T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster : Attractive and works great.

I’ve had this product 2 yrs it’s still going use it every day.

This product is just what i expected by t-fsl sharp looking made very well easy use cleans up easly all contols are accurate and i would buy it again boxed very well no damage great price of course.

We are great user of toast and bagels. This toaster is one of the greatest operating of any of the 11 toasters we have used in the last several years. We have only being using it for about 3 weeks, but already have found a product that is worth all the use it gets.

Had this same toaster for years and it worked well. We’ll see if this one has as good of life as our old one.

  • Nice Toaster
  • The product does what it says
  • It’s a toaster

T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 6 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark “
  • Bagel (toast only once side), Reheat, and Cancel functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-door for easy cleaning; Safe-to-touch exterior; Cord storage on base of the unit; Carrying handle
  • 1-year limited warranty

Got this to replace the same toaster that developed problems-one side didn’t heat up-after over 15 years. The old one had stainless steel sides and looked a little nicer, but, after researching other options, i went with functionality. It toasts well and i like the bagel function. It does have a large footprint, but i’m used to it. The only downside is that the slots aren’t wide enough for all types of bread. Hope it lasts as long as the last one.

Still working strong after 4years love this toaster.

Now if it, unlike any other toaster i have bought in the last umpteen years, lasts for more than a year, i’ll be happy. Like many of you (at least the older of you), i remember as a kid having a toastmaster in the kitchen that worked for at least 15 years. That was before the planned obsolescence of small (and large) appliances. Our appliance manufacturers keep trying to convince us that offshoring (read china) production results in lower prices. If we keep having to replace their trash because it stops working, where is the savings?.

It seems everyone in the house is a toast fanatic except me so to make breakfast easier i purchased this 4 slice oven. It helps keep the other 5 people in the house happy with toast or bagels and i can spend less time running between it and the stove.

Have to crank it up to toast and the cord placement is awkward. It’s ok, but i wouldn’t purchase it again or recommend it.

Be careful of it being near your cupboard, as the heat is intense.

I have had many compliments on the style of this toaster. You have to play around with the color selection, but then it works fine. I love the levers in the middle that help you get the toast out of the toaster.

This toaster i purchased before and love it. It looks perfect in my kitchen and is easy to clean. I purchased this toaster i am reviewing as a gift for a friend. I would recommend this toaster to friends.

Overall it toasts well and the adjustments function as they should, so you don’t burn the bread on the low setting for example. But the levers for lifting the toast out have failed, the first within a month of purchase and the other just recently. This is a big problem for this design because the toast does not stick out enough for easy removal without the lifting levers. We’ll continue to use it but would not purchase again.

Sleek attractive design makes it an eye catcher on my counter. I love that it’s easy to clean.

Quality isn’t the best and i had to send the first one back because the left side of the toaster would not work or engage to allow for bread to be toasted. They sent me a replacement right away, that was very convenient. So far i still think that the left side heats hotter than the right just by looking at the color of the heating elements, but the left is preferred for bagels, so that may be why. Anyways, it does the job for now.

We liked the color and shape of the toaster it makes sense for under the cabinet use, works great so far,price was great too.

I like that it is wide enough to toast bagels. However the slots are not quite long enough. I love rye bread and the slices are a wee bit longer than the slot. I wind up cutting of some of the slice. But beside that it is wonderful.

The t-fal 5332002 toaster gets the job done and quickly. After years of using toaster ovens we decided to try a toaster once again. We especially like the the bagel setting and the lift assist that saves our fingers from getting hot when lifting toast from the toaster that might not pop all the way up. Would by one again if the need arises.

When looking for a new toaster, we were not satisfied with the choices in local stores. We found this one on-line, liked its looks and description. When we received it, it was even better than we expected. It does all of the essentials and more. We love the way the middle levers help to push out items that are too low to reach easily. We are very happy with this purchase.

All around great product, but the levers don’t function as crisp as i would like. It doesn’t take up that much space and it looks great on the counter. Toast comes out just right for each setting. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was so excited to get this super awesome toaster and it has just been a let down. I had read the comments about that it didn’t toast evenly but bought it anyway cause i thought, ‘how bad can it be?. It does bug me that one side of my toast is toasted and the other doesn’t even look like it has been in the toaster. And it’s never the same in the same slot. It works i guess, but don’t have high expectations.

Excellent and kind of flashy looking, but it is great. Has several spaces for bagles, wide bread ( like homemade if you want it toasted) easy clean, good variables in lightness and darkness.

Cafe Deluxe French Press Coffee Maker & Coffee Press – 1 Liter – No cd as advertised, disappointed.

This is a fantastic french press. I have a smaller one that works just fine but this one is definitely good for when you have company or want to make extra coffee to keep in the fridge. The mesh really keeps the smaller grounds from making their way into your cup. And an added bonus is i got it for 4 dollars with a special promo code.

Make excellent tasting coffee. Better than keurig or hamilton single cup maker. Should have a more solid or sturdy base since it is made of glass and is tall and skinny. I improvised and made a nice square wood base for it.

My previous press broke in dishwasher so glad to see thicker glass in this one. Stainless steel top and holder also spiffy.

Good design,i like durable materia.

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I’ve bought other french press coffee maker before but enjoys the volume of this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes great coffee
  • revised I think this problem could be corrected by fixing the straining portion with the pole in a better manner.
  • takes time and effort

Gave this as a gift and the recipient was very happy thanks.

I received a promo code for this product. I found it to be very sturdy of good quality and works fantastic.

I would definitely recommend it.

He uses it for coffee and tea. It really does allow for better flavored beverage without any grounds floating.

Wanted a new way to make coffee and am extremely happy with this. Coffee taste much better when you make it yourself.

I had the same problem as the other negative review. After two days of use about 4 pots of coffee the plunger is doing in sideways and will not strain the grounds. Did not use it with any excessive force or misuse. I think this problem could be corrected by fixing the straining portion with the pole in a better manner. Revised-after i wrote this review i got an email asking about the issue. They replaced it and it is now working fine. I have to say the press works great as long as the plunger stays affixed. I raised the review as the company was very responsive and addressed the issue in a very timely manner.

Easy to make coffee, but my coffee maker handle was broken, i don’t like it.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I feel so classy having this french press. I am still getting the hang of using it but i am so happy i got one to add to my kitchen gadget collection.

I love coffee and can be pretty particular about brewing methods & appliances. I wanted to buy a new french press that was pretty and functioned well. Gorgeous hardware, perfect size, and great customer service.

The top the the draw shaft for pressing down popped right off i think its cheapo made that way other than that it worked great.

This is perfect when you don’t have power available and the coffee has a great flavor.

Read the instructions and follow them. It won’t make its excellent brew if you just grind pour and plunge. If you are just getting up and want a cuppa use your drip coffee maker. If you want to take the time and carefully brew french press coffee it will be worth your money. A smaller one for brewing loose tea.

Prefer bodum over this make, was disappointed with the cheap construction. Couple things to note: glass is thin and the nut on the bottom of the press comes apart, which makes it tricky when you clean. You can easily loose the nut down the drain.

Good product but the lid/press part of mine is kinda wobbly and if i’m not careful it’s not going to go down evenly.

I’ve used it for a week now. The screen is nice and tight, so it doesn’t allow grounds to get through, it seems to be well made and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do: brew a good cup of coffee.

Sinbo 11″ Light Industrial Vacuum Sealer – DZ-280/2SE – 4mm seal – Liquid Catch Canister – It works great for resealing chips and cookies

Works very nicely, allows you to vacuum seal mylar bags. You have to be careful with some powders, but i am quite happy with it.

It was just as advertised and delivery was prompt.

Packed up 2 hogs last weekend worked great. Here are the specifications for the Sinbo 11″ Light Industrial Vacuum Sealer – DZ-280/2SE – 4mm seal – Liquid Catch Canister:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single 4mm element sealing bar
  • Self-contained unit with retractable nozzle; no external compressor needed!
  • Impulse sealing system; no warm-up time needed
  • Controllable heat-sealer timer and overheat warning indicator
  • Energy efficient, compact, and portable in size

Vacs and seals just as well as more well known brands such as foodsaver. This is also the only vacuum sealer in this price range that can handle sealing liquids inside the bag. 4 stars instead of 5 mainly because aesthetics, even though it works wonderfully, it just doesn’t have the same clean and polished ‘finished product’ look as many other vacuum sealers. In short, this isn’t an item that looks good on my kitchen counter.

Arrived promptly and as described.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works Well
  • Five Stars

The sealer on the simbo works perfectly but sometimes all of the air is not removed from the bag when sealing. It works great for resealing chips and cookies. It should remove all oxygen from mylar, but i have found that it doesn’t. What i have been doing is placing an oxygen absorber inside the mylar and removing as much of the air as possible using the simbo. After a few hours the oxygen absorber will remove the rest of the air. I still have to use the foodsaver plus their attachment to seal mason jars. I read a review on this site which says she does it; however, i have not figured out how. There are very few instructions included with this product.

Uses cheaper bags and seals better than others i have owned. Would by again, highly recommended product.

These sealers are way superior to the embossed bag type. They are also available without the moisture trap. But, all you need is on influx of juice into your sealer to render it worthless. Get the one with the trap and if you are doing dry goods only you can temporarily bypass the trap with a section of tubing.

I bought this primarily to use for sous vide food, and it has worked great, with one fiddly issue. First the great part, it is pretty easy to operate, it does a great job sucking out the air, and it does not require that you use the expensive embossed bags like a food saver, instead, it uses a nozzle to extract the air. This is the upper line model which can be used for liquids. In terms of liquids, it has a small jar at the rear, the pump goes into a tube which goes into the top of the jar, another tube also goes into the top of the jar, and that tube leads to the nozzle. So if you pick up water in the nozzle, it will get trapped in the jar, instead of going into the motor. In theory, it should be able to get most of the fluid out of a bag, though some of the fluid will end up in the jar ( and in the nozzle ) and as long as it is not too much, it won’t get into the motor. I have used it for steaks that were pretty moist, and it did suck some of the juice into the jar , but it is easy to open it and clean it out. They don’t mention it in the ad for the machine, but i bought a mason jar adapter for a food saver, and you can run that with a hose to the jar at the rear of the machine ( though the food saver jar sealer does not come with a hose, and the hoses from the sinbo are not quite the right size to fit – so i got another hose). Another bonus that i don’t think was advertised when i bought it is that it comes with an extra set of heating elements, so when the original one eventually wears out, you can replace it. You can vacuum and seal or just seal.

I’ve used this for about a month. I’m giving it 4 stars taking into account its price and capabilities. Was able to successfully vacuum seal a protein with a marinade for sous vide. This was the number one reason i purchased the product as i wanted to be able to create a vacuum that might include liquids. Uses inexpensive vacuum bags and in fact i bought a roll so i can make the bags whatever size i’d like. Comes with a replacement sealing heating element. While that makes me a little nervous it’s also a benefit that they make the item replaceable by a consumer.

I bought it to seal mylar bags it seals them wth no problem.

I got this after my original sinbo sucked some bbq juice through and died. This unit, with the canister, seems to be the solution. It also has a sealing width twice that of the original, which, so far, seems to result in a higher percentage of good seals. I did slightly expand the opening on the snorkel by inserting a paring knife tip and rocking laterally. And i still have to manipulate the bag near the snorkel to facilitate the vacuum. Play with it and you will get the hang of it. If i have sucked some viscous (anything other than water, actually) fluid through the unit, when i’m done i pour some hot water in a bag and suck some through the machine to clean the passages. I have been using this for sous vide, as well as for freezing leftovers and plan ahead meals. I use 4 mil boilable bags with good results.

Very happy – great value for price.

Fantastic machine but lousy instructions. In order for the machine to work on anything you must connect the shortest plastic tube. The lousy instructions only say to do that when using a bottle container instead of the bags.

I like the snorkle-vac design and the safty canister that will prevent pump damage for vacsealing with liquids/powders. I also like that it does not need special bags (like foodsavers do) and will work with standard mylar. It doesn’t seem to pull as good a vacuum and i have difficulty maintaining the vacuum while sealing bags but this might simply be operator error as your technique is more important than with a foodsaver (which is pretty much press and go).

I’ve been using this for a while now and was very excited to use the lower cost & mylar however in practice, it only get’s ‘most’ of the air out. On completion it lacks the same ‘shrink wrap’ look & feel that i get from my weston. I wouldn’t trust it to long term (1+ years) but it’s good as an alternative to zip lock for camping trips and such.

This does not give the suction i thought it would. It seemed like the videos looked like it had more suction.

KitchenAid KVJ0333OB Easy Clean Juicer : Excellent high end juicer.

Its a kitchen aid, what else needs to be said.

If you are looking for the best juicer on the market this is it. Easy cleanup, juices whole fruit and vegies and you control the amount of pulp you wantwow. I love it and it sits prominently on my kitchen countertop for easy access.

Did not imagine it would take up so much counter space.

I’m strictly comparing this to the breville (https://www. Com/breville-je98xl-fountain-850-watt-extractor/dp/b003r28hwq/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=utf8&qid=1474919476&sr=1-1&keywords=juicer) since i had the breville first. During amazon prime day i got the chance to buy this kitchenaid at cheaper price. Since this was originally much more expensive than the breville, i thought it would be a better gift for my mom who juices a lot. Turns out, it doesn’t work as well. This one is hard to clean, as other reviewers have mentioned. It’s hard enough that i’d probably not juice as much if i have to use this, lol. It’s also taking much more space in the counter while it doesn’t seem to yield significantly more juice than the breville. The worst part that made me decide to return it is that the resulting juice is not as smooth.

  • It’s BIG!!!
  • Exc quality and quick easy cleanup !
  • If you are looking for the best juicer on the market this is it

KitchenAid KVJ0333OB Easy Clean Juicer, Onyx Black

Sold it because it wasn’t used enough. It was a bit of a pain in the but to set it up, prep the fruit, then clean it up all for a limited amount of juice. This kitchenaid i’ll be keeping though, even if it has one unbelievable design flaw. Out of the box it’s great looking. Good quality, well-made components and an overall feeling of real quality. It assembles easily, too, with only a few main parts to assemble. The unit allows you to choose how much pulp you want as well, with three settings ranging from low to high. The instructions are a bit confusing as to which setting is which, but looking at the top of the screen while adjusting it makes things clear.

The kitchenaid kvj0333ob easy clean juicer is high end juicer that does its job very well. Taking it out of the box, it was immediately apparent that this juicer is much different than my previous juicers. Despite being about the same size, it weighed almost twice as much as my other juicers. Included with the juicer is a cleaning tool and manual which also has some recipes and juicing tips. The juicer itself is made from a combination of plastic and metal, while most of the removable parts and pitcher are bpa-free plastic. The removable parts are top shelf dishwasher safe. Cleaning the juicer is fairly easy, or at least no more difficult than any of my previous juicers. Using the kitchenaid kvj0333ob is very simple. You have 2 speeds, and 3 different pulp settings. I’ve tried a couple of the included recipes, and they all came out good. The kitchenaid kvj0333ob went through all the different fruits and vegetables with ease. The motor is fairly loud, but it’s not a big deal to me. It makes me feel confident that the motor is powerful. Unlike my other juicers, i don’t feel like it’s a matter of time before this motor burns out, which is what happened on each and every previous juicer i’ve owned.

Very good product, good quality and my grandma loved it . Shipped in time , and have to say that the juices are delicious.

I just got into juicing this winter when some health issues came up, and i decided to change some habits. My first juicer (like so many others) was the breville je98xl, which worked great until it died one month later. My assumption is that, because i was juicing harder things like sweet potatoes and beets on a daily basis, the metal blades and teeth wore dull enough that the motor couldn’t keep up with the stress. Luckily, i was able to return that juicer for a full refund and later tried an oster jus simple, which was simply disappointing. I had been eyeing this kitchenaid juicer for awhile, but it is rather pricey, and when i called kitchenaid to inquire about the wattage of the motor they told me it was 500 watts. Now, the smallest breville is 700 watts, the je98xl that i had was 850 watts, and the oster was 1000 watts. 500 watts just didn’t sound like enough to me so i held off until, at least, the price came down considerably. One of the main reasons i was attracted to this unit is because of its ceramic blade disc. Ceramic is infinitely harder than steel- in fact, ceramic is harder than anything but diamonds, so theoretically i shouldn’t have to worry about the blades and teeth wearing to the point where the motor stresses out trying to process the veggies into juice and pulp. I just received this juicer today, and right off the bat;-it’s humongous.

I’ll preface this review by saying i’m not well versed in juicing. I’ve never owned or used a juicer before, except the kind made just for oranges. This juicer is a bread-maker sized appliance that is heavy and somewhat loud. From what i can tell, the huge advantage here is having a large chute which greatly reduces prep time. The juicer can process a huge variety of fruits and veggies of different textures and hardness and has a screen that will catch all the unwanted parts like seeds, cores, etc. I was able to follow the instructions and it worked well, however as a novice juicer i must say there was so much work for so little juice. I guess this is par for the course though – not a reflection of this unit but of juicing in general. Cleaning was easy but tedious because there are lots of parts. Overall, i would say this juicer is highly capable and will do a great job for someone who enjoys juicing. It looks nice on the counter and the reduced prep time is a very attractive benefit.

I have owned a hamilton beach juicer for about a year now, and have enjoyed it. I juice a lot of produce, especially in the summer when the farmers’ market is in full swing. But, i have been a lifelong fan of kitchenaid products. I love their sturdy feel and durability (i have owned one of their stand mixers for nearly 20 years). The problem has always been that they are a bit cost prohibitive, with mixers (and now this juicer) running in to $100s of dollars. So, when i got the opportunity to finally test this kitchenaid juicer, i was thrilled. Admittedly, washing everything before using it the first time is a pain. Actually, clean up of a juicer is always a pain, regardless of how “easy clean” they say they are. But, that’s part of juicing. But, once you get past the annoyance of dealing with clean up, this juicer is fantastic. The pulp container is nice and big, so you can juice a lot of vegetables or fruit without having to empty the pulp container. And it is powerful – no doubt about it. The wide chute allows insertion of whole apples, pears, etc.

I’ve had an oster and breville. The breville was very hard to take apart and clean. The top finally cracked and was completely unusable. I was apprehensive about investing in another one. I have a kitchenaid mixer and love it, so i ordered their juicer. The first thing i noticed was how sturdy it is. No cheap and flimsy plastic. Easiest juicer to take apart and clean, and it’s much quieter than i expected. Btw, the pulp comes out pretty dry, so i know i’m getting most of the nutrients. I’m so very pleased with this purchase.

Thick heavy duty plastic parts. Large ( but quiet ) powerful motor. Easy disassembly for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe and a breeze to take apart and put back together.

This is a large solidly built juice extractor that works very well. It has a powerful motor, a ceramic plate that helps shred the pulp for maximum juice producing efficiency. It produces smooth juice that is that is a pleasure to drink, i often dilute it to suit my personal taste, you mught want to do that tooit has a large juice jug and another container that hold the residual pulp (depending on what you extracted the juice from, some pulp may be suitable for fruit pie etc. ) it has several power settings the low setting is by far and away the best for my tastes. I have extracted juice from melon (watermelon, and honeydew), papaya, oranges bananas, grapes and even apples to my great satisfaction. It is not really the right extractor for a quick glass of juice, because of the clean-up needed afterwards but rather to make a jug of juice for the family. It is quite expensive but worth it if you can afford it. The extractor is easy to take apart for cleaning, it went through my dishwasher a few times without any problems. It comes with a small brush to help clean the stainless steel sieve part.

My first was dirt cheap and threw out chunks. The second was given to me by my mother and was pretty phenomenal. My son came daily to use it, so i finally sent it home with him. I was super excited to get this kitchenaid juicer and start juicing again. I think it’s great, but it’s not perfect. I was very impressed with this juicer when i took it out of the box. The quality of the materials is evident from the first glance. Everything is thick, heavy, and top notch.

I will take up so much counter space its ridiculous. It is very powerful and i did like the blade basket. But it was just too much work for me, and i did notice there was still to much air getting the juice. I sent it back and went for a ninja blender, i am much happier with the clean up process.

I am very impressed with the quality of this juicer. It works excellently and the feeder tube is large enough that i can put whole apples in so i don’t need to cut them up. All the parts are bpa-free and i like that i can choose the pulp level and the speed. I also appreciate the covered pitcher that comes with the juicer. Be sure to put the cover on as you are making the juice as it prevents the juice from spraying all over your counter and the large size of the pitcher is nice for storing any extra juice. That being said, this is advertised as an “easy clean” juicer. I don’t find it easier to clean than other juicers i have used. There are many pieces to disassemble and clean–though the parts mostly just need to be emptied of pulp and rinsed. The only thing that needs to be scrubbed is the basket (the scrubber comes with the juicer) and that takes a few minutes.

Easy to clean quiet and yields the most juice of any juicer i have ever owned.

First, you can’t beat the kitchenaid brand. They make durable, beautiful products that last. This juicer has a lovely black gloss finish with stainless accents. It is a large appliance, and (at least in my kitchen) does not fit under the cabinets with the top on it. It’s easy to use out of the box– just take off the tape and go. The plastic is bpa free which is nice. It has a 2-speed high-low setting for the blade and 3 options for the amount of pulp you’d like- low, medium, high pulp. This thing is fast and efficient and has a bigger spout so you can throw larger pieces of fruit into it. Clean-up is easy– relative to juicers.

The clean up is quick, which was the most important thing to me when buying and keeping a juicer. The reason i gave it four stars is because it does not do a good enough job at getting the juice out. The pulp is still quite wet, wet enough that i can squeeze more juice out of it by hand. At $34, though, i think it’s worth keeping because of it’s compact size and quick clean up. I would not spend $200 on it, though.

Finally, a juice machine made right. I’ve owned a breville, a juiceman, a jack lalane – this kitchenaid model is my favorite, for sure. The other reviewers of this juicer are nitpicking. Yes, there’s a tiny space that’s virtually impossible to clean, but it makes no practical difference in the end??what will make a difference is the ceramic blade. It’s about time someone thought to use ceramic instead of stainless steel?the juicer itself is huge. Much bigger than any others i’ve owned or even seen. Great for making carrot juice – i juice as much as five lbs of carrots before cleaning the machineeveryone should own this kitchenaid juicer.

One of which i burnt up the motor and pulled the cord as a puff of black smoke rose up. The other ones i had leaked all over my counter top. The last one i had was time consuming to clean. This juicer is the answer to my juicing prayers. It looks like the john lennon rolls royce of juicers. Not just any rolls royce the john lennon rolls royce of juicers. There is jug for pulp and jug to catch juice. Not fill one cup and then let juice drip on the counter until the other cup is under the outlet. The jug fits over the outlet and the juice does not spray all over. The blade is ceramic instead of a steel blade. Which seems less dangerous to me cleaning up. It doesn’t vibrate on the counter as other juicers i have had in the past.

As someone who has had a juicer of one sort or the other for the last 50 years – from cheap to pro – i recommend this one. Solid and sturdy, fast and effective, this machine is much more than just a pretty body. The motor is quiet for a powerful motor, it has a large capacity for continuous juicing and most important, the pulp is dry. This means you are getting all the nutrients from your produce and little goes to waste. Use the pulp for soup if you like, or baking projects. Spend a little extra to get a great juicer. Kitchenaid quality and reliability.

Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender – One of the Best Gadgets for the Kitchen

Really appreciate how it makes butternut squash into soup, 1-2-3. It really is a mixer that purees our food very quickly into soup. The mixer is very powerful and versatile. Very easy to clean and hangs up nicely into the wall mount.

Well made, runs nice, good power, good finish. Used for soups, sauces, apple butter, cherry butter, etc. Easy to use, not to heavy or light. Would recommend and would buy again.

I purchased this immersion blender when it was a lightening deal. I had never used one before purchasing and now i don’t know what i would do without it. I have used this to make smoothies, milkshakes, and to blend soups and sauces. I really like how easy it is to use and that i don’t have to deal with a traditional blender. I like the measuring cup that comes with it. It is very easy to make smoothies in it. I use a lot of frozen fruit and this blender does a great job at getting everything blended without any difficulties. It’s very easy to clean and i am very happy that i was able to get this for such a great price.

It is a fantastic product once i discovered something the directions didn’t show. Both the beaker blade and the immersion unit come with a plastic cover on the blades. Pay attention to that and remove before use. I didn’t, what a mess it made. Once removed, it is a great product for the price, even though a bit pricy, it should hold up to hot liquids.

If you’re reading this, you are probably already aware that kitchenaid, cuisinart, krups, calphalon, and half a dozen other brands make hand/immersion blenders that fall into basically the same price range and do basically the same thing. At the end of the day, they’re all collecting about the same reviews. I’m under no illusions as to the quality of any of them over any other, and it’s likely that they’re all being produced by the same factories in china. I bought this because i thought it looked better than competing offerings, and i liked the price point here at amazon. I’ve used it almost daily for 8 months, so this is a pretty qualified review. Pros:- looks good, has a nice rubbery black texture that makes it easy to grip- chopper blade was very sharp- i thought the beaker it comes with was pretty junky, but it’s actually a fantastic design. Just wide enough to fit things into, but narrow enough to make sure ingredients mix quickly and thoroughly- speed adjustments show on a backlit blue screen, making it easy to see. Cons:- as other reviewers noted, the button is finicky. If you don’t push it all the way down, on the right spot, the motor won’t run full-speed (or at all)- the chopper blade dulls fairly quickly and doesn’t appear replaceable. The shakes i make have walnuts and ice in them, and for about 3 weeks you could tell the blade was actually cutting through these ingredients.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • a beast
  • Stellar mixer
  • Three to six times / week.

Purchased may 2013 and to date i am pleased with it’s mixing power.

The krups gpa30842 immersion blender is the first immersion blender i have owned or used. I am so happy i bought this and have been using so much more than i thought i would. With this blender, i have been making some recipes that i didn’t want to make before because i didn’t want to drag out the big blender and have to clean it. This krups blender is so easy to use and so easy to clean, i wish i bought it a long, long time ago. Besides the blender, it comes with chopper and whisk attachments. The chopper is like a mini food processor and it does an excellent job. It will hold and chop a very large onion. Besides onions i have used it for nuts, carrots, celery, blueberries and other foods. The chopper is quick and chops nicely. I have only used the whisk a couple of times for blending, and based on that, i think it will do a good job of whipping egg whites and cream.

My husband uses this to make his special soup. Until i gave him this, he made the biggest mess in the kitchen. Now, in no time at all, his soup is delicious.

This is a replacement for a viking professional blender, which still works but is a pain to use. The shaft design is ideal even for low volumes. However, note that the shaft is not all stainless steel. It is basically a plastic part cladded with steel. So, when immersing some plastic still comes in contact with the liquid. What this means is that you should be careful about blending in hot liquids. Do not want the plastic at the bottom come in contact with the liquids. The viking was all steel (and more expensive). I would rate the viking a 3 primarily because of the amount of effort it took to do a decent blend job.

I purchased this as a stick blender when it was a lightening deal. I have had it for five months now and i use it as a mini chopper and whisk more than as a stick blender and now i am sold on the product. It is quality, works well, you can change attachments without fear of things breaking. In all an excellent, reliable product. I am going to buy a second as a gift. 30 may 2014my two year mark has passed and the plastic gear that holds the shaft has stripped out. If i could find a replacement part i would not complain but i need to trash a beloved appliance for lack of spare parts. Two years is not long enough. Wish i could find a better quality product that does the job.

I always dreaded making tomato, split pea, butternut soups, etc. Because i had to transfer the soup in batches to my blender and then transfer it back into the pot, taking too much time. With this immersion blender, the soup almost makes itself. Just insert the blender into the soup pot and then turn it on and your soups are creamy in less than a minute. One of my favorite kitchen electrics.

We bought this immersion blender after seeing it on the deal of the day almost two years ago–one of the best impulse buys i’ve ever made. This blender receives moderately heavy use (2+ times a week) and we have yet to have a problem with any of the parts. The immersion blender itself works great. It blends and liquifies soups and sauces quickly and the metal blender snaps in and out of the motor with ease. The beaker chopper attachment probably gets the most use out of all the parts. It is easy to use and not as cumbersome as pulling out the food processor when i need items chopped. We’ve chopped every vegetable, herb, and fruit in there, as well as nuts, praline, breadcrumbs, etc. A common complaint i’ve been reading is the plastic gears strip easily, but ours are still intact. I’ve always made sure the lid is locked on properly and have not had any problems yet. Another common complaint was the food is not chopped evenly (there are still a few bigger pieces left after chopping), and that has been true for us.

I have had two other stick blenders and both failed (one was a competing german brand, the other a very interesting two part model with a lot of options, but, ultimately over-designed and not durable. ) ok, so no fooling around this time, this one has a metal stem and it is a serious stick blender. The features:6 variable speeds excellent–you really need variable speed, or at least i appreciate the ability to go from low speed or adjust the speed as i blendlcd display — this shows you the speed you’re using; not a must-have but a nice feature in any case. Soft handle with silicone rubber grips–i have some arthritis in my thumbs, so a soft grip is not only more comfortable, it assures i’ve got a good grip on the unit over a pot of hot soup, for example. Mini chopper attachment –i use this more than you’d imagine; in fact, i use the mini chopper as oten as i use the blender as immersion. The mini chopper is the right size for chopping small amounts of onion, garlic or herbs or nuts. Beaker– you can blend into the beaker if you like, but i rarely do. Whisk–detach the immersion blending stem, add a whisk to do egg whites in a bowl. This is very handy for small amounts of egg whites or whipped cream. I often use the kitchenaid mixer for that purpose, but if you are doing a chiffon cake, for example, you beat batter and egg whites separately and then need to fold them together.

I bought a cuisinart csb-76bc smartstick 200-watt immersion hand blender, brushed chrome at the beginning of the year and it broke, so i bought this one. I love it, it is very powerful and efficient, i can make anything with it: soups, gazpachos, smoothies, cocktails. Crunching ice in my smoothies and cocktails is no problem, i’ve used it for months and the blade is still intact. It’s also very easy to clean, i really just have to rinse the shaft, wipe the handle, and that’s about it. Eating fruits and vegetables has become so easy.

It does all i expected and more.

This is nice hand held blender. I had two of these and very happy with it.

Looks nice and seems powerful enough, but it is made in china, not germany. Therefore, hard to justify the price premium.

The body feels solid but the shaft feels flimsy and it vibrates too much when the blender is running. If i hold the shaft with my hand while i run the blender, the the vibration stops and it runs smooth; but once y release it, the shaft starts to vibrate again. The gear where the shaft connects to the body is made of plastic. A product is as strong as its weakest link. This blender would be ok for $30.

This is hands down the best kitchen item ever. The 600 watt power makes this immersion blender one of the best on the market. Check the power before purchasing another brand.

My cuisinart csb-76w smartstick 200-watt immersion hand blender, whites just broken so i needed a replacement, ideally something step up. I found this beautiful blender, krups kichen products always catches my eyes, i really like their design, european look applpiances fits well in my kitchen. This unit has very nice lcd screen tells speed which is a great great function. This item works really great and i am making soup. If you are looking for step up blender, this is the one.

Excellent – strong – good for chunky soup, smoothies, whipped cream, egg whites, etc.

Sunpentown SPTusa Portable Ice Maker IM-100 – Ice

Note: i actually purchased the im-101s, but it is the identical machine inside. Please do not let other poor reviews turn you away from an exellent machinei purchased my im-101s sunpentown ice maker through amazon on august 26, 2011. I wonder why several people have reported machines with marginal reliability and broken parts after only a few months?.Maybe that’s the key, i use soft water. :)but seriously, i have had the sunpentown im-101s for just over three years now. During that time it has not just sat around doing nothing. We have a family of five who use it 24/7. Our ice maker is never unplugged and never turned off.

I actually have been running this model 24×7 for over a year. No problems or issues whatsoever. I do not use tapwater however – either bottled water or brita filtered water. The ice cubes taste better that way.

My husband and i live in arizona and temps are abovt 100 degrees for about three months straight. After lugging bags of ice from wal-mart we bought our spt unit. We have had it three years; it has run all day, every day since we received it and just now needs replacing because of a plastic part, not the compressor. We will try to fix it, but are willingly ordering another because we can’t face the summer without itjacque in az.

I was skeptical about this ice maker, but have been very happy with it. We always need more ice for family dinners, bbq’s and parties. This was the perfect buy for us. It is great for the price and easily store it in the garage when it is not needed. My kids love the shape of the ice cubes too.

All i can say, sweet and short is, this appliance is awesome. I had bought it years ago just to have extra ice. Then the fridge icemaker broke. I am saying from my experience this is one of the best gadgets i have ever bought. Never has failed, unless i fail to add water. I have never contacted the company because we have never had an issue. We brought this on a camping trip years ago with bottle water gallons, let me tell you, even if they did not like me they loved the ice. By the way i am not being paid for this endorsement.

I purchased this ice machine aug 2010 and have used it every single day. . While it was still under first year warranty i had to replace the pivot tray, i contacted the manufacture and had the replacement item within 2 days. A couple of months ago, the ice machine started to run sluggish and warmer that usual air was coming from the side vents. The fan motor was getting noisy, i contacted the manufacture again and purchased a replacement evaporator fan motor. Received the fan motor within 2 days. . Removed the rear panel and the side panel and easily replacement the fan motor, vacuumed the inside of the compressor compartment ( like you would your refrigerator ) reassembly the unit and now it’s running as if it was brand new again. . This ice machine is perfect. Sits on my kitchen counter, keeps my drinks cold with perfect tubular ice cubes. I would very much recommend this machine. Especially because the manufacture has a great customer service department and are quick to respond if you need them, by phone or e-mail.

  • Excellent Ice Maker
  • Lasted 2.5 years, then the pump started making noise and it died.
  • Questionable

Was put into use immediately and is a workhorse. Everyone loved it and the ice, while not clear, tasted just fine. We are thinking about using distilled water or filtered water to see if the ice is clearer. Ran out of regular ice, turned this on, and had enough ice for everyone’s drinks.

I bought this ice maker for my boyfriend’s boat for christmas. It worked for about 30 minutes and kept saying ‘add water’ when it was full. I called the customer service line the first few days and got nothing, not even a voice mail. I tried again a few days later and spoke with a very nice customer service rep who is sending a new unit. Seems the freeon or something was inoperable. The exchange process has been easy so far. I hope the new one works better and produces more ice than troubles :).

I am so glad that i bought this ice makerit is small enough to put on my counter yet big enough to supply me and my family with enough ice for our days at the park or just a cold soda at home. It is one of the things that was well worth the cost. No more going to the store for that forgotton ice bag.

This is my first portable icemaker, but it has worked great fo me. Sure, you have to run lemon juice through it at first and toss out the first few batches of ice to avoid poor tasting cubes, but it has performed well up to this point. This icemaker had the best customer satisfaction rating of any of the icemakers in this price range, and i would buy it again.

I have had an older model m 100 for years and it works great. The ice scoop broke and after a few minutes on the phone and the internet and got repair parts in a few days. I ordered a new one last winter that stopped working in a few days and they quickly and kindly refunded my money. I will purchase another one.

Features of Sunpentown SPTusa Portable Ice Maker IM-100

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make up to 35 lbs of ice cubes per day
  • Produces approximately 12 ice cubes every 6-10 minutes
  • make 3 different size of ice cubes
  • 1.2 gallon water reservior
  • high efficiency CFC-free compressor

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My wife bought this for me as a gift. We drink a lot in my household, and i’m always having friends over for parties, football sundays, etc. , so the unit worked long, hard hours for a year, and then literally 1 day after the warranty expired, it stopped working. Sunpentown’s technical support was marginally helpful and sent me some pretty poorly written disassembly / troubleshooting instructions to figure out what the issue was. Once i figured out that the ice tray sidearm was broken, i had to pay $20 plus shipping for a new ice tray and install it myself, using (again) very poorly written instructions. It’s a good thing i’m an engineer because i bet the average, non-mechanically-inclined person would not have been able to do it. All in all, it works again, but i just think it could be designed a little better, using slightly more expensive, rugged materials, and it would be a great product. For instance, the synchronous motor, which turns the ice tray, pushes the ice down into the basket, and thus does most of the mechanical work, turns in a pretty flimsy plastic slot in the ice tray sidearm, which makes the ice tray highly prone to breakage. From an engineering standpoint, a metal arm should not be turning plastic part – no wonder this is their most common failure mode. A few things to keep in mind.

I purchased it just before we went on a week-long camping trip. It makes ice very quickly and it made all of the ice that we needed for all of the coolers and for drinks, too. It makes some noise, however not excessive, but that was somewhat expected. I think it is a great product and would recommend it to anyone.

I bought this wonderful ice making machine in the spring of ’06, and i have to say that it has not let me down at all. I used to used it when i could not make ice in the freezer. Now, when the fridge is packed with food and there is no more room for a while, i just get out the cooler, but the beer in it, start making the ice in the machine, and i have a steady supply of ice until i think that the machine is not needed. I’ve always used the large ice cube setting, and continue to do so. Others may have trouble with theirs, but mine just keeps on chugging right along.

5 years, and made ice for our cafe, no problem. It even tried these last few months to keep up but its motor was dying and making loud noises, something with the pump made it difficult to keep producing ice. I’m not sure what it was as we cleaned the filter, but couldn’t get it to work right. So we are looking for a replacement that has a similar capacity or more, and haven’t had much luck.

Make up to 35 lbs of ice cubes per day

Produces approximately 12 ice cubes every 6-10 minutes

make 3 different size of ice cubes

1.2 gallon water reservior

SodaStream 1017512018 Genesis Home Soda Maker, Love it!

More fun than buying soda at the store, last for a long time, and easy to replace the gas canister at any big store. Just replaced mine at office depot.

This thing is amazing, highly recommend. I saw it at a friend’s house and had to have it.

I love this product and can only ponder ‘how did i go so long without it’?. I know we need water but i get bored with tasteless tap water. So i tend to drink too much soda or juice. This machine infuses regular water with co2 and gives you seltzer taste without sugar or calories. The problem is that the canister of co2 has to be refilled after so many bottles of seltzer water are produced (just how many you get from one canister is a matter of some dispute amongst users). I am fortunate — i have a neighbor who provides me refills at no cost. Bed, bath and beyond provides swaps of filled canisters for your empty one at $10-$15 a pop (depending on the coupon you have) but this is costly and requires a trip to the store. Keep the refill issue in mind when you consider whether you want this.

Key specs for SodaStream 1017512018 Genesis Home Soda Maker, Black and Silver:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy freshly made, great tasting sparkling water/seltzer in less than 30 seconds with no mess
  • Save money on soda while protecting the environment by reducing plastic bottle waste
  • Carbonating bottles are specially designed, high pressure-resistant bottles and BPA-free
  • Fizz-preserving cap helps to keep drinks fresh and fizzy longer than store-bought bottles
  • For troubleshooting and warranty information please call 800-763-2258

Comments from buyers

“You’ll never drink plain water again
, Great product — but bear in mind the need to refill the canisters
, your kids are going to LOVE this!!

Does what it’s supposed to do.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this – it’s a very simple product that works extremely well. The actual unit seems to be well built and looks great on my counter. The soda it produces is nothing short of amazing. It’s so funny to take filtered water and turn it into top quality soda in just a few seconds with so little effort. It’s easy to control how carbonated you want it (the same as store bought, more or less if you like), and it holds its carbonation for a very long time in the included bottles (which are attractive and of top quality in themselves. )the starter kit comes with everything you need – the unit, the bottles, and the co2, but having a couple of extra bottles isn’t a bad idea if you drink a lot like i do. The starter kit also comes with a huge array of flavor syrups (the flavors i tried were good, but i just prefer lemon or lime in mine. )i ordered from brookstone and have nothing but good things to say. They called me the morning after i placed the order to confirm that i wanted additional bottles, because the starter kit already comes with two. They didn’t have to do that, and i appreciate it.

Sleek machine – won’t take the 300 carbs, but no one stocks them anyway.

Easy to use, economical, and fun. You will never go back to plastic.

Instead of syrup mixes, try using frozen juice concentrate. Grand kids thought the sample flavors were as good as bottled sodas.

I read an article on the benefits and i needed a present for my wife to unwrap for her birthday. We’ve nearly stopped buying soda. It is healthier and less expensive. This is now my default gift for people that need gifts and for whom choosing something they need is difficult.

Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it. Saves on plastic waste and you can make whatever drinks you want.

We bought this for our son in ca. He loves it, uses it pretty often and its performance has been as expected so i’d recommend this model.

I’m enjoying the sodastream very much. I really don’t miss shopping for seltzer every week.

Slow delivery but the unit is great.

Easy to set up and easy to use. I use it only for seltzer, not sodas. Should pay back in dollars within a year, plus don’t have to lug heavy bottles from the store or fill up landfills with plastic bottles.

I had used a sodastream at a friend’s place when visiting. I didn’t want to pay the extra money for the fancier version, so i bought this. It definitely is not as ‘slick’ as some of the pricier versions, but it gets the job done. I don’t like the loud noise it makes to let you know when it is done carbonating. Other than that i have no complaints. I used to drink a ton of lacroix; this is saving about $50 per month and has already paid for itself.

We have really been enjoying our soda stream. Carbonating water to make chocolate egg creams has been a huge hit. Just pack a variety of flavors and your soda stream. Prefill the sodastream bottles with water and put them in your cooler. When you are at your picnic. You an quickly make a variety of sodas for everyone. Pour a cup, cap the bottle and put it back in the cooler. A real money saver, and the kids love piking their flavors and watching you make their sodas for themi ordered the extra 3 pack of bottles so that i can keep a variety of soda flavors in the fridge.

The soda stream was easy to assemble and use. I haven’t tried the flavorings yet, but am enjoying the seltzer. I just wish more of the starter pack of flavorings were flavors that i like.

This was a gift for my wife, who drinks lots of seltzer. We used to buy in by the box at the supermarket. Now we don’t have that weight to lug and bottles to recycle. She wasn’t fond of the syrups included, but she says tap water works great and tastes good.

Bought this as a gift for my dad and loved it so much that i went ahead and bought myself one. I am not a huge fan of the flavors but have sparkling water at your fingertips at all times is such a luxury.

No more lugging huge, heavy seltzer and soda bottles. Great and simple to use product. I just bought one for a gift.

This was a gift on someones wish list. However i have watched them use it and i think its great. I’ll be getting one for myself soon. If you purchase flavored waters you really need to try this product.

Sodastream is awesome, but it’s like buying a color inkjet printer: the mechanism is cheap and the refills are ridiculous. Co2 refills cost over $20 in our area, and sodastream makes the bottles non-user-refillable on purpose. You can retrofit online with third parties, but good luck finding a beverage-quality co2 source for refills. Other than that, this is an awesome device.

I bought the soda stream for my girlfriend for christmas. She loves making spritzers and high-fructose free sodas. The kit comes with a sample pack of sodas to test out for yourself. This product is a great alternative for buying soda. Our only complaint is that the h20 produced could be a bit fizzier.

I’ve had this for a while now, and i can safely say it is my favorite kitchen appliance. Even beating out the nespressoi love that it’s very simple in nature, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s easy to install new cartridges, and the button press feel is good. It’s easy to see how it should be used, and even easier to do so. There are fancier models for more money, but this one does exactly what it’s supposed to–carbonates water.

Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender – excellent, made in the usa

My husband loves to make smoothies, so i got this blender especially for him, and it’s perfect. He calls it his ‘guy blender’ because it has a powerful (and loud) motor without a lot of fussy settings like ‘chop’ or ‘puree. ‘ it does just one thing but does it really well. Also, my guy is not into details like ‘add liquids first,’ and he has little patience for things that are hard to clean. So the fact that he’s been using it for months without burning the motor out or getting anything stuck to the blades says a lot about how solidly built and easy to use this blender is.

This blender seems to be working well so far. My only complaint, and i don’t know if it is just the blender we received, is that the twist for the cap is actually backwards (so left does not twist off and right does not tighten instead it’s the other way around). This leads to a lot of confusion when trying to take it apart to clean.

This blender is kind of cheap and does not have the power i was expecting. Will not recommend this item.

I been using mine since i got it 4 yrs ago. Only issue is that over time it starts leaking in the bottom and it makes a bit of a mess.

This is an excellent product. We use it all the time and it works great.

Only problem is that i did not read that it came with plastic jar. Other than that its a great deal.

  • Great Value, Great Blender
  • Lives up to my expectations for a Waring.
  • This is by far the best blender that I have ever owned

This warpro is great for families who make smoothies a whole lot. I like that its pretty heavy duty and we haven’t burnt it out.

I had a different waring blender for more years than i can remember. It had a plastic body and membrane buttons with an ice crushing mode. That blender made me believe that i would prefer waring for a very long time. It died only because the plastic body eventually gave up the ghost (we’re talking >10 years) and the motor mounts broke. That ended up messing with the bearings and stuff. With no hesitation i went to get another one. I was a bit skeptical about the two mode switch, but then on the other model we mostly used the pulse and didn’t really care that much about having a lot of speed choices. I see others do not care for the plastic container, but i have no issues with it, and the shape is a key part of why it works so well.

This is–in my opinion–the best inexpensive blender on the market. I eat mostly fruit and it makes the creamiest, dreamiest smoothies. For breakfast i blend bananas, oranges, water and a touch of vit c—for a dreamcicle tasting delight. I am very hard on it too–three to four uses a day–and with a squaretrade warranty added—all is covered.

To be clear, i bought this blender from target, which had the glass container version. As of this review, there isn’t an equivalent item on amazon, so i am putting my review here. The biggest performance concern is typically the motor, blades, and assembly, so i hope others don’t mind this review. After three months of use, it’s still great. I mainly make green tea smoothies using matcha, soy milk, and many half oval-shaped ice. Each piece of ice is about 2 inches long. This blender works great for that purpose. In the beginning, i had the safety (clutch?) mechanism kick in and disconnect the motor from the blade fairly often. This wasn’t inconvenient, though, since it let me know when to shake the contents to get more of the ice to sink to the bottom. After about 2 months of use (i.

I was hesitant to purchase this model based upon some previous reviews, but finally chose it after researching many different models and other companies, mainly because the blender jar is made of plastic and the power level produced by this blender model. Some reviews stated that the blender jar does not sit on the blender correctly and may be unstable, i have not found that to be the case. This is by far the best blender that i have ever owned, i’m sure that there are better blenders out there, but for the price, this blender suited my needs perfectly. I utilize my blender to make fruit smoothies and blended ice drinks.

Features of Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Chili Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base
  • 2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly
  • 48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations
  • Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending
  • Measures 10 by 8-1/2 by 13-2/3 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Flimsy lid and jar difficult to keep in place in use, have to hold it at the top.

The liquid holder is plastic, not glass as i thought it was. The plastic is a harder plastic so it should hold up. Mixed up a drink which included some ice and frozen banana with no problem. Just wished the container part was glass.

This blender proves there is no need to have 14 different speeds to achieve great results. The simple switch operates the blender at one of two speeds. Primary use at this time is to create smoothies, but i am confident it would perform equally well for other purposes. I purchased this blender because it is made in the usa and also because it had good reviews. Consider this another two thumbs up.

Great blender simple to use.

This blender is mostly used for smoothies and it has no trouble powering through ice, carrots, frozen fruit, fresh apples, etc. Brand (we also have their professional waffle maker) because their products are simple and easy to use (no frills) and they work well. For instance, most blenders would have a billion settings like ‘puree’, ‘crush’, etc. And have 5 different speeds. This blender has three settings: ‘hi’, ‘lo’, and ‘off’ and that’s enough to do the job wonderfully. The only thing i would change about this blender is to make the pitcher glass vs. Plastic, but really, it’s not a big deal in the larger scheme of things.

The need:i was looking for a blender to replace a basic kitchen blender that i had owned for 15 or so years. The primary use of the blender is to make protein shakes that contain some frozen ingredients. Features that attracted me:• power• simplicity• warranty• pricelet’s blend:the blender is loud but not annoyingly so. Because it can power through frozen ingredients very quickly the motor noise is more like loud white noise (consistent) than my old blender was when it struggled with those ingredients. You have to hold the jar from the top when blending, which i don’t mind so much. Also, it means that i can feel it when the blender is done chopping through the more solid items in a given mix. My old blender needed 3 to 4 minutes for a good smoothie. In this one 30 seconds on low and another 20 on high does the trick – awesomethe instructions are really clear as to, for example, the order in which to add ingredients. Since this is designed for bars there is very detailed information about ice. You should know:the instructions say not to place the plastic jar in the dishwasher.

500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base

This does a fantastic job of blending ice for drinks etc. My main concern is that the container base secures tightly to the motor but not the the container itsself. Twice now resulting in spills. I wouldn’t particularly encourage anyone to buy this item. I got mine free through a rewards program at work and i kinda regret using my points balance on this.

Great product this was purchased for my son loves it. I have had one for 20 years in yellow love itdoes everything great.

Heavy duty and made in the good ol usa. Hard to find anything made here anymore.

Very pretty, but lightweight. . I thought the container would be glass, but it’s plastic. Sent it back as the inside had something loose that rattled.

This is my 5th blender in 10 years. I had actually given up on blenders since they always burned up after a few frozen drinks. A friend suggested a waring i am impressed. I have made frozen drinks several times and it works great. Only 1 complaint, it works a little too good, if you use level 2 for more than a few seconds your ice will be gone.

2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly

48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations

Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop : All came out great. Heated it at 375

My first usage of the grill was a disaster. Although i tried to season with oil, everything stuck and i haven’t been able to get the char cleaned off without scrapping with a knife.

Thought i would only use this nuwave in the house but we took it camping with the gridle top and it was great for burgers, chicken and bacon. We were happy to have found it.

Nuwave precision induction cast iron grill.

Does a great job of grilling. Steaks come out perfect and juicy. This is our favorite accessory for our nuwave.

  • All came out great. Heated it at 375
  • Great cooking – lousy design
  • NuWave cast iron grill

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop + 1.5 Quart Stainless Steel Nonstick Saucepan with Lid

Grill cooks well but is hard to clean. I really like my nuwave induction cooktops. I seldom use the electric range anymore. This grill works well with the original pic2 but is a bit small for the larger cooktops. I’ve found it harder to clean, though, than traditional non-coated cast iron. The drip tray works well, but on the larger cooktop it means a reduced cooking area.

We use this once in a while for burgers and such and i am glad that i bought this.

Works very well with the nuwave system. Not totally non-stick, but cooking spray helped.

A great accessory to my precision cook top i have used it several times to grill a steay right at the table handy dandy.

I would like the option to not use the plastic grease catcher.

My wife was very pleased to get this for her nuwave grill.

Steak had all of the grill marks as if done on a pit. Meat was tender and cooked evenly along with a great taste. Drip pan fits well and works as described by nuwave.

Nice accessory/complement to the pic. I have grilled meat and veggies and everything turns out great.

I ordered this for my nuwave pic and works great, it was packaged well and arrived on time, thank you.

Exactly what i was looking for.

If you are eating by our self this is great.

This grills my steak so nice. The vegetables are also coming out so nice. The only problem is cleaning the grill after use. For some reason i do not like using soap on the grill, so i have to make sure i have gotten all the very small artifact off the grill.

Small but saves firing uo & cleaning the barbeque.

I do like the nu wave grill but it’s not without its faults. Number one is the drip catcher is out of shape to be able to fit properly under the drip hole. Number two is there are no ‘how to season’ directions and one would assume it’s pre-seasoned?. I sprayed canola oil before cooking a couple pork chops and had some sticking. I used hot water and a stiff brush like i use on my cast iron skillet and it cleaned up fine, so not a big problem there. I think it is over priced as i could have bought a cast iron grill pan for less then $20 and if i had it to do over again, that’s what i would do. Other then price, i’m happy with how it fits my nu wave gold perfectly and easier to store then a cast iron grill pan as it lays flat. You can stand it on its edge and take-up very little space. The drip catcher idea would be great if they made a better drip catcher. Nifty need to go back to the drawing board for that idea to work properly.

Great but the drip cup is a little awkward.

Love this grill that fits nicely on my nuwave induction cooktop.

Kind of pricey but it’s nice to be able to grill inside when it’s too hot or raining out.

Works great on nu wave cooktop.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – : Five Stars

Highly rated by cooks illustrated.

Don’t go out any buy yourself the big kitchenaid mixer. This one does everything you need it to, doesn’t take as much room, and doesn’t require an army to lift.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful DC Motor
  • 3 mixing speeds
  • Beater ejection button
  • Lockable swivel cord
  • Includes 2 Stainless steel Turbo Beater accessories
  • 1 Year Warranty

Use it often when the task is easier than using my big kitchenaid mixer.

Tried to make cookies with this. I was afraid to break it but it didn’t. The speed was fast though but i don’t mind since i don’t bake that often.

Kitchenaid has, i think, about four different variants of this mixer, each at different price points, and with different features (speed, accessories, etc. I guess the not-so-secret secret is that they are all the same model – the same motor, and a similar mould – but with some hardware caps put in place. As a consequence, this cheapest model will perform just as great as the more expensive one. So if you are looking for a reliable, small, convenient mixer, search no more. If you need to whisk eggs, the speed of this mixer is completely appropriate (unlike what is implied to make you want to buy the more expensive models), and you simply need to graph the kitchenaid khmpw whisking accessory. Bought this a year ago, and it is still working fine, and never have i thought that i needed to trade up.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – White : I got this to replace my old hand mixer that is more than 30 years old, made in the usa. We’ll see how this one holds up. I do like the beaters and the speeds. Have made a two layer chocolate cake w/chocolate icing (from scratch) and a chocolate cream pie, so far.

Has a nice slow first setting so things don’t fly all over the place when you first turn it on. It does a good job for a basic mixer. I don’t think it would be good for tough or sustained use like my heavier-duty mixer does but that more powerful oster is really fast on the low setting which is what i wanted to accomplish by buying this one. I just wanted a simple slower mixer and this one works very well.

Seems to be working pretty good – but not near as strong as my old one :(.

We’re great fans of kitchenaid appliances and also own a stand mixer and food processor from kitchenaid. We’ve owned this mixer for at least 5 years. The mixer is nicely designed, with a simple shape that is easy to clean and will not yellow with age. We use the mixer most often for beating egg whites and whipping cream. The mixer is very fast at these tasks because of the design of the beaters and the speed of the motor. It feels very solid in your hand, and does not rattle and shimmy like other mixers. It is a bit heavy, but that is probably part of the reason it feels so smooth when it operates. We have used this mixer for cake batters, but not for heavier jobs like cookie dough (we use the stand mixer for that). If you are looking for something that can replace a stand mixer, you should probably pay a little more and get the 9-speed model. Our mixer broke when we put it into a bowl that was too narrow at the bottom.

Features i like: simplicity of button system. The cord lock in that keeps the cord out of your way when using the mixer. Limitation not so good: the mixer is not as powerful as many, and thus bogs down when you are trying to blend really thick, dense recipes.

Not sure why kitchenaid chose to stop making the 3 speed hand mixer. I’ve had 3 in the the 35yrs i’ve been married – hope kithenaid changes their minds andstarts making them again.

I have owned this for about 2 years. Struggles through cookie dough. The end of the beater broke off at the weld site.

Powerful and gets the job done well.

I was just looking for a simple and reliable mixer and after reading the previously written reviews decided on this mixer. Its not fancy but as you would expect with the kitchen aid name, it is a great little mixer.

Great for little details while baking. Works as promised and haven’t had any problems with this product.

Arrived in good condition, was as advertised, works good.

I am on my second classic 3 mixer. The mixer is great for handling all of my (many) baking chores. However, in both cases, the beaters broke before the motor died. If anyone has a set of beaters which has outlasted the mixer, i’d like to talk to you.

Just a great reliable mixer for most of mixing. My favorite and have gifted several over the years and always a favorite.

She had an identical one that broke after 15 years of loving baking.

This mixer is just what i needed in my small kitchen. I bake all the time and i have always dreamed of getting a big, red counter top kitchenmaid mixer, but that’s just not in my budget and i have nowhere to store it. I have limited counter space and storage. Regarding quality of use, this handheld mixer works like a charm. The last batch of pumpkin bread, i used this lightweight hand mixer to blend all the ingredients one by one. It worked great- no splatters, mixed flour evenly, quiet motor, easy to clean. The rounded edges and lack of small crevices makes it easy to wipe down. I like the simplicity of the machine- there are only three speeds and one button to release the tools. I wish it came with the large whisk, but i’ll have to buy it separately. It works well with thicker batters too.

For a lower cost, no frills option, this is a good choice. I have the turbo 7 speed as well and the main difference is the amount of speeds. When mixing on the 7 speed, i always flipped up through the settings and back and never really stayed on one setting. This one here has 3 and that really is all you need for basic things. As with the 7 speed, the body does feel light weight and that gave me a bad first impression when i first got the 7 speed a few years ago. It has proven to not be an issue though because it is still going strong and as good as the first use. It is rather nice to have the light weight body anyway, in terms of handling it etc. The beaters are thin and i wasn’t sure how i’d like that, at first. They are also light weight and did not feel like heavy duty construction. Again, though, they’ve proven to be just fine and work very well.

I have been a kitchenaid user for many years. They were a company still making products in the usa. Now even though their website says they are american made i find it not to be true. I purchased a new 5 speed hand mixer at kohl’s yesterday. On the back it has a sticker that says st. That is where their company headquarters is i guess. On the bottom of white mixer etched in white (probably so it is hard to read) it says ‘made in china’. Now i am trying to find a decent product by another company that might be made in the usa.