Baby Cakes The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker : Great product! Lots of fun.

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my neice; she doesn’t live close so i don’t know how well it works.

So very easy to use, clean and store. I actually made one of the recipes from the little guidebook and it was delicious.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories

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  • Bake 6 Pops in 4 Minutes or Less
  • Nonstick coated
  • 750 Watt/120V/60Hz
  • Accessories Included: 25 Pie Pop Treat Sticks, Pie Pop Stand, Stainless Steel Crust Cutter

Got this for my little sisters bake sale campaign and she was ecstatic. Worked well but they probably will never look like the picture which is okay because they are awesome to give out as samplers for her pies as they do not affect the taste of a regular pie. Negative: don’t use the recipes in the book, terrible haha.

I bought one of these babycakes pie pop makers elsewhere and took it back, thinking it was too small and i didn’t care for all the pie dough. Then, i saw a couple of ideas with pics on the net, and regretted my decision. I bought another one and i am pleasantly surprised with my results. Tips: try rolling out bread/brush exterior sides with a little butter -instead of pie dough- and then fill with whatever you like. Little grill cheeses, tiny barbq disks (cooked ground beef with your fav. Sauce), cheese and smoked turkey have all turned out well. Don’t overfill, and take out if/when they start to ooze or it will get messy fast–by then the filling has melted and is hot/warm. I used arnold’s sourdough bread and rolled it out completely, and i pressed down on the unit to make sure the seal was as good as possible. I will be trying pie filling next in the bread and think it will taste great.Also want to try puff pastry.

I’ve seen these in the stores so many times, but they sell out quickly. I was relieved when i found it online. Great price, and quick shipping. I have so much fun using it for gatherings.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories : Delivered very quickly, and i have some very happy kids, and some amazing treats.

Excellent products to impress everybody. I prepare a lot of pies pops and is something different.

This was a great christmas present for my daughter. Arrived in a timely fashion and works just like it’s supposed to.

These goody makers are so much fun and this is one of many i own. One of the great things about this maker is you don’t have to use the sticks. They make a perfect finger food. There are seriously no limits what you could put into these and are easy grab and go breakfast bites for the kids. You can make them ahead of time also and just pop into a toaster over, nuwave, or the oven for a few minutes to crisp upalso super easy for even young kids to use.

It’s really fun and it has no problems at all. Came earlier then they said which was perfect.

Was very pleased with the product. Was easy to use and cleanup was simple and easy as well.

Like 1 cherry from a can can make it explode so basically lots of dough with not much filling. I’m probably going to yardsale it.

I like the product and the idea for pie pops. Its a cute little baker that works pretty well. This thing is most definitely not the easiest thing to clean. Since it’s all one big connecting electronic piece, you cannot get it too wet or submerge it in water. I’m still trying to get burnt pie filling off (and yes i read the very short and limited cleaning instructions. Maybe a re design where the pie tray detaches for cleaning?.

Made pie pop for my daughters wedding.

I bought the waffle stick maker and the donut maker and was surprised by the quality of the baked goods that these appliances turned out. The included recipes are delicious. So when i bought the pie pop maker, i wasn’t surprised at the yumminess of the pops and the clear instructions.

It was shipped without a box, which was off-putting. The actual pies aren’t terrible, but they’re much tinier than i thought they’d be – barely any filling. It does work with your own pie crust, but it also smooshes out quite a bit, making the pops a bit messy.

These are perfect for table decorations and mini gifts. The pies are quick and easy to make and they are just the right size. I am sooo excited because my baby cake collection is now complete. I love them all 🙂 (pie pop, cake pop, and heart waffle maker).

If you bought this expecting for your kids to be able to do it, that’s your own fault. Obviously the thing’s going to get hot. How else would it cook your food?. Cleanup is really easy, and this is so much fun to use. I love to use it to make grilled cheese.

These pie pops are very small and flat, around the size of silver dollar pancakes maybe?. They cook quickly but also burn easily so you have to watch out. Thin, runny fillings are likely to spill over the edges of the bottom crusts by the time you get the top crusts arranged properly, and chunky fillings with large pieces don’t fit very well either. On the plus side, they pop right out of the non-stick interior when done. The accessories included a metal cookie-cutter type thing for making the crusts the right size easily, a tube for the filling, a stand for holding the pops by their sticks, and a pack of lollipop sticks to start off with. Overall, i’m satisfied with this purchase, although i do wish it would hold more fillings.

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The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories
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