Benriner BR7 VEGETABLE SLICER, Great Spiralizer!

This slicer works fine for slicing vegetables. Softer items like zucchini need to use the larger blades as they can break apart if you try to force them through the fine blade. The cook helper works best if the item to be processed is straight, centered between the spike/holder, you use a good bit of downward force (mine flexes slightly when i spin the handle), and it is kept spinning at a good pace. Negative: the cook helper could use a handle to more easily keep it in position. You can grip the handle support bars for this purpose but something designed for the human hand would work much better. Other thoughts: these spiral slicers would be much nicer if they had a height adjustment for thicker slices like a mandoline.

Yes, it’s plastic, yes, it’s light, but it does exactly what i bought it for. It’s a well designed spiralizer that excels in it’s simplicity. Because it is lightweight and small without a lot of parts i have no hesitation grabbing it out of the cabinet and quickly adding fresh beets, carrots etc. I have used it for harder vegetables without a problem. Have not tried softer vegetables yet. As other reviewers mentioned, the instruction manual is limited and there are translation issues, but there are so many youtube videos on line on the use of this & other brands that it’s quite easy to watch product demonstrations and find out how to use, clean, etc. I have no regrets on this one.

I was looking for something to slice apples for my memere’s apple pie — the pie calls for slices that are paper thin, and standard apple corer/slicers cut them much to thick. With this tool, i was able to slice the apples so thin i could almost see through them (trick, after peeling and coring the apple, slice through the apple from top to bottom on one side only — this will give you individual slices, rather than one long ribbon). It’s a very simple tool, and probably a bit overpriced for what it is (molded plastic and a few blades), but to me, it has been a great value. Instead of taking an hour to make my pie, it took me about 20 minutes. Plus, i used it to make ‘spaghetti’ noodles out of zucchini — i made a batch of regular spaghetti, and then threw the zucchini ‘noodles’ in for a couple of minutes just before it was done cooking. If i had peeled the zucchini, you never would have known the difference. My two guys said they couldn’t tell it was zucchini by eating it.

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“This is the absolute best slicer I have ever used!
, Joyful Spirals? Sure!
, Amazing little gadget

I have only had it for two days, so i have only spiralized two things so far (zucchini and a butternut squash). It did a wonderful job on both. I used the medium blade for both. Yes, the directions are mostly in japanese with poorly translated english, but i haven’t had any trouble figuring it out. I watched a video before purchasing it, so i felt pretty confident in how to use it already. It doesn’t leave much waste, makes super long ‘noodles’, and is easy to use and clean up. It is plastic, so i don’t know how long it will last, but it seems good quality overall. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the paderno. Overall, after reading reviews i went with this benriner because it is smaller, sounded easier to clean up, and seemed like a more simple design.

Get’s the job done and more. At first glance i was worried that the all plastic construction was going to break under pressure and heavy use, but it held up to the job. Now we’re able to make all sorts of stringy noodles out of the vegetables we have. The instructions are a little off, seems to be a direct japanese-english translation, but just take a look at some youtube video demos, it’ll all be clear. Highly recommend, it’ll open a whole new world of culinary delightafter much research we decided to buy this over the horizontal spiralizer. The biggest drawback was the leftover core while this stand up version uses a lot more of the vegetable.

If you’ve been trying to eat healthy and forgo pasta, this tool is what you need. I run a cooking school and love coming across new items that will inspire cooking. We’ll this benriner is awesome except for one small thing, you cannot adjust depth. I’m sure its a factor of not having enough leverage to turn it fast enough, but the shavings are just that. So with firm veggies like carrots, its great, but zucchinis will require a quick cook or almost blanche to keep it aldente. If you have not used benriner products in the past, they are top notch and standard item in many knife bags. You can spend lots more and come up with an inferior product. After this test, i’ll be interested to see how the kitchen aid attachment performs at only 2x cost.

Not sure what the folks who rated this with 1 or 2 stars were doing, but i’ve had no issue with it cutting carrots, raw beet and radish. It does only take about a 4′ piece of veg, but that seems to make miles of spirals. I typically cut the spirals or you end up with pieces that are many feet long and hard to serve/eat. The tool is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic which seems plenty sturdy for this application. It comes with 3 blades which determine the width of the spiral, but there’s no setting to control the thickness of the slice, that’s always constant at a couple of mm thick. It would be great if they did have a way to adjust the thickness. There’s a little knob which you use to change out or remove the blades that set the width of the cut. Without this blade in place it just makes a single spiral which is useful for fried potatoes or cucumber garnish.

I’ve used one of the cheap ‘conical’ type spiralizers, and they are horrible, inefficient, and they are all made in china. I was searching for an inexpensive stand type spiralizer that works well, and is not made in china. This was the only brand of spiralizer slicer i could find that fit the bill. The directions are in both japanese and english. While the quaint english translation contains a few misspellings and typos, it’s still easy to understand and there are photos as well. You don’t really need the directions anyway — this tool is very simple to use, the blades change quickly and easily, and it’s easy to clean. I’m very satisfied with this. If it were entirely made of stainless steel, i would be happier, but this seems sturdy enough for years of normal household use.

Fun to use, consider the pressure from arms and hands that may be too much work for some, but with practice and persistence, it is well worth the workout. Like all the quality and features for replacement and strength. The spiralizing is beautiful and doesn’t waste a core. Beet zoodles cooked in my stew (that was already made) in about 3 minutes to al dente perfection. Did chop the pile so that they are not toooo long. Can be several feet in length, which is fun to eat, if you are feeling silly. Not recommended with beets, as they would splash and stain clothing. Only adults should do the cutting, complex blades and sharp bits are not for an inexperienced person in the kitchen. Always remove crosscutting blade before washing, screwed in blade is easier to use brush on, in its place.

This is the vegetable spiral slicer you want. I have had the older benriner in the past (the one that lays horizontally), and used it almost everyday in a professional kitchen. They took a beating and never broke. I had to buy it 3 times because they would get stolen or borrowed, forever. I tried to replace with the other brands and styles, the as seen on tv. Types and the hand held ones and they don’t come close to working as good. This newer benriner, here is even better than the original because it uses gravity to help turn the vegetables into the blades. It also has the thinnest set of blade teeth out of any of the rest.

Honestly, it is a little cumbersome and is kind of funky to wash since there are so many places for water to ‘hide’. The first thing i did with it was run a sweet potato through it. It produced razor thin ribboning that i took and placed into hot oil. It essentially made a ‘funnel cake’ of sweet potato ‘chips’. The stainless steel sections of the machine are great quality, and like the germans, the japanese do it right (most of the time). The box art is a little funky and the instructions are full on japanese cartoons. But if you can get past all that, it is a functioning awesome little tool that does what your hands cannont.

Love this, easy to use, takes up little space & easy to clean fast3 stainless blades, plus one flat blade attached into unit. Finest blade is very fine which is great. Hoping someday they make a quality stainless body version.

I feared this might be a useless gadget. Of limited utility, tedious to use and clean. This makes lovely spirals of varying width out of radish, cucumber, carrot. Everything i’ve tried so far (except ginger root. ) there is a sweet spot here. Nothing too fibrous and i don’t think anything soft (like tomatoes) would work either. But with firm, crisp foods, it is golden, and even the cucumber worked well. Uses limited only by your imagination. You do need to watch yourself on the blades. The only design quibble i have is that it would have been nice if the interchangeable blades came in a little storage box; they do not, so you have to figure out how to store them safely. But that’s a minor grievance. So far, this tool seems sturdy enough.

Love the slicer’s ability and it’s blade options. I use the medium blade to spin zuccini as an alternative to having pasta (the zuccini looks just like spaghetti and it’s gluten-free) the plastic seems a little flimsy for the price i paid ($73), so i’m having doubts about how long it will last. I would look for a cheaper option considering the quality of construction. I can just see this breaking if my husband used it a few times.

Makes great thin ‘noodles’ but you need a good grip on this to make it work. You have to hold the base with one hand and push down with the other while turning the handle with some force for it to work well. Also the neck that holds the shaft will flex while you use it so much so that i thought that it would snap but it didn’t. Works for me but i’d rather use other slicers that are easier to use.

I’ve used this tool for years as a chef and i have purchased several over the years. It’s a great tool for spiral cutting veggies and i use it predominantly for garnish work. You have to be careful though when applying force to the turning handle because that’s the part that tends to break during its usage. Easy to disassemble to blade and wash. This tool has never discolored with sanitizers as some plastic tends to do. This is the classic chef essential and i’m sure not the last i will purchase in my lifetime.

First and foremost i must thank all of the amazon reviewers on all of the recent products that i have had to research to supplement my kitchen gadgets and tools. Negative and positive reviews have been so useful in helping me make very important decisions that save me time and money. I live in a location that does not many specialty stores and so amazon has been invaluable over the years, and especially now more than ever. Now to the review of the benriner. I had a very difficult time in this particular purchase even upon reading reviews. I could not decide if i should just get a mandoline slicer or get the cheaper spiulizer. In the end i decided to get thie benriner turner slicer and a matfer 2000s mandoline (this was even a more difficult purchasing decisions). There do not seem to be ‘perfect’ overal products in this genre of gadgets no matter what your price range. The cheaper you go it appears that the gadgetry will be more of a fad and will most likely not be useful in the long run.

I read reviews on many different ones and settled on this one. I think i made the right choice. The blades are sharp and it has easily made ‘noodles’ with carrots, yellows squash (moist, but was fine), and zucchini. It is just a little thing and i thought the noodles would be short but they are not.I set it over a platter and make heaps of noodles. I store it in the box it came in.

This was the forth device i purchased off amazon to cut spiral slices out of radishes, and the first to do it well. The base/blade do not deform when pressure is applied and the blade cuts nice and thin. The resulting spirals remain long enough to be appreciated. The only problem is the handle does not apply even pressure if you just press down on the green spinning part. I had to use two hands and press down on the middle to avoid the spiral from being shaved too thin every revolution. I might look for some sort of ‘t’ handle that could be screwed in where the handle attaches and apply even pressure.

I have two other ‘spiralizers’ that i paid top dollar for. They are nothing compared to this brand of slicer. As usual, things made in japan are of exceptional quality. The other two plastic pieces of junk are going into the trash.This unit is simply designed and easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t slip on the counter like the others. It has two little ‘feet’ that sit over the edge of the sink or counter, which keeps the slicer from sliding. The blades are wonderfully made, sharp and perfect. I will never buy anything but this brand again.

Have been contemplating different ones for at the least 10 years. Some were $250+ which i could not justify; some were so cheap i knew they would not last. After watching a video on you tube on this and seeing all the reviews, i took the plung. I have made zucchini spaghetti and it is absolutely wonderful. This is going to be used so much over the summer with our abundance from the garden. I can see doing really creative salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The quality on this seems good.

I have had this exact spiralizer for years, and love it just as much today as i did when i first got it. It is sturdy, and *very* easy to use – and in my opinion way better than some of the cheaper, gimmicky spiralizers on the market today, and even better than the joyce chen version (to qualify my opinion, i run both a raw foods website, and a vegan recipes website, both diets use things like ‘zucchini noodles’, which you make by spiralizing a zucchini, in lots of recipes). Here’s one of my recipes:annie’s raw spicy peanut sauce1/2 cup raw peanut butter1-2 teaspoons chinese hot chili oil with red pepper flakes2-3 teaspoons nama shoyu or organic soy sauce1 clove minced garlicudo’s oil or organic peanut or canola oil as neededin a food processor combine everything except the oil until well blended. Add the oil just until the sauce is of the consistency you like. Adjust shoyu and chili to taste. Toss over spiralized zucchini or summer squash ‘noodles’. —-this year i am giving it as a gift to a friend, along with this cookbook: spiralizer cookbook: 45+ paleo spiralizer recipes to get you started-get creative with endless possibilities (spiralizer cookbook, spiralizer recipes,. Spiralizer recipe book, paleo cookbook)if you are thinking of getting a spiralizer, this is the one to get.

I may be premature in giving this spiral slicer 5 stars as i’ve only used it once, but so far i like it. It arrived just in time to make the zucchini spaghetti that i’d plan to make that day. It’s fully assemble with one blade in it. I did my homework and watched some youtube videos on how to use it before i ordered it. I removed the flat blade and changed it to one of the grooved blades without any problem. I cut the zucchini’s in half as they were too long to fit in the space. I had no trouble using the slicer. It made zucchini noodles very quickly. Even though i cut the zucchini, the noodles were still really long. We had to cut them to eat them.

The things i really like are that it is compact and that the produce rotates on a spike so you don’t get the wasted bit you get with the horizontal spiralizers. The interchangeable blades are easy to use and give a clean cut. The not so good is that it feels a bit flimsy and you are restricted to quite short lengths of produce. I find it easiest to hold the spiralizer in my hand over the bowl rather than resting it on the bench. When i use it resting on the bench i find that i run out of space underneath very quickly. Overall though i love this product.