PHILIPS Saeco RI9367/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine – This is a great machine! I received one as a gift four

Bought via venezia based on good ratings and decent price ($300 plus shipping). Pretty good crema but shots are watery and the grounds are even worse. Overall the machine is ‘ok’ but will upgrade sooner than later considering how much i enjoy excellent espresso, not mediocre. My mistake though, should have gone with the gaggia brera.

Easy to use and makes great coffee. Has held up well for the one month we have been using it.

Easy to use and makes a great cup of espresso.

I received one as a gift four years ago and it has changed how i drink coffee. I now have three shots in the morning and i’m good to go. I recently bought a second one to go into our place in the country.

It would probably be prudent to offer some background information on my ‘espresso credentials’ prior to getting to the bulk of my review. Knowing nothing about espresso preparation, i received a steam-driven espresso machine (mr. Coffee ecm160) as a gift about a year ago. It was a great gift that introduced me to home espresso, although even upon first use i knew that it wasn’t making ‘true’ espresso, i just didn’t yet understand the underlying mechanics behind proper espresso extraction. A little research revealed the obvious difference between steam and pump driven machines. My desire to occasionally enjoy a straight shot of crema-topped espresso, in addition to various espresso-based drinks, pushed me to begin researching pump driven machines. I hadn’t come across this machine in my research, but instead i was introduced to saeco’s via venezia while visiting a friend’s house. Seeing an appliance like this in action, and tasting the resultant espresso, is about as good a test drive as you’ll get. The made-in-italy via venezia is a single stainless-steel boiler machine, driven by a 15-bar pump and features a pressurized portafilter – which ostensibly provides extraction that is less dependent upon grind size/consistency and tamping force. From my experience, the forgiving pressurized portafiliter lives up to its billing.

Love it so much that i bought another one for our second home. I use them every day and they produce great cappuccino’s. After a couple of years i had to replace one minor part on the frother.

  • Cheap on the outside, but makes decent espresso.
  • Great machine
  • it’s ok.

The only down side to this maker is that it doesn’t last forever. I use mine at least once a day, and over a span of 10 years, recently bought my third one.

For the volume it’s designed for, it does a stellar job. Consistent cup of coffee with beautiful crema.

This little puppy puts out the coffee with simplicity. Had for 6 months and works great.

Works every time, and makes it as well as starbucks. Probably used it over 400 times; flawless.

We have used it almost daily for about a year and a half. It is very easy to use and makes adequate espresso. Once you get the grind right and find quality beans you will enjoy it very much. I do not have any complaints and hope it keeps going for a long, long time.

Features of Saeco RI9367/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

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  • Pressurized portafilter: patented filter holder ensures the perfect extraction of espresso
  • Steam wand with pannarello attachment: manually froths milk or produces hot water
  • Ese pod adaptor: capable of handling single serve prepackaged shots (pods)
  • Easy cleaning: removable 68 oz. Water tank; removable drip tray
  • Made of die-cast metal

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Great product for the money- not quite as refined as the same unit we purchased 18 years ago, but close enough.

I love my latte machine, but i seem to be having a problem with the coffee. It keeps pouring over the sides. I do not understand what i am doing wrong to cause this issue. I follow the directions exactly and even made sure i have the correct coffee grind size.

Let me start by saying the bad. First off my espresso machine experience is limited. I’ve only use my old manual which the pump died and the saeco odea automatic. The outside build quality is not the best. The front buttons are cheap and require a lot of force to operate. I see these failing in the future. The bottom of the filter holder is plastic which when you snug up the holder on the machine you can feel the plastic flex. The basket holder is metal which is good but the bottom portion is plastic which i’m assuming was to save money. The drip tray with bottom drawer is an excellent idea but poor implementation. Once again very cheap basically just plastic trays that are stacked together.

I love this and it is my third one as they typically last about 2 years. I just keep buying this brand.

Before buying our via venezia, we owned a forerunner to this machine, the barista, and got many years of good service out of it. In recent years, i purchased replacement parts and made some repairs. While the barista became an obsolete model, the venezia and other models have retained essentially the original design, and differences are primarily cosmetic or at the user interface. Under the hood, is pretty much the same system and parts. This is a good thing because the basic design is robust and makes good espresso, and parts have been and should be available for some time. Espresso is made with heat and pressure, so the working environment is hostile and some parts will fail over time. I expect the venezia to last quite a while, with some care and maintenance. It is not difficult to make espresso with this manual machine. If you have never made espresso before, you will master it quickly and soon discover that you can make shots, lattes and cappuccinos as good as you will get in most cafes. With the right ingredients, you can make many permutations of these basic drinks as sold in modern cafes.

This is very similar to my old starbucks barista, which gave out after using it every day for 5 years. I am so happy to have a new one and love my morning lattes.

Pressurized portafilter: patented filter holder ensures the perfect extraction of espresso

A strong, boiler-based espresso machine that’s just right for the price.

They just don’t build them like they use to. I had the same model from 15 years ago and that thing was rock solid. This version, though working fine but slightly noising, the more fragile buttons and the sounds gives you the feeling its going to keel over any minute.

We have had a few small espresso makers. . Some that have failed after a year. But i must say this esperesso makerby saeco so far , makes the best coffee i have had with a nice heady creama. There is very short wait before you can start up and use. It is simple and no fuss and for the price.

I had great expectations for this machine, but the truth is that it is complicated to operate. The coffee is good, but not strong enough to make a good espresso. It is more like a water down espresso. It is not coffee shop quality coffee. Also, the device for the foam (froth) is located on the left side of the machine, and this makes it uncomfortable for those like me who are not lefty. It is also too close to the bottom making it hard to froth your milk if you don’t have a small froth container. The machine looks great on my counter.

This little machine has served 6,000 expressos (400 days*15 expressos/day) and still runs great. No leak, simple to use, easy to clean. Update: after 3 years serving thousands of expresso, machine is still easy to use, does not leak, heats up quickly.

This is a great machine for this price. It heats up quickly, makes a good espresso and foams milk much faster than my previous machine which had a similar price point. I am very happy with my purchase.

Steam wand with pannarello attachment: manually froths milk or produces hot water

So i am guessing that by the time you are on this site that you have read all of the reviews, so this may just be a repeat of what you have read, but here it goes. . I have been making espresso’s with this machine for years now, and have gone through three of them. I guess the reason i keep going back to this one is that for the bucks, it has the best bang. Sure, others look fancier, have more bells and whistles, and, cost alot more. I have now had three in the past 20 years or so. I have owned one other brand, that lasted about two years. For some reason i could not bring myself to purchase a ‘box store’ delongi or krup (though i bought a real cheap one to travel with and it never gave me a satisfying cup). So, when the portifilter started whistling and leaking, i knew it was time to replace yet another saeco. I shopped and shopped and wanted to get a ‘better’ one, but when it came down to it, went back to this one.

Love it worth the money and makes great latte’s.

I was afraid when philips acquired saeco that the quality would suffer but it’s as good as the one i bought in italy 15 years ago.

Great machine and easy to use. Consistent shots, good froth and very consistent machine for the price. Very similar to the old starbucks barista machine.

The pump on this broke after just over a year – it became really fussy about the grinds. I took everything apart according to the instructions, and gave it a good clean, which didn’t help at all. It would produce espresso about 1/10 attempts, and the rest of the time just make noise and not push any water through.

This machine does a nice job of brewing consistent, decent espresso, but. The steamer button stopped working within a few months of purchase. Because i use it every day, i need a machine that will hold up.

Ese pod adaptor: capable of handling single serve prepackaged shots (pods)

Excellent espresso coffee, downpart: has very slow warming time, and it has an uncomfortable way for refilling water reservoir, overall is a nice espresso machine.

Easy cleaning: removable 68 oz.

Home & Appliances Bru Joy Milk Frother Stainless Steel – Best Hand Held Milk Foamer Wand With User Manual – 2 AAA Batteries Not Included : Five Stars

Makes froth better than some espresso machines, and fast.

Not quite as powerful as i thought. Also sometimes has a vibration issue when spinning – if i squeeze the unit tightly it seems to straighten out. Was able to froth milk so it does work. I wanted something with more power – to be fair it was my mistake not the products so am looking elsewhere maybe one of those cup units that heat and froth. Would have liked to use this as a light mixer/whisk – for eggs, simple dressings etc but the torque is not there.

Bru Joy Milk Frother Stainless Steel – Best Hand Held Milk Foamer Wand With User Manual – 2 AAA Batteries Not Included

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  • QUIETLY GET RICH & DELICATE CREAMY MILK IN SECONDS: The Bru Joy milk frother is built with a
  • CREATE GOURMET ESPRESSO COFFEE DRINKS AT HOME – EASY TO USE: Smart one-touch-button design means
  • EASY TO CLEAN: ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTURE makes Bru Joy’s milk frother extremely easy to
  • EASY TO STORE WITH THE FREE BONUS MOUNTING BRACKET: Once insert it onto the bracket, you can either
  • A VERSATILE KITCHEN TOOL & A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASSION: In addition to its most popular use,

My husband wants to buy a cappuccino coffee maker with milk frother but i convinced him to get this bru joy frother because of the reviews that i have read and i was impressed with it. So i got this and at first it didn’t do what i expected to do so my husband was ready to return it but i read the instruction and it worked beautifully. We are very happy with it and i showed to my friends and they were impressed also. I will buy products again from bru joy and i highly recommend to buy this milk frother.

I love, love, love my new bru joy milk frother. What a fantastic froth and so easy. I’ve used it everyday since i got it. I just wish it came with a hard case so i could stick it in my briefcase and take it with me and know it wouldn’t get bent or broken. You say to keep it protected in its box. But the box is bigger than needs to be and just paper and will wear out in no time. It needs a slim plastic or metal case. If you make one let me know.

This is my third frother and this stainless steel wand and mechanism is solid built to last. I keep mine in the box it was shipped in to keep it safe. I used it last night and it works great.

Bru Joy Milk Frother Stainless Steel – Best Hand Held Milk Foamer Wand With User Manual – 2 AAA Batteries Not Included : I have tried three other frothers and this one, by far, is the best. The speed is so fast that it begins foaming within seconds. I also purchased a second one for my office as i use powdered real milk combined with a bit of hot water in my coffee. Super fast way to have a barista experience right at my desk.

I purchased the bru joy milk frother based on the positive amazon reviews. It is very well made and a sleek elegant design. It whips up excellent froth and is very quiet. I especially like the included plastic wall mount which is the smart way to store the device. Like any battery powered device, be sure to buy lots of aaa batteries.

The product did everything it claimed, and i use it at least once every day.

We received the milk frother couple of days after ordered, it works perfectly, does a fine job in frothing milk, appears to be well made, recommend if a frother is what you are looking for.

So easy to use an does a great job. I have received follow up emails and information on how to use. For the price this is so worth it. I’m saving tons of money by making my own coffee drinks.

Just received the frother and have been using it a couple of days. It does exactly as advertised and is a high quality item. Works best when the milk is warmed in microwave first.

Really straightforward and easy to use. Creates the frothy foam i was looking for. I would advise to pay attention to the directions, especially the part about using a large enough container as the frothed milk will expand. My first attempt was a little messy, but now all froths smoothly. Also, i really like the little plastic ‘rack’ included. I can hang this up inside the cupboard neatly and safely and it won’t get banged around in a drawer.

I ordered this to mix drinks such as meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, etc. As part of a diet plan i am on. In just a few seconds everything gets mixed nicely so there aren’t any powder granules. I can’t say how it works as a milk frother but it works well for other mixing. I wish it came with a hardy travel case so i could easily take it to work as based on the various warnings, it sounds like it may be a bit fragile. A great frother for the price.

The bru joy milk frother arrived by the stated date. I have used it several times and love the ease and convenience of the product. I use the frother on cold milk and in less than 15 seconds i get plenty of foam. I add steaming hot coffee to the foam for a delicious cup of coffee. This is a nifty device that is easy and quick to use and will be a staple in my kitchen.

It even arrived with batteries (which are not included in new purchases). After a quick rinse, i was able to use it without checking to see if i had the right size batteries. Price was right; delivery was prompt.

The first time i used this product it was awesome. The frothed milk was better than a barista’s. However, after just a few uses, i kept having to turn the top to loosen it in hopes it would turn on. I changed the batteries multiple times in case that was the problem which it didn’t seem to be. Where the batteries sit in sometimes doesn’t line up so i kept soon with it and got it to go on once.

An acquaintance showed me an electric frother that she just bought. It was working great but was taking counter space and wasn’t easy to clean. After searching online i decided to buy the bru joy milk frother. I received it on december 31 and have been using it three to four times daily for almost a month now. I didn’t have to change the batteries yet. I’m so happy with this purchase that i like to show it off. This product is designed well: light, easy to use and clean, very efficient and has a contemporary look. It doesn’t take any counter space and almost no space in the drawer. My only surprise with this product was when the wand separated itself from the body of the unit the first time i used it. I reinserted the wand and haven’t had a problem since.

The bru joy milk frother works. Read on:what it is:a very well built / sturdy milk frother that you use to froth warm or cold milk to add into your espresso. Pros:- feels very solid in the hand- comes with batteries- creates a nice froth in 10-15 seconds- portablecons- you have to heat up your milk whereas if you had the mug / canister milk frother and heater you wouldn’t. However, the pro of it being portable and easily stored outweighs this con.

The fastest spinning foamer i’ve found, excellent quality construction, and you don’t have to hold the button down to keep it running. Just heat a quarter cup of low fat milk in the microwave, dip the wand into the cup, click on the wand for 30 seconds or less and, voila, a lovely foamy steamed milk for latte or cappucino. Also works great for whipping hot chocolate or even a couple of egg whites for a cake. I use it mostly to go with verismo pod coffee since i don’t like using the pod milk mixture.

This is a fantastic little frother. So quiet and in seconds make hot nonfat milk so creamy and smooth.

Love, love that little frother. Had my doubts when i opened it but it truly works. My heated almond milk whips up creamy and frothy like any professional steamer attachment would. A quick rinse and whirl to dry. Would recommend to anyonethank you.

I needed something to stir my highly ‘souped up’ coffee with. I add coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, great lakes gelatin, sweetener, and pink himalayan salt (just a pinch) to my coffee each morning. Just stirring doesn’t get the ingredients mixed up well enough to drink. I ordered this product, and it does the job quite well. The only reason i gave it a three is that it comes apart, and i have to go fishing in my 16 oz. Insulated mug full of hot coffee to find it. Otherwise, it does the job i wanted it to do. If i remember to give the frother a little push up into handle, it’s okay.

FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit : Well worth the investment

I shop a lot at the wholesale clubs and i asked to get this for christmas after a friend recommended it. I love it, my favorite thing to vacuum are my coffee beans. I am from seattle, we are fanatics about our coffee 🙂 i have also found that the large packs of chicken do not go bad in my freezer now and come out looking great. I have used it now almost 100 times in a few months and it has worked flawlessly. I have a couple of accessories for my machine, at first the accessory hook up did not work but it turned out i just did not have plugged in tight enough, after that was fixed it has also worked great.

I purchased the tilia foodsaver 800 from the infomercial a few months ago with a lot of skepticism as to its performance and was ready to send it back for a refund if it turned out to be a piece of junk. Well, let me tell you, this thing is unbelievable. I absolutely love it and tell everyone how pleased i am with it. I’ve been able to keep cut up lettuce fresh for about a week, with out ever getting brown or soggy in the foodsaver canisters. Onion halfs which would usually stink up the fridge can stay for weeks in beautiful condition in the bags. Strawberries and even raspberries, which normally go bad in the matter of 3 days, are edible for longer. I used to throw out so much food, like cheese, fish, & produce – it was really a sin. Even my husband, who never has anything good to say, says that the foodsaver was really worth the money. Now tilia is offering new produce saving canisters, so you don’t have to blanch your vegetables before you vacum seal them.

FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit, White

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  • Two hand press and hold operation enables easy vacuum packaging
  • Built-in roll storage holds 8-inch or 11-inch FoodSaver rolls
  • Built-in bag cutter cuts bags in either direction for easy bag making
  • 2-level sealing time adjustment switch controls the length of the sealing process
  • Accessory port allows vacuum packaging in cans, jars, bottles and canisters

This thing’s great for making like meals in a jar and using it putting your oxygen absorbers in there this is great stuff man i like this thing.

I received this item from my husband for our anniversary last week (at my direct request 🙂 after watching the late night infomercials and looking at it in the stores for a long time. I must say, this product delivers everything that it claims. I just opened the box, read the brief instructions, watched the video, set it on my kitchen counter,and off i went. It worked the first try, and i have been vacuum packaging everything from blocks of cheese and flour tortillas to ground sirloin and chicken. The only thing to consider is that you have to press down on the lid with both hands to complete the process, and, if you have any physical or medical limitations, you might want to upgrade to the newer model that allows one touch automatic sealing. All in all, i think i will be using this for many years to come, and can finally save $ and food at my membership wholesale club instead of throwing half of it out each month. Thank you tilia for making a product that delivers what it promises.

I am writing a review about an item that went out of production about a decade ago, but here goes. I picked this thing up last week in new condition at a local thrift store for five dollars. Yesterday, i put it to use vacuum sealing thin cuts of cooked elk meat. After a few minutes of trial and error, the sealer worked marvelously. It pulled a good tight vacuum on all bagged meat. When i cook, i usually cook a lot at once, and weigh out portions for convenience as i eat throughout the week. This sealer will now allow me to cook a lot more at a time, without the worry of freezer burn or freezer drying. I also practiced sealing jerky from my dehydrator, and it performed up to task. I give it five stars for function. I dock two stars for the following reasons.

FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit, White : I have owned the foodsaver 800 for at least 7 years. It is an essential part of my kitchen. Recently, the bottom gasket disintegrated. I couldn’t find a replacement anywhere. So, i started shopping for a new machine. I was distressed by the number of negative reviews of the new foodsaver models. Finally, i stumbled upon a model 800 that was still available through amazon. I got the last one that particular vendor had.

This product is very efficient. It seals my bags well and quickly. I am very happy with the investment.

I’ve had my foodsaver for about 9 months now. I absolutely love this thing. I bought it spur of the moment and at the time wondered if like all new toys it would be used heavily for the first couple months and then get tucked away in a cabinet never to be heard from again. I still use it now as much as i did in the beginning. It’s extremely easy to use and works very well. The warehouse stores have such great deals and good quality meat and fish, but you have to buy in such large quantities that freezing is a necessity. Now i freeze individual portions and can keep them for extended periods of time. I just recently defrosted a piece of salmon that i had marinated and sealed in march. It tasted like i had just bought it that day.

I bought my foodsaver 800 over two years ago and it has paid for itself many times over. I now purchase the meat i want when it goes on sale at great prices and then make my own bags and freeze it. The savings of buying meat this way is unbelievable. The food comes out of the freezer as fresh as the day i sealed it. This model is basic and simple to use. You can buy a model with added features, but why?. This one is perfect and does the job well.

Like how this model works and the choices to use bags or canisters. Had one before and liked it.

I recently purchased the food saver vac 800. Does a great job at vacuuming the packages. Only one problem i am very disappointed at how to start the sealing process. One must press and hold the cover in order for the vacuum to work. It gets kinda annoying and tiring.

I’m not happy with this particular model. It does make a good seal, but it takes a lot of pressure to hold that thing down to get it to seal. It’s tiringand, sometimes it won’t start to seal. For some reason (the bag isn’t in the exact right spot) it doesn’t think it’s done sucking and i think ‘good enough. You can ‘just’ tell it to seal anyway. But since i have to be pressing so hard with two hands to keep it working, this requires a 2nd personi’ve used my sisters and it isn’t so difficult, so i’d buy a different model.

KRUPS FDE312 Universal Grill and Panini Maker : The best panini maker – and wedding/shower/birthday gift

I love this little press – it is my second one. It is handy not only for paninis and a better grilled cheese, but fish and vegetables as well. Everything cooks in a few minutes – no need to flip. You get nice grill marks and the hinged top ensures that all is evenly cooked. Clean up is easy, evening after cooking foods with rubs or marinades. This is a versatile and handy kitchen tool.

We were able to track the panini maker from date it was sent to date received. Once received it was in perfect condition and ready to use, which we did by making a delicious reuben sandwich. Not only does it make great sandwiches it also grills a fantastic cornish hen in 12 minutes.

Very simple and somewhat heavy dedicated panini maker. No temperature control, no timer.

Excellent product, and a good buy. It heats up quickly (an added bonus when there are many mouths to feed, or you’re just plain starving) and it is well weighted (no skinny sandwiches next to overstuffed ones). Clean up is easy and a delight. A paper towel does the trick. Only grumble i have is the side locking mechanism doesn’t always lock securely, so it can become an aggrevation when standing it up in the cupboard and it starts to open. Oh well, it’s a great looking product, so now i just keep it on the surface counter in the kitchen. Once again, an excellent product and a good buy.

  • Get’s the job done!
  • simple and effective pannini grill
  • Great Sandwhich Maker

KRUPS FDE312 Universal Grill and Panini Maker with Nonstick Cooking Plates, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Grills burgers, chicken, fish, steaks, and Italian-style sandwiches
  • Nonstick top and bottom grilling plates for food release, easy cleanup
  • Floating-hinge system adjusts to food’s thickness

I recieved this grill as a gift this week. There are just not enough words to describe how wonderful this grill is. I have long loved the grilled panini sandwich since my time in rome. When the panini sandwiches started poping up here in the u. At up scale cafes and markets i was overjoyed. And now to be able to enjoy them at home is a dream come true. The grill is smooth to operate and clean up is a breeze. My sandwiches come out perfectly grilled and even better than some of the commercially grilled ones i have bought. If you are a fan of the panini sandwich this item is a mustthe cookbook is a very nice addition, but let your imgination run wild.

This panini grill is made by a top/solid brand. The first grill delivered was defective, the screw which connects the handle to the top grill was loose. I was able to return it for a 2nd grill and it is out-standing. Try the hawaiian style ruben:rye breadpastramithousand island dressingkim chee cut into tiny pieces.

We have had our panini grill for over 5 1/2 years and it still works great–and we use it regularly (2 – 3 times per week). It toasts the bread on panini sandwiches beautifully, is not complicated, cleans easily, handles tall sandwiches well, and feels heavy and solid. I am looking to buy a second for when we have a crowd over for paninis.

Have had the unit for a month, used it quite a bit for making paninis exclusively. Works like a charm, quick and delicious, and clean up has not been a problem, although i imagine with grilled meats it could get messier. But i bought the unit for making thick paninis, not to compete with a george foreman grill. Floating hinges make thick sandwiches no problem. And, all respect to those who burnt themselves, well, i never grab a pan by anything but the ‘cool’ handle, and unless my unit has been updated, i see no reason to touch any other part of the machine and had more than enough surface to grab without getting burns. An adjustable thermostat would be nice, but again, i admit for me this is a single use appliance and i have no need. Enjoy it for what it is, a very good panini grill & press.

I just received the krups panini press for christmas. It was a total surprise, nothing i would have likely sought out and purchased on my own. It is very commercial-looking. It is very heavy, and has a high-quality feel to it. We’ve made graham cracker-coated french toast and sandwiches so far. They turned out very gourmet. I read some of the other reviews and am a little nervous about the “instantaneous death” some have experience with it. Mine came from williams-sonama.

I was inspired to get this grill by seeing alton brown use it and praise it. It has no controls (nothing to break): you just plug it in and unplug it. An indicator light shows when it is hot enough to use. Both top and bottom plates are ridged, and fixed, so cleaning mostly means wiping. I’ve used it on messy food (spinach-mushroom omelette), meats (liver and onions, tilapia, pork chops), yam fries, and for grilled sandwiches. So far nothing sticks and it’s easy to wipe clean. It can be stored either horizonally or vertically, and the cord tucks up underneath. My only criticism is that the top plate swivels, so that whatever the thickness of the food, it can be made parallel. It would be better if it was built to always be parallel.

This little machine has been an absolute timesaver. We grill chicken breast, stick them on a hearty bread with some fresh mozzarella and red pepper and balsamic, spray a little olive oil on the outside of the sandwich and stick it on the grill for a couple of minutes and you’ve got an incredibly delicious and easy meal. Forget plain old grilled cheese. This simple to use, fast to heat up, sharp looking machine gets goat cheese and red pepper, chicken and cheddar, proscioutto with fresh mozzarella and basil in our house.As previously mentioned, quesadillas work well here as do any type of not-too-fatty grilled meat. This is the closest i’ve come to being able to make italian style panini as one would find in roma or firenze.

The price is right and the machine does the job right. The preceding was written two years ago. Last month the machine stopped working. Repair is not an option considering the price. I think that the machine should have lasted longer considering the minimal use that it was given.

It cooks well but you cannot remove the griddle part to wash, so it is something you have to be very careful of when you are cooking. But i am happy with its performance.

It’s hot, it’s fast, and it makes the crunchiest thin sandwiches in minutes. I use the olive spray on the outsides, and either ham, turkey or chicken slices, or grilled veggies, all with a little cheese on the insides. Thin tomato slices with some mozzerella and basil leaves are also great as well as a little brie with just about anything. I like the idea of the small, gourmet style sandwiches for today’s eating. The flatter the bread, the better but the pain rustique bread at costco works quite well too. Just measure each slice about 2 1/2 inches wide, cut it in half horizontally and fill. Or the straight grilled slices make great crostini and i just top it with an olive spread or a tomato, garlic and basil bruschetta, or a tuscan white bean spread with rosemary. Make them any size you wish. Guests love them with a nice chianti either for an appetizer or a snack. I will keep my grill for panini and not use it for meat. It’s easy to clean; i usually wipe it with a paper towel. It’s truly a quality piece of work and i’m totally satisfied with my purchase.

I bought this as a wedding gift for my grandson. I have had one of these in the past and was so pleased with it. I also purchased one as a weddig gift for friends in ca and they report they love it and use it.

I got my krups grill for christmas, i have wanted one for quite awhile. It makes perfect panini, and grilled cheese, but last night for new year’s eve we tried 2 bacon wrapped (1 1/4 inch thick) beef tenderloins. My rule of thumb with steaks (rare to medium rare)is about 3 minutes per side at very high heat. I have a weber genesis grill (outside of course) and in about 15 minutes it can reach over 500 degrees. Unfortunately this krups does not come with any recipes (other than the non-krups, but delightful cookbook that does come with it. ) so there is some guess work involved. But since it does also get very hot, and since the lid (unlike george f’s plastic) is heavy, i figuredabout 3. Perfect crossed grill marks, just make sure you preheat until the light goes out.

This grill was a recent purchase after returning from a trip to italy. While the grill heated quickly, i did make contact with the hot side of the top handle (ouch). The sandwich prepration and grilling went realitively smooth. To cleanup the grill when done was a challenge. When i cleaned the top grill plate, most food particles fell to the counter top. The lower grill plate proved to be even more challenging. There is no way to remove the lower grill plate, so i placed the grill on it’s side to let the food that was cleaned off drop to paper towels placed on the counter. I will probably use it only for sandwich making, i cannot posibly foresee grilling meat in it and trying to remove the resedue from the bottom of the grill. Instructions on how to prepare other foods such as meat and fish with this universal grill were zero.

As long as you are not lining up a queue of people in a buffet to use this thing repeatedly then you should have no problems. I use this very lightly (one to two sandwiches per use, every few weeks) and have had no issues, other than my surge protector not being ample enough to support the power input. You might read reviews that this press has a safety device that literally breaks itself to prevent the whole thing burning into a pile of crap. This may be true, but the only way i can see this happening is if you leave the press on for over an hour. (if you are not sure about this press look at cuisinart, they don’t look as nice but they work well).

We love this grill — both for home use and as a gift for those occassions where a gift isn’t terribly personal.

Though i love how this grill cooks, it is an absolute pain in the butt to clean. Since the grill part does not detach, the unit cannot be washed in the sink. This makes clean up of scorched cheese or onions or anything with a sugar in it very very hard to clean. If they made this unit with a detachable cooking surface, it would be much better. We love chicken or turkey burgers and this grill cooks them fast and even and never dry. But i hate the clean up this thing.

Had the krups model for about 3 years before it decided not to turn on one day — so to replace it, thought i’d try something different. Went with the delonghi cgh800 this time, about $20 cheaper. I loved my krups, and initially thought i’d like the delonghi a bit better. Here’s my experience:*krups always ‘sparked’ at the outlet when i unplugged it. *delonghi has adjustable heat, so, although i only used the krups for panini, i’m kind of excited about the options i now have with the delonghi. I’m inspired to try a burger or chicken. It also has a channel where the grease can run off — and a little cup to catch the grease. If you’d ever use the krups for anything other than a sandwich — the grease would have no where to go. *delonghi has wider channels on the grill plate — which make it a lot easier to clean up. But, this is also the reason the panini does not get as crispy as it does on the krups. *the krups latch, meant to hold the top & bottom together so you can store it on its side, was flimsy and broke after a week. It latched when i didn’t want it to — and wouldn’t when i did. (a minor thing, but it got to be annoying. ) there seems to be no threat of that happening with the big latch on the delonghi.

Update to my previous review (below). We had the thermal melt down which disables the unit rendering it useless. It’s unfortunate because it’s otherwise a nice panini maker – but the warranty is long since expired. Even if you could get it fixed, you’d be replacing a component of a flawed design by krups. Whatever happened to decent manufacturers standing behind their products?. I’ll certainly think twice before considering another krups appliance. ******************************previous review:makes a nice replacement for the george foreman grill in that it can do steaks, burgers, chicken breasts – and does a great job with the panini. The floating top grill helps provide even grilling across the entire surface of the meat or panini. It seems well built, heats up fast, and cooks evenly. The indicator lights are a little hard to see in a bright kitchen, so that could be better.

NuWave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven : Great kitchen helper!

This works well and does cook food as well as it says. I used it a lot when i first got it but i found that i grew tired of the clean up afterwards. It just got easier to fall back on my traditional methods of cooking rather than go through the bother. I still use it now and then as it really does cook things well, especially whole chicken, but not as a daily means of preparing my meals.

Recommend this product to anyone looking to make great meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. As with any appliance you discover how it best suites your needs as you cook different dishes using the guide. Once you master the times and cooking levels for your needs it is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Food comes out moist and tender.

These convection ovens really work well. Got the analog type (not computer controls) simply because it is easy to use. It would of been nice if there was an on/off control instead of using the timer for this function, if there was i would of rated this oven a 5.

The nuwave with the manual timer and manual heat temperature works fine. We got this as a present 4 years ago. After shuffling it around the counter and finding the infomercial on 14 channels all at once, we decided to use it and either keep it or throw it away. To our surprise, it works great. The neat part is that tougher sirloin steaks cook tender and juicy, more like a filet. One use we found wonderful was bacon. Bacon is such a mess to cook anywhere else. We tried to cook bacon in the microwave but grease is always an issue so we end up using 30 paper towels and that is yuk. In the nuwave, 6-8 slices are crisp and ready in 11-13 minutes without supervision while you cook eggs or pancakes.

  • Love at first Sight
  • Jim Walder
  • difficult cleaning

Nuwave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Patented triple cooking method: Infrared, Convection, and Conduction results in safe, healthy, fast, efficient and great tasting meals
  • Analog controled infrared oven cooks food in half the time, saves 85% more energy than a conventional oven
  • BBQ, Roast, Grill, Bake, Broal, Air Fry, Steam and Dehydrate
  • No defrosting, no pre-heating, no ventilation needed, easy to clean up as all parts except the powerhead are dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient and versatile, small, lightweight and portable for us in RV’s dorms, boats or as an extra oven for big gatherings

If the dome should crack over time you can order a new one at a fair price from nuwave. Com (until they offer it on amazon) to avoid burning yourself, just tilt the dome so the heat escapes away from you when you open it. I didn’t buy the digital since this model has a simple timer dial. So far only have used it once since i just bought it a few days ago. Fixed fresh chicken wings and they were wonderful. I did 11 minutes per side on level 10. No problem with getting burned at all. Do line the pan with foil for easy clean up. You can use any pans that work in a normal oven with the nuwave. Just ordered the secura turbo oven 4 piece accessory set to go with this little oven.

Does not live up to tv hype. Great for frozen steaks and other items that fit on rack. The instructions are really vague aa to how to cook several items together. Tried several combinations as suggested and wound up with great cooked meat and ruined vegetables. The analog works as advertised and was cheaper. The cooking instructions (besides being hard to read and half in spanish) are vague as to multiple items. This is not a “plug ‘n play” item. Must study every item you place in oven to wind up cooked at same time. Wife went back to crock pot & regular oven and i continue to use for last minute craving like frozen steaks and burgers.

I purchased this for my adult son and he loves it; he is amazed with what it will do; not only cooking meats, etc. . But just about anything else. He has said he wants to get me one now.

I bought the oven but not via amazon. Used it for two weeks so far, excellent clean up is my first positive as i detest dish washing pots and pans. I’ve cooked steak-too long, chicken flat out-wonderful, chicken pieces-great, pillsbury biscuits-yum, for veggies i use my fiestaware dishes. I say trust it because i tended to overcook items at first not believing they were really done. I’ve learned to trust the timer for the stated cook times-i have a manual version. I have thrown away many of my pans which were cluttering my kitchen-no longer need them. My microwave is about to hit the trash too; should it conk out after a year as warranted i’ll get a digital next purchase. I like this oven a lot-give it a try.

It does just what the commerical said, it is great. The fat falls to the bottom, it is far better then my foreman grill.

The product arrived in great shape. It performed exactly as advertised. It cooks items quickly and the food tastes great. I have not tried multiple items yet, but plan to soon. My wife and i are retired and it fits our needs perfectly.

I’ve had this product for about 4 years and it still works like new. I use it during the summer alot to avoid heating up the house. I have never had problems with the plastic dome cracking because i don’t use that wire gizmo to lean it on. I would give this 5 stars except i know nu-wave knows that’s what is causing the cracking in the plastic and they don’t say anything to sell more of them. Just set your dome on the counter on a dish towel and throw the gizmo out.

I loved using this in the summertime – really keeps the heat out of the kitchen. It works great for cooking fish, chicken, etc. The only problem was after about 15 months it stopped working normally. Now, after about 10 minutes of operation, it shuts off. There’s something wrong with a limit inside the cooking apparatus but it is not user serviceable. I’d buy another one but you know how it goes – once bitten, twice shy. Got more than the 100 bucks of use out of it in that year though. If you have a family, even better.

I decided to wait a year before i wrote this review. I love the nu wave and i can not see my self not having it in my kitchen. Also, a year later, it still works the same as the day i brought it.

I just love it because you can cook almost anything with it since i had my nu-wave i’ve loved very minute of it.

I have had this model since november 2009 and i use it nearly every day. I tried going by the cooking chart and overcooked a pork roast so i adjusted the cooking time and the next time it was cooked to perfection. I have cooked steak, chicken pieces, whole chicken, pork chops, roast pork, bacon, beef roast, and meatloaf, all of which turned out well. A few days ago i finally cooked from frozen and tried a frozen beef roast that turned out great. Shortly after purchasing mine i started seeing the advertisements for the nuwave oven pro and wished that i had waited to get that one. I know that soon i will invest in the pro and pass this one to another.

Love this product, use everyday, clean everyday but have not had for less than a year and container is wearing out already, scratches but it still works just turns ugly in appearance–.

I recommend this oven for healthy eating. Ease of cleaning and fast cooking of food.

Omg the best product i have purchased, i very rarely cook but now i love cooking it is so easy and convenience i recom it to everyone, i willget several for christmas presents this year.

The oven works pretty well and i like it. There have been just a few things that wouldn’t fit in it, but that’s the only problem i’ve had so far. I’ve put things in there both fresh and frozen and it works great. I would recommend this product.

Everything they said about the oven is true. It cooks everything in about half the time of a regular oven, no heat is generated in the kitchen like a regular oven, and everything comes out delicious and juicy. I highly recommend this product.

We use our nuwave every day. I prefer the digital timer but other than that its great.

My dad bought me this oven for christmas. When i was visiting my parents’ house, he and i made several dishes that came out really, really well in the nuwave oven. One night we made breaded chicken cutlets for sandwiches, and another time we made yellow cake from a mix. The chicken retained its lovely juices and was absolutely succulent. The cake was more moist and delicious than any cake i’ve ever made in my regular convection oven. Tonight, my husband and i decided to use our nuwave oven to make our usual friday night pizza. I used refrigerated pizza dough, and followed the instructions in the booklet to a t. The instructions said that i should let the pizza cook crust-side up on hi until the crust was light brown. We noticed that the middle of the pizza was browning really quickly, so we turned the pizza over using the pizza flipper. Unfortunately, the outside edges of the crust were not totally cooked, so the flipper got stuck and the pizza got totally messy.

Babycakes CC-2828PK Cupcake Maker – Perfect for dorm rooms!

I bought this for a friend, she loves it. She did say cleanup sucks but cleaning up sucks in general.

This was a gift for my daughter and we have all enjoyed making cupcakes and muffins. Works well and is fun to use. Definitely spray some pam first and then add the batter and then plug it in. Without the pam, cupcakes, muffins, etc.

This was a gift so hard to review.

Grand daughter has not stopped baking with this.

I bought this little mini cupcake maker for my niece because she wants to learn to bake. First time she used it she could not stop bragging about how fast the cupcakes baked ‘five minutes’she loves this maker she can’t stop bakingthis would be a great gift for any teenager, they too would love the end resultann omosowofa.

It takes no time at all to heat up and cook.

  • Bought for wife
  • Hard to clean
  • Great way to spend time with a youngster

I love not having to heat up the whole kitchen to use this product. Can be used with or without the cup cake liners. It makes moist and tasty treats .

It’s been amazing and fun to do.

Bought this and absolutely love it.

The cupcakes came out amazing. Made mini strawberry shortcakes.

If you don’t follow the instructions perfectly, it is a hassle to clean. Which, i bought to use with my 5 yo (with adult supervision) and it always comes out a mess. However, muffins are cooked well and it beats heating up the oven. A nice novelty but not for daily use.

Features of Babycakes CC-2828PK Cupcake Maker, Pink, 8 Cupcakes

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    by entering your model number.
  • Bake 8 mini cupcakes, mini pies, quiches, brownies, cheesecakes and more
  • Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up
  • Includes decorating set with 4 stainless steel icing tips, crust cutting and forming tools and recipes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My teen daughter received the smaller version of this for christmas. We bought her this 8 cupcake maker because it is slightly bigger, and includes the coveted and hard to find pastry cutter. The pastry cutter makes the perfect size pastry bottoms and tops for the maker. Making it easier for her to make her delicious homemade quiches (yum). Honesty, she had made many things with this product, but cupcakes only once 🙂 highly recommended.

Well what can i say about a cupcake maker. My wife hinted she wanted this for about two months. I thought it would just in the cupboard like the rest of the trendy products from their time. The she had a pic of it on her phone so o broke down and purchased one. (two) fro her a mini and a full size cake maker. Ok she loves this thing and has used it quite a few times her cupcakes are the best. She made some pear with a carmel cognac glaze that was. Well great not to mention the chocolate with the chocolate ganache in the middle.

We have used this item several times since purchasing it. Just make sure you keep checking the cupcakes every few minutes, as the green light is not a very good indicator that the cupcakes are all the way done. Works well with corn muffins, cake batter, and other muffin mixes. I would recommend greasing the well before pouring the batter if you are not using muffin cups. Easy to clean if you put a pinch of hot water in each well while the product is still a bit warm and close the lid for a few minutes. The dry batter will soften with the steam, and then you can wipe the mess right out.

I bought this for my 5 yr old daughter’s bday. She and i have so much fun making cupcakes. She absolutley loves it and so do i. I let her put in the batter and i, of course take them out. We use regular cake mix, although i did buy the recipe book. It yields about 36-40 regular mini cupcakes. So i always end up taking some to my co-workers. I would recommend not leaving them cooking for more than 5 minutes and not to use the paper cups. Spray is all you need with each batch.I definitley would recommend this to anyone with a kid that loves baking.

Excellent and very fast service.

I do recommnd purchasing their cupcake liners. Regular ones are too big and mini ones are too small. Other than that it is a blast.

Bake 8 mini cupcakes, mini pies, quiches, brownies, cheesecakes and more

Went to florida for granddaughters and they love making cupcakes in it.

I was so thrilled with this little machine that my mother had to have one too, so this was my second order. I live alone and when making a whole recipe i often keep eating on it for days until gone instead of breaking it down for storage. These tiny little beauties can be popped into zip-locks with crusts intact so not destroying their textural integrity. So far i’ve bags of gluten free biscuits corn bread muffins and several flavors of muffins and cheesecake. Everything bakes so fast and mess free.

Our little baker loves this. I mean she loves this thing. Gets hot but kids can easily remove cupcakes w/o getting burned. No stick surface works brilliantly for easy cleaning.

My 6 year old recently received this as a gift (pink, so i’m reviewing the pink babycakes), and we got to use it a few times since unwrapping it. In just two weeks we made boxed mix cake and brownies (each of which yielded 32 very yummy mini cupcakes), as well as bite-sized cornbread and mini fruit pies. The included booklet has tons of recipe and icing ideas (including directions on using fondant), but we haven’t tried the ‘from scratch’ recipes yet. Although this looks like a toy, it is a real applicance and should be treated as such (obviously not meant to be submerged in water, handled or played with by small children, etc). I’ll give the gift-givers the benefit of the doubt and hope that they realized this was not an easy bake oven when they made their purchase. The iron plates also get extremely hot, so definitely keep this in mind when filling the cups (you have to be quick) and pulling out the food once it’s cooked. Cook times suggest 5-8 minutes, but most of what we ‘baked’ was ready in 4-6 minutes. One has to babysit this cupcake maker, and keep an eye on the clock and greenlight since there is no timer alarm. Also the retail price is a bit high, so i’d suggest waiting for a closeout or shopping around for a good price (at least in the twenty-buck range). While this wasn’t something that i would have purchased for my family, it has definitely been a fun and yummy gift.

I made brownie-bottomed white cupcakes and frosted them with a chocolate creamy frosting. Used the cupcake liner papers. . They were done in 5 minutes and were very tasty. I used everything from jiffy mixes. Brownie, white cake & icing. I will make those again, but next time will use my own brownie recipe.

Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up

My 8 year old daughter got this for christmas. Pros: cooks the cupcakes / muffins quickly and cleans up very easily. Also, a great little recipe book comes with it. One night we were almost ready to serve dinner and decided to quickly make the corn/jalapeno muffins. They were done just in time for dinner – no waiting for the oven to heat. Cons/warnings: gets very hot (hotter than i expected) so kids still need supervision; it is especially a little tricky for them to get the cupcake out. Also, cupcakes had a bit of rubbery texture which could be that we cooked them too long (takes a while to remove them so maybe stop cooking/lift lid sooner).

Never seen one of these till a friend showed us how & what she used to use to make some little corn muffins. Perfect for future grandaughter when she gets old enough for after school treats & grandma hanging out with her. You ladies get you one of these perfect & no oven, cleans up well as they say it does. But do time a little time & purchase with the reciept book, the big book. Stuff you cannot imagine in this babycake machine it makes. Enjoyhappy holidays & happy times together with the childrenlaura in texas.

I kind of regretted getting this before using this the first time, as i have a bunch of different kitchen things like this that i never use. After using it, i’m really pleased. I have a toddler, and we make a lot of mini muffins and cupcakes for playdates, so i thought this would make it a little easier, and it does. The cupcakes are a little larger than mini muffins, but still smaller than regular muffins- a perfect size. Liners are unnecessary- the muffins come out easily. Cleanup is not a big deal either. It takes 4 minutes once it’s preheated to make a muffin (at least with the banana muffins i was doing, and 7 minutes for the first batch if you start with it cold. If you have a medium pampered chef scoop, it fills the muffin cups to the exact right level. This is really convenient and a quick way to make muffins. It’ll be especially nice in the summer months since it doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

I love the babycakes mini cupcake maker. My cupcakes came out fully cooked and delicious the first shot. I would however like it if they were standard size mini cupcakes. I find that the standard paper cups i find for mini cupcakes are just a tad too small for it and my cupcakes come out a tiny bit misshapen due to them not being entirely supported on all sides. I have made so many with it already. Can’t wait to try the pies out.

So my kitchen in full of gadgets i don’t use, this is one i do. Hadn’t read any reviews on this, and picked it up for $4 brand new at a goodwill. As soon as i pulled the first batch out, i started looking for ‘food’ recipes. There must be a bazillion on the internet for this thing. Can’t wait to try mini pizzas, cheese puffs, you name it. I can’t believe we can have real cakes during the summer (mini-cakes, but who’s counting) without heating the kitchen. I was able to make 26 cupcakes from a box of regular mix. Not mini-cupcake size, not full size. . Just right for me, the daughter, and the 2 year old.

We purchased this for our college freshman daughter who desperately misses cooking in her dorm room. We thought it would be great for her to be able to cook cupcakes. Well, that’s only the beginning of what this can cook. Besides cupcakes, you can make muffins, little cheesecakes, egg cups, mini pies (see the king arthur website for great ideas), pot pies, teeny pizzas or calzones– pretty much whatever you can think of. She loves the teeny factor, but the size is somewhere between a true mini cupcake and a normal sized cupcake. Still looking for liners that actually fit well. We also bought her a 3 cup rice cooker, and she can even cook bread in that. So, she can cook semi-legally (ok, not at all legally) in her dorm room. Still probably safer than making quesadillas with the iron, though. This is a great product, and it’s the one that our daughter was most excited about this christmas.

Works great, really easy to use. In 5-10 minutes you can enjoy some of the best cupcakes.

Includes decorating set with 4 stainless steel icing tips, crust cutting and forming tools and recipes

Great product and quick delivery.

And my friends and family love the resulting products.

I am very happy with the product and delivery time.

Great way to spend time with a youngster. Bakes so quickly no one gets bored or impatient. Not for young children to cook alone. The cooking surface gets quite hot. We love to make quick little muffins.

Super fun gift for my 8 year old for christmas we have used this a ton, not only for cupcakes, but for muffins and dinner items too.

This review is for the pink 8 cupcake maker. I purchased this for my 7 year old daughter and myself and love it. It took a little bit of experimentation but not much. Using a store bought chocolate cake mix we found that our machine cooked each batch perfectly at 3 mins 15 secs. When you check the cake there should still be a tiny bit of batter left on the toothpick. All cakes (like steaks) will continue to cook even after you remove them. I love a soft moist cake so that is a rule i always follow with perfect results. 1 cake mix made 32 cupcakes which is 4 batches at 3 mins 15 sec each. We were done in under 30 mins. They cooled quickly and we were able to frost the first batch as soon as we were done baking.

Husband actually uses it to bake his little mini muffins from the pouches.

Bought it for a young niece for christmas, totally cute and looks simple to use, delivered as promised,love it was a gift.

Bought as a christmas present. Great for little bakers to bake with and have a lot of fun.

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker : Love It!

I recieved this quesadilla maker recently as a wedding gift, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very simple to use, and great for preparing food for a lot of people very quickly, like tailgating or parties. Preheating the quesadilla maker only takes about 5 minutes, and after that, each quesadilla only takes about 3 minutes each. Be sure to use a towel or potholder to open and close the lid, as it gets very very hot. Also, if it is overfilled, the lid won’t come close to closing, and it won’t cut all the way thru to make them single quesadillas. I recommend filling them with whatever and as much as you want. Just keep a pizza slicer handy to cut thru them when they’re done. Even when overfilled, it will still cook all the way thru, it just needs a little help separating, but overfilled makes for much tastier quesadillas. This is a great appliance, with tons of possibilities, and it produces much better quesadillas than most any i’ve had in restaurants.

Bought this unit after reading the reviews posted here and i’m pretty happy with the purchase. Want to make a quick snack with left over meat, along with cheese and tortilla?. This is the machine you are looking for.We have been using it on a regular basis since we bought it.

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cooks quesadillas in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Fits tortillas up to 12 inches in diameter
  • Nonstick cooking plates wipe clean; built-in drip tray
  • Power and ready light; upright storage
  • Includes recipes; 1-year limited warranty

I decided to get this product after reading so many positive reviews. I appreciate all the tips – don’t overfill it, etc. I will agree that it is really easy to clean and we were really happy with the results. The only tip that i would add is to be careful to leave 1/2′ from the sides for the tortillas to seal. Also the front part of the quesadilla isn’t going to cook as well because the latch doesn’t really seal, so be careful not to overfill the front end. Overall, we’re really pleased. Thanks to everyone for giving great feedback.

It does what it’s made to do. I love to use it for a quick snack for my daughter.

Napoleon dynamite’s grandma would be proud to own one of these. One little tip before you head to the grocery store. You must use the large ‘burrito size’ tortillas with this. If you try to use smaller tortillas like ‘taco size’ or ‘fajita size,’ they won’t extend out to the part of the grilling surface that seals the edges and your melting cheese will flow out the sides. The instructions say you must use a 10′ diameter torilla. That’s usually sold as ‘burrito size.

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker : I bought this at macy’s about 6 years ago. Back then i was a single gal living alone in the city and i loved it fr making a snack or breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had moved a couple years after i bought it and poor thing sat in my grandmas basement, lonely and feeling useless. I recently collected my treasure and brought it home with me 1000 miles from its home. Wasnt used for close o 3 years and it still works like a gem. In the 2 weeks since getting it back, i have made several quesadillas and expanded it to “baked” tortilla chips, grilled pbj (a bit messy, but delicious), french toast (i promise i do have a stove lol), scrambled eggs (won’t do that again, tasted good, just a bit messy) and “fried” mozzarella cheese. My husband is deployed right now so i’m practicing on it to make quick easy meals and how him how to use it so he can eat good too. If anyone is familiar with penzeys spices, i use a bit of arizona dreaming on pounded flat chicken breast, grill it (keep it a bit raw so it’s still moist after being in the machine), chop it and put it on a jalapeño cheddar wrap with cheese (don’t use american), sautéed onions, and a pinch of salt. Dip in sour cream mixed with salsa (i use light daisy and muir glen organic garlic cilantro salsa). I also just like doing plain ones with cheese and old world seasoning, also from penzey’s. You can pop one whole wrap in the machine and let it go til it’s all crispy fr chips. For the person who said that the 10 inch tortillas don’t fit and don’t cook, is crazy. Mine cooks evenly and quickly. Don’t do the whole where you use two wraps.

Hve hade one for years wish the grills were removable.

I had seen one of these used at a tiny mexican restaurant here in florida, and knew i had to have one. I have to learn how to not overfill it, as that can make things messy around the edges. . Makes for an easy and quick dinner.

The product itself works pretty well. I wish it could have more of a floating type hinge so it could handle some thickness. Also, the product i received had been previously opened and the drip pan was missing.

I bought this little appliance on a lark thinking that it would be something to try and would probably end up in the little-used appliance graveyard in my basement. It has since turned into an indispensable part of my kitchen. I love the nonstick surface of the grills (easy to clean), and i especially love that the lid locks, and the entire appliance stores upright, thus leaving some empty counter space while keeping the grill close at hand. I’ve read some of the other reviews here, and i can honestly say that i don’t have anything negative to write about this appliance. I only had some of the filling drip out onto my counter once, and that taught me to put the filling (meat, veggies, cheese, salsa) closer to the middle of the tortillas. Trust me, it all cooks, and it spreads out to the rest of the tortillas. I’ve never taken the time to measure out portions of the filling, and this hasn’t been a problem. I have also had no problem whatsoever finding tortillas to fit; in fact, i often bring home a couple of bags and refrigerate them so we always have them on hand. I now also keep plenty of colby, monterrey jack and cheddar cheeses on hand for those quick quesadilla fixes.Another reviewer mentioned problems with the tortillas not getting completely done, but i’ve never experienced that with mine.

This is the third one i have bought (one for my family, the other two as gifts) my husband and i both agree this is a must-have appliance. It is quick and very easy to use and very, very easy to clean. My kids really enjoy the quesadillas and like choosing their own filling. It is also great for leftovers.I will use left-over steak, chicken, taco meat the next night for a whole new meal. An excellent choice for a busy family.

I bought this as a christmas gift for someone, and while i think they’ve used it perhaps once or twice, it was likely a waste of money. No reflection on the product itself – the product seems to work great. I just don’t think the gift itself was a winner. Probably best to just buy people gift cards, huh?.

Make it a lot easier to eat healthy with this quesadilla maker. You can control exactly what goes in, and it’s about as easy to use as a frozen meal. Well, not that easy, but very close.

I own this item, and decided to buy it for my daughter for christmas. I ordered it mid-morning on 12/19, and got a warning that it wouldn’t be delivered until 12/26. That’s ok with me because i wouldn’t be seeing her until after that anyway. Well, it arrived 12/20 in the afternoon.

Gave this as a gift to my sister and it works really nice. It can get a bit messy if you over-stuff the quesadillas, but otherwise it is really easy to use and making quesadillas can be a breeze.

I got this quesadilla maker for my birthday this year and it’s one of the most used appliances in my kitchen (i think only the microwave beats it). It cooks the quesadillas super quick, i hardly have to wait at all. My fiance loads his up with chicken, cheese, jalapenos. As much as he can fit on there and it heats it all in about 3-4 minutes. You do have to be careful not put too much close to the edges because it tends to overflow. Other than that, it is a great machine and i highly recommend.

Making quesadillas certainly isn’t rocket science, but this is definitely useful for people who don’t do a lot of cooking or just really like quesadillas. There are a few things to watch out for:the cord is really short (like less than 2 feet, and the manufacturer recommends against using extension cords) and the maker is relatively big, so on some crowded counters, trying to find a place to put this can be toughthe maker itself gets pretty hot, and there’s only a small rubber spot on the lid to handle it by. And along with the cord issue, you have to be really careful that the lid doesn’t touch anything when you open the maker because it will burn/melt whatever it touchesi had thought from the picture that the maker cuts the quesadillas. It doesn’t, it just makes a little indentation that you have to cut yourselfit’s kinda hard to get the quesadillas out of the maker. I was using smaller tortillas (10′) than recommended, so maybe that was a factorclean-up can get tricky, so be sure to start wiping down while the maker is still warmall that said, again, it’s a fun gadget and comes with some interesting recipes. But hardcore quesadilla lovers might prefer the old fashioned way of making them.

I really needed to have this machine and i used it with great joy a dozen times right after purchasing (because i love great kitchen helpers) but i have to honestly say i could live without it. The quesadillas get a little hard or brown and flattened when cooked in the grill and you can hardly use any filling so it doesn’t result in a great quesadilla. Also, the ‘divider’ doesn’t actually do much good because you have to cut the tortilla anyway, just mashes it down and makes it a little crunchy. So my teens and i prefer to throw a tortilla in a pan now and i’m about to give the machine away.

I already owned this from years ago, and it is a perfect quesadilla maker. It holds the largest tortillas. Excess cheese or oil does go into the channel around the edge, but is relatively easy to clean. It seems all the new brands may be smaller, so i tried to buy another used one for my daughter. Electronica sent me a dirty, damaged unit and then cyber-stalked me, but i highly recommend this unit if you can trust the seller.

I bought this for my daughter at college. She and her roommates have been enjoying it. Takes a little practice to get the correct amount of cheese, but overall a good buy.

Shelly, i have one of these and have never had a problem with mine opening up. Sounds like you may have a defective product, maybe you should have it exchanged. Btw i love my quesadilla maker. It is a shame you can only make one batch at a time. What i do sometimes is cut the quesadillas up with a pizza cutter then put them in the oven on low to keep warm. I made some for a super bowl party and they were a huge hit. I also bring my quesadilla maker over to a friend’s house and we make a bunch for our families to eat, the kids love them. I’ve not made any desserts with mine yet, but i’d say if you use some sort of apple filling in between a couple of tortillas then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and maybe a little vanilla ice cream it would be very tasty.

It does the job, kind of hard to clean. Also big and takes up space when i really don’t need it. I’d much rather put a quesadilla in the oven on the rack or better yet on the bbq. I don’t really use it anymore but it did get the job done when i did.

Hamilton Beach Toaster 2 Sl Toastation : Great size

Bought for the office, great product two in one appliances.

Its a little small but its toast your bread fast, however you must stick around because when the bread pops up it actually fly up high in the air so you have to catch it otherwise it may land where you don’t want it to.

The unit looks good on the counter. That was concern #1 of the wife. It toasts fairly well, however it takes a setting of nearly 5 on the 1-6 scale to get a decent toasting for sourdough bread. Haven’t tried wheat or white yet. Wife and son baked some refrigerator cookies on the oven tray which they said turned out fine. One issue is that the oven does not shut off when it reaches the temp set on the thermostat. Since there’s no timer, baking anything entails constant observation, with an external timer set, to monitor progress. The oven pan is very difficult to persuade to sit level; i don’t know if that’s a flaw or just operator error. The oven does heat and bake very quickly; i suppose that’s a point in its favor. My three star rating reflects a downgrade for the thermostat, the baking pan, and for the high toast setting needed.

I really love the size of this, great toaster but the oven is really limited. I expected it to be small but the heat element is above tray and burns most items quickly.

  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven
  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven in Black is, GREAT!
  • I had this toaster oven before and I loved it. However

Toaster 2 Sl Toastation

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Save on counter space with this two-in-one appliance.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 8 inches ; 8.7 pounds
  • The unit functions as both a traditional toaster and as a toaster oven
  • As a toaster, it provides a 1-1/2-inch-wide toasting slot that can fit up to two slices of bread
  • two frozen waffles, or two halves of a bagel or English muffin.

I sent this to my husband who lives in an apartment andwanted a toaster. This seemed to add to the idea ofjust having a toaster. He called me and told me it workswell.

I have a small kitchen with little counter space. This works great as both a toaster and toaster oven. I love it and am very gladi purchased it. Also arrived in a timely manner.

I have always missed toast from a toaster. It is wonderful to have the convenience of a toaster oven and toast that cooks perfectly. The oven arrived in great condition and in a timely manner.

Unlike a typical toaster-oven, this one is primarily a toaster and an oven of thin food. I really like that it toasts far quicker than all other [many] toaster-ovens i had, it is hard to tell from the photo, but the oven cavity is narrow and shallow. It barely holds one pizza slice. In fact pizza crust is often too high and can get burnt. Yep, the heating element is that close. The top cover slides open for toasting, and it closes for oven use. It works very well as long as the size is understood. The only shortcoming for my need is that it has no timer to shut-off the oven.

A timer would be nice but i have a timer on my stove so i just use it. Small for my very small kitchen. I’ve reheated pizza and it did a great job.

Great toaster and toaster oven- i love it’s compact size and it looks great. It is perfect for eggos and toast, as well as heating up leftover pizza and chicken nuggets for the kids. User friendly so it’s easy for my 9 year old to use.

If you enjoy your morning bagels this is a must. I’ve had many but this one looks like it is built to last.

I originally bought this back in 2006 to use at the office because we wanted to toast english muffins and bagels. The old toaster at the office really sucked. This was perfect and i used it until 2009 where i left the job and took it back with me. It then sat in my closet for 2 years. Finally bought my own place and this unit is still working like a charm. The only thing that i don’t like is the fact that i feel like i am out growing the small size. Works great but i want something bigger now. If only they made a toastaion 4 slice or something. I’ve never had any thing turn out bad with this device. I normally melt the cheese for my sandwhich, muffins, bagels, toast bread, reheat pizza, and some fries and chicken nuggets and that is about it.

Prompt shipping, great product.

This combo toaster oven and conventional toaster is great. I had one like this on loan for a while. Since it went back to the owner, i will have to get one for myself soon.

Far better for toasting than a conventional toaster oven. Compact size and quick heat up time are definate advantages.

I love that i only have to have one appliance on my counter that works like two. I would have loved having the double toaster portion, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

We rented a house for a vacation and this was the toaster they had. It is wide enough for large slices of bread or bagels. The toaster oven is also quite big to warm up food for one. We don’t use micro wave ovens as they are detrimental to your health so this is perfect to warm up a portion.

Toaster oven works well but toaster function is not great. Some toast has even fallen down in the toaster and it toasts unevenly.

The best toaster oven i’ve had; and i’ve gone through several. My only complaint about this one is that a tall slice of bread sticks out the top. So when i have a too-tall slice, i cut it in half and insert the halves side-by-side.

It’s a good product because this product have toaster and oven together. However, the disadvantage of this product is there is no timer. You have to get another timer if baking something.

Nice construction, works well.

I mainly got this to heat and reheat my girls food. Rather then using the microwave. Its small and compact but fits in most food that i need to heat. The only down fall is yes i would love some more height and a timer. But i use my oven timer so its ok.

Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker : pound cakes work great

I have been very happy with my sensio bella fluted cake maker. It has been fun to have these delicious little cakes that turn out perfect every time. I followed the instructions given by another reviewer and mixed 1 box of angel food cake mix with 1 box of regular cake mix and it worked much better. They were light and airy, perfect for filling with jam and whipped cream or just dusting with powdered sugar. This was a thumb’s up purchase for me. It arrived in good condition and on time. I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a sensational little dessert with little or no mess. Make sure you spray it with pam baking or another baking spray first. They pop out perfect each and every time. My grandchildren love these little cakes and can even help make them because it is so easy to do.

I just recently purchased this product and i love, love, love it. I used a pillsbury bundt cake mix and the cakes turned out absolutely perfect in no time. : they are just the perfect size. ]

Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bakes 5 fluted cakes in minutes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non-stick baking plate
  • Power indicator lights
  • Ready indicator light

I just bought this cake machine and we used for the first time today. The chocolate cake was ready in five minutes. It’s so simple to use and the kids loved the design of the cakes.

Still works and does a great job. I don’t bother to use to book. I get cake mix and is all you need.

Okay, i am not sure why anyone would make cakes or donuts from scratch, using these little cake makers. But i noticed a lot of people were disappointed in the recipes. Try this awesome quicky recipe, and just keep the mix on hand in a tupperware container. Use one box of angel food cake mix, and one box of any other cake mix–it can be super moist, regular, even the sugar free mix i tried is great. Blend the two dry mixes in a bowl till completely mixed. When you are ready to bake, just mix 3 parts mix with 2 parts water, and mix for about 2 minutes till smooth and the right thickness for a cake batter. (adjust the water if necessary). I also add unsweetened coconut, mini chocolate or white chocolate chips, sprinkles (for confetti color), etc.

Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker : But it would have been nice to have the cook book. It was supposedly in original wrap and styrofoam, never been taken from box.

Got it to use with my toddler, who loves it. Haven’t tried any of the recipes in the booklet, but used a simple chocolate cake mix, threw in some blueberries, and. One cake mix made 15 little cakes in about the same time it would have taken to bake a full cake. We used a timer (fun for the toddler and easier for him to wait)but i could tell when they were done by the cooked cake smell. Once you smell that, just pop them out. Excellent purchase, and good price.

I bought this for my daughter to use in the summer when we want cake but not to heat the entire kitchen with the oven. Cake maker works well with any recipe but be sure that after you fill the cups, turn the entire unit upside down to prevent scorching the decorative tops and undercooking the middle/bottom. Doing it this way ensures perfect cakes in about 7-8 minutes. Also, be sure to use a silicone pastry brush to brush oil on every time you fill the cups to prevent sticking. If your batter is runny and you work really fast, you may be able to just pour it into the cups and not need to flip unit upside down. Sensio’s helpline is useless. Be sure to fill all the cups ie. Always bake 5 cakes/baking cycle. If you have runny batter, you can probably just fill an empty cup with some water, but if you have to spoon the batter in (which takes time), i would make smaller cakes and still flip the unit over, maybe after a minute or two so that the decorative top will cook and set up enough. I haven’t tried the recipes in the booklet – how useless to say ‘one box of cake mix’.

Hellothank you, it was good product.

Sensia fluted cake maker, i love it the cakes are nice and fluffy , very elegant, worth your money, great for breakfast or desserts.

This is a robustly made unit and has been working great. We typically use it for a ‘special’ weekend breakfast once a month. I suggest using your favorite muffin mix and augment as you desire. The only negative is that the molds that don’t have the center indent sometimes don’t cook the dough all the way when the outside is clearly done. When this happens we simply microwave those cakes for 30 seconds and they are fine. If the unit had a temperature control this might be avoidable but, alas, it does not.

Absolutelly great, all the recipes works perfect, i can save time and energy and always get a well cooked cake : ).

I have used mine making a regular pound cake recipe. My husband and i have to watch our weight so these little cakes work out fine. I make up a whole batch and put in the freezer taking out one each at a time. Keeps us from over indulging. I did have a problem with the decorative tops getting a little too brown but after burning the first batch the rest came out fine. I’ll be trying the flip it over tip another reviewer posted. I have to agree also that the booklet wasn’t a lot of help. I would have rated it higher if the booklet had been a little bit more informative. Also i have to agree it would be nice if the inserts would come out and go in the dishwasher.

This cool little baker makes me a few pieces of cake whenever i want. I love it, and an would recommend it,.

We were all so excited waiting for this to arrive and it has not disappointed. I think we’ve used it everyday. My 11 year-old son convinced his 19 year-old brother to take him to the store where he spent almost $100 on cake mixes. Definitely something he can use safely, successfully, unsupervised. Every mix he’s tried so far has been amazing, including gluten free and brownies. He’s been using non-stop spray, placed the baker on a cooking sheet to prevent mess from spillage and is sure to unplug between batches. The cakes are so detailed and beautiful, about the size of a cake donut. We’re going to get a lot of use from this, keep all the kids happy when bored over the summer.

My grandkids just love them. I even got my 83 year old mother to eat some and she does not like sweets.

Benriner BR7 VEGETABLE SLICER, Great Spiralizer!

This slicer works fine for slicing vegetables. Softer items like zucchini need to use the larger blades as they can break apart if you try to force them through the fine blade. The cook helper works best if the item to be processed is straight, centered between the spike/holder, you use a good bit of downward force (mine flexes slightly when i spin the handle), and it is kept spinning at a good pace. Negative: the cook helper could use a handle to more easily keep it in position. You can grip the handle support bars for this purpose but something designed for the human hand would work much better. Other thoughts: these spiral slicers would be much nicer if they had a height adjustment for thicker slices like a mandoline.

Yes, it’s plastic, yes, it’s light, but it does exactly what i bought it for. It’s a well designed spiralizer that excels in it’s simplicity. Because it is lightweight and small without a lot of parts i have no hesitation grabbing it out of the cabinet and quickly adding fresh beets, carrots etc. I have used it for harder vegetables without a problem. Have not tried softer vegetables yet. As other reviewers mentioned, the instruction manual is limited and there are translation issues, but there are so many youtube videos on line on the use of this & other brands that it’s quite easy to watch product demonstrations and find out how to use, clean, etc. I have no regrets on this one.

I was looking for something to slice apples for my memere’s apple pie — the pie calls for slices that are paper thin, and standard apple corer/slicers cut them much to thick. With this tool, i was able to slice the apples so thin i could almost see through them (trick, after peeling and coring the apple, slice through the apple from top to bottom on one side only — this will give you individual slices, rather than one long ribbon). It’s a very simple tool, and probably a bit overpriced for what it is (molded plastic and a few blades), but to me, it has been a great value. Instead of taking an hour to make my pie, it took me about 20 minutes. Plus, i used it to make ‘spaghetti’ noodles out of zucchini — i made a batch of regular spaghetti, and then threw the zucchini ‘noodles’ in for a couple of minutes just before it was done cooking. If i had peeled the zucchini, you never would have known the difference. My two guys said they couldn’t tell it was zucchini by eating it.

Key specs for Benriner BR7 VEGETABLE SLICER, One Size, Cooker Helper:

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  • A must buy item.
  • Built to last.
  • Great item to Give as a gift.

Comments from buyers

“This is the absolute best slicer I have ever used!
, Joyful Spirals? Sure!
, Amazing little gadget

I have only had it for two days, so i have only spiralized two things so far (zucchini and a butternut squash). It did a wonderful job on both. I used the medium blade for both. Yes, the directions are mostly in japanese with poorly translated english, but i haven’t had any trouble figuring it out. I watched a video before purchasing it, so i felt pretty confident in how to use it already. It doesn’t leave much waste, makes super long ‘noodles’, and is easy to use and clean up. It is plastic, so i don’t know how long it will last, but it seems good quality overall. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the paderno. Overall, after reading reviews i went with this benriner because it is smaller, sounded easier to clean up, and seemed like a more simple design.

Get’s the job done and more. At first glance i was worried that the all plastic construction was going to break under pressure and heavy use, but it held up to the job. Now we’re able to make all sorts of stringy noodles out of the vegetables we have. The instructions are a little off, seems to be a direct japanese-english translation, but just take a look at some youtube video demos, it’ll all be clear. Highly recommend, it’ll open a whole new world of culinary delightafter much research we decided to buy this over the horizontal spiralizer. The biggest drawback was the leftover core while this stand up version uses a lot more of the vegetable.

If you’ve been trying to eat healthy and forgo pasta, this tool is what you need. I run a cooking school and love coming across new items that will inspire cooking. We’ll this benriner is awesome except for one small thing, you cannot adjust depth. I’m sure its a factor of not having enough leverage to turn it fast enough, but the shavings are just that. So with firm veggies like carrots, its great, but zucchinis will require a quick cook or almost blanche to keep it aldente. If you have not used benriner products in the past, they are top notch and standard item in many knife bags. You can spend lots more and come up with an inferior product. After this test, i’ll be interested to see how the kitchen aid attachment performs at only 2x cost.

Not sure what the folks who rated this with 1 or 2 stars were doing, but i’ve had no issue with it cutting carrots, raw beet and radish. It does only take about a 4′ piece of veg, but that seems to make miles of spirals. I typically cut the spirals or you end up with pieces that are many feet long and hard to serve/eat. The tool is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic which seems plenty sturdy for this application. It comes with 3 blades which determine the width of the spiral, but there’s no setting to control the thickness of the slice, that’s always constant at a couple of mm thick. It would be great if they did have a way to adjust the thickness. There’s a little knob which you use to change out or remove the blades that set the width of the cut. Without this blade in place it just makes a single spiral which is useful for fried potatoes or cucumber garnish.

I’ve used one of the cheap ‘conical’ type spiralizers, and they are horrible, inefficient, and they are all made in china. I was searching for an inexpensive stand type spiralizer that works well, and is not made in china. This was the only brand of spiralizer slicer i could find that fit the bill. The directions are in both japanese and english. While the quaint english translation contains a few misspellings and typos, it’s still easy to understand and there are photos as well. You don’t really need the directions anyway — this tool is very simple to use, the blades change quickly and easily, and it’s easy to clean. I’m very satisfied with this. If it were entirely made of stainless steel, i would be happier, but this seems sturdy enough for years of normal household use.

Fun to use, consider the pressure from arms and hands that may be too much work for some, but with practice and persistence, it is well worth the workout. Like all the quality and features for replacement and strength. The spiralizing is beautiful and doesn’t waste a core. Beet zoodles cooked in my stew (that was already made) in about 3 minutes to al dente perfection. Did chop the pile so that they are not toooo long. Can be several feet in length, which is fun to eat, if you are feeling silly. Not recommended with beets, as they would splash and stain clothing. Only adults should do the cutting, complex blades and sharp bits are not for an inexperienced person in the kitchen. Always remove crosscutting blade before washing, screwed in blade is easier to use brush on, in its place.

This is the vegetable spiral slicer you want. I have had the older benriner in the past (the one that lays horizontally), and used it almost everyday in a professional kitchen. They took a beating and never broke. I had to buy it 3 times because they would get stolen or borrowed, forever. I tried to replace with the other brands and styles, the as seen on tv. Types and the hand held ones and they don’t come close to working as good. This newer benriner, here is even better than the original because it uses gravity to help turn the vegetables into the blades. It also has the thinnest set of blade teeth out of any of the rest.

Honestly, it is a little cumbersome and is kind of funky to wash since there are so many places for water to ‘hide’. The first thing i did with it was run a sweet potato through it. It produced razor thin ribboning that i took and placed into hot oil. It essentially made a ‘funnel cake’ of sweet potato ‘chips’. The stainless steel sections of the machine are great quality, and like the germans, the japanese do it right (most of the time). The box art is a little funky and the instructions are full on japanese cartoons. But if you can get past all that, it is a functioning awesome little tool that does what your hands cannont.

Love this, easy to use, takes up little space & easy to clean fast3 stainless blades, plus one flat blade attached into unit. Finest blade is very fine which is great. Hoping someday they make a quality stainless body version.

I feared this might be a useless gadget. Of limited utility, tedious to use and clean. This makes lovely spirals of varying width out of radish, cucumber, carrot. Everything i’ve tried so far (except ginger root. ) there is a sweet spot here. Nothing too fibrous and i don’t think anything soft (like tomatoes) would work either. But with firm, crisp foods, it is golden, and even the cucumber worked well. Uses limited only by your imagination. You do need to watch yourself on the blades. The only design quibble i have is that it would have been nice if the interchangeable blades came in a little storage box; they do not, so you have to figure out how to store them safely. But that’s a minor grievance. So far, this tool seems sturdy enough.

Love the slicer’s ability and it’s blade options. I use the medium blade to spin zuccini as an alternative to having pasta (the zuccini looks just like spaghetti and it’s gluten-free) the plastic seems a little flimsy for the price i paid ($73), so i’m having doubts about how long it will last. I would look for a cheaper option considering the quality of construction. I can just see this breaking if my husband used it a few times.

Makes great thin ‘noodles’ but you need a good grip on this to make it work. You have to hold the base with one hand and push down with the other while turning the handle with some force for it to work well. Also the neck that holds the shaft will flex while you use it so much so that i thought that it would snap but it didn’t. Works for me but i’d rather use other slicers that are easier to use.

I’ve used this tool for years as a chef and i have purchased several over the years. It’s a great tool for spiral cutting veggies and i use it predominantly for garnish work. You have to be careful though when applying force to the turning handle because that’s the part that tends to break during its usage. Easy to disassemble to blade and wash. This tool has never discolored with sanitizers as some plastic tends to do. This is the classic chef essential and i’m sure not the last i will purchase in my lifetime.

First and foremost i must thank all of the amazon reviewers on all of the recent products that i have had to research to supplement my kitchen gadgets and tools. Negative and positive reviews have been so useful in helping me make very important decisions that save me time and money. I live in a location that does not many specialty stores and so amazon has been invaluable over the years, and especially now more than ever. Now to the review of the benriner. I had a very difficult time in this particular purchase even upon reading reviews. I could not decide if i should just get a mandoline slicer or get the cheaper spiulizer. In the end i decided to get thie benriner turner slicer and a matfer 2000s mandoline (this was even a more difficult purchasing decisions). There do not seem to be ‘perfect’ overal products in this genre of gadgets no matter what your price range. The cheaper you go it appears that the gadgetry will be more of a fad and will most likely not be useful in the long run.

I read reviews on many different ones and settled on this one. I think i made the right choice. The blades are sharp and it has easily made ‘noodles’ with carrots, yellows squash (moist, but was fine), and zucchini. It is just a little thing and i thought the noodles would be short but they are not.I set it over a platter and make heaps of noodles. I store it in the box it came in.

This was the forth device i purchased off amazon to cut spiral slices out of radishes, and the first to do it well. The base/blade do not deform when pressure is applied and the blade cuts nice and thin. The resulting spirals remain long enough to be appreciated. The only problem is the handle does not apply even pressure if you just press down on the green spinning part. I had to use two hands and press down on the middle to avoid the spiral from being shaved too thin every revolution. I might look for some sort of ‘t’ handle that could be screwed in where the handle attaches and apply even pressure.

I have two other ‘spiralizers’ that i paid top dollar for. They are nothing compared to this brand of slicer. As usual, things made in japan are of exceptional quality. The other two plastic pieces of junk are going into the trash.This unit is simply designed and easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t slip on the counter like the others. It has two little ‘feet’ that sit over the edge of the sink or counter, which keeps the slicer from sliding. The blades are wonderfully made, sharp and perfect. I will never buy anything but this brand again.

Have been contemplating different ones for at the least 10 years. Some were $250+ which i could not justify; some were so cheap i knew they would not last. After watching a video on you tube on this and seeing all the reviews, i took the plung. I have made zucchini spaghetti and it is absolutely wonderful. This is going to be used so much over the summer with our abundance from the garden. I can see doing really creative salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The quality on this seems good.

I have had this exact spiralizer for years, and love it just as much today as i did when i first got it. It is sturdy, and *very* easy to use – and in my opinion way better than some of the cheaper, gimmicky spiralizers on the market today, and even better than the joyce chen version (to qualify my opinion, i run both a raw foods website, and a vegan recipes website, both diets use things like ‘zucchini noodles’, which you make by spiralizing a zucchini, in lots of recipes). Here’s one of my recipes:annie’s raw spicy peanut sauce1/2 cup raw peanut butter1-2 teaspoons chinese hot chili oil with red pepper flakes2-3 teaspoons nama shoyu or organic soy sauce1 clove minced garlicudo’s oil or organic peanut or canola oil as neededin a food processor combine everything except the oil until well blended. Add the oil just until the sauce is of the consistency you like. Adjust shoyu and chili to taste. Toss over spiralized zucchini or summer squash ‘noodles’. —-this year i am giving it as a gift to a friend, along with this cookbook: spiralizer cookbook: 45+ paleo spiralizer recipes to get you started-get creative with endless possibilities (spiralizer cookbook, spiralizer recipes,. Spiralizer recipe book, paleo cookbook)if you are thinking of getting a spiralizer, this is the one to get.

I may be premature in giving this spiral slicer 5 stars as i’ve only used it once, but so far i like it. It arrived just in time to make the zucchini spaghetti that i’d plan to make that day. It’s fully assemble with one blade in it. I did my homework and watched some youtube videos on how to use it before i ordered it. I removed the flat blade and changed it to one of the grooved blades without any problem. I cut the zucchini’s in half as they were too long to fit in the space. I had no trouble using the slicer. It made zucchini noodles very quickly. Even though i cut the zucchini, the noodles were still really long. We had to cut them to eat them.

The things i really like are that it is compact and that the produce rotates on a spike so you don’t get the wasted bit you get with the horizontal spiralizers. The interchangeable blades are easy to use and give a clean cut. The not so good is that it feels a bit flimsy and you are restricted to quite short lengths of produce. I find it easiest to hold the spiralizer in my hand over the bowl rather than resting it on the bench. When i use it resting on the bench i find that i run out of space underneath very quickly. Overall though i love this product.