Black & Decker TMB3 Under Cabinet Heat Guard : a moment of silence please

It’s great to have toaster oven off the counter.

Wev’e had this installed for years with no issues what so ever. Easy to install with no problems.

I already had a black & decker toaster oven but not the equipment to hang it under my cabinet. I have little counter space so this heat guard was just what i needed. It arrived promptly and fit perfectly.

This product works exactly the way we wanted. We’ve had no problems at all with heat on our wood cabinets and the toaster oven has stayed secure in it’s holder. The only thing that i’m not crazy about is the appearance ove the product. It’s kind of clunky looking. The model that works the with new b&d toaster ovens is much more attractive.

  • It’s great to have toaster oven off the counter
  • Great Fit
  • Cabnit heat guard

Black & Decker TMB3 Under Cabinet Heat Guard, for use with Toast-R-Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Mounts under the cabinet; provides full hood to protect cabinets
  • Adjustable mounting bracket fits many different cabinet styles
  • Installs quickly and easily, all hardware and instructions included
  • Medium gray color coordinates with Black & Decker models TRO200-TRO600
  • Measures 4-1/4 by 16 by 10-3/4 inches

This is a must have to keep your toaster oven off the counters. I just ordered a new black & decker toaster oven, and it is white. This mount is black, so i bought high temperature spray paint and painted it white. It now matches all my kitchen appliances and the new toaster oven. One draw back of this item is that if you have a heavy coat of laquer on your cabinets, the heat that is given off from this hood can soften the coat of laquer,.

Wish a bought another one before they stopped making this one. Used one for years and years and finally the upper element burned out. I hoped it would go on forever.

I didn’t really have any choice if i wanted to free up very valuable counter space – this is the only toaster over with the hood, there are no other models, and it does the job fine. The toaster oven itself isn’t that great, but, like i said, unless i want it to sit on the counter, i don’t have a choice. Holds the toaster oven just fine, and doesn’t heat up the cabinet it’s attached to.

Four screws into the bottom of your cabinets, and then slide the toaster in. The included template blows like they usually do though. Throw the instructions away. Just drill 4 holes in the right spot after a trial fit by hand.

The rack supports the toaster oven under the cabinet, freeing up counterspace for other uses. It is easy to slide the toaster out for cleaning, if necessary. Serves exactly the purpose intended.

Bought this 4 years ago to get the toaster oven off the counter. Still working great and adds space to counter use.

After literally 11 years of everyday use my b&d under counter toaster r oven has died this morning. This toaster oven is the hardest working appliance in our home, and it’s lived a good but hard life. This toaster took years of abuse, slammed oven door, toast on/off switch subjected to excessive force, and the poor light/medium/dark dial (can you say too much torque)?. Just minutes after this great toasters demise, i am looking to purchase a similar model.

I’ve had my toaster oven mounted under my cabinet for about 10 yrs now. I take it with me each time i move because i like it so much. To have it up off of the countertop makes a huge difference in space. But you’re really limited to the selection of toaster ovens.