Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer – You will be pleased

Makes great coffee, latte, cappuccino.

A better device than most anything else i’ve tried. My older tas45 (both of them) stopped working reliably and i needed a replacement. Was considering a keurig but didn’t want to be locked into only their official pods and besides, i still had a few boxes of tassimo capsules lying around. Picked up a second cup cafe latte, mccafe regular coffee, tim hortons decaf, twinings chai latte, second cup espresso and a few other packages. Tried them all at our dinner party. They were a hitthe cafe latte was especially popular. What struck me was how foamy the milk was. Warning, you’ll need a big coffee cup like my ugly mug in the photo. We had a nespresso too which needed a separate milk frother.

Works well and makes great lattes.

Bosch tassimo coffee makers are the best. The last one i purchased 4-years ago was the t20. Tassimos are the only brewers that make the coffee hot unlike the keurig brewing systems which brews coffee luke warm. I end up having to place my coffee in the microwave for 30-seconds. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Piercing lever is sprung hard and loud. Water reservoir harder to use.

I have been saving a lot of money on starbucks and similar coffee places. I love cappuccino and the frothing disk and expresso coffee disk make a perfect cappuccino.

  • Tassimo Makes the Best Coffee Brewers
  • I like the tassimo pod system and think they make high
  • Small but brews great coffee

I love tassimo coffee, much better than keurig. The only negative about this particular machine, and it’s not a big one, is that you have to take the water tank off in order to fill it with water. It would be nice if you could life a lid and fill it with water but like i said, not a huge deal breaker.

Just bought this to replace our keurig that died. I absolutely could not be happier with the quality of coffee and especially the espresso drinks, which i could not make with the keurig. I also love that the barcode dictates the temperature and amount of water. I never felt like i was getting a strong enough cup of coffee with the k on the larger cup settings. I’m very impressed by the ability of the machine to create such wonderfully foamy cappuccinos and lattes. I have had no issues with the barcode reader, and i’m unsure what a previous comment meant when suggesting they were somehow challenging. Just pop in the t-disc and hit the button. I prefer having a removable reservoir to adding the water from the top as this way i can just take it over to the sink and fill one receptacle, rather than filling up something else and then filling up the machine. Point taken, however, on this being a potential issue based upon space. I also feel like the beverages tend to be a more consistent temperature.

Great small coffee maker for the counter top. Heats up fast and the preparation time of the coffee is acceptable for a quick coffee in the morning. Variety of flavors and types of t-disks is less than k-cups but meets 100 % of my needs and most likely for most buyers.

This is my second tassimo and i love it.

Features of Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer

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    by entering your model number.
  • Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
  • Instant heat-up and fast first cup
  • Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages
  • Height adjustment and removable cup stand allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice
  • Make Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Tea & More with TDiscs (Sold Separately)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Cant wait until they come out with more flavor options and hopefully the price come downs a bit.

Bought one for my small office. Staff loves this thing and as a rare coffee drinker, i’ve also become an addict. The lattes and cappuccinos are incredible. Matter of fact, love it so much, gifting two for xmas. One to my brother and one to myself. For the folks that have mentioned problems with the reader, my office girls have informed me that if a drip or steam builds lands where the disc goes, a quick wipe of a paper towel where the disc goes solves this problem.

This us our replacement for the first tassimo we bought almost a decade ago. After researching to make sure, we bought another tassimo. We loved our first and feel the same about this one. The j cups are not as ubiquitous as the k cups used by other brands, but bed, bath &beyond has them always in stock & you can order them on line. Many of our friends have other kinds, so we’ve compared. In our opinion, tassimo wins.

It was a gift but the person seems to be happy with it.

I have had many tassimos over the last many years. Not because they break, but because after having one at home i needed one at the office, then at the in laws, then at my parents, etc. The reason i prefer the tassimo over the k is that this one does awesome lattes. The k doesn’t even come close.

Nice machine, but difficult to find the tassimo t-cups.

Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button

Very well designed in ease of use and visually. Simple to use, quick, and no mess, makes good, hot coffee.

Easy to use and makes good coffee.

I just bought a bosch tassimo t47 from a tim horton’s doughnut shop in canada for $40 canadian including 50 tim horton’s tassimo t discs. This was a door crasher – each store had about 40 of ’em to sell. I knew it was a pretty good deal but i had no idea how goodi haven’t tried it yet. The box has a label on it that says ‘no returns’ so it may be a re-pack. When i take it home to see if it works, i’ll report back. Made myself a tim horton’s latte this morning after going through the whole setup ritual, rinsing out, cleaner disc, etc. Gotta give the latte at least a 4 star.

An excellent machinemakes delicious coffee,ian g-w md.

This is hands down the best single serve coffee machine out there for the money. I seriously love my coffee and like to taste coffee not watered down coffee like keurig. I had used the less expensive tassimo machine (99. I fell in love with the coffee. Then she moved and took the tassimo with her ‘. So i bought a starbucks machine, which the coffee is real good to. But i couldn’t make different types of drinks and it always leaked water everywhere. I recently bought this tassimo t47 model at bed bath & beyond for $139. Below is pictures of my chia tea latte made by tassimo. So delicious you would would think it was made by a professional coffee house, not.

Makes quick cup, holds lots of water.

Instant heat-up and fast first cup

I was given a bed bath and beyond gift card and purchased this little machine. I had been checking it out on amazon. I have never considered myself a coffee snob, but suppose i should be considering i’ve never really enjoyed a cup of coffee until this morning. I cannot attest for the cappuccino and latte’s yet. But – the gevalia bold coffee i had this morning was the smoothest, most non acidic cup of coffee i’ve ever had and i am very pleased. Trust the five star reviewers. I did and was not disappointed.

I like the tassimo pod system and think they make high quality coffee beverages. We mainly use it for cappuccino. We had an older version of this product for many years and it worked great. This newer version is smaller and a more visually appealing design, but the scanner that reads the pods does not work that well. You have to clean the scanner each time you use it, and even then you still have to fiddle with the foil on the pod itself and use trial and error to get it to work.

My old tassimo just died so i bought this smaller version. It actually works better than my bigger model but takes up less counter space. Makes great lattes and cappuccinos so i don’t have to spend a fortune every day buying specialty drinks at a coffee house.

Leaks sometimes, has to be cleaned regularly.

I only give it four stars because i should have gotten the one with more water capacity. I make two or three lattes every day. It is the easiest and best of the espresso machines available. It uses a process that produces cream and there is no milk former. Mit makes it very easy and no clean up. It is expensive but less than going to satbucks and convenient. One issue is that you need to order the coffee because very few places sell it.

I own the tassimo t47 and t55. The t47 does not have a water filter as the t55 does. I saw this first in germany and when i came home bought one for myself. I drink tea mostly but like coffees in the winter or for an afternoon pick-me-up. I really like the tassimo brewer system for the milk drinks – lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate. The milk they provide in their t-discs is liquid so it’s steamed very nicely through the tassimo brewer. The milk has a nice slight sweet taste too. I prefer the german coffees – jacob brand – better than any others (i’ve tried several of the gevalia coffees, maxwell, and hag). The machine reads the bar code on the t-discs, therefore, so far there is not a generic t-disc so that you can use your own brand of coffee. I like this machine a lot but it is finicky.

Easy to use and makes a good latte.

Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages

Had a tassimo before and was happy with it, so i bought it again.

So sorry i didn’t find this brand sooner. They are always full of problems.

Height adjustment and removable cup stand allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice

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