Baby Cakes 5 Waffle Stick Maker : More work than regular waffles but fun every once in a while

I bought this at a great sale price and had it sent to my grandson. It’s handy and he gets a kick out of watching it cook. He can then take some for the trip to daycare and freeze some for later. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space and ihave found all kinds of recipes to use in it, or adapted from waffle recipes. You can be as creative or simple as you like.

We got tired of having to buy frozen waffles, so we opted to get this waffle stick maker, and we use it all the time. The included waffle recipe is actually pretty good. It’s a definite keeper for us breakfast food lovers, especially for kids.

5 Waffle Stick Maker

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  • Bake 5 waffle sticks in a matter of minutes
  • Non-stick coating
  • Measuring cup included
  • Two-pronged fork to remove waffle sticks
  • Recipes included

Kids and grand kids love the waffles made with this product. I like that they are made individually. Its convenient and delicious. You can add your own ingredients for different flavor. Cooking is non-stick which makes cleanup easy.

Great purchase my kids love it.

Takes some getting used to on how much to fill it, but so far so good.

5 Waffle Stick Maker : Very nice got one for granddaughter and got cake pops also would recommend it to any family love it makes great waffles fun for the kids.

Nice little waffle stick maker. Works pretty well, just don’t overfill it or you’ll have a huge mess.

It is so cute and i use it especially when my little ones are visiting. When i pack breakfast for my son, it is so easy to put it in a little containerand stack it as opposed to the bigger waffles which is harder to pack. Becareful though because when it drips a little to the side, it can be difficultto clean.

Perfect for quick waffles for breakfast. Makes waffles in minutes and it very easy to clean.

Right size for toddlers to handle them, easy to cut, or just hold them according to there age.

Kids love the finger shaped waffles. Wish the batter didn’t spill over as much- i need to perfect just the right amount to put in.

Just used this once but love it. Oiled it up well once with coconut oil and i was good to go for the whole batch. These are great for my little ones and they fit well in my extra wide toaster to reheat. I didn’t think it took very long to cook a batch and it was ready to go for another batch right away. I had no problems with cleanup because its very nonstick with the oil. I have a family of six and it really did not take very long to make the whole batch but if that’s a concern of yours, i suggest you buy two.

I use it when my grandkids come and they love the little waffles they can hold in their hand.

Not very durable – definitely not a high quality item.

They make a great tasting waffle. I freeze they come out great.

Messier and more time consuming than a regular waffle iron and all the sticks don’t cook at the same rate. Also, as some other reviewers mentioned, the orange paint comes off if waffle batter drips out the edges. For those reasons, wouldn’t use this every time i make waffles, but it’s a fun novelty and the kids love the sticks.

Grandmas got a new toyused it last night and granddaughter tried to take them allalready have cake pop maker, so i’m familiar with brand name. I would definatly recommend & it’s cheaper threw amazon.

You only have to put just enough, or the batter will spill out. My kids love the mini waffles.

I didn’t buy this from amazon but i read amazon & other reviews online before purchasing. I think it’s a nice little product. It does what it says and is easy to use. I bought it so my kids wouldn’t need to always have frozen waffles at their whim – especially on buzy school mornings. I didn’t use the receipes included. I buy the little packages of pancake mix (7 or 8 oz packs by hungry jack or betty crocker), mix up and cook. I could use the big boxes of the same stuff, but it’s easy for the kids by not having to measure out the ingredients. We put the leftover batter in the frig for the next day. The little packages are enough for about 25-30 waffles. We didn’t have to alter the receipe to make waffles – it worked just the same for us.

Works good but tends to have steam accumulate near the opening.

Bought this for a friend who was getting married. It came in a bright orange color, which was awesome.I would buy this again to give as a gift.

My mom bought this for when my little nephew was coming to visit he’s 2. She figured it would be great to use for him. But even after he was gone we still continue to use it. It’s is really easy and the waffle sticks cook so fast. It is pretty easy to clean, and they turn out great. I made a bunch the other day and froze them to eat later. I just had them today and popped them in the microwave for 1 minute and they were just as good.

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