AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler – Works great right out of the box and is very quiet

I set it on 58 deg f and fill it with wine.

Works perfectly,fits really great in our apartment. The light is not at all distracting but it can be turned off anyway if it is distracting to anything. 5 months so far and it works great. I will update if i experience issues.

I was a hesitant to order this wine cooler as it had no amazon reviews. However, i went ahead and took a chance on it, as it was so reasonably priced ($299. When it came i was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of its build, better than advertised, and it functions really well. I have had it about a month now, and it is quiet, keeps the temperature right where the digital read-out says it is, and looks great in the room. It came with a one-year warranty, and i’m assuming that, like most other products of this nature, if it doesn’t mess up during the first year, it will last well beyond that. I can find no flaws in its build, i’ll let you know if something happens.

Very good product for the price.

Now that i’ve had the product for a few i can write a comprehensive review. Pros:the product itself came in good condition and was easy to set up. Its small enough to fit almost anywhere. It is aesthetically pleasing. Controls are simple, up and down arrows. It also has a nice blue ambient glow to it. The cons: although it can be set to 50 degrees it never gets that cool. Because of its size i assumed it could take large bottles but just not many of them. Instead it can only hold a small 750ml wine bottle( a little shorter then the length of two iphone 8s stacked on one another for our millennials) or smaller.

It arrived on time & so far it is working great – it is very quit & doesn’t take up too much space.

  • I love my wine fridge
  • Will not fit large bottles of wine
  • Nice cooler.

This is not a fridge, so don’t expect it to cool your wine way down. This is a red wine chiller and it maintains your wine at a very nice temperature. Pair this with some fancy glasses and a nice pourer and get ready to impress your friends.

As described well worth the money.

This was a gift for daughter-in-law. She loves it as she is a red wine enthusiast. Works great right out of the box and is very quiet.

I am very happy with this cooler. I took the racks out as i am using it to store upright bottles of white wine, pellegrino, vodka, and tonic water. I keep it at the lowest setting, 50 degrees, and for me, that is the perfect temperature. It runs quietly and i see some people complained about the plastic smell but that dissipates after a few days.

Started out working flawlessly. After several months the motor is much louder and sounds like its going to expire any minute. It does keep an accurate steady temp and looks great on our counter. Just disappointed in the loud motor after just a few months.

It would not fit under a regular height kitchen cabinet. I have mine sitting on a desk in the kitchen. I wish you could turn the light of on the display, it’s really bright and always on. I feel is a waste of energy. I love how the drawers (3) pull out so you don’t have pull each bottle out to choose one.

I have had this wine fridge for almost three months now and i couldn’t be happier with it. Looks great on my counter and works perfectly.

Perfect size and i love the led display and controls for temperature.

I have this on our countertop in the kitchen.

Very nice for the price compared to similar products.

Perfect under the counter size. Much colder than my previous wine frig, love the led temperature.

Great looking and very quiet wine cooler. Fat bottles are a tight fit but they get in their. Sometimes it works better if you alternate with some of the bottle tops in the back. That way the fat parts of the bottle are not right next to each other. Regular wine bottle fit in their without any problem. Super price for what you get.

I gave thius as a christmas present for my daughter. The temp stays true to the setting and it’s compact enough to fit on a small space.

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