Old Fashioned Hot Dog Cart Table-Top – Arrived in great shape. Looks great

This small hot dog cart works very well. Unfortunately, the plastic on two bottom corners of the hot dog cart arrived cracked and ready to break off. The crack was approximately 1. I applied a small amount of super glue so hopefully this will do the trick and the plastic will stay in place.

I used this hotdog maker to steam the hotdogs on the boiler side. I used to canned baked beans on the bunwarmer side and set the unit on high. The beans & hotdogs were cooked perfectly. The hotdog buns i separated from each other and placed them in a steamer pan and removed the umbrella and rested the pan on top to quickly steam the buns for about 5 minutes right before serving everything together. I had a squeeze bottle of ketchup and mustard next to the whole set up. Worked great with barely any effort on my part at all. When my kids have their friends over, they help themselves when they are hungry and they love it.

Looking to get one does it come with the umbrella?.

Will use it alot at parties.

I ordered this item for my daughters bday party. I received it mid august and her party was not until mid september, so i did not open the package until this past weekend when setting up for the party. Unfortunately, when i took it out of the box, the entire back case (green plastic part) of the cart was cracked and broken. 🙁 my fault for not inspecting the item when i originally received it, but i was so disappointed because the item itself is adorable.I tried to return/exchange the item, but my time to exchange ran out last weekend. Other than the back of the cart being broken, i would recommend this item.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is a great product! 12 dog in one side and 12
  • Ecstatic with my purchase!
  • but I was so disappointed because the item itself is adorable

It attracted people to come over to take a look and strangely made the hot dog taste better.

12 dog in one side and 12 in the other. . Fed probably 100 dogs in 4 hours and only once had to use a propane burner to keep up. The steamer made the dogs that were cooked last a long time warm. I would buy 2 or 3 but one is enough.

I used for a event and put and one tray 15 hot dogs and the other tray i put the chili.

Met an exceeded expectation. Arrived before the expected delivery date, and i am thrilled. Everything i thought it would be and more.

I love this table top and would recommend to anyone.

It ended up being too small which wasn’t their fault. The dimensions were exactly as described. Ended up needing room for 30+ hot dogs.

Not sure how functional it is because i was unable to plug it up during my function i did plug it up just to make sure they did work earlier and it did get hot so i can see it working but can’t vouch for its reliability.

We use it at family parties and it is a hit.

I am receiving many compliments on this. . Heats wonderful adds such a touch to serving hotdogs with chili and cheese‼️.

It’s small, works great, looks great and you can def put a dozen dogs in this thing. My family and friends love this thing when i put this out when i have a bbq.

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Loving this bread machine for perfect gluten free bread!

This bread machine is the first one i’ve ever had. While it was a bit larger than i expected, the machine still fits nicely on my countertop. The machine makes a variety of bread types and sizes. Works great and produces wonderful results. The instruction booklet comes with about 10 – 12 recipes, so if you are looking for recipes to use, there will be some included. The directions were easy to understand and i was able to make bread the very same day i received the machine. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a breadmaker.

I got 3 years out of this inexpensive bread maker and used it weekly for two of those years. It gave up the ghost two weeks ago (motor quit). I have no complaints about the machine. The last 6 months i was using it on the ‘dough’ feature and then baking the bread in my oven, only because baking it in a regular loaf pan allowed the finished sliced bread to fit better in our toaster.

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick coated 2 lb loaf pan
  • Electronic settings with 12 menu selections
  • Delay start to have fresh bread whenever you want it
  • 600 Watts power

Wonderful to have fresh bread instead of store bought. Kids really enjoy it and when it broke (see next) it was a noticed by all. Died 4 months later but i’m still going to give it 5 stars and here is why. We called the company, and with minimal information given to them regarding date code, etc they are shipping us a new replacement by fedex. Sometimes things break, but the vendor is willing to back it up with no hassle or hoops to jump through so it retains 5 stars. ————————revision – 2. First one died as explained above. Company quickly replaced it.

Our old sunbeam finally quit because the kneader (?) in the pan finally gave out. We’re satisfied with our replacement. First loaf set with ‘color’ at medium didn’t rise enough and the top was white. Changed color to dark and they’ve been perfect. Possibly my wife’s recipe needed the extra heat.

While this is a touch noisier than i’d like it to be, it works well. I couldn’t make un-crumbly bread loaves, and i never did figure out how to slice the odd-shaped loaf sensibly, but i do like it for dough. I use 75% whole wheat dough every time, so i often set flour and liquid (water, canned milk, juice for sweet breads) to soak overnight (which does really improve rising), run it on mix for a few minutes, unplug it to reset it, and let it sit overnight. I then plug it in in the morning on 8 (dough cycle), let it finish the cycle, take it out, shape it or freeze it (yummy pizzas are easy with this dough), and let it rise again before baking. The other shortcoming of this particular brand is that there’s no pause button. You have learn the timing of the cycles if you want to remove the dough to do something fancy right before baking in the machine, as the book that comes with it doesn’t detail the minutes in each stage of the cycle. But i got it very cheaply, in the month before christmas (when these seem to be cheapest), and i don’t regret it. I make all my own bread and i was darned tired of kneading. Hint: you really need to freeze grated (or better, diced) cheese for cheese bread and add it as late as you can in the final mix cycle.

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : This breadmaker works very well. I have two disappointments with it. First, the instruction/recipe book does not list the timings of the machine, ie: the times the different cycles take – so that one knows when to add extra ingredients (such as nuts and fruits to the dough during the last few minutes of the knead cycle, or a time when one can remove the dough in order to remove the kneading blade so as not have the blade baked inside the loaf making for difficult slicing and broken slices. Second, on the 1 and 1½ pound loaves, most of the dough balls up in one corner rather than making a loaf it produces a ball of bread which does not cook well in the center. One 1½ pound loaf i did had a ‘half loaf’ appearance with a small knob which rose out almost to a corner of the pan on the end opposite of the accumulation of the most dough.

I use their wholewheat recipe with my extra doses of nuts and seeds and with some herbs, sometimes a bit of milk or malt root beer, celery salt or grated carrots, almond slices or onion chips. I craft the most amazing nutritious and delicious german-style breads – fast and easy. I take out the inner container, put all ingredients in [first the liquid ones. Stick it back into the machine, set up the program, select ‘dark’ for crust and start it. I like to give it additional 30 minutes bake [setting program to number 12]. Minimum is 1h but i simply stop it after 30 minutes. As my breads are wholewheat and super heavy and moist [i add italian cold pressed olive oil] inside, i need a bit extra time. Setting to program 12 is useful to get crust that’s a bit thicker and addictingly crunchy and out of this world. ]

Bought this bread maker for my wife. I looked at many other bread makers before settling on this one. It received great reviews and the price was unbeatable. Neither of us have ever used a bread maker before. This unit is very easy to use and makes wonderful bread. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive machines, but it does what it promises and it does it well.

I bough this machine for my son. He loved it so much, he raved about it, so i bought a larger double-blade one from the same manufacturer for myselt, and i also love it. It makes perfect pizza dough, and the home made bread is fantastic – i no longer buy bread from the store.

I love this breadmaker so much. My co-worker turned me on to it so i bought one in an effort to be healthier and to be able to make bread with ingredients i can actually pronounce. Not only is the bread healthier this way but it tastes delicious. I let my friend sample one of my breads and she was hooked instantly. I actually bought one for her as a housewarming gift. This machine makes it so easy–just put in the ingredients and a few hours later you have a fully baked loaf–no kneading, nothing. At first i was worried that this might be one of those appliances that you use once and then it ends up sitting there collecting dust afterwards, but i have been using it regularly for months now and never buy bread from the store anymore. I love knowing what’s in the food i am eating. I am trying hard to stay away from chemicals and processed foods and this machine definitely helps me do that.

My wife and i decided to get a bread maker and initially i was thinking of taking the plunge on one of the high-end models. After reading many reviews on several models in the $200+ range, i took a look at this one. As far as i could tell they all had pros and cons and this one seemed like as good a solution as any. We’ve had it for a month or so and are very happy with it. It seems to be well made and works as expected.

It has been almost two years since i purchased this bread machine. I use my bread machine about 2 times per week. It is now getting a little worn down. Liquids are starting to leak out the bottom of the bread pan. I have adjusted to this by putting in some of the dry ingredients ahead of the water so that the water cannot easily leak out. Also, the machine makes a lot more noise than it used to. Even though i have the bread machine in the garage, i no longer make bread at night because it wakes my wife up (i sleep through most anything though. That being said, it seems like i always end up wearing out a bread machine after a couple of years. I tried an expensive one once (a zojirushi) and it wore out in about the same amount of time.

We love our bread machine bread and make a loaf a week average. This west bend is a good value and works fine, but the 2 lb loaf’s finished texture is not as compact as the 1 1/2 lb loaves. We also had to order new plastic bags to fit that size. Now, we only make 1 1/2 lb loaves and are quite happy with all the results. West bend supplies great recipes on line.

I’ve been using bread machines for close to 20 years now. Some have been very high end 200$ and up machines and one was a kmart no-name blue light special. I make bread 3-4 times a week so a truly cheap machine will wear out on me in 6 months. When my cuisinart finally suffered it’s last gasp we also had an expensive car bill. Looking about we decided to try this unit. Like most bread machines, the negative reviews were largely operator error or the rare manufacturer defect (replaced a cuisinart over that once so can happen to anyone). Smile, i am a very happy camper 7 months later with a background in the high end machines who can tell you this is a perfectly decent machine. It’s easy to load and set and doe not have the total flexible nature of a fully programmable one but most of us do not need or use that. There are 2 tricks to this machine. It likes an extra tb or 2 of liquid in a 2 lb loaf because it ‘breathes more’ so some escapes and it does not deal kindly with those who try to measure flour by scooping it from the bag.

Have had machine for over a month and make bread 3 to 4 times a week. Will admit that the first 2 or 3 loafs where not perfect but after that have been getting some great bread. Have even been using it to mix and knead dough for stuff that i will have to rollout and bake in the ovendownside – you must follow directions to a t if you are using the timer for a latter start. When ever i start the machine, i always check the dough about 5 mins after it starts to mix and will add a little water/flour depending if the dough looks dry or too wet. If set the timer to start while you are not there to check the dough, better measure the flour and water perfectly.

I ordered this bread machine based on the other good reviews i read. I really love it for my gluten free breads. The bread rises so nicely and the texture is light, soft and airy. The machine does not have a gluten free cycle, but that did not concern me. I use the dough cycle, when it is finished mixing thoroughly, i turn the machine off, let the dough rise about 50 minutes then just bake it. I have made six loaves and perfect every time. I may buy another just for back up. If you want perfect gluten free bread that is soft and moist inside and a nice crunchy crust, i highly, highly, highly recommend this machine. Sorry, i have no idea how regular wheat bread is in it, but i am sure based on these facts, one would not be disappointed.

I bought this as a gift for my wife, who had been hinting for a bread machine. In the 2 months since she got it, she’s made dozens of loaves and every one has turned out fantastic. She’s used other brands in the past and rates this one better than units costing several times as much. Highly recommended, especially considering the price. Only time will tell, but so-far, so-good.

I am very pleased with this bread maker. The cost was low and the quality/features are high. I just completed my 10th loaf and have had no problems. I usually make a whole wheat/multi-grain bread with variations and have had all loafs come out excellent. I have owned a different bread machine for years but had lost the enthusiasm for it due to its shortcomings but now i’m back and loving the bread.

We’ve been using this product for a couple of months now. I had a breadman machine for 20 years that we finally wore out after using it 2-3 times per week. I had been looking for a replacement scanning reviews and finally decided to try this model due to reviews and low cost. There seem to be many bread machines out there with very mixed results, so i didn’t want to spend too much money in case it didn’t work well or broke quickly. So far the west bend has lived up to reviews. We make a lot of dough and then cook it ourselves and all the different varieties have come out perfectly. We’ve used it a time or 2 for complete loaves and the results have been mixed. We have used different recipes than the owners manual lists, so that may be the cause. Pro’s: easy to use, lots of options available, low costcons: a little on the big side, takes up a lot of counter and/or cabinet space.

Arguably my greatest amazon purchase to date. I think it would just be easiest to list the things i love. At the onset, my only complaint is that the pan makes a loaf that is closer to a square than a rectangle:1) the dough mixing option is the best. I use it the most as i prefer to mix the dough (with the auto warming feature) then bake it in a baguette pan or stone in the oven. 2) the non stick internal pan is really not stick. You could get away with just wiping it down and not even washing it. 3) it doesn’t get overly hot and is a reasonable size. 4) $55 seems like a steal, so far i have not had a single problem with it. 5) there are a million options for all types of bread, dough, and speeds.

This bread maker does the job. It’s inexpensive and so far i’ve had decent-sized loaves and no failures. We bought this to make our own low-sodium bread, particularly in hot weather when using my oven would make life inside unbearable. When salt is left out of the recipe, the yeast rises too fast. Ways to control the yeast so it doesn’t cause the dough to explode out of the pan is to add no salt and less yeast (e. Of yeast instead of 2); or, add no more than 1/2 tsp. Of non-sodium baking powder (ener-g) and the amount of yeast called for in the recipe.

Most of the time i use the dough setting since a standard size loaf is better for sandwiches. When the bread is part of a meal, the shape of slice doesn’t matter so i use a setting that makes and bakes the loaf. Homemade bread costs a fraction of the store bought bread and tastes much better.

George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker : Five Stars

This roaster is the best appliance i have ever owned. It is a complete shame that it is no longer being produced. It is simple to use and fail proof. The best chicken i have ever eaten has come from this roaster. If ever you should see one in a store or on line do not hesitate to purchase this item.

Easy to use, easy clean up, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I use this for almost anything i would cook in a regular oven. The roaster will hold up to a five-pound chicken or pork roast and cook and brown it perfectly. You can use the roasting pan to cook meat in its own juices or you can use the traditional grilling part and have the juices flow out of the roaster into a drip pan. The roasting pan is also great for cooking lasagna or any other casseroles and even bakes wonderful desserts like apple crisp or brown betty. My crockpot and this cooker are probably the most used appliances i have. If you can find one – get it.

I already am a fan of the foreman (salton) grill, which does a chop or chicken breast or salmon steak and removes a lot of fat. The contact cooker is a small roaster that works on a similar principle: two heated sections and a hole to drain the collecting fat and liquid. The roaster is about the size of a small football helmet. The roaster includes a small oval pan for stewing (collects the juices and blocks the drain hole. ) this makes it more versatile. It has a timer, since you are roasting larger objects and this can take an hour or two. Our first trial was a roast chicken, using a modified recipe included with the cooker. We added red bliss potatoes and put an olive oil and garlic seasoned mid sized chicken in to roast. The kitchen stayed cool and the roast was juicy.

  • gift and it ended up being one of the best things we got
  • I enjoyed cooking my whole chicken
  • Could be priced for less without drip tray.

George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Upper and lower heating elements provide even, thorough cooking
  • Automatic, temperature control monitors and controls grill’s temperature
  • Non-stick aluminum coating for easy cleaning
  • Automatic, 8-minute preheat countdown; 2-1/2-hour timer
  • Includes slide-out grease tray and a custom-fit, oval, baking pan

I was suprised at how good this cooker is, as i was skeptical. First task: we picked up a fresh 5. 2 pound chicken at the store, tied the legs together with cooking twine, and it fit perfectly in the roaster with a little bit to spare. (the larger chickens will need the legs secured, or pushed together to fit) it was jucier than that famous rotisserie on tv. The grease ran off as advertised, as it nearly completely filled the catch cup on the bottom. Three scrambled eggs, peppers/onions, topped with cheese. Used a light coating of spray to coat the top tray, just in case. Closed the lid and set it for 20 minutes.

I now own three george foreman grills. This one was a toss-in with the large grill i purchased. What a pleasant surprisei’ve marinated and rubbed several small whole chickens and they are simply the best i’ve ever made. The right-sized piece of beef is equally as good. This thing is easy to clean, has a self timer, and takes up about as much space as my crock pot. All of the grease and juices spill right into a pan below the unit. Here’s a bonus, i’ve used the liquid to enhance chicken stocks to start soups and other meals. It comes out so rich, it is an excellent base for this purpose.

I had moved a lot a few years ago, i always had the gv5 go with me. But i packed thebaking pan separately and when i looked at ‘this tray’ i didn’t remember what it was forso i tossed it. Now i want to start cooking vegetable soups and don’t have thetray. I been looking in the arc stores and going to start trying the goodwill stores and maystumble upon one, i hope. I think i will make a tray out of heavy duty foil formed from thebase and try that. And really there would be less cleaning.

We originally got one of these as a wedding gift and it ended up being one of the best things we got. We used it until we could no longer read the display and had to get a new one. This one was the replacement and it works great. Still one of our best kitchen appliances.

These are the best chicken, roast cookers around. Sadly there not sold in stores anymore so i bought enough that i have a spare.

I love this roaster and could not do without it. My first one finally died after years of good service and i knew that i needed to replace it sooner than possible. The price was perfect, arrived on time and condition was excellent. I might buy another one just to keep on hand. I wish george would make an upgrade.

I love this roaster i used it all the time until it broke. Trying to find another one but it looks like they don’t sell them anymore.

Could not use it without drip tray.

I bought this second one after my granddaughter saw the one i bought for her dad.

I got the george foreman contact roaster for a mother’s day gift. I love kitchen gadgets and could not wait to add this one to my collection. The first thing i cooked in it was the egg casserole (recipe in the booklet) and it turned out great. The second thing i made was a 3 lb. The aroma as it cooked was amazing. It was moist, tender and juicy. It took an hour and a half to cook. I would suggest not to line your roaster with sliced onions as i did to enhance the flavor of the chicken. The onions carmelized, then burned and got stuck in the drip hole. It was not very easy to clean that out. The roaster is also a bit small. I wish i would have requested the larger model as we are a family of 4 (soon to be 5) and i can see us outgrowing this appliance long before it wears out. I love to create recipes and cannot wait to see what i am able to concoct to cook in this roaster. It is very versetile and does not heat up the kitchen.

I bought this at a garage sale and the owner raved about it but of course he would. I fixed some boneless pork chops in it yesterday and i can see why he raved. They were delicious, browned nicely and moist. I a going to try and fine the manual online so i know what else i can cook in it and how to use the upper tray. As of now i will try the chicken and see how it comes out.

It cooks anything from a hen to lamb chops thoroughly.

What i like about this contact cooker is that it’s perfect for roasting chickens (less than 5 lbs), roasts, and whatever else you can fit in the cooker’s cavity. It heats up in less than five minutes and is ready to go when you are. The cooker comes with a removable insert which i used most of the time so the meat can roast in it’s own juices. It also makes it easier to collect the juice for gravy, just make sure to use pot holders. The insert tray handles stick out of the sides of the cooker. It gets hot and can burn you if you’re not paying attention. Plus, an unknowing person may accidently try to pick up the cooker thinking their handles for the cooker itself. It can be a potentially very dangerous situation when the cooker is being used. You don’t have a choice to the heat settings. Heck, it took me a while to find out what the cooker’s heat setting was. But, since you’re cooking using all sides of the cooker, the temperature is quite practical for all meats. The cooking cavity is not as big as i would like it to be. It’s fine for anything less than 5 lbs and not overly large. Great for family meals of 4 or less – but don’t expect to fit a pork shoulder roast or thanksgiving turkey. It also doesn’t allow room for me to slip in a temperature probe very well. The teflon coating clean up really nice. The insert tray take a little more work to clean, but it’s not too bad. It’s ready in less than 5 minutes. Doesn’t radiate heat as much like your oven would. A big plus, especially in the summer time. Just about foolproof if you follow directions. Even though i like using temperature probes to keep tabs on my food, it really isn’t necessary to do so. This is a really nice cooker to have. Lots of pluses to having it, especially when you start using it. You’ll discover the benefits yourself.

Just got this contact cooker today and the first thing we tried was boneless chicken breast. I fixed two in the contact grill and two in the oven. Both cooker and oven was preheated (oven to 375 degrees). After seasoning and breading the chicken breasts, i placed the chicken in the oval pan that came with the contact cooker and a pan to be used in the oven. Both pans were lined with tinfoil to reduce cleanup. I set the timer for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, the chicken in the contact cooker had a rich golden brown color while the chicken in the oven was still a very light golden brown. Both chickens were equally tender and had good flavor. The chicken in the contact cooker was my favorite because it had better color and the crust was crispier. Next time i will do all the chicken in the cooker and forget the oven.

I enjoyed cooking my whole chicken, came out nice brown and tender. I am sorry gave my first one away.

Used it a lot in my small apt.

Love it, could not live without it. This one is for a granddaughter, a christmas present. Can’t wait to see her face as she begs for all the time. She is in college and will be thrilled.

Those of us who are convinced devotees of the george foreman series of indoor grills will love this relatively new offering, which now allows us to extend the two element cooking principle of the foreman grills to a more traditional cooker. Yet for us bachelor types, this is anything but cooking as usual, providing adequate space to accommodate a large (up to five pound) chicken or several steaks to thoroughly and safely cook meat to absolute perfection. This new version of the foreman grill series of devices employs heating elements which are embedded both top and bottom to ensure a more even cooking of the meat. It also features a quite unique ‘rib-grill’ design that is both easy to clean (as are all the foreman products) and has a non-stick surface that facilitates cooking without the use of a lot of vegetable oil. One of the nicest features of this relatively inexpensive indoor grill-cooker is the neat 2. 5 hour timer, which helps even a die-hard amateur like me to deliver the goods and have everyone asking for seconds, please. It also has some nice features such as a pre-heating function, a custom oval baking pan, which fits nicely inside, and an easy to use slide-out grease tray for easy disposal of the leftover residual grease. This is a great product, and is relatively inexpensive at around $55.