Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill : all arrived in good condition. Only problem with this purchase for me

So i have been looking to buy a wheat grinder for a while now and at christmas, i got money to buy it. My mother has been using one of these machines for over 20 years. She has almost never had an issue with it. I decided to buy the blendtec because it was $40 cheaper than the other brands. I have only used it once, but it was quick. I believe it grinded 10 cups of wheat is 5 mins. Yes it is loud, but i have read that they all are. Yes the latches on the side holding the motor to the catch pan are plastic, but my mother hasn’t broken hers yet. She says that you just need to be careful when removing the top.

The blendtec 52-601-bhm kitchen mill works so fast. It grinds wheat berries and pearled barley perfectly and super fast. I like the different texture settings for the type of flour needed. I generally use the second to smallest grind setting and i end up with perfect flour every timei only have two small issues with the machine. The first is that it seems to “spit” or “shoot” grains out of the top while it is grinding. I have found that lightly draping a towel over the top keeps the grains from flying around the kitchen while the machine is in use. The second issue i have is that i always end up with flour everywhere when i remove the top of the machine. There really isn’t any way to get the top off without making a mess. It’s kind of bulky and i just can’t seem to manage removing the top without getting flour all over me. But, even with these inconveniences, i really feel like it was a great purchase.

This is my second kitchen mill (the first one was stolen) and they work very very well. You can control how fine the flour is, and they will process a variety of seeds and grains. They are durable, don’t overheat, and well they just work.

This is the fourth wheat grinder i have had from k tech, blend tech, kitchenetics, or whatever their current name is. I like them and have continued to replace them with the same product. Obviously, for the most part i am pleased with the product. I like the ease of use and the variety of flours that can be ground–from a very fine pastry-quality four to a more coarse meal-like consistency. My only complaints with the kitchen mill are the durability; top heaviness and awkwardness of the new, taller wheat grinders (they aren’t as balanced and as stable as the older ones with a shorter storage bin); and the flour that inevitably escapes between milling chamber and the storage bin during the milling process is a little annoying (consistent problem with every model we have had and is obviously something that has never been solved and fixed by the company). We have given our grain mills heavy use in the past because we enjoy the healthiness of fresh-ground flour in daily food preparation and baking. I wish they were a little more stable and durable so they would last longer with consistent use, but for the most part, this has been a good product that i would recommend to anyone.

  • We really like the clear container so we can see how much
  • Great machine , excellent price!!!
  • Another Winner From BlendTec

Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill

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  • Electric grain mill grinds up to 24 cups of natural whole-grain flour in under 8 minutes
  • Variable speed settings; simple on/off switch; 60-ounce transparent container. 1000 Watt motor
  • 10 amp direct-drive motor; self-cleaning, stainless-steel, Micronetic milling chamber
  • Durable, high-quality materials; solid-state electronics; won’t overheat.1.8 peak horsepower motor
  • Measures approximately 9 by 9 by 10-1/2 inches; 6-year limited motor warranty

This mill does a great job on making flour. It produces a nice, consistant product with no effort at all. Just dump the wheat in and turn the switch. It is not that noisy – not much more noise than my vacuum. I do use my music ear-covering headset to lessen the noise a bit if necessary, which keeps it down even more. The one odd thing about the design is that the cord is placed to go vertically up from the housing. This is obviously so the unit can nest, with base over the motor top, for storage, and is not a difficulty during useage. When running the wheat through the unit, a single piece of wheat will occasionally go flying, but a piece of paper placed over the lower half of the hopper will avoid this if you prefer to keep the floor clean. My unit does not seem to leak any flour at all during usage. It doesn’t have “latches” – just a pressure-fit tab arraingement with a gasket between the housing and base.

We actually ended up reselling this as we bought an omega masticating juicer that can grind grains, coffee etc also. Very loud, heats up pretty good and you end up losing some as lots gets stuck in the milling mechanism. Would just stick with the omega juicer. It can do so manythings over this guy- juice, oil extractor, nut butters, puree, sorbet, pasta, grind meats, beans and grains. Wouldn’t buy this again- not because it was terrible, but just because i now know there are much better options.

I have never thought about grinding my own grains, but this makes it so easy. The bread i can make is out of this world and i suggest anyone that loves to bake, use this. You can use soft winter wheat berries to make the best pie crust and hard winter wheat is hard to beat for just a great loaf of bread. I have used to make other flour for things like waffles, middle eastern foods, and gluten free stuff like hemp bread (do not grind the hemp seeds).

I bought it after having purchased a more expensive mill (the nutrimill; almost $100 more). I used the other mill a lot, but never could get whole wheat bread to turn out any better than a building brick. I always had to add white flour for my bread to be edible. So a friend recommended this one. I sold my nutrimill and bought this one and i love it. The flour is much finer, resulting in beautiful, fluffy, whole wheat bread. The mill is a little bit louder than the other one, but not much. I would definately recommend this mill to anyone.

I love this mill, it has a really good warranty. The only downside i see is the locking tabs on the chamber are a bit hard to manipulate. Otherwise on the whole its a great appliance. I have milled flax seed, and buckwheat on it. But according to the instructions it is not a good idea to mill nuts. I’m guessing because of the oil content it would gum up the blades. But that’s ok, because i also have the blendtec blender which i am able to use on the nuts. More than happy with both products.

I needed some barley flour for a recipe, and couldn’t find it anywhere. I could, however, find barley grain at my local health food market, along with all sorts of other unusual grains. And i thought to myself: why not grind up your own flour?. We already owned the blendtec total blender, and loved it. And i knew they made a flour mill for home use, so i did a bit of research and ended up buying the kitchen mill, based on my experience with my blendtec blender. The unit is fairly compact, but can mill quite a bit of grain at one time. It couldn’t be simpler: after a quick assembly, plug it in, set the dial to the grind you want, turn it on, and begin to feed grain into the top. The grain feeds itself into the hopper, and soon the clear bin begins to fill with fresh flour. The grain does have an annoying tendency to fly up and out of the hopper from time to time, so i’ve found it best to place a small plate or some such over the lid where the grain enters the mill to keep these pieces where they belong. Other than that, the mill works as well as you’d want it to.

Works quite well till the plastic dial to determine course was broke off rendering it useless. It did mill fairly fine but not superfine flour (i do all sorts of wheats). It’s rather annoying to clean out after use so for me this was a larger batch milling machine, once a week or so rather than a few handfuls for the moment. Blendtec has a fantastic 8 year warrenty and will be fixing it, but it will take a few weeks.

Wow, this kitchen mill is amazing. A bit loud but it does a great job. I haven’t had any problems with flour dust on my countertops yet.

I tried the kitchenaid attachment, and had bad luck with it. This gets a really fine flour, and cleanup is very easy.

We purchased the ktec grain mill about two years ago and have been very satisfied with it. We use it frequently to grind hard spring wheat for making bread or pizza. It runs at a very high speed and is loud, similar to an electric router one may use for wood working. It will likely cause small children or pets to evacuate from the kitchen, but you will be pleased with the ease of operation and results.

I bought this mill under it’s previous name “the magic mill” 20 years ago. The clips on the side broke right away (because the motor is in the top and makes it top heavy) and i was disappointed. I knew that whenever this mill broke, i would replace it with something sturdier, but the motor recently wore out and when i realized that i had been using this mill between 3-5 each week for twenty years, i realized that it had really been an outstanding mill and since i had only paid $200 for it originally, it only cost me $10 a year. Needless to say, i just reordered this mill. Now, my daughters and i know to be careful with the side clips and they haven’t broken, and we are very happy with it.

Grinds out quinoa at a rate of about 6-7 cups every 2-3 minutes. Fills up fast at that rate, but it will hold a full 16 oz bag of quinoa so i don’t need anything bigger. Great product for the price.

I chose this mill because1) it has the most compact size, esp. For storage (you invert the clear flour container over the top of the white machine). 2) good warranty and trusted manufacturer3) it is the cheapest mill in this ‘class’ that i could find in dec. 2012unfortunately, it is very loud. I always warn my children to leave the room and we cover our ears. It would be optimal to use ear plugs for operation. Fortunately, it takes less than a minute to grind a cup of wheat (haven’t timed it exactly), so the noise is short-lived. I also try to be very careful about attaching and removing the clear flour container because several other reviewers mentioned that theirs have broken. All of them said that blendtec replaced the unit, but there are specific instructions for this maneuver. You have to latch or unlatch one side at a time, not both together.

Simple, no frills, and grinds grain into the finst flour you’ve ever made. Selectable settings for finer or more coarse flour. Yeah, the clips on the bucket may break. Just use extreme caution seating the unit in, and pulling it off the bucket. Yeah, it sounds like a jet engine, only louder. Silent operation is not what i bought it for, and it’s not on that long, anyway. It is absolutely superb as a grain mill and for the money, it simply cannot be beati would strongly recommend it as a purchase, and advise one to learn to ignore the noise, and handle it gently, and you’ll come to love this grain mill.

Is it normal that the filter (vent) is not lining up and that the top needs extreme pressure to latch?. I’m afraid to break off the latches when taking it off, it is extremely hard to take off. In all i love it, just seems as if the manufacturing is not the best quality.

This is our first mill and we absolutely love it. Yes, it’s loud, but the flour is super-fine and can be used for even the most delicate baking. Highly recommend this product.

I wanted to grind my own flour but i didn’t want to spend a fortune. This mill was a good choice. It’s compact, all of the elements fit inside the clear bin, and it does a good job. Not so loud that you’d require ear protection, but loud enough that i don’t use it when my toddler is in the room (it scares her. ) louder than a vacuum, not as loud as a table saw. Some stray grains fly out of the feeder. It’s not a big deal, i put my hand over the hole or cover it slightly with a bowl to keep them from flying all over. But i’d say maybe, 10-15 grains?.It is kind of a pain to clean up. Since you can’t wash out the unit, flour collects on it. I bought a make up brush and i brush out the flour from the nooks and crannies, then put it in the cabinet. I wash out the clear bin and little cup with soap and water. Those three things are really the only thing that bother me about this unit, but since it was much cheaper than some of the other mills, it’s worth the savings.

Very loud and produces a lot of residue dust, but that is expected when pulverizing grains, etc. Always use outside and just remove the little foam air filter. It will clog up in no time and is not necessary if your outside anyway. If you are celiac, like my kids, you will save a fortune making your own rice, millet, etc flour with this machine. Expensive, but would buy again, as it will pay for itself in a short time.

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