Bee House ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper – Large – Drip Cone Brewer : Nice looking and well made

Got this as a gift for my friend, and she loves it.

This is the easiest way i’ve found to brew a cup of coffee at home. No problems with silt or annoying clean-up like with a french press, and we only ever make one or two cups at a time so this has been perfect in our home. Extra points for the quality of the brew and the classy look of the dripper.

Easy to clean, holds filters and coffee without spill over, and sits on all my mugs without falling.

I upgraded from a plastic cone because i became concerned about what chemicals might get added to my coffee every morning from pouring hot water over plastic. This cone makes a great cup of pour over coffee, smooth and rich (i use about 2 coffee scoops per mug, three for the tall travel mug) and i can drink it without concern for chemicals. It’s also a little faster than the plastic one. I love the windows that show you how full the mug is – that’s a great idea and i don’t know why all cones don’t have themmy only problem here is that the base isn’t very versatile with fitting different mug sizes. It’s too small for my wide ikea coffee mugs, which are almost 4″ wide. I can sort of get it to fit, but of the two times trying with those mugs, the second time it fell, sending coffee grinds onto the counter and my sleeve. 5″ travel mug (contigo) because the inner ring of the base is the same size as the rim of the mug. I make it work by perching it on top, but it could easily fall off if i’m not careful. I’m definitely not going back to a plastic cone, but at least that was versatile enough to work on all mugs.

  • BEWARE the misleading size
  • Easily makes a smooth cup of coffee
  • Great coffee dripper

ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper – Large – Drip Cone Brewer (Antique Green)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Elegant porcelain two hole coffee dripper
  • Manual large single cup coffee brewer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Uses standard paper #2 filters
  • Imported from Japan

I have used this several times to make my coffee.

Just make sure you have some oval mouthed coffee cups. They dont fit correctly on all mugs. But other than that they are the best.

Perfect for my small space .

My bunn coffee maker sprung a leak so i began the search for a new one. Came across this dripper, liked the fact that is was ceramic and decided to give it a try. I tried the #2 and they would cave in on me sometimes when i poured the hot water. I usually drink 2 cups every morning. I boil water in my regular ole teakettle, pour it in the dripper. Then i place the kettle back on the already warm burner so when i go for my 2nd cup the already hot water heats up fast. I use a new filter each time. The only thing that bugged me was that i found this at whole foods for $10. If this one gets broken, i will buy my next from wf.

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I would like it even better with a slightly more clever bottom to accomodate other sizes of coffee cups. Starbuck’s christmas-style cups are almost too wide. Zojirushi stainless mug is almost too small. Run-of-the-mill coffee cups are great, but i’m usually putting coffee in a bigger cup.

Nice window to see how full the cup is (use a white cup). The large is just a little short and flared for a standard #2 filter, but you can squish the filter down in there so it fits just right.

Love the ceramic, easy to clean up and quick cup of coffee.

Only problem is that the two holes are too big, so the water runs through too quickly leaving me with weak coffee. I used #2 filters like recommended. I even plugged one hole to see if that helps, but it had little effect. I need the water to brew for just a few seconds before draining so it has time to pick up the flavors.

If you’re looking to make pour-over coffee, this will make a fine addition to your coffee-making kit. It’s beautifully designed and it makes a damn fine cup of coffee. The review form asks about durability, and that is the dripper’s only weak point. But, i don’t see how it would be possible to have a beautifully designed piece of ceramic like this and have durability at the same time. Not a problem, really, because you’ll want to take good care of it.

This makes a much better cup of coffee than other drippers i have tried. My coffee keeps a consistent temperature without having to use an electric burner. I can only guess that using a ceramic dripper makes all the difference. The chemex coffee was not as warm even though i used the same methods. Even the flavor is much better from the bee house compared to the chemex. In fact, it’s the best coffee i’ve ever had from any coffee maker be it machine or manual. I purchased the “coffee gator” stove top kettle (comes with a thermometer top) so that i can pour at the right temp. The pour from the spout is not as nice as the electric kettle from bonavita, but it’s still easy to manage a good pour. I had a bonavita, but after only 1 year, the spout fell off. I did not want to spend about a 100 bucks a year on an overpriced flimsy kettle just to pour water over coffee.

No need for fancy filters, arrived on time and is working great.

I purchased the greenish ceramic beehouse and happy with my purchase, it’s slightly less of a hassle to make coffee in this device because it only has 2 small holes and not one large one where you need to be careful pouring in water. I generally start pouring in a small amount to wet the grounds then dump in the rest and wait for it to drain. Makes a smooth tasting cup of coffee with the right temp (190-200 degrees) also the #4 size filter stick up beyond the top of the device somewhat, the #2 may actually fit better but i haven’t tried it yet. One negative thing i will say is cup size is critical, make sure your cup will fit the beehouse. Imo this device feels a little slippery due to the smallish handle and when it’s hot you increase your chances of dropping it. I wanted ceramic but also know that dropping it means breakage for sure, it needs a rubber sleeve or something on the handle.

Using for about 2 years now, absolutely love it. It rinses easily and goes into dishwasher whenever there’s rack space. I love the simplicity of dripper+filter+mug coffee maker. The color choices are nice, especially the antique green and the coffee brown (ahhh, 70s). This was my first coffee dripper and i came back to buy a second backup one, in case the first one ever breaks. Some people have mentioned they’re too fragile. I’m very careful with mine, but did knock the upper rim against a mug one time in the dishwasher. I don’t place this casually in sink or anywhere it might be damaged. Some people mentioned they’re not sized good to fit standard cups.

I tried the starbucks version and it wasn’t as good. This makes excellent coffee, and is pretty and easy to clean. It also fits on the all the mugs i attempted to use it in top of (maybe they expanded the bottom piece, as i know other’s had issues?) however, if this the large, i would not even attempt to get the small. This ‘just’ fits the #2 filter, and i certainly wouldn’t want a dripper that was any smaller.

Nicely made and the green is very pretty. But to alert buyers, the large size is actually much smaller than a melitta or starbucks cone. It is much shorter and narrower. It does match the dimensions in the description but i was surprised at how small it was. A number 2 filter just slightly pokes out the top edge. You can use a 4, but most of it will be above the dripper cone. Just so you know what you are buying. I personally would call this small. I suspect the small version is actually ‘tiny.

Wish the little holder on side looped all the way around.

We use the beehouse regularly as one of our manual pourover options, and everyone loves this red one.