Aroma Housewares ARC-996 6-Cup : Five Stars

I’ve had this for several years. Still works greatupdate: after almost 7 years, the rice cooker went kaput and stopped cooking. The funny part is, it was still trying to work, but i guess the heating element burned out. I do recommend this because i definitely used this rice cooker quite a bit. Several times a month, in fact and it lasted many years. Definitely got more use out of it than i thought for my $35 investment.

I love food, and hate cooking. And up til now, despised cooking rice even though i love it more than any other side dish. With a holiday gift card, i decided to just give a rice cooker a shot and chose this one. I find myself making rice in larger batches and freezing in 1c bundles. The steamer function is equally impressive and makes for a quick weekday meal of a fish fillet (salmon and tilapia have been done so far), which is great for someone who dislikes cooking. As i’m not an idiot, i read and followed the instructions to rinse the rice.

I was surprised to see how small it was than i anticipated it to be. I gave this to my mother as a christmas gift. It looks bulky but the inside is small. It does feed 4 people for around one cup each. I love that there’s 2 different settings for rice–white rice, brown rice, and steaming options. It does have a timer to set before you leave the house to be ready when you come back home. You can also cook it right away. I, definitely, will be buying another one in the future for myselfhowever, i took off a star because of the size and i found this at target for a cheaper price.

Did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before making this purchase. Also decided to learn a lot more about cooking rice and specifically cookng rice in a rice cooker. Purchased “the ultimate rice cooker cookbook”. Have been trying various recipes and results have been excellent. Knowing more about various types of rice and when to rinse and when to soak and when neither matters makes a big difference. I’ve learned to allow more time when using this cooker. Typically, 30-45 minutes for white rice, longer if i am adding other ingredients such as onions, shallots, other veggies. Made an orange rice pilaf this week which required me to saute some veggies in the cooker before starting the normal white rice cycle. The whole process took about an hour, but the end product was well worth the investment of time. I’ve kept our smaller rice cooker for when i need just plain cooked rice in 20-25 minutes, typically when i mix cooked rice into some sort of casserole.

  • Love it for brown rice.
  • Aroma keeps working
  • How did I live without it?

Aroma Housewares ARC-996 6-Cup (Uncooked) 12-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 12 cups of cooked rice and automatically keeps it warm for hours
  • Easy-to-use digital controls for white rice, brown rice, steam and keep-warm
  • Steams meat and vegetables while simultaneously cooking rice for healthy, one-pot meals
  • 15-Hour Delay Timer is perfect for flexible meal planning— rice is ready right when it’s needed
  • Nonstick inner cooking pot removes for quick cleanup in the dishwasher

I bought this rice cooker to replace a cheap, drug store rice cooker i previously owned. I use it for just two people and primarily for white rice. It cooks two dry cups of rice without a problem and the rice tastes great. It can handle up to six dry cups, but i haven’t had occasion to make that much rice yet. I highly recommend this rice cooker for anyone on a budget. With the added bonus of a steamer, delay timer, and rice settings, you can’t go wrong.

I did not expect much from this product since in japan, people pay over 100 dollars for a rice cooker. I gave this one a try to see if it was worth it. And it was :)it’s not the best rice cooker out of everything, but for the asking price, it does what you expect it to do. I don’t think you could ask for more really, i have cooked brown rice, white rice, etc. Many reviews talk about making a mess but i didn’t experience this, at least not much. I recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive rice cooker/steamer, it is really the best for the price.

Didn’t know whether or not i would use let alone like this product. However wow is it simple & great to use. A must buy for anyone that loves to make rice in three simple steps. Measure rice, measure water hit on.

Ever since i first got a rice cooker a few years ago, it’s been one primary kitchen “gadget” that i can’t live out. Long story short, my old one died and since the aroma arc-996 got good reviews, i purchased it. I’ve had this model for several months now and i can’t say enough about it. I usually cook brown rice (usually japonica rice), but also cook white rice (basmati and jasmine), barley, farro, lentils, and beans in this baby and everything comes out great. My old cooker sometimes burnt the very bottom layer of rice but this one only has that issue with rice that’s really been sitting there on “leave warm” for a while, which is expected. I love the simple controls and compact shape of the cooker, and it’s very easy to clean. Sometimes while i’m cooking rice i like to make a foil packet of my meat and veg to cook right on top of the grains, making for the easiest clean up ever. I also like that it has an on/off button so i can leave it plugged in. Looking back at the product specs, i see that it’s listed as a 12 cup capacity machine. Personally i find that if i put 3 scoops of rice, it starts getting a little gummier than if i cook less at a time.

[updated again]knocking this down to 4 stars. Unfortunately, the steam vent attachment can too easily shed a piece of plastic on the underside. While the rice maker will still work, not nearly as well without that piece of plastic. Replacement vents are only $5 a piece, but it’s too bad there’s not a way to make that piece of plastic less likely to be lost. Interestingly, when you buy the replacement part from aroma online, it automatically adds 2 units to your online shopping cart. I suspect we are not the first to have this problem. [updated]indeed, there is new technology in rice cookers 25 years later. This model works flawlessly, and actually uses less water than i’m accustomed to using. (how they changed the technology of rice itself, i don’t know. ) brown rice, white rice, arborio rice, etc.

I have had this rice cooker for about half a year or more and it’s wonderful. Easy set up,easy cooking, and easy easy clean up. I will say that it’s only my girl friend and i eating and 2 cups of rice is the minimum this thing will cook which is alil more than we can ever eat. However we just scoop out and save it and use it in soups or reheat inside an acorn squash in the oven the next night. I love it for it’s “set it and forget it”. It also keeps it warm for many hours if you forget because your playing to much video games. Cooks brown and white rice with perfection imo. Wild rice too with the brown rice setting. I’ve yet to use this to make stews and soups which it can also do.

Rice, easy to make on the stove, yes?no. With this rice cooker you can make rice without injuring yourself, or your neighborsit is actually a requirement since chernobyl that all nuclear power plant workers are required to use these. Buy it, it will not disappoint.

I’ve been cooking for over 40 years and i absolutely love this cooker. It is an idiot proof way to make perfect rice. I bought 5 more for x-mas gifts.

Received the rice cooker today, washed it, and immediately made four cups of brown rice. The thing actually has separate buttons for brown and white rice–very idiot resistant. Rice came out beautifully with a very reasonable alarm tone.

I’ve had this for at least 3 years now, using it at least 4x per week, and it might be the most dependable appliance i have.

For a quick easy nutritious meal you cant beat it. I put veggies and meat in, 20 minutes later it’s dinner time. One note it doesn’t hold allot. About enough for two people or me a meal at night and take the rest to work the next day. I tried rice in the bottom, i let it sit to long and it got soggy. Still working on the timing. For a single adult male this is great. So far my favorite is mixed frozen veggies with spicy sausage.

Previously i owned a 20 cup rice maker by aroma. That one is more than a few years old so i bought this one. I didn’t need a 20 cup so i figured i would downsize. I have had this rice maker for about 3 weeks now and the rim of the pan no longer has its perfect o shape. It is now the shape of an oval. It has not affected how the rice is cooked yet. I do not think that this product will last for years like my old one.

Really good for the price to cook brown rice. The instructions included are valuable to keep because if you follow them, you can just set the cooker and forget about it.

We bought this rice cooker so we’d have the ability to make brown rice (healthier, more filling for you) as well as white rice and it works perfectly as stated and is easy to clean. It’s a great product at a great price.

I usually eat brown rice which takes long time to cook and needs supervision. I bought aroma to save time and to have a perfect rice. The rice cooker works awesome, although i figured out that more water is needed for brown rice (i add 25% more water than is recommended). For rice medley which has some hard pieces i use this proportion: 2 cups of rice i fill with the water up to line 3; this is the cup that comes with the cooker, and the lines are inside the cooker to indicate how much water is needed). Rice comes delicious, not mushy. I wish the rice cooker could be smaller, but it looks good and instructions are clear.

I use this to cook rice 3 times a week its very easy. Just press the on button then choose brown or white rice. The cup that comes with it is infer a cup size and i just put one to one ratio and it comes out fine.

Absolutely worth every penny. Already got my money’s worth out of it twice.

This is my first rice cooker. I’ve made brown and white rice. Rinsed rice till the water ran clear. Tried to make it with the vent both closed and open. Rice is always sticky and mushy. Grains are never separated, just all stuck together. Followed directions to a ‘t’ each time. I’ve never used any kitchen appliance that’s failed every single time.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Blender – Hamilton Blender

After owning it i guess a year or so it has held up well and blends almost anything i can throw at it. The only thing wrong is the wave action will push ingredients out the top if the lid isn’t held down with a firm hand.

I’m a sales rep for the worlds leading frozen drink company. This is the best blender by far. We go through many blenders. This one gives you most bang for your buck. I’d take this one over some of the $2000 shaver blenders anyway.

My wife and i simply love this blender. We have used it for a few weeks now to make smoothies and watermelon juice. It is fast, efficient and produces a product that is smooth and creamy. I know that some people want texture in their blended products, but i don’t. So even when i put granola in my smoothies, it pulverizes them. What is also nice is the two step setting. It starts out reasonably fast and then takes off. And, unlike some, we don’t find it to be overly loud. After wasting hundreds of dollars on ge, oster and other blenders that were too weak, poorly deisgned or that died after a few months, we are so happy that we went commercial grade.

While i can’t believe we actually paid this much for a blender we rationalized it because we had gone through so many blenders that were recommended by rating agencies-they all died in a few years. Just for reference this is no. 2 in the cr ratings but i couldn’t bring myself to by the no. 1 because it was super ugly. This machine is definitely industrial strength. Because the blender jar is all one piece (i. No removable bottom) you won’t get any leaks like we did with our last blender. The motor is clearly powerful. It can produce a frozen drink from frozen ingredients in about 20 sec.

I have studied and read all the reviews that i could before purchasing my new hamilton blender. I bought it mainly for all my smoothie’s that i make every day. I love my new blender and really feel i made a good purchase. I recommend it to anyone needing a bar type blender under $500.

  • THE BEST! Can I Marry It?
  • Blew up after one year
  • Would buy again

Great blender rugged construction. This blender is built to last. A little noisy but the powerful motor blend whatever i throw at it very quickly.

It popped and caught fire in my kitchen. Don’t think i can get a new one because the warranty is up after a year. . Very expensive to replaceupdate: 7/7/13i contacted amazon via chat and they have asked me to return the unit to them and they will give me a full refund.I had the blender 14 months. I am so greatful because this blender is 500 dollars.

We bought the first one from amazon for $333 because it had been returned. When we first turned it on we got blue lighting and a small thunderclap as it blew a 40 amp kitchen circuit breaker. Amazon paid the return postage with a refund to us when they received it back. The next one we got from universal restaurant supply in florida. It took a couple weeks but was cheaper than amazon and we like the blender. I never thought i’d pay this much for a blender, but after breaking and burning out several lesser units, we’re hopeful it’ll be economical in the long run. My son does sports; this blends those awesome protein shakes his coach recommends. The rest of the family will probably use it for fruit smoothies in the summer. It also fluffs up hot cocoa; the plastic container handles hot liquids well, but have to be careful not to fill more than about a quarter to a third of the way or the suds will overflow the container. Also, the lattest unit has the on/off switch underneath, in back, as opposed to on the face of the blender, old style (ours did not come with an update manual, so this took a little looking to find).

I owned a tempest since 2001 and it still works, but we wanted a new blade and container and they have changed the design a bit, so we thought we would get a new blender. Costco had a blendtec on sale, so we bought that. It was 3hp and more watts than costco’s vitamix, so we thought we were getting the best (wrong). The lid dripped horribly and although it blended ice drinks fine, the smoothies made with frozen huge costco strawberries (and applejuice)came out totally smooth and with lumps of strawberries (big lumps). We returned it and bought the new tempest from amazon for $50 more. My smoothies come out perfectly in 15 seconds. I prefer them a little grainy, but i can also get them perfectly smooth if i want. Only 15 seconds and not one lump.This is due to hamilton beach’s wave technology.

We’ve gone through a number of blenders and this is by far the best. While expensive for a blender, it is made of quality parts and is relatively quiet. It works great for smoothies – the step setting starts slow then ramps up to a higher speed. It made a smoothie that was made with frozen fruit into a perfectly smooth drink in under 30 seconds. There is a timer that works with all settings so you set the time of the blend and choose high, low, step or pulse. It blends very quickly using its wave action. The wave action mixes the top into the blades so it cuts down on blending time and you don’t have to scrape or push items down to help with the blend. This is considered a commercial blender (be careful not to order the 220v version)but its foot print is no bigger than many home use models. The color is a very dark blue, almost black. Bottom line: if you want a blender that works extremely well and are willing to pay for it, you will not go wrong with this one.

From the manufacturer

High performance blender with auto shutoff

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Performance and Durability

Timer with Auto Shutoff

Built for the demands of busy bars and restaurants, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest High-Performance Blender is powerful, yet simple to operate. Offering precision blending for a wide variety of drinks, this commercial blender is loaded with features to make blending tasks easier. Everything from a jump cycle that delivers the ideal drink consistency, to a unique jar pad sensor and temperature gauge that helps to increase the life of the blender.

Two speeds, a jump cycle and the pulse button offer precision blending for a wide variety of drink mixtures. Jump cycle starts the blending at a lower speed to crush the ice, then speeds up to complete the blending process. The 64 ounce container with easy-to-read measurement marks for recipe accuracy. This versatile blender powers through ice cream and frozen drinks without slowing down. A removable filler cap makes adding liquid while blending easy. Built for durability, the 3 horsepower motor has an all-metal drive coupling that satisfies the demands of the busiest bar. The motor turns off when the jar is removed, which helps to prevent wear/tear and misuse. Durable stainless steel blades are made to last and get the job done fast.

Key Features

  • Patented Wave~Action system
  • Powerful 3 horsepower motor
  • Two speeds, jump cycle, pulse and timer
  • 64 ounce polycarbonate jar
  • Durable metal drive clutch
  • Jar pad sensor
  • Easy in-counter use option
  • Temperature gauge
  • Commercial cETLus and NSF listed
  • Lifetime warranty on blade and motor drive coupling
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • First 2 years Express Care service (U.S. only)

Wave~Action System for smooth results

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Powerful motor built for durability


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Express Care Warranty in U.S.

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Smooth Results

Ordinary blenders spin contents around the walls of the jar, which can leave whole chunks untouched by the blades. The Wave~Action System has a unique container and blade combination which is designed to continually force the mixture down into the blades for perfectly smooth results every time.

Powerful Motor

Built for durability, the 3 horsepower motor has an all-metal drive coupling that satisfies the demands of the busiest kitchen. A blinking red light indicator shows when the container is not in place, which helps to prevent wear and tear. Temperature gauge monitor alerts operator before motor overheats to prevent misuse. Blender features a cool-down cycle to quickly reduce motor temperatures and resume normal operation.


Jump cycle allows blender to start on low speed to minimize noise while large chunks are being blended. Cycle then switches to high speed to achieve a super-creamy drink profile. Timer shuts down blender after a set time has elapsed and allows for hands-free blending.

The Best Warranty in High-Performance Blending

This product includes a 3-year parts and labor warranty. For the first 2 years, as part of our Express Care service, we will send a free replacement unit (if necessary) to keep your business up and running.

Which is Right for You?

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I have been bartending for several years now and have used several blenders in my time. At the bar i work at we use a vitamix commercial blender rated at 2+ h. With metal coupling like the h-b and works well. (25-30 second margarita)($300 on amazon) i used an island oasis ice shaver type that you pour 10 poundes ice in the top and is fully automatic (couple thousand dollars through i-o). This blender gives similar results in consistancy to the island oasis machine and is rated at 3 h. With a timer which is very helpful for a busy bartender. (electronic timer) not mechanical. This blender is more than capable of whipping up some of the smoothest frozen drinks i have ever gotten from a bar blender.

Hamilton beach hbh650 commercial tempest bar blender with 64-ounce is just what i need.

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