BLACK+DECKER & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275, Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches

This is a great product for those who have trouble opening jars due to hand injuries or arthritis , i purchased this product for my mother, who has severe arthritis in her arm’s and hands, which makes opening jars almost impossible for her. I highly recommend this product.

I purchased a lids off jar opener for my best friend and it was supposed to be her birthday gift in december. She hurt her wrist trying to open a jar and it hurt for a couple of days. I decided to give her the gift before her birthday to ward off future injuries. She said that is ‘the best gift i have ever gotten in all these 55 years’.She and her husband love it. This item was an amazon verified purchase, and i would recommend purchasing from them to anyone. I received my lids off two years ago after seeing the one my sister had received from her son as a gift. I told my son, when asked, that i wanted a lids off for christmas, he gave me one and i use it and wouldn’t do without it, no way. Thanks for making a most handy product that women love and appreciate.

I purchased this for my 96 year old mother in law. She has been thrilled that she can caw open various hars on her own. She has finally been able to open the saurkraut jar without calling for help. Great product and easy to use.

Key specs for Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275:

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  • Will open virtually any size jar in one simple operation
  • Opening jars has never been quicker or easier
  • Easy to store
  • Compliments any kitchen

Comments from buyers

“Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches
, Superior Jar Opener!
, Life saver after shoulder surgery

Chewed up and spit out one of the automatic openers that you put on the lid of the jar. This unit is much more substantial and engineered for heavy duty work and supports the entire jar, can, or whatever is being opened. It’s also corded so the motor is stronger and it won’t die in the middle of opening something.

I have weak grip when it comes to opening a jar and this opener is wonderful,works great. I would recommend it to anyone to use. Black and decker has scored again.

Not for say, catsup bottles.

My doctor highly suggested getting this because i i can’t open jars with my left hand.

My mother-in-law loves this. Her house got on fire and see lost it in the fire. This is the second one we got her. She has very weak hands and this really works.

This product is really helpful for opening stubborn jars and bottles. It automatically adjusts to the size of the jar or bottle you are trying to open. The only thing it doesn’t do well is tall water bottles but even then you can sort of force them in. But it is definitely great for things like jam, jelly, peanut butter, even medicine bottles.

With my arthritis getting worse, i could not open jars and this device saved me. It is simple to operate and very effective.

Got this as a christmas gift for my mom, as she’s older and has problems with jar lids. She was a bit daunted by it at first, but now uses it all the time and loves it. Opens jars of varying sizes easily and quickly. One caveat: the rubber pads inside the grips are utterly useless. They’re just glued on, so they peel right off with the first recalcitrant jar lid. Better to just remove them and clean the glue off, as the grips hold the jars just fine without them. Also, it could use a longer cord.

The black & decker lids off jar opener is not just another kitchen gadget. I have been using one for over 2 years after having received one as a christmas gift. This item is especially useful for all who are faced daily with issues concerning arthritis, other strength or motion limitations in our hands. It is very reliable and will accommodate almost all of our challenges in opening jars. I have given two away as gifts to those who have found themselves similarly challenged. The item is also of interest to physical therapists who are working with folks who have limitations related to those i have described.

Gave this as a gift to family member who had shoulder surgery. They loved it and said it opened all jars easy without having to even grip anything.

At first i was a little confused at the lack of an on-off switch, but after reading the manual, i saw that it works automatically by pushing down on the top section. I guess that when the bottom platform (a rubberized mat) feels enough pressure being exerted, it starts itself. It was easy to use, & the directions were clear & direct (with labeled illustrations). The top & bottom clamps also work automatically, in adjusting their grips on the jar. I tried it with three of the jars i have the toughest time with: 1) a 24 oz. Gulden’s mustard jar (the wide bottom of this jar just barely fit into the bottom clamps of the unit, but it did), 2) a 24 oz. Spaghetti sauce jar, & 3) a 32 oz. The jar opener easily opened all three without a problem. This unit is expensive, but when compared with not being able to open jars & having to give up foods i like, it’s well worth the money.

I had one before, and loved it. This one is the same item, i hope it lasts as long as the other one did. They’re great when you’ve lost the strength in your hands.

My daughter has eds and with no strength in her hands this item helps her a lot.

My hands are in bad shape and this will help me. First thing i did with it was open a jar of pickles that i’ve been looking at in pantry but unable to open. This worked first time i tried with no problem. I am glad such items are available for everyday use.

A fantastic product that allows me to open all kinds of jars and bottles, allowing me to have some independence again. I would definitely recommend to people.

Once in a while i run across a jar i cannot get to fit the opener but the ones that do, so far the little thing has opened them for me.

Bought a used one through amazon for a great price and got super fast shipping. I have not gotten used to remembering that i have it, so i have only tried it 3 times. Only problem so far is that 2 of the 3 times i tried to use it, the jar was either too tall to fit in the chamber and/or the lid width was too narrow. For example: it will not open 2 liter soda bottles because the lid is too narrow in width. I have not tried a 2 liter for height though, but i doubt that it is short enough. The jar needs to be not more than 8 1/4 inches [21 cm tall, and the cap (aspirin bottle) or lid of the jar not less than 2″ wide and not more than 3 3/4 wide — approximately. I have not found the manufacture’s dimensions concerning acceptable jar height and lid width, but i could have missed it, so i measured the best i could. I think that it would be great for opening those sticky pickle jars and anything (within dimensions) that hurts or cracks your wrists to open. I am in the market for something that will open beyond these approximate dimensions, but i am keeping this one because of the special price deal. ]

This is great for opening most jars. What would make it better would be if it could open wider jars. But as someone who has lost the magic grip i used to have & has arthritic hands this is a miraculous gift. I can open most jars with no stress or strain on my hands.

It works great for hands that aren’t as strong as they used to be.

We purchase these types of items for our elderly and disabled clients for our program and can’t find these items locally. So glad amazon is able to help us help our clients in need, and the best part is that they are affordable and arrive sometimes in just a few day.

This product works great on straight jars. I had to add rubber adapters to the gripping pads to provide additional surface contact on oval or slanted jars but that has been the only possible point of fault. I think this fault could be corrected by adding a swivel function to the jar gripping pads.