Bayou Classic 3016 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer – 5 star Turkey Day!

The cooker i purchased from another source is the exact one i wanted from amazon. The cooker from amazon was sent back soon after the order was completed. There were several problems with the amazon transaction; 1. The amazon web site stated that shipping was free, but when i got the email to confirm the sale, the final price included $20 shipping, and tax. The email also stated to cancel the order use a link within the email, go to the website and use the cancel button. Only problem is when you go to the website i could not find any button or link that allowed the purchaser to cancel the order. To amazons credit the ups return and refund was a very smooth operation. Otherwise, amazon really dropped the ball on this one. I’ve never had a problem ordering from amazon before but this transaction makes me a little leery. By the way the cooker i did purchase came from an ebay seller and it works great, no shipping charge or tax. Only noted problems were the inside of the pots were scratched in several places but the outsides were in great condition. Would be nice if they included a basic cook book. Used the injector for the first time, injected beer into a chicken, extremely moist and flavorful.

I bought this cooker to blanch vegetables for freezing and canning. It worked great and saved a lot of time doing it. I used the small pan and basket and it would boil the water as fast i needed it. I cooked fish with it one time using a 12 inch cast iron pot and had trouble keeping the heat down low enough. The stand is made from thin metal and so are the pots and baskets. It held up well and i am happy with it so far. All the parts were in the box.

I am a southern guy from ga, and have been using outside cookers all of my adult life. This one is a winner, you can’t go wrong with this purchase if you enjoy using an outside cooker. With the various size cooking pots, you can cook for 2 or 20. Very simple to set up and use. I really like this one and the price was a bargin.

I’m not expert on turkey fryers but this thing is a beast. We had a wing night and it had not trouble gobbling up 20+ wings at a time. The qaulity appears to be there and all the components functioned well. Assembly is easy and only took a couple minutes. My only gripe is that an item named the bayou classic is made in china. I’d pay a little more to have it cajun made.

The hardest part is trying to figure out how everything goes back into the box. The burner did a great job of heating the pot for frying a turkey. The paint on the burner will burn off within the first 10 or 15 minutes of starting it. I recommend doing this prior to actually cooking anything on top of the grill. I cleaned the aluminum pot after draining the oil when it was still slightly warm. It cleaned easily and quickly. I haven’t had an opportunity to use the steamer but will this summer. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cooker.

The trick is to keep it from tipping over on kids as they race by, but if you keep that issue in mind, the thing is the only way to go. We have used it twice and the turkeys are perfectly cooked.

  • Bayou Classic 30 Qt Turkey Fryer
  • From Crab Feasts to a Low Country Boil – perfect!
  • Cooks a great turkey, but.

I love the versatility of this set, the smaller basket and fry pot. So far i’ve only used it for turkeys (3 in a month, 2 more coming up for x-mas) but everything worked well. Emptying it is a bit of a pain, i’ve used another fry pot that had a nozzle mounted at the side of the bottom for easy emptying, that would be great, maybe one day i’ll order just that fry bucket. It was easy to assemble, and very straightforward, got the oil up to temp in about 20-25 minutes. Some of the paint did bake off in the first use, but that is to be expected.

And boiling sweetcorn for a crowd.

We’ve experimented with a whole chicken. Turned out excellent and only took about 20 minutes. Best chicken i’ve ever eatenthen we tried it out to have a clam bake. Same thing, everything turned out greatnote. You have to make sure you get the set with the extra pots. It’s worth the 20 bucks extra to make sure you get them. You can do a lot with this set.

The pots, lids and strainers and turkey stand are all aluminum. They do show marks with even light usage, and unfortunately, they will mark up a ceramic sink pretty badly. I’d recommend washing them outside with a garden hose – it’s easier anyways considering how large the pot is. I’ve done multiple 12lbs crawfish boils and while it’s filled to the brim to pack all the crawfish and crawfish related accessories (corn, potatoes, sausage, garlic, onion, mushrooms, etc) in there, it does get the job done. The burner is made out of steel and has rusted pretty quickly with any moisture coming into contact. The flame cooked the paint right off the middle of the stand. The overall package does not scream quality, but it does support everything well and you really can crank the flame up to a huge roar. It gets the job done economically and effectively. As long as you can live with it not looking like a million dollars as you use it, you should be satisfied with the bang for your buck. Next time i might pony up for a stainless steel version since i did use it quite a lot during crawfish season.

I received this fryer in august as a birthday gift and i am very glad that i did. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, minus the propane tank and oil. Assembly was a breeze and only took around 10 minutes at the most (i assembled it while relaxing in the garage). As some reviewers have stated after the first couple uses some of the paint for the stand was burned off resulting in it no longer appearing new. I can see how this would bother some users but for me it did not detract from the quality of the product. I am more of a function over appearance kind of person and the paint burning off did nothing to take away from the function of the stand. I see the price has gone up (it was $80 when i got it) maybe since it’s closer to thanksgiving, but even at the higher price i think it is worth it.

Features of Bayou Classic 3016 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer with Basket and Fry Pot

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  • Turkey fryer kit provides 30-quart stockpot and outdoor gas-burner stove
  • Aluminum and cast-iron construction for high-quality performance; 10-PSI regulator
  • Vented lid; perforated poultry rack; 12-inch stainless thermometer
  • Includes 10-quart fry pot and large steam/boil basket for boiling crawfish, shrimp, and vegetables
  • Measures approximately 33 by 16 by 16 inches fully assembled

Make sure this fits
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The bayou classis 30 qt turkey fryer was a great purchase. The stand was easy to assemble (took around 5 minutes). It comes with a smaller cooking pot, injector, thermometer, steaming pot and several other items. My first attempt to deep fry a turkey (18 lbs) took place on thanksgiving day. My backup plan was to go to kfc if things didn’t work out. The fryer did everything it was supposed to do. I pre-measured the oil level with water. I didn’t have the turkey on the provided turkey stand, so i had to add a little more oil when i actually deep fried the turkey. This slowed the cooking time about 5 to 10 minutes. The turkey was golden brown and very moist.

I bought this to brew 5 gallon batches of beer. It gets hotter quicker than my electric range and my spills are easily washed away with a garden hose because i now brew on concrete. 5 gallons of water to a full rolling boil in about 6-7 minutes. After 5 batches of beer taking an hour a piece, the propane tank is still half full. I love the thing and began using it to boil corn on the cob (20 min @ full boil for 6 ears) and fry up some blue gill. I’m going to attempt a turkey this thanksgiving in the thing and maybe even roast some marshmallows over the burner. Would also make a great little heater for the patio when pounding those homebrews later in the evening. The options are virtually endless.If you like to grill, you will love this turkey fryer.

Very strong base for the pot to sit on. Was very impressed with the nuts and bolts that came with it being a mechanic and all. Usually you get the cheap soft metal hardware that strip out and break the first time you put a wrench on them but you can tell these ones were high quality. Was amazed on how many accessories you get with it for the price. Usually the more stuff you get with something the quality of the accessories drop severely, but not with this fryer. Heats up the oil or water very very fast without eating up to much propane. I got a gallon and a half of oil up to 350 in less that 8 min and once up to temp i turned the regulator down to the lowest setting and stayed perfectly at 350. Great product, would definitely buy more bayou classic products in the future.

I expected the pots to be of better quality. They perform the tasks required, but i expect that i will eventually have to replace the pots. The aluminium does not seem to be very durable.

I have long been skeptical of ‘deep frying’ at home. The smell, the mess, the smell. Anyway, i recently decided to throw a fish fry and decided it was time to invest in a fryer. The biggest issue for me in purchasing a fryer was the sturdiness of the burner stand. Besides having the ability to heat 12 quarts of oil, i also wanted a burner stand that would hold the weight of 20 quarts of beer for my homebrewing. I decided on the bayou classic. This bayou classic kit came with everything and setup was simple. The burner stand exceeded my expectations for sturdiness and the height was such that when using the 10 quart stock pot, you could place the burner stand on a safe sturdy work surface to elevate it off the ground. I plan on also using this burner with my wok. The burner was able to bring the oil to temperature in approximately 15 minutes.

This is a great party starter. ‘have pots, come over, bring something and we’ll cook it in the backyard’. I bought three of these and have used them several times for low country boils and crab feasts. They are a little more narrow than i thought and i am glad i bought a few of them. They clean up easily with the hose and some soap and have been very durable so far. It would be nice if it came with a carrying case instead of trying to figure out how to fit all of the pieces back into the box. But that’s just a ‘nice to have’ when people borrow them all the time. The men are anxious to stir the pot and look inside and the women are happy to have them do it. We’ve had a lot of fun entertaining with these ‘deep fryers’ and we have never fried a thing. I am always looking for new uses to cook anything outside by the pool.

Turkey fryer kit provides 30-quart stockpot and outdoor gas-burner stove

We purchased this turkey fryer because we love to steam seafood and corn-on-the-cob and this is the best way to do it. We can have 12 people for a clam bake and do 100 clams per pot and the best part is it keeps that seafood smell outside and not in my house.

This is without a doubt the worlds best deep fryer. I have been able to cook not only turkey but chicken, lobster clams and just about whateveri want to. It is a real conversation piece when all my friends are over.

This is one of those things you have to be careful using–but once that meat is cooked-there is nothing like it-it gives the meat a flavor you can not get any where else, light weight and if you follow instructions it a good to go thing–you must remeber to follow instructions so you stay safe using it.

I purchased this because i wanted to try and fry a turkey for thanksgiving. The day before i put it all together. It was so easy to use and came with all the gadgets i needed. We fried the turkey and i received so many compliments. No problems, no accidents, just a great, user-friendly fryer, especially for beginners.

Works fine but requires a bit of setup and we don’t use it much as a result.

I purchased the bayou clasic unit primarily for brewing beer. The unit was shipped on time and without any damage. It was easy and quick to assemble, and connected right up to my 5-gal propane tank with it’s standard connector (same as you use to connect to your bbq). It fired right up with first strike of my flint starter. Note: you will want to let it burn for a few minutes to burn off the paint on the resting cross-arms that the pot sits on. Otherwise, you will have black smoke stains all over the bottom of your pot. I should have thought of this ahead of time. It does wash off though with an sos pad. The flame is very adjustable and easy to do with the adjustment valve.

Aluminum and cast-iron construction for high-quality performance; 10-PSI regulator

Bought this to use with king crab legs brought back from alaska. The inner basket allowed removal of the crab legs without having to fish them out. It assembled easily, all parts were included, stand is solid. This is a good fryer, even though i do not use it for frying. Suitable for any outdoor seafood boil use as well as frying.

I only gave four stars because i have used better, but the better ones did also cost twice as much. This one works very well, heated a small pot of grease to 350 in about 3 minutes when i fry chicken. I didn’t have the quality issues some reviewers had, all my bolts fit and worked, so maybe they’ve fixed it. Loved the included accessories with this deal. Two of my friends have burner setups like this, but i am the only one with all the accessories and they are well worth it. The paint burnoff on the stand wasn’t even as bad as i expected. It still looks good and only burnt off directly over the flame, and was burnt away and gone within five minutes of firing the thing up. Oh, and i relish putting up tough reviews so i am not saying i love this just to gush over it. Skip to four months after i wrote that review – now, after a summer of use and some side by side comparisons with friends, i like this fryer even more.

I was making a turkey at least twice a month. I would find an excuse to fry a turkey, whether it was a new recipe or st patrick’s day. Nothing will beat a fried turkey. This product came with everything i need and more.

This is the first time that i have owned such a product and i am happy with it considering all that i received for around $80. The unit arrived with no damage and the stand was easy to assemble. The burner is powerful enough for my needs. It will burn the paint off of the heated area of the stand the first time you use it. Most of the paint burned off in under 5 minutes. I boiled some water to let the paint burn off and to also test the thermometer. Hookup to the my gas tank was as easy as a grill. The unit is easy to light and the gas regulator is easy to use. There was a pretty good breeze blowing on the day that i used it and the flame never blew out. Be sure to read the instruction manual on proper operation of the burner.

Purchased this fryer just prior to use on thanksgiving 2010. Shipping was fast, i think it took 3 days or so to get to me. All items came in the box as indicated. It took me about 45 min to fry a 12-15 pound turkey. The only bad thing i can say about this is that the design is such that a small breeze will cause you to loose a lot of heat creating a longer cook time. I fixed this by using two pieces of plywood to create a wind break. However, i would not call this a deal stopper by any means. I paid $81 for this kit and saw it in one of the warehouse clubs (bj’s) for $99. Overall, i would highly recommend this fryer.

This item arrived quickly , it was bent at the ring and did not come with lock washers and the 3. Weather has been bad so we have not been able to use it to see how well it works. Other than that it assembled like it was suppose to and visualy looks good other than the bent ring. Will post after we use it depending on out weather conditions. We live in michigan so our weather is not suited for frying outrside quit yet.

I bought this fryer as a gift. I had checked out many online with their comments and decided on this one. Boyfriend put it together easily, and has already used it twice. Its nice to have all the accessories that come with it. He made a smaller batch of fried fish with the smaller basket. He is very happy with this item, ty.

Vented lid; perforated poultry rack; 12-inch stainless thermometer

Had a wonderful low country boil. One of the screws broke in half during assembly- had to make a trip to the hardware store. But all was fine after that.

This product is easy to put together and very sturdy once assembled. So far i have done a few low country boils and fried up a ton of shrimp and had no problems. I had high expectations and this cooker met all of them. As some other reviews said, some paint will burn off and that is to be expected. Heated up pretty fast and is a very nice product. Would have been five stars but there were a few scratches on the pot when it arrived, nothing that a little normal use wouldn’t have caused anyway but they shouldn’t be on there from the factory. Overall a very good cooker and i’m satisfied.

Bought this for christmas dinner and it worked great. We ended up frying a 12 pound turkey in it and had no problems what-so-ever. I was a little concerned after reading the reviews; especially the ones about not heating the oil up very well. Didn’t have a problem with it at all. We actually had to end up frying it at night in 18 degree weather (with a little snow) and the oil heated up in about 25 minutes. There is a carburator (flame adjuster) at the junction between the gas hose and the frame you need to adjust before you start it. I’m wondering if that’s what people who had problems didn’t do. We first lit it and with a few minor adjustments got a good hot flame. The paint does burn off initially but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Can’t wait to fry some more things.

I love to tailgate, so i use this fryer in the parking lot on gameday to make fresh cut french fries, onion rings, wings, chicken fingers, etc. It works well, even in windy conditions.

I bought this to fry a turkey for thanksgiving and it made the turkey a hit. I did another turkey the following day and it also was amazing. I have read some of the reviews saying that it takes to long to set up, maybe a half hour after you read the directions. Others said that it would not light or heat the oil up, i did not have any problems, it lite right away and took about 20 minutes to heat up 3. I also read people saying it was too expensive after buying the turkey, oil, etc. The turkey fryer does not include a turkey or oil, you must purchase this on your own. To their standards, i think i was ripped off on my bbq, it did not come with propane or steaks, maybe i’ll take it back.

It arrived quickly and works great. Even sturdier than the one i previously bought for a family member. I really enjoy deep frying and this is the product to use: well made and a good price. Deep fried shrimp is a family favorite and often requested at family functions. Deep fried turkey is included in every thanksgiving menu. I won’t have to borrow a fryer from my son-in-law next time.

Includes 10-quart fry pot and large steam/boil basket for boiling crawfish, shrimp, and vegetables

I am extremely pleased with my purchase, it is better than expected. Fast shipping, product in perfect condition, very good quality.

I picked up this set back in the spring and have used it several times since. I did several low country boils using the pot and basket during the summer and fried a turkey for thanksgiving. I am very pleased because everything i need came in one package.

This is my first ever turkey fryer, and couldn’t wait to use it. It cooks a great turkey, but quickly learned that i should have ordered the bigger fryer. The turkey i bought was only 14 pounds. I followed the directions carefully and first filled the pot with water to determine the how much oil would be needed. After removing the turkey, the water line was still above the maximum fill line. Ignoring that fact, i marked the spot, replaced the water with peanut oil and brought it up to 350 degrees. I added the bird, causing the oil to bubble rapidly. Hot oil started spewing out of the pot and soaked the floor of my shed. Now i know why they don’t advise using this on your deck. The turkey tasted great, but what a mess i had to clean up.

We have been very pleased with this product and have used it several times with great success. Some discoloration at first but that was gone after a second boil. It does not seem as heavy duty as some others (maybe the aluminum vs steel) but works great and was a bargain for all the stuff you get. Make sure you turn the gas up all the way otherwise it will take forever to boil. We have used it for low country boils, and used the smaller fryer for making tempura and fried fish. Have not tried to fry a turkey yet but i am sure it wouldn’t be a problem. My brother-in-law got one as well and he loves his too.It’s a great addition for fun outdoor cooking and for large groups.

I bought this for a gift and he likes it just fine. He uses it a few times a year for big family get togethers. Just make sure you read the directions on safety and don’t get burned with the bubbling oil. We use heavy duty welding gloves when putting turkeys in the fryer because when you first put it in,hot oil can shoot up through the neck and get your hand.

Everything about this cooker screams qualityeasy to put together,easy to use and to clean up afterwards. . Would recommend for anyone. . The pots and kettles are extra heavy duty.

Not only great for frying turkey — we also used this for steaming lobsters at a big lobster bake and it worked great. Also wonderful for steaming a large batch of corn on the cob.

This fryer was just what i was looking for. From the old reviews it seems that there was a problem with the wrong hardware being sent. This has been corrected with the one that i received. My fryer came in great shape and worked perfect. The burner is hot enough to cook even in some wind on a cold day and still maintain temp. I do have one suggestion for people cooking turkeys to use smaller birds of around 12 lbs. Or less to prevent burning of the meat. The steam basket and fry pot have worked great as well.

This product worked as expected. I have used it about five time since the families have been in town. I like the fact that this unit does not have the timer on it like some fryers do i hate that feature. This unit is great for not only the pots it came with but i have used my cast iron product on it to.