ARKSEN Electric Commercial Deli Meat Slicer : Cleaning is a breeze (NO Tools required)!!

Purchased this for my girlfriend because she said she would make me fresh sandwich meat for my lunches. She slices turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef, cheese. The blade is adjustable and makes it easy to change thickness of the meat.

Great product is doing exactly what i or you would expect – it slices. I cooked italian beef and the slicer worked great. I am looking forward to trying turkey breast and jicama that i will use as taco shells. This was easy to use and the dial is convenient for choosing the thickness. The only weakness i find, based on one use, is the clean-up since it is not submersible. Little pieces of meat were in the nooks and crannies plus the goop surrounding the blade attachment.

This product is amazing and very easy to use and clean. In our family everyone likes their meats and cheese sliced differently so this product makes it much more convenient than having the deli slice it. I did find that it is a little hard to slice non hardened cheese, but found that if i freeze it for an hour or so before slicing it makes it much easier. For being as cheap as the product was i am beyond happy with how it works.

My only complaint is that the backing plate wasn’t at the same angle as the blade so it would cut an uneven slice, but with some work that was fixed.

  • Will do what is expected for the price
  • Cleaning is a breeze (NO Tools required)!!
  • it is very nice. Looks like a mini version of what your
  • Received today, first impressions
  • Glad I bought this.
  • its very easy. You will need an allen wrench to remove

ARKSEN Electric Commercial Deli Meat Slicer, Stainless Steel, 7.5-inch, 180-Watt

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  • Easily slices meat vegetables, bread and cheese; Sliding meat carriage ensures perfect cuts every time and keeps the users hands away from the blade for utmost safety
  • Slicer pays for itself by allowing you to buy deli meats in bulk, slicing it when needed and then freezing the rest which saves time and money
  • 7.5″ serrated steel blade easily cuts through tough and frozen meats
  • Easily adjust the thickness of each cut of up to 5/8″
  • Overall Dimensions: 15″ x 9″ x 11″

Pros – good price, not too heavy, slices as it shouldcons – blade impossible to clean – especially if bits and pieces get trapped on the bottom, suction feet don’t work , tray does not stay in place as securely as it should so if you use any force towards the blade, the thickness adjustment is pretty much useless.

Easy to adjust thickness and clean. Easy to adjust thickness and clean. Important item for my kitchen.

Little bit of a pain cleaning, but to be expected due to the configuration. Easy to use and easy instructions. Would have liked to have more room for bigger products, but for the size it is, i have no complaints. I like the compactness and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Just cut up a 8 pound ham into lunch meat,.

At this price you will love it. This slicer is pretty much all metal and well made. At this price you can’t go wrong. Easy to use and easy to disassemble and clean. Works well giving uniform, even cuts.

You will need an allen wrench to remove. I have almost 40 years of experience in the culinary field. This is my first slicer purchase which has been designed for home use. I bought it to slice meat for jerky, which i slice in the semi frozen state. It has more than enough power to slice through the meat with ease. After each use i take the unit apart completely and sanitize it. After you take it apart a few times, you get use to the process, its very easy. You will need an allen wrench to remove the blade. The blade is extremely sharp.

We are putting up the last of this years garden and the slicer got a good work out. Arrived on time and well packed. We are putting up the last of this years garden and the slicer got a good work out.Over all, it seams a little underpowered, had a hard time on some squash. I would not call this machine “commercial” quality. I am looking for another slicer that will standup to some heaver work.

So hope it keeps up the good work. . I received the product when said, i did try it on a block of cheese with no problem, so hope it keeps up the good work.

Cleaning is a breeze (no tools required). Bought this slicer for beef carpaccio. I’m slicing my beef paper thin, just the way i like it. Tifaney quintana states in her review that cleaning requires tools (not provided. Actually cleaning is very easy and no tools are required. The blade can be easily removed by turning the center holding mechanism counter clockwise. For the home use i’m giving it and the price paid, i consider this an excellent buy.

Will do what is expected for the price. Great for the price, but do not expect to cut slices paper thin, similar to the slicer i had for about four hundred dollars. Easy to clean and does not take up a lot of counter space. Light enough for most anyone to pick up and put away. I lied, will cut paper thin if cut of meat is completely flat against blade and is moved slowly.

It is a great little slicer. I’ve only used it on ham so far but it worked like a charm. Made the ham nice and thin, just as i like it. I can now cook my own meat and slice it deli style, much cheaper than from the deli. I also like the fact that my home baked meat is not full of fillers and preservatives. I’m looking forward to using it on bread. It is powerful, easy to clean and stores easily.

This thing is great for home use. Opens a whole new realm of possibilities with slicing meats and vegetables. As a cooking geek i love it. I made home made canadian bacon for eggs benedict and it sliced my bacon perfectly and with ease. I had tacos at a restaurant that had super thinly sliced lettuce for a surprisingly off the chart texture. I can replicate that now at home. The blade easier detaches for easy cleaning.

Cleanup is a minimal tiresome considering that you need to have. Cleanup is a small monotonous because you have to have to disassemble with a screwdriver to get into some of the minor crevices but not a awful chore. I have sliced meats and veggies properly slim as i like them. I would surely invest in once more.

Terrific slicer (although not commercial). Easy to thoroughly clean (switch the center knob ninety levels counterclockwise and the blade will come off), steel go over on sliding plate comes correct off. If you drive with force in opposition to the again plate, it will flex backward and your cut will be crooked / thicker. But, for casual dwelling use, this was a terrific worth.

This solution is wonderful and really quick to use and thoroughly clean. In our loved ones absolutely everyone likes their meats and cheese sliced otherwise so this item tends to make it much much more handy than possessing the deli slice it. I did discover that it is a very little hard to slice non hardened cheese, but found that if i freeze it for an hour or so prior to slicing it will make it significantly simpler. For being as inexpensive as the product was i am past happy with how it performs.

Works terrific slicing up a slab of homemade canadian bacon.

Quite well designed — incredible for the price. . For house use, obviously not an industrial grade slicer, but it will do a good work with your home made pastrami or roasted turkey breast or sausage. It is a bit awkward to thoroughly clean, but i imagine that is accurate of slicers in general. The blade snaps off effortlessly so you can clean the housing, the entrance carrier tilts foward. It truly is a minimal hard to thoroughly clean driving the holder — you can get there, it can be just uncomfortable styles and you won’t be able to just take all the pieces off to set them in the dishwasher.

This slicer is good for the price. It really is exceptionally quick to clear and operate. Going from paper thin to a 1/four inch steak thickness. Preserve money when go to the grocery store and slice it your self.