PROKTH Naiver Handheld Electric Stainless Steel Milk Frother, So far so good, seems like the quality isn’t bad. Overall a decent piece so far, and I’d consider buying another if needed.

It’s a handheld little devise and to be treated as such. We use it to stir the hot coco in the milk/coffee. What is to be expected in any device that moves is that too much coco on the bottom will make it stop, either one, this handheld and the standing milk frother act the same way. When the batteries need to be replaced it took a little wiggling to put the foamer back to work, that is all. The two pieces need to be screwed together the right way. It is stylish and light weight and just rinsing it off and turning it on for a few seconds keeps it clean. Foams/frothes beautifully– i am amazed what a little thing like it is capable of doing.

This is a perfect frother for our daily use. The first one we received was a little defective. It would stop working intermittently. Amazon as usual was perfect in exchanging it without any problem. The next one we received is perfectly working still now. We use it every morning to make our coffee. We also sometime use it to make lentils. After you boil it – we use the frother to mix it well with the water. It is pretty powerful for the price.

I only gave it 3 stars to give it the benefit of doubt cause i actually use it for ‘trying’ to get a little froth in matcha green tea, which i don’t get much. Honestly haven’t used on milk. Had to change batteries already because when weak, slight pressure on the side or bottom of cup causes it to stop. To do over, i might choose another type.

Key specs for Naiver Handheld Electric Stainless Steel Milk Frother with the Free Bonus Mounting Bracket:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The adoptive stainless steel is hygienic, safe. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Size: (approx.) The total length: 25.5 cm/10.04 in; Handheld part: 14.5 cm/5.71 in; Stirring head: 11 cm/ 4.33 in; Diameter: 1.5 cm/0.59 in.
  • The provide black upright storage rack drains conveniently, and is easy to save.
  • Easy to clean, put the frother in the hot water and press the botton.
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to make a Cappuccino, Latte,or just add a little creamy froth in their Coffee or Hot Cocoa. Also great for mixing up certain Protein Powder/Shakes,Pre Workout,Slim Fast,Lemonade,beating eggs and more

Comments from buyers

“So far so good, seems like the quality isn’t bad. Overall a decent piece so far, and I’d consider buying another if needed.
, Good stuff.
, Very strong motor and sturdy aluminum body.

I’ve used it about 8 times so far. Very sturdy, fast, no problems so far. Seems like it has a good battery life. Ive used it in milk with my green tea powder. And even just mixing my sugar with my tea. (it beats washing spoons all the time) and you can just rinse the tip of the mixer and that’s it. It mixes the powder in my hot milk very well. When the mixer is hung on the piece it looks sleek and modern.

Wow didn’t expect the motor to be so powerful. I bought two of these frother’s for mixing my ejuice and i first thought for the price i’m getting what i paid for. I opened up the box and put 2 aaa batteries in the unit and i must of pressed the button on with out knowing and bam. This thing took off like a speed boat. The aluminum body and handle is solid and comfortable. The top button is very easy to push to turn on and off. The motor is strong enough to mix high vg recipes with ease and it comes with a handy stand that you can store it in. I’m thinking these frother’s will last longer than the one i bought before these and that was a couple of dollars more and lasted about 5 months. I’m very satisfied with this purchase. If your mixing small batches of ejuice between 10ml to 100ml i suggest getting this.

Was surprised to see the batteries. Even though the listing says they’re included, my instructions say that they are not. Interesting, but typical for chinese trash. This is sleek, and the top tip that unscrews for the batteries seems to be properly made. It has an on button at the tip, i was expecting a button that you would release and it shuts off. It stands in the rack and runs by itself and the rack basically stands still. I’m going to use this exclusively for mixing modeler’s paints. I may have to make some adjustments to the working end, but if i find that there are issues, i’ll come back and add to my comments. So far, i’m a little impressed. We’ll see how long that lasts. If need be, i’ll turn it into a milk frother.

This product work as described, stirr is storing, so can use in a reg size coffee mug. I personally prefer the one that you have to constantly hold the button for it to stir (as i can control it better, able to use with a reg mug). . This one, you press the button for it to come on, press again for it again to turn off.

Bosch Tassimo T55 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer – glad we bought it

First off, i use both machines daily. I have a keurig at work and a tassimo at home. I did not want to buy the tassimo because of the price per cup compared to the drip machine we had. I also assumed it would be similar to the keurig i had at work, which didn’t really impress me. However, my wife wanted it so she got it. Happy wife, happy life, right?. After giving it a try i have to say its the best cup of coffee i have ever had at home or work, hands down. Anyone telling you the keurig makes a better cup of coffee is either lying or doesn’t know what a good cup of coffee is. Even the cheaper tdiscs from maxwell house taste great. The gevalia discs are even better though.

It would be better if had a disc which could be used with any coffee of my choosing. At this point needs more variety of coffees and particular teas.

Even my husband likes and uses it. They do have more types but tassimo has enough for us. Will continue to use this exclusively. Here are the specifications for the Bosch Tassimo T55 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This includes a Pack of 14 Gevalia Morning Roast Blend T Discs; (Each disc makes a 12 oz. cup of coffee) 10 value
  • Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
  • Instant heat-up and fast first cup
  • Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages
  • Height adjustment and removable cup stand allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice

I just picked this t-55 from bed bath and beyond. It’s on sale there now and i had a 20% off coupon so i got it for a great price. The coffee tastes better, it’s hotter and the t discs really don’t cost much more than the bulk k-cups i was buying for my old keurig. So many reviews of the new keurig state that eventually they fail and from my experience that’s true. My b 60 was so loud and was making a half cup of coffee when i decided to dump it. I thought about buying the k75 but couldn’t trust it. I am very happy with the quality of the coffee. I also like that it can make cappuccino and espresso. More people need to give this tassimo a chance and they will forget about the crappy keurig.

Everything was fine – no problems.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Single Serve Brewer Yet
  • 1st Tassimo (Switching From Keurig)
  • Tassimo

I purchased this to replace a t-45 that sputtered it’s last after years of faithful service. Unlike every other coffee pot, system, and faux chrome covered engineering marvels i’ve owned it lasted many years longer than the typical six months to a year. If this unit lasts half as long as the one it replaces it’ll still be 100% ahead of the rest of the ‘coffee makers’ i’ve tried. Simply put, this makes great coffee. Yes it’ll make tea, hot chocolate, latte’s, cappuccino’s of every combination and flavor under the sun, but it makes great coffee. A morning cup of kenco columbian gets delivered in minutes at the right temperature with a light crema on the surface. The dark house blend rivals starbucks for under $1 a cup. I highly recommend signing up on the tassimo website for their e-mails. The t disk tuesday promotion usually results in a 15% discount with free shipping over a certain amount that is far better than trying to purchase at a brick and mortar store. I can’t rave about it’s ease of cleaning, it’s water tank capacity, and it looks like a squat black brick sitting under the counter.

I’ve been using keurig products since they first hit the market, and though i’ve tried a tassimo machine once (when it first came out) i went back to keurig. With this new t55 product tassimo has finally (almost) hit a home run. Two things still need to be improved:1. Make the tank a little larger (though this one is much larger than their other machines). Expand their regular coffee brands, which is what makes k-cups so popular. Personally, i have found a couple of regular tassimo coffee brands which i can live with, but my favorite coffee brands are not available by tassimo. That said, i love this machine and can’t envision going back to the bulky keurig machine unless keurig improves it.

Can’t speak on longterm functionality yet. I’ve only had the t55 for a few days now. Thought i’d share my first impressions. Have exclusively used a keurig for the past four years. Don’t have the model but it was a basic full size unit with only small and large cup size options. I can’t get the model number because the first thing i did was throw that turd away. No more half cups of luke warm coffee. As for the tassimo thus far. It’s basically what i always wished the keurig was. Here are the improvements for me.

Love love love my new tassimo. I had an old one that was leaking and since i received a gift card from my daughter for my birthday i decided to buy a new one. It was simple to set up and start using. Not a problem in learning how to use it although the instruction booklet was not clear about how to remove a used filter.

This is my first coffee machine, and after 2 weeks of use, i’d say it’s my best purchase this year so far. The bar code on those t-discs is great, saves me from the misery of adjusting water volume for different discs. Mt only complain is that the complimentary discs were missing, so i got to take one star off.

I am amazed that a t disc brew machine can achieve such a good result. I purchased a tassimo out of desperation when my cuisinart burr grinder / coffee pot carafe broke. It was 5 to 7 days minimum to get a replacement carafe. I could not find a carafe anywhere that could ship sooner. I panicked at the thought of not having my morning brew. Prior to this tragic event, an employee kept bugging me to purchase a k-cup coffee machine because the cuisinart burr grinder / coffee pot we had in the office was too complicated and noisy. I explained that there was no way a k-cup machine could compete with the fresh beans i get from a local roaster that are ground daily and brewed properly. Well, driven by my addiction to coffee and needing something immediately, i went out to purchase a cuisinart k-cup machine. However, once there, i saw the tassimo made by bosch. The tassimo provided more drink options than any k-cup machine and i figured if i had to have a redundant 2nd coffee maker.

Short of a live-in barista, it’s worth it. After pondering the plethora of coffee machines out there and staying within my budget band i chose this one and can say i’m happy with it. I’ve been using keurig for a while but have become dissatisfied with those. For one, i don’t like the sealed non-visible tank (who knows what’s in there), and they seem to be engineered with planned obsolescence. For usual use i use a french press but if i want a latte, cappucino, mocha or other flavored coffee this machine’s ingenious multi-pod system delivers it. For its price i think it gives you a great coffee drink variety. The gevalia pods seem to be very good. It’s not an exact match for a trip to starbucks but i think it’s the best value coffee machine you’ll find.

I love the tassimo t55 many reasons. First of all, it isn’t too big so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter. It does have a smaller water tank because of this and you have to refill about every 3 or 4 cups of latte or 5 or 6 of regular coffee. I wish there was a lid of some sort to pour water into at the top without having to always remove the tank or at least pull it out enough to fill. I love that they carry tim horton’s and gevalia coffee which are our favorites. It’s quick and easy to clean as well. One thing i was very disappointed in that isn’t listed anywhere is that you can’t use chemically softened water so if you’re on a well, you’ll want to consider this. We were too excited when we got it to return it so we buy jugs of water every grocery trip and it’s a bit of a pain and adds expense to each cup which is already pricey. But having said all of this, we’ve had ours a month now and i wouldn’t trade it, i love it. I’ve also had great experience so far with tassimo and their website re: ordering discs.

Love, love , love the machine. Seller gave free pjg of disc that got damaged in route but is replacing, seller has been great and very responsive.

Bosch tassimo far superior to keurig. I’ve owned the same machine since 2008. If you take care of it, it will go for years. That means cleaning it using the disc immediately after use (takes 30 seconds) and using only filtered or bottled water (don’t use tap water). Great espresso, latte, cappuccino, tea with milk, etc. My wife loves the caramel macchiato latte, i prefer bold italian coffee, but also like espresso and cappu. Here is a hint when making latte or cappu: use a glass normally used for irish whiskey. Heat the glass full of water in microwave for one minute, then dump the water and put the milk disc first. Then put the coffee disc in. You can see the layers of coffee as they filter into the milk, and it makes a really nice looking drink.

We just bought the t-55 and i think we’ll be happy with it. It was very disappointing, though, to not get any samples,not onewhen we got our first krueg, it came with a world of samples, and that gave us a chance to find what we wanted to buy. We’re looking forward to really using this machine.

I purchased this tassimo as part of my search for a decent cup of single serve coffee. I have had a half dozen or more keurig brewers and a dozen or more varieties of k and vue cups. Nothing came even close to a really good cup of coffee. When i bought the tassimo i also purchased some king of joe dark roast coffee. This is the closest i have come to getting a cup of coffee that is nearly as good as a cup made with a drip brewer. The tassimo is just as easy to use as the keurig and has more features. It is ready to brew as soon as it is turned on. It sets itself to brew whatever you want by just reading the disc. It can make latte, cappuccino and other varieties of drinks. Other than making just plain roast coffee i tried brewing some latte.

I bought this to replace an older model which broke. I assumed it would be better. The water reservoir is hard to get in and out. You have to tip it, and it always spills. The older model was easier to deal with. I wish i had bough another one of those.

Keeps us from starbucks everyday and way better coffee and we dont have to leave the house.

The water tank is way too small and the device logic gets way too upset by you adding water during a brew.

Water reservoir is troublesome to fill and is too small.

Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine – Stainless Steel, Worth every penny

Great little machine, makes great tasting coffee. Only reason it got 4 instead of 5 stars is the noise when the pump is engaged: extremely loud.

. Had to buy the coffee spoon, tamper and two little containers which i thought would be with the machine.

We bought this machine 20 years ago. Made an average of 2 to 3 double shot espresso drinks every day for the entire time. Just now starting to show some wear. For the price very solid machine.

Key specs for Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine – Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • espresso machine

Comments from buyers

“Love this machine
, A fine little workhorse
, Best espresso machine ever

I owned one of these units new in 2003 and it functioned very well for over 7 years. Eventually the boiler had to be rebuilt and then it functioned well for another year before giving up the ghost. I researched a lot of different new models but finally bought a used version of the same one on amazon about a year ago. Too bad they’re no longer available new. The new ones are a lot more expensive and the reviews are mixed compared to the reviews on this one.

Alhough it wasn’t promised or expected, we did get two day delivery. We didn’t get the expresso machine pictured in the listing and we didn’t get an instruction book shown in the photo. Howeer the unit we did get appears to be unused and works fine. We are pleased with the unit we received,.

I’ve owned a starbucks barista for about ten years now. In fact, i decided to find a second one in case the 1st one decides to give it up. It’s a workhorse of a machine, which i use at least five times a day for americano-style regular cups on-demand and for espresso on occasion. The white version is probably the most practical since it is easiest to keep looking clean, whereas the graphite or stainless versions are somewhat more ‘perpetual care. ‘ the color finishes are extremely durable and made to last for many years. The stainless version case is about 2mm thick – nice and strong. Since these are no longer being made (at least not under the starbucks name, and i’m not finding them elsewhere) it seems a good idea to locate a little-used one because a comparable machine would be at least twice the price this model sold for when new, and even then, those higher priced ones are not highly rated unless you get to the commercial end of the market, four or more times the price. It’s worth cleaning the upper gasket-seal regularly so it doesn’t get worn away by trapped grounds and to check the stainless insert that receives the coffee grounds to ensure that the holes are not being plugged-up with too finely ground coffee. A tiny fishing float added to the tank will aid in monitoring the water level in low-light situations. The starbucks barista can’t be beat for good, clean design and functionality.

My family loves its espresso and we’ve tried around 4-5 espresso machines over the last 20 years. So what makes the starbucks barista fabulous?. It flat-out worksadditionally: * reasonably priced * there is no auto-anything. (ie, no frills that’ll just break later) * it’s heavy and solid – a quality piece of workmanship * actually made by saeco (and just re-branded by starbucks)how does it compare to other machines i’ve used?.We’ve tried the cheap models (~$100) and they broke or wore out after a year or so. We’ve tried the really expensive models (~$1000) and with a bunch of internal moving parts and auto-grinder, auto-tamper, auto-cleaner, etc. These often gum up, break, or insist some internal plastic piece is out of place (think ‘pc load letter’ for an espresso machine).

I have had my barista since december, 1999 – yes that 17 years. My husband replaced the pump once about 8 years ago, and it could use a replacement on the steam valve because it drips, but i love this thing, and it works great. I love that it has parts that can be replaced. I’ve been thinking about stocking up on those. I bet this thing could go indefinitely with a little tlc. I would definitely buy again if possible, but i won’t have to.

If you happen to own one of the machines, and it is the stainless steel model, never though it outall parts can be bought to fix one, it is made by seaco, one of best. Look up the guru,:)i have had mine for about 19 years, i use it dailythe espresso is good, can be better if you use a good burr grinder and a non pressurized portafilter. It will take some time to get use to using it. If morning espresso is your thing and you are in a rush, it makes as good as a latte that you can can get at any caffei would give 5 stars but, well it is what it is, you can spend a lot more and get a lot less for money. You ave to ask yourself, ‘what is espresso worth you you?. ‘i have only had to rebuild my boiler once since i have had mine, over 19 years of daily use, show me any other appliance that can last that longby the way the parts are pretty inexpensive :), and lots of vids out there to show you how to fix your baristaenjoyandy.

I have a used one i’m selling – works perfect – only used a few times.

I bought mine in 1999 in the local starbucks for $200. It has been worth every penny. Other than a slightly loose steam knob this machine still works like a champ. The espresso and steam wand serve up a very tasty foamy latte or whatever drink you would like. If this one ever goes kaput i will buy another one in a heartbeat. My advice is to keep the machine clean. Don’t let the wand get dried milk on it. Let the water run through a minute before putting the grind cup on it.

Works perfectly and seller included many extras.

Even though the machine was used is working as expected.

We own two of these machines. Actually bought 4 of them when starbucks was phasing out carrying coffeemakers. Paid $99 each and 5 years later this workhorse is still going. Just need to run durgol decalcifier through it once every six months, clean it after each batch, and you will have no issues. Love that it is ‘non-automatic’ – nothing to break over time. Wish that saeco was still making this version.

This machine has been a little workhorse for our family of 4 serious espresso drinkers for years. We finally wore our old one out and were delighted to find this one. It takes up very little space and it has significant power. I live for simplicity and like the fact that i have control over this machine’s functions. I grind my own coffee, i fill and empty my own espresso basket and i work the steaming wand the way i want to. Did i mention that it costs $500 less than the more automatic everything machines?.

We’ve been using one of these for about six or seven years. Actually my wife uses it every day; i generally use a keurig, but now and then i make a latte. I was hesitant to spend this much money on an espresso machine, but this model is nothing if not durable. We’ve never had even a single minor issue with it. It makes the best espresso because it uses a pump. Cheaper models simply heat the water until it is too hot, and the resulting espresso is not as good. This model heats the water to the exact right temperature and then pumps it through the coffee. The result is espresso that tastes exactly like it does at starbucks. My biggest concern was that the pump would give out. But as i said, my wife has used it every single day for at least the past six years.

I have had this machine for nearly 10 years. Great for one or two people. Buy yourself a little bulb siphon like they use on little babies noses or something like that to prime the pump after it has run dry from lack of use or after a good cleaning. It will save you a lot of grief and frustration.

I bought this machine to replace a tiny krups steam driven espresso maker about a year and a half ago. It makes the best espresso for my lattes and cappuccinos. The steam wand takes some practice to achieve the right foamed/steamed milk consistency but it does an awesome job once you get the hang of it. Update: (march-2016), i bought a new machine, (de’longhi), with preset controls for single and double shots and it had a panarello frothing wand. I wanted something brand new that was easy to use including an automatic descaling function. It was a big disappointment on all fronts. Needless to say, i returned it for a refund and went back to my barista. I recently gave it a tuneup and it’s like having a new machine.I can’t imagine using any other espresso maker, it’s that good and consistent.

I bought it used b/c its not made or sold by starbucks anymore but it seems these machines work for a long time. I love the fact that its really fast. In 3 min i have my latte, espresso only is like a min. Easy to operate as i am not an expert but love latte. Very sturdy made of stainless steel, heavy – not the flimsy espresso makers you get for cheap. If you like espresso or latte and you can get your hands on this one go for it. Keep in mind amazon will stand behind you 100% if the third party tries to bs you as it happened to me. Trust amazon their cs is best i have ever experienced and buy stuff almost every day here.

This machine is easy to use, makes consistent espresso. The machine looks neat & tiny but is very heavy, reliable and consistent. I would defiantly recommend this espresso machine.

Spot on in terms of commitment to being sure i was happy.

SoyaJoy G3 Soy Milk Maker – The Only Maker That Makes Fully Cooked As Well As Raw Milks From Beans – love this machine

Now i can do it by myself~~~but not easy to clean the staff.

My review is really late; but here it is. It makes great soy milk, nut milk, rice milk. It doesn’t take long either. Enjoy home-made vegan milks and use the solids in a variety of ways.

I bought this soy machine july 2012 by may 2013 it stopped working. While it was working, it produced wonderful soy milk. I used mine mainly during the winter season, making fresh soy milk, but it suddenly stopped working the other day while making almond milk. First, i noticed a burning electrical smell half way through the process, then the machine seized up and failed to grind the almonds into milk. I cleaned the machine and tried running it through a cycle with just plain water, all it did was heat it up, the motor never turned on, and it ended with a long beeping sound. I’m not sure what i’m going to do now, i really love having the ability to make fresh homemade soy milk on demand. I think the problem here is that it’s made in china. I would love to find an american made machine with standards and safety requirements. Here are the specifications for the SoyaJoy G3 Soy Milk Maker – The Only Maker That Makes Fully Cooked As Well As Raw Milks From Beans:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The best milk maker from the most trusted brand with 2-year warranty. A new model, the SoyaJoy G4 is just introduced to replace this model
  • The only milk machine that makes fully cooked as well as RAW vegan milks from beans, seeds, nuts and grains.
  • 3rd Generation filter-less design for easy of use, clean up in minutes. Dish washer safe stainless cooking pot
  • Full automatic, one-button operation, longer cooking cycle for thorough cooking and better taste
  • Large 1.6 litter capacity. 90-day full refund policy. A newer model, the SoyaJoy G4 is available, now on sale on Amazon

It is very easy to prepare milk and juice from seeds, beans, nuts and even vegetables. I am outside of usa and it will be useful that this kind of product will come with a multi voltage. I had to buy an big adapter (1000 watts).

I make coconut milk in my soyajoy every few days. I love it – how it works and how quick and easy it is to use. I also love that i can make healthy nut milks, soups and broths and juices that are 100% healthy and cost way less being home made’soyajoy’ is a bit of a misnomer since it does so much more than soy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love the hot and cold processing settings!
  • Love this thing!!!
  • Easier than expected

This is not just good looking soy milk maker but also working good too. Other then made regular soy milk i also made fresh soy bean ( green soy bean ) milk with juicer feature. I love the idea of no switch for less electrical problem and ‘no cord’ feature for the convenience during rinsing.

I received my new soyajoy g3 this week and love it. I especially love the ‘tornado’ funnel that means that i no longer have to use and clean a filter basket. I also really love that the soyajoy has so many settings that i can tailor the processing and temperature to what i am looking for in my end product. I have had a soylove soymilk maker (only hot processing) with the filter basket and used it to make my own soymilk for years. It worked great, but cleaning up the filter basket was always a huge mess. I have now switched from making and drinking soymilk primarily to making and drinking almond milk – more calcium, lower calories than cow’s milk, and tastes great. My old soylove was one of the soymilk makers that did not require that you soak your soybeans or almonds before processing them – which was convenient. But now that i am soaking my almonds overnight before making my almond milk, i do agree that soaked beans/nuts makes better grain/bean/nut milk. And it is really not a hassle either. I am now going to start making my own soymilk to make my own tofu.

We show our friends how easy it is to make soy milk from only 1 ingredient and how it tastes pretty much exactly like the stuff you buy at the store at probably 50 times the cost. We’ve had ours for almost a year and make about 2 batches every week (the batch size is about 1 liter); clean up is easy and you’ve got delicious hot soy milk ready to go.

We make soymilk with it every morning and tofu occasionally. The machine itself is very simple to operate and clean. There is one thing i don’t like about it, and it is the filter that comes with the machine. About 1/5 of the milk is undrinkable because the filter is not filtered well.

It is called a soy milk maker, but it can be used to make milk from any grain, nut, bean. After several batches, i have sort of settled on a mixture of 80% soybeans, 10% brown rice and 10% almonds. Makes a nice milk with nice taste and consistency. Use of the maker is very simple. Add the beans (presoaked)/grains/nuts to the pot, add water, place the top on the pot and push the appropriate button (grains/nuts/beans). It takes about 1/2 an hour to produce the milk. The milk is hot when it is done so i don’t use the supplied plastic pitcher to catch the strained milk, i got a glass pitcher. It makes a little more than a liter at a time. That lasts me 3-4 days, depending on how much cereal i eat. During the 1/2 hour of production, the maker can occasionally make some loud grinding noises, like a blender.

Works great this the way to go for ur ceral milk ice cream milk 50 lbs of dry soybeans last you all year with all the milk you can drink.

Nice product, very good value in the long term.

Our primary use for this is the production of fresh almond milk, and for this purpose, the soyajoy g3 is the best gadget ever. The mechanical process takes just a few minutes, and straining the resulting product (with the tools supplied) takes only a few minutes more. The result of making it fresh is the best almond (or soy) milk you’ve ever tasted, and the machine cleans up in a snap. The only thing i should mention is that first time you use it (with water only), the entire machine should be set in the sink, because the water will splash out a bit. (this does not happen at all with normal use.

I got the product yesterday. Really easy to use and super fast. 20 minutes my soy milk is done.

First time using soymilk maker. It arrived fast, and is super easy to use. It’s a little loud when grinding beans, but the milk came out great. I’d suggest adding more beans then the receipt says to make thicker and more flavor milk.

Received the product in a timely manner. It has worked perfectly for 4 batches of soy milk this far. The biggest success is that we have successfully switched daughter from store bought soy milk to home made using an internet recipe. Very easy to use and clean up.

I was initially hesitant to purchase a soy milk maker, unsure of whether i would like the taste of fresh soy milk and unsure of how much work each batch would take. The first batch of soy milk put my doubts to rest. Making soy milk in the soyajoy g3 is as easy as letting dry soybeans soak in water overnight, adding the beans and water to the soy milk maker, pushing a button, and then straining the soy milk through the included sieve about 20 minutes later when the machine beeps. As long as you clean the maker before it dries the clean-up process is easy – just a quick rub with the included scouring pad, taking less than a minute. The milk itself is rich a beany, and has some of the fresh cooked flavors you get with fresh bread. It does taste different than most store-bought soymilk – as one of my friends described it, it tastes like soybeans being soybeans rather than soybeans trying to imitate milk. Pure soy milk can be a little thin, but i found that the recommended solution (adding a handful of rolled oats or other grain when filling the soymilk maker) gave it the creamier texture that we’re used to with milks. We’ve also made tofu with it a couple of times, and again the difference between fresh tofu and the tofu you find in western grocery stores is dramatic. You can find tools and instruction in the soyajoy total tofu kit. Tofu is a bit more work, however – probably an hour in the kitchen to make two to three batches of soymilk, heat them together, add the nigari to congeal, and then put the curds in a press.

I am so happy with this machine. This is not my first soy milk maker, and is nothing like the ones that were made years ago. It far exceeded my expectaions after reading the raving reviews. It is exceptionally easy to clean. It makes fabulous tasting milk very quickly. It really is the best one on the market.

After months of research, i originally bought the soyapower plus, which i was very happy with. Then, macguffin, another reviewer, was very thoughtful and told me about this new model, the soyajoy g3. I looked into and decided it was a better option for me than the soyapower plus. The main reason being that this g3 has the ability to make raw milks and juices. I really enjoyed my previous model (it really is great and if you don’t care about raw, then go for it), but i am so happy i ‘upgraded’. The raw milks are done faster (no water heating/cooking time) and they can be drank right away (no ‘cooling off’ time). The milks come out at a perfect temperature (not too hot, not too cold). Style:i also prefer the ‘aesthetic’ of the g3 over the soyapower plus (which looked nice, in its own right). However, for me, i have no white in my kitchen, but i do have a lot of other stainless counter-top appliances in view (toaster oven, blender, ice cream maker, coffee maker). In addition, the dark ring around the top and line in the handle is a deep burgundy brown, which matches my cabinets. Also, the lights are the super-cool glowing blue color, with illuminated outline images of what is being used (beans, etc. The previous model had a single red led for each function button. None of this has anything to do with making milk, but since macguffin covered the function so well :), i thought it’d be helpful to cover the aesthetic.

Simple to use, effective at what it does. The soyajoy g3 is built well, looks quite stylish, and scares our cats. They come and listen to it while it’s warming up, then run for cover when the motor starts grinding the soybeans. Straining the soymilk through cloth provides for a smoother soymilk, and adding a little oatmeal thickens it up a bit. We get about a litre of soymilk and about a cup of soymeal, which we mix with, flax, and almond or coconut flour to make waffles with. Now the only thing left is to see how long the soyajoy lastsone thing to add. My mother in law made soy milk for years to sell at the local market in bangkok, thailand. My wife says what the soyajoy makes tastes exactly like her mom’s soy milk. Can’t have higher praise than that.

I used to make soymilk with the blender and then cook it with a ricecooker. This product saves me so much time for making the same milk. Besides, it works on making other kinds of milk, too. I’ve tried some, and none of them failed. Most important of all, it’s easy to clean with the provided brush.

Keurig Platinum Single Serve Brewer – Five Stars

This is the best of the keurigs. I was replacing one that i wore out. Our water is hard on them even though we have a softener. I love this particular model. It makes good coffee, uses the alternate basket you can buy to use regular coffee out of a can, and has a menu with several cup sizes, temperature adjustments, and a clock. Downside is that my first one cost me $169. Because keurig has upset everyone with the 2. 0 model and its proprietary issues with the kind of pods you have to buy to use it, the old models, if you can find them have been outrageously priced to take advantage of keurig addicts. I paid $100 more for this one and that was a steal compared to what others are charging victims who must have their keurig with all the old conveniences. Am i upset with sellers for trying to make a buck?.

I was glad to find a new one, but price was very high.

Simple and you can choose a travel mug size(12 oz. ) cup sizewould definitely recommend(. This model isn’t sold in stores.

Heats up fast and makes a great, piping hot cup of coffee. This is my second keurig coffee maker.

Thank you for being there loved everything & looking forward for more good things.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Unfortunately it did not work. I

I love this version of kuerig way better than any other. Way overpaid for it because i can’t find it anywhere else.

I think it is the best keurig on the market. Very easy to operate and quick.

It is everything we expected & more. Very easy to program & we really like having so many choices as to ounces brewed. We have less waste and no more messy grounds to deal with or pot to clean.

I sent it back to keurig, inc for a replacement.

Works just like it should and you do not have to use official keurig k cups.

We had one like it before and after three years the pump gave up and i bought a similar one. It was noisy and took a while to actually get coffee. Found this one on amazon and ordered it right away.

Love this keurig much better than the 2.

I received a keurig for my birthday a few years ago and i only used it maybe 50 times. One day the water wouldn’t pump into the back, even though i could hear it trying. I watched many videos on what to do and cleaned everything on the machine. To no avail did anything work and a call to the company resulted in no help. I am really disappointed that this happened to such a well known brand and that the customer service really couldn’t help. Sadly, my coffee machine went to the recycle bin just this month after only 50 uses, since it was taking up counter space.

It is wonderful, this is my second one, exactly like the first one i had. Makes wonderful coffee really fast.

WineOvation Electric Wine Opener Bowling Pin – Wine Bottle Opener – Perfect Opener For Bowling Enthusiasts – Great Item, Gun Shy

This is perfect for any bowler.

I bought the silver one 4/7/2017 and in the beginning it worked like a charm but the last several months it’s slow. I wrote the company and hope for a favorable solution.

Larger than i was expecting. Perfect with western decor or gun lover.

Key specs for WineOvation Electric Wine Opener Bowling Pin – Wine Bottle Opener – Perfect Opener For Bowling Enthusiasts – Great Item for Men and Women:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • RECHARGEABLE AUTOMATIC WINE OPENER – Fully rechargeable bowling pin wine opener. This automatic wine opener will open 30 bottles on a single charge. Single charge takes about 12 hours. It is ok to leave the charger plugged in as the automatic corkscrew will not overcharge. Red led indicator light on top of the bowling pin will stay lit when charging and maintaining charge.
  • AWESOME RETRO STYLING – The bowling pin corkscrew really ties the bar together. This opener will add that retro style to any bar or kitchen area. Finished in a glossy white coating and bright red stripes this automatic electric opener looks stunning. The bowling pin is almost the size of an actual pin. Just a bit smaller. Makes the perfect wine opener for someone who loves to bowl.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – This electric wine opener is fully automatic. When on top of the wine bottle apply a very slight downward pressure on the pin while depressing the down button. Continue to hold the down button until opener turns off. There is no need to physically pull the cork out as the opener does all the heavy lifting for you. Only push the button up when off of the bottle to reverse the corkscrew and extract the cork.
  • FULL 12 MONTH GUARANTEE – Full 12 months of factory manufacturer guarantee. If for any reason you experience issues with your automatic corkscrew simply reach out and someone from WineOvation will be happy to help get you opener wine bottles again. The electric wine opener includes a foil cutter and wall adapter charger.

Comments from buyers

“Freakin awesome!!!
, Looks awesome
, No mailing box

Yes this product is cheesy, but it is also very cute and does the job. So would be fantastic for any gun enthusiast.

Wife wanted a easy wine opener. Purchased this and her jaw dropped when she saw it. It’s been on the kitchen counter for 2 weeks and all of her friends love it. It’s a talking piece that works great and is easy to use.

Works great and good quality. You won’t be disappointed.

Bought 2 for christmas gifts, they went over wonderfully and my friends who got them for gifts are having a blast with it.

Charging led just stays on always. Never know if its fully charged or not.

It worked great for about the first 9 months & then started slowing down while opening a bottle of wine, like it was running out of charge. I keep in on the charger whenever not in use. A couple of months after the 12 month warranty had expired, it crapped out on me completely. It’s cute as a novelty, but not good for long term use.

I love this wine openerthe screw enters cleanly and seems to eliminate broken and shredded corks which can be frustrating. Hold the button again and the cork emerges from the device and drops out. This turned out to be a keeper. It’s design is outstanding and big, although it looks like it should do something more profound than just pull a cork. It’s also a conversation piece provoking smiles from guests. A pleasant surprise, highly recommended and especially so for a person who lacks hand or wrist strength. I received this product at discount or free for an honest review.

Never thought i’d own a gun, but pretty glad i caved and got this. It’s so fun and works really well. I’ve gifted it a couple times as well.

I gave this to my sister for her 60th birthday. However, while we were visiting for thanksgiving dinner last night she went to show us all how it worked and it broke. I was mortified and she was too. Any way we can get a replacement?. Just the gun, not the charging unit?.

This was purchased for my boyfriend as a gift. I absolute love the look and it’s easy to use. I can’t give a true review on it’s durability because he has not opened it, however it seems like it will be ok.

I love the wine opener and have ordered others from this company with no complaint. It came in the original box with mailing labels stuck on it and the box was crinkled. Won’t be able to give it, looking like that.

Great gift for the gun/wine lover. Works great once you figure out how to use. Update: i have to say this works great. We have found out that if a wine is covered with a wax seal on top of the cork it does not do that great. Other than that it always works great and when we have company come over it is an eye catcher and becomes a conversation piece. I have it placed on top of our fridge so it can’t be missed.

The screw hits the center of the cork unlike some openers where it always goes to the side and you end up with some remnants of the cork in the wine. The one thing i did notice was the size is a little big, it’s hard for people with smaller hands to grasp the opener and pull the trigger, other than that it worked perfectly.

My fault for not reading dimensions, which is why i am still giving 3 stars. It did ship quickly and was already pre charged, which is nice. I cannot rate how it works as we did not try it out since it was supposed to be a gift. ***but just know before buying, it is gimmicky and not even close to regular gun size (as i thought it would be).

Got this for my best friend for christmas who is a police officer. It works good & was a big hit at the christmas family dinner.

Got for elderly mother who can’t open corks with regular corkscrews anymore. It is wonderful and she absolutely loves it.

This product is so much fun. I have purchased many of other electric wine openers before but this one is by far the easiest and the best. I would purchase another one if this one went.

I first received this gun wine opener in april. It only worked for apx 10 uses, then would no longer work. I was past my 30 days with amazon so i contacted wineovation directly and they sent a replacement immediately. Using the replacement it works perfectly, the opener is much stronger that the original. I must have received a defective item. I am excited the new one works well. I most appreciate wineovation follow up and prompt replacement.

We purchased 3 of this item for gifts. Our family members loved them and we would definitely order again. We purchased the silver model.

As a gun enthusiast, wine enthusiast, and hobbyist wine maker. . This makes a perfect edition to my wine tasting room. I have a similar boring plain opener, but this is way more fun. Only drawback as i wished it was a tad more powerful. I put very tight corks in the wine i make so it ages longer and this will sometimes struggle a bit to get it out. It usually will muster up the strength to do the job though. Also, guns are not toys and i worry this will give the wrong impression that i am careless with firearms. I always keep them locked up and out of reach of children. I love the novelty of this item though 😊.

I can’t say this is the easiest way to open wine buthands down the funniest. Not sure how longit will last but so far it’s working.

Norton-Saint Gobain Abrasives 89507 Japanese-Type 4000 Grit Waterstone : As expected

Stone has to be lapped before using, but then you get very good stone. I am very satisfied with it and i recommend it.

I hesitated to buy norton stones because they are so much more expensive than others. But, the performance of this stone (and the 4000) is well worth the cost. I use 4000 and 8000 as the final steps after dmt diamond stones for the coarser steps.

I have some dull chipped knives. They just are not worth the cost to sharpen them. I had a chinese cleaver that was so dull, it was a paper weight. This stone is fantastic, especially for the price and size. Soak the stone for 15 minutes, then have plenty of water by you to keep both the stone and the knife wet. It’s the slurry that actually sharpens the knife. This is only for knives that have chipped edges or absolutely no edge at all like my cleaver. Take the time to watch some videos on youtube. There are a few different techniques shown, but my favorite was a guy speaking japanese but you could watch the movements he was making.

Basically a splash and go stone. Leaves a fine and clean polish. Great for straight razors and chisels as well. If you need a pre finishing stone, or even a finishing stone for your razors,this one will fill the bill.

To begin with, i am a complete novice with sharpening knives/tools however already have had some initial success with this item. I have used this (in conjunction with a 220 grit stone and combination 4000/8000 grit stone, both from norton as well) on my edc knife, a sog escape which is 9cr18mov steel, and can easily shave hair from my arms/legs (facial hair is a bit harder to do). I feel like this stone is definitely better than i am at this point, would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try this out. I will try to upgrade this review once i’ve had a chance to use it with my recently purchased straight razor.

Norton-Saint Gobain Abrasives 89507 Japanese-Type 4000 Grit Waterstone for Fast Sharpening and Ultra Fine Finishes, Silicon Carbide/Aluminum Oxide Abrasives, 8″L x 3″W x 1″H, Blue Plastic Hinged Box : This is a nice fast cutting stone. It is consistant and is just as easy to maintain as any other waterstone. It is priced well and lasts as long as most other 1000 grit waterstones.

Talkin bout razor sharp, this will do it.

I use this for setting the bevel on razors and for general sharpening of kitchen/pocket knives.

Stone’s 220 grit wears fairly quickly. I had a number of plane blades that needed serious remediation, so i needed to re-flaten stone several times which was easily accomplished with a flat piece of honed granite, a reference square and some 220 sandpaper. I think the beauty of the waterstone sharpening really appears in the higher grit stones i. After the 4000 (where i initially stopped) under a magnifying glass you really can see how the scratches disappear and a true polished edge appears. Lee valley tool has a great reference article on the wear patterns and efficacy of different waterstone types, read it before you buy.

It is ok as far as cutting, but it will wear quickly and dish on you. It would be easier to use a flat plate and some sc sand paper instead.

I believe the fast wear of this stone is due to my poor, amateur technique. But i have no complaints of the amount of metal it is able to remove. Also, i use the norton flattening stone to flatten this stone and it works great. For all other grits of stone, i use silicone carbide sandpaper.

This stone is very good for deep nicks and taking small chips out of straight razor blades.

I have been using norton waterstones as a professional chef for 10 years now and hold them in the highest regard. I have the full set and find that they are durable, very consistant, and a joy to work with.

This norton 8000 grit is a good stone for just about anything. This stone came flat unlike my 4000 grit norton. It works great in a progressive stone set up for straight razors when you need a more gentle cutting and polishing action than diamond or other abrasive stones. It comes in a nice plastic case with rubber feet that works great in holding it still when in use. The stone is thick and should last a long time.

Used with an 8000 grit waterstone, and you can really hone a razor well; by itself, it will put a beautiful polished edge on chisels and knives.

A great stone and true to the grit.

It does what you bought it for. The price is about the same as other places and that’s about all you can say.

Got this to flatten chisel faces and shape chisel and plane bevels. Well, i just flattened 9 chisels in record time. My coarse diamond stone will now be used mostly for flattening my water stones. This stone cuts very fast and very well, but goodness does it wear quickly. It makes a huge messy slurry in no time, and if you flush that it cuts very fast. The only thing is that it seems to need flattening every couple of minutes of use. Make sure you have some way to flatten it or you’ll be putting curves in everything you try to shape. It’s worth it for the time it saves though.

This stone is very useful in getting a rough edge when your tool is harmed or if you need to get a different angle. I am pleased with it and found it much better than diamond stones that cost much much more.

This is a very good stone for sharpening chisels and plane blades. The size of the stone (3′ width and 8′ length) is great for plane blades. I have found smaller stones less effective to use. My only complaint is that the box was cracked and a small piece of the end had separated most likely in shipping. The box continues to serve as a base, but i use it carefully. My 5-star rating is for the stone exclusive of the box.

First off, i’ll say this product arrived as advertised, and performed well. I can’t really complain about the tool’s quality or other attribute. It did what its supoosed to do. However, i bought the stone to flatten chisels and plane irons. It worked, but the stone needed to be flattened – constantly. I used 220 grit sandpaper on a granite plate. I went through a lot of snadpaper keeping the stone flat. Half the reason i bought the stone was to redeuce the amount of sandpaper i was blowing through. I didn’t gain much in this regard. My only other option was to buy a coarse diamond stone to flatten the waterstone.

Very nice stone, cuts fairly quickly. Don’t store it in the box wet, it will grow an ugly pink mold, a different mold than the other stones. I soaked it in a diluted solution of bleach and that took care of it. I cut the top off and store it that way. If i am using them often, they go in a tote with a lid on, keeps them from drying out.

DeLonghi America ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine : Machine works good, easy to use- cappuccino is better than Starbucks

This espresso machine is a beast. I have a lower end delonghi espresso maker and thought it was phenomenal. This one puts my old one to shame with its features and the final product: a great cup of espresso, cappuccino or whatever else you wish to make with it. When i got it, i unpacked it and spent a few minutes getting familiar with all the bells and whistles. I then added my whole beans to the coffee holder area and started the process of making a cup of espresso. More than highly recommended.

I don’t month the transformer, but i did not understand that it came with a large transformer. That is why it is cheaper than the us version.

My husband said this is the best thing i have ever bought. He is a caffe latte freak and he loves how simple it is to use by just inserting the milk container and a push of the “caffe latte” button. The prima donna s deluxe is so easy to use and looks great on our kitchen counter.

Very nice and solid equipment. No problems as of now and coffee is just great.

  • Bean to Cup Euphoria
  • A little costly, but completely worth it!
  • after using it for almost 2 months I would like to give my experience about it

DeLonghi America ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Lattecrema System

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic Latte and Cappuccino: the proprietary LatteCrema system allows you to create Italian classic cappuccino, latte, cafelatte or other milk-based recipes just in one touch
  • Stainless steel housing with digital display
  • Memory function; Beans container capacity: 250
  • Maintenance: de?longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Hot water spout to be used for tea or hot chocolate
  • Warranties may not apply to purchases from an unauthorized retailer
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

There are three things i wish i had done before using this awesome energy brewing machine. I wish i would have read the directions 2. I wish i would have watched the dvd 3. I wish i would have read the reviews here which tell me to do 1 & 2 before using it. Being an engineer has it’s disadvantages. One of them being i like to figure out how things work. What i keep forgetting is that someone else already has, and they have written it down for me. In the morning i no longer jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. After almost 50 years on this planet i have finally the days have started to conquer me, but this coffee maker has really helped put a little more pep into my step.

Seller was very helpful and quick to respond. Machine works good, easy to use- cappuccino is better than starbucks in my opinion.

This is a very a good machine. Easily and quickly make espresso, cafe latte and so on. Warm up time is faster than i thought.

When i got this machine, i was not a coffee expert– and to be honest i was a bit worried that cleaning & keeping it up would be difficult. It is not difficult at all, and i don’t spend a lot of time maintaining it. If it needs something, it tells me, and that’s the best part. I’ve run it through all of it’s paces and use cases, milk frothing and all of it, but from day to day i typically am using it to make a double extra long coffee from whole bean. The crema out of this machine is beautiful/amazing. So what can you expect on a day to day basis, aside from which kind of drink you’re making?i make one to a few drinks per day, and i empty the discard water tray about once a week. The unit runs a bit of water before to clean and prime before your first drink after turning on, and automatically purges before auto shut off. This is what will eventually fill your discard water tray/drip tray. The other regular maintenance activities include emptying the used coffee pod bin (it compresses the ground coffee into discs/pods for extraction), and to refill the water bin. That’s itonce a month or so i open the side door, clean out the coffee extraction machine/compression machine, clean out the general area, and at 8 months i’ve been asked to replace the water filter for the first time.

Very happy with the product.

With good quality coffee, fresh water, and a reasonably good little french press or drip coffee maker, you can whip up a good cup of coffee. Coffee is strongly associated with taking breaks and chatting with friends, the smell is one of the most popular scents in the world, and caffeine has the power to cheer and energize, so it’s hard to go wrong. Then there is the cup of coffee so delectable that you don’t want to chat and its consumption is less a break than a special occasion. These cups of coffee make that little restaurant in rome or the surprising finish to an otherwise ordinary turkish dinner stand out in your mind. With this coffee maker, you can have that kind of coffee any time you want, in your own home. You get that kind of coffee with beans freshly ground for each cup, filtered water, and a brew specifically programmed to suit your preferences. That is exactly what this machine offers you. I have to admit that this machine and i got off to a shaky start. I plugged it in and pushed “okay” for english, and the machine cycled through many other language options. I tried to accept french, spanish, and italian without success and watched helplessly through multiple unfamiliar languages and alphabets before i read the instructions.

First, this is a high quality, well designed, automatic cappuccino system, which produces rich coffee drinks with thick long lasting foam equal to our local coffee shops in our very own home, at our convenience. The prima donna delonghi (fully automatic) expresso machine produces professional barista quality cappuccino and espresso’s right in my own kitchen. It looks amazing, it is quick, and impressive, while not so huge that it overpowers my counter top space. Stunning in my kitchenthe integrated milk carafe is a real bonus to adding steamed milk or frothy foam, and can be placed right into the refrigerator in between uses, really love this feature – so no milk is wasted and it’s ready to go whenever we want a coffee drink. Also there are several settings, for all tastes and preferences, in addition, we can stop a process with one touch of a button, so i have even made coffees with steamed milk and just ‘eye-balled’ the amount of milk i prefer vs. The pre-measured, preset milk settings. It’s very easy to clean and the brew can be adjusted for coffee, expresso — 1 or 2 shots, and my favorite, the macchiato, is a single touch button and if i want an extra shot of expresso, one touch – adds one or two shots, super quick and easy add to my coffee. No additional equipment needed for anything, just my favorite coffee cups. It has a self-contained burr grinder, we have used a stand alone for years with our coffee presses, so this was another top-notch feature, is excellent and not too loud. The water tank is a good size and easy to quickly refill.

This particular machine is a european model. It comes with a transformer to change it from 110v to 220v. This came first and i was upset, not realizing it was necessary. The machine makes wonderful coffee and espresso and is easy to use. Andrew from flowmar was very nice to work with, even though i was surly and rude. I would definitely recommend this model.

This turned me from an instant-coffee making robot to a true expresso making barista overnight. It’s like having my own personal starbucks in my kitchen. The initial setup was a bit confusing and challenging. Just be prepared for a little frustration. The unit arrived with the main power button already powered on. When i plugged it in and followed the setup steps, things didn’t quite occur exactly as listed in the setup guide. For instance, it was supposed to confirm my language selection but never did. Also, i had some trouble getting it to recognize the milk container. It kept prompting me to insert the hot water nozzle and nothing in the instructions addressed that specific issue. I lost count of how many times i inadvertently sprayed hot water while trying to complete the setup.

I’m going to start out by saying that i am not an avid coffee drinker. But we got the chance to try this item and review it and i couldn’t pass that up. Opening the box was somewhat overwhelming. There are a lot of pieces and i had no idea what any of them did. The machine was pretty easy to put together. Everything snaps together and the instructions are clear. However, making the different drinks was pretty difficult. I am no barista by any means. But if you follow the instructions closely. You could probably fool people.

There are many detailed, excellent reviews for this product which say everything i wanted to point out. For that reason, i am going to cut to the chase. If you are a serious coffee drinker, this is a great buy. Things i love:once set up is complete, and you understand what the heck you are doing, the delonghi makes the best cup of coffee i have ever, ever had. Self cleaning for the frother section. This was a real concern for me, as i did not want milk buildup. Love the freshness of using whole beans, which is probably why the coffee tastes so good, every time. Program your preference, and you are set. Things i didn’t like so much:all of the reviews for this product urge watching the you tube tutorial, and thoroughly understanding the directions before set up. The set up is not intuitive. It’s very confusing, and cannot be accomplished without directions. You will get a headache, and be tempted to launch the machne through your window. Bottom line:i use about 100 k-cups every 2 weeks. That adds up pretty quickly, price wise. For me, this machine would be cost effective.

There appears to be some issues with the “empty the grounds container” message staying on, even after it’s been emptied.

We had a commercial nespresso gs100 machine stop working and was reluctant to go with the zenius model because the lever was cumbersome. The boss requested the delonghi prima donna so he could use his favorite illy beans. At first, the employees were disheartened that they would no longer use their preferred nespresso pod. Once everyone figured out their preferences for strength intensity, cup size, and milk options, allegiance to nespresso has dissolved. We love the delonghi prima donna. Our machine is designed for italian electricity and we have to use a booster with the machine, but it works fine – we saved over $1000. We have been using this machine for over a year without problems because we descale regularly and clean the components often. Our office size was 12 when originally purchased. We have grown to 20 and the downside is that the tank needs to be refilled; the grounds container needs to be emptied frequently throughout the day since more people are using it.

I’d been reluctant to get a cappuccino maker because they always seemed like such work. Fortunately, this prima donna model takes a lot of the frustration out of making cappuccinos in the morning. This cappuccino machine has its own grinder so you don’t have to worry about grinding the coffee beans beforehand (or buying ground beans). Just let the machine do the work for you. It’s pretty quiet and seems to do the job well. One of the highlights of this system is the integrated milk carafe. If you want cream in your cappuccino, you can put the milk in a separate container. When you’re done using the machine, you can store the container in the fridge. It’s simple, but it’s a great little system that lets you reuse the milk and not worry about wasting it. I’m not really sure if this machine is targeted towards professionals, like restaurants or cafes, or home consumers.

I bought this coffee machine from flowmar and after using it for almost 2 months i would like to give my experience about it. Pros: price was very good compared to the other sellers on amazon. Order and shipment was quick and smooth, even thou shipment came from the europe. Machine arrived much earlier then was expected and in excellent condition. Setup was easy to do and if you follow instructions or watch youtube videos, you will have no problem with setting it up. This is a full automatic coffee machine and machine delivers outstanding coffee with a single push of the bottom. If you prefer your own taste choice or cup size of coffee you like to drink then this machine is offering this option too. Just follow the menu instructions. Cons: this is the european model with 220 volt plug. In order to use it in usa you would need a transformer.

The only reviews are from people who got the product for free lol. Who is gonna spend 3,000 dollars on an espresso maker?. If i sold my car i would still need like $1500 to buy this. . I guess i could spend 6 month’s rent on one but alas i am a lowly construction worker. So off to walmart i go for the crappy mr.

Those who know their coffee will not be let down by the precision and power this machine provides. It’s not a slayer by any means, but the de’longhi prima donna gives you the highest grade pour without the hassle of manual appliances. The machine’s diverse array of features puts the barista’s toolbox in your hands, and the key design features such as the detachable milk decanter make for easy storage and cleaning. Programming will take a good amount of time at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of high-end coffee-makers (as was i), but the investment will be worth it in the long run as you enjoy your push-button lattes down the line.

. I have a different brand of a machine very similar to this one. So i kind of know what works. And what would be nice if it were “tweaked “a little. There is certainly a lot to like about this machine, and improvements over my “other one”. First, this machine doesn’t have a very large footprint. 6 it doesn’t take-up that much room for all that it can do. Note that you’ll need to allow at least a foot of space above so that you can open to top to add beans. The water, drip tray and used coffee grounds all come out the front. . • of course, the number one thing would be “convenience”. It’s great to simply press a button and you have coffee. • lots of different options for different types of coffee. • you have the ability to “customize” just about every beverage. From the amount of water, to how strong you would like it and so on. But you do have to remember to make any “adjustments” before you press the button for the coffee to start. • there isn’t a lot of “excess water” in the “drip tray”. In other words, it doesn’t fill-up too quickly. You have to empty it after around 12-beverages.

Chefman Dynamic Blending System – Multi-tasking appliance – takes the work out of smoothie making

The dynamic blending system by chefman is a quality product. It has two blades one for emulsifying and one for grinding and three tumblers with travel caps. One of the caps can be poured from and the other is a lid. There is one 12 oz tumbler, two 24 oz tumblers and the 40oz blender. The base of the blender is a matte black with suction cups beneath it to keep the appliance in place. The 40 oz blender part is plastic, not glass, and marked on both sides with milliliters and cups. All of the parts fit tightly and there was no leakage when in use. It is easy to use and the instructions are clear. There are three settings low, medium and high as well as a button for pulsing.

This is a snazzy little blender. Not quite a magic bullet, not quite a full sized blender, it gives you the best of both worlds. My favorite part of this thing is actually the little suction cups on the bottom, lol. They are strong and hold the unit in place while using without being to strong to remove the machine easily for storage. It comes with 1x smaller cup size (still pretty big at 16 oz. ), 2x larger cups, and a small sized blending pitcher. There are two blade bottoms, i can’t really tell the difference between the two when using, but i like to be able to use one while the other is in the washer. It also comes with a drinking lip ring thing that is kind of pointless, and a flip top lid that is good for travel i guess. I never use either of these, although i could see the travel lid being useful. It makes me delicious smoothies in 10 seconds flat. With that comes quite a bit of noise, however, so i have to be careful not to use when my co-workers are busy (i keep it at work. )i think it is totally with the $35 price tag. From an aesthetic viewpoint, i love the look of this thing.

If you are looking for an inexpensive blender that really works well, look no further. My daughter is on a health kick and has been making her own smoothies for a while with a rather inexpensive hamilton beach blender. We always knew when she was doing so because the racket that thing made could wake up the neighbors. Her smoothies were not all that smooth, either. This blender really does a better job. It rally blended ingredients much better than her old one. The other accessories are handy, but i’m not sure how often we’ll use them. The suction cup feet really help keep it in place and the extra blades allow for flexibility in food preparation. There were two small issues, however. The lid to the main blender container has a really good suction system. Here are the specifications for the Chefman Dynamic Blending System:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 700 watt motor
  • 32-ounce BPA-free, easy pour pitcher
  • One 12-ounce and two 24-ounce BPA-free tumblers
  • Emulsifying blade
  • Grinding blade

I have waited a few months to write this review, and the chefman has only gotten better and grown dearer to my heart and more useful in my life with time. This machine rocks, well worth the price. I use it primarily for smoothies and sometimes for some saucy concoctions. It has blended all things leafy, frozen, and nutty i have tossed in and is consistent and reliable. Thank you chefman team, great product design and the company has responded to the questions i had very quickly.

The chefman rj35 dynamic blending system has a number of things for which it can be commended. Its suction feet hold the appliance firmly enough to hold it stationary during the blending process. It is pretty near perfect for working with liquid substances such as smoothies and salad dressings. The comfort top works as described and does not drip. The blending system works as described, but in order for it to do so, plenty of liquid must be present. It is very easy to clean and all parts can be cleaned separately. It satisfactorily pulverized ice cubes and frozen ingredients. You should ensure that the blade top is securely in place. If it is not in place, it will leak during the blending process and drip when you are pouring from the blender.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Chefman Rocks, A Healthier Life Enabler
  • Quick and powerful
  • Great Product

Highly rated by consumer reports in it’s price range. It does ice without problems.

I am truly enjoying all of the different uses for this blender. You can make smoothies, slushies and all sorts of mixed drinks in a way that is one-touch. The blender itself only has 4 different push button settings. The unit itself is minimalist in design but the adaptability of this blender is what makes it so good. It comes with 4 different size containers (3 are portable ‘smoothie size with lids). I have found the blades to be powerful. I have normally had issues with other products not truly chopping up ice or getting to frozen fruit well; so far i have not had that problem with this system. It has been put to a lot of use in my household and i think it is a fantastic addition.

We use this blender mostly for making smoothies and its performance is ‘pretty good. ‘ we are able to achieve full blend with no chunks hiding under the blades. We blend frozen fruit, fresh fruit, and milk. We have learned to keep the blender running for a while to ensure that no unblended chunks remain. This results in a frothy smoothy that i like. However, my owl would prefer no air would be featured in the blend. Her old ninja blender suits her better. You get lots of different jar sizes and multiple lid styles. You get rubber suction cups on the bottom for stability. You get to put all of it into the dishwasher except the motor/base. Visually, the quality is not of the highest order but it should last a while if handled gently.

Use it mostly for our daily breakfast smoothies although we have used it for other things too. It’s quick and powerful, really pulverizes kale and fruit to a nice smooth consistency and the cups make clean up easy. It’s a good size for our small counter top and we like the sleek matte design. I was a bit hesitant because i had never heard of this brand but i trusted the reviews and i really am glad i did. I don’t usually write reviews but i wanted to let other people know that we were happy with this.

I had another similar one, which cost about the same, but this one is much better. It has several speeds, the pitcher and tumblers are larger, the grinder works much better than my old one (it grinds pepper faster and less coarse). It also crushes ice very fine and much faster.

The only negative thing i can think of with this system is that it’s very loud, but the stellar performance makes that a minor detail. I gave this set to my wife to evaluate and here are her impressions:i already had a good, regular blender and was not eager to try a new one at this low price because i figured it would be sub par and a fight to get my smoothies smooth. I also had doubts about turning a liquid-filled container upside down on the base. I loaded in my yogurt and frozen fruit and very little juice just to see, the blender choke. But it made the quickest, easiest smoothie i ever made. No stalling, no poking the fruit in, no whirring around uselessly while the fruit rests on top. This blender grinds and liquefies anything i’ve put in it like a boss. I really appreciate that there are two blades and four containers in which to blend so i don’t have to hand wash or be forced to wait for the dishwasher.

Chefman offers a three-year warranty, but if you read it closely, it doesn’t offer all that much protection and the consumer pays shipping. In the event of a problem, you could be better off simply buying a new unit. That big reservation aside, the unit is nicely designed. Nothing fancy or terribly sophisticated: just smooth lines. Three buttons control the speed of the blades as they are turned by a claimed 700 watt motor. You get the choice of low, medium and high. For timing, you can use the pulse button which turns the unit on when the button is pressed and held down. Two blades are included: one for grinding, one for emulsifying. The blades are nothing more than shaped metal. The grinding blade is to be used with things like coffee beans and cinnamon sticks or thick fruits and vegetables, according to the manual.

When i first got it, i read the booklet that comes with it (it’s not that well-written but i got the idea anyway) and washed it, then assembled it. The base is very pretty, a matte black sort of affair that looks modern and respectable, and the plastic pitcher and tumblers were all in one piece and accounted for. The beauty of this gadget is that all the lids and all the other pieces are interchangeable. The lids fit everything and the bases fit everything. It’s really remarkably done and i had no trouble getting it all together. The booklet advises that ice cubes can be a problem sometimes so you want to let them sit out 5-10 minutes first, and make sure you put a little liquid in the blender along with them (water, milk, juice, etc). I did this and added unflavored greek yogurt and frozen strawberries, a couple drops of fiori di sicilia flavoring, and some sweetener. I was downright surprised at the noise it makes–it’s very loud, as noted, but not as loud as a vita-mix type blender i don’t think. I used pulse until it seemed like the ice cubes were whittled down, then medium speed with the emulsion blades (the other one is noted specifically meant only for grinding single dry ingredients, like coffee beans or cinnamon sticks). I’ve never had a blender that really did well with ice cubes, but this one got them all whittled down to snow and incorporated into my breakfast smoothie.

I have been wanting to buy blender for the past months. I was researching and reading reviews about different blenders. While researching i came into this blender and it has positive reviews. So, i decided why don’t i give a try and see it for myself. It hasn’t been long since i bought it, but i have used it four times and it works great. I like that it has different containers and the price is not that expensive for the product.

This item works really well. It’s a nice set, i do use it a lot. I like the speed it has and it’s so easy to use. I haven’t used the other blade yet, so i can’t comment on it. I don’t think it’s too loud, it sounds about normal. I also like that it’s lighter than my old blender. It’s nice to have the other cups fit the blender too, for blending different things.

There are a lot of blenders available on the market these days. I personally have tried everything from a blendtec to a magicbullet to a ninja blending system so i have seen how well some of the higher end (and higher priced) systems perform. Where does this little chefman stand in the blending world?. Well to be honest this does very well considering its pricetag. This blender only has 700 watts and only costs between 1/2 (the magic bullet cost me $60) to nearly 1/10th (the blendtec costs around $300). Can this blend and emulsify as well as the blendtec?. With a blendtec you can add just about anything and it will emulsify without a problem. This little chefman tries but is not able to fully pulverize seeds such as those from a guava. To be fair the magic bullet i own also is not able to grind down these seeds so this chefman performs about as well as a machine that costs nearly twice its price.

I now have three blenders and this is becoming my favorite. After trying this one, i find it less complicated than my more expensive one that takes up too much counter space. Or the smaller one that is only good for quick smoothies. One of the reasons this is my favorite is that it’s much easier to clean and takes up less counter space, but that’s not all.I like its power in mixing and appreciate the suction feet that keep it from slipping. Since i don’t cook as much as when i was younger, i generally use it for simpler things like smoothies and salad dressings, so don’t use it to its fullest potential. I love the yummy consistency of my strawberry shakes and my special thousand island dressing. However, my daughter is a vegetarian and she visits quite often. She commented that she loves the way it blends the spinach, avocado and other vegetables and fruits she uses to create her own ‘specialties. ‘this chefman blending system is very attractive and economically priced.

I have to say i really like this blender. It is not as good as my vitamix but it does a great job on smoothies and pureeing fruit. I have even used it to turn small steaks into hamburger – and it did okay. It turned almonds into flour pretty well too. I would have given it 5 stars but the motor part gets pretty hot when i use it to grind. But for blending, mixing and pureeing – it is great. And i love the 2 sizes for my to-go cups. They are a real bonus feature.

This blender seriously kicks butt. I didn’t think it was going to be as great as it is, but wow. We use it to make smoothies – frozen strawberries, frozen banana, almond milk, and protein powder – yum. This does a great job bending up the frozen fruit into a nice thick slush. The convenience of using the different containers to blend directly into is awesome. Blend it up then put the ‘comfort’ lid on it and drink right out of the container you blended it in. Or stick the travel lid on and take it to go on your way to work. It’s powerful, easy to clean, and versatile.

My blender before this one was a hamilton beach model. The current price on this chefman rj35 dynamic blending system model is $35. With this chefman unit i have 3 speeds (low, medium, high), pulse, an emulsifying blade, a grinding blade. I also get a 700 watt motor whereas my hamilton beach model had a 650 watt motor. And the pitcher on this chefman model is bigger. What you see in the product photos is pretty much what you get. I have had no problems cleaning this chefman unit.

Put together well, sturdy base with suction.

EdgeStar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey – so good. We tried it in the car and in

Cools instantly with very low power consumption.

We have a cabin in holopaw florida totaly off grid and this unit has saved the day. 3 amps dc on low setting and 5. It gets cold super fast and will freeze meat as well as keep milk and eggs cold at the same time. Glad i went with this bigger unit as it holds just enough for what i need. Ps digital readout on the side isn’t to accurate so just set low point disconnect on 10. 0 volts mine meter is off a bit but can’t justify sending it back for this minor reason as it works perfectly other wize.

Purchased this for the pass-through storage in our 5th wheel trailer, since we always run out of ice on summer trips to the lake. While this thing is pricey, it is exceptional in every way. It’s extremely sturdy, efficient, and even looks good. In no time, i was completely impressed with how much i could fit in the unit, and even more impressed with how quickly it cools from room temperature to 0 fahrenheit or lower.It has also worked flawlessly on 12v dc, while we’re on the road.

We tried it in the car and in the house. Would be nice if it came with a longer cord.

Great unit, holds up well over time.

We travel south in the winter and this keeps things frozen for days on end.

  • Dangerous Handles
  • Five Stars
  • woo hoo

Can’t say enough great things about this fridge.

To early to tell bought it for my rv ask me in 6 months.

It has performed well on both a/c and d/c. It holds the cold super well after unplugged even after a week. I will repost as time goes by as to if it keeps up the great job it’s doing right now. It goes on the boat this season. So far i am only using it as a freezer. I am impressed with how little it runs and it gets well below 0 degrees f. Weight is good/ light and capacity is very nice.

We’ve had this a couple of days and are pleased. I can’t say anything about service issues or how long it lasts. What i can say is, it’s quiet and it performs. For about 15 years, but the engel 84 qt. Currently costs over twice as much, and is heavier. The edgestar 80 uses more dc amps (5. However, we plan to use this mainly in the home.

The unit works very well get cold quick, doesn’t draw excessive power, my only complaint is the flimsy handles the second time my wife and i picked the unit up (both times empty) her handle popped out of the base on one side causing the unit to twist to the side, this totally dislodged my handle from the frame and it dropped to the floor, thank god it was on heavy carpeting and missed both our feet. I was left standing there with the ‘d’ handle in my hand.

Features of Edgestar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience
  • Temperature range: -8 F to 50 F, Fast freeze mode
  • Storage capacity: 83 qts, Dimensions: 23 6/16″ H x 28 3/16″ W x 18 12/16″ D.
  • Power: 115 V/60 Hz/1 A/80 W
  • Small & large basket, Latched lid, Side handles

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Despite the fact that the first one i ordered broke two weeks into operation, i have to say i love this edgestar, and am pleased to give it another chance. This is due, in large part, to the excellent customer service i received from compact appliance when the first unit failed. I don’t know why the first one stopped running (sometimes, you get a lemon that gets by quality control), but compact appliance ignored the fact that the standard 30 days to return had already passed (by one or two days, due to the late start of my camping trip), and went above and beyond to exchange it for another model. They even paid the return postage.I love a business that stands by their product. As for the unit, the 80 qt is a nice size for week-long camping trips, it operates well with my little 200 w photo voltaic system, it doesn’t take up much space in my little camping trailer (converted from a 16′ cargo trailer), it is very quiet when in operation (a nice thing in a small camper). I have the replacement up and running now on house current as it will be my ‘cooler’ for a holiday party i am having. Then it will go into the pantry to hold fruits and vegetables at their ideal temperature for the winter (freeing up my refrigerator for other things). When it is not doing that, it will be with me on camping trips and be powered by a solar system. If i have any trouble with it from here on, you can be sure i will report it.

I have had this for 5 years and bang it around in the back of my 4×4 camping all the time. No problems and keeps stuff frozen. Runs overnight easily without draining my battery and i can run it almost indefinitely on a 100 watt solar cell.

I have had mine now going on seven years in the lower compartment of my motorhome and have nothing but great accolades for this unit. It finally quit and now i am looking for a repairman.

Really quite when it’s running and is insulated very well. Doesn’t use much power either. I have it in my small cabin running off of 200 watts of solar that powers the whole cabin. It was expensive but worth every penny since i don’t need to keep all my food in a cooler full of ice anymore.

For this first time in 17 years i can keep food frozen in the summer much better then a cooler. So nice to have the option of battery or power. In the winter we plan to use it as a fridge.

Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience

Provides cold drinks in our vfd rescue truck. Runs great off of shore line and genset.

Works like a charm, cools pretty fast, not too heavy to move in and out of vehicle (when empty) – one man can lift and move it. Seems very quiet and just works.

Temperature range: -8 F to 50 F, Fast freeze mode

Storage capacity: 83 qts, Dimensions: 23 6/16″ H x 28 3/16″ W x 18 12/16″ D.

Power: 115 V/60 Hz/1 A/80 W