories attach and detach with ease. It’s great to be able to beat or mix or blend mixtures right in their own container without having to bother with huge mixers or stationary blenders. The other day i forgot that i had this nifty tool and was trying to stir up a concoction that wasn’t responding well to my wooden spoon. It made things much easier and more effective when i remembered to use my braun hand blender. The chopper attachment works very well too. This product is an asset to any kitchen and doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, like similar products. This is one purchase that i certainly don’t regret.

Here’s an instance of bad luck turned good; we moved and of course, the box of kitchen stuff failed to turn up and my older model braun hand blender was gone. I had to purchase a new one, so i got another braun because i loved my old one. Well, this is certainly an improved model over the one i bought 10 years ago. Immensely improved, and i love it so much i am, well, looking for things to beat up. Like pureed vegetable soups, frozen yogurt mix for the freezer, you name it. Here’s what has been made so much better:1. The attachments that used to come with the braun were run by the actual cutting blade. With this model, you can remove the blade portion of the stalk and screw the motor shaft onto the mini-chopper or whisk. The older chopper was hard to use because you had to hold it carefully in the socket designed for the blade to run the shaft.

I make bread dough in my food processor and i whisk up egg whites for waffles with this handy hand blender. I also just got sara moulton’s cookbook that contains a recipe for basic yellow cake made in the food processor. This is fine for egg whites but it is way too fast for powder things. I use the blender attachment in hot boiling soup to cream up swiss chard. This is the best way that i can see to eat tough but vitamin rich greens like swiss chard and kale i. Chop them up as fine as possible and add an enormous amount of them near the end of the cooking process as you would herbs and puree away so they incorporate into the potatoey cream soup so as to not be noticeable. I don’t use this everyday though. I tried pureeing veggies in a tall stockpot and still got bits flinging out.

This hand mixer is convient, easy to use, clean and store. It does exactly as decribed. I use this product to mix health shakes and it preforms well. This is the second one i have used and their great.If you are looking for a great easy to use mixer buy this product, you won’t be dissapointed.

Ya know, i really wanted to like this unit. In fact, i think its probably as good a hand mixer/blender/etc. Problem is, that’s the problem. First, it doesn’t really ‘chop’ anything. It sort of minces then smooshes stuff. So for chopping – use a knife. The clear plastic dealy with the blade in it is next to worthless. It holds so little and again. The basic unit does a fine job – of mixing up chocolate milk and blending soups as long as you have sufficient liquid depth and don’t start the thing till its fully submerged. If the liquid is too shallow or you start too soon – be prepared for major kitchen cleanup. One last thing – be sure you have storage locations for all of the stuff, the wall deal doesn’t store everything (and frankly i doubt if you really will want to hang it anyway – if you do you’ll have a cord flopping around your work surface (unless you neatly wrap it up each time, another pain)). All in all a great chocolate milk mixer, kool-aide maker, canned soup stirrer.

This is the 2nd one i have purchased, this one one was for my brother who just needed a ‘simple-to-operate-gadget in his kitchen . He had no idea you could get a blender/chopper so small with so many other ‘bits’ to it .

I’m crazy in love with this item; it’s handy, sturdy, washes easily, and not complicated – it’s the first item i’ve added to my kitchen in many years.

I use it almost every day to make pureed fruits and veggies for my infant. The only thing is that if you’re making something thick in the measuring cup that the blender comes with, sometimes you have to take the blender out, mix the food a little, and then continue to blend. Otherwise the stuff at the bottom gets a little liquidy, while the stuff at the top stays chunky.

Bought this for my daughter because she loves gadgets, never thinking i would want one for myself. After using it at her house, i think this is a great little machine. Use it many times in place of my blender, food processor and mixer. Don’t use it for heavy mixing, not made for that.

Under no circumstances use this to puree any tomato-based items. It will stain and will not wash off, bleach off, scrub off. Besides the stainability, i have absolutely no fault to find with this unit. You can’t beat it for the price.

Really a great little blender for the price. I never got the wall mount to work but it’s not so heavy that you really need one ( nor so beautiful that you’d want to see it regularly). Throw it in a drawer and you’ll pull it out before you pull out the bigger guns, so to speak.

Great product for a great price. The old one was still going strong – no problems with the motor or most of the accessories. Ten years or so of almost daily use (we really like to cook and eat, this thing is great for chopping garlic) resulted in a cracked plastic bowl. So we’ve now got plenty of spare parts. These make great housewarming gifts – much nicer than a gift certificate and everybody that sort of looks at it and scratches their head ends up loving it.

It’s not the sturdiest, and it’d be nice to have more than one speed, but it does a perfectly fine job of what it’s supposed to do. Would i recommend it to others?. Probably – but id like to see how well it holds up over the next year. Ive only had it a month so far.

This is a great product, and value for the price. The attachments are useful, especially the chopping attachment.

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