Aroma Housewares AWK-321 Simply Stainless 7 Cup Electric Kettle – best so far

My daughter thinks it’s bulky and doesn’t look nice. On top of it, it doesn’t always shut down on its own. But this is the only all stainless steel pot of its kind that i could find after looking in the web for days and days. All the other ones that i had looked at have some form of plastic inside the pot and when they are filled the plastic would be submerged in the water. I don’t want any plastic (bpa free or not) boiling with the water that i would be drinking, and, like i said, this was the only all stainless steel pot that i could find. Therefore, in spite of its flaws, i’m giving it a 4 star.

This kettle is 100% stainless steel, and it works like a charm. Contrary to what another reviewer expressed, the underside of the lid appears to be stainless steel, not a chrome-type paint. I’ve owned the kettle for around 4 months now, and i’ve used it 3-5 times every weekday. I would definitely buy it again.

As many users who concerned about the plastic contacting with boiling water, i spend quite some time to search for a electric kettle with total stainless steal interior. I finally settle down with this aroma awk-321 simply stainless kettle. After daily use for around two years, the kettle reaches end of its life – the metal part for the lid fall apart from the lid. The lid had a problem that couldn’t close properly after about 9 months. They shipped me a replacement without any hassle. I managed to continue use it, at expense of longer auto-shut off delay, until today. I would give it 3 stars based on the quality, but 4th start for the customer service.

It works like any other electric kettle, auto-shuts off after it starts a roaring boil. The spout isn’t the best for controlling your pour, but for me it’s not bad enough to go looking for another product.

Hi, i ordered this kettle after reading all the reviews on all the kettles. This one has no plastic, is cool to the touch, and fast. But it looked huge on my counter. I previously had a tall stainless ge kettle, which though the same height was much narrower. This kettle is also very white, which i liked but it stood out too much on my black granite tops with stainless steel appliances. In a different environment i probably would have kept it. I ended up going out to stores to compare sizes and finishes of kettles and ended up buying the chefs choice 681 which is much smaller – about 2+ inches narrower for the same capacity.

I searched high and low for a modern looking electric kettle that has an interior with no plastics, heating elements or filters. While this kettle is ugly (in my opinion – minus 1 star), it is the only one with a cool touch exterior and all stainless interior and pour spout. It also has water level markings on the inside which is helpful. Since other reviewers had mentioned that the interior of the lid was chrome looking plastic, i contacted the manufacturer and asked about this specifically. The response i received:hello,thank you for contacting aroma housewares. The interior that comes in contact with the water is completely stainless steel including the underside of the lid and the pour spout. Please let us know if you have any other product questions. Thank you,aroma housewares[. customer service1-800-276-6286 option 1mon – fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm pstit looks like this kettle is the best option as long as you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics. ]

  • All stainless steel and works great after 2 years
  • Lasted two years
  • So Far, So Good

And only one that is 100% stainless steel inside.

Well, as other reviewers have mentioned, the cap is plastic, but appears to be covered on the interior by some metallic/chrome finish. Sure, it would be nice to have a high-end all stainless kettle, but this is stainless on the interior everywhere else. It has the capacity for a large amount of water, as well. It remains cool on the outside (well insulated) and seems durable. We will re-post if the auto-shutoff fails at some point. But for now, it is working just as advertised and we are happy with it. ——————————update november 2013:still works great. No problems or failures whatsoever.

It is a little awkward-looking, but i bought it because of the double-wall construction which keeps the body cool to the touch, and the stainless steel interior so that the water comes into contact with zero plastic. However, after a few days of use, being boiled 4-5 times per day, the auto off switch became intermittent. It would boil until the handle became hot. We have to keep an eye on it now. I gave it a pass early on despite the obviously bad design on the spout, where it’s welded so separately from the body that water seeps and calcifies around the seam. Inside the spout where it joins the pour holes which act like a strainer, the spout collects water like a pocket. I think it’s time to return this. I would have done it sooner, except not long after it arrived, we went on vacation thereby delaying the return time. Back to using our old oster.

Boils water fast, pours easily. Great pot and no plastic anywhere all stainless steel.

I love this kettle, becuase it’s simple, inexpensive, all-steel which is what i was specifically looking for, and works like a charm with the button, as opposed to other expensive model i got a while ago, that i had to recycle because the most basic function didn’t work. The only reason for 4 stars above is the strange fact that it does not have a window to see the water level, otherwise it would’ve gotten all 5. But i’m looking past that since it works really well.

Features of Aroma Housewares AWK-321 Simply Stainless 7 Cup Electric Kettle

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  • #1 Electric Water Kettle Brand
  • Large, 7-cup/1.7-liter capacity
  • 100% stainless steel interior, cool-touch exterior
  • Cordless pouring for easy serving
  • Easy-to-use, one-touch operation with automatic shut-off

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This is the perfect electric kettle. It has a stainless steel interior, but the outside has a coating to keep it cool. No more burnt fingers from accidentally touching the pot. The healing element doesn’t touch the water so it won’t rust. Even when it’s full the pot heats water very quickly and the water stays warm for a long time without any fancy switches to keep a temperature.

Does a great job at what it’s supposed to do, boil water. The big advantage that this kettle has over the competition is the fact that its inside is completely covered in stainless steel, even the underside of the lid. This is a big plus for folks like me who are trying to minimize their exposure to chemicals leached from plastics.

This is an excellent kettle that, as advertised, is all stainless steel inside. As other reviewers mention, the top steel gets very hot when it’s coming to a boil, which is not a problem given the excellent handle that stays cool. People with young children or any one who might not be able to be cautious should take note. Six months into using it, th eight that indicates it’s own blew out, and there’s not way to fix it except to return the kettle to the company. The mechanism that automatically turns off always works, but it has always seemed to come to a long boil before it does.

Little loud when water is getting hot.

A bit larger than what i wanted but it is all stainless and insulated which is what i did want . I love the 360 rotation and the cordless aspect when i pour. The on / off switch is great as the last two i had, i had to plug it in and unplug it when heating water.

Only issue i have is that the handle gets very hot but otherwise good product.

#1 Electric Water Kettle Brand

I have had my kettle for exactly two years, and today the lid refused to close. The only way to keep it closed now is to weight it down, and i don’t think i want to do that. Given the scarcity of entirely stainless electric kettles, i may buy another. I’m not crazy about the way it looks, and as others have noted, the handle gets quite hot, but i did get two years out of mine before i had a problem.

Bought april 2014 and no longer works today, august 17, 2016. Not too bad, but i will be replacing it with secura swk-1701db stainless steel double wall electric water kettle, 1.

I don’t normally post product reviews, because quite frankly, most products are not good enough nor do they impress me enough to take the time to write a review. However, when a product is good and does live up to my expectations, i like to let the company and other consumers know about it. I have had this kettle for 15 months now and i just love it. I wanted to replace my stainless steel stove top kettle with an electric kettle. I like my stove top kettle, especially because it was all stainless steel, but it took an age to heat up. So i began to research electric kettles. I wanted a stainless steel interior, no water window (a place where a leak could potentially develop in my opinion) and a kettle that would be cool to the touch when in use. It blends beautifully with my kitchen as i have white appliances and brushed nickel faucets.

All stainless, no plastic on the inside. Very happy with it until the lid or should i say the stainless underneath the lid fell off. I’ve only had it since 2015. I am not thrilled right now.

This is an excellent electric kettle. There are no plastic parts inside the kettle that will touch the water inside the kettle. The bottom of the lid is also made of metal.

My wife and i looked high and low for an all stainless interior on a water kettle, and this fit that requirement. It heats water quickly and shuts itself off a little while after it comes to a boil. 7 liter capacity, and a plastic exterior. My only dislike is the plastic exterior, as it wont wear the years as well as a more durable material like stainless steel would. Nevertheless, it’s a keeper.

Large, 7-cup/1.7-liter capacity

I’ve had this kettle for about two years and use it daily at my office. I wanted something that is plastic-free and this is it. The kettle boils water quickly and it’s still like new. Ignore the one-star review from september 2014 that says the kettle has a hole where boiling water comes in contact with plastic–that’s wrong. The referenced hole is only a 1/4 inch across and it’s way up next to the hinge of the lid. The fill line is inches below that. When the miniscule amount of steam that reaches that little hole condenses, it drips into the handle, not the pot. This is one of my best appliance purchases ever.

(i’ve had it for three weeks). It heats quickly, no plastic inside as advertised, and is cool to the touch on the outside. I’ve not had any rust problems either, although i do empty residual water out and leave the lid open at night to keep it dry when not in use.

I finally found this totally stainless electric kettle and purchased it from bed, bath and beyond since it was cheaper there. This is the review i wrote for it: this is the first 100% stainless electric kettle i’ve found after years of searching. There is no plastic or silicone to leach out any dangerous chemicals. I contacted aroma’s customer service and they said the stainless steel used is all 304 stainless including the spout and underside of the lid. The outside and handle stay cool, only the band of metal on the top gets hot, but you wouldn’t normally touch there. It is loud when it first starts to heat, but it does heat pretty quickly and then shuts itself off. I’ve now had this kettle for several months and have not had any problems at all.

Searched for a long time for a plastic free electrical kettle. Found a lot of them that claimed to be plastic free but after further research they were not. After inspecting this one upon arrival i was happy to find this one to be plastic free.

100% stainless steel interior, cool-touch exterior

Cordless pouring for easy serving