Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster : Awesome, awesome, awesome

I recieved my toaster yesterday, set it all up, and it looks great. It’s not all that big, i mean, maybe a bit bigger than an average toaster, but if your buying this for the convenience of making the breakfast sandwiched then it may even be smaller than you expect. I was kinda worried because the control knob on the right toaster(next to the cooker) seemed a bit loose, where as the left knob seemed stiff, like i would expect. After running the toaster through a few cycles, getting rid of that burnt plastic smell, i tested the toaster and did have to make a few adjustments to the darkness. This morning i put together my ingredients for my homemade egg mcmuffin, within minutes it was done, the english muffins were perfect, the sausage patties were perfect, and the eggs were perfect. I am sooooo happy i went ahead with this toaster instead of the basic toaster i had originally orderedi do want to say that the only reason for taking a star off the rating was because of that loose knob. Being a brand new toaster i would expect everything to be consistant. I’m hoping this knob doesn’t give me trouble in the future.

Looking for an easier way to enjoy a “fast food” breakfast without styrofoam eggs and plastic cheese?. This thing is a breeze, easy to clean, cooks eggs perfectly over-easy or hardboiled it does it all. The only downside is it isnt the most powerful toaster, i find that it struggles with thick crumpets or english muffins, but with a thin slice of wheat toast it turns into a furnace and burns it to heck. So be wary of doneness settings on the bread but otherwise prepare for a home cooked delicious breakfast sandwich that doesnt cost you 5-6 dollars.

Back to basics tem4500 4-slot egg-and-muffin toasterwe ordered this toaster as a ‘novelty’ gift to ourselves – but find we’re using it all the time as a regular part of our kitchen equipment. It fits where our old toaster oven was – and works very well. We treat ourselves to ‘egg muffin sandwiches’ at breakfast a couple of times a week – more than we ever did with ‘store bought’ ones. Toaster works great with bagels and muffins – and is easy clean-up with the drawers at the bottom. Three months and it’s still working well.

My teen took to this the moment it was delivered. Being a slower adopter of new things, it took me a couple of days to get up the courage to give it a try. Now i’ve had the egg-and-muffin toaster about a week, and i’ve never had so much fun making breakfast. It’s as easy as microwaving a frozen processed breakfast item but much tastier and healthier. Pop one or two split english muffins in the toaster slots, pour in a little water to the tray, break an egg (or two) into the poaching tray(s), add canadian bacon to the warming tray, cover and hit the egg-and-toast button. 3 or 4 minutes later, everything is cooked to the “doneness” you selected (based on the amount of water you added and the toaster setting). Season the egg, add a sliver or two of aged parmesan cheese, and you have the tastiest “artisan” breakfast sandwich you can get anywhere. With a high-fiber light english muffin and thin canadian bacon, it’s only 200 calories. All the egg/meat cooking parts go in the top of the dishwasher, except the water tray which has to be wiped out (which also captures juice from the warming meat). That means you want to be judicious about cleaning the tray after each use.

  • One year later and it is still my dream toaster
  • The Rolls Royce of Toasters!!!
  • Mornings are better for a NON Morning person

Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster makes egg-and-muffin sandwiches in about 4 minutes
  • Toasts while steam-poaching eggs and warming pre-cooked meat
  • Egg/toast, toast, and egg functions; hard- or soft-boil up to 8 eggs
  • Dual control panel; bagel and defrost settings; shade control; cord storage
  • Measures approximately 16 by 11 by 8 inches; 1-year warranty

My mornings are so much better. The egg/toast feature is the best. It really does cook the eggs and toast at the same time. It takes longer to make my coffee than to cook my breakfast. The little holders for the eggs (for those who prefer egg whites) hold about 1 1/2 egg whites per dish. It will hold 2 egg whites but even with the poached egg time being for a medium it’s not quite cooked all the way through but remember these dishes are for one egg each. For me i get my english muffin, 3 egg whites faster than i can get my coffee. I have also heated up my “veggie” meat in the tray it did just fine. I have told more people about this toaster. Let’s put it this way if this amazing appliance breaks in 6 months guess what??.

I have had one of these breakfast factories before. Easy use, quality breakfast, and easy cleanup. Then it broke 8 months later. I order another from amazon and the egg tray would only heat slightly. I sent it back and ordered another and this time the egg tray would not heat at all. Overall, i have to say this was the best part of waking up, until it broke. And now it seems as though they are not even testing them at the factory for quality control. So i’m going to wait before ordering another.

It does exactly what it says, and does so reasonably well. Here’s what i do and don’t like about it. Do like: capacity to toast four slices, ability to have two slots toast lightly and the other two toast longer at the same time, the bagel feature – puts most of the heat on one side of the toasting slot, accurate egg cooking, ease of cleaning. Don’t like: water tray gets dirty when warming sausage, toast and eggs start cooking at same time which means toast isn’t as warm as i would like when eggs are done, build quality seems good. Even though i don’t like that the water tray gets dirty, it is still very easy to clean. Note too that i still rate this unit with five stars. Given that i tend to be a harsh reviewer this would mean that the demerits are of minimal irritation. In short, i love this toaster.

This toaster is absolutely tops. I received it two days ago, tested the next day and to my surprise, my breakfast was done in just 4 minutes. The toasts come out just right, the poached eggs are perfectly cooked and the whole apparatus is just beautiful to watch over my kitchen table.Easy to use, excellent instructions manual (although the spanish version has some mistakes. I don’t think that the teflon coating will come off. It is just a matter of very carefully cleaning with some kitchen towels or soft soap. I am extremely happy with this product. Keep up the good work back to basicsgreetings from colombia.

This toaster is the coolest gadget in the kitchen now. Very often, you buy something that you think will be cool, use it for a week and then it gathers dust for years. I caught some flack from the wife for spending a little extra money for a toaser, and now she can’t thank me enough for getting it.Making a quick sausage, egg and cheese on an english muffin in the morning is a snap, and it tastes fantastic. The kids won’t let this kitchen gadget collect dust wether i want it to or not. It cleans up in no time, and feels well built. I had one arrive damaged in the mail, and as always amazon was superb in replacing it very quickly. If there was a 10 star button, this item would have it.

Besides our refrigerator and dishwasher, this is the most used appliance in our kitchen. We have owned it for two weeks short of a year and have enjoyed every moment. I make anywhere from two to twelve slices of toast a day (our family has three growing boys) since we have owned it. I have also made poached eggs in it countless times and boiled all kinds of eggs (soft, medium, hard). I have also put english muffins, bagels, homemade bread slices, pop tarts, kaiser buns, hamburger buns, etc. Short of learning the setting that works best for each thing, repeated success has occurred with each use. Here is my list of pros and cons:cons:-when poaching eggs and making toast at the end of the cycle the toast is cold. (i fix this by waiting until the egg is done and then toasting my bread)-when boiling a large amount of eggs the water can seep out of the machine. (i just keep a towel handy and wipe it up)-it is not always fun having to clean all the parts after cooking eggs.

I ordered this thinking the reviews would be too good to be true. This is an outstanding product. Easy to operate and works as described. It is so easy to make a healthy breakfast quickly and without hassle. Probably the thing that takes the most time is getting all the ingredients pulled together. Cut an english muffin in half, put it into the toaster, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water to side tray (they give you a measuring cup for this), spray egg tray with pam, crack open an egg into tray (break yolk with fork) or use an egg substitute, place a piece of sandwich meat on meat tray (i like turkey ham), put on cover, push button for egg/toast, then push down toast lever. 5 minutes later put it all together with a slice of cheese, a heck of lot better than any breakfast sandwich you’d get at any fast food joint. Cheaper than a fast food joint and you get to choose what kind of meat, cheese and bread you want. Easy clean up of the egg/meat cooking parts and there are crumb trays under the toaster portion.

I’ve had this toaster for a few years now. I’ve given it a 4-star rating for function, but i would give it a 5-star for satisfaction. The only cons are that it does not toast evenly; the bottom of the toast gets done before the top is complete. To solve this problem i flip my toast upside down after the first toasting cycle and toast for a little while longer. The other con is that eggs will sometimes crack when using the hard boiled feature. They are already partially cooked when this happens so it doesn’t make much of a mess, but they aren’t very pretty to look at. I love how hard boiled egg yolks are cooked to perfection every time. I don’t like any “goop” in my yolks so i always overcooked them when using the stovetop. With this toaster the egg yolks are always a beautiful, creamy yellow with no gray around the edges and with a wonderful texture. Also, not mentioned in the description (or even the instruction manual), there are crumb trays in the bottom that slide out for easy cleaning.

A few tips:*spray the heck out of the egg pan for hassle free cooking*skip cooking the sausage patty on the little rack provided – while its steaming and defrosting on top of your egg, the liquid will run into the egg cup, creating a runny mess. Cut up the patty into little pieces and place them in the egg cup with the egg. It all cooks up together into a little omelet :-)*add shredded cheese into the egg cup before cooking.Yum*experiment with leftover meats to add into the egg cup while cooking, we’ve used turkey sausage, diced up lunch meats, even veggieswe love this toaster and uses it all the time, the only downside is that it’s huge (the 4slice, 2 egg version) and takes up alot of space. I love experimenting with egg whites and different veggies/meat add-ins right into the egg cup while its cooking. Toast a whole wheat muffin and you’ve got yourself a healthy and filling meal in no time. Way tastier than the fast food versions, and you know exactly what’s going into your breakfast. I’ve used the tray for “boiling” eggs several times, and each time they come out perfect – and it’s so fast.

I guess i have always been a breakfast guy. Among my reviews here you will find one for applewood smoked bacon (which goes nicely with this product btw. ) our toaster, a relic from the 1980s i think, finally toasted its last piece and went to wherever dead toasters go. I needed a new, multi tasker type toaster which was big enough to get the job done and stylish enough to sit out in plain sight. I got lucky and found this baby, which i enjoy almost every day. 4 wide openings for bread, muffins or my favorite homemade bread. A nifty egg tray with room for 2 eggs in its non stick server and nice power settings to get the job done exactly the way you like it.

I purchased the toaster for use in australia. Using a step-down converter it works very well. My wife and i are thrilled that amazon would post to australia. The toaster is able to make four slices of toast and all four slices do not need to be pushed down at the same time. It is really useful that the unit allows two different cooking settings in relation to darkness of the toast, so if one person likes dark toast and the other light, they can both be in at the same time. Have only used the poached eggs once. It made poached eggs really well. I had the soft and my wife had the medium eggs. Using the measuring cup the more water you add the harder the eggs. It took about three minutes, and a little longer for medium eggs.

If like me you keep coming back to this product, go ahead and buy it. You won’t regret it, i promise you. I’ve tried poaching eggs with those containers you put in the microwave, but you always had to baby them so they wouldn’t explode and time them so they’d be done as close to the muffin as you could manage, but it rarely worked out just right. Egg and muffin are done and warm at the same time. Something i didn’t even consider before i bought it that turned out to be positive as well was the shape of the poached egg. It may seem silly, but like the ones you’d get at mcdonald’s, the egg cooks into a flat pan shape, instead of a bowl shape (which is what you end up with if you use the microwavable poachers). This makes eating the egg sandwich much less messy since your egg doesn’t slip out between the muffins. It may seem a bit expensive for a toaster, but if you keep coming back to gaze at it fondly as i did, just know that it’s worth every penny.

I like this toaster, it cooks my bread, bagels, english muffins evenly. My only complait is i like my poached eggs hard and the little cup only shows measurements for soft and medium. So i have to guess, sometimes i get it and sometimes i don’t. When the eggs arn’t like i prefer i have to restart them, so it ends up taking awhile to get my food. But all in all its a good toaster.

My husband actually asked for this toaster for valentine’s day, and after some thinking and reading through the reviews on this site i said ‘what the heck, lets try it’. We have been using it ever since, and it has made our morning routine more efficient. We have used it to boil eggs for lunch salads, simply toast bagels or breads, and ofcourse make poached eggs. Also, you can steam canadian bacon in the steam tray, but we prefer to make the frozen morning star sausage patties (straight from the freezer)just be sure to read all instructions, and wipe the machine after each use or you will develop a build up in the water resevoir (particularly if you live an area with hard water). However, if this happens, you can easily clean it by adding a mixture of water and vinegar and letting it boil in the resvoir (read the instructions).

I am a good cook, with many years of experience cooking eggs, and this po-ster (poacher-toaster) is a miracle device. A five-year-old could make breakfast with this thing. It consistently produces absolutely perfect eggs and toast. Choose eggs from soft to hard boiled, based on the amount of water you put into the poacher. They provide a little measuring cup for the water. It stops at the perfect degree of doneness every time. No timers to set, or pans to wactch on the stove. Place fresh, raw eggs and few tsp of water in the egg compartment, a muffin or bread in the toaster slots, push the button and get in the shower. When you get out, your breakfast is ready. The toaster produces beautifully browned toast (again completely adjustable to your preference) and it’s all done at the same time.

Just bought this and have used it three times. My only complaint is that the english muffin is cold by the time the eggs are done. I read the other reviews before buying it. People complained about the juices from the sausage dripping down into the egg. I bought the 4 slot toaster for that precise reason. I figured i’d only be making one sandwich at a time, so i put the egg in one side, and the sausage on the other. So i had to overbuy in order to make an inferior product work correctly. It’s better than running to mcdonalds every time i want a sausage mcmuffin with egg. The problem might not even be an issue if you used ham pieces instead of sausage.

I bought it in 2011,and still running great. I bought it only cost $58, now it is $90, wow inflation. Easy to use, i haven’t try the egg part yet~.

I wanted to find a unique gift for my husband. He sets up his eggs and toast to cook and then goes and takes a shower. His food is all ready to go when he gets out. The eggs are fluffy and tender–not rubbery. I no longer boil my hard-boiled eggs. This unit makes great hard cooked eggs in the shells. I’ve also made yummy steamed eggs with spinach and cheese in the little egg cups.