ANKARSRUM Original AKM 6220 Stand Mixer – Five Stars

I really like it but am still in the learning curve. You can watch videos until you are blue in the face but you still need to put in the time. The video that came with the mixer is, apparently, not quite the right size and wouldn’t play in my dvd player. In fact, now i can’t get it out of the player so will probably have to take the whole thing in for repair. That has been very disappointing. I like the second bowl, clear plastic, for conventional mixing. Everything is easy to take apart and clean. I use the stainless steel bowl and roller for bread and did a 5 loaf batch of oatmeal bread. The mixer did an outstanding job and i appreciated not having to knead that huge lump of dough by hand. Most of the videos i have watched have recommended not using the dough hook and just stick with the roller.

This is a wonderful machine. I’ve used a bosch for the last nine years; it has worked well and i have no complaints about it’s build. Occasionally i’d get frustrated with trying to clean the dough hook, but the machine always worked well. I was doing research into different bakeries and their mixing techniques, specifically looking at ‘diving arm’ mixers. Considered by many to be the coup de grace of bread mixers, i wondered if i could fit one in my kitchen. While doing the research, i ran across the ankarsrum/electrolux. I was intrigued by the dough roller and scraper combination. I was also intrigued that this machine has been in production since 1940. The dough roller is supposed to be akin to knuckles kneading the dough. The spring loaded arm is quite an interesting device and i would consider it an analog of the ‘diving arm’ of the previously described mixer.

Very satisfied with my purchase it can handle the multigrain sourdough i make each week. I have not tried the other components yet. I selected it because of its strong motor and ability to handle heavy dough. My kitchen aid mixer(small standing) did not have a large enough bowl and the motor kept running hot.

The ankarsrum mixer is everything we hoped to get in a mixer. It’s easy to use and it is really durable. I love that the motor is at the bottom at the machine (as opposed to the kitchenaid mixer) because it means you can leave it alone while its mixing.

My girlfriend is the ‘baker’ in this house and i purchased this for her as a gift at christmas. We are both great (as we see it) cooks and we both like to have the right tool for the job on any given cook, so we don’t cut a lot of corners in the kitchen. Bread baking is her favorite cooking experience and she really likes her kitchenaid mixer, even with the pro 600 model of that mixer, it doesn’t always do a great job with larger batches of bread dough. She showed me this mixer in a video on youtube and said ‘i bet this thing would work every time. ‘ i decided to add one of these to her christmas loot and i think it might have been the best decision i have ever made when it comes to buying her stuff for the kitchen. The mixing bowl has a 7 quart capacity as compared to her 6 quart kitchenaid. The only time she ever uses her kitchenaid now is when she’s making a triple batch of swiss merengue butter cream that she uses in cake frostings. The kitchenaid capacity handles that better than the accessory bowl with the wisk beaters on the ankarsrum. Other than that, she has totally switched to this mixer for everything else she mixes.I’m reaping the rewards of this mixer regularly with tasting experiments on artisan breads and other treats.

I use mine three times a week and it’s perfect dough every time.

  • Hard to pronounce, but a joy to use.
  • I absolutely L-O-V-E this stand mixer!
  • Very cool bread mixer.

The ankarsrum mixer was awarded 3 points because the dough hook and recipe book are definitely not 5- or even 4-star. The dough hook could use some redesign: it simply does not knead the dough as claimed by ankarsrum; instead, the dough collects in a large wad that defies kneading. The recipe book is a huge disappointment. When one spends $600 for a mixer, a reliable and concise recipe book is expected. The ankarsrum recipe book is neither. I’ve made several bread recipes from it that only years of baking experience rescued from the dust bin. Now, i find myself nervously evaluating a recipe before i even decide to try it. Unlike the traditional stand mixers, the ankarsrum requires different mixing procedures. Unfortunately, the ankarsrum recipe book provides no instruction about these differences. Instead one has to watch a video, and just how convenient is that?.

Most of my bread is 70% whole wheat i grind with my nutrimill. The kitchen aid hd simply doesn’t have the power to mix more than 1 small loaf at a time. With this i can make a 6 loaf batch quickly and easily. It mixes much differently than most all other mixers out there. But once you figure it out, you will be in love with this machine for basic mixing and kneading. I ordered a second stainless steel bowl and roller and scraper so i can make 2 batches of 2 different things back to back. Tip:you can mix most anything using the roller against the side of the bowl. When mixing bread dough, the ingredients will mix together very quickly in under 15 seconds at which time you must adjust the roller 1′ from the side of the bowl. When the roller is adjusted away from the bowl like this you are in ‘kneading’ mode. If you fail to do this, the bread dough will climb out of the bowl. Once you do this, it is not a problem. This mixtures like pie fillings can be done in ‘mix’ mode with the roller against the side of the bowl. Like many people i never use the dough hook.

I am not skilled at making bread, yet i have made it by hand for 8 years. All i can say is that every time i use i am smiling. Breads, cookies, pasta and pizza are so easy now that i want to cook more. Why didn’t i do this years ago?.

A lot better than our kitchen aid mixer.

Once you go through the short learning curve this machine is great. Most videos and recommendations were to use the drum roller and scraper for bread but i wasn’t having good luck with that. I swithced to the dough hook and that worked great. I occasionally had the dough creep up the hook a little bit but i’m sure i’ll figure that out. It was only after i added flour when the dough had been kneaded because it came out too sticky.

Features of Ankarsrum Original AKM 6220 Red Stand Mixer

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  • Continuous speed control and timer knobs
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes a dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, Dust cover lid, a double beater with a 3.5 liter plastic bowl, balloon and cookie whisks, and a seven liter mixing bowl
  • Mixes and kneads smooth, silky, elastic dough quickly
  • Stainless steel and red plastic construction

Make sure this fits
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I just got it yesterday, i have made a cake and my first batch of bread. The only thing i am regretting is that i have waited so long to get this wonder mixer. It is very powerful, yet simple. All the parts and accessories are well made and look very sturdy. It does have some plastic parts, but don’t be afraid it’s an extremely sturdy plastic. I have a kitchenaid 7qt mixer, which is being listed on ebay. The price might be a bit high, but trust me you will not regret this purchase. You will never want to use another mixer.

I love it – my bread is very soft. Would recommend it to anyone who is serious about bread making.

I contemplated quite a while before deciding to go ahead with this purchase. This thing is a workhorse and works exactly as advertised by the manufacturer and dealers. There is nothing that it can’t handle in my kitchen and i love it. Some have indicated that the dough hook is difficult to work with but if you follow the instructions closely and experiment a bit it will be worth it.

Killed one kitchenaid, rebuilt another kitchenaid pro three times. Hesitated before buying this – it’s an investment. It is a different way of mixing, but it didn’t take long to get the tricks down. I considered the bosch, which my mom has and loves, but this one is counter worthy, and the old school aesthetics really appealed to me.

The only consumer mixer i know of in which the motor moves the bowl and not the beater(s) (although it will do that too for light mixing), so there are no planetary gears to break. I use it to make high-gluten ‘beaten biscuit’ dough that would bring a kitchenaid pro to its knees. Probably the most robust home mixer in the world. If you can afford it, buy it.

Should last several lifetimes.

Continuous speed control and timer knobs

This is ideal for the stiff pizza dough that i like to make. It does a far better job of kneading than my old kitchenaid did with the ‘c’ hook, and the ka overheated and quit when i tried the spiral hook (although the kneading did seem more through up until that point). I’ve had the ankarsrum for several months now, and many batches of dough. I really like it: it just does it all without breaking a sweat, and it’s much quieter than the kitchenaid, to boot. Cleaning is easy, too, and i think the footprint is even a little smaller than the ka. I just wish that i had bought this a long time ago.

This mixer is unlike anything i’ve used before. Everything mixes so nice and being able to see your bread dough or whatever you’re making makes a huge difference in the outcome. I watched numerous you tube videos both before and after my purchase which helped with the learning curve. My first few attempts didn’t provide spectacular results but after understanding it more my results are fabulous. There’s no unmixed flour in the bottom like my previous mixer, the kneading for bread is superior to my previous mixer as well. I highly recommend this mixer, it also has a 5 year warranty.

It’s a good product, heavy and strong. Came complet as they apear at the comercial and you can make perfect cakes with the accessories.

Excellent mixer for pizza dough.

I waited a while to save up for this mixer. But it is well worth the money. I use if for bread, cookies and much more. It is very versatile, easy to use and doesn’t take up nearly the room my old kitchen aid did in my cabinet.

Simply the best/better than all the rest.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty

What a huge huge huge step up from my professional 5 kitchenaid. I have had it for over 3 weeks now and have used it for batters and sourdoughs and still cannot believe what an amazing, amazing, amazing machine this is. Even if money is an issue, don’t settle for a ka, seriously, wait a little longer/borrow/save more money but get this mixer, i assure you, you will thank yourself a million times for making this decision.

My husband bought this for his bread making and he absolutely loves it. He doesn’t have to knead by handfor 15 minutes any longer, plus he said the texture is even better.

While clearly not an inexpensive kitchen toy, this engineering masterpiece breezes through whole wheat sour dough that was literally burning up my otherwise sturdy kitchen aid. The mixing action takes a little getting used to (the bowl turns, not the mixing attachments). But it is exactly the right tool for the application.

I’ve gone through five kitchen aid stand mixers over the last 23 years. This runs like it is going to be the last one i buymixing is way different, but once you adjust it is wonderful to use.

It is ankarsrum, what can i say?. So good and solid, very easy to pour ingredients, and less loud and lower frequency than the kenwood and phillips my mom has. I really love itthe only thing to mention is that the cage beater beats faster than other mixers i’ve used and what the recipe instructed, so you need to adjust beating time and check the batter before instructed time (1 or 2 of my cake showed overbeating characteristics before i realized what happened). This is an excellent mixer and i would totally recommend it to everyone who is looking for stand mixer.

The best mixer i have ever owned. It does a wonderful job kneading bread dough, making waffle batter, making carrot or beet salad and is a great fresh orange juice maker.

Top of the line mixer that performs beautifully. I longed for this mixer for a long time before investing the high price tag in it. There’s a slight learning curve to using the roller attachment to make whole grain bread, but youtube has great instructional videos that got me moving in the right direction.

Includes a dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, Dust cover lid, a double beater with a 3.5 liter plastic bowl, balloon and cookie whisks, and a seven liter mixing bowl

Es el mejor equipo de cocina que he visto, es lo mejor que hay hasta ahora, supera a cualquier otro.

Bought this for my wife for her birthday. She used to use a kitchenaid standmixer that did ok but broke down twice probably because she like to bake whole wheat bread. The magic mill has been very reliable and has better gluten development than the kitchen aid ever did. Her breads are much better than she did with the kitchenaid.

Mixes dough nice and light the way dough hook will not. Making whole wheat bread mostly comes out fluffier than before.

Probably the best mixer i have used and i’ve used kitchenaid and bosch and viking. Needs more hands on to use but the result is great.

We make batter breads twice a week and this mixer completely mixes the batter without leaving residue on the sides of the bowl like the ‘kitchenaid’ mixer we had. I could go on about it, but it just plain works better than anything we ever had in the past.

Finally, something that can handle large loads of flour without problems.

Mixes and kneads smooth, silky, elastic dough quickly

All i can say is wow,brought my baking up to the next level. Powerful,quiet,and huge capacity.

This rocks 🙂 i went back and forth for a month trying to decide between this and the bosch. I decided on this one and i absolutely love it. I can make 6 loaves of bread at one time. It can whip up meringue in no time. It has so many different attachments so you can pick the right one to meet your mixing needs. Love that it has two bowls (and a bowl lid) so when i get into a baking frenzy i don’t have to wait for the other bowl to be washed – i just grab the other one. I love the open bowl design – i can add ingredients easily and see how things are mixing up. This mixer reminds me of the ancient mixer i grew up with as a kid. . But looks and works even better. No complaints :)update: the speed adjustment knob slowly got harder and harder to turn until it completely got stuck and wouldnt turn.

I am very happy with my purchase.

Most expensive mixer i’ve ever bought. We’re using it for mashed potatoes tonight and having so much fun trying it out. I’m looking forward to many years of mixing bread dough for my family. We average 15-20 large loaves a week between our family and a few to share. This is the only mixer that seemed to be able to handle that quantity of bread made with 100% fresh ground flour.

I absolutely l-o-v-e this stand mixer. Wish i would have had this years ago. We have a bread-roll recipe that we love during the holidays. With my old stand mixer i could only make one batch at a time. With this one i can make four batches. We have ten people in our family and they all seem to think that they need their own bag full of rolls to take home after christmas. Very powerful motor, very easy cleanup, quiet, very easy to assemble and disassemble the parts. I only wish that someone would make a washable cover to keep the kitchen greases and dust off of my new mixer.

Making bread is so easy with this mixer.

This mixer is everything that i wanted. I was planning on using it for my bread making only. It makes the creamiest mashed potatoes. Wish that i had bought one of these 40 years ago.

I have only used this to make bread, muffins, buns and cakes but i love this mixer. I also have a kitchenaid that i almost broke making bread. I still use it for other things like whipped cream, meringues and such. But i use this mixer most of the time. I love how easy it is to put ingredients in while it is mixing, there is no danger of getting your measuring cup broken, and it gently kneads the dough.

Sorry aurocorrect on last post. After the costco kitchenaid broke kneading a bread loaf we bought the ankarsrum instead and couldn’t be happier.