Blendtec Professional Blender, Worth every penny

It took an new life for my family ,with dysphagia disorder and masticating function not good. Tom dickson, for designing so powerful thing.

I love it, but don’t get it too full. It launched a blender full all over my wall, table, coffee machine and toaster. My fault, of course, for not heeding all the warnings in the manual. This beauty is powerful and pre-programmed to plow through raw fruit and vegetables with ease, making wonderful drinks and smoothies. I haven’t tried it chopping nuts or kneading dough yet, but i have not doubt it’s strong enough to do it. The recipe book is a gold mine of information and how-to on difficult treatments. The recipes are fun to try, well written and obviously tested thoroghly.

I have not had this very long but so far so good. It makes a great smoothie and mixes well. I uses it on the counter-top and it makes as much noise as one would expect and as long as you use the directions to put ice on top and softer items on the bottom it is effortless.

Key specs for Blendtec Professional Blender, WildSide / FourSide Jars – Black:

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  • Commercial-quality 1,560-watt countertop blender with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor
  • With the Smart-Touch Tec-neology the blender automatically speeds up and slows down, then shuts off when the cycle is complete
  • BPA-free Triton Polyester jar with patented cold-forged wingtip blades
  • Includes Wild Side and Four Side blending jar; secure-fitting vented lid; user guide and recipe book with more than 230 great tasting recipes
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty

Comments from buyers

“A great blender!
, Great Blender!
, outstanding

As good or better than advertised. It’s a bit pricy but i hope it will last longer than the regular $75 to $100 blenders.

Omg love this crazy machine, it blends better than latest ninja i have them both and wow what a difference and supper easy to wash no sharp blaids to be afraid of.

Its the strongest best blender i’ve ever owned. Had a mild funny smell in the beginning use, but went away. I know most electric have that in the beginning. Great product and i’ve been using it at least once a day since i got it. I don’t think i’m going to ever stop or slow down using it like other blender, it just works too good.

The best blender i ever had. I would have given it five stars if not for the noisy part when operating it.

The blender works pretty well, but it’s a bit noisy and expensive. Shop around and compare before you decide to purchase a blendtec.

I mulled this purchase over for weeks before i finally took the plunge. This blender puts my old one to shame. The clean up is a breeze, no taking it apart.Just a little warm water and soap; pulse for 10 seconds and rinse. The icon buttons make this goof proof, just select the icon (soup,smoothie,juice, etc. ) for what you’re making and the blender does the rest. No pushing food back down or scraping the sides. And compared to a standard blender, the processing time is cut by at least 75%.

I made a celery and carrot drink which turned out great. Get real healthy now with this baby .

My wife was interested in getting a new blender and we evaluated vitamix and blendtec. We are very happy with our choice of blendtec. It a powerful machine that runs smoothly and without fuss shreds the toughest fruits and vegetable. It makes the greatest juices and smoothies. We used the receipes that came with the machine but now we have created our own favorites. We have used it for many different nut butter, sauces. The pre-programmed buttons are great and cleaning up does not require any breakdown and is super quick. We rinse the blending jar and then run on machine with tiny bit of liquid soap. We bought the twister jar for nut butters and to make our own baby food.

Only press one key can do every thing same as vitamin’s blender. Easy to use and very good quality and good looking.

Easy to use and cleandefinitely not leaking nor any signs of leaking. Some people have mentioned it bounces around — i haven’t seen yet.

Hope it last for at least 10 years, for the price i paid for it. Have had bad luck with blenders ever since manufacturing has been done by dollar a day workers overseas.

I’ve purchased the previous version ten years ago, i hope it can last for more than ten years without maintenance.

Great!besides voice a bit。.

You cannot go wrong with this machine…awesome, amazing, wonderful, incrediblethe ‘program’ for smoothies is out of this world…. I wish my whole life was half as good as this machinebut caution…do not jump into the machine, in order to improve you life, while asking your wife to turn it on. She might and then, voila…you’re a smoothie, and really, life as a smoothie, not so wonderful, eh?just get the machine and enjoy the device.

This blender is a solid machine which has been well thought out. I remove the rind of an orange and pull apart the segments (which i would not really have to do) & toss it in the blender with the other ingredients for my smoothies, and there are no chunks or stringy pieces after the blending is done. The orange is blended ‘smooth’. I do not mind spending a hefty amount when the results and capabilities of the machine are superior. My only complaint thus far is that the spatula does not have a hole in the handle so that it cannot be suspended on a rack beside the blender.

We are making ‘phytochecmical’ smoothies. Smoothies with whole seeds, pits or peelings of fruits & veggies. This is an excellent blender and has performed as expected.

Use several time a day everyday for making smoothies and vegetable juices.

Its hard for a middle-aged guy to get excited about a kitchen tool but this is just a terrific addition to my kitchen. . It looks very sharp on the counter, has excellent (intuitive and well labeled) controls that provide programming options as well as manual control, two large capacity jars and most importantly does a super job in blending. While loud, i believe it is noise attenuated very well. A machine this powerful rotating blades at a very high speed has to be noisy. In fact it is quieter than expected. I have no idea if this was a better choice than the vitamix, which i also considered. I think it is like the ford/chevy argument — to each their own. But i am sure that anyone purchasing this blender will not be disappointed in their selection.

No kidding, i use this machine every day. I begin my day with a green smoothie of various ingredients to stay healthy. But i have also made soup, pizza dough, cake batter, ice-cream and cocktails. Actually the sky is the limit and i do not see how i lived without it for as long as i did. Oh, i also got the smaller jars to make my own butters (peanut and almond) as well as spices and dips.

My blender arrived in perfect condition and i have used it several times and it blends like a dream. It took amost two weeks too arrive but apart from that i finally have my dream blender.

Excellent blade for restaurants.