Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Machines – Excellent when using the capsules especially for the Pixie

Great small footprint for making espresso. . It really is our second device of precisely this design, but distinct shade. The peculiar matter is that they stopped producing this color about four or five several years back. It experienced been sitting down in storage somewhere and had a white powdery coating on the metal and black plastic on leading that desired to be cleaned off. I assumed considering that the brick color was discontinued so long in the past, it was seriously carmine that they offered following that, but no. The machine has started off out working fine. It can make espresso well, and has a placing for ‘lungo’ which is intended to huge a typical sizing cup of espresso, but be conscious that it is only about fifty percent a cup or about a hundred twenty five ml. You can maximize the amount of drinking water processed to make it more substantial if you want weaker coffee. A really good device overall.

Wonderful for espressos and lungos.

Been employing it for a several months now. Been making use of it for a couple months now. Coffee is reliable and tasty. Pods arrive quickly right after purchasing. Much less expensive than the coffee store and just as fulfilling.Here are the specifications for the Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Machines:

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  • Auto power-off after 9 mins
  • Backlight indicators
  • Holds 10 used capsules
  • Removable 24-ounce water tank,
  • Automatic volume control, 19 bar highpressure pump

It is not cumbersome and won’t acquire up substantially house. Super simple to use and cleanse.

Apart from currently being a small noisy, as outlined by other reviewers, this may possibly be the greatest acquire i’ve created in a long time. The high quality of the coffee developed is superb. The variety available is quite fantastic. And the nespresso customer company is excellent.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Finally–Decent Espresso in the U.S!
  • Great small footprint for making espresso.
  • Easy, tasty, but expensive espresso.
  • Excellent when using the capsules especially for the Pixie
  • I don’t drink just little shots of espresso I like a mug full
  • Overall works well, but needs more cup space.

I have a keutig that i like. So numerous flavors to pick from.

My only complaint is that these little points are noisy, son if that is all i have to complain about then it need to be fantastic.

I was on holiday break and we experienced a nespresso in our room and fell in love. I came back and immediately requested one. No regrets, this is the best coffee in the entire world.

My only complaint is that these little points are noisy, son if that is all i have to complain about then it need to be fantastic.

Fantastic machine for the revenue – i likely would not. Terrific device for the income – i almost certainly would not fork out a lot more than $one hundred for this, as it is largely plastic.

Brews a wonderful cup of espresso. Omg i can not think i waited so prolonged to get this. Seriously has adjusted my daily life. Brews a fantastic cup of espresso, and here’s the matter espresso drinkers, you get the finest of equally worlds. Just brew two lungo’s and you have basically an 8 ounce cup of espresso if you usually are not in the temper for espresso. Hands down a fantastic purchase. I’ve gone as a result of 50 percent of my two hundred assorted pods due to the fact xmas.

Little and significant device which i really like.

Easy to use and it travels with me.

I adore this nespresso for it’s very small footprint and ease of use. We beforehand experienced the greater model that steams milk but i commonly have cream mainly because i am lazy, so we obtained rid of it and i acquired the aerocino for rare milk getting events. I use this nearly daily to make just one cup, as my partner only has decaf at the weekend these times. Also yay for attractive red appliances.

It would give you some product and it truly is effortless to use and cleanse. It is pretty loud, so if it bothers you, you might come across useful to put a kitchen area towel beneath it, it is not going to choose away the sounds but it would consider some decibels absent. Hunting ahead to obtain natural capsules.

Lastly–good espresso in the u. S. I obtained hooked on espresso in italy, and tried out numerous espresso bars in the u. Decent ample espresso, but not the savory liqueur brewed by the spoonful in italy. I regarded as an espresso equipment, but was deterred by the price and the will need for scrupulous cleansing. Last but not least i broke down and acquired a pixie, and was pleasantly shocked. It heats up in no time, accepts a 50-cent capsule in a single of twenty-odd flavors, and spits out a rich thimbleful of brew thick with crema. This expectoration is accompanied with the compulsory rumblings of genuine are living espresso machines, but hardly ever worry–the pixie is rock-reliable, while tiny. To make cafe americano, the italians dump espresso into a cup of warm h2o. The pixie is sufficiently americanized to offer you common-sized coffees in a format identified as lungo, which needs its have special capsules. If the espresso button or the lungo button does not give the amount you want, just about every can be programmed to your wants by holding it down all through the initially dispensing until you’re topped up. It really is intended to be one cup for each capsule, but if you might be cheap and want to spritz two cups in succession, that second cup is not way too bad. The pixie will come with a sampler of all the nespresso capsules, and it truly is a straightforward make any difference to order more by way of the internet or by cellular phone.

This is the next one particular i purchased, i have a person at perform and a person at home. It is small, smooth, sophisticated, and functions flawlessly. I had the very first a single for nearly two a long time and had no difficulty with it, though we use it each working day at the very least 2 times. The capsules are fantastic (i alway acquire a variey so that we you should not get bored). The machine i received this time was faulty, on the other hand the persons from nespresso have been awsome, at the time they comprehended practically nothing can be completed to make it operate they sent me yet another a person for following day – at no extra demand – and all’s nicely that finishes well. I would undoubtedly recommend it for any workalcoholic – or espresso lover.

Nicely built little equipment however it is bit noisy in the course of. Effectively produced little equipment on the other hand it is bit noisy in the course of brewing. I have to see if it lasts for a longer time than my very last keurig which i had for five years until eventually it refused to transform on.

I enjoy the machine, it is the sound i are unable to take care of it is loud.

Can make astonishingly fantastic espresso, latte for this sort of a compact straightforward equipment.

My brother-in-legislation purchased one when he was working in baku, azerbaijan. He brought it back again to the u. I am seeing it for sale now in far more suppliers this sort of as macy’s and target.

Reynolds Metals 00504 Slow Cooker Liners 13 IN X 21 IN : where we wanted to minimize clean up They were great because we had limited prep room and didn’t need

Saves a lot of time on cleanup. . Lots of easy crockpot recipes online that you can start in the morning and have a great meal by dinner.

If you slow cook without these, you’re crazynot having to clean up is worth the 75 cents. Reynolds ought to put 2 free ones with every crock pot sold and they’d be assured to have a customer for life.

There is still a residue in my crock pot after. There is still a residue in my crock pot after using these. At first i thought i just didn’t have the bag in correctly to prevent food from leaking but it happens every time i use them. I don’t know if the bags leak a very small amount or what??.It still saves scrubbing time every time i want to cook with my crock pot so i would much prefer to use these than to go without.

I think they say up to 6qt pot but mine is 8 and it works great still. I don’t let the edges sit on the pot, i put the lid on and pull them up so they don’t melt to the pot. But the cleanup takes less than a minute and you don’t have to do the all night soak.

  • Time-saver, but makes food taste blander
  • Makes clean up a breeze
  • Good product but—-
  • Definitely an improvement!
  • Great cooking helper.
  • My husband and I both work outside the home and our little one still has a super early bedtime

Reynolds Metals 00504 Slow Cooker Liners 13 IN X 21 IN, 20 LINERS

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 13″ x 21″ Slow Cooker Liners, 5 BOXES EACH 4 Count, Total 20 LINERS
  • Fits 3 to 6.5 quart round and oval slow cookers
  • For fast easy clean up with no soaking or scrubbing
  • Boxed New item makes slow cooking easier by eliminating clean up. Every slow cooker purchaser should buy this product.

These are great to have around the house. We use our slow cooker a lot and this is one thing that is a must. It does not interfere with the cooking and makes the cleanup so easy. I have never had one leak or rip on me. Made with good quality material. They are not very expensive and well worth the money. My husband and i both love using them. They fit great in the crock pot. I have recommended these to my family and friends.

These slow cooker bags are amazing. I prepare freezer meals ahead. These slow cooker bags are amazing. I prepare freezer meals ahead, put one of these liners in the crockpot and no clean up. Most often i do not have to wipe the crock pot out. I have never had a loner leak. From scalloped potatoes to pot roast, they are amazing.

The best and easiest way to continue being lazy. This makes the slower cooked cleaning process 110% better and easier. These bags are strong and don’t melt to your slow cookers or anything like that. Easy clean-up for an easy meal.

Anyone who has a crockpot needs to try these liners. Anyone who has a crockpot needs to try these liners. Cleanup is so easy- just put the left overs in a container, take the liner out of the crockpot and throw it away. You can do a quick wipe of the crockpot and you’re done. No more soaking the crockpot and trying to get dried food off a heavy bulky item.

. Had to put a box into the crock pot so would remember to use them. Not use to this convenience so just stuck one box in the crock pot so it was there before i started filling it. Twice i cooked something and then remembered.

Whoever came up with the idea for these should be considered a mastermind. There is literally zero clean up involved. Nothing seems to stick to these liners, however i do spray them with cooking spray before using. I love these and will use them forever.

These make using the crockpot and clean up super easy. Much less expensive than buying locally. I can’t imagine not having them.

Great product, but probably can find cheaper locally. . These things are great and a must have if you’re slow cooking. You out one in the pot, fill it up as usual, cook, serve, and throw away the bag. The product i can’t recommend enough although the price on here not so much. After i purchased through here i saw them in the local bigbox store cheaper.

I ordered 4 boxes for the price break. I use these when i take my crock to an event. Simply remove the bag and take a relatively clean crock pot home. These aren’t so easy to find in stores. Amazon is great for this kind of thing.

Love that these mostly do the job on keeping my. Love that these mostly do the job on keeping my crock pot clean during the cooking process. They sometimes do tear if i’m not careful and food will leak through. But overall i really like them and plan on continuing to use them, even though they aren’t perfect.

These liners can save a lot of cleanup time, most of the time. If you use a slow cooker frequently then they may be worth your time to invest in them. I do have a couple of caveats, though. First, they are, on a per-bag basis expensive. If you only use your cooker once in a while they may not be worth your time. Second, and to me most irritating, they often leak a little, requiring you to wash the cooker (which was what you were trying to avoid). If, after cooking, you remove the bag and feel the inside of the cooker it will feel damp. If you leave liquid in the bag/cooker and refrigerate it, then reheat it, when you remove the bag you will often find up to 1/4 cup of liquid in the cooker.

These are so nice for slow cooking. I recently got a new slow cooker and used one of these. The only issue is dealing with getting the bag out when there is a lot of liquid, and doing it safely. Just be careful, and you should be able to do it.

Totally adore these liners. Absolutely adore these liners. I desire i realized about them ages back. Only difficulty with them is that at times i forget about to place one in the slow cooker just before i throw in all the components. But that a senior second dilemma, not a trouble with the item. Usually, i do not even have to rinse the cooker in advance of i retail store it absent. Seeking to keep in mind to set in the liner right before i shop the cooker so future time it is presently in the pot.

For two weeks straight i produced our night foods in the crockpot. We were browsing our daughter and i volunteered to make foods due to the fact anyone else was performing very long several hours on a development job. Applying the crockpot was ideal for the reason that there was never an correct time when the get the job done would be carried out for the working day and it was particularly hot. Soon after a pair times of scrubbing the crockpot i acquired clever and purchased these. Damaging was that we experienced to be careful not to cut into the bag when dishing out the food stuff and, leaving the crockpot on too long would make the bag weaker. But even when it did leak a minimal it was continue to a substantially a lot easier to clear the crockpot. Additionally, we realized to be a very little additional gentle scooping and that was the close of chopping into the baggage. With the a lot more solid meals we could even just raise the bag and put it in the fridge to be heated up one more working day.

Amazon’s value is so a great deal more acceptable than what i can buy regionally. . Some have complained that there is humidity less than the plastic and so they continue to have to have to wash the crock. I find this to be real and so i do truly feel the need to swish about a small hot soapy h2o immediately after i use my crock. The natural beauty in the liners is that i in no way have to scrub the crock or set it in the dish washer. Amazon’s price tag is so considerably a lot more sensible than what i can get domestically.

Time-saver, but helps make meals style blander. This is a wonderful product, and has saved a ton of clean-up time. I would do practically anything at all–and i indicate practically anything at all–to avoid scrubbing a crockpot. Nevertheless, i’m not absolutely sure that we will be reordering these soon after we use them up. Here’s why: the food tastes blander. (i guess that should not have surprised me, but it did. ) the meats and vegetables are not directly touching the heat surface area, so they never get that great little singe that provides the dish extra taste. The food stuff comes out almost as if you have just thrown everything collectively and microwaved it, alternatively than the melding of flavors from slow cooking. This is not a substantial variance, thoughts you, but noticeable more than enough that we most likely will not likely be purchasing these once more.

These are the most effective items at any time invented. These are the very best issues ever invented. I use one each individual time i use my slow cooker. Retains the slow cooker from obtaining messy, no need to have for cleanse up.

Just before we procured these, we dreaded making use of our slow cooker owing to the clean up up. Now we basically insert one of these bags in the slow cooker and cleanse up is a breeze. Simply just remove and toss out the bag. We do uncover that some foodstuff does are likely to get caught in the overlap folds of the bag (because of to the bag being a marginally even larger sizing than our cooker), but that is a fairly minimal problem and is much more of a minor annoyance as we try out to vacant out the pan. Cause for four stars vs 5: spending nearly a greenback for a thin (heat resistant) plastic bag feels expensively priced. Also, the packaging is really cumbersome. We procured a 48 pack which shipped as four for every box (12 packing containers) — and every box is outsized for its content. This usually takes up a huge portion of our pantry, but feels like it could have transported in much less than fifty percent as numerous boxes (or 50 % as much area) if every box was not outsized and largely empty space.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 700-Watt Blender – Love my smoothie blender!

This blender works very well for comfortable merchandise (ex: almond milk and berries) if you consider to include a frozen banana in there- nicely you are in essence standing there 15min wiggling it again and forth hoping to get the blade to catch it. Also the ‘wave’ only works with slender mixtures as properly. I possibly am striving to do to substantially with it but when individuals reviewed it as a great equipment for smoothie earning i failed to assume i was the only one who froze yogurt into tiny cups and froze bananas- all so they would both of those previous for a longer period. It does not blend individuals well at all. It does search awesome sitting on my counter and also functions truly properly if you might be creating nearly anything with no a frozen ingredient :).

Functions wonderful each and every time and so effortless to. Use it a few times a week to make smoothies. Works excellent each time and so uncomplicated to clean up.

For the cost it is effective as predicted. I’ve been creating smoothies in it for a thirty day period with zero troubles – handles frozen fruit like a champ. Ideal for smoothies and milkshakes.Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 700-Watt Blender:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 12 blending functions
  • Unique, mess-free pour lid
  • Wave-action system forces mixture down into the blades for smooth results every time
  • 700 watts of peak power
  • 40-pound thermal shock resistant jar

Will work effectively as a gentle obligation device.

But chops up frozen fruit effectively and produces a fantastic. A little bit noisy, but chops up frozen fruit properly and provides a superior smoothie.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent blender for the $
  • Love Love Love this Blender!
  • Not My Favorite Blender
  • but chops up frozen fruit well and produces a good
  • For the price it’s just a super basic, decent blender
  • Adequate for my needs

Will work effectively as a gentle obligation device.

Does not appear to be as sturdy as my final blender as the travel gears are plastic. But looks to mix a little bit far better. Staying wider and shorter would have been an benefit but the foundation is tall so similar height as my past one. The lid is hard to take away when new, the spout style is extremely great, no drips down the entrance any longer when pouring smoothies into the glass.

Terrific blender for the income. Not guaranteed what the difficulty was with some of the other assessments i have examine but mine crushes ice with no problem. We make slushies with it practically each weekend at the campground.

This is not a enormous energy horse, but i did not want a monster blender that designed deafening noise. If you chop/grind nuts and seeds just before you insert them, you can get a decent smoothie from this, and that’s fundamentally what i was following. I was also browsing for a glass carafe (as opposed to ubiquitous plastic), which this just one has. Cleanup is quite straightforward as nicely.

I desired a new blender and this one particular is a strong stylish and strong a person. I use it to make my salsa and appreciate how it will work and looks in my kitchen area.

It is really ok for a standard use blender. I acquired it for the reason that of the good testimonials. The 4 configurations are enough for me to get by – i have had blenders with a gazillion settings and even now only utilized two or a few most of the time. I imagine i would like a medium, even though. It has a gradual and a quickly locking setting, then a gradual pulse, and quick pulse. It is highly effective, and would seem to be a work horse, my issues are with the jar. I precisely sought a glass jar blender. I desire glass over plastic. Incredibly strong thick glass, quick to clean the glass. Downsides: i feel the gripper part of the jar interferes with receiving a fantastic tornado impact for grinding, smoothies, and mixing.

Fantastic blender, appreciate the pouring spout, but it is a small large.

My kid (a chef) utilizes this at our dwelling and loves it.

Love the appear but even a lot more the functionality of this blender. Mixes up the fruit and ice to perfection. Would endorse this merchandise.

Blends ice, no leaks, excellent purchase. Performs effectively for smoothies, blends ice, won’t break the lender. The lid spout is really useful, and there are no leaks. Hugely endorse, primarily if you are on a spending plan.

This is a impressive small blender.

This is not a enormous energy horse, but i did not want a monster blender that designed deafening noise. If you chop/grind nuts and seeds just before you insert them, you can get a decent smoothie from this, and that’s fundamentally what i was following. I was also browsing for a glass carafe (as opposed to ubiquitous plastic), which this just one has. Cleanup is quite straightforward as nicely.

I enjoy the big glass and effortless capacity to get to. I have had several blenders about the years. I like the large glass and easy capability to get to the base to stir. This is a significant, significant blender with a good price. I am pretty delighted with this blender.

Acquired this blender when my other blender pooped out on me. This blender is mild (not clunky like my aged 1) and it will make excellent smoothies.

Outstanding blender for the $. For the funds this is a great blender. My major use is blending smoothies and it does a fantastic job of pulverizing fruit and mincing ice to mix a smoothie. Blender seems terrific, uncomplicated to function, and is effective like a champ.

Secura 6-quart Pressure Cooker 18/10 Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, Perfect for Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker!

Lived fully up to expectations and then some. Definitely excellent, properly-constructed product which definitely exceeded all expectations, and which happily works beautifully very well with the cuisinart cpc-600 (at the very least so considerably. Why cuisinart won’t trouble to give a stainless-steel insert by themselves is definitely baffling. Extremely satisfied that i can now use my splendidly successful pressure cooker with out staying pressured to eat random bits and items of rather quite possibly fatal coating that began to flake off almost quickly from the cheaply produced, wretchedly shoddy piece of chinese crap cuisinart foists upon its buyers in its bid to maintain the retail selling price of the unit below $a hundred.

Electrical power pressure cooker xl newbie. Utilised in my ability pressure cooker xl to swap the current non-adhere internal pot. 1st endeavor unsuccessful and it would not pressurize (sure the pressure cooker rubber seal was on correctly). My second attempt was prosperous and it was ready to pressurize. I’m on the fence, but considering the fact that it did perform on my 2nd attempt i know that it is probable and right after some extra attempts i’m hopeful it wasn’t a fluke that it did inevitably get the job done. Total, it is a pretty awesome pot that has many utilizes outdoors of a pressure cooker, but i’m hopeful i will use it for it is really intended use within just my pressure cooker.

I was delighted when i noticed this replacement pot on amazon. I was prepared to get rid of my nesco model laptop-6-25-thirty tpr pressure cooker because i developed difficulties with substances and i no extended preferred the non-stick coatings in my cooking. I was delighted when i observed this substitution pot on amazon. Whilst it did not have my unique pressure cooker model mentioned in the merchandise description, it suits like a glove and gave my cooker a new lease on existence.

Key specs for Secura 6-quart Pressure Cooker 18/10 Stainless Steel Cooking Pot:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Replacement 18/10 Stainless Steel Cooking Pot for 6-quart Pressure Cooker
  • Add a second cooking pot to increase productivity.
  • Fit in Secura EPC600, Nesco PC6-25P, Cuisinart CPC-600, Fagor 670040230 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, power pressure cooker.

Comments from buyers

“High Quality heavy stainless, Perfect for Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker!, Fantastic in my Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, Quality & Performance!, Sometimes a great solution, Fits perfectly in my fagor 6-quart pressure cooker”

I appreciate it as a stove prime pot. I purchased this figuring out it was supposed to be applied as a pressure cooker liner. Right after examining a range of other evaluations on how heavy bottomed it is, and one particular saying it could possibly be made use of on a burner but was worried that it may well crack. Properly i determined to do just that. Stainless steel pot when this a person cought my eye. I lost my spouse 3 several years ago and have to cook for myself now. I wanted to get this sized pot for stews. And freeze up a amount of foods. I very first started with medium heat and in about fifteen minutes the things was boiling (pretty quickly) with 5 qts. The thick base actually functions so perfectly that anything at all extra than small heat is to a great deal. The stew i permit cook dinner for a person and a 50 % hours, stirring each tv business. This is employing gasoline i may well incorporate. No sticking at alli know this was supposed to be utilised as a linner but am thrilled to see i can use it in this way, and with fewer power than i imagined it would acquire.

Excellent addition for my pressure cooking. Most pressure cookers arrive with teflon cooking pots and i wanted a spare and considered the stainless would be a far better decision. It will very last lengthier and give me the potential to choose a person pot out of the cooker and place a further a single in and prepare dinner a thing else. I really don’t have the house for two cookers so this is a superior way for me. It functions just like it is intended to and suits my fagor three in one quite properly.

Appreciate this product, was quite amazed at the great good quality of it. When you initially use it it is a tight match so make sure it is absolutely closed before incorporating the build up of pressure. Immediately after a few utilizes this trouble goes absent. So simple to wash far too furthermore you never have to fear about scratching it like the authentic just one. You will not be sorry that you bought this a single.

Operates for the emeril’s tfal laptop. Has been functioning fantastically in my emeril tfal computer system due to the fact january. Like every person else has reported, a very solid effectively-created pot. Only detrimental is that it does dome a bit in the center. It only issues when i am browning, but given that i brown a great deal it can be a problem for a moment or two right up until the protein releases sufficient of its very own juice. I have been acquiring a problem more not too long ago with re-using the pc right after i have currently cooked and opened it. When it is sizzling, i have hassle closing it once more and acquiring it to sign up pressure. It actually is cooking, but given that i am under no circumstances confident i invariably overcook whatsoever it is i’m getting ready (normally a vegetable). I am crediting this problem to my own inexperience (only been employing it for 6 months), but we shall see.

Matches properly in my fagor 6-quart pressure cooker. This suits my fagor 670040230 stainless-steel three-in-one 6-quart multi-cookerperfectly. Precisely the exact measurement as the original non adhere pot. Now i do not have to use the non stick pot. I adore my fagor pressure cooker, other than two factors. The non stick pot and it does not cook rice well. At least this stainless steel pot solves a single challenge.

Best for cuisinart electrical pressure cooker. I have a cuisinart cpc-600 electric powered pressure cooker that arrived with a nonstick pot. I desired a lot more flexibility so i appeared into steaming inserts and racks. I found secura 6-quart electric powered pressure cooker steam rack basket set but was involved that it could scratch the nonstick surface area. A little bit far more investigation and i identified this stainless steel potit fits my pressure cooker properly. This pan has a pleasant weighty bottom and is really quick to thoroughly clean. It is quite a little bit heavier than the authentic pot and feels like it will final eternally. The first nonstick pot that came with my pressure cooker is now saved in the cupboardi also acquired the rack and basket set talked about over and i remarkably recommend it.

Terrific replacement pot for my electronic pressure cooker. It is very nicely developed and no additional concerns of the teflon coating coming off or scratching of the internal of the pot like the first 1. I have the a fagor 3 in one electronic cooker and it matches accurately and operates correctly in it. If you are taking into consideration it and it will healthy in your cooker i suggest you purchase 1.

The ‘non-stick’ pot that arrived with my pressure cooker was scorching and peeling inside a several employs. The enterprise would not swap the pot, they preferred me to get another for $30. I went on a research for a stainless steel place and identified this. I read through the critiques and took a opportunity it would in shape. It matches, it performs far better than the initial pot and is a thousand periods easier to clear. You would not be sorry springing for this pot.

High quality large stainless. I was very pleasantly stunned upon opening the box. This is a nice, large, significant good quality pot. I was not as well impressed by the picture on amazon, and when seeking at it, i mistook the round indents around the prime for rivets (which they are not. It also has huge, really evidently stamped measurement markers on the inside. Pretty satisfied with the acquire. I’ve posted a image of the measurement markers. It also has a good thick base.

Replaced power pressure xl pot. I bought this pot to replace the a person that arrived with my electric power pressure cooker xl , the just one that came with the xl is supposedly non adhere but it is awful and has lttle pits on the bottom that wont occur clean up , i love this stainless steel pot , it matches ideal and cleans like new ,im confident i will have many yrs of use out of it as it is manufactured very well , dont hesitate to get a single .

I am extremely joyful with my obtain. Many thanks to other amazon reviewers, i am quite pleased with my purchase. It is large with thick bottom, experience very superior quality, and the markings on the interior wall is surely useful though from time to time it could be fairly tough to read through dependent on the gentle problem. However, total i would recommend it. Considering that i failed to see any others mention this in other assessments– it fits breville bpr600xl rapid-gradual cooker perfectly. I uploaded a few pictures to demonstrate how it matches. ***up to date following 2months of use***so much, so great. I really don’t have any rusting issues mentioned in other testimonials.

I have the electric power pressure cooker professional, which arrives with non-stick, grooved bottom, and it was definitely tricky to thoroughly clean, as points would turn out to be scorched. I observed in one particular of my pressure cooking groups on facebook that an individual had ordered this stainless steel pot for their cooker, and raved about it. Just after looking at all the opinions, i made the decision to order one particular myself. It is created definitely effectively, it truly is rather significant, and the bottom is thick. I locate it quite straightforward to cleanse. I seasoned it as quickly as i got it, which would make it very much non-stick, but if anything does stick, a quick soak and it wipes clear, and if i brown some thing in it 1st, and it sticks, a straightforward deglaze and it will come ideal up.

Matches my fagor three-in-one pressure gradual cooker flawlessly. I have ended up working with this for all the things apart from rice. Cleans up easy (apart from the just one time i unintentionally enable the fluid boil off) in the dish washer. Large foundation, would like to know what the dot indents are for. My only request to make it better would be to make the base induction so i could use it with my induction burner for browning prior to it goes in the cooker.

I’m happy with what i have now. This pot is additional non adhere than the non stick pot that arrived with my electric power pressure cooker xl. I was wondering about buying the elite pressure cooker because they sale a stainless steel pot for their pressure cooker. Now i never have to, i am content with what i have now.

Secura six quart pressure cooker 18/10 stainless steel. This the most awesome products i have ever used. I bought a six quart pressure cooker and it came with a insert that began to rust immediately after a couple works by using. I did not want to get rid of the pressure cooker because it cuts time on cooker so i searched for an insert. I purchased this insert based mostly on it truly is reviews and because it was 18/10 stainless steel. (i am a agency believer in cooking with stainless steel)the insert is easy to clean up, cooks food items evenly, is thick on the bottom, consequently no rusting, and foodstuff does not stick. I have a electric power pressure xl and it fits flawlessly. I advocate this insert to anyone in will need of a replacement for their 6 quart pressure cooker.

Wonderful pressure cooker pot. This pot will work wonderful in my fagor six qt. It is a wonderful substitute for the non-adhere coated pot that will come with the fagor. I have utilised this pot for every little thing, like rice. The good quality is superb, it feels strong, like a weighty gauge steel and the measurement markings on the side are incredibly simple to read through. I would endorse this with no hesitation for all those who want to remain absent from a non-stick coated floor for pressure cooking.

I like the stainless for my nesco electric pressure cooker. I wished a next pot and i was anxious about the non-adhere coating on the 1 that came with my nesco 6 quart pressure cooker. I was thrilled to discover this, and lo and behold it fit. It does adhere up a minimal far more than the pot that came with the cooker since they have different formed bottoms. When you area the pot in the lid does match fantastic and it sealed properly, i’ve made use of it three periods thus far. I’m happy to increase the lifestyle of my cooker as perfectly as to have a stainless alternative that will previous. Now to find a new sealing ringi use this electric cooker as an automated rice cooker. No burnt bottoms and perfect rice making use of a pot in pot approach with the trivet. I have also had luck pressure cooking tricky boiled eggs on the minimal environment employing a rack to keep the eggs up and absent from one particular one more.

Straightforward to clean up but white stains inside the vessel after extended use. I am updating my review from the preceding publish. I am noticing some white stains on the vessels inside following prolonged use. Other than that his item is wonderful. This suits beautifully for my cuisinart pressure cooker. Infact, improved than the just one that was given by the producer originally with cuisinart electric pressure cooker. Appropriate for indian rice cooking as perfectly which include basmati, sona masuri rice. Additional star for staying stainless steel and incredibly very easy to clean.

I have loved my fagor presure/multi cooker for a couple several years. I really lately arrived across and procured this stainless pot i may perhaps basically in no way use the initial non stick pot at any time once again. This pot is large responsibility, large good quality stainless. My multi cooker seems to execute even much better with the stainless i’ve experienced no center bottom scorching with the stainless pot as has occasionally been the case with the non adhere a single.

Appreciate this product, was quite amazed at the great good quality of it. When you initially use it it is a tight match so make sure it is absolutely closed before incorporating the build up of pressure. Immediately after a few utilizes this trouble goes absent. So simple to wash far too furthermore you never have to fear about scratching it like the authentic just one. You will not be sorry that you bought this a single.

I actually have to thank the amazon reviewers who obtained this and took the time to relate their ordeals. I was falling out of appreciate with my electrical pressure cooker for the reason that it stored chopping off prior to the meals was absolutely cooked. Just when i was completely ready to kick it to the curb, a reviewer mentioned the secu stainless pot and even further pointed out that it could in shape most 6 qt pressure cookers. The results of swapping out the teflon coated pot with this 1 have been fantastic. Stews, chili, roasts, oxtails, etc, not only are able to cook substantially more time but the meals will not melt away in the base on high and the cooker will come up to pressure as it really should. The pot is absolutely stainless and distributes heat so very well, i could virtually miscalculation it for a person of my allclad parts. If it helps, i have the emeril 6qt, that replaced my cuisinart, that just would not cook dinner suitable, not make any difference what i did. I know that amazon assessments can be strike or overlook, but make sure you know that before you think about ditching your electric powered pressure cooker, giving this pot a probability might save your sanity and your wallet.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker Brushed Metal : Great Cup(s) of Hot Coffee

All the other reviews on amazon had been proper on. This is the ideal coffee maker on the sector appropriate now. I received a refurbished 1 for about $fifty that seems and performs like a new device. I experienced to get the gold filter individually, but i unquestionably appreciate it. Created like a tank and does not leak at all. Just get 1 for oneself and see.

Fantastic coffee pot, we personal two. Quick brew and keeps coffe very hot for up to 3 hrs. Try out our preferred espresso mix, for 6 cups, three scoops dunkin doughnut two scoops starbucks verona.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker Brushed Metal – (Certified Refurbished)

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    to make sure this fits.
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished it shows limited or no wear
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • Retro-style, brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker brews 12 5-ounce cups
  • 24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee; brew-pause; programmable shut-off
  • 1-to-4- or 5-to-12-cup brewing options provide maximum flavor

These coffee pots final me about 3 several years. They are the most effective espresso maker and benefit on the industry. This is my 3rd pot in three eight a long time.

Wonderful to uncover that this cuisinart model is nonetheless readily available. This replaces a 10 year old cuisinart dcc-1200 that had a extensive and distinguished vocation at my bed & breakfast and eventually died. I was joyful to obtain the very same design for a replacement.

Soon after our outdated cuisinart died we tried other, extra up to date espresso makers. Exhausted of currently being let down, we went back to the aged design cuisinart.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker Brushed Metal – (Certified Refurbished) : I would give this 5 starts but if feels like a slow brewer. Could just be me but it seems to take much longer than any coffee maker i’ve had before. The coffee tastes great (maybe that’s why it’s so slow?) and it works well otherwise.The lid to the carafe was hard to get on/off at first but after a few times it loosens up and is easer to place back on.

One of the most effective drip-brewer coffee equipment i have at any time arrive across. A single of the most effective drip-brewer espresso equipment i’ve ever appear across. With the charcoal filtration and the gold cone filter, i feel cozy brewing higher top quality beans through this machine.

Experienced owned a previous edition of this product and beloved it so i wanted to buy a substitute when. We had owned a earlier edition of this model and cherished it so i wished to purchase a replacement when we had an challenge with the older unit’s electrical plug. New ones had been quite costly so i right away believed of examining refurbished ones. Not only have been we able to switch the coffee maker we liked, but we obtained it in stainless steel and at about $35 cheaper than a new merchandise on amazon. Package deal arrived in terrific form and the espresso maker is effective beautifully. We could not be happier with our purchase.

I was not pleased about replacing my braun coffeemaker, specially with something taller and with a couple additional bells and whistles. Sturdy, flavorful, very hot coffee. This equipment fits the bill incredibly, and for a nice cost. Note that you are going to have to get the gold permanent filter independently.

While a manufacturing unit rebuilt it seems to be like new and is a fantastic replacement for the exact design purchased twelve many years in the past. We liked the orginal and this one particular should really provide equally excellent provider.

You would never know it is really reconditioned. It is significantly better than the keypad that crapped out after only two yrs.

Great merchandise but doesn’t include things like all the components mentioned in the description. No challenge with the espresso maker. It is refurbished but no clear blemishes and it works terrific. I’m providing it only 3 stars since the description states ‘includes all primary accessories’ and this is not genuine. As others have commented, it does not contain the gold filter. In actuality, it comes with a piece of paper that states ‘gold filter not bundled with refurbished machine. ‘ it does arrive with a single paper filter which is variety of insulting. Absolutely nothing in opposition to paper filters but if you happen to be expecting a reusable gold filter and you get a one-use paper one particular it’s form of disappointing. You can get a cuisinart brand gold filter for a lot less than $10 but that suggests you’re not getting as good a offer on the refurbished unit as you believed.

Have relished the brewing of this espresso maker for a long time. When my past one stopped operating, i realized i required to get the same just one all over again.

Call us outrageous, but we purchased another a person. Past 1 lasted for about 7 yrs, but then quickly died. I attempted messing with the float and scrubbing it out well. When i fired it back up it nearly caught on fire. Was smoking and received tossed out into the yard. Up to that level it worked fantastic. Let’s hope they learned some thing because the first a person. So it’s 5 stars, but loses a star for becoming likely fireplace-hazard.

I acquired it to swap the exact design which lasted about 15 a long time. It truly is a refurb but you would not know it’s not brand name new. I have been working with it for three months now and it’s ideal. If it lasts as very long as the original, i will be incredibly delighted.

I have used this model for years and i was happy to see it on the market place. This changed my aged cuisinart. I have utilized this product for decades and i was glad to see it on the market place. It seems like the enterprise is not earning new kinds any more. It has a amazing retro search and helps make some of the very best coffee i’ve ever experienced. Perhaps i really should acquire a few far more to final me a life time.

My 10+ calendar year aged unique design lastly died. Update nov ten, 2016 confident hope this doesn’t jinx me. This refurb continues to function flawlessly. Perhaps i have a further good one particular. A comprehensive pot for every working day at minimum. Not found the ‘clean’ indicator gentle up but. Even now on the to start with charcoal filter (have incredibly mineral totally free h2o below. ) i assume i’ll do a cleanse cycle this 7 days and transform the filter far too. Unique critique: my ten+ year outdated first model eventually died soon after excellent support (sprung a leak.

I hold purchasing this manufacturer and model because i like the style and it is effective excellent until finally it stops. I have bought at least 3 of thee coffee makers above the yrs and they have all lasted about 1-two yrs. There is a rationale they are refurbished. Nothing at all is designed to past any longer. I retain buying this brand and product because i like the fashion and it will work excellent right up until it stops operating. This is no reflection on the seller, but on the maker and the fact that they are built in china. These companies are in enterprise to make revenue, not offer a excellent merchandise for the purchaser.

No issues, does as anticipated. . Only factor slightly aggravating is there is no again lit digital display generating it challenging to study and therefore pointless. But all round does the occupation child great and has not still left me with no my a great deal required morning coffee so much.

I have experienced this cofffemaker in the previous. . I have experienced this coffee maker in the previous and cherished it but i unintentionally broke the carafe. So i ended up choosing up one more brand of coffeemaker and have been making use of some thing else for the past year. But the next lesser brand name of espresso maker begun leaking h2o from the bottom and made a mess all more than the counter best. So i was back again in the shopping for a new espresso maker business enterprise. When i observed the refurbished cuisinart i was thrilled. I loved this coffeemaker in the previous so i understood i could not go incorrect. Right here is what i recognized right after using a lesser manufacturer of coffeemaker for a calendar year and now heading back to the cuisinart. The cuisinart makes better espresso.The cuisinart will make hotter espresso and the cuisinart keeps the coffee heat for a for a longer period period of time of time.

It also adds a touch of of faculty look. I suggest it if you love espresso with all the ‘perks’.

I have owned espresso makers costing $18 to $150, this cuisinart-1200 looks fantastic, coffee could not be greater, and the lasting filter is operating out. For grounds you should not overflow and make a mess at the commencing of the day. Initially thing i noticed is the carafe lid is not retractable. You have to use both equally hands and finger nails to open carafe lid. That is quite uncomfortable to the stage of me dropping the carafe and breaking the take care of. I have glued the plastic manage,using it anyway. Prying the lid off every night time and every morning is torture on fingernails. The $eighteen b&d has a wonderful carafe.

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender : 2 days seemed like an eternity

I see one particular difficulty, and do not know how to stop it. When filling the blender and turning it on, even on the slowest pace the motor is so strong the machine turns and moves. It happens when the machine is whole. If i use only 50 percent total it functions beautifully.

I have never tried a vitamix, most of my experience is with the cheap $30-$60 blenders that scarcely very last just one year. So considerably this blender is really worth every greenback. The smoothies it will make are completely clean and i have not uncovered something however that it won’t be able to mix. I would highly advocate obtaining this blender.

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender

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  • Oversized, virtually unbreakable 64-ounce BPA free container
  • Stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearing
  • Includes tamper wand for extreme processing power
  • New 5 year warranty

Excellent different to vitamix. Update: 6 months in and nevertheless functioning completely. My vitamix, which was at minimum fourteen decades old, just lately eventually commenced creating actually odd grinding noises and emitting a smokey smell when remaining employed. So i did my investigate and ordered the cleanblend, which i have been applying for a little in excess of a 7 days for day by day protein shakes (ice, protein powder and milk). The in general device is undoubtedly lighter than the vitamix (i will guess all over twenty-twenty five% lighter) which would make it a little bit less complicated to have all around and spot again in cupboards if you are achieving overhead. I’ve posted some photographs evaluating the two models, just before the vm went out in the trash. The mixing container (which square, in contrast to vm rounded) is also manufactured of somewhat lighter content. I can squeeze the blender container with my hand and it will flex much more than the vm container (which will scarcely move). I think the cb container is even now really strong nevertheless and would undoubtedly survive drops to the floor. One intriguing point i’ve mentioned about cb container is that it would seem to dry out a lot quicker than the vm.

The cleanblend worked great for about a month. Then all of a sudden the container started off releasing this foul odor and style rendering the blender fairly a great deal useless. I tried using cleaning it just about every way possible and nevertheless the same matter. Right until that stage it worked pretty perfectly. Update: immediately after getting in contact with cleanblend about the dilemma with my blender i experienced a response in underneath 24 hours. Not only did they fix the dilemma they rush shipped me a new blender. This blender behaves totally better than the other so i know i just experienced a defective one particular but im gonna be sincere in this article, this is likely the best buyer service i have ever recieved. Cleanblend has a wonderful product that can have failures from time to time but they will not leave you hanging. Im switching my critique to a 5 star.

Pretty content with value to overall performance ratio. These are my concerns with this blender: i discover a smell from the motor every time i use it it spins also rapidly on the cheapest environment the base is pretty significant. These are my concerns with this blender: i recognize scent coming from the motor the pitcher appears to be to quite skinny, not very flimsy nevertheless the spindle relationship appears to be like to me, that there may possibly not be adequate speak to floor to keep it from stripping out, about time. On the plus facet, i would say this unit is really potent, it seems to be incredibly a lot so, quieter than my costco vita mix from 2008. I do feel it also chops ice greater as nicely. In advance of finishing this review i questioned my wife what her feelings were. She stated: i like how quiet it is, and when asked, she stated she did not notice any odor.

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender : My household lives on smoothies. During one of our detoxes my hubbie overloaded our 450 watt blender and burned out the motor. With 5 days to go we really needed to replace it. My hubby saw this and said to try it;-} so we placed our order). In the meantime we had an old smoothie blender 500 watts we used for parties. Guess what, on the second day of use he over loaded it and burned out the motor. The cleanblend came that evening. We have useded it several times daily for a variety of smoothies. It has handled everything well. And the time to blend is about 20-30 seconds. I was use to my old blender making a crunchy smoothy. . To get that i must pulse quick twice.

Most effective blender for the revenue ever. Finest blender for the dollars ever. When that matter died we bought the normal fare blenders for years with an common life-span of 6 months to a calendar year. Just after a lot more than a bit of ‘coaxing’ from the mrs, i was on a mission. When i observed this 1 i was hoping it to be a pretty reasonable replacement. All i have to say right after 9 months is booo yahhhhthe cleanblend is awesome and worthy of each and every penny. It is already way outlasted the final 19 blenders and carries on to take a beating and continue to keep on crankin’. We appreciate it and wholeheardatly endorse this message. Hey, it really is an election year following all.

Vitamix ability without having vitamix rate. The cleanblend blender did every little thing i want it to do and much more. The blender absolutely pulverized something it place in it with no complications. I’m not confident it will mix things into very hot soup (the blender has an automatic shut off if it will get also scorching). It is probably not as strong as a vitamin, but it is fairly dam shut. For most households the cleanblend blender will do everything you require it to do. It’s a extremely strong equipment, and the price tag is pretty acceptable for what it does. I have made use of this blender each day at the very least after for thirty additionally days since i obtained it and in no way once had any problems or troubles with it. Get a substantial high quality nut milk strainer bag, and use the cleanblend blender to blend balanced veggies alongside one another, then strain through the nut milk strainer bag- instantaneous pure vegetable juice. I would recommend this blender to any person who wishes a high-quality energy blender, but doesn’t want to spend 500 as well as bucks on a vitamin.

I bought this blender previous june and have been really happy with its efficiency. I use the blender mainly for generating fruit smoothies. I am specifically impressed with cleanblend client assistance/guarantee policies. Not long ago a few of blades in the device unexpectedly broke. I contacted cleanblend, and they straight away mentioned they stand behind their product or service and they would ship me a alternative. They retained their term and i am the moment all over again savoring the blender. I do not know of numerous providers that would stand driving their products so strongly and quickly. I am really impressed with the blender and the cleanblend blender co.

I need a spare section, make sure you contac to me.

I have never tried a vitamix, most of my experience is with the cheap $30-$60 blenders that scarcely very last just one year. So considerably this blender is really worth every greenback. The smoothies it will make are completely clean and i have not uncovered something however that it won’t be able to mix. I would highly advocate obtaining this blender.

Fantastic blender, normally takes up a lot of house. . Right after significantly investigation, and burning by way of a few considerably less high priced blenders/smoothie machines inside of a couple of months, i decided to go for it and attempt out the cleanblend. So significantly it seems very well worth the revenue. We use it very much completely for protein shakes and smoothies and it entirely liquifies them with no trace of seeds, clumps, powder or ice after a couple of seconds of mixing. It is also pretty quiet in comparison to the decreased amount blenders and smoothie makers we have tried out. The only downfall, which i realized right before i bought is that it is massive (see hooked up photo). Just make sure you have space to retail store it, and you should not mind lifting a significant foundation if you have to move it.

The prodder thing is a useful and safe and sound way to nudge the odd clog (should not. Have had no difficulties with this just after a thirty day period of each day use. I make smoothies each individual working day and it takes just about anything i toss at it, which includes entire fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, even dry chickpeas (a in all probability misguided attempt to increase protein). I have also used it to make tomato sauce and to grind my espresso beans for the french press. The prodder matter is a useful and safe and sound way to nudge the odd clog (should not transpire if you add in your ingredients right). Smoothies have been a fantastic way to get all my natural vitamins and vitamins for the day, which is ordinarily complicated for a hectic solitary a bit lazy person this sort of as myself. Pretty pleased with this obtain with its great guarantee. Secretly laughing at my pals with their much more-than-twice-the-price vitamix.

Excellent blender similar with other expensive brand name. . At 1st, i was hesitated, but then i gave it a check out anyway, this solution is good. Run fantastic, and blend efficiently. I will endorse this solution to anybody who would like a great blender with 3 horse ability.

Very same blender as all those costing much more than two times as a lot. I have under no circumstances owned a $five hundred blender, like the ones this blender competes with, but i have performed a great deal of exploration on which a person to buy. This blender has the very same exact technical specs as those that value two-3x a lot more. I have been working with this blender for a couple months and cannot say plenty of about its functionality. It is really just a wonderful machine, has a hefty obligation motor and is properly created. It just chews up anything i set in it. I never ever even have to have to use the included tamper since it just sucks every thing down into the blades and produces a wonderful, sleek blend. Com for recipes from the blender’s maker. I will update this overview if i have any difficulties with longevity about the lengthy operate, but for now, i remarkably endorse this blender.

2 times seemed like an eternity. I eagerly awaited the arrival, two times appeared like an eternity. Lolanyway, i opened the chinesey on the lookout box, hoping for the ideal. Awesome looking container in the top rated styrofoam part, pull the best portion out and there it was, the beast in a bag and the pusher (muddler) following to it. The blades have quite aggressive wanting serrated enamel and the bearing is in fact sealed, all quite stainless looking. The base plate on the container can be unscrewed with a spanner which i have from a previous existence. So, i established it up, incredibly small when compared to the ninja it replaces. I turned it on without having the container, a minimal vibration noted. I set the container on and it was tranquil, it wants the container in area but i guess that is a regarded, if not why would it be identified as a blender?by the way, guide or recipes?.

Liquefies kale, no particles or chunks. Traded up following getting unhappy with nutri-bullet and ninja. Only concern is that frozen banana pieces can be caught beneath blades. Counsel producer contemplate a 2nd set of blades. Recommending product or service to patients.

Terrific product and excellent customer services. This is a good quality blender with a powerful motor that will mix speedily and evenly, i found it to be perfect for making smoothies. With the variable motor velocity management feature and the tamper included, it is seriously a wonderful benefit. I contacted shopper support after acquiring mine, my issue pertaining to the blender’s efficiency was swiftly and professionally dealt with. Cleanblend gives a great solution and terrific purchaser support support.

A great equipment that below promises and around delivers and a warranty that in fact is real. Acquired this blender yesterday and have made use of it 3 occasions. Allow me just say that i am positively blown away. This blender is just as fantastic if not far better than people $five hundred and $600 blenders in the current market. It simply destroys every thing you place in it without lacking a beat. I was happy from the beginning by the simple fact that when i purchased it via my primary membership it stated 3 times to produce but it arrived in two. When it arrived and my wife and i un-boxed it, we predicted a loud equipment and it was very the reverse. The sound it helps make its incredibly understated for a motor of it really is dimensions and energy. Good piece of devices for our kitchen. I will be referring this product or service to my relatives and pals.

This blender not only appears to be like a vitamix costing two-3x additional. This blender not only looks like a vitamix costing 2-3x far more, but performs similarly well. Just one huge flaw: handle is poorly made and has sharp ridges, so its pretty unpleasant, specially when entire of liquids and major. Arrive on fellas, redesign that manage and gain 5 stars.

No exciting creating a assessment that goes from the vast bulk. No fun creating a evaluate that goes towards the huge the vast majority of good feed-back. None the significantly less, i concur with kathryn’s 1 star overview pertaining to the lousy excellent of this blender. My cleanblend commercial blender lasted 10 times right up until the motor burned out – i turned it off and unplugged it straight away. The blender was employed for smoothies only. No significant chopping or strenuous use. Beneath the heading of physical appearance, the blender experienced sharp edges together the decrease sides – the plastic appeared to be taken straight out of the mould and assembled devoid of buffing. Additionally, the rubber leading address experienced a sturdy rubber stink that would not dissipate regardless of several several hours soaking in hot water with dawn liquid. On the constructive aspect, i returned the gadget to amazon and immediately been given a full refund.

I experience like if a minimal ferrari is inside running. This product or service is so effective, i experience like if a little ferrari is within operating, keen to take subsequent obstacle. The purchaser assistance is seriously fret about customer pleasure, they are extremely variety and i am incredibly content. I come to feel undesirable for submitting only five stars, my satisfacion is higher than this.

Magic Mill 5-In-1 : Best slow cooker I’ve ever used

Had a wolfgang puck multicooker that i loved. This is identical in every way.

I have prepared almost everything in this & all was supreme. Ordered a second one to keep on hand for the day (long time away) this one dies.

Absolutely love the different functions. Brown, and then slow cook in same pan.

First i bought a cuisinart and had to send it back. Christmas was coming and cabbage rolls needed to be made. I took a chance on the magic mill as i had never heard of it. Since the cabbage rolls, i have made everything from lasagna to chicken soup. The controls give lots of options. Best of all is the one pot concept. You will love it if you are like me and like to have food cooking while i’m out playing.

  • Great kitchen appliance
  • Lid handle is bare metal and gets hot!
  • Look no further!!!
  • Best slow cooker I’ve ever used
  • This is perfect. I like that I am able to saute

Magic Mill 5-In-1, 6-Quart Multi-Cooker, Slow Cooker, Brown/Sauté, Sear, with non-stick Inner pot

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Stir-fry, slow cook, steam, roast and bake, all within the same appliance without having to use the stove or clean a second pot
  • Glass lid with cool-touch handle for clear view and comfortable handling
  • Sear and slow cook directly in the same nonstick diecast vessel with tempered glass lid
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts for effortless cleanup, steaming rack included
  • When cooking time is complete your cooker will automatically switch to keep warm

Awesome searing then slow cooking, love it.

Lid handle is bare metal and gets hot. Versatile in terms of cooking time and temperature. The handle on the lid is bare metal and gets hot. Ridiculous that it’s not covered with a heat resistant material like silicone.

I like that i am able to saute. I was looking for a slow cooker that didn’t over cook things. I like that i am able to saute and brown things before putting them in the slow cooker. The design is very sleek and professional looking too.

I love it, the only complaint i have is the lid, it doesn’t fit very well and it slides off,mine has already slipped off and broke, now i have to find a lid for it.

We really like our new magic mill multi-cooker. The browning feature is wonderful. I made the braised cauliflower from the manual and it was delicious.

I’m loving everything about this crockpot. I’ve only used the crockpot feature. I look forward to trying out the sauté’ and quick cook features.Also, as a general use crockpot, i trust this brand far more than others. The outer heat is far more reasonable than most brands.

The plastic storage lid was not included.

My wife thinks its great she likes the sear feature. She made a delicious ham in it today.

I have gone thru 4 slow cookers this year, trying to find one that works right. This machine slow cooks correctly and more. Love being able to brown meat right in the cooker.

Great, quality, affordable multi-cooker. I purchased this product last week and have used it twice – once to make chili and again to slow cook a whole chicken. The cooker is easy to use and the food, especially the chili, turned out great. The chicken was tender, albeit a bit dry, which i attribute to my learning curve. I slowed cooked it on low for 7 hours; i think opting for less time would have still achieved a fully cooked chicken. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is due to a couple of design issues related to the lid. The lid handle gets hot, so you have to use a mitt. Also, the lid could sit more firmly on the pot.

Best purchase i have made all year. I love hiw you can do everything in this. I think my favorite feature is being able to sear in it. No more transferring meat from the stove top to the pot.

Great product, works awesome.

The nonstick insert cleans like a dream. The nonstick insert cleans like a dream. We appreciate the timer for the configurations.

This is a fantastic multi use kitchen appliance. This is a fantastic multi use kitchen area appliance. I have made use of it as a crock pot and steamer. I have even browned meat in it.

Substantially lesser than my prior crock pot.

Love browning meat prior to the slow cooking. I am having fun with this slow cooker, enjoy browning meat prior to the slow cooking. Pretty interesting device, appears wonderful in my kitchen.

We actually like our new magic mill multi-cooker. The browning characteristic is excellent. I built the braised cauliflower from the manual and it was delectable.

Only matter is that the prime receives. Only matter is that the prime gets scorching and the cord is not prolonged adequate.

Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Vintage Collection 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker, Ice cream makerworks fast!!!

Our initially ice cream maker and we love it. I’ve wanted an ice cream maker for a long time but they were being generally out of our cost selection and failed to make adequate ice cream for it to be worthy of the although. When i arrived throughout this a single, i determined to give it a attempt considering the fact that it in good shape into my funds and experienced great evaluations. Definitely created a great preference.It operates terrific and will make a gallon of tasty ice cream each time. The very best ice cream i’ve at any time tasted. It will take about 35-forty minutes to go from substances to a delicate-serve variety ice cream, a tiny for a longer period if you want tricky ice cream (just take the smooth-provide and pop it in the freezer for about 20-thirty minutes)we use an outdated plastic 1 gallon ice cream container to place our home made ice cream in right after we make it so we have it available each time we want it. At first, i was anticipated (but skeptical) challenging ice cream like you get on a cone at an ice cream store, not comfortable serve like from dairy queen. But at the time i realized that it seriously only took all around 30 minutes to make the comfortable serve and perhaps an hour overall if you want much more company texture, i was marketed. Recommendations:we do maintain the clear, aluminum within container in the freezer after we use it.

Form of a response to some of the negative reviews below. . From a person who has built ‘tons’ of ice cream with white mountain equipment. The motor unit is thoroughly designed and stays in put on the bucket. The motor device has two hook-like protrusions that match into slots in the rim of the bucket. When the hooks are correctly seated into those slots, the torque of the motor acts on the motor device in the reverse course from the can and does in truth keep the hooks in place in the slots. The reviewer down below who stated the hooks are backward and the person who employed tape to hold the motor on had been describing issues that i did not encounter. My common ice cream recipe froze in about forty minutes. That is typical for me due to the fact my recipes all start out with a cooked egg custard foundation which signifies that the mix normally is heat when i begin the machine going.

This nifty wanting freezer arrived in the center of a period of world broiling, and i couldn’t, simply just could not defer the satisfaction of generating ice cream. I examine a several recipes and devised one particular of my individual, working with components i experienced on hand. I assumed i had plenty of ice. I considered i realized how to use table salt rather of rock salt. My work to abide by directions unsuccessful. I ended up with a rather delicious soup.

Key specs for Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Vintage Collection 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker:

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  • 4-quart aluminum canister
  • Blue plastic bucket and plastic dasher
  • Electric motor does the churning
  • Dasher remains still, while canister rotates
  • Recipes included in instruction manual

Comments from buyers

“MY LIFE IS RUINED BY ICE CREAM, Oh yeah! Now that’s what I have been looking for!, Great for price!!, It works really well, very happy with it., A Lot Of Work . But It Works Fine!!, Worked just as described for me”

I’ve made pretty a bit of ice cream (believe in terms of hundreds of liters), so i’ve received a very good sum of encounter when it will come to the ice cream generating process. I was on a bit of a price range, so i purchased this maker following transferring and leaving the outdated maker at the rear of. General, it is a pretty nice ice cream maker. Immediately after earning my initially batch, the motor didn’t appear to have any troubles mixing it, and the inner aluminium container containing the ice cream feels good and sound (the final one particular i experienced felt like it would be conveniently dented this just one is much improved). The outer bucket also feels fine. My main worry is the paddle/lid mixture. The plastic lid that goes on major of the internal aluminium container feels a minimal weak, and the mixing paddle feels really low cost and weak. The paddle is also not rather extensive adequate, which benefits in a slight gap involving the edge of the paddle and the internal edge of the aluminium container, so some ice cream just sits in this hole and would not get blended. This did not feel to affect the ice cream, but it can be type of annoying and also reveals a absence of high-quality in the layout and/or manufacturing of the paddle.

I have been making ice cream for forty yrs. This machine is so far the finest i have at any time owned, really don’t enable the rate fool you. With that explained: i have designed ten batches. I wish it would be a full gallon but that doesen’t reduce down on the stars. I have only experienced this for two months. The final device was the wooden barrel and just after 15 decades it died. The smaller dimension and the amout of grandkids and friends is why i had to do that several. Motor stops when it is accomplished, you can not over do, that is wonderful. You do have to be at the equipment for a 1/2 hour, but that’s the fun of it.

I have created gallons and gallons of ice cream with this over the previous year. A single time i experienced to depart for a few hours though it was functioning and when i arrived back the ice cream was done so it experienced stopped the motor. That was about 10 gallons back so i guess that failed to burn out the motor. If you have a challenge with your ice cream freezing in excellent time check out wrapping a towel all over it- of class not above the weep gap. The plastic almost certainly will not insulate as well as the picket sorts.

It is difficult to locate a great ice cream maker these times. I applied to only purchase rival ice cream makers since of their high-quality, but in modern many years they have not been as good. I made a decision to go with this just one and i am so glad i did. It works terrific and is a excellent top quality solution. I even purchased my mother a person and she enjoys it as well. I have experienced mine for in excess of a 12 months now and it however runs excellent and tends to make best ice cream. I like that this just one has a manage on the bucket , which makes it a lot easier to transport when whole of ice/drinking water.

Fantastic simple ice cream maker. To start with off if you are hunting for a difficult and overpriced ice cream maker this is not for you. This maker is a wonderful straightforward ice cream maker. I gave it 4 stars simply because it does deficiency an on and off swap which i felt would be handy. Nonetheless it doesn’t get away from how nicely this will make ice cream. I plugged it into a surge protector and utilized that as an on off swap and it worked terrific. Confident you can unplug it but who desires to do that. The maker is quite simple and that is all you need. The young ones cherished assisting and incorporating the ice and the rock salt. There are some excellent recipes provided in the handbook and tons on other web-sites.

I requested this item for an ocassional use. It was recieved in advance of the guarantee date and immediately after 1 use, it carried out as described. I was skeptical about the light-weight wieght design and style, but it appears to be strong adequate to endure some many years of occasional use. The plastic bucket wont be impacted by the salt and ice, so it really should past. If you are searching for a reduced cost ice cream maker this is the just one to get. Froze the ice cream in about 30 minutes of run time.

Worked just as explained for me. The very first time i utilized this issue i anticipated it to consider above an hour to business from looking through the assessments. It took about 33 minutes and i had ice cream that was not runny at all, very same consistency as an ice cream retail store. I followed the recommendations just so that likely aided. And do not waste your funds on ‘ice cream maker salts,’ it even says in the instructions table salt is great. I acquired a bunch of containers for about $. 30 each, prepare on employing somewhere around 1/2 lb of salt for every batch. And get a big bag of ice, just one very little bag won’t past due to the fact it melts. *facet take note- i tried the cooked recipes with egg yolks and the uncooked variations the cooked kinds are value the further work if you really want it to style like it is from an ice cream retail outlet.

Pretty great minor ice cream maker at a quite realistic price. . I truly feel like a authentic summertime chef now, and my neighbors recognize this buy also. This little ice cream maker operates efficiently and comparatively quietly. Just use it as directed, and you are going to have some seriously fantastic home-manufactured ice cream. A excellent suggestion is included, and that is to set the container in the refrigerator. I set some ice-cream dishes in the freezer so it won’t soften correct absent.

Very delighted with this ice cream maker- so straightforward to use- really like that the bucket is plastic and will not likely warp like the aged picket ones- simple to make wonderful do-it-yourself ice cream. We make do-it-yourself ice cream all the time. The motor is not that loud, and is simple to fix it and forgot it for a small little bit.Can take about thirty minutes (from a cooked ice cream foundation) to freeze.

I have created gallons and gallons of ice cream with this over the previous year. A single time i experienced to depart for a few hours though it was functioning and when i arrived back the ice cream was done so it experienced stopped the motor. That was about 10 gallons back so i guess that failed to burn out the motor. If you have a challenge with your ice cream freezing in excellent time check out wrapping a towel all over it- of class not above the weep gap. The plastic almost certainly will not insulate as well as the picket sorts.

I really like this ice cream maker. This makes amazing ice cream. The 1st time it was a liquid kind but i modified the recipe to only applying 1 cup sugar and making use of five eggs and then 1 can of evaporated milk, 1 tablespoon of vanilla and then extra reg. Milk to the container to fill to sought after height and start off freezing applying heaps of rock salt to get the freezer cold. This freezer made the finest creamy ice cream. I would encourage any person to invest in this freezer.

Okay this very little gem wins my first evaluation at any time and i acquire alot if things from in this article. The offer was on my doorway action-took it out of the box right just after meal. I had finished some study and experienced the substances on hand. I manufactured the simple vanilla recipe due to the fact i experienced no time to cook dinner and awesome the previous fashioned 1. Followed the guidelines and presto dairy queen compared ice cream – in thirty minutes. I halved the recipe and it in comparison to about a fifty percent gal from the store. My kids had enjoyment with the system- fantastic ice cream- not all the additives like the retailer- remarkably recommend this device.

Seems to get the job done nicely the couple moments we’ve applied it. I like the larger sized capacity of this a single.

Used it two times yesterday, and as soon as these days, and it is excellent. Experienced no issues with runny ice cream, i just adopted the instructions, and created positive my bases have been chilled over night. The canister i only froze an hour (i built bases the evening ahead of acquiring it i was so energized) and when transferring them from the canister they ended up incredibly company. Only took thirty minutes at most, and only experienced to refil the ice about an inch or two for the last 10 minutes. But for some cause i didnt consider about condensation, and my counter was genuinely damp. Next several moments i set a several paper towels and it helped alot. A couple ideas:*chill your ice cream foundation if pre-cooked for 8-12 hours at lest. *chill ‘easy’ bases at lest two several hours*dont skip chilling the canister*dont skimp on the rock salt.

I really like it so substantially i just ordered a person for my auntie gretchen so she can make her own chocolate almond ice cream. I love figuring out what is in my ice creamheavy cream1/two & 1/2milkcoacoa/quiksugaregg yolksalmondsvanillasalt.

I have experienced the old wood bucket ice cream maker for many years but it rusted out so it was time for a new one particular. One particular point i like about the plastic bucket layout is that it would not rust. Given that that it what killed my outdated 1 i give that a thumbs up. It really is a little more compact than the old a single but 4 quarts is a lot. My initial operate turned out wonderful. Nonetheless i did not comply with the recipes in the instructions provided. I use the previous morton desk salt recipe that is in fact frozen custard relatively than ice cream. (employs eggs) the custard recipe gives you a softer, creamier ice cream. I am going to have to check out some of the recipes from the handbook and see if they do the job.

We genuinely preferred a more substantial capability ice cream maker and this is great. Most of the ice cream makers on the marketplace don’t make more than enough at just one time. This tends to make a gallon of ice cream, swiftly and neatly. It only requirements ice and coarse salt in addition the components for any type of ice cream you can consider.It just isn’t incredibly noisy and is pretty straightforward to thoroughly clean. I remarkably advocate it for its wonderful potential. I can place any leftover ice cream (ought to these kinds of a point arise) in my freezer for later. A swift trick is to semi-melt vanilla ice cream and throw in a bag of frozen fruit, such as mango or blackberries, and operate it as a result of the ice cream maker to have delightful fruit-flavored ice cream without the need of shopping for a gallon of major cream and kilos of sugar. Espresso ice cream can also be created this way, with ripples of chocolate and/or caramel working via it.

With all the packaged and approach foods today, it truly is fun to share the ‘art’ of building residence-manufactured ice cream with my grandchildren. I still keep in mind the sunday afternoon ice cream making when i was more youthful and take pleasure in making individuals recollections for them. Plan a little forward as some recipes have a little bit of prep time. Once you put almost everything jointly, just plug it in and established the timer (yay for no far more cranking by hand). The moment completed, freeze a tiny much more if desired. There are some excellent recipes out there and my grandkids have declared my sugar-absolutely free cinnamon (substitute stevia or truvia as a substitute) as their absolute most loved.

Permits us to make our personal ice cream. Permits us to make our individual ice cream, devoid of all the preservatives and additives – at about 50 % the price of retailer bought equal hagen daaz (just about every bit as good). At a price savings of ~$7 a batch – pays for itself on 8th batch.

It is effective definitely perfectly, incredibly satisfied with it. . I bought this to replace my very previous, about to stop, ice cream maker. It appears the motor is more robust so it obtained the ice cream firmer in thirty minutes. It was substantially a lot easier to increase the ice and salt to the blue bucket as it is larger. . I use a seven pound bag of crushed ice and 2 cups of ice cream salt. Layering 1/four of the ice and a 1/2 cup salt to the major, ending with salt. You may possibly have to insert the rest of the ice immediately after it has turned a number of minutes. The recipes in the handbook did not charm to me as i desire custard type ice cream. I applied this recipe, it is a good summer months time ice cream, every 1 beloved it.

My life is ruined by ice cream. It was a monday afternoon when i determined it was time to commit in an ice cream maker, i figured that i like ice cream so i may as well. Thanks to my amazon key account and my two day transport it only took my two times to eliminate handle of my everyday living. On wednesday my nostalgia electrics 4 quart ice cream maker arrived at the dwelling wherever i proceeded to open up it instantly. I prepared the working day right before to make a loss of life by chocolate ice cream as my 1st experiment, i like chocolate, my housemates like chocolate, all people enjoys chocolate. Putting the equipment together was rather simple, you place the metallic container in, fill all around it with a combination of rock salt and ice, then put the blended elements within alongside with the mixer and the motor on prime, effortless. It is not silent, you can listen to it doing work, you can hear it performing all the operate, and mixing your before long to be ice cream. twenty minutes into the earning i stopped the mixer, i took the motor off, i tasted the now thick gentle provide regularity and my life improved without end. I produced ice cream, but not just any ice cream loss of life by chocolate ice cream and this was the most chocolaty, creamy, beautiful ice cream i had ever experienced. I experienced to make far more, i experienced to make diverse flavors.

Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester Soft-Grip 64-Ounce Container : The taller container purees much better than the short and wide one

I like to have different for use food and this just for drink.

I love my vitamix and use it several times a day so i purchased an extra container. It works well but over time the plastic container does discolor. It’s fairly easy to keep clean if you rinse immediately after use.

Vitamix quality is second to none. When i left a spoon in my original 64-oz container, it broke a hole in the side and ruined the blades. I ordered a replacement from a scheister on the web. Waited 45 days after paying for the replacement and got nothing. My credit card company refunded the purchase price. I ordered this one from amazon and got it in 2 days.

This is the same exact container that comes with the 5200 vitamix. When i bought it it was cheaper than ordering through vitamix.

  • Same exact container.
  • expensive learned lesson
  • The taller container purees much better than the short and wide one
  • Can’t go wrong with a Vitamix!
  • Exact Description
  • Nice upgrades on this container

Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester Soft-Grip 64-Ounce Container with Wet Blade and Lid

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  • Large 64-ounce container designed for the Vita-Mix appliance
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades ensure smooth blending
  • Comfortable nonslip-grip handle; drip-free spout; raised calibrations
  • Spill-proof vented lid with measuring cap; virtually unbreakable
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 3-year warranty

Got this to replace our very old container that broke. I like the rubber handle and the new lids fit on more snug than before, we really like it, it’s an improvement over the old ones.

I’ve had my vitamix since ’97 and use it daily. Definitely the best blender on the market. I purchased the new one due to small cracks forming along the bottom, i have accidentally dropped it more than once. I can still use it but decided it was time for an update and i am so glad i did. The new container is quieter and mixes even better than i remember the old one when it was new. This item is used daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, and it was well worth the money.

Can’t go wrong with a vitamix. After purchasing the vitamix model with the 48oz size blender we had to purchase the large size blender for events that require our making larger portions. This item was priced the lowest on amazon, trust me i looked high & low to make sure, it’s expensive but like anything that’s reputation is built to last, worth iti’ve owned every make of blenders/smoothie makers out there, the vitamix is by far the best.

After i unwrapped it, the content totally meet my expectations. Plus, it’s price range is also reasonably not expensive.

This container shipped directly from vitamix so it’s the real deal. I feel like i have a brand new machine now since the container is beautiful and clear. Also, it comes with a 3 year warranty if you register it.

This size vitamix container is awesome as it allows you to do so much. Easy to use and clean however removing all the contents is not that easy.

The taller container purees much better than the short and wide one. The taller container purees much better than the short and wide one. I swapped containers with my daughter because we have limited vertical space on the counter, and the short one really doesn’t blend things up as finely as the tall one.

Vitamix makes great quality products. You get what you pay for, and it’s worth it. Our vitamix lasted over 10 years, and we were still able to sell the old one for $50 whenwe replaced it with a new one.

Very nice container with fast blades. If you are looking for a replacement container w/ blade, be sure to contact vitamax corporation first to determine which container fits your machine. In my case, the container fits perfectly. I have the vitamax tnc v-s for your reference.

Perfect companion container for the my g-series vitamix. Perfect companion container for the my g-series vitamix. I prefer this container much of the time.

Vitamix is the best brand for blenders. I wouldn’t go with any other brand of blender after switching to vitamix. They are very well made and last a really long time.

I was so sad when my original container finally gave up. I have had my vitamix for more than 15 years. I was so sad when my original container finally gave up.My only concern is the housing is not metal like the old. But hey, i have gotten my money’s worth 15 times with this machine.

Ideal in shape for vitamix tremendous 5000. Excellent in shape for our outdated but however likely potent, vitamix tremendous 5000. There was some concern that it would not in shape as i was browsing considering the fact that the design is old and i was possessing difficulties confirming the match. There are some updates compared to the primary container that arrived with the device, these types of as the rubber top which fits much better and has improved locking and gripping on the sides. So we are back again to earning smoothies again.

Vitamix is simply the most effective. . I will be obtaining vitamix from below on out. They certainly do set the standard for blending.

Thank you amazon for having this available. Thank you amazon for having this available. Nicely, the bottom rusted and fell apart. Do dry the base just after use.

Dropped my pitcher and it cracked so i essential a new one. This 1 built by vitamix and will come with the lid and blade. It arrived swiftly considering the fact that i have primary so i didn’t have to use my taped up container for much more than two days. Incredibly happy with the buy.

‘new and improved’ isn’t really constantly superior, but this a single is. ‘new and improved’ isn’t generally superior, but this 1 is. I like the delicate handle, the lid matches tighter than the unique, and the figures seem much easier to study.

I have had a vitamix blender considering that march 1997. My first container beginning leaking because i started out employing it day-to-day for ‘herbalife’ 2 months ago. I requested the improved light-weight greater container with a rubber cope with. Not only is the food stuff blended a great deal better, faster, considerably eaiser cleanup, clearer to see the ingrediants. The first device functions a lot quicker, quieter with the new condition of the artwork container.

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer : Love this juicer and I am Happy?

Juicing was a wonderful experience.

Very happy with this juicer. I am a first time juicer and took a great deal of time researching before making my decision. It’s very easy to use and to clean. The pulp that comes out is quite dry. I would recommend this juicer to anyone. My daughter and son in law have been juicing for years and were very impressed with this juicer when i took it over to their house for my first try at using it.

Quality, more juice extracted, not puply. Spare filter basket was included ( nice )stop valve on juice output is great. It’s so much easier to keep the process clean. No spills on the counter top while emptying juice into another container. The opening handles large sections of produce and provides for less cutting. Extraction is wonderful and far less “pulpy”.

Love this juicer and i am happy?. I am really loving this juicer. I love the fact that i am able to not waste veggies, fruits and money and it yields even more juice than my previous juicer.

  • Saving a FORTUNE
  • Quality, more juice extracted, not puply. Worrh it!
  • Best bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.
  • First masticating juicer
  • A very good introduction to juicers.
  • Excellent Product!

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer (240W AC Motor, 60 RPMs, 3″ Big Mouth) – Vertical Masticating Cold Press Juicer

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    to make sure this fits.
  • LOW SPEED MINIMAL OXIDATION MASTICATING JUICER – Compared with juice from centrifugal juicers, our juice is much more nutritious, tastes better and fresher, and lasts longer. Top Quality 240W AC motor with low speed of 60 RPMs (the golden ratio of force and time) – Squeezes ingredients with minimal oxidation, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed centrifugal juicers that grind, crush, and heat (from the fast-rotating blade).
  • 3″ INCHES (76MM) BIG MOUTH WIDE CHUTE – can easily accommodate large produce items; has more resistances to clogging; greatly reduces preparation and cleanup time – Less chopping of the ingredients also helps to reduce oxidation, as the bigger pieces of ingredients, the harder they get oxidized.
  • HIGH JUICE YIELD WITH LITTLE OXIDATION – High juice yield (Orange 85-90%, Pear 78-83%, Apple 65-75%, Celery 65-70%, Carrot 42-47%) – The strainer base and the valve provide a sealed space to hold juice during juicing to prevent oxidation. The valve should be shut during juicing.
  • 16 LBS HEAVY-WEIGHT HIGH-QUALITY ANTI-OXIDATION BUILD – All parts (the stainless steel, the silicone components and the PEI juicing screw) are made of high quality TRITAN food grade anti-oxidation materials. The product is certified by ETL, CE, and ROHS. – Sleek Design and Piano Varnish – Sturdy handle for easy moving and cleaning of the 16 lbs heavy-weight juicer – Comes in a premium quality gift box.
  • DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE – For Amazon customers, this product comes with 1-Month free trial & 2-Year warranty for all parts and accessories & Extended 10-Year warranty for the motor and main body – Product warranties are automatically valid with Amazon order ID. No other proofs or registrations are required – Additional spare parts at deep discounts are sold at – Free life-time customer consultation by SKG at

It is easy to use plus easy to clean. Because of this i use it almost daily. The pulp is quite dry, so obviously i know it is extracting most of the juice from the vegetable/fruit. It is designed well: doesn’t take up much counter space. In my small kitchen that is a plus. Have already recommended it to a family member who has also bought one.

It was excellent experience that we had have a regular juicer we. It was excellent experience that we had have a regular juicer we used for over decades compared with skg it was so much different between them. The taste so so much better than the other.

It is a superb masticating juicer with well thought-out design and fantastic quality. It gives a high positive juice yield with the natural taste. It is very easy to disassemble and clean. In my opinion, it is the best in the market. I love the skg and i use it every day.

After a few weeks of daily use, this is a great juicer.

Love this – functional and beautiful and seems to be. Love this – functional and beautiful and seems to be well maunufactured. Juicers are always a pain to clean, but this one is not bad at all.

Problem resolved – 5 star customer service. Got a replacement juicer and it’s all good now.

Great juicer, works perfectly. The juicer did show up with two cracks in the juice/pulp container. They replaced the container quickly and even included a spare.

Sleek design, precision machinery, efficient output, and amazingly quiet operation. . I am a first time juicer, so i have no previous experience with any types of juicers for comparison. Not knowing what to expect, i was pleasantly surprised by the efficient and quiet (for a machine of this sort) operation of this skg juicer. I followed the manufacturers advice and chopped the ingredients into manageable size chunks, and run it for no more than 10 minutes at a time. I have used the juicer frequently since purchase and have had no jam ups or shut downs or any issues whatsoever. I have juiced: broccoli, celery, ginger, kale, cabbage of many varieties, spinach, carrots, beets, papaya, mango and many other fruits and vegetables with excellent results. Easy to clean well made components leads me to believe i will be using this juicer for a very long time. An excellent way to target one’s specific nutritional needs, make some juice.

I don’t often write reviews but this juicer is the best juicer i have purchased. The juice is wonderful, clean up is a snap and the reverse makes it hassle free and very operator friendly. The design and functions are much better than any i have had or have seen others use. Our apple juice is perfect, no discoloration and the perfect texture. Do yourself a favor and if you love homemade juice, get one of these, you won’t be sorry. I cannot wait to try something else with it.

Very easy to use and very easy to clean up. We use it couple time a week. We mainly make celery, cucumber, baby kale, spinach, orange, apple, pear juice and soy milk. Very easy to use and very easy to clean up. We have been using it for over a month, no problem at all and we are happy with this product.

Best bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. . Best bang for the buck of all of the slow masticating juicers on the market. I was happy to hear they now have replacement parts, because i broke my strainer the other day. New strainer arrived quickly and i am back in business.

I get an amazing amount of juice out of it. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest juicer, but i think you save money in the long run because it gets more of the juice out of fruits and vegetables compared to other designs. The seller emailed me to make sure i was happy with it and even sent me a free gift.

I ordered this juicer for my uncle. He had a stroke and is struggling from als. It is in particular important for him to get as a lot nutrients as possible. And because he has a tricky time swallowing food stuff, this solution is perfect. A person issue i was especially happy of was the actuality that we juiced kiwi, devoid of the skin of program, and there was not 1 seed in the juice.

I experienced bought a kitchen area help juicer and it just was not potent adequate. The motor broke because it received clogged way to simple by the extra pulp. The pulp itself would not go to the exit spot for the pulp. The skg is a various tale. It truly is likely one particular of the very best juicers i have at any time owned. The good quality is unbeatable and the price tag is fantastic. Definitely advisable and the seller shipped it correct away in excellent condition. I will give every person an update just after three months to see how it is so significantly.

It is really tranquil and has a wide mouth. I have other juicers that are so noisy that i can wake the family members if i use. This is now my go to juicer for a few factors. Very first of all the juice is fantastic, next its incredibly quiet and and lastly its straightforward to clean. Compared with other juicers there is considerably less to no foam when generating juice. Yet another furthermore for this is the truth that it definitely extracts the juice as evidenced by the very dry pulp.

I was applying an economical centrifugal juicer and it did good besides it didn’t cope with leafy greens very well and i could not keep the juice so i had to make the juice in the course of the mornings which slowed me down. I decided to spend in 1 of these costly masticating juicers. This juicer is wonderful simply because the significant opening will allow me to incorporate my fruits and veggies total and the juicer has by no means had a trouble processing them. I reduce apples and cucumbers in half but anything else goes in total. The juicer handles apple seeds, lemon seeds, and lemon rinds just great. The crucial i’ve uncovered is the get in which i increase my fruits and veggies. Items like cucumbers clog the strainer quickly so i add those people last. Things like celery and leafy greens are inclined to clog the pulp exit, so i save all those for final. I promptly broke the brush that was involved with this juicer striving to unclog the pulp exit.

Excellent juicer, just acquire it. . I tried using centrifugal juicer in advance of obtaining this. I utilized that juicer for a 7 days and returned it again. It was throwing heaps of juice in pulp and i was not extremely satisfied about that. Then i located about skg juicer. I purchased it and have been applying from some time. It get’s a lot of juice out of fruits of veggies. I was surprised to see the pulp, pulp is just about dry.

A extremely superior introduction to juicers. . I decided to try juicing and after some study made a decision a masticating juicer was what i needed to get for the freshest, best yield juice. I picked the skg primarily based on rate, beneficial assessments, plus the wide feed tube. While i acquire delight in my knife competencies for cooking, for me obtaining the juicing done as rapidly as probable is a should. I have juiced a wide assortment of fruits and greens, from delicate to really hard, leafy and non-leafy, with very good outcomes. There is a bit of sound when crushing hard vegetable, but the approach is concluded swiftly. I also did some study on juicing, and realized about critical points like when to peel, when to chop a bit, and buy of elements, and i suggest other people do the very same. You will get superior final results, clean up will be easier, and you would not unnecessarily pressure the motor and components of your juicer. Clean up up and reassembly is fairly quick, but do it soon soon after you are carried out to stay away from getting to scrub the factors. The one particular glitch i have encountered is that the pulp expeller can take a little bit extra function than it must. 1 detail opportunity purchasers will need to contemplate is how considerably pulp they like in their juice. I happen to like it, and this juicer gives me the amount of money of high-quality pulp i usually like. If you want a reference position, there is considerably less and finer pulp than i locate in tropicana oj with pulp, but it is a obvious amount of money. If i want no pulp i can usually pressure the juice.