Amana (RMS10DS) 0.8-Cubic Feet 1000-Watt Light Duty Microwave Oven with Dial Timer (Stainless Steel) : Great simple microwave

Replaced a sharp, couldn’t handle the pop corn, burned a hole in the bottom plate. This one works great, simple operation. Will see how long this one lasts.

It’s easy to use & the price was reasonable. It was exactly what i expected. It’s easy to use & the price was reasonable.

Just an updated version of a workhorse.

Great product and simple to use. Great product and simple to use. It is not like other microwaves you get at big box stores. It heat evenly and does not burn things. I use mine 3-4 times a day and so far (5 months) so good. Well, 2 years and three months and it died.

  • Perfect for work lunchroom
  • In love with AMANA
  • Finally a Microwave Oven Worth Owning

Amana (RMS10DS) 0.8-Cubic Feet 1000-Watt Light Duty Microwave Oven with Dial Timer (Stainless Steel)

Great product for an awesome price.

Purchased this for a teacher’s lounge where many a microwave have given their lives. This model is a no-frills microwave but it’s a solid product and has already lasted longer than cheaper microwaves. Also heats food more quickly and evenly.

Finally a microwave oven worth owning. I haven’t owned a microwave oven in many years, but since joining a prepared food delivery service that recommends a microwave for heating their meals, i decided to get one. I cannot stand the usual style with keypads that are hard to figure out, tons of preset settings that i will never use, useless digital clock, etc. And i don’t like appliances made of plastic. When i read about the amana it sounded like just what i needed. A cafe near where i work has 2 of them, and i asked the owner what she though of them and she said she loved them. What other reviewers have said here is pretty much spot on; built substantially in stainless steel, heats from the bottom, so no need for a silly turntable, 1 – count them, 1. – knob control, and nothing more. Everything i’ve cooked with it so far is heated completely evenly and to the perfect temperature. And it’s a compact size and handsome in its simplicity.

Very simple, easy & hopefully it will last longer than the competition. I think we have a winner here. It is well built and super simple to use. We decided that dependability would be our priority after reading so many reviews about today’s microwave ovens not lasting and being prohibitively expensive to repair. Like so many “small” appliances, they have become throw aways. I enrolled in consumer reports which was helpful in navigating the numerous model offers, distinguishing their features, and boiling them down to the chosen few. It was interesting to see how much the technology has changed and although we do not need them, the various additional features that have been added. What cr failed to do was to take into account the roaring sound of complaints from customers on their own website. Cr customers complained about serious problems like breaking down within months or even weeks for the very same highly rated models consumer reports had recommended.

I bought this for my job where it gets used and abused and so far its doing great. The dial can be a bit tricky as it’s not always clear where “off” is but it’s holding up well.

Runs fan after use to cool off.

30 seconds is equivalent to 3 minutes in other microwave. 30 seconds is equivalent to 3 minutes in other microwave. 20 seconds is equivalent to 2 minutes in other microwave.

Super-simple yet does 95% of what microwave should do; chinese manufacture with quality control problems and deceptive warranty. I bought this commercial amana because modern microwaves for home use have universally bad consumer ratings when it comes to long-term durability. Most fail within a year or two. I hoped it being a commercial unit and an amana would make it more durable. Also liked simple mechanical control instead of touch-pad, which again i thought would be more durable. Would have given it a better rating, but problem arose after only 10 days. Unit inexplicably went completely dead (no light, no fan, etc. ) after reheating a cup of coffee for a minute. After a few minutes, it started working again. Happened again about 2 weeks later.

Amana products are always five stars. But expected nothing less from amana.

I have been wanting a simple dial like this. My other microwaves took 3 steps to. I have been wanting a simple dial like this. My other microwaves took 3 steps to get just to time cook on high. I do wish it had a defrost but i can live without. I just love dialing in the time and off it goes. The running fan and light at the end of cycle for 30sec. Make you think its still on the first few times you use it but it’s just habit from other micro’s where everything turns off at the same time when the timer times out. It’s a cooking feature for the micron tube and transformer. And don’t get me started on the no spinning platter.

This microwave works perfect for our store. I love how it resets the time when you open the door.

I enjoy the professional brshed metallic glimpse with no ridiclous electronic clock. This microwave is accurately what i wished for our dwelling kitchen since of the cleanse visual appeal and powerful electronics. It’s so nice to have no flashing quantities. The dial is uncomplicated to read and figure out’ a small purple light glows for each individual fifteen nimutes of cooking time there are massive numerals for each entire minute, as well. The dial and lights would likely be a great preference for cooks who have eyesight worries. When cooking finishes, the alarm soundsit’s easy to hear, but not bothersome. Individuals hunting for a affordable microwave will miss out on this fantastic device that is lovely and cooks like a charm.

We went by way of a collection of residence use microwaves in our get the job done kitchen area. The trouble with people is a) they have way to numerous buttons and options for persons who are just reheating food items, and b) people at do the job do not address products like they do at home – so they never ever thoroughly clean the ovens, spillovers, etcetera. The amana is super basic, just a person dial to turn and that helps make it easy adequate that the most clueless human being can change it on. Next, it has no relocating turntable to split (which all the types in the place of work did). 3rd, it is extremely simple to clear – so when points boil around, and folks just stroll away from the mess – later on cleanup is effortless. It heats things up immediately – even if not rather as evenly as a turntable design would. Eventually, it is ruggedly designed – so many use for every working day is not a difficulty, and the stainless exterior cleans up simply. The great option if you are in an environment wherever the microwave is finding a ton of use to warm things up, but persons who are not cautious or knowledgable about applying microwaves. You will see these in lots of fast food stuff joints – and there is a cause.

Excellent for my wants – easy to work. Excellent for my needs – uncomplicated to operate, practically nothing fancy to break. Seeking ahead to it lasting a very extensive time.

Straightforward microwave to operate. . Only the dial to contend with. Experienced to get used to the lover jogging at the time you open the doorway and just after you remove your food product.

Style and design is straightforward and simple to use. Style is straightforward and straightforward to use. I experienced to peel the plastic bag off the white non-slip rubber rectangle within to cause small scratch on white non-slip rubber. There are about ten minimal bubbles minimum distinct cover on again doorway because of to get the dust within among glass/black screen through manufacturing. Thank god, it is not on front.

We bought a professional microwave without the bells and whistles, because we just wished a strong microwave to reheat food and we required it to very last. The door is a fantastic weight, all the parts feel to be strong and nicely created. The only attract back again so much is the supporter that operates every time you open up the door. It operates for a full minute, which is challenging to get applied to, but if it makes it very last a pair several years for a longer time, i can deal with it. We will see if this will final the exam of time.

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Amana (RMS10DS) 0.8-Cubic Feet 1000-Watt Light Duty Microwave Oven with Dial Timer (Stainless Steel)
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