BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Great lil’ coffee makerand attractive too!

I’ve had all the expensive fancy coffee pots, and i hate those, so a couple years ago we went back to the typical normal coffeepot. I’ve been buying the cheap $20 ones, but i wanted something with color and an auto shut off. This teal color is so pretty and perfect against my all white cabinets and backsplash. It’s made very well for the price, too. It’s so much better than my old $20 coffee maker, and it looks pretty sitting on the counter.

The warmer keeps coffee plenty hot, and the heating timer is a great feature (that way you don’t accidentally boil a pot down to some kind of primordial ooze if forgotten). It has a timer to automatically start making coffee at a specific time (if it’s set and you remembered to put in the grounds and water). So far it hasn’t let me down.

I have had this coffeemaker for less than a month, and overall it’s ok. The best thing is that it brews a very mellow enjoyable cup of coffee. That’s enough to make me want to keep it. In addition, the design is fun and i am thrilled that it fits in my appliance corral (which means the measurements online are incorrect: actual are 13 11/16 inches high, 8 1/8 inches wide, 9 1/8 inch deep). Maybe i am a little dense, but i don’t think that programming a coffeemaker should require keeping the manual handy weeks after beginning use of the appliance. The controls are counter-intuitive to say the least. However, my main complaint concerns the carafe which is extremely fragile. My previous coffeemaker (which lasted at least 10 years), had a plastic rim around the lip of the pot which made it last the lifetime of the machine. A good thing since these carafes are not universal, must usually be ordered from the manufacturer, and by the time you pay shipping, you might as well buy a whole new appliance. A replacement carafe for the bella dots costs $30 plus change.

Key specs for BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Red:

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  • Removable filter
  • Convenient pause and serve function
  • 2 hour keep warm function so your coffee doesn’t get cold
  • Automatic shutoff for your safety
  • 2 year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“OK coffeemaker-water gauge is annoying
, Splash of Color for the kitchen.
, So many pluses for this model

Coffee 6 cup coffee maker for the past year and for the past year my friends have been making fun of my tiny coffee maker. I absolutely love my bella and people who come over love the color and the design of it. The first time i used it i had forgotten i had brewed coffee, i have 3 boys under the age of 5 and i babysit anywhere from 2 to 4 extra kids every day, it’s not uncommon for me to forget that i was doing something for myself once i get busy with the kids. With my old coffee pot i’d forget i had made some and when i would remember i’d forget how long ago it was. With the bella it tells you how long ago it was brewed and often times i’ll see the timer and remember i need coffee to keep me nice and able to keep up with all the kids. I haven’t used the preset timer to automatically start the coffee in the morning simply because sometimes i want a butterbeer from starbucks instead. The bella coffee maker isn’t anything super fancy but it does the job and looks super neat. I love the color and it goes great with my bright spring colored kitchen.

It was good while it lasted, about 1. It was used heavily by two coffee addicts, so it definitely wasn’t just sitting around. I cleaned it a few times per the manual’s instructions, but the most recent clog isn’t budging. I opened it up to manually clear out the tubes, but lost the motivation pretty quickly. Too busy and i have several other manual coffee makers for weekends anyway. It definitely looks awesome. I had the gunmetal and it was very nice. User interface is different, but easy and intuitive enough.

Beautiful bellaevery time i make a pot of. Coffee i have to say it out loud in an exaggerated itallian accent ‘ballisimo, bell- an’. My kids banter back too, they know how serious mom kea out her coffee, and this is the best machine i’ve ever owned hands down.The quality is superb- machine is sturdy, stylish, got a million bells and whistles functions, flows that pretty bluish led hue, and keeps the coffee hot-‘hot for at least 2 hours before auto shut off. Amazingly affordable and the glass carafes is 3x thicker than anything else out there on be market- this has been lneodmy favorite gifts to myself. Don’t hesitate- indulge yourself. Don’t know if there was a pricing mistake but i purchased mine brand new thru prime for less than 35$ -.

Buy it for looks and you will be happy with it. I have multiple colors in my kitchen so it is perfect to look at. Do not use the supplied filter, you will have coffee everywhere because it does not strain through the bottom. You must buy paper filters to use this coffee maker. The buttons are a joke, i am not sure that they even do anything to change the outcome. The 1-4 or the strength is the same no matter what buttons i push. Since i use really good coffee and really good water, the outcome is really good. Again, buy it for looks, you won’t be disappointed. The price point is perfect too.

This coffee maker looks great and is relatively easy to set up and operate. It allows you to set an automatic brew time which comes in handy. Overall materials are nice and it looks neat in our red color coded kitchen. My only complaint was the time was a bit screwy to set up. No regrets at the moment and look forward to using this coffee maker for years to come.

This makes a good cup of coffee. Makes 9 1/2 cups in 9 minutes. Easy to set up, looks very retro. I just wonder how long it will last. I have had many coffee makers in the past and none of them lasted a year. We have bought the cheapest $8. 00 coffee maker to the most expensive and the same result.

Our last coffee maker finally died after five years. Coffee that had served us well despite the relatively low average reviews. But, halfway through a brewing cycle, it just stopped. I wanted a higher quality model, a step up, but my wife and i debated what that would mean and if it were worth it. It clearly looked nicer, more stylish, but it was a bit of risk in feature set. That pretty much sums up my response still after having it for a few months. If you have red kitchen appliances this really is a good fit. Wonderfully combines a retro look with contemporary flair. I’m really happy with it every time i look at it. But, it’s there to make coffee. And i’m not quite as happy with it for that. There’s some different settings that change the boldness of the brew, which i guess is about how quickly the water goes through the grounds.

I am so in love with my bella. It brews in about 10 minutes and the coffee is omg hot. Easy to fill with water and clean as well. I like the automatic shutoff. It doesn’t take long to reheat the coffee when you turn it back on after it has cooled either. It has been by far the best coffee maker i’ve had. I’m an all day coffee drinker and have killed several machines but this one is really standing up to the challenge.

Matches my terra cotta stamd mixer. Less 1 point for following-water mark inside, condensation put out far less coffee that the water measured, wished the inside was either fiberglass heavy duty glass or stainless steel. Pluses- retro design, lid snaps shut, permanent filter, 3 strengths of coffee to make, toner, programable, count down 2 hour timer, beeps when ready, beeps when count down timer is up. Coffee makers generally don’t have a long life. If this one doesn’t last, it would probably be the only model i would replace with another one because of the features mentioned.

We really like this coffee maker, and will buy again when the current one goes. The appliance looks amazing, cleans easily, brews good coffee (on the two bean setting). It’s easy to use, especially after reading the manual. There are only two drawbacks that we’ve found; it takes 10+ minutes to brew a full pot and the coffee is very hot. Pros, great coffee, cleans easily, looks amazing, wears great.

Okay, it was the color that sold me. Perhaps it is a little difficult to fill with water. I had to be moved out from under the cabinets since the top needs room to open in order to pour the water into the inside. In order to use the pot to pour correct amount of water, it needs to be empty before i pour cold water into it. But i just love the turquoise color. Just ordered a teal can opener. I love all the pretty colors in my kitchen. I’m not one for the stainless steel or matching white appliances.

We have had and worn out two similar better known brand name coffee makers in the past 6 years. Bought this one because it had better reviews than those better known brands with similar machines. We have had this over a month now and ihave no complaint. Unlike the other two it does not leak or drip on the table when opening the top door. This is also by far the fastest of the three starting to brew almost immediately. As i expected my wife was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of our teal unit.

For all coffee lovers, i understand there are ‘better’ ways to make coffee, i. French press/pour over, but i love drip coffee nonetheless and its convenience. I also drinks lots of coffee so those other methods can deter me from wanting to make coffee. With that said, i really like this coffee maker. First, i am very pleased with the design. Something about having a unique coffee maker besides mr. Coffee standard black is just pleasant. However, more importantly, is that it actually makes good coffee.Three different types of brew settings is nice when you make different roasts (dark, blondes, mediums, etc.

This has been a great coffee maker. The programming works great, the reusable filter is easy to clean, and it looks really cool in person. I mostly just use it to make one cup at a time, so it hasn’t gotten a ton of use in the year or so i’ve had it, but i have minimal complaints with its functionality. Probably the only thing i’d say is that the buttons and programming can feel a little complicated outside of your normal setting, but that’s probably solved by paying better attention to the instructions.

I took a chance with this bella dots and am happy so far. The pot is easy to clean and the water reservoir is easy to fill. This is pretty much itfor a coffee maker as far as i am concerned. Coffee makers i have owned over the years this one heats the waterhotter then others i have owned making for a better cup of coffee. Overall a inexpensive decent coffee maker that produces a nice hot pot of coffee the way it should be.

I got this to replace my amazing coffee maker. I got a different filter basket for this one i don’t like them with a hard plastic bottom i like the screen to be on the bottom too. I must say i am a snot with my kitchen stuff and firmly believe you get what you pay for so for me to say this inexpensive coffee maker is awesome i truly mean it.

After our old coffee maker burned out, i thought it would be a simple thing to just go find a replacement. Well, we went through 3() different replacement purchases before deciding to try this one out. Mainly because my wife liked the pretty colors (i know, i know). I was skeptical but, it turns out, this is a great coffee maker.Brews hot, adjustable flavor settings really make a difference, and it brews a better tasting cup than our old $100+ cuisinart. Plus, it looks great on our counterthe controls for the timer are a bit confusing (and not explianed very well in the manual), but once you figure them out, it works fantastic. If it lasts even half as long as our old one, it will be money very well spent.

I love coffee and this makes a great cup. I can see they didn’t just make a colored coffee pot. They put some thoughtful additions into this product. Like the way the pot does not dribble when poured or the way the grind filter sit in its holder. Just so, and you can not close it if its seated wrong. This helps avoid messy mistakes. I should know, i have done it many time before.

I am the wife of the purchaser, received as a gift from him and i love it. I use disposable filters, but have on occasion busted out the re-usable filter as back-up, nice to not have to resort to paper towels. Also, this machine is so easy to use it actually stuped me at first, i kept trying to figure out the catch. Nothing beats a cup of brew. As a nurse, i drink alot of coffee.

I’m not used to such a slow coffee maker. My old coffee maker made a 12 cup pot in 5-10 minutes. This one seems to take 15-20 to drip a whole pot. I expected it to be faster with the good reviews. I guess everyone ordering these have never used a better quality coffee pot. If you’re coming from some cheap dollar store protecter brand or cheap walmart mr. Coffee junk than this is probably the best to you. If you’re used to bunn or genevia than this is going to be a huge drop in quality. Now, onto the good and why i gave it such a high score. And i like the buttons and the blue screen. I can be patient and wait an extra 10 minutes or more for it. If i’m in a hurry, i’ll just go to the coffee shop on my way out.

I had an old hand-me-down from my grandmother for the last 5 years. When it finally broke, i went searching for something similar; simple and not too fancy. However, when i spotted the bella dots collection, my mind changed. I was originally attracted by the color options, but once i started looking into the actual machine i was hooked. The coffee maker has a timer (which i have never had before), a clock, auto cleaning function, brew strength option, and a flow stop function when you pull the carafe out (which i am sure many machines have, but i have never had before). Perhaps i am so enamored by the functions because i have never had any of them before, but beyond that it is very stylish. The water reservoir is easily filled; it’s nice and big, essentially the entire width of the machine, so you aren’t trying to pour the water into a little space. The only thing that i wish were different is that the timer is for 1 time, you have to remember to set it every day.