Babycakes CC-2828PK Cupcake Maker – Perfect for dorm rooms!

I bought this for a friend, she loves it. She did say cleanup sucks but cleaning up sucks in general.

This was a gift for my daughter and we have all enjoyed making cupcakes and muffins. Works well and is fun to use. Definitely spray some pam first and then add the batter and then plug it in. Without the pam, cupcakes, muffins, etc.

This was a gift so hard to review.

Grand daughter has not stopped baking with this.

I bought this little mini cupcake maker for my niece because she wants to learn to bake. First time she used it she could not stop bragging about how fast the cupcakes baked ‘five minutes’she loves this maker she can’t stop bakingthis would be a great gift for any teenager, they too would love the end resultann omosowofa.

It takes no time at all to heat up and cook.

  • Bought for wife
  • Hard to clean
  • Great way to spend time with a youngster

I love not having to heat up the whole kitchen to use this product. Can be used with or without the cup cake liners. It makes moist and tasty treats .

It’s been amazing and fun to do.

Bought this and absolutely love it.

The cupcakes came out amazing. Made mini strawberry shortcakes.

If you don’t follow the instructions perfectly, it is a hassle to clean. Which, i bought to use with my 5 yo (with adult supervision) and it always comes out a mess. However, muffins are cooked well and it beats heating up the oven. A nice novelty but not for daily use.

Features of Babycakes CC-2828PK Cupcake Maker, Pink, 8 Cupcakes

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  • Bake 8 mini cupcakes, mini pies, quiches, brownies, cheesecakes and more
  • Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up
  • Includes decorating set with 4 stainless steel icing tips, crust cutting and forming tools and recipes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My teen daughter received the smaller version of this for christmas. We bought her this 8 cupcake maker because it is slightly bigger, and includes the coveted and hard to find pastry cutter. The pastry cutter makes the perfect size pastry bottoms and tops for the maker. Making it easier for her to make her delicious homemade quiches (yum). Honesty, she had made many things with this product, but cupcakes only once 🙂 highly recommended.

Well what can i say about a cupcake maker. My wife hinted she wanted this for about two months. I thought it would just in the cupboard like the rest of the trendy products from their time. The she had a pic of it on her phone so o broke down and purchased one. (two) fro her a mini and a full size cake maker. Ok she loves this thing and has used it quite a few times her cupcakes are the best. She made some pear with a carmel cognac glaze that was. Well great not to mention the chocolate with the chocolate ganache in the middle.

We have used this item several times since purchasing it. Just make sure you keep checking the cupcakes every few minutes, as the green light is not a very good indicator that the cupcakes are all the way done. Works well with corn muffins, cake batter, and other muffin mixes. I would recommend greasing the well before pouring the batter if you are not using muffin cups. Easy to clean if you put a pinch of hot water in each well while the product is still a bit warm and close the lid for a few minutes. The dry batter will soften with the steam, and then you can wipe the mess right out.

I bought this for my 5 yr old daughter’s bday. She and i have so much fun making cupcakes. She absolutley loves it and so do i. I let her put in the batter and i, of course take them out. We use regular cake mix, although i did buy the recipe book. It yields about 36-40 regular mini cupcakes. So i always end up taking some to my co-workers. I would recommend not leaving them cooking for more than 5 minutes and not to use the paper cups. Spray is all you need with each batch.I definitley would recommend this to anyone with a kid that loves baking.

Excellent and very fast service.

I do recommnd purchasing their cupcake liners. Regular ones are too big and mini ones are too small. Other than that it is a blast.

Bake 8 mini cupcakes, mini pies, quiches, brownies, cheesecakes and more

Went to florida for granddaughters and they love making cupcakes in it.

I was so thrilled with this little machine that my mother had to have one too, so this was my second order. I live alone and when making a whole recipe i often keep eating on it for days until gone instead of breaking it down for storage. These tiny little beauties can be popped into zip-locks with crusts intact so not destroying their textural integrity. So far i’ve bags of gluten free biscuits corn bread muffins and several flavors of muffins and cheesecake. Everything bakes so fast and mess free.

Our little baker loves this. I mean she loves this thing. Gets hot but kids can easily remove cupcakes w/o getting burned. No stick surface works brilliantly for easy cleaning.

My 6 year old recently received this as a gift (pink, so i’m reviewing the pink babycakes), and we got to use it a few times since unwrapping it. In just two weeks we made boxed mix cake and brownies (each of which yielded 32 very yummy mini cupcakes), as well as bite-sized cornbread and mini fruit pies. The included booklet has tons of recipe and icing ideas (including directions on using fondant), but we haven’t tried the ‘from scratch’ recipes yet. Although this looks like a toy, it is a real applicance and should be treated as such (obviously not meant to be submerged in water, handled or played with by small children, etc). I’ll give the gift-givers the benefit of the doubt and hope that they realized this was not an easy bake oven when they made their purchase. The iron plates also get extremely hot, so definitely keep this in mind when filling the cups (you have to be quick) and pulling out the food once it’s cooked. Cook times suggest 5-8 minutes, but most of what we ‘baked’ was ready in 4-6 minutes. One has to babysit this cupcake maker, and keep an eye on the clock and greenlight since there is no timer alarm. Also the retail price is a bit high, so i’d suggest waiting for a closeout or shopping around for a good price (at least in the twenty-buck range). While this wasn’t something that i would have purchased for my family, it has definitely been a fun and yummy gift.

I made brownie-bottomed white cupcakes and frosted them with a chocolate creamy frosting. Used the cupcake liner papers. . They were done in 5 minutes and were very tasty. I used everything from jiffy mixes. Brownie, white cake & icing. I will make those again, but next time will use my own brownie recipe.

Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up

My 8 year old daughter got this for christmas. Pros: cooks the cupcakes / muffins quickly and cleans up very easily. Also, a great little recipe book comes with it. One night we were almost ready to serve dinner and decided to quickly make the corn/jalapeno muffins. They were done just in time for dinner – no waiting for the oven to heat. Cons/warnings: gets very hot (hotter than i expected) so kids still need supervision; it is especially a little tricky for them to get the cupcake out. Also, cupcakes had a bit of rubbery texture which could be that we cooked them too long (takes a while to remove them so maybe stop cooking/lift lid sooner).

Never seen one of these till a friend showed us how & what she used to use to make some little corn muffins. Perfect for future grandaughter when she gets old enough for after school treats & grandma hanging out with her. You ladies get you one of these perfect & no oven, cleans up well as they say it does. But do time a little time & purchase with the reciept book, the big book. Stuff you cannot imagine in this babycake machine it makes. Enjoyhappy holidays & happy times together with the childrenlaura in texas.

I kind of regretted getting this before using this the first time, as i have a bunch of different kitchen things like this that i never use. After using it, i’m really pleased. I have a toddler, and we make a lot of mini muffins and cupcakes for playdates, so i thought this would make it a little easier, and it does. The cupcakes are a little larger than mini muffins, but still smaller than regular muffins- a perfect size. Liners are unnecessary- the muffins come out easily. Cleanup is not a big deal either. It takes 4 minutes once it’s preheated to make a muffin (at least with the banana muffins i was doing, and 7 minutes for the first batch if you start with it cold. If you have a medium pampered chef scoop, it fills the muffin cups to the exact right level. This is really convenient and a quick way to make muffins. It’ll be especially nice in the summer months since it doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

I love the babycakes mini cupcake maker. My cupcakes came out fully cooked and delicious the first shot. I would however like it if they were standard size mini cupcakes. I find that the standard paper cups i find for mini cupcakes are just a tad too small for it and my cupcakes come out a tiny bit misshapen due to them not being entirely supported on all sides. I have made so many with it already. Can’t wait to try the pies out.

So my kitchen in full of gadgets i don’t use, this is one i do. Hadn’t read any reviews on this, and picked it up for $4 brand new at a goodwill. As soon as i pulled the first batch out, i started looking for ‘food’ recipes. There must be a bazillion on the internet for this thing. Can’t wait to try mini pizzas, cheese puffs, you name it. I can’t believe we can have real cakes during the summer (mini-cakes, but who’s counting) without heating the kitchen. I was able to make 26 cupcakes from a box of regular mix. Not mini-cupcake size, not full size. . Just right for me, the daughter, and the 2 year old.

We purchased this for our college freshman daughter who desperately misses cooking in her dorm room. We thought it would be great for her to be able to cook cupcakes. Well, that’s only the beginning of what this can cook. Besides cupcakes, you can make muffins, little cheesecakes, egg cups, mini pies (see the king arthur website for great ideas), pot pies, teeny pizzas or calzones– pretty much whatever you can think of. She loves the teeny factor, but the size is somewhere between a true mini cupcake and a normal sized cupcake. Still looking for liners that actually fit well. We also bought her a 3 cup rice cooker, and she can even cook bread in that. So, she can cook semi-legally (ok, not at all legally) in her dorm room. Still probably safer than making quesadillas with the iron, though. This is a great product, and it’s the one that our daughter was most excited about this christmas.

Works great, really easy to use. In 5-10 minutes you can enjoy some of the best cupcakes.

Includes decorating set with 4 stainless steel icing tips, crust cutting and forming tools and recipes

Great product and quick delivery.

And my friends and family love the resulting products.

I am very happy with the product and delivery time.

Great way to spend time with a youngster. Bakes so quickly no one gets bored or impatient. Not for young children to cook alone. The cooking surface gets quite hot. We love to make quick little muffins.

Super fun gift for my 8 year old for christmas we have used this a ton, not only for cupcakes, but for muffins and dinner items too.

This review is for the pink 8 cupcake maker. I purchased this for my 7 year old daughter and myself and love it. It took a little bit of experimentation but not much. Using a store bought chocolate cake mix we found that our machine cooked each batch perfectly at 3 mins 15 secs. When you check the cake there should still be a tiny bit of batter left on the toothpick. All cakes (like steaks) will continue to cook even after you remove them. I love a soft moist cake so that is a rule i always follow with perfect results. 1 cake mix made 32 cupcakes which is 4 batches at 3 mins 15 sec each. We were done in under 30 mins. They cooled quickly and we were able to frost the first batch as soon as we were done baking.

Husband actually uses it to bake his little mini muffins from the pouches.

Bought it for a young niece for christmas, totally cute and looks simple to use, delivered as promised,love it was a gift.

Bought as a christmas present. Great for little bakers to bake with and have a lot of fun.