Benchmark 40004 Popcorn Portion Pack – Grab some garlic powder and start popping.

Tasted great not too salty or buttery.

I bought this to accompany my nordic ware microwave popcorn popper purchase. The popcorn performs properly. I didn’t use the oil package. I added a couple of teaspoons of my own oil and some garlic powder (of course). Came out perfect on the first try in about 2 1/2 minutes (1100w).

Not bad, but not great either. Some of the pre-packaged bags of popcorn did not pop up as well and some tasted stale. I did get a few packs that tasted fresh, but it was a hit and miss. Here are the specifications for the Benchmark 40004 Popcorn Portion Pack:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pre-measured popcorn, coconut oil and seasoning salt
  • Perfect popcorn every time
  • No measuring, no mess
  • 24 Packets per case
  • For 4 oz. poppers
  • Coconut oil is solid under 75 degrees Fahrenheit

We have a small 4oz kettle popcorn maker and this package works great for making a tasty treat. Some pouches could be a tad salty, but they still taste great.

Not only convenient but the best tasting. Not overly buttery but just the right amount. The pre-packaged amounts are perfect also. Definitely my go to popcorn for movie nights.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just didn’t bring that theater popcorn taste we all love. Using a commercial style popcorn machine
  • Tasty
  • Great popcorn, Great price.

I like this just as well as the name brand popcorn packets.

My wife thinks i’m the coolest ever for getting these. You can’t go wrong with this brand, and the portion control is perfect with our great northern 6oz. Hardly any unpopped kernels. Just follow the instructions, especially waiting until you get a little steam from the kettle after the oil gets hot before you put the kernels in. We’ve re-purchased these many times.

Bought these for our new popcorn popper. Very easy to use and taste great. I’ll definitely repurchase these.

I’ve tried all the various pre-packaged popcorn packs like these. These are by far, the very best. The butter flavored salt is already mixed in with kernels which is why you don’t see a separate packet like on the other brands. Both openings are nice and wide making it easy to put into your kettle if you’re using a popcorn machine. As far as the popcorn itself, i was amazed at how much more kernels popped than the other brands amazon sells, particularly, the great northern brand. I didn’t change a thing as to how i popped either, just my normal routine of letting the kettle heat a couple of minutes, adding the oil and letting it melt, and then adding the kernels. The popcorn just kept popping and popping to my amazement. Before, when i was using the great northern brand, i noticed that probably a good 1/3 of the kernels did not pop and i had to empty the catch tray after each packet. Oh, and most importantly, the popcorn pops nice big kernels and has a delicious flavor on par or better than the other brands (wabash farms, g.

I had been buying various premium popcorn, coconut oil with beta carotene for coloring, and flavacol on amazon and making my own popcorn portion packs. I thought i’d try the benchmark 40004 popcorn portion pack for 4 ounce popper as a convenience item. The popcorn popped with few unpopped kernels, but the kernels were smaller, and the popcorn was less flavorful than the gourmet popcorn to which i had become accustomed. Despite having less flavor, the popcorn was a bit saltier than i like. It seemed that the predominant flavor was ‘salty’. This seemed like so-so microwave popcorn, after i had grown accustomed to movie popcorn at home. I’ll eat it, but i won’t serve this popcorn to my friends or family, and i’ll continue to buy the ingredients and package my own so there is a minimum amount of fuss and bother on movie night. I put half a cup of popcorn in zip lock bags, and i put half a teaspoon of flavacol in a 2 ounce portion cup (the little plastic cups used for salad dressing at salad bars) and almost fill the rest of the cup with coconut oil. I keep the coconut oil in the fridge or freezer to keep it solid in the summer, so it pops out of the plastic cup without leaving any residue. It’s not much trouble to package my own single use packs, and its worth the effort to use good ingredients and package the popcorn in individual portion sizes for my great northern hand crank popper.

These are the perfect size for a quick snack.

As been using it for a long time. Swears by it as being the best he has found. Did i mention he loves popcorn.

This is the popcorn we use for our machine. Easy to use and tastes great.

Coming from a guy who loves salt, this has too much per portion. Pop weaver, though more expensive, is the best flavor.

I have a mini popcorn popper that works like the big ones and i use this in it. It makes a bowl big enough for one person. Tastes just like movie theater popcorn and family loves it too.

The popcorn we usually buy was out of stock so i thought we would give this one a shot. Not sure what it is but it always tastes just a little bit stale when compared to the popcorn we usually buy. The flavor just isn’t as good.

I have been buying packs for quite awhile now and have had real trouble finding popcorn that is anything like theater popcorn without butter. This one is perfect and just like the theater popcorn.

Works well for our popcorn maker and nice flavor – not too salty or greasy.

Makes great tasting popcorn. Love the convenience of the all in one packets. It has the perfect blend of popcorn, seasoning salt and seasoned coconut oil to make great tasting pop corn every time. Just open pour in packets and enjoy great tasting movie theater pop corn at home. You will notice several un-popped kernels, this is due to the popping kettle as the popped kernels force some un-popped kernels out of kettle when pooping gets violent. I recommend this to anyone who has a kettle popper.

When i ran out of my last box -which was unmarked for some reason, i wasn’t sure this was the same brand, but it was. Tastes just like the popcorn at the movies.

Work great for my whirlypop. Makes the exact right amount.