Bosch Styline Stand Mixer : Total blender failure, who can help me??

I should’ve bought this earlier. Then i didn’t need to buy a bendix.

I am surprised at how quietly it operates.

Bosch Styline Stand Mixer with Continuous Shredder and Bosch Blender Bundle of 2 Items

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  • Bosch MUM51U10UC Styline Stand Mixer and Bosch MUZ4MX2 Blender Bundle of 2 items
  • Includes motor drive covers, stainless steel bowl, accessory bag, beating whisk, stirring whisk, dough hook, transparent lid with filler hole, blender, continuous shredder & Cook’n Recipe Software.
  • 450 Watt Motor
  • 4 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 4 Speeds plus momentary and stop position

We still have one in ‘working condition’ for 35 years made then by siemens,sold by sears as kitchen mercedes.

Great machine, i love it, but the teeny gasket in the blender does not work. I wasted some expensive ingredients as it all flowed all over my counter. I need my blender desperately can bosch help[?. Will they??what gasket replacement will work???. I need it now, thank you, charlene.

8 pounds loaded 13 flours and seeds breads like nothing. Plus everything that its included in the package. I’ll update the review with the new breads i’ ll make with these toy. Update:used it today to make potato chips, no problems at all, and very easy to clean.

Bosch Styline Stand Mixer with Continuous Shredder and Bosch Blender Bundle of 2 Items : I have a ka that i bought about 12 years ago. I liked it okay, but this mixer is so much better. It’s light, easy to use, works wonderfully. I’ve made cinnamon rolls, cookies, bread, etc.

Best bread doughgreat value for my money.

The speed lever on my 4 year old professional mixer broke so i purchased this bosch stand mixer. There were no instructions for the blender. The slicer and grater was difficult to use and didn’t do a very good job with mushrooms, onions and carrots. I tried all sizes but the veggies were slightly mascerated since the discs would plug up and needed frequent cleaning. I intended this bosch styline to replace my kitchenaid and cusinart (both take up a lot of counter space) but it was a disappointment.

Excellent quality, great performance. The english instructions are not entirely clear in i. How to attach the blender part, but time and patience got it figured out. As with all automated machines, there are little drawbacks. Especially when using the mixer function, the whisk can only reach certain areas, it is not as flexible as a human arm who can position it anywhere. Still, it saves a lot of work.

The bosch styline/mum5 is good kitchen mixing machine when it comes to its basic functions (beating dough, shredding, cutting) and has a decent size for a household up to 3/4 persons. The price is decent when it comes in the continuous shredder package deal. But a greater variety in watt/power, as offered in europe (up too 1600watt offered there, but 800 w would be o. ), would be a nice thing to have as a choice and because of the smoothy function even though the blender is doing fine when it comes to blend frozen strawberry/banana smoothies. When it comes to heavy dough bread it works fine and the mum5 is an advancement from the mum4 because of the way its mixing bowl is attached to the machine (no dancing of the bowl anymore). Thus, more power would be nice for bread makers who do not want to invest in the much more expensive and larger (machine and add-on items wise) bosch universal/mum6 whose add-on items are easier to purchase when compared to the bosch styline. The low star rating for the mum5/styline is based on the fact, that it is nearly impossible to get all-on items (meat and fruit grinder, citrus press, plastic mixing bowl. . ) for this machine in the u. For a decent price or at all. One online shop is pleasanthillgrain because amazon. Com does not sell the add-ons. Nevertheless, one can order those add-ons from amazon. De (germany), but the part number has to be ’45x’ or ‘5’ to include the styline/mum5.

Why did i buy it: one of the few kitchen machines/ food processors that comes with almost all types of kitchen tools (e. Blender, mixer, mandolin slicer etc. Moreover the size of it makes it easy to store in the kitchen. Here is the whole story: somehow the blender jug/jar broke (within the warranty period) and the seller replaced it immediately without any questions. Then, the machine stopped working 1 month after the warranty expired. I was very upset and contacted the seller again. I sent the machine in (at my cost) and it turned out that it cannot be repaired. Without any further questions, the seller replaced it with a brand new unit at the seller’s cost.

I have an old (about 40 years) oster kitchen center (stand mixer with dough hooks, blender and shredder/food processor) that is 450 watts and i would always use it to make bread or for those occasional heavy mixing jobs that the hand mixer can’t handle. Even though i don’t bake as much as i used to, i figured it was time to replace it when the regular beater drive stopped working recently. I wanted a stand mixer to replace it that had about the same wattage and would handle more than just cake batter. I thought about a ka but they are just so heavy and bulky (basically like what i am replacing) and they are not cheap. Plus their reviews are quite mixed as far as quality and reliability. I really wanted something i could store away when i wasn’t using it that didn’t take up much room and wasn’t too heavy move around. I know bosch is a good name so i researched the three models they make. The compact, the universal and the styline (which is new to the us). I decided on the styline because it has more wattage than the compact but capacity size wise is the same even though it cost about $100 more. The universal was more machine than i needed and it costs $100 more than the styline without any attachments.

I will recommend this mixer to all of my friends and family.

Have just had this mixer for 3 weeks, but so far love it. Made heavy whole wheat/10 grain cereal bread, dinner rolls and sliced potatoes for frying. It purrs like a kitten (or a little louder). The instruction booklet could be better, but i figured out what i needed to do to make it work myself. It has some safety features that kind of stump you at first, but when you finally figure them out they do make sense. My 36 year old oster kitchen center was just getting to the end of it’s life, and this is a great replacement for it.

Perfect food processor and mixer, takes less space on a kitchen counter comparing to kitchenaid. Right from the box can also do more. Of course no retro charm but also its very ergonomic. And for less money you are buying more device comparing to kitchenaid.

Just what i required except i am now looking for the food processor to add to it.

This is the best mixer made. I bought a kitchen aid professional 600 and the motor burned up in a month. This mixer has the power to mix on high with out cutting off or smelling like its burning. I love the blender attachment. Havent used the shredder slicer yet. But i am looking forwars to it. I make cakes and cookies and sell them. From home and this machine get its done with ease.