BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – A nice little coffeemaker

Great purchase for my husband and i.

I know that some reviews mark this maker as having issues right out of the box. I cannot speak for anyone who had such issues, but i am very happy with my purchase. The auto-off burner, easy to fill reservoir, and programmable brew options are great for a piece that cost under $30. So far i have had no issues with the brewing process and the resulting coffee is very tasty. A great improvement over our normal office coffee.

It’s not as substantial as my last b&d coffee maker the lasted 8 years. It’s not heavy duty by any means. The label for the controls peeled off. I had to apply glue to make it adhere.

This is the best coffee pot i have ever had. Easy to load with coffee and water – no tricky interior parts to work around, spotlessly clean, shuts off if we forget it. Steal a cup while it’s still brewing works well.

Set this up every evening, and wake up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee. Sorry starbucks but i will have to save money this year. I cannot keep on spending $1500+ yearly on your delicious cups, i will make them on my own from now on using this simple and easy to use b&d programmable coffeemaker. It is simple easy to use, and looks durable to me. It is my first coffee maker so we will see. If anything out of the ordinary happens. I will be sure to update this review.

This coffee pot is a good size one and really nice looking. No more waiting for coffee to brew. If your up early you can simply turn on, and the pot has the ability to allow you to grab a cup before it is totally finished brewing if ya need one in a hurry.Love how the coffee tastes also. The temp the coffee is brewed at makes a huge difference in flavor. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  • Works!
  • Holy cow it makes coffee
  • Okay but not great

‘love it’ might be an overstatement for a coffeemaker, but given how much crap is out there, my appreciation level is quite high. If you’re doing the search to replace your coffeemaker that died after just a few years, then you’re probably a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new one. That’s what brought me to this black & decker, which was selling for under $20 on amazon. However, i was also keeping an eye open for a unit that would last me more than just a few years – like the one i had 10 years ago. Although i didn’t try out all the expensive machines, i had a couple, and i’ve come to the conclusion that durable, problem-free coffeemakers are a thing of the past. So here’s hoping this machine has a decent lifespan, for it does make good coffee, has everything on it to make it a simple process and doesn’t leak anywhere. Make sure you twist the filter cup into the lock position and the cm1050b 12 cup programmable black & decker coffeemaker should be perfect right out of the box.

Seems like very good machine. I received it today, connected it to power and followed the cleaning instructions. Suddenly i hear boooom, and the machine turned off. It turns out that this machine supports 120v only, and i have 220v at home (i don’t live in the us. I just wish they wrote it in the manual rather than on the bottom of the machine. Anyway, it worked as expected for the few seconds it was on.

You will not find a nicer coffeemaker . My money is on this pot i bought a 2nd one at the same time for a back up over a year now im steel waiting to open the 2nd one grate pot makes grate coffee. The water is very evenly pumped out over the coffee while it brews that’s the secret .

Bought this about a year ago, replaced a commercial bunn coffee maker. And the coffee stays hot for hour.

I have had a black and decker coffee maker before so i bought another one.

Features of Black & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button
  • Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water
  • Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap
  • Measures 13.9-inch by 11-1/2-inch by 8.9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this when my last $10 coffee maker died. Black – no more coffee stains on a white machine that will never come out. 2-hour auto shut off – a pro unless i’m home all dayproduces quality coffee. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have an internal purifier – i fill up with purified water and those little parts are so easily broken and hard and/or costly to replace. Never had an issue with dripping coffeeeasy to use – which is how it should be. Cons:programming it is not intuitive. I wish the pot was an insulated/thermos type pot, but i can replace that part pretty easy.

It does the job that just about every other coffee maker should perform, and without any issues. The programmable features are easy to use even if you lose the manual. It brews quickly enough that i only have to dance around in impatience for just a few minutes. The opening for the reservoir is wide enough that i haven’t yet poured any water on the counter in my pre-caffeinated state. I make the sweet nectar of caffeinated life every morning in this baby. My french press is starting to feel ignored. This lost a star because the measurements on the reservoir are very difficult to read unless it’s in direct sunlight, a condition that is highly undesirable before coffee. Pro-tip: if you don’t want to feel like stabbing yourself in the face every morning because the basket is so wiggly and fiddly, before you put the carafe in, close the top. This will reduce coffee angst by 96%.

This is definitely not the best coffee maker i’ve ever had. I needed a 12 cup replacement and nothing else in a reasonable price range seemed to be available. The basket is difficult to seat just right to ensure that you don’t get drips when trying to pour a cup before it has finished brewing and the on-off mechanism is very low-tech so you need to make sure the light is on before walking away and expecting to come back for a cup of coffee. Since it’s a basket, the quality of the coffee it makes is not as good as what you get with a cone, but i knew that going in.

This little coffee maker worked great. Poor little trooper was abused as well. On some occasions made 10 pots with this thing. People i worked with littlerly chugged the coffee.

This is a great product especially for the price. It is quiet and quick and has auto shut off after 2 hours which is amazing. The only reason that i only gave it 4 stars is because i have used it 10 times and 2 of the times the carafe was not positioned correctly and the sneak a cup function malfunctioned and resulted in coffee all over the counter. Make sure that you line it all up or else.This is the second one i purchased. My last one was white and then we moved and now everything is black so i had to change. My last one has worked just fine for over a year.

Bought this for my parents to replace what had to be the oldest made coffee maker in existence. This one is simple, off and on, inexpensive, has a schedule function if you want to wake up to a drip, and fit well in their kitchen. I’m happy with the purchase and they are as well.

Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button

Black & decker cm1050b 12-cup programmable coffeemaker, blackthis was an excellent buy. The coffeemaker is made out of very sturdy materials. The pot actually lets you pour without coffee going everywhere because of poor design of the spout area like most. The clock and timer work great. It’s very easy to set and one button turns the timer on once you have it set. It turns itself off after awhile so if you forget to turn it off it will do so on it’s own. I would definitely send this as a gift as well.

I like the design and it works well, only glitch was the front silver ‘plate’ is plastic that didnt stick. It arrived peeling off (all the packaging intact but box was re-taped as though someone may have seen this and returned it). I just glued it in place so should be fine, but does not instill confidence when it appears to be falling apart before use.

So i have had this for about 6 months and it works great. We have incredibly hard water and even though i clean regularly, seems i always have to replace a drip coffee maker every 18 months or so. For the price this is perfect.

I bought this one to replace my old black & decker smart brew coffee maker. I was disappointed that the hot plate doesn’t keep the coffee as warm as my old coffee maker. Otherwise, coffee tastes fine and it is easy to program and clean. Guess i just like my coffee a bit hotter.

Suddenly, my coffeemaker was broken. In a hazy, non-caffeinated fog, i browsed amazon for an inexpensive, yet hopefully reliable, replacement. I found this item and read the reviews. Some of the less expensive brands don’t have the features this one had, and black & decker is a good name, so i gave it a shot. First of all, it arrived earlier than anticipated. The coffee brews quickly, the time display was bright and clear, and the coffee was delightful. I have nothing but good thoughts about this coffeemaker and will end this review now so i can finish my first cup of the day. It’s a great item for the money.

We’ve had this coffee maker about 2 weeks and we are super pleased. Unlike our old krups coffee maker, this one does not drip when you pour out a cup of coffee. Also, it is much easier to slide in and out of the warmer than our old one. Haven’t used the programmable function yet.

Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water

When my last coffee maker of this type went bad, i brought up a brand new gevalia coffee maker from the basement. Hated it so i went shopping. Probably would’ve bought a bunn but the ones in nearby stores were only 10 cup & i wanted one that was 12 cup. Coffee was too hot to drink & kept getting grounds in my coffee pot (like the gevalia). Got online & found this one; which was exactly like my old one except that it cost less (i paid $40 for the last one several years ago). Love, love, love this coffee maker. You can pull out the caraffe to pour a cup & it’ll pause brewing till you put it back. Hope they never discontinue this one.

It does what i need it to do and i like that about it.

This coffee pot makes a great cup of coffee. The temperature control allows only the richest, smoothest flavors to come out of the coffee. Even though the filter moves around when you move the carafe (which can make the lid not close perfectly at all times), this pot is one of the best. If you can overcome the small ‘flaws’ you will appreciate the price and the quality.

Takes up a very small amount of counter space. . The auto shut off was an important must have feature. We also purcahased the brass screen filter so no more paper filters. . One person complained about water leaking , they did not place the drip cup properly in the machine. Buy it it does a great job .

The device works as advertised,with only 2 issues. Setup for programmed start is not what is stated on the paperwork accompanied with the coffee maker. The carafe has to be exactly seated or the water will overflow the basket and spill onto the counter top which leads to grounds in the carafe/coffee.

My main complaint is that it is too easy to change the time. Usually you have to hold 2 buttons or slide a switch to set the time on alarm clocks. On this if you accidentally hit the hour button it just changes the clock instantly and your coffee will get made at the wrong time the next day. Aside from that nit pick, it is a good economical coffee maker that holds a lot of coffee.

My husband coffeemaker was falling apart so i picked this one and i was sure glad. He said he didn’t need a new one but from the first pot on he has done nothing but rave about this maker to everyone. It makes his coffee perfect and he can use less coffee which he likes. Now when i get it ready for the morning i know that i sleep a little longer as he is enjoying his cups of coffee.

Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends

Well, it messed up it’s primarily function. The measurements are way off. The 1st brew was for 4 cups. I filled the carafe with water to the 4c line and what do i get?. I had to add some more water to brew over the old grounds. Note: i used the same exact coffee and same filters that i use in a similar coffee maker at work, so i know that those are not contributing factors.

I got this for my mother’s house and she finds it easy to use. Also, the pot has a nice, substantial weight. It’s design includes an odd way to indicate the machine is in use by illuminating a small green light in one of the programming keys. Other than that, it’s a good buy and a good machine.

Had to replace a high price coffee maker after 6 months (quit working) so purchased this b&d at reasonable lower price at amazon, works great every day still keeps on cooking, and coffee stays hot all two hours.

I had to purchase a new maker when my pot for my gevalia broke and i was unable to replace it. Bought this and so far it’s working perfectly. I love the ability to program my maker to wake up to a hot pot of coffee right away in the morning.

I bought this coffee maker because i was looking for a model where i wouldn’t need to program 15 buttons to get a cup of coffee. It’s not as fancy as others but that’s what drew me to it. I do like the pause feature so i can get a up before the whole pot brews and although i don’t recall seeing it mentioned it does have an auto-shut off feature (after 2 hours) that was a perk. My only complaint is that it is bit noisier than i would like, but it was such a good deal that i can overlook that.

Unfortunately the carafe was cracked. But that can happen in shipping. Sent it back for immediate credit. And will definitely buy another one.

Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap

I bought this item after our existing black and decker coffee pot went belly up. I did some research, read customer reviews and selected this one as the price was right, $25. It’s a nice coffee pot and looks as displayed however the display window on the side of the coffee maker is located on the right side instead of the left which is ok, but not preferred as my last one was on the left. I’ve also had some problems getting the number of cups reflected on the pot to be accurately reflected on the side of the maker when i pour the water in. This could be operator error but when i fill the pot to 12 cups, the maker only reflects 10 which makes the ratio of coffee to water challenging. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.