Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle : Tea time!

I am very happy with the item, it was what i expected.

The whistle sound it makes is kind of strange but that just makes this teapot unique. A little smaller than i thought it was going to be, but it holds just enough water for our evening ‘tea time’.

Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle, Gas Electric Induction SS, 1.3 Liter Mirror-finish

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  • CONTEMPORARY-CLASSIC KETTLE – Alpine Cuisine’s capsule base teakettle teapot fashions a contemporary-classic striking style and lends with a variety of appreciate features.
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – The kettle is constructed of quality heavy-gauge tempered stainless steel.
  • CONVENIENT & SAFE TO USE – The kettle’s side resting ergonomic cool touch handle provides comfortable handling and provides a steady controlled pour with its contour gooseneck spout.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE – Helpful during boiling, includes a spray preventing spout lid, harmonic whistle from the top lid and compatibility with electric, gas and induction heat sources.
  • DIMENSIONS – Diameter (base) – 5 3/4 Inches, diameter (top opening) – 3 1/2 Inches, length – 8 1/4 Inches, height (handle at side rest) – 6 Inches, height (handle erect) – 8 1/4 Inches, volume – 1.3 Liter

I was looking for something stainless, not a porcelain enamel type and one that whistled. When viewing this online, i liked the aesthetic shape and the high finish. While there were some low ratings, i was really persuaded by the complimentary comments. The only thing i was undecided about was which size to choose. I eventually chose and ordered the 1. 5 liter, and i am very happy with it. Because i am the only tea drinker in the family, the smaller size was plenty for me. However, if a prospective buyer typically heats larger amounts, it would be best to consider the 2. 3 liter or larger for purchase.

Beautiful, practical, and can hear it without having to be in the kitchen.

The tea kettle whistle however is rather unpleasant sounding, not what i was expecting. Works great with induction cook top.

Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle, Gas Electric Induction SS, 1.3 Liter Mirror-finish : Its suppose to whistle, but no whistle.

Have had this teapot for about 10 months. Bought it because it’s small. Just wanted for a single or two cups of tea. It’s a perfect size, looks nice on the stove, works great with induction, no rust on inside but. The handle has a little prong that prevents it from twisting over when pouring. On my kettle it’s not even so if you’re pouring with your left hand it can collapse completely over and you’ll get a burn. Sometimes happen when pouring right handed if you’re trying to get the last bit of water out.

I like the classic look of this kettle and it makes a pleasant noise when the water is ready. We use it for tea every night.

Very simple, exactly as i wanted it to be. I looked around on amazon for awhile before deciding on this one– a lot of reviews on other teapots say they have problems with plastic parts melting. This one has very few plastic parts (the handle is plastic so it doesn’t get too hot and burn your hand). You fill it with water and put it on the stove. It’s a very easy way to get boiling hot water. The only thing that i *don’t* like is that the ‘whistle’ sound when it’s ready is more like a weather siren from some kind of deranged horror movie. It’s actually kind of disturbing, but you get used to it.

I first ordered the smaller one liter capacity and it just looked too much like a child’s toy, very small. It is still small still, but a little bit better looking, size wise.

I bought this teapot for my mom for christmas and it works on her brand new induction stove top perfectly. I would say it’s a little smaller than i thought but looks great and works great. Also the whistle is more of a harmonica sound, not as alarming, it’s nice .

I too looked high and low for the perfect tea pot. This one was my second try at ordering one- the first was very nice but ended up being way too big when i got it. This little pot is beautiful in shape/design, heavy, flat bottomed, heats quickly, and as others have said, makes a very unique sound when it reaches boil- pleasant, not harsh. Some have mentioned that the whistle didn’t work/stopped working. This happened to me also after about two weeks, but a slight tightening of the phillips screw under the lid is the fix- the whistle sound comes through the lid, not the spout. Also, i used tap water for awhile but quickly got white reside in the pot. Cleared that right up with a soak in vinegar, and started using filtered water and it is staying clean and shiny now. Would give 5 stars but not until i see how the inside seam (which holds the bottom to the rest of the pot) holds up against rust, leaks, etc. Over time, since with this kind of product and price point, i expect it to last a very long time. Edit: ok, i have been -again- struggling to make the thing whistle on a consistant basis.

This kettle is nice and heavy. Feels like something that will last a lifetime. The whistle is a bit odd the first time you hear it, but i rather like it as it doesn’t scream, but instead has a humming sound. Just make sure the pour spout flapper is pushed down. It has a spring so it doesn’t fit tight to allow for the escaping steam and makes the hum whistle. The pour is nice and the handle is comfortable. I am pleased with this kettle.

Whistles when it is in the mood.

It gives off a good sounding whistle too.

Fits nicely on the stovetop. I love the musical ‘johnny one note’ sound it makes to call me when the water is ready.

I bought this to use on our induction hot plate mainly because it heats up so quickly. It replaces a cordless one which just quit working less than a year after purchasing. I did have a problem removing the lid once it was seated all the way. I took a pliers and flattened one of the tabs a bit so that it would not fit quite as snugly. Since i usually only want to heat up about 12 oz. Of water, i was concerned that the whistle would not work, but it did and boy is it loud–which is a good thing considering how quickly it comes to a boil.

Does have the sound of train far down the tracks. I prefer it because it’s not really loud or high pitched. At first, i was wondering what the sound was. Glad i had read about it in one of the reviews. Don’t fill over the opening of the spout in the kettle. When it boils, water will shoot out of the spout. For the price, it’s an ok item.

Got this for my 82 year old who’s hard of hearing and sometimes, unfortunately, forgetful but it works great. The whistle is loud and she is very happy.

It works perfectly with my nuwave pic. Kettle whistle sound is very different and it’s loud so i can hear it no matter where i am in my home. Kettle is solid and very well made. Love that the lid is firmly in place so no chance of falling off while pouring. Love that the pour spout lids opens and closes on its own. The tilting handle is excellent when filling the kettle or cleaning. I highly recommend and would buy again.

Like it small but perfect for making tea.

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Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle, Gas Electric Induction SS, 1.3 Liter Mirror-finish
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