Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide – with 4′ blade

Good product blends seeds and other hard items.

I purchased this blender in july last year and have been using it daily and love it. I use it mainly to make green smoothies to fortify my bones and include all sorts of leafy vegetables and this way i eat a much larger serving than i would in a salad or soup etc. I add other veggies too and a little bit of frozen fruits to make it more palatable, a chunk of ginger, sometime an entire avocado including the pit. No problem: it all comes out creamy and you get all the fibers (that’s a plus compare to the juicers). The pre-programmed settings make it very easy to use: i don’t have to ‘think’ when i prepare my smoothie first thing in the morning before leaving for work and i know i will have a very healthy meal for my day away from home. I purchased ‘green smoothies’ by v. Boutenko to learn optimum ways and get ideas for combining veggies. It is a little loud but it’s really not an issue for me. The square jar allows the food to blend well and you never need to go in with a spatula to get the stuff off the sides as it happens with round jars. Washing is a breeze: the jar doesn’t need to be put apart from the blade etc.

This is the best blender and juicer out there. I bought one of these at in-store costco and it is way cheaper than amazon. I just got mine about two weeks ago and i have been juicing and creating smoothies several times a day. The cleaning part of it is also amazing. It takes literally less than a minute to clean it. It is a bit loud though but that doesn’t bother me. I own a breville and this is just ten times better than that. I’m thinking of selling my breville in craiglist. Here are the specifications for the Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 1560 watts, 120 volt, 13 amps, 3 peak h/p motor
  • 25 pre-programmed cycles tell the motor when to speed up, slow down and shut off automatically. includes four user-defined cycle buttons
  • Compact 15” height easily fits under kitchen cabinets
  • Includes a WildSide jar with 4” cold-forged stainless steel blade. Jar is made from durable BPA free Tritan copolyester.
  • Durable base made from industrial grade polycarbonate resists scratching and wear. flat, sealed face plate and buttons reduce unsanitary build up.

I was hesitant to spend this much money on a blender but i was wrong. I use our blendtec just about everyday for smoothies and processing.

I buy this one which is cost efficient than the vitamix 750 for myself, and bought the vitamix 750 for my sister. This one looks better, but the noise is larger than vitamix. However, the juice which is made by both the two blender is very good, almost the same.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great but noisy blender
  • Great product and Great customer service
  • LOVE IT!

After having gone through 4 blenders in the last 8 years i decided to fork the money over for this blendtec blender. I should have purchased it much, much sooner. This blender makes the best smoothies ever. It doesnt grind the seeds from blackberries, but crushes the ice to a smooth consistency.

This blender does everything it promises to do. I was a little skeptical at first, but have been blown away since i first tried it. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I’m buying another one for my parents for father’s day. I would recommend going with the 3qt size container at a minimum. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be blending once you start.

I’ve had several blenders and this blendtec by far is this best ever. I am very very pleased with it.

Later i want to make salsa with it when the tomatoes come in season. I wish i had this years ago.

I bought this blender because i was tired of my kitchenaid that simply could not crush ice, regardless of the setting. This blender, on the other hand, is amazing as far as handling ice goes. Ice goes in, cold beverage comes out. In fact, it is so good at crushing ice that you need to put in a lot more than you think you’ll need if you’re hoping to make a smoothie or shake. This thing turns ice into cold water. My only complaints are that it comes with a plastic jar which will scratch up over time and that it is far noisier than any blender i ever owned before. Even more than our old cuisinart, which i thought was pretty noisy. I wish i had one of those blender boxes like they use in smoothie shops to cut down on the noise. I can’t make a shake early in the morning without waking up the neighborhood. Other than that it is a fantastic blender thus far.

Very happy with my purchase, did a lot of research and glad i got the 4′ blade for ease of use.

After using and burning out previous ‘cheap’ blender, i am thrilled to be using my blendtec. It’s worth every dollar spent. Does great blending job which i needed for my fruit/veggie smoothies.

Does a good job at most tasks but it is incredibly loud. The pitcher is nice and wide.

This is a great blender, recommended by other users, they were right .

We did a lot of research between this and the vitamix. Decided to go with this one due to the reviews and the price. Use it every day for smoothies and juices.

Large container, very powerful. Bought as a gift for my son and his wife. They use it mainly for smoothies, but with the power it has i am sure it would make a fine chipper-mulcher. Although i am certain the manufacturer would not recommend it.

Terrific blender that does everything. Love it and use it daily to make smoothies, soups, almond butter, hummus. Only wish i had purchased this years ago. It replaces many of my other small appliances making my kitchen better organized and frees up cupboard space used for all my small appliances. This blendtec is attractive enough earn a permanent spot right on my counter. I bought this one on a daily deal at a great price. It was worth the wait and amazon customer service was great when i had to return the first one due to a cosmetic issue with the first digital screen. Don’t hesitate to buy this one.

I’ve had this blender for almost a year, and have been very satisfied with everything about it. First, the following is information that i put together as i was making my own purchase decision. Amazon has this same product available, in different colors and with different combinations of blending containers, in a bunch of separate listings (and in both the ‘home and kitchen’ sections as well as the ‘appliances’ section) and from different sellers (both amazon itself, and third party vendors). This makes it difficult to sort out what is available on amazon, and it also makes it very inconvenient to read through the reviewer comments since they are not all collected in one entry. To help sort through all of this the following is what i found in doing my own research on this product:- i believe that essentially there are basically two blendtec models currently listed on amazon differing only in the number of cycles that are preprogrammed:— one model is the ‘total blender’ as designated by blendtec. It comes packaged with either the ‘fourside’ blending jar, or the ‘wildside’ blending jar (see below for explanation of differences), or both. — various colors are available (black, white, or red)— the blender has a 1560 watt / 3 peak hp motor— it comes with a 7 year warranty (the various amazon entries have different warranty statements. My blender states 7 year warranty clearly on the box, and on the product registration card included with the blender). — the second model is the ‘home’ or hp3a model, which is not shown on the blendtec website but is available on amazon from various sellers. This model has the same base and motor and includes 25 preprogrammed cycles (see below for more detailed explanation).