BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602 – Good, but not as good as Delonghi

Arrived as noted in the shipping details. It looks like as i expected, the only problem with this product is , after a year of usage, teh grease doesnt come off from the sides. You cant scrub it like you would do any dish with liquid soap, i only use a wet towel. It doesnt take much off the hot plate, that aside i like this hot plate and i use it for many things like dosa, pancakes, stir fry.

We bought it 3 years ago, and it still works the same.

Breakfast needs frying pansa griddle is the answer to multiple frying pans making breakfast easier to make. This inexpensive griddle allows you to do several items without gymnastics. The cooking surface is equal to 2 or 3 frying pans, easier to keep track of and to clean. Uneven heating is going to happen in almost all frying pans and griddles; we have not found it to be a problem preparing a family breakfast. That you will get lots of use out of out of this inexpensive and useful item. Here are the specifications for the BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602:

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  • Large cooking surface is ideal for cooking full breakfasts, lunches and dinner for the whole family
  • Cool touch handles allow you to move the unit safely from counter top to table top
  • Features BPA-FREE non-stick coating with quick release for superior results
  • Built-in drip tray collects unwated fat and oils to help promote healthier cooking
  • Removable heating probe, cooking surface can be fully immersed in water and soap for simple clean up

Too big for storage if u have small kitchen.

I have owned various griddles over the years. Most of them worked quite well. A few of them weren’t that great. This bella 13602 griddle falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. The first thing that i noticed when i received this package from amazon vine was that the griddle was very light and seemed a tad bit ‘cheap’ in its construction. However, it’s stable, the griddle drips well, and the heat is constant. I can’t complain about that at all. I can say that while the heat is constant, it is not evenly distributed across the griddle. Like many other people have already stated, anything cooked near the center of the heating element is cooked well, but once you get on the outskirts of said element, the outcome varies. I’ve made pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches on this puppy, as well as a few warmed po’boys with toasted bread and turkey and ham.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome griddle!
  • Great griddle
  • Otherwise it works fine.

This is a very good product. I think they are just a little behind delonghi in over all quality. There is nothing wrong with this griddle. It heats, it cooks, it works. However, given the choice, i would choose delonghi over bella. The overall ‘feel’ is different. If you unsure, go with delonghi. If you want the bella, you will not be disappointed.

Pros* heats quickly – you can feel the heat immediately, and flicking a few drops of water onto it will let you know when it’s heated throughout, which only takes 60-90 seconds* large cooking surface – you could only fit 6 pancakes on it if they were small, but 4 fit easily (staggered), and there was room in between themcons* heats unevenly (in a way you can live with, but it’s still uneven) – i made pancakes and each pancake had a stripe on it (from the heating element underneath), so each pancake surface ranged from medium-nut-brown to almost-white but there were no burned spots or raw spots. I did preheat sufficiently (tested by flicking drops of water so i’d know when the whole surface was hot, not just spots, then spraying with olive oil and waiting another 30 seconds until the water flicks again all evaporated quickly and evenly), but this is because pancakes take a couple of minutes to cook, and the heating element does turn on again in that timeframe* the plastic frame and drip tray are plastic and feel rather light/thin, so i plan to use caution when handling them, as they seem like they may break more easilyfour stars because i’ve used it twice and it worked quickly and got the job done. Note: i did receive this griddle for free from amazon vine, but i personally have no problem giving awful ratings to products that i don’t like, and i was genuinely ok with how this one worked. If i had to buy it myself i’d probably spend an extra $10 for something better based on the other reviews, but my personal experience with this product was that it was decent. Not great, but good enough for my uses.

This is my second one, husband keeps scratching them. Cleans up very easily (fully immersible), can put on 8 eggs or 8 pancakes at one time. Love how evenly the heat is distributed and the grease catching drawer is a nice size.

I’ve been pretty happy with bella products, so despite the reviews, welcomed the chance to try out this one. It’s a pretty basic electric griddle. Big enough to cook 6 hamburger patties or pancakes with room to flip them. It’s designed so if you are using something with a lot of fat, the fat will drip into a tray that’s easy to clean. I prefer hand washing dishes, and the non-stick surface of the griddle cleans easily, and so does the tray. Because of the design it’s a little tricky to clean the edges where the tray goes, but not actually difficult. Just not as easy as the rest. Taking spot temperatures with a infrared thermometer, the temperature is fairly consistent within 10 degrees. On mine, the cooler spots were on the left hand side. Since that’s the side i start putting food on first, the timing works out pretty good.

Great deal and a great addition to my kitchen.

Can probably make 8 smaller pancakes and 3 bigger pancakes at a time. I love the temperature dial.

Just wipe it clean when done.

This is a fantastic griddle — very large surface and quite durable. Easy to clean and scratch resistant. Can handle lots of breakfast items at once.

I wouldn’t say that this griddle is actually non-stick. Things do tend to stick to it, especially in the places that heat up more. As other reviewers have noted, the heating is somewhat uneven. Still, if you learn how to handle it, the griddle can have its uses. This is obviously a low-budget product and the quality matches the price. I wouldn’t expect anything but a middling kind of performance from it. On the positive side, it is quite light and easy to carry.

I had never used an electric griddle (though i do have an electric skillet) until i received this one manufactured by bella. I was a little dismayed at first use by the smoke and smell even though i was careful to clean all dust off the surface before using but the instructions do caution that this is to be expected. After the initial use that issue did diminish and this is a serviceable, functional appliance that does work to cook food much as you would with a skillet on a stovetop. I will probably use it mostly for making pancakes and the extra cooking surface is really nice if making a big meal as skillets on the stove can be used for eggs and breakfast meats at the same time especially if you have some help in the kitchen. The directions don’t say to but i have used cooking spray with it each time i have used it as it helps with making cleanup easy. Overall this griddle seems a bit flimsy and i am not confident this will be a product that will last for years but time will tell and the price is reasonable for a shorter duration product.

This is my first electric griddle and i found it good for some foods, so-so to terrible for others. The heat distribution is uneven – the most reliable area is the center and once you figure out what to put where, it’s okay, especially for the price, (and for the convenience of being able to prepare hot food without staying in my kitchen, which feels as hot and sweaty as a crock pot during the summer. )the griddle has a slight tilt so that grease can run into a removable plastic trap and this worked fine when i tried cooking greasy sausage links. However, if you try to make eggs (or pancakes, i assume), this same tilt will drive you buggy because the eggs run. I ended up putting think potholders under the legs to stop the problem. You do need cooking spray, butter, or oil to improve the non-stick surface if you make eggs or they will stick. I found it nearly impossible to make an egg over easy without it sticking, but then, i usually break one out of four in my good fry pan. , for anything else that has any tendency to stick. The only thing i didn’t need it with was to toast bread.

My first impression of this griddle when i removed it from the packaging was that it was a toy. The metal was so thin and light. The cooking ability of this griddle reminds me of a toy as well. Not to be taken quite seriously, but enough to play at cooking. This griddle is okay if you’re desperate for a large cooking surface and prepare to work with fluctuating temperatures and hot spots. I like that the plastic borders around the griddle plate stay cool. I can easily use the handles to carry the griddle to a different location after cooking on it. The only hot spot on the handles is near where the plug was attached, so avoid holding at that spot. I even like that the plastic border is not on all four sides.

Theres nothing wrong with the heating on this grill. This is like everything else you have to let it heat up to get even heat across the grill. You just can’t plug it in and start to cook with it. I’ve had many makes of grills and they all seem to work the same, this one for the money is a good buy.

I don’t use it over 250 degrees. The biggest problem is the grease tray has developed a hole that keeps getting larger. I have not had the griddle that long. Have to be very careful because it will stick really bad unless you cook at a very low temperature.

Absolutely amazing griddle for cooking but not for what i was using it for lol because the temperature goes up and down it doesn’t stay steady at 1 steady temperature.

 the video shows me doing a test-cook of some scrabbled eggs (and it not going well). Overall, the griddle feels cheap and not well made. I had trouble with the surface temperature of the unit, and i don’t care for the design of it.