Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 10-Speed Die Cast Blender : It is a great product

I can only comment on one thing. How this blender does for smoothies. That’s the main reason i bought it. That’s all i have tested so far. That depends on how much inconvenience and hassle you are willing to put up with. The good news is that it does make very smooth smoothies, without the lumps and tiny ice chips that my older blender left behind. The bad news is that to get that smooth consistency, i had to take the top off, and using a spoon, carefully scrape down the sides and push down the ice/fruit/liquid while it was blending. I literally had to do this the entire time. I stopped a couple of times, and when i did, the mixture stopped moving. Towards the very end, the last few seconds, i didn’t have to scrape and push because it was liquid enough to move around on its own. Still, it was definitely a hassle, and with the top off, i was waiting for my smoothie to fly out and hit the ceiling. Thankfully it stayed in the pitcher. So my dilemma is do i keep this relatively inexpensive, but kind of a hassle blender, or do i spring for an expensive professional blender, like a blendtec or vitamix. If i was really into juicing or healthy eating, the decision might be a little easier, but i’m not.

It is a good blender for its ‘best buy’ $25 price at a big box store. I use it mostly for smoothies with fruit and soymilk which is an easy task for any blender. I am guessing it can handle more difficult tasks as well. The real glass container is safe for both the freezer and the dishwasher and it cleans easily. The oster is not as loud as most blenders and on low speeds is reasonably quiet. It comes with a full 3 year warranty and a 10 year warranty on the motor. Extra blades and glass containers are available on the oster website. The feet are too small so the blender moves around on smooth tiles at high speeds.

Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 Oster 10-Speed Die Cast Blender, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 450 Watts, made in Mexico
  • 10 Speeds with pulse
  • Stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blade
  • 6-Cup dishwasher safe glass jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

I use my blender for making frozen drinks are smoothiesit’s fast and you don’t have a mess easy to clean. Plus it’s quiet don’t make that much noise break up the ice real quick. I love this blender the best one so far and the price is amazing.

We have tried a lot of blenders in the past, but none of them works like this one, and it is also very quiet. In the past we could never have gotten a glass jug, but now this is product is a plus for us.

It does the jobs and is nice and compact and is oster, the big name in blenders. However, costco has them for thirty bucks in the store.

Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 Oster 10-Speed Die Cast Blender, Silver : Works great just like the one i had arrived on time love it.

It works really well, but my neighbors hate me because of this thing. On the loudness scale, it’s somewhere between ‘landing 737’ and ‘annoying leaf-blower guy’.

Arrived when promised, good, heavy construction, useful ‘easy-clean’ feature. Handles most all types of ingredients like a charm.

Ok, here’s the update on the blender. We love this blender, it’s powerful and crushes ice and frozen fruits like butter. We don’t have the shimmy across the counter issue that others had. That has never happened again. Unless you’re running a restaurant, i don’t see the need to spend $300 on a ninja blender. This does the job just fine for our needs. I bought this blender at costco. My old oster finally went on to the next world after 20+ years. For my new blender i wanted a large glass container and a metal base, which is what my old blender had. I was horrified at what a decent blender now costs.I found a really nice one by faberware on walmart.

Cuisinart CBT-700 PowerEdge Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender – Blender

I’m 61, have had a fair number of blenders,this is the best for any job, but really too bad the top sucks. It does not fit unless you use a rubber mallet, and i’m afraid it would shatter or you would not be able to get it off. I’ll use a palm sander and see if i can make it work a little easier.

Has auto setting just trun on and what the unit make a smoothie. Crushes ice like advertised and the reason of purchase.

Thank you, reviewers, especially g. Harkness, who i followed all over the web while researching this. The puree and smoothie features on this blender are very useful, and not as noisy as using it at high. I have small hands so sometimes it’s hard unscrewing the bottom, but i’ve learned first to tug on the side of the base, and if that doesn’t work (perhaps because the frozen fruit in the smoothie has caused the plastic to contract), i let the jar sit for a minute or two and then put it back on the base to give me extra leverage for untwisting. So far i’ve use this blender for smoothies, soups (several kinds), pesto (which is much easier to make than in a narrower blender because there’s more room to push down the basil leaves), and mixing oj from concentrate. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CBT-700 PowerEdge Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700-Watt of blending power
  • Die-cast metal housing with backlit functions
  • Dishwasher safe 56-ounce; glass easy-pour blender jar
  • Pre-programmed smoothie and ice crush functions
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Many processes are pre-programed. There are never any residual lumps of ice or other frozen product in a smoothie.

I was recently on vacation with a group of friends, and one of them brought along this blender to use for making frozen drinks. I couldn’t believe the way it crushed ice – it did a fantastic job. The blender automatically cycles the blades off and on several times while using the ice crush button. I would fill the blender over half way up with ice, and it would crush the ice without any issues – no chunks.Other blenders i have used in the past would leave small chunks of ice in the drink, which can be annoying when trying to drink it through a straw. I did notice a slight problem with the cover; you do need to use a little muscle to get it all the way on – but at least you know that it won’t leak while blending. Based on how well this blender worked, i am ordering one for myself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wonderful Blender
  • Chop it up
  • Husband Loves This Blender

I really enjoy this blender. I’ve had it seventeen months and use it twice a day to make fruit and vegetable smoothies. It works better to put soft foods and liquids in first, then frozen and use the pre-programmed smoothie setting. I wear noise protection headphones as it’s a bit loud. The lid is a tight fit so i just hold it on while blending. The glass carafe is good for food, easy to clean and looks good as new. Bought a vitamix at the same time and his copolyester carafe looks grungy now. The cuisinart is a much better price, has a timer and smoothies taste just as good.

I wanted to love this blender, and even defended it against the vitamix. But it never once made a smoothie without me having to turn it off, add more liquid, and stir it up to release the air bubbles that were trapped in the bottom. I had to do it several times to make one batch. Great for soups and other very liquidy things though. After 2 years it just crapped out on me (power and buttons lit up but motor was apparently dead) so i returned it and am looking at other brands. Hope my cuisinart food processor lasts longer.

The lid fit great out of the box, but after putting it through the dishwasher once, it seemed to change shape and now has the same problem as other reviews. However, it still sits on top and keeps everything in. I would recommend, just know you may have issue with lid.

Before i write my review i wanted to add that this is literally the fifth blender we have tried in the last 45 days in our search for something decent. To date we have throughly tested the following and found them all lacking in one way or another:oster 4093 classic beehive blender, chromewaring pbb25 professional bar blender, black and stainless steelvita-mix 1700 turbo blend 4500 countertop blender with 2+ hp motoroster bpst02-b professional series blender, blacknow our cbt-700 review:the cuisinart cbt-700 is the latest blender model to be released by the company. It combines the wide glass jar design of earlier models with a new smart electronics system that provides preprogrammed functions for common uses such as making smoothies and crushing ice. So far our results have been good, but we have noticed that the jar design does not funnel ingredients down into the blades as well as the oster beehive blender we tried. However, since as many other reviewers have mentioned on those product pages, oster blenders suffer from a serious design flaw in which the drive system snaps in half, it really can’t be compared to something that will actually last more than a few weeks. The fact that oster claims in their product ads that they use an all metal drive, yet the main component of the drive is rubber left us feeling deceived. Especially when the machines we tried repeatedly broke down within weeks of receiving them. Stay away from osterback to the cbt-700. If the blades used on the cbt-700 were larger and filled more of the jar area, i have no doubt that nothing would work better, but since that is not the case, you may have situations where an air pocket prevents thick contents from reaching the blades. I am still wondering why this design uses such a wide jar, yet incorporates a blade system that is the same size or smaller than many models with narrow jars.

This is the best blender ever. It is super power to crush ice and blend my protein mix with frozen fruit in it after workout. Powerful motor and built solid with a glass pouring unit not plastic. Well made solid construction like good ol’ fashion products.

Undoubtably the best blender i’ve ever had. I especially like the power. Finally i can blend the things i’ve always wanted to blend.

I read many reviews on various sites and decided all blenders have their problems at this price point. I felt this cuisinart seemed to have enough positive reviews and good features so i purchased it december 2010. With almost daily use making great smoothies with fresh fruit, the motor quit july 2011. I am now waiting for a replacement from customer service. Looks like the 3 year warranty is a necessary feature of this blender.

The unit met all of our requirements for heavy home kitchen use.

After using several different high-priced blenders, this is the absolutely best blender we have ever bought. I especially like the lightweight container that is not heavy glass but some other material that is easier to keep clean because there is no need to disassemble the blade. Just put it in the dishwasher. It also blends everything very well.

So far this blender has done all i ask. I make a smoothy for my mornings in batches of 4 days. Said smoothie has celery, ginder, frozen berries and some powder mixes in it which can get very thick. Everything is always ground up just the way it should be. It did take a bit for me to get use to the on/off automatic settings. . Kind of threw me the first time, lol. However, i know that feature is in place so the motor does not over heat. Have not tried it on anything else yet feel it will produce great results when i do.

I’ve seen the other reviewers talking about the issues they’ve had with their blenders. Fortunately, i have not had those issues. No burnt smell, no burn out, no leaking so far. If anything goes wrong, i’ll update my review appropriately. But as of now this is a pretty solid blender. What i use a blender for is for smoothies. I tried this one with fruit, yogurt and ice and found it blended well and did so pretty quickly. I didn’t find huge chunks of fruit or ice after allowing it to blend for a minute.

For serious blending, we prefer or 1000 watt breville but at more than the price you’d expect a significant jump in functioning. What i didn’t expect was to prefer the cheap hamilton beach wave crusher ($30) that the kids use for smoothies to out perform a cuisinart. I have a lot of cuisinart appliances and consider it to be a reliable manufacturer but this machine doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s a nice looking blender with easy to read, intuitive buttons, a solid feel and good weight. But it’s not as strong as one would expect from a 700 watt machine and doesn’t blend my fruits and vegetables as well as the hamilton beach. The lid is difficult to get on and off, complicated by my arthritis. For the money, you can do better.

I hate buying blenders because it is hard to find a good one. Here is the reason i love this one:large glass container with very clear markers. Heavy duty base with multiple speed optionswide open top with sturdy coverpower. (sp)good lookingreasonably priced.

This is a christmas gift so i don’t think you can have a review. I’m not even sure it was good to get this item early for a gift. If there’s something wrong with the itemm it won’t be until after christmas that it will happen, by then all warenties will be over.

I took a few months and looked at so many blenders and reviews for blenders when finally i asked around my office and two guys said they had this blender and liked it alot. Well, i bought it–with no regrets. I’ve used if for a couple of months and it does a wonderful job of blending shakes and smoothies–which is what i got it for. I love the way it starts and stops and pulls everything down and thoroughly blends all the frozen fruit and ice cream–yum.It is super easy to clean but, as you might guess, be careful of the blades. They are sharp for a reason.

Great blender except you cannot get the top on. No matter what you try it will only fit tight on three corners and the fourth just sits on top. If the top would fit i would give this blender 4 stars.