Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System,

We liked this so much that we just bought a second for our second home. My husband can’t go anywhere without his smoothies. We’ve had our first one for at least 3 years and have probably used it hundreds of times. It still works just as well as the day we bought it. I even make baby food in it. I also use it in place of my blender because it blends so well and is so easy to clean. This is a must have for both of our kitchens.

I have three teens who i obsessively worry aren’t eating the right foods. Since getting the big boss blender a few months ago, i have been able to make highly nutritious breakfast smoothies that my kids love. The three cups allow me to customize each smoothie and serve it directly from the container. And this blender easily and quickly pulverizes any frozen fruit i put in it. I can make breakfast in 5 minutes for all three kids, and if we’re really in a hurry, we can put on the closable tops and take the smoothies in the car. Cleanup is a breeze – i simply run the blade unit under the faucet and rinse it off. My family has had many traditional blenders, all of which take up a ton of storage space, have a higher price tag, and ultimately end up with burnt out motors. The big boss is small enough to fit in a drawer, and has a fast and powerful little motor that has been trouble free for the 3 months that i’ve had it. For smoothie making, it is the best blender i’ve ever owned.

Best smoothie and shake blender ever. Been using the same one for a few years now and it’s just a powerful as the day i received it.

Key specs for Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System:

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  • Replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder; simple to operate
  • Includes three 18-ounce large cups, 3 matching comfort rings, 6 assorted lids, stainless steel blade attachment, power base, and recipe book
  • Powerful 300 watt motor-crushes ice
  • Chop, cook and store-all in the same cup
  • Cups are dishwasher and microwave safe; sport lids on the go

Comments from buyers

“Twice a day blending for over two years
, Big Boss: An Efficient and Reliable Blender
, Great for shakes

This is my second purchase of the same blender. I feel like i got my money’s worth out of the first blender before the gasket went and leaked any beverage. I would estimate i’ve used this one 16 to 20 times and as you can see the brokenrubber gasket makes this completely unusable. I always use protein powder, water, a half a banana and two ice cubes.

Convenient, quick, and built well for the price. It’s able to blend fruit to a smooth, glassy texture in short time. The blending chamber is lightweight and sealed so you fix stuck ingredients by lifting the chamber, shaking it, and placing it back on the motor. It’s not professional grade. The tiny motor and simple bearings will definitely burn up if you start mixing drinks for a party. Two uses a day for two years is closer to what it’s made for. 02 per use so i’d call it a top deal. The blade bearings are improved over earlier models – there’s now a silicone gasket and a tighter fit.

This little big boss is a fantastic machine. I use it almost every day and some days, multiple times through the day. It is so handy because it is small and tidy. The things i use it for (beating eggs, making milk shakes and smoothies, mashing pumpkin etc. Although i can’t really tell you if it crushes ice exactly because when i put ice in the smoothies i add the crushed ice from the fridge. While i think machines should be able to take some work and not be disposable, let’s face it folks, most of these machines are not commercial grade so we have to treat them accordingly.

Very high power for all my puree needs. Easy to clean and compact for storage.

This is a fantastic tool for the kitchen. Our first one has been going strong for about three years. Recently bought one as a gift for a friend. This little mixer can do anything the big boys can unless you’re making large quantiles. Update: my big boss is about to turn 5 years old. It’s had heavy use, almost daily, and is still going strong. One of the best purchases i’ve ever made on amazon.

I am trying to eat healthier and decided to make some fruit and veggie shakes. I add the gogreens power and fruit of choice and just a few seconds later i have a great tasting shake/smoothie. It works very well and actually much better than more expensive models. Takes up very little counter space. Chips ice well in th edrinks too.

My husband uses this almost every morning to make a smoothie. It lasted about two years before one of the pieces of the gear broke off. After the second piece of gear broke off he glued it back on and is still using it.With one piece of gear still broken off. I ordered a new one so that when it finally gives in, he isn’t without his ‘big boss’.

I have had this blender since feb 2012, and it still works like a charm. I use it largely for for making drinks – iced blended coffee; smoothies; juices; ice cream malts and shakes; and grinding coffee. I just made a ‘juice’ with (raw) carrots, (cooked) beets, frozen berries (and water/beet juice); blended very smoothly. Works well for salsa, making pesto, cranberries at holiday time, etc. It works best when there is liquid involved or naturally ‘watery’ food items (tomatoes, cucumbers); there needs to be some moisture or none at all otherwise i find that i have to shake it a bit while i blend because it gets a bit too thick and shys away from the blades. But overall, it works great, and takes up very little space.

It’s not as powerful as i expected. The blade only catches what’s close by and the rest of the fruits keep whole at the top.

I love this little guy easy to store i make smoothies. I like the fact that i drink out of the cup that processes the drink and one less thing to have to clean.

I’ve had the big boss for several months now since ordering it from amazon as a family christmas gift. In that time, it’s been a very reliable machine, and it shows little sign of slowing down. The big boss came with all of the accessories as advertised. The blades are sharp enough to cut through almost any standard recipe material. We’ve made everything from fine sauces to milkshakes in my household. It takes a bit longer to grind up hard materials like nuts, but the blender has performed well there too. The only cons i’ve found with this unit are the power and plastic. I wish the manufacturer could have made it a bit more high powered to cut through very hard materials like ice without getting stuck. Sometimes, you need to remove the cup from its position on the motor and shake it around to prevent the blades from jamming. It’s also a bit noisy, but that’s to be expected.

We really like this blender. It was easy to setup and chops ice and frozen fruit perfectly. We love to make smoothies and now we have moved to milkshakes and fraps. Love the idea of single server with no mess of pouring and the clean up is really easy.

We use it to make energy shakes. Also own a blendtec for big projects etc. But the big boss is fine for small stuff.

I’m can’t wait to try the shakes and salsas recipes i have. I’m adding this to my ‘cooking tools’.

I was thinking of going and buying an actual huge blender until i saw this online. My friend has the magic bullet and let me tell you this machine out does the mb by far.

I bought this in january 2012 and it is now august of 2014. I have been using this blender every day, usually twice a day, for the entire time and it is still going great. I don’t blend wimpy little smoothies, but hardcore grinding of so many foods. My son is tube-fed (via a little button on his tummy) and i make all his food. It must be liquid to go through the tiny tubing. I blend nuts, grains, frozen fruits and veggies, seeds, and so much more with this thing and it just keeps going. My only complaints are that the plastic gets cloudy and old-looking eventually (but gosh, i do put it through a lot of use and washing) and the silicone gasket kept falling out so now i don’t use it and it does drip a little sometimes. I just make sure the base is cleaned well every few days. I can’t imagine anyone has used this thing more often than i have and i am very impressed. My husband keeps warning me to pick up a new one for when this finally fails, but i don’t see that happening any time soon.

Was going to buy the magic bullet but after reading reviews went with this, mostly because of the stronger motor and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Great quality product that make it fast and easy to make my protein shakes.

Figured out how much to blend for the perfect smoothie.

I have used this blender daily (except for june and july when i was travelling). Sometimes twice or three times a day. I always use ice in my protein shake. It bit the dust, but i figure after 14 1/2 months of pretty regular use its well worth the $35 i spent. I am adding 2 to my shopping cart now. One for home use and one for my classroom.

I put chunks of frozen fruit (pineapple, blueberries, bananas, mango, kiwi, peaches, etc. ), coconut milk, coconut water, and rice milk, protein powder, creatine powder, gulp down my supplements, and work out 40 mins later. Just be careful not to put too much frozen fruit. Could be too much work for motor. Highly recommended for people on the go.

This blender is very powerful for it’s size, it’s great even to travel with. I brought it on our last vacation and made smoothies to-go daily. I find it to be a little sturdier and more powerful than the bullet.

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