AMANA RMS10TS Medium Volume Microwave Oven : Nice Microwave for the price

I spent a lot of time researching to find one that was comparable to my 35 year old amana radar range. It was very important to me that it have a stainless steel interior. I don’t care that it doesn’t have buttons that say defrost etc and i don’t find it terribly noisy like some people have complained about. It works wonderfully and the ability to just push one button for either 10 sec. , 20 sec, up to 5 min is very convenient. You can also program it to any time you want or punch in the time manually if you like. It has the larger interior i wanted. Heats things quickly and looks great on my counter. Just what i was looking for.

No frills, no special buttons for oso buco or popcorn. It’s not too big for the counter, yet large enough for a dinner plate. There are no power levels, just on and, then after a while, not on. No turn table to remove and wash/break. Turn the dial to select the number of 15 second intervals you wish to cook. A red led lights for each 15 seconds. The fan comes on, a bell rings when cooking is finished, the fan stays on for a minute after you remove the food and close the door. There is really nothing else to say. I hope this is the antidote to planned obsolescence, but i’ve not had mine long enough to prove that point. I have had it long enough to rely on it, however.

Amana RMS10TS Medium Volume Microwave Oven, 1000W

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Had about a week and has worked great. People using it have to get use to the fan motor running after there item is done cooking. Very east to use and has good power.

This microwave works perfect for our store. I love how it resets the time when you open the door.

This is a very good microwave for use in the workplace. Our union has purchased 8 of these for 5 different worksites and they have lasted over 4 years. Each day, these are used about 30-40 times day each and trust me. They’re put to the test by the employees. None the less, they have lasted with no signs of reduced strength.

Amana RMS10TS Medium Volume Microwave Oven, 1000W : Great product and simple to use. It is not like other microwaves you get at big box stores. It heat evenly and does not burn things. I use mine 3-4 times a day and so far (5 months) so good. Well, 2 years and three months and it died.

Update: performance good but not stellar. Price seemed to increase by approximately $70 after contacting/corresponding with seller requesting assurance regarding warranty and went right back down after our purchase. Or maybe they charge for correspondence?it has no glass turntable, just like the high end ge. It uses a fan to stir the microwaves to achieve even heating. The fan starts when you open the door, and continues after the ready indicator lights up, and stays on after you remove whatever you are heating. As other reviews have mentioned the fan stays on for a minute. Operation of microwave is not exactly a steep learning curve and easily mastered. The only flaw we have found is that the “fit & finish” of the exterior cabinet is not perfect.

I bought this for my aunt who has macular degeneration and has a very hard time with complicated interfaces (she is pushing 100). Microwaves with ‘membrane’ buttons requires her to see what she is pushing. This amana microwave has a knob, and no options. Perfect for re-heating meals and frozen meals. The simplicity of operation, no buttons, just turn the knob and the microwave runs. The indicator has a light for each time step. The indicator does have ’15’ ’30’ ’45’. To indicate the time in seconds but the numbers are too small for my aunt to read, however she can see how many are lit, which is good enough. The timer only goes to a few minutes so you can’t accidentally set it for 20 minutes.

Amana has always been the best microwave on the market.

This microwave was purchased for an elderly woman with beginning stages of alzheimer’s. The idea was to get something that was fairly easy to control. She seems to be fine with the control , but is confused with the fan coming on when the door is opened and stays on for about a minute after the food is taken out. Her previous microwave fan would only be on when cooking. This microwave will probably be fine for most people after you get past the fan staying on past cooking.

The microwave function of this unit, along with the build quality, is excellent. For only a few dollars more it is superior to the typical home microwaves. The only problem is whenever the door is opened, the fan turns on, and it runs for a couple of minutes. (see comments on cutting fan run time. )when the microwave is on, the fan runs as it should, but it doesn’t stop for several minutes after the microwave is done, which is mandatory for commercial cooling. However, when the door is opened to get the food out, the fan count starts over. When the door is opened to put something in, the fan timer starts over, even if the door is shut without the microwave ever being turned on. When i open the door to clean the microwave, guess what starts. This unit is fan happy, which makes lots of incidental noise for no apparent reason. With 15 other programming options, how about one to leave the fan off unless the microwave is started.

Works like a solid microwave. No turntable, but heats evenly. Hope to get years of use from it. My previous microwave was an amana radarange that lasted over 30 years. Made in korea though, not usa.

This is exactly the microwave we were looking for because we wanted one which was well made with a stainless steel interior and simple to use because we only use it for heating items. After using it for about a month, it really fits our needs and it is good looking too.

Much better than cheaper units, cooks evenly and through. But do wish it had a built in clock like all other microwaves in the world.

This was purchased for a small office of 6 employees. We have had several ‘home’ models that haven’t quite lasted more than 2 years. It was decided to go for a more heavy duty model and it has been a hit. I would highly suggest this model for an office.

I was disappointed that while the inside and outside are stainless, the front is all gray plastic – including the handle and knob. Within a few months of very light home use (less than once a day) the plastic knob is showing wear (or maybe my cleaners tried to polish it?). This is the part that shows, and i wanted it stainless. It works great, but the fact that the (none-too-quiet) fan runs for one minute after you close the door is a little annoying (i was aware of this); i wish there were a toggle to switch that feature off. Also, for light home use, it doesn’t seem that those clearances are necessary (especially with the extra fanning). I have it back all the way with 1′ behind (there’s actually a guide to hold it that far from the wall), and the space under the legs would probably suffice even without other clearances.

Pretty much foolproof operation.

I have purchased 10 of these to date to use in our corporate break rooms and cafeteria. I was paying $150 for the ones at home depot and they lasted about 6 months. I have been replacing the 32 units in our facility with this one and have not had any issues in over a year using them yet. They are heavily used and take a lot of abuse.

This is a commercial microwave, unfortunately there is not a consumer version. So there is a warranty concern. But the amana i left in my old house has worked well for several years. So when i discovered that another brand of microwave installed in my new home leaked (microwaves), i decided to by another commercial amana. Here are the advantages: (1) this unit has rotating antennas instead of rotating food. It also has one on the top and one on the bottom. So it cooks evenly without the rotating platter; (2) the door is easy to open by lifting the handle, and easy to close. No button to push in to open, no slamming to close; (3) it is a substantial unit, with a stainless steel exterior and interior sides; (4) it is simple to operate, you just press one of the 10 programmed cooking times, then 20%, 50% or 70% button if you don’t want full power. Or you can enter the a cooking time; (5) you can program how it beeps when the cooking ends, the max cooking time for safety, and other cooking features. Here are the disadvantages :(1) it requires a 20 amp circuit and receptacal.

This is one of the few made in usa microwaves left out there. It is commercial so i thought maybe it wouldn’t be versatile for home use. The 1-10 keypad on the top is as simple as you can get. Just push one of them and the microwave starts. There are also a ton of programs for all the usual things typical of most microwaves, but let’s face it; how much do we really use features such as popcorn or defrost. When you open the door, a fan starts and after your time is up the fan runs for about 30 seconds. This thing is a brute and it is very long (20 inches) so make sure it fits where you intend on using it. I love that it doesn’t have a turntable and whatever coating is on the inside is super easy to clean. I was reluctant to pay $800+ for a countertop microwave, but those junky chinese panasonics cost even more for an inferior product.

Great microwave, i got it for the simplicity of it alone. It seems to shoot microwaves from the bottom upwards, versus from the side (which is why most microwave ovens have a built in spinner). Heats more evenly and quickly. Mine stopped beeping when the cycle is done after a dozen or so uses (hence 4 star rating), so i have to keep and eye out on it if i’m doing other things in the kitchen. There’s no buttons to turn it on or off, so i’m guessing the beep sound is just broken. Also, the fan comes on when you open the door, and stays on for about 1 minute after you close the door, or after a cooking cycle is done. I was thrown off by this when i plugged it in and opened the door the first time. I thought i was about to get irradiated and turn into the hulk. 🙂 now that i know what it’s doing, it makes sense. It helps remove humidity and heat.

There is no good reason for microwaves to have fancy controls. The single dial soft-clicks in 15 second increments. Heating is even, despite no rotating platter — stop and turn it in the middle if you like. It’s the apple of microwaves.