AeroGarden 3SL with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, White : Nice small footprint with capability to grow three plants

Kinda small, but it’ll work for now.

I am amazed at how fast my plants are sprouting and growing. I bought the small aerogarden because i just wanted to try it before spending the money on a larger version. I will definitely be upgrading to the 7 pod model. I do not have a green thumb. I have killed cactus before. This is so easy to do even i can’t screw it up.

It was advertised as new but the box was water damaged. No time to return but would not buy again.

I have had my aerogarden for a couple of weeks and am growing campari tomatoes, basil and dill. It is fun watching the seeds turn into plants. All you have to do is add the water at the water level, put in the fertilizer each week and watch the plants grow.

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  • This works great! I am amazed at how fast my plants
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AeroGarden 3SL with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, White

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  • The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3SL is the extraordinary soil-free indoor garden that grows plants 5 times faster than soil
  • Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more… let your imagination grow wild
  • Includes 1 high-performance, full spectrum CFL (Compact Flourescent Light) Grow Light
  • Slim, elegant design fits beautifully in your kitchen, home, or office
  • Includes 3-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit with Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill

I purchased the miracle-gro aero garden and fell in love. I can put it up in my kitchen window and watch the plants grow. After about 2 months it just would not work. I contacted the company and they worked with me sending me a new aerogarden when it was discovered i had the older model that had a problem. I will order from this company as they really care about their customers.

One never made bubbles and the plants never did well.

The light switch don’t work properly.

Over all my husband likes the idea of the ‘garden’ but has some question on the quality control. I bought this for my husband for father’s day. The timer for the light seems flaky. Sometimes it runs the schedule cycle, then other times it is on for a couple of hours and shuts off for several hours. Then it will come on again for 5 or 6 hours. The instructions say that it is on 16 hours then off for 8 hours. Also for a gift for our daughter in law, we bought this same garden. Within a couple of weeks the air pump quit working. She loves to cook with fresh herbs, so we thought it was a great gift.

This is my first aerogarden and i love it. The seeds grow so quick and it’s fun to come home and see how fast they are growing. I have already replanted my herbs and am now starting on thai basil, mint, and chive. It’s so nice to pick your own home grown herbs to use while cooking at home.

Bought it for my granddaughter and she was very happy with it.

I had the large one, 7 placements, and we wanted to downsize. The biggest drawback is that it can be hard or difficult to untangle the herbs so, you must stay on it regularly. However, this little problem is offset by the fact that you can have fresh herbs all year long.

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my “green thumb” parents. However apparently there is no room for error at all or maybe we got bad seeds. One plant never sprouted, one took off for awhile then faded, and the last one seems kinda puny. Miracle gro makes great products so i think i will buy them a couple more plants to see how it goes with them. It’s a great concept and perhaps my expectations were too high.

Awesome product ,the miracle-gro aerogarden 3sl with gourmet herb works like a charm. The issues i have had with it after 3 week is the light is wonky meaning it takes some getting used to. The light timer works but not in the way you think resist the urge to mess with it just watch it for a few days and you will see the pattern to it. The bubbler was clogged on week 3 (cleaning and 30 min blowing in too it fixed it), so i am just going to clean it ever 2 weeks. The only real gripe i have with areogardens is that they all come with herbs to begin with, i wish you could pick a different seed product to begin with. Eventually i will update my review to compensate for trans planting, off brand product compatibility, aerogarden 6 unit to 3 unit swaps, ps. The plants grow fast make sure you have the 2 in clearness from the lights and you’re water is full a quick glance every other day suffices.

Arrived on time, simple instruction, have three large plants growing, so much so will need to replant to give them space, i was so impressed i bought a second on as a gift, that one stated germinating in three days .

Thi was a gift and was very well-received.

I have several models of the aerogarden, and this one is the most compact. It looks beautiful on my desk filled with beautiful flowers. If you’re willing to add water and prune each week, you will have great success. *side note- this model is very short, so plants will not be able to grow taller than 1 foot. Other models are slightly taller.

This is a review of the miracle-gro aerogarden 3sl with gourmet herb 3-pod seed kit in black with some comparisons to another aerogarden unit. I recently purchased an aerogarden extra led 7 pod unit and i was given an opportunity to test and try the miracle-gro aerogarden 3sl with gourmet herb 3-pod seed kit in black. I decided to start them both at the same time to do a side-by-side comparison of the two units and the two types of lighting. As the extra led is considerably more expensive and led lighting is supposed to be superior, my expectation is that it will work considerably better than the 3sl. I have just started the 3 herbs that came with the miracle-gro aerogarden 3sl and the 7 herbs which came with the aerogarden extra led and will update this review as they grow. Both units included the same herbs: genovese basil, curly parsley, and dill so i should be able to get an accurate assessment of how the units work with the same plants. Size is a major difference in the two units. The 3sl has a very small footprint. It reminds me of an ott craft light with a pump water system sitting on it. The unit can extend up to 10 inches high which is a concern for me as some plants, such as the genovese basil, can grow considerably taller than 10 inches – at least outside in my garden that is the case but perhaps in hydroponics they are shorter – we will see.

Start all my seedlings in here and it has a really good success rate.

Great product and does a great job growing these unique herbs quickly. The unit is flaky just like everyone says. It does a terrible job keeping the time up. We have to unplug it about every two weeks to reset the timer as it gets about an hour off every two weeks. Other than the flakiness, it’s awesome. The herbs taste great and grow quick.

This system works very well other than the fact only 3 weeks in and airstones holes get clogged from nutrients. I have since gotten updated airstone from aerogrow free of charge. To the people having this problem or future customers of the 3slim; if your airstone has only 5 holes in a + shape u have the old airstone. No worries though with or without water in tank, simply remove airstone (unscrews to the left) and clean inside and out with rubbing alcohol and use needle to poke holes clean and rinse off. I would still email aerogrow for updated airstone. Do not feed too close to lights off and this will help alot. Nutrients don’t have time to disburse through water because pump stops too.

I have grown basil, dill, etc; now started the salad greens. I am very happy with this product. As the plant grows i transfer to a somewhat larger pot and keep near the light, and they are doing well. I am considering the larger unit.

I would’ve given this 5 stars when i got it. Fill it w/water, drop the pods in and plug it in. Maintenance is non-existent. Put water in when the water level drops and add nutrients (which came with the package) when the nutrient light comes on. The aerator was kind of noisy, but you get used to it. It doesn’t just die, but it’s leaking water into the pump. I contact aerogarden support and they are nice, friendly and sent me a replacement cap free of charge.

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