BELLA (14124) 6.5 Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker with Locking Lid, Chrome : A Working Mom’s Dream

This is not my first slow cooker, nor is it the first of this size. However i do have to say it is the first programmable one i have owned and i like it. Two unique features:this slow cooker has two unique features. Locking lid: this is handy if you move your slow cooker anywhere and i think most of us do. I can see us putting this in the back of the car to take to many get togethers. Due to this lid we will carry it with less worry. An aluminum pot that you can use to brown your meat in and that is also your slow cooker insert. To be honest we did not use the feature (to brown your meat on the stovetop), but i have to say the metal insert is light and easy to carry, as well as to clean and handle. Compared to most ceramic inserts when they are this size they are hard to handle due to the weight. This one was light and very non-stick. It also has nice rubberized bumpy handles.

My previous slow cooker as an old rival that i have had for at least 20 years and i didn’t expect much to change, but it really has with this one. First of all, i love that you can sear right in the removable dish. This keeps you from messing up another pan and also keeps all the delicious seared flavor runoff in the pot. It worked perfectly on my electric stove. The removable dish has rubber on each end making it easy to get from the stove to the slow cooker shell without burning your hands. There are also rubber covered handles on the outside unit if you needed to move the whole cooker. The lid to this cooker is attached in the back (can be removed with the press of a button) so when you lift the steaming lid you just need to tilt it back and it just stays up out of the way. There is one little hole on the lid for steam to escape and the lid has rubber around the rim and it keeps all the heat inside and also has a latch securely fastens it down. With that being said, this little baby cooked our roast in about 3. To where my other slow cooker took over 6 hours. It has preset programs to what type of dish you are cooking and you just hit start and not worry about it. I was really shocked at how efficient it was and how it didn’t heat the house up while cooking (a nice thing in a texas summer). Clean up was easy and i am very pleased with this slow cooker.

The best roast i have ever made.

  • Love the item, not the company!
  • Great!
  • Great slow cooker! A great value, and a big step up from the tried-and-true Crock Pot, especially for someone who uses it a lot!

BELLA (14124) 6.5 Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker with Locking Lid, Chrome

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  • Sear meats first on the stovetop, then finish cooking in the slow cooker for juicy results
  • Programmable setting with 8 pre-set cooking times and temperatures to cook beef, chicken, pork and stew
  • 30 min to 20 hour digital countdown timer lets you set and go!
  • 6.5QT Capacity – cooks up to a 6lbs roast caters to up to 7+ people
  • Easy to use and clean thanks to dishwasher safe cooking pot and tempered glass locking lid

Love the light weight insert pot. It is great for browning/searing. The programming is easy to use and very helpful.

This is a nice size slow cooker that is programmable. The inner food container can go on the stovetop for searing. The finish is a nice aluminum that looks modern and doesn’t get fingerprint smudges all over it. The first time you use it, you have to put water in it and let it go for a while. This helps get rid of the new smell and wasn’t too big of an issue. Here’s some of what i like, and don’t like, about it:pros-it’s oval, and larger cuts of meat fit better in an oval shape in my experience. 5 quarts – which is more than enough to handle all my needs. -it’s pretty-it’s programmable- you can set it for the type of meat you are cooking, or for the time you want it to cook.

The searing pot is excellent. The lid has to be removed to serve out of it.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to carry. As others have noted, you want to wear a mitt when lifting the lid, or you might get scalded by the steam. The inner pot handles and the exterior can get pretty hot, so use caution. This being said, i love my bella slow cooker. I love that i can sear meat or sautee veggies without using another pot, and, more importantly, without leaving tasty browned bits out. I love coming back home to a delicious smell. I love how it heats uniformly with no scorching. I love that i can put the pot in the dishwasher.

It is a little hard to remove and replace the insert pan. And when you open the lid you have to be careful so you don’t “steam” yourself. When the lid is all the way open there is a little bit of a balance problem when the pan is empty. I will keep this unit as it cooked perfectly, the pan can be used on the stove for browning first and it is really easy to clean.

Light and easy clean up is so easy.

I got a slow cooker as a wedding gift 25 years ago. It sat in a cabinet for years and i finally gave it away. I had been seeing so many delicious slow cooker recipes all over the place, so i did some research and, thanks to many awesome reviewers, i got this bad boy. The searing feature is the best.

5-qt slow cooker is big enough to feed a small army or, as last used, cook a whole mess of ribs (5 lbs) for my husband. It cooks beautifully, and cleanup of the nonstick pot is a breeze, even after cooking sugary ribs. Both inside and outside of the inner pot are nonstick. I like that the pot can be removed for searing. Yes, you still have to use the stove top to sear, but you don’t have to dirty an extra pan to do it – just sear and then put the pot back into the cooker. The preset modes (beef, pork chicken, stew, high and low) are nice but setting the heat mode and timer are easy if you know how long and at what heat setting you want to cook. The preset modes help if you really don’t know how long you should cook that stew on low. I like that after the timing period is over, the cooker goes to “warm” mode. I love that the lid locks in place but detaches completely.

This bella programmable slow cooker with searing pot is an amazingly attractive, lightweight and sturdy slow cooker. Before, i wouldn’t think of bringing hot dishes to potlucks. My old cooker was too heavy and had no way to lock the lid in place, which i felt made it dangerous for me to transport while full. I was worried about the ceramic insert falling out/breaking (it eventually cracked). In contrast, this ultra-light nonstick (ceramic-coated) aluminum insert has silicon grip handles in addition to handles on the unit itself. The lid locks into place with a snug seal. *you might need to use two hands to press the front lid button. It definitely takes two hands to squeeze open the latch that removes the back part of the lid. This piece must come off in order to remove the aluminum insert resting beneath its two projections. This process is not a problem for the average user.

Company very nice to work with.

I’ve not actually used the pan/insert on the stove to seer anything, but it is nice having the option should i feel it necessary. So far, after a few months of use several times a week, i haven’t had any issues. The pan/insert has remained resistant to sticking short of a couple of scrapes in the coating that were put with an unfortunate knife event by a family member not used to these kinds of coatings.

The ring absorbs odors, and i find it off-putting. Also, to help anyone else not make the same mistake, it is a metal non-stick. This means it’s light and easy to carry and store. But, it also means if you worry about teflon-type coatings, it’s a poor choice.

This is quite a slow cooker. We have an old crock pot which has outlived it’s usefulness and we are moving on and moving up to the bella 14124 programmable slow cooker with searing pot. Every meal we have had so far has turned out magnifico. We wife claims this is fancier and easier to cook then her old crock pot. It is easier to clean and operate.

I bought it to replace an old crock pot (you know the vintage style one with the separate griddle tray) that i thought i loved until i got this. This is so convenient with the different settings. I never worry about leaving anything in there too long, nothing has burnt. I now make my stock and bone broth in this instead of the stove top because there isn’t as much reduction and i can trust leaving it alone all day or overnight. I also like that it switches it to ‘warm’ afterwards so you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold and becoming unsafe to eat. The only consideration is the lid gasket is very hard to get clean. There have been several times i thought i’d washed it throughly, only to still smell the previous meal on it later.

I use a crock pot a minimum of once per week. This slow cooker will be the fourth slow cooker in my cabinet. Tonight i cooked pulled pork with this slow cooker. It has a lid that locks into place. The timer and keep warm feature is great. You can enter the type of meat cooked and it gives you a suggested amount of cooking time. There are instructions to show you how to program your slow cooker. You can remove the aluminum pot from the slow cooker and use the pot to sear meats on the stove top.This cuts down on the number of dishes to be washed.

Love it, mine was very old and gave up, that one is so much better.

I was extremely happy with this crockpot at first. I love that the lid locks and is also removable. Being able to use the internal crock on the stove top is an incredible feature- beef stew has become exponentially more efficient. It’s also easy to clean and isn’t heavy like most crockpots i’ve had. Plus, the timer feature is really convenient. No more worrying about rushing home from work so my dish won’t be overcooked. One glaring negative for me is the fact that i’ve only owned this crockpot for four months and the coating on the internal crock is already chipping off. This is a deal breaker for me. I’m not going to chance having flecks of chemical coating breaking off into the food i serve my family. It’s too late to return this so i’m contacting bella myself to see how they plan to resolve this.

If you’ve still got an old crock pot from the 1990s, this bella slow cooker will be a real step up. It is programmable for a wide range of cooking times, stylish looking and easy to use. I’ve had good luck with stews, roasts and pulled pork. While there are some minor design issues as mentioned in other reviews (don’t sear on an open flame, like a gas stove), i’ve really enjoyed the ease and convenience that this cooker offers.

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