Alessi Aldo Rossi 2-qt – Best Ever Quality teapot

This is great–after the interior is cleaned, anyway. It took a bit of paper towel, rubbing alcohol, and elbow grease to remove gunk from manufacturing, particularly from where the walls meet the base and from the folded rim of the lid. It’s nice there’s no lead in this, but i don’t want to drink unnecessary quantities of nickel or chromium either. Really is great once cleaned up, though. Water heats quickly and stays hot for a long time.

Having this on my stove is like living with an item from the museum of modern art – it is in their collection. It is a joy to look at and it’s wonderful to use. It is definitely a quality item unlike any tea kettle that i have ever seen – it is heavy steel, the finish is terrific and although it costs an arm and a leg, it is not just for boiling water (but it does that quickly and efficiently). I am fortunate to be able to own it. It was a requested birthday gift that my family all chipped in to give me.

Another beautiful aldo rossi designed alessi piece. Form and function together in an elegantly shaped kettle to display and use. Here are the specifications for the Alessi Aldo Rossi 2-qt:

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  • Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished
  • Capacity: 2.0 litres or 2.11 quarts.
  • With a magnetic heat diffusing bottom for induction cooking.
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.66″ H x 8.66″ W x 8.66″ D.

One of the most visually pleasing tea kettles i have ever laid my eyes on. Heats my coffee water so fast it’s ridiculous. Washes easily, looks amazing, and totally worth the price. It’s an upfront investment, but i’m sure this will last me years.

I have it on my stovetop permanently – looks great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Ever Quality teapot
  • Design and function
  • The Most Beautiful Tea Kettle EVER

I’ve had mine for over 25 years. It’s absolutely gorgeous, of course–but it heats up water incredibly fast. I have an electric range (glass top), and have never noticed the handle getting hot–but i gave one of these to my sister who has a gas range, and did burn myself a little on hers. I think the fact that the element on mine is slightly smaller than the diameter of the kettle is the difference.

I would wish the handle were somewhat insulated from the heat. But i do anything for style.

Classic design, though not as good as the ‘harmonica’ kettle from alessi that has a thick copper base so heats water fast. This is lovely when brand new, but scratches over time with cleaning. I decided today just to throw mine away because of this. The effect is gone once the surface is marred.

This is a beautiful designer tea kettle that heats water very quickly. I don’t have a problem with the handle getting hot; perhaps because the burner is not larger than the base of the kettle.

First, the obvious: the kettle is completely beautiful – design perfection. That stated – plus: its very wide base facilitates quick heating. It’s incredibly easy to keep clean. Minus: the handle can become dangerously hot.

Thank you aldo rossi and of course alessi for design and function.

Handle does get a bit too warm though.

I like that it is made from a substantial metal. Have not had it long, but it appears to be quite efficient.

All that i hoped for and more–it’s art and its very functional.

This is my second one since my husband burned up the first. I know it is a little pricey but well worth.

I bought mine 20 years ago, had to retire it after changing to an induction hob. It didn’t work, the bottom also does’t hold a magnet, which is a reliable test. These days i read many conflicting descriptions about it being suitable for induction. Many webshops still indicate it is not suitable for induction, and some claim it is, very confusing, maybe older and upgraded kettles are sold, who knows ?i would instantly buy another one if i could be shure it works fine with induction. These days they are only offered on line, so it’s not possible to test them with a magnet, ordering and returning is such a hassle. I still love the design, and kept mine just for it’s (useless)beauty.

Wow, was i shocked to find this kettle here while looking for a stainless water jug. I have had mine for about 8 years and it’s still looking and working great. What’s shocking is i bought it for about 7 bucks at value village and i only bought it because it was shiny and funky looking. The surface still looks great, a few very fine, well, can’t even call them scratches because unless you pick it up and look close they don’t show. I think it is the wide bottom design that makes it heat fast, sure is a great piece of art and functionality, i just had no idea it was such a pricey item when i bought it that day. I even had to leave my computer and check the name on the bottom of mine, yup, same company. Would i pay that price for it?. Maybe, maybe not at that time but i could now that i have loved mine for so long already if it ever got destroyed or taken. And no, my handle doesn’t get hot either, it must not be sitting so the heat can rise up to it. My burner is completely under the base so no heat gets up to the handle.

It seems crazy spending $150 to heat water, but it really is beautiful sitting on the stove. That said, we’ve had other quality tea kettles and they tarnished and stained. I was this with water or dish soap once and while and dry it. The finish looks like new after 2 months of daily use. — we do remove it from the stove when we cook to avoid splatters. As for function, you should know a few things. It does not whistle, which i kind of like. If you let it boil, it will be very hot water due to the way the lid and spout increase pressure (i teach physics – higher pressure makes water boil at higher temp), so we turn it off when we start to see steam.

We are using it for the last month and it is perfect in every sense.

I am a serious alessi fan, and have had this teapot for over a decade. Don’t know a great deal about physics, but i’ve never experienced water boiling so fast. If you’re trying to ‘go green’, this teapot will even save electricity/power. It’s really quite intriquing. I assume it to have something to do with the conical shape – you will never be disappointed. The design is also brilliant because the handle never gets prohibitively hot. The finish is so bright and shiny, i’d warn everyone in the household that they cannot use a scrubbie on the finish, or they will scratch it. Brilliant functionality and brilliant design.

Looks so pretty in my new kitchen. Amazon price was 50% cheaper. I could not pass up this deal. You have to use a mitt as the handle gets very hot.