Slip Solution V-101 V-Seal 101 – Penetrating Sealer : Would recommend for sealing only

Provides 2-3 years of protection, as advertised.

This is the best sealer i’ve ever used. I used it to seal my garage floor and now when i hose it out, the water beads and pretty much bounces off the surface. Nothing you can buy at the big box stores works and lasts like vseal.

I used a hand pump sprayer to apply to my garage floor. Water continues to bead up after a year of wear.

Used in my garage and it seals very well but it didn’t reduce the concrete dust being tracked into the house very much. Would recommend for sealing only. Very easy to apply with medium nap roller.

  • Potassium siliconate concrete densifier, not an acrylic sealer!
  • Excellent sealer. I used a hand pump sprayer to
  • Outstanding product

Slip Solution V-101 V-Seal 101 – Penetrating Sealer

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    by entering your model number.
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.

I used it on block pond and it sealed it just like it said it would. It did a lot of covering to for only one gal.

I tried this product for an unusual situation. Water is coming up through the basement slab between the ceramic tiles (through the grout joints). I think the product helped, but after three applications the problem is not solved.

V-seal 101 is like ps101, both are potassium siliconate sealers that pretty much react with the top surface of concrete to densify the material. I bought it to seal the garage concrete to prevent spalling from salt/snow/ice and freezing. The major home improvement stores all generally carry acrylic sealers that wear off after a year or so. Epoxy is nice but tends to lift off with hot tires, or can be expensive and i just didn’t need that type of surface. 1 gallon covered my 399 square foot garage just nicely. I plan to do a second application to cover more of the cinder blocks on the sides. Definitely apply it when the ground temperature is above 40f. It leaves no solvents or odors (no vocs) but it did leave a smell resembling fresh concrete. It dries completely clear, except for a few spots that seemed to look white. It is supposed to last 20+ years on an outside driveway surface, so it should last a long time inside a covered garage.

I have used this product before and know it works, we use lots of bleach on the floor at the animal shelter and it seems to last.

I used this 3 years ago to seal a basement floor in a new home. I was tracking white powder all over my house every time i went into my basement. I did a lot of research and didn’t want to paint or put a sealer on the concrete that would wear off. V-seal penetrates the concrete and bonds with it so it is sealed and will not powder, it doesn’t change the look of the concrete, so if you are looking for a shine, sheen or color change this isn’t the product for you. But if you want to stop the dust v-seal works great. I haven’t seen or tracked any dust since i applied it 3 years ago. I first power washed the concrete then applied the v-seal with a roller. The 101 is for basements and garages that have a smooth finish- outdoor concrete with a rough finish should use the 102 for better coverage ( 101 could be used but 102 will go farther). If you have any questions you can call technical people at v-seal who are very helpful.

KitchenAid KCM1402ACS Coffee Maker – coffee gets nice and hot

I own a keurig b70 but this makes the tastiest coffee ever. The brewing method is done in short spurts so the extraction is more efficient. The coffee comes out smelling unbelievable, i used a hazelnut kona blend. The front kitchenaid labeled panel opens up to reveal the brew basket/filter. You pull it out and handwash it and voila. It can be used with paper filters or the included gold tone cone filter. The water tank is generous, enough to fill up to 14 cups water. Now my biggest gripes with pots, this one doesnt leak and spill during pouring.

We have always owned a kitchen aid coffee maker, but this one is by far the best one we have ever had. I like the tank lifting off so i can fill it, and it makes very good coffee. The only draw back is that it’s difficult to program. Took me ages to get the settings right, and i’m keeping my fingers crossed that there isn’t a power failure so i have to do it again. Programing this coffee maker is quite a challenge, so i hope the company will improve this feature in the future, but i will still purchase kitchen aid regardless.

This replaced a cuisinart dcc 1200 coffee maker that was just plain annoying. If you want starbucks strength coffee the cuisinart can only make 8 cups if you’re lucky – try to do the full 12 and it will either be weaker than weak, or there will be coffee grounds all over the place and a real mess to clean up. The kitchenaid makes the best tasting coffee we’ve ever brewed, and it does so using noticeably less coffee grounds. The bold setting is just great. It has different temperature settings for the warming plate which actually work (take note cuisinart) and avoid burning the coffee. One star knocked off for the silly programming, but the coffee’s great.

Every kitchenaid appliance i have owned was the best i have ever used and this coffee maker is no exception. Based on my previous experiences with kitchenaid products and even though there is only a one year warranty verses the three year warranty for the cuisinart, i expect to have this coffee maker for a long time. I have had to have replace, either through warranty or repurchase, about 6 cuisinart appliances in the last 10 years but have never had to replace a kitchenaid product. You can’t go wrong with kitchenaid. Has anyone ever told you that they had to replace their kitchenaid stand mixer. Never and this product should last a long time as well. The coffee maker brews fast and if you read the instructions is easy to setup. You will like the quick brew time and the ability to keep the pot hot for up to 4 hours. I believe the quicker brew time is due to the fact that the coffee maker uses the flat bottom coffee filters (mr coffee style) rather than the cone type filter (melitta style). The flat bottom filter also allows the pot to have a lower profile than the cone style filters would allow.

As avid coffee drinkers, our major concern was the 14 cup capacity in choosing this coffee maker. Have had it over a year now and not one problem.

The gentleman who helped me from the company that supplied the kitchenaid was outstanding. When the first order was lost, he made certain i got the coffee maker i wanted and that it was shipped immediately. I hope this message is relayed to his manager. Customer service is very important. I will add, that the coffee maker was a christmas gift for my sister, kitchen aide is her favorite product. She is very happy with the product, loves the coffee, the size of the maker and that it is round. ;0) and, please don’t forget to let the source that distributed the gift that i appreciated their good service. One of my many assignments at gm was a manager in customer service so you can trust that i know what good customer service is and what it means.

  • Love-Hate relationship; upgrading review
  • Updated review not as happy!!!
  • In One Word.GREAT !

Liked both the look of the coffee maker and the 14 cup size. We also preferred the glass carafe so we could see the remaining coffee level. The only issue with the first purchase was leaking around the band at the spout of the carafe. Contacted kitchen aid and they replaced the carafe. Have been careful to hand wash ever since and have had no more issues. When we needed a coffeemaker for a lake home, chose to order another. It’s superficial, but the coffeemaker pictured is not what you get. The kitchenaid logo is on the silver band under the heating tray at the bottom of the coffeemaker not on the flip out brew basket door as pictured (the flip out is blank). Have really enjoyed both purchases-programming wasn’t that difficult for us. As stated only negative was the leaking on the carafe-have not experienced this with the second purchase, but kitchenaid really does need to make improvements on this.

This replaced an earlier version that had done its duty for years. I read the other reviews, and hesitated to purchase another as our first one also kept popping its door open – annoying, but nothing worse. This one, however, is perfect. Love the removable water reservoir, which is the biggest reason i wanted another.

We bought this because it is a 14 cup carafe. The problen with this is the basket is too small. No matter if we use the reusable filter or paper filters it always spills coffee grounds over into the carafe with any brew setting we use. It is a gorgeous unit and we have learned to just make smaller pots of coffee at a time just more often.

When pouring coffee into my cup all the coffee goes in the cup. What i dislike, the door does not close good. Sometimes when the coffee is brewing the door pops open.

I researched the daylights out of coffeemakers before settling on this one. Overall, i’m very happy with it. I have it set for making bold coffee, and delicious,bold coffee is what i get. I have found that i use approximately 15% less grounds with this machine than i used with my last one, which was a bottom of the line mr. I’ve noted other reviewers comments regarding the difficulties with programming, but i haven’t run into any problems or inconveniences with it at all. That may simply be due to the fact that i set the program and never have occasion to change it. I’m head-over-heels for the removable reservoir; it’s probably the greatest feature of all. In my primary home i have a big ol’ expensive capresso machine that has a removable reservoir, so was looking for a more economical machine for this place that had that feature as well. The only reason i didn’t give this unit a 5-star rating is that the carafe intermittently leaks when pouring a cup of coffee; meaning that it dribbles coffee on the countertop, but only once every 6 or 8 days. I think i had read that in a few of the reviews, but was hoping i wouldn’t run into that problem. Kitchenaid is sending me a replacement carafe, no charge, and once i receive it, will attempt to repair the faulty one i have—just the kind of stupid tinkering thing i do to waste great blocks of time. At any rate, i am really quite pleased with this coffeemaker. We’ll see how i feel a year or so out.

Features of KitchenAid KCM1402ACS Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Architect

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  • Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank
  • Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Digital display with variable brew strength selector
  • Pause and Serve feature Silver Color 14 Cup Glass Carafe

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The kitchen aid 14 cup glass carafe was one of a handful of recommended coffee makers in this price range (~$100). It does make pretty good coffee. Using less coffee per cup than our previous braun unit, the kitchen aid cup is richer and hotter than that from its predecessor. However, the unit is difficult to fill, even when one carries the removable water tank to the sink. Also, programming all the functions before the first use of the coffee maker and after it is unplugged is a real chore – not for the technophobic. The antidrip valve on our unit does not function fully. We cannot remove the carafe until about 3 minutes after brewing completly stops without coffee dripping on the hotplate. I contacted customer service (which required a long phone wait) and was told they never heard of this problem. Anyway, they sent a new basket.

The water chamber makes filling the reservoir easy and convenient. There is no dripping when you pour the coffee from the pot. And it seems to be economical in it’s use of coffee. All this and great tasting coffee.

This coffeemaker was a replacement for the cheaper, simple coffeemakers i had used for many years. I wanted one that would make good coffee, but make it quickly. I like the options, and the status window is easy to read. It was not mentioned in the description that a water filter cartridge was recommended. The coffee is very good, and i don’t have to start the coffeemaker at the beginning of the meal to have it ready by dessert. The coffee also stays hot on standby. The filter has a tendency to float up out of place when the reservoir is being filled, and the maker is a little larger and more awkward than the simple machines of the past, but well worth the trouble.

Awesome coffee pot, can make tea or coffee in this. Works great, i love kitchen aid products.

This replaced the same unit we bought five years ago which still worked but the carafe was broken. It was almost the same price to buy a whole new maker than just a part. It runs fast and smooth, better than the old one so i guess that one was on its last leg. I like the size and ease of use.

If you realize when they say a cup that is 8 oz. All coffee cups or mugs are bigger than 8 ounces.

Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank

I purchased it in february of this year (2015) and 8 months later all the teflon on the hot plate is coming off. I have done nothing more than wipe it with a damp rag for cleaning (no cleaning products). I would like to purchase another one for my cottage, but now it has increase $20.

We go this as replacement for cuisinart dgb-900bc coffeemaker we’ve purchased about 2 years ago. Its simple, but yet very well ‘features’ balanced appliance. The great part is it keeps coffee hot for 4 hours (you can reset this for 4 more after each time) without burning it. I heaven t found any cons, so if i will, ill update this review.

This coffee maker actually makes great coffee, consistently. With our previous coffee maker, sometimes the coffee was bitter, or too strong or too weak, regardless of the fact that we used the same amount of water and the same amount of coffee each time. This one delivers great coffee every single time.

Everything works as it should. I love coffee and use it everyday. Some time several times a day with the same good results. If this one goes up i’ll be sure to go to amazon to get another kitchen aid product.

This coffeemaker does make excellent coffee except it is not hot enough. And i love the removable water tank. But the programming is not user friendly and i find that inexcusable in this day and age. I did read all the warnings of other reviews but thought since i found programming a vcr easy and had worked and retired from silicon valley where i had started right out of college in production, processing, quality control, planning, and then programming and went on to become a first rate knowledgeable buyer of semiconductors that i could overcome the programming of a simple coffeemaker. All i am trying to do is program this machine for bold and to hold it there ==== one of the main features of why i choose this coffeepot. Only twice have i been able to achieve that lofty state and then it is lost. I have now had this machine three days brewing coffee every morning and have yet to have strong brewed coffee. Nor have i been able to get the warm off (the default) and go to high. The defaults want to over ride whatever i want. There is just no excuse for this difficult of programming in electronics these days —- and especially in a machine costing this much.

My previous model of this kitchenaid coffee maker was well over 6 years old and brewed 2-3 pots of coffee everyday. Although it was amazing, it was beginning to fail, so i borrowed my daughter’s extra kitchenaid 12-cup coffee maker. It was exactly 6 years old, and it was a much cheaper quality–the brew interrupt worked horribly. At least half the time, when brewing a pot of coffee, the brew interrupt lever would not open up and the coffee brewed all over the counter.The coffee basket lid also popped up, which was part of the problem with the brew interrupt. This was obviously a cheaper version of my older coffee makerit now seems that kitchenaid has gone back to its original quality. This new coffee maker makes excellent coffee, has a cleanly functioning brew interrupt, and a cleanly pouring spout on the carafe. A previous comment regarding the tippy coffee basket is correct–i wish it had a flat bottom. The water reservoir is also a little fussy in its placement. If it is not set in completely, the coffee will not brew.

Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor

My wife and i are kitchenaid nuts so this may be a little biased. . That’s life and the way we live it. We bought this 14 cup coffee maker to replace our six year old 10 cup maker (kitchenaid, of course). At first we thought the larger unit was just a little too large for just the two of us. . After talking with the kitchenaid people on line, we were assured that it wasn’t that much bigger than the 10 cup unit. The red, which we purchased, showed to be 16 1/2 inches tall (on the description page) and all the others show 14 1/2 inches. The kitchenaid representative assured us that it was a typo and that all the units are the same height, regardless of the color. This new design is better than the older units and the function choices are more and better.

Love kitchenaid products and this one didn’t disappoint as far as quality. It makes delicious coffee and the display lights up my kitchen in the dark so i can navigate without tripping over something. The only complaint i have is that it’s a bit confusing to program but i guess it’s a matter of getting used to it. Just crossing my fingers that we don’t have a long power outage right now.

No need to waste time and money on buying expensive coffee on the way to work. I got so tired of the trendy coffee shops that sell $5 cup of coffee that is no better than what i can make at home for a fraction of the cost. This is a great coffee maker. Super simple to set the timer and i like the refillable reservoir and the simplicity of filling the filter. Great coffee maker for the price.

I purchased this coffee maker in april of 2011. It makes a great cup of coffee. I love the bold setting and how hot the coffee gets in the carafe. I also like that i can set the warmer for an extended period of time. If there is anything better than waking up to the smell of coffee i don’t know what it is. I have used this pot every day and sometimes twice a day for six months. The carafe started leaking between where the plastic part meets the glass carafe. It leaks only when it is hot. I have contacted kitchen aid and i hope they send me a new carafe.

As with most of the reviews here, this is a very well designed coffee maker. Love the removable water tank, multi-function timer, etc. However, i am now on my fourth carafe. Two ordered as carafes and one ordered as an additional new coffee maker. The price of the carafe is a third of the entire package price. After six months of daily usage the carafe begins to leak around the bottom seam of the top plastic band. It drips coffee just shy of the coffee mug. We need to lay down a paper towel every morning to handle the drip. I’m ready to buy another carafe, but wonder if i should just upgrade the device again. This is a rough way for kitchen aid to make a profit, but if you had our freezer, you wouldn’t be surprised.

I am so incredibly tired of coffeemakers that can’t seem to make a decanter that i can pour into a cup without spilling all over the counter. I had 2 krups that did it so i decided to try a whole new brand. Here’s what i love: the coffee is hot and delicious, the tank is easy to fill right from the sink sprayer thingie and i like the way the brew basket works even though the latch is not the best; i’ve never had it pop on me as others have. Maybe i have that to look forward to. I have had this thing for 3 months and i almost wish it would break down because it’s hard to rationalize a new purchase when something works, but the darned thing spills coffee all over the counter. Or if i carry the pot to the table to pour friends another cup it dribbles all over the table, all over them, all over whatever is in the way. We’ve tried holding the top, lifting the top a little, all sorts of tricks. Nothing worksa friend told me to buy a bunn, but they only make 10 cup. I ‘googled’ and actually found message boards full of unhappy people who say no one makes a decent pot anymore that doesn’t drip.

You fill the water at the sink and able to rinse it out before filling, which is a blessing for me as we have a lot of iron in our water. Just be sure water container is inserted correctly or it won’t make coffee. Makes excellent coffee and so far have had no problems.

24-hour programmability

We have always used kitchenaid products. When our old coffee make gave up, we went to the stores to check out new ones. It was love a first site, this was the one for us. I went to amazon and ordered it. We are always making more coffee each morning. Now we are mornings are complete. We enjoy the easy of making coffee, quick clean up and set up for the next morning. The coffee maker has a graceful style, and a perfect fit with our kitchen.

Looks like this may be another great product from kitchenaid. I have only been using it a week but so far it has been perfect. I read the other reviews before purchasing and so i have been watching carefully for problems. I do believe that coffee makers are something that many people are particular and fussy about so i don’t think your are ever going to find one that makes everyone happy. However i have had no problems with the ‘brew temperature being too cold’ or ‘the programming being too difficult’. If you read the instructions through completely you’ll have no trouble setting this machine up and programming it to make great coffee for you when you wake up in the morning. I also appreciate the ability to remove the water tank for easy no-spill filling and the fact that this carafe does not drip when you pour a cup. It’s also a nice looking machine, kind of. So now if it proves to be reliable and durable over the long term, then i will feel that it may possibly the ideal coffee maker. Only time will tell but right now, i love it.

Great choice if you want a larger capacity unit.

I won’t rehash what everyone has been saying about the maker. It’s decent, it makes proper coffee, the brew cycle is about the right length, etc. The most notable feature about it, to me, is the detachable water reservoir, which is precisely like how a humidifier works. This means you don’t fill the pot the water, and then pour that into the built-in reservoir. Rather, you take the reservoir itself off the maker, and fill it at the sink, and if you have one of those squirty things in your sink, then the danger of water spillage is zero. Of course, this has the disadvantage that there is never any reason to remove the pot from the maker until the coffee is made, so, occasionally, i forget, and i’ve left a half cup of coffee in the pot and i go ahead and brew a fresh pot right on top of those remnants in the carafe. (the unit is dark colored, so a splash of coffee at the bottom of the carafe is basically invisible). Anyway, yes, i say buy buy buy.

The menu instructions for setting the operational parameters (time, brew strength, keep warm timer, etc. They do not explain how to save a selected setting – hold the prog/set button down until the audible beep. It took multiple attempts to just set the time until i held the prog/set button down out of sheer frustration.

Coffee gets nice and hot, but i do not care for the beep when it starts up and the three beeps when it is done brewing, mornings i need quiet.

Digital display with variable brew strength selector

I just loved this coffee maker, it matched my ge slate appliances great but the electronic settings wouldn’t set anything, so i called kitchen aid to see if i was doing it wrong and i wasn’t, so they sent me the same color and design in their newer model and i sent this one back to them. The new one works perfect and looks amazing.

Sunbeam 2560 Heritage Series 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer – Best hand mixer I’ve ever bought!

Love this mixer, the color, and the total unit. It is so handy to be able to sit the mixer in the unit, whileyou are working with this mixer.

Even at the lowest speed the thing takes off like a rocket. Good machine, you just have to be extra careful about adding flour/liquids to a mix. If not you will end up with a mess.

This isn’t fancy and that’s all you need. . If you want fancy, get an expensive stand mixer–i have one and it’s nice, but for everyday mixing, this is perfect. Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam 2560 Heritage Series 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 250-watt hand mixer with 6 speeds
  • Features a burst of power function for those extra tough spots
  • Soft-grip handle keeps it steady in your hand
  • Features chrome beaters
  • Vertical display for mixer, beaters and cord wrap

Power full enough for any mixing job. What i expected from sunbeam product, quality.

Wow, this hand mixer has no slow speed. However, i usually only need fast speeds so it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I love the way it fits into the stand.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth the money and easy to use
  • GREAT mixer!
  • Love this mixer

This mixer is very powerful and works well on a multitude of foods. It mixes cake batters, brownie mixes, mashed potatoes, and other foods without a problem.

Liked look over function slowly breaks plastic on stand.

Very nice hand mixer real sharp loooking. I ordered it because my old one broke and wanted to replace it asap. However, if i would have waited a little longer i could have gotten the same hand mixer with additional parts at the same price.

Bought this for my girlfriend to use when she is making her tasty pastries and cakes. She was happy with it until she tried to make cookies. It seems to be ok with cake batter but anything thicker and it starts to whine and get really hot. Still saving up for the kitchenaid.

There is a great advantage in using ‘old style’ mixers for so many desserts and whipping heavy creme: one may even prepare food in the same pot to cook or bake it in – less dishes to clean. This is a high speed great working, and good looking practical, mixer with a handy stand.

I’m a senior, and don’t cook or bake as i used to, making this mixer perfect for me. It’s so easy to put away, saving counter space, and i love the convenience of a stand.

Bought several different mixers the last several years and they were all weak, under powered junk. This is the best by a long shot.

The mixer works well and arrived fairly fast. It looks good on the counter, but, getting the cord tucked underneath is a bit cumbersome. Perhaps, i just need to get used to it. The fourth star is for the looks.

After reading many troubling reviews about this mixer slinging batter all over the kitchen and not being able to release beaters, i decided to try it for myself. You see, i have the heritage stand mixer and love it. I wanted this hand held model since it would match my stand mixer. I have been quietly surprised at every turn with this little hand held model. It mixes and blends everything i have thrown at it in record time. No standing around holding this mixer forever. Zip, zip, zip and your batter is ready for the baking dish. Then the beaters easily release for a quick wash. Just have to follow the instructions. And yes, it does perfectly match my stand mixer.

Like many others i was disappointed to see there is not a slow or low speed. Even in a larger than necessary bowl, batter went flying. Other than that, it works well.

Gave this sunbeam to my wife as a gift. She used it right away with rave reviews. It is powerful, great looking and priced right. The 250 watts really make quick work of any mixing job.

Bought this as a replacement for my old sunbeam hand mixer (slightly lower watt motor than this one) that lasted me for 5 years. I tend to burn out mixers pretty quickly with the shear amount of baking i do, so that sunbeam was the longest lasting one i’d ever owned. When i went to replace it, i looked for another comparable sunbeam mixer and found this one. While this one comes with fewer beaters (only the one set) i found that i never actually used all the other beaters with my old hand mixer anyway, so i didn’t mind. The stand this comes with is effective, and kind of cute with the beaters in it. Looks a bit like a little mixer robot sitting on my counter if turned the right direction. Fairly unobtrusive space wise, and easy to wind the cord under the stand base so it’s tucked out of sight. Note that this does not have a retractable cord- which is a plus in my book, since those always seem to break and stop retracting or get bent too much to work. This has a nice sturdy black cord, easy to clean off in one swipe of a paper towel if it gets flour on it. Love the red color, since my microwave and electric kettle are both red.

My sister-in-law loves red and it was a pleasure to see her face when she open our gift. Good value for the money and can’t go wrong with sunbeam.

I have had this for several months now, and it still runs great. Nicely moves into all the speeds. Good product and attractive.

Sent this as a gift and my ocd friend loves it so far, so i am good with it.

It does fling some out of bowl if not careful. Seems to have plenty of power. So i would recommend this to others needing a hand mixer.

Margaritaville AD4100-000-000 Drink Mixer Bottle – Perfect Mix Every Time

So easy to transport or to keep in fridge.

Can’t go wrong with this drink mix bottle although i am not used to making a margarita with orange juice.

Great product, allows me to premix for large parties.

Did a great job of mixing drinks by adding ingredients to the lines. The different drinks turned out great .

It is a very good $4-5 bottle. Unfortunately the selling price is considerably more. It is nice as far as being able to mix everything in large quantities, but no where did i see instructions as to how much of it is to then be poured in the margarita maker at one time to mix a batch of drinks.

Purchased as a compliment to my wife’s margaritville machine. Has measurement lines for everything she needs.

  • Five Stars
  • “No -Brainer” is exactly right
  • Super size

What bad things can you possibly say about a product that does not allow you to screw up a multi-ingredient drink recipe?. ‘no-brainer’ is quite apropos for this bottle since all you have to do is keep pouring until you fill it to the next clearly-marked line.

Easy to measure ingredients. We have used this several times for measurements to pour in the margaritaville machine.

I have two margaritaville machines; i was asked to make frozen drinks for a friends 60th birthday. This allowed me to make the drinks and still enjoy the party.

Perfect size to take on your boat or in a picnic.

The good thing about this product is you get to mix enough for 3 batches at a time. Goes well with the margaritaville margarita makers. I’ll probably wear it out this summer around the pool.

Features of Margaritaville AD4100-000-000 Drink Mixer Bottle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A perfect way to pre-make party batches and then enjoy the party
  • Drink recipe markings clearly shown on the side of the bottle
  • The bottle shows you the way to three great drinks: margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas
  • Just add ingredients to the fill levels for consistent drinks every time
  • 50-ounce capacity enough for 3 batches of drinks in the margaritaville frozen concoction maker

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Who doesn’t love margaritaville.

Great shaker, holds large quantities and doesn’t leak, this is a must have 👍🏻.

Just pour the correct amounts to the lines on the bottle and viola. You have a perfect mixed drink.

At first i hesitated to purchase this because it seemed a little pricey. However the quality is great and the recipes on the bottle (fill lines) for margaritas, piña coladas and daiquiris are genius. Can premix and then have one perfect amazing margarita frozen or on the rocks. It’s awesome – i think i’ll buy a 2nd.

A perfect way to pre-make party batches and then enjoy the party

Drink recipe markings clearly shown on the side of the bottle

The bottle shows you the way to three great drinks: margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas

Just add ingredients to the fill levels for consistent drinks every time

Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie, Great product

Works exactly as advertised. You put in a chicken and about an hour later it is perfectly roasted and ready to eat. Can clean the inside with a damp paper towel and it’s ready to go again. Haven’t cooked anything else in it.

Our first rotisserie was an older compact ronco with a cylindrical cooking chamber and a horizontal spit, a nice enough product that delivered fine results — but it was a hassle. The chicken had to be very carefully and tightly trussed, because of the side-to-side orientation of the spit. The quad spikes that made up the spit had to be very carefully centered on the bird, so that the relatively weak motor wouldn’t hang up as it tried to lift the heavier side, a process complicated by moving bird parts if the chicken wasn’t perfectly trussed. 5-4 pound bird ran the risk of brushing up against the drip tray on every rotation, and in general, we found the whole process to be more trouble than it was worth. We just didn’t use it very often. Enter the cuisinart cvr-1000. Everything that was wrong about the ronco was right about this one. The vertical spit, the spacious interior cooking space, the ability to choose different temperature settings, even the clean lines and stainless exterior. The cooking process couldn’t be much easier and more convenient.

Just know that when you use it for a chicken the chicken will slump slightly on the stand. This does not happen with one where the chick is horizontal. Just a detail and cooking is not affected but this is still a nicer unit than my previous one.

Key specs for Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie with Touchpad Controls:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Vertical countertop rotisserie in brushed stainless steel with 8-pound food capacity
  • Touchpad controls and LCD readout; 5 preset temperature settings; nonstick interior
  • Removable chrome insert for even heating; interior light; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 8-piece skewer set, roasting rack, poultry tower, multi-purpose basket, and drip tray
  • Measures approximately 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Easy, clean, attractive, quiet, and delicious results.
, My husband’s new best friend
, Better than anticipated!!

This cooks up some wonderfully delish chicken and many other meats and veggies to. I can’t believe how convenient it is and super easy to clean. I just set my whole chicken on it now and don’t even bother with tying it. No problems and just set the timer and forget it till it’s time to take out the bird. Looks great with the light on when cooking. I sure wish my breville countertop oven had a light in it.

From the moment we opened the box – well let my wife finishe this. I popped this attractive product on my counter, and we immediately decided to try it. Well after three weeks we use it almost every day and it still looks like it just came out of the box. I am so impressed with how easy it is to use, to keep clean, and it’s such a beautiful item. I have done prime rib roasts that rivel any we’re had in restaurants. And clean up is such a breeze. I use a spray on the pan and the other items before i put the meat in place and then just walk away or grab my chair to watch it. Afterwards even if i leave the pan and items overnight, they just rinse right off, and the inside of the unit is as clean as it was when i first used it. I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful item.

I got this as a christmas present for my husband who is a chef and he looooves it. Its very easy to clean and use. The first time he used it he did a 9. 5lb roast and it was perfectly cooked and super moist. He used the drip pan drippings for his gravy base. We use this quite often from wings/salmon/roast/whole chicken/turkey breast. You cant go wrong with this.

This rotisserie has surpassed our expectations. Let’s get past the quick delivery and the pristine condition of the package so we can talk about food. My advice is that the best ingredients should be used with this oven, and i would like to offer that you simply cannot go wrong with cooking an empire rock cornish game chicken in this cooker. First off, all empire chickens are already brined, so you don’t have to deal with that process. And the size of their cornish game hens are a little over 3 pounds, so that’s a nice size for two people, and there will be leftovers. It’s the perfect size for the rotisserie. We made the simple marinade on page 5 of the recipe booklet, followed the instructions on page 9 for the game hen, and voila. In 75 minutes, the chicken was done to perfection. Crispy skin, juicy meat, great taste. And it’s really nice looking in our kitchen. What more can i say?on monday, memorial day, we are going to do st. Louis ribs in the rotisserie.

The cuisinart cvr-1000 vertical countertop rotisserie is a great addition to the kitchen. Truss up a chicken, put it on the rack, set the timer for 1 hour 30 minutes, the temperature for 350, and press start. The unit will sound when the time is up. Doesn’t heat the kitchen up like the oven. We use it once or twice a week.

We have been using this rotisserie regularly (once or twice a week) since we received it 4 or 5 months ago. It is wonderful and i would purchase it again and highly recommend it. So far we have only cooked 5-6 pound whole chickens in it. As a cooking guide for whole chickens at 400 degrees cook 20 minutes per pound of chicken and it will come out just right. You might want to use the skewers to pin the wings to bird as once a wing got caught on the chrome back splash plate and would have been a problem had we not heard all the noise and went out to hit the stop button and skewer the wing in place. So far this unit seems like a real work horse although i will try to resubmit a review after a year or so as a follow-up. If you are looking for a rotisserie, this is your best choice.

We’ve had the vertical rotisserie for over two years and think it is great. Since we’ve had ours, we’ve bought four more for our family. And, the’ve gone through a lot of chickens, roasts, and veggies. As of their availability, they’re almost impossible to find, which doesn’t make much sense, since most people really believe they are wonderful.

Everyone should have one of these.

Consider buying another one so i can make two chickens at a time. Love the the chicken turns out from being basted in its own juices.

I have cooked chicken, turkey, pork, ribs, it is amazing.

My husband and i can’t stop using it, it’s awesome. Easy to clean and fits perfect in a corner area on your counter.

I read the reviews, and watched the video–but i still was not a believer. But i really wanted a rotisserie and decided to take a chance. This machine is my best buy of the year. It makes me look like a great cook. So easy to use and as the other reviewers have said so easy to cleani made my boyfriend a rotisserie chicken last night and it was perfect. Smiling at me–he plucked a piece of chicken from the rotisserie and said, ‘this is so good. It is just like the store bought rotisseries. Seriously, if you are on the fence about this one, let me assure you this is worth itwell, i don’t know how it will hold up over years of use, but this va girl is happy to have taken the chance on this rotisserie.

I bought this item for my son-in-law for christmas. He is a very hard person to buy for as he would rather ‘buy things for himself’. He is the cook in the family 75% of the time. He borrows his sister’s ronco rotisseri at times and mentioned he would like to have one. I purchased the cuisinart one instead of the ronco based on reviews on this site. He was excited when he opened it, but what really made my day was he called me three days later to say how great a product it was. He said it topped the ronco in every way. Less counter space used, easier clean up, easier loading of meat and that the food on it was great. It is the only time in 5 years he has been super excited about a christmas gift.

I am very impressed with this product. I have a showtime rotisserie and the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is so much easier to clean, it is very quite and very attractive enough to keep on your counter. Thus far i have cooked a purdue roaster and a ribeye roast and both were cooked to perfection. I would definitely recommend this rotisserie, oh. And i gave the showtime to my daughter. Now i will await your single cup coffee maker that will hold the k-cups :-).

Used my new rotisserie for the first time tonight, and i am so impressed. 45 lb chicken in it, and it was every bit as delicious and juicy as picking up a rotisserie at your local restaurant. Very tasty, and what surprised me most was the speed. It would have taken me an hour and a half to two hours to bake a whole chicken in my oven, but this bird took only an hour. We realized we could have even made half the size of this chicken, which would have only taken about 30 mins, and had enough to feed my family of four. The nice thing about making the bigger bird is the leftovers will give us chicken sandwhiches tomorrow. The ease of use of this appliance is supreme, and the clean up is equally as good. I cannot wait to try out the other types of meats in this wonderful machine. The machine did not stink up the house or kick out a bunch of cooking smoke smell. Just a wonderful mild roasting smell that had my kids asking when dinner would be ready every 5 mins. Really great product, and i can’t say enough about it at this point, other than i think i might consider getting one for my mother. If she had only had one of these when i grew up.

I love rotisserie chicken, therefore, i’ve always owned a rotisserie. While my ronco rotisseries get the job done well, the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is amazing. I particularly like the digital functions; the fact that there is a timing and variable temperature control. The vertical meat attachment turns out the most delicious juicy roasts. The unit is easy to clean and it’s so attractive that i store it permanently in my kitchen (instead of the basement storage shelves) despite the fact that i prefer my counters completely empty. I would highly recommend this item.

Took away one star for only one reason, the capacity. Limited to one whole chicken, or roasts of a moderate size. I replaced a ronc showtime professional size that was damaged during moving. That would take four chickens or a fairly good sized turkey. That said, the quality of the cusinart is far superior. It is much quieter offers a selection of temperatures (the ronco did not), and the ease of cleaning is a big plus. My household is only two, so it is perfect for us as long as there is no company. Very highly recommend for smaller households. It gets a lot of use in my home.

This works great for so many things. Our favorite is to cook our holiday roast, creates a perfect, moist, charred on outside roast. Also makes a great whole chicken & we’ve done turkey & other meats for lunch meats. Even comes w/ stuff to do shish kebab.

I’m delighted with my rotisserie. For the first time in my (considerable) life, i’ve made a decent meatloaf. I used the basket and a recipe from diane phillip’s ultimate rotisserie cookbook that has minimal sloppy ingredients – i suspect that may be a key factor. The great part is, the meatloaf turns out crispy on all sides and all the grease drips out. The second tme, i brushed it with bbq sauce a couple of times during the last 15 minutes and let that carmelize. Perfect cold meatloaf sandwiches. Have done a whole chicken a couple of times (light brine, 1/2 lemon in the cavity, rub with olive oil, cook at 400 for 20 min/lb – great). Only thing that did not work out too well was carmalized apple slices on the skewers – they slid off, and i suspect that is an issue with vertical skewers. However, alligator clips at the bottom of the skewers should solve that. Rotisserie is easy to clean, quiet (particularly if you put the little wheeled thingy that the tray sits on in correctly), attractive – what more could one ask for.

Haven’t found anything i don’t like about the rotisseri. Chicken comes out crispy outside and juicy inside. I especiall like the quietness of the machine. It runs as quiet as a mouse.

The vertical rotisserie has met all my expections. After reading the reviews from this site, it seemed a perfect match to our outdoor rotisserie. We no longer have to use our rotisserie in the outdoor country kitchen in bad weather. I was surprised how easy it is to clean and load. I still don’t know what happens to the fumes and heat. It is perfect counter top appliance. The only downer is i have not found the ‘off’ button, i just pull the plug.