Back to Basics SIT10827 Slushie Express Slushie Maker, This thing is very versatile!

Bought one of these and a number of the extra cups to go with it (everybody wanted their own color). Was a fun summer time treat. It worked well for a number of years and then the motor unit quit working. We still use the cups (just crush the ice in the regular blender). I’m debating on buying another one.

I bought the original slushie express 3 yrs ago. I think this is a newer model, but this thing is wonderful. Aside from slushies, we use it to make smoothies, adult frozen beverages, or to simply puree small quantities of food (like tomatoes plus a little water) for cooking. Much easier to clean than a blender, very small, easy to operate, safe for older children to use. I did have to order new cups last summer b/c the tabs broke off the original cups, but the newer cups seems to have sturdier tabs. None of them have broken, but they do need to be hand washed. Still can’t beat the value and versatility for the price. Also works best if you start with crushed ice instead of whole cubes (we use the crushed ice from the ice maker in the fridge door).

On a nice hot summer day this machine is great. I bought it last summer and have been making slushies for all the neighborhood kids. My children love it and it seems to be holding up great. I wouldn’t mind if it had come with extra cups and spoons, though. We could then avoid the fights over who turn it is to use them.

Key specs for Back to Basics SIT10827 Slushie Express Slushie Maker (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Slushie maker creates carnival-style treats in less than a minute
  • Powerful 200-watt motor with child-safe switch and blender-style blade base
  • Blending container doubles as slushie cup; spill-proof lid and spoon/straw included
  • Compact and portable; syrups and flavorings sold separately; hand wash
  • Measures approximately 5 by 5 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great little machine, but need earplugs!!
, Good Slushie Maching
, The sugar free slushes make me feel like I’m cheating on my diet

I originally bought this for the kids, but i now use it more for myself for blending up protein shakes, etc. I have bought a few for gifts for the same purpose, protein shakes, fiber drinks, meal replacement shakes, etc. And got a comment back that it also makes great margaritas. The price is right for this multi-purpose speedy blender.Also, love that fact that you drink from the same cup you blend in, making clean-up a snap.

Bought this for my daughter, and she loves it. I however, have mixed feelings about it. It’s extremely loud, almost deafeningly so. The cups cannot go in the dishwasher, so that’s a little annoying for me, as the one who has to wash rhem. But it does a great job of creating slushies just as my daughter wanted, so we’re happy wth the purchase. She’s only used juice to make her slushies so far,instead of the syrups you can buy, so i like that also. Overall it has been a gift she’s enjoyed fully.

I received this product from a family member in 2007 and never expected to love it half as much as i do. I never actually made any slushies in it, but i did make smoothies, margaritas, and salsa. I have used this product every morning to make my smoothies from fresh and frozen fruit, and never had any issues blending everything to a perfect consistency, which i can’t say about any other product i have used. My original stopped working this week (2012), and i immediately ordered another because it’s one of the few small appliances in my kitchen that gets used every single day stilli would highly recommend this to anyone.

This is a good little slushie machine. Cutting up ice is hard work on any small machine and it will not last forever. The key is to not completely fill up the machine with ice. Leave a little more room and the blades do a much better job and last much longer. Also, be sure to clean the rubber part on the cup that meets the machine after each use. Otherwise it will become hard to turn and burn out the motor much quicker.

My six year old son wants to drink icees everyday. It’s too much hassle for me to go to the 7-11, or burger king or where ever to get him a slurpy/icee. With this little machine, he can have an icee everyday and its no hassle for me at all. Just fill the cup to the line marked ‘ice’ (i use crushed ice from the refrigerator’s door) and add the liquid (i use grape juice, or apple juice, i don’t use the syrups that are available for this device) you mix it in the cup for 20 seconds and that’s it. The icee is the same as the store makes, but the way i make it using friut juice, i think is more healthy for him. He’s happy, i’m happy, what could be better.

I love this machine because it is so much easier to clean up than a blender. We use it to make smoothies, chocolate shakes, and slushies. My kids can safely use it themselves.

I used standard shipping and received the product 3 days later. Was brand new as described and works great. Had one prior to this one that lasted about 5 years until the motor finally burned out and wanted another one. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase, price, and seller got it to me much faster than expected. For these reasons, i would say the purchase experience was excellent. Thank you so much for your service.

We use this for many different drinks this is my second one my first one the cups wear out the plastic knubs on the sides so its better to get 2 cups.

This slushie machine is great. Enjoying a slushie right now. Be sure to use enough liquid. If not, there will be a chunk of ice in the middle.

I started using this blander about 13 years ago and i love it. It’s light, small, easy to use and really strong.

Bought over 5 years ago, it’s still going strong and i used it almost daily. I most often use it to make smoothies with frozen fruits, soy milk or juice of some sort, etc. I make a delicious naturally sweet non-dairy ‘ice cream’ by blending frozen bananas, silken tofu and unsweetened dutch cocoa powder. I use it to make salad dressings. Whipping up small amount of cream, or pureeing veggies for creamy soup if i’m making a small batch. Just to name a few ways to use this fantastic machine. Oh, and occasional frozen cocktails like margaritasclean up is a snap. Just rinse immediately after using it, fill with water and just a bit of dish soap, put it back on the machine to run it for 3 seconds, rinse, and you are done. No more taking apart and washing zillion parts of a large blender after just making a cup of smoothie.It doesn’t cost anything like some ‘as seen on tv’ all-purpose counterpart that comes with 50 additional cups and parts.

This was on my 12-year-old son’s wish list, and i was glad it wasn’t too expensive. It works great and is good for budding chefs.

I bought this, early, for a christmas present for my granddaughters. They have been ‘bugging’ me for one for months. Will write more, later, after we have used it.

I got one about four years ago and have been putting it through its paces every summer. Never had a problem with it but i did have to replace the plastic cups twice in all that time. The cups are sturdy but mine cracked after a couple of years, normal wear and use. I would buy another in a heart beat. *edit* june 2013it’s still working very well.

I have had this machine for a few years now and i totally love it. It has lasted for quite a while. Mine came with four cups, which is not enough, but otherwise, it makes better slushies than my blender, and in half the time. My kids, my fiance and i love the slushies we get from this little machine.

To be totally honest i have not yet used the one i bought. I am still using the one i bought 4 years ago, but the motor is starting to smell. I did not want to be with out one. I use it about 4/6 times a day, to mix instant breakfast slushies’ and through out the day to mix flavored shushes’. It has helped a lot with losing weight and keeping my t-2 diabetes under control. The sugar free slushes make me feel like i’m cheating on my diet :). By the way the product works great. I had thought about getting one of the high priced ones,, but i know this works and why mess with what i know.

Been using this blender for 5 years. Perfect for one smoothie at a time. Makes contents blend beautifully and quickly.