Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener, Best product, best price

Can opener works great once you get it installed. They should have it mounted on a wooden or hard plastic platform to avoid drilling holes in your cabinet. I had the tools and the wood that i could cut to size and mount the opener on it than screw the wood onto the underside of the cabinet. Without the proper know how and equipment it would be a real pain in the ass to get it mounted. Someone should show them how to prepare it properly for mounting. Otherwise you have a major headache. Opener works great and the wife is pleased with it. If you buy it be prepared to need more parts and screws as well as the wood or plastic. You then drill a hole in each corner and use 11/4 drywall screws to attach unit to the cabinet.

Hey i don’t know why everyone is so hating this product. Had mine for a year and a half. But sorry to say the wheel that turns the cans finally broke in half. Called customer service and they told me that this model is no longer being made so no parts replacements. But other then that i used this thing everyday. I have five kids so can openers are very much a part of my life. And i never ever ever had a problem opening big or small cans. Strong motor and the lid catcher worked great. Easy to clean and never ever dropped a can. So all in all 20 dollars well spent.

I took a long time to decide on this one. The reviews that i had read went from extremely negative to extremely positive. I felt challenged to make an informed, intelligent decision. Though i had an earlier version of this can opener in a previous home – that operated flawlwssly – a lot of reviewers did not like this unit. Still, i had no other reasonable choices for an under-the-counter can opener, and the department manager at a bed, bath, and beyond store spoke highly of the black and decker units, though that store did not carry this item. I finally just decided to try it and see. I ordered one and installed it; it was less that $25. The provided spacers were required to attach it under the lip of the overhead cupboard. I wanted to do a flush-mount, but could not, due to my cupboard design.

Key specs for Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener, White:

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  • Power Pierce Cutter
  • Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Opens Big and Tall Cans
  • Spacemaker

Comments from buyers

“I love it. It is so smooth and easy to
, Best product, best price
, Good replacement!

Bought this for my 84 year old mom, who still cares for my 88 year old dad. Her 40 plus year old can opener quit. This is what she wanted for her birthday so i started to look around in stores. Absolutely no under counter space saver can openers available period. Got on line and found a few that were so pricey they should come with a title and be financed by the bank. I bought it for my mother and installed it. She is a happy camper once again. My dad immediately used the knife sharpener feather and sharpened all her kitchen knives. They are total satisfied with this product.

There were no product installation instruction for mounting the can opener.

I had a black and decker can opener before i got this one and i loved it. My can opener started to go bad. I know what your thinking how does a can opener go bad. This is how mine was going bad. When it would start to open cans it would stop like half way and get stuck. This happen sometimes not all the time. So i was thinking what could be wrong. Is the motor going bad or something else i can’t see or is the cutting blade bad. So i figure i would sharpen the cutting blade and see what happens. I did such a good job sharpening the cutting blade it wouldn’t even cut a 1/8 of an inch.

This is my 3rd can opener exactly like this one. I keep ordering them because its the only space saver can opener i can find. 2 things i don’t like about it are the blade comes off easily. So easily that when you take the can of from opening, the blade comes off also. The blade only lasts about 1 1/2-2 years. I tried to online and only buy a new blade but they don’t sell them so you have \to buy a whole new opener. It would be a great product if they fixed those things.

I never knew two people could be so excited about a can opener, but apparently my grandparents have been searching for one in stores and a little bit online for a long time. They used to have a black and decker that lasted them over 10 years, but when it finally died they couldn’t find one, and had purchased several cheaper versions that were not that great. So when i found this on amazon i was really happy because i knew it was something they needed and wanted and it would be better than something random. My dad is going to set it up for them, and it seems like it will be great.

I owned a b&d spacemaker can opener for several years and i had no desire to have another type. I could not find one in a store so i called b&d and they said ‘oh, we don’t make that one anymore’. . So, i went to amazon and ‘prunedanish’. I received it so quickly and well packaged. Brand new and boy, did that make me happyi would definately order from them again and be first to recommend this seller to anyone.

I was trying tho replace an old under the counter can opener, but this model had to be flush with the front of the cabinet which made it way too noticable. My old one hung at the back of the cabinet. Anyway, i returned this model and went back to using the old one which is more in the background.

The can opener works great but i liked my 20 year old model better. You have to drill four hole through your cabinet to mount it and the old one attached to a bracket that screwed in under the cabinet. I don’t like drilling holes in my oak cabinets so this one better last twenty years. And actually the old one still works but the wife wanted a new one (go figure).

I installed this unit years ago in our kitchen. The magnet on the arm came off and there really wasn’t a good way to re-attach it and unfortunately the part is not available. That would be my only gripe. I wish black and decker would make the basic part (like the arm) available instead of me having to buy another unit. My old unit worked great when the magnet broke off–the motor still ran good and everything. On the up side my old one lasted for years and i’m hoping this one will do the same.

I looked everywhere for a suitable replacement to my last can opener. I don’t know why there are so few cabinet mounted openers available now, but i could only find two models. Saw bad review on each, but opted for this because it had a similar design to one i had previously. I had to add an additional spacer to lower it to where the arm wouldn’t bump into the bottom of my cabinet, but it now works great, and i am very happy with the purchase. The mounting frees up my valuable and limited counter space.

This can opener works very well. We have always had under-cabinet units because i like to keep the countertops uncluttered for easy cleaning. Speaking of easy cleaning, just pop out the cutter thing once in a while and throw it in the dishwasher and wipe off the front while it’s washing. The knife sharpener works remarkably well, too and the bottle opener is nice because you can open a beer one-handed. Much easier than fishing through the drawer for the church key and then having to put down the bag of chips because you have to use two hands. Ok, so if it’s a screw off you don’t have to have an opener, but you still have to use two hands, so it’s better for a screw off, also. If you want an under-cab unit, this one is fine.

I would give it 5 stars if it were not so unreasonably expensive. But since i could not find something similar made by any other manufacturer, i ordered it. Works very well after a year at this point and i am pleased at that level.

I couldn’t find an under-cabinet replacement for my last b&d can opener in any local stores. I’ve had my last one in at least my last two houses (so long ago, i don’t recall when i got it). I was happy to find it on amazon. It was easy to install and is working great. I like having it off my limited counter space. I also like the sturdiness that having it mounted adds to large cans as well as having both hands free for the can and lid while opening.

I use my can opener at least several times a day. It fits well under the counter which takes up less room than sitting on the counter. It came in several colors although i chose black.

I used to have one of these but it finally quit after i don’t know how many years of service. The old one had a light on the back that was very handy. It is a little hard to load the cans at first and required quite a bit of maneuvering to find out how to get it in the jaws, but it opens the cans fine once you get it started.

I purchased this can opener to replace an earlier model that died after 15 years. Since this replaced an earlier b&d i figured i could use the existing holes and just unscrew the old one and install the new one. The holes need to be farther apart. So i did have to drill new holes, no problem. Then i couldn’t get the final screw to grab, figured that i had the holes drilled unevenly. After checking further i found that one screw supplied with the opener was not threaded properly. Had to wait until the next am and go to the hardware store and buy screws. Screws that came with the opener are 10-32, 2. , hardware store had only 10-32, 3 in. Screws, didn’t have to cut the screw since the 3 in. Opener works perfectly and installed easily once i realized the problem.

My old can opener quit working after 20 years of use. I was surprised that the black and decker under counter can openers are so hard to find. After searching local stores and not finding the under the counter can opener i checked online and was very happy to find a replacement on amazon. The model is slightly different, but basically it was the same can opener. Easy to install, works great.

I bought this and it works okay and is out of the way. However every 18 months to 2 years the rivet that holds the magnet breaks. If you like it, keep the parts because sometimes the blade wears out before the rivetfor the magnet breaks and you can use the parts to fix your next one. The removable cutter/magnet assembly is not available any longer and was too expensive anyway. So i have replaced the first unit with the second unit and then the second unit with the third unit. Now the third is broken do i replace it a fourth time?i just don’t know. Why doesn’t anyone else make these things.

I had one of these many years ago – like 20 – and then someone got me a new one with no cut edges. I have missed this unit ever since and recently bought one again. I was worried about construction and quality after all these years. My upper cabinet is too deep to mount it so i had to in glue wood strips so that the handle properly clears – just so you know. A flat cabinet underneath is perfect, and there are some washers included in case the inset is just minor. Mine was like an inch, so more drastic measures were needed. Also has a bag opener – which you will get used to using very quickly and not have to open a draw and grab a knife or scissors.

We’ve had this for several months now and we mounted it under the cabinets. It works well and is out of the way. It’s not loud (or any louder than other can openers). Tip: make sure when you mount it that the chord can reach an outlet and doesn’t get stretched too tightly. I wish this was the kind of can open that makes the cuts on the underside of the outside rim, rather than the inside of the can, but it works fine.

This can opener is the easiest and most convenient unit i have ever owned. The first one i bought is over 15 years old and works everytime. I remodled my kitchen and got a new one for the kitchen the old one will be in the new bar.