The Sharper Image Sharper Image Rechargeable Wine Opener : Outstanding customer service

I have had another brand of rechargeable wine opener but like this one better. It is much easier to hold in place while it is removing a cork.

This is just the best thing for removing corks. It fits well and the batteries are strong enough that it does its job. It holds a charge a long time.

Sharper Image Rechargeable Wine Opener

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removes natural and synthetic corks
  • Blue led effect during operation and charging
  • Easy-to-use corkscrew control buttons (up/down) located on grip
  • Foil cutter
  • Includes charging adapter

Since i received mine, i have given them as christmas and house warming gifts.

I bought this used on amazon. I already have one, and wanted one for my daughter. But the one i received did not work. I only turned in one direction and not the extract mode.I’m not going to blast the product because this seller should have tested it. (one star ding) it arrived in a box with labels that indicated it had been sent to some appliance repair. The product is a 5star for me–the one i have had for over a year. You do have to be careful and start it in a firm vertical position. I wish it capped the bottle top better but i’ve had very good luck with mine.

Only used it once so far but does the job. The previous opener from sharper had to be charged after every use so hope this one keeps a charge.

Sharper Image Rechargeable Wine Opener : The cord should be into the base not into the unit itself. It is an inconvenience when you must dis-connect cord each time you use.

Best corkscrew we ever had and so easy to use. A friend, who is a gourmet cook, gave it to my husband, also a gourmet cook. Have to say it might be on its last leg right now, but then we have had it five years and used it 4-5 times a week. Just bought a back-up, and we have given them as gifts.

This is voice to text and i’m not gonna spend a lot of time editing it so hope it makes sense for you there are some typos we’ve had this for a few years and it’s worked great but all of a sudden it stopped charging and we’ve got a cork stuck up in it i read all of the reviews here starting with the bad reviews first and was minutes from throwing it all away but i’m a fiddler and i don’t mean playing the violin or the devil went down to georgia what i mean is i started trying to twist the unit which doesn’t open by the way i started trying to bend it and all of a sudden i noticed the little blue line inside was flickering so i fiddled with it more because it meant the battery had some charge on it and i messed with the buttons that send the corkscrew up and down i tried to press it sideways when i was pressing the up down buttons down and i fiddled more no more than five minutes by the way and in between the bending and slamming it against my chair and although all this sounds crazy and the ‘playing’ with the buttons that control the cork screw up or down along with trying to put some pressure bending this back-and-forth somehow all of a sudden the corkscrew started working and the cork came out and now it works so i’m convinced this thing isn’t breaking and those of you that think it did if you’d gone through the same crazy iteration and sequence of events for five minutes you may still have your working corkscrew i think there are some things at some point of life years that require fiddling and do because either dirt or dust get under the switch or just like battery contacts inside of any battery operated item that sometimes you can clean out with an eraser cleaning residue buildup on the contacts i know you can’t get in here to do the eraser thing and the net net bottomline with this long winded explanation is i’ve now got a working corkscrew/ opener again hope it helps some of you.

Amazing and stays charged forever. Excellent gift for yourself or others. It also has been a good conversation piece and have opened many a bottle at parties just to use the darn thing.

By far, best wine opener you’ll ever have. So easy to use and even drops cork off.

One family member had this and we used it during family gatherings. Now there are 4 more among family members because the wine opener works so well. Great experience with seller, no problems encountered.

I have another just like it in florida. I tried another brand but hated it. I couldn’t believe it had high ratings.

Bought this one for a friend who loved the one i have. The foil cutter located in the base works well. It is fun to just push the button and the screw goes down into the cork and then push the other button and it pulls out even the tough to dislodge corks. And then it sits quietly on the counter for the next time. A charge lasts a long, long time.

I’ve only used it twice so far but it works exactly like is says it does.

Works great and holds a charge for a long time.

The first wine opener i sent was a gift to my sister & her family for christmas. They love it and state its a cinch to operate. They liked it so much, they suggested i purchase a second one for their son who was being married just before christmas and i needed a gift suggestion. I haven’t heard back with their review but hope they enjoy it as much as the folks do.

We were given an si wine opener for christmas ’09. Because we already had another opener, it sat on the shelf unopened until jan ’13. We opened the box and tried to charge it, but sitting on the shelf apparently is not good for this item — it had almost zero power. Since i live relatively near an si repair place, i called to see what it would cost to replace the battery. Even though 4 years into the product life and only a one year warranty, the si people decided to replace the entire unit with a new one — no shipping charge (i did send the defective unit back to them). I was flabbergasted — it’s extremely rare for companies to stand behind their products for more than 5 seconds beyond warranty — this was 3 years beyond. Even though often slightly higher priced, you can be darn sure i’ll check out si when i need other products they carry. Being a gift, i don’t know where the item was originally purchased.

My son gave this wine opener to be as a holiday present, and it has made life easier. After several years, it works great. It is small enough to keep plugged but out of the way.

Its not the strongest cork screw but does the job just fine.

Gave a couple away as gifts, they love them too. Product charges up easily and keeps the charge.

Have had two rabbit’s one broke, the other just quits after a few bottles and needs a recharge. So far the sharper image opener has kept a charge, easily pulls out wine corks and best of all, there is a light that shows what’s going on through the clear bottom of the opener. You can see where you’ve started the opener and if all is going well. Wife loves using it (she hated the rabbit).

Purchased two of these and they work effortlessly and reliably. Really convenient when i have to open more than one bottle of wine at a time.

Igloo FR834 3 – Worked well

I purchased this unit over a year ago for my office. I particularly wanted 2 door so my frozen food stayed that way until i microwaved them. I just moved to another state and gave this wonderful, reliable refrigerator to a friend whose son is in a dorm at school and wants to keep ice cream in the freezer. I waited almost a year from the price to come down. I was completely satisfied with the performance of this unit. The freezer kept everything frozen. Now i need a fridge at my new job. I wish i had know that before i moved. Recommend this refrigerator.

Energy-efficient and lasts for years. Still have it years later and works like a charm.

Hey, a lot of people were making statements about this cooler. It replaced a $1200 dometic in my 5th wheel travel trlr. Model i’d get that one, but. . Packaging, condition, operation, etc. Were all fine, in brand new condition. Here are the specifications for the Igloo FR834 3:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 3.2-cubic-foot refrigerator
  • Refrigerator and freezer; clean stainless steel look; flushback space saving design
  • Reversible door; transparent vegetable drawer with glass shelf; adjustable thermostat
  • Ice cube tray; slide out wire shelves; HCFC free
  • Measures 22.75 by 35 by 21 inches

The refrigerator came the day it was expected, it runs well. But the top edge was dented.

We opened the box and got it all set up, and discovered there is a dent in the door. Open the fridge itself and the crisper drawer is cracked. Other than that it seems to run just fine.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • If You Need a Good-sized Freezer
  • Great unit -great seller
  • Not perfect, but perhaps better than most.

Our small refrig died and we wanted a separate door for the freezer. How can you go wrong with igloo. Only complaint is a flimsy soda holder on the door. ( poor design, and it punctures cans) the rest of the unit works just fine. Solid freezer and plenty of room in the refrigerator itself. Has a good size crisper and shelf room. Refrigerator and freezer work very well. Got it at amazon because it was clearly the best $$$.

When i ordered this fridge i was skeptical because it was dent and ding. Well it all turned out alright. There is quite a dent in the top of it, right in the back left hand corner which doesn’t appear to hinder any function of the fridge, and is barely visible. The drip pan was broken off and the screw holes where completely ripped out. Still doesn’t affect the way it functions, since i just slid the screws in and it still holds it in place just not tight and secure. The fridge keeps things refrigerated and the separate freezer keeps things mostly frozen. By mostly frozen i mean if it is in the freezer it freezes fine, but if you put it in the door it may only keep it partially frozen as i learned with some ice cream sandwiches. Over all i am happy with my purchase and the cosmetic damage saved me lots of money which is always good.

The fridge is awesome but the package was so sketchy it was just a box on the outside from the manufacturer but it was taped on the bottom it was not even packaged on te bottom and the corners were slightly dented along with a bullet size dent on the size it’s disappointing because i bought this as a college kid.

Had dent on front that was not caused by shipping; shipping box was not damaged at all. Appears to have been packaged that way.

Arrived undamaged, on time and was as advertised.

Perfect for a small flat or studio. Works great and looks fantastic.

We have had this fridge in my wife’s art studio since 2015. Just have a condensation issue water builds up in the top of the bottom door. But still give this a good rating.

If you need a good-sized freezer, then this is the model for you. The freezer is separate from the refrigerator and keeps meat, ice cubes, ice cream, and orange juice concentrate frozen solid with minimal frost accumulation. On the ‘7’ setting some of my groceries that were in the back of the refrigerator started to freeze, so i lowered the setting to ‘6’ and now it’s just the right temperature. I suggest you experiment to find your perfect setting. It’s a very quiet unit that has never woken me up at night even though it’s in my bedroom/dorm room. It sits flush to the ground, so if you have plush carpeting the bottom of the door may drag against the carpet. I had this issue and resolved it by propping the refrigerator up a bit on flattened cardboard boxes. I’ve had the igloo for a month now and i’m very pleased. It arrived intact with no cosmetic damage.

Plenty of room for an office setting.

I need a small fridge/freezer that was good for myself and 2 roomies. Being in college, i wanted space for beer, pizzas, and other misc stuff. This fit the bill perfectly. All my friends with those tiny ones are envious hah.

We purchaced this refriderator to use while camping. It was used outside and still kept food mostly cool and frozen. We had issues with items stored in the door not being cool enough. When we turned the thermostat down it would freeze items in the back of the refrigerator but when turned up items in the door got warm. But this could have been from the unit being ouside in 95+ weather. Refrigerator was packaged poorly. The box was damaged on most corners. The unit had several dents on the sides and one corner but did not effect its use.

Amazon and even other sellers state that this fridge is 46 in tall. I measured it and it is actually 33 in including hinge. At only 33 in the freezer has almost as much space as the fridge so there isn’t much room below.

It does the job of keeping food cool, has enough capacity for my uses, and it looks nicer than most small refrigerators. Unlike other small refrigerators i’ve used that had the freezer as part of the main compartment, i haven’t had a problem with condensation in the freezer turning the compartment into a block of ice. I think the two-door design really is an advantage. The metallic front smudges easily and can get dents, but overall it looks good. My only real complaint is the noise from the compressor. My full-sized refrigerator makes less noise. I’m quite sensitive to noise, so this may not be a problem for others, but even when the tv is on, i can sometimes here the sound of the refrigerator. It’s not distracting, just background noise.

Great refrigerator , great seller and you wont be disappointed. In fact i n need to only keep on 1/2 power its so cold and its only 100 watts. So if you need a cheaper replacement this is it. And come s with a fun new game of removing all the plastic on it.

Good product — good transaction, thanks.

Upon delivery the box was torn and open, the delivery man marked it as opened item, in case of damage. Not to my surprise the fridge had multiple dents on the bottom door. Before returning it for an exchange, i tested the fridge to at least make sure if i should get a refund or just exchange it. I waited 24 hours before plugging it in, because in case the fridge was not upright during shipping it should be put upright for at least 17 hours before plugging it in. So, i had the fridge for about a week, and it worked really well. I was happy with the fridge, except for the three dents, so i requested an even exchange for the same fridge. Delivery was easy, amazon delivered the fridge in about two days and at the same time picked up the damaged one. Unfortunately, the new fridge i didn’t even bother with because it was even worst than the first one. The shelf was completely broken and the fridge had broken pieces. Immediately i called amazon, and they said i couldn’t exchange it for the same fridge because too many customers were having problems and it was under investigation of whether it is the fridge problem or shipping problem.

Cuisinart Conair WCM11S, Wonderful Machine

This is a really handy easy-to-use coffeemaker for our tiny guest house. Be aware that it is totally geared to the commercial hospitality market, and we have to buy the coffee pods on line, as all i can find in the walk-in stores are k-cups.

Tried this at the brentwood hilton in nashville. The coffee is quick and easy to make. I received my order quickly.

This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it.

Key specs for Conair Cuisinart WCM11S, 2 Cup Coffee Maker – 120V:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Automatic shutoff
  • Upscale stainless steel finish
  • Uses standard single-serve coffee pods (not included)
  • Reusable filter basket – dishwasher safe
  • Fits mugs or cups up to 5 inches tall (not included)

Comments from buyers

“Great Coffee Maker
, Sprays water
, I am so happy I was able to find the same one again

Quickly makes a very hot cup of coffee or water for a tea bag. Small, looks great on a mirrored tray on the guest room dresser.

Small but makes a great cup of coffee.

Great coffee pot, easy to use and clean of coffee grounds.

We used one in a hotel and liked it. Came home and immediately went to amazon. This operates just as we experienced in the hotel. Easy, fast, and makes good coffee,.

I received this coffee maker as a christmas gift, and thus far, it’s working great. I recall other reviewers having trouble with the dual cup function, but i haven’t had a problem with it. Anyway, for a small, light-duty coffee maker, it creates less waste than a k-cup machine, works great and fast, and costs less too.

I’ve been using it every day since i bought it and i have no complaints. Truly a fantastic product and i highly recommend this product.

It is very practical coffee maker for our morning cup. I had one before for about 5 years and accidentally press the on switch without having water in. Well it was ready for retirement. I am so happy i was able to find the same one again on amazon.

Does what it is supposed to do. Water is boiling hot within seconds. Love this product and would get another one in a minute.

Used these coffee makers in the hilton hotels. Great coffee flavor and easy to make 1 or 2 cups at a time. My mother is 72 yrs old and she loves the easy way to make coffee.

Gone with the 4 keurig coffee makers that we have purchased over the years. Too many electronic and water flow issues. This is simple design, easy to descale, and shuts off automatically. The 1 or 2 mugs of coffee are perfect.And the size of the unit takes up little counter space.

Had to have it since it was the coffee pot in the hotel i stayed at in hawaii.

Small portable and quick – when you need coffee and your traveling. We use the folgers, teabag looking coffee. The coffee pods are hard to find, but the folgers single serving bags works just fine.

After staying at many hilton hotels that use this cusinart stainless steel coffee pod brewer, i had to have one to put in my bedroom. My bedroom now feels like a hotel room, the coffee takes no time at all and i reccomend getting ‘the pod’ world blend coffee pods (sold here on amazon). I’ve since sent one to my best friend and she said it’s ‘the best present she ever got’. So convienient to have a coffee maker next to your bed.

The only thing i like about this machine is that it makes 1 cup at a time. It leaks water out of the second cup side despite having it set to one cup and has sprays of steam that completely miss the cup on the side your brewing. This means cleaning up after each brew.

GoWISE USA Gowise USA 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-steel Pressure Cooker/slow Cooker : Great for a Great Price.

Gave this as a gift to mom and she was so excited to use and enjoy. The lid was defective and didn’t seal correctly so it ruined the dinner that night. They replaced the lid quickly and the problem was resolved within 3-4 days. Now it is perfect and a wonderful time saver that makes healthy and delicious meals in about 1/6 the time it otherwise took. I would’ve given 5 stars if it weren’t for the defective lid so it really is a 4. Hopes this helps in your decision.

I enjoy what it makes every morning. However, sometime, the gas seems to be leaking for seconds these days. It makes me a little worried.

Gowise USA 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-steel Pressure Cooker/slow Cooker (4 qt)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Brown Rice, White Rice, Meat/Stew, Beans, Sauté, Brown, Steamer, Slow cook & Warmer , and pressure time +/- functions.
  • Includes a removable and durable aluminum cooking pot with DuPont Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Comes with a stainless steel rack, plastic cup and spoon.
  • ETL approved.

Not enough explanation on how to use it and not a recipe book with it either. So was scared to use it and gave it as a gift instead.

Everyone should own one of these. I had a problem with the seal and the people at this company are the nicest. They sent me a new seal and it cooks so fast and the food is great. I don’t know how i lived without this before.

I love this gowise usa 6-in-1 electric programmable pressure cooker. At first i had some questions and their help line was so kind and very helpful. This cooker does it all, quickly and easily and clean up is a breeze. I got the 4 quart size as i now live alone. I have cooked meals and frozen them in perfect portions. This is now my favorite kitchen item.

Gowise USA 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-steel Pressure Cooker/slow Cooker (4 qt) : For the first time, so much steam and water comes out, and i found that i didn’t close the lid. Now, no problem, it’s great.

It works well, but the timer does not work properly. One minute on the timer is actually one and a half minutes. When the timer is set to cook for 30 minutes, it cooks for 45 minutes. I contact gowise through there website, but i have not gotten a reply.

Excellent cooker for all types of cooking. Brown rice cooking is so good and also pressure cooking is a healthy way. Gowiseusa customer support is great, customer friendly. No regrets about this product.

Customer service very good also.

Very good product i would recommend it. I certainly will present it as a gift.

I have been having great success with this cooker. Adapting recipes from standard pressure cookers and slow cookers have been what i have been trying. There is a certain amount of experimenting that is required when doing this. Mostly it is the amount of liquid that has given me trouble. Because this cooker does not express steam (this is a good thing and retains vitamins)while cooking like a stove top model, it does not require as much liquid to start with. Also if i am adapting a stove top recipe i have to add an additional 1/3 cooking time. If the recipe calls for 30mins just add 10 for 40mins total. There have been two dishes that turned out so well my wife and i though we were in heaven. One was a lamb shank braise with great northern beans. It was so good we took the leftovers added chicken stock and made a great soup out of it.

I’ m very happy whith this purchase. I highly recommend this product. It saves time and is easy to clean.

At first, i chose this pressure cook just because it’s relatively cheaper than others. However, when i started using it, i found it is even better than i thought. First, it is non-sticky, which make it easier to clean. Second, it provides a lot of useful options, including the delay cook option. Third, the volume is more appropriate for me. Since in most times, i just cook for myself, a smaller cooker can make the food not that easily to burnt. Last, i don’t why, but the rice it cooked are a little tasty that cooked by pressure pot.

I have used it twice and have been very satisfied.

I brought 2 of these one for me and one for my son while i have not used mine as much my son uses his often i just wish it had more instruction to go with it but other than that.

I have not actually had the chance to use this yet. I am still a bit afraid of the ‘pressure cooker’. The product looks like and feels like it is well manufactured and put together. It does not feel like a cheap appliance. I am however very disappointed that the manual is very limited as far as for cooking. The manual states how to change the times, and pressure, but doesnt even give a water & bean/rice ratio for the different pressures and times. So you have no idea how much rice or beans you can cook at the time. You will have to waste time and possibly food, to figure out the right ratio for cooking.

It is that i was looking for, i needed a pressure cooker in what i could cook rice, beans, meat and every thing without worries and has a great capacity. I have another 6 qt pressure cooker and i needed an smoller one.

Large enough to cook a bird and he is grateful for his gift.

Tengo 4 años con ella gracias.

We’ve had this pressure cooker for 14 months now. Good product, very useful in the kitchen, works nice. Functionality-wise, it would earn 5 stars. However, as many other reviewers here, we had a problem with the plastic piece that connects the regulator knob to the lid. Basically, it breaks by itself. I was suspicious that i’d done something wrong in the first time, but in the second i’m positive it broke with minimal manipulation of the lid. It was ok, i turned the lid upside down for cleaning, and then it was broken. The reason why i’m knocking only one star out is that their support has promptly solved my problem in both times. The first time they sent a whole new lid, and i had to pay nothing at all. The second time, they sent me the piece that was broken, even though it was past the 1-year guarantee period — and, again, nothing came out of my pocket. Replacing was easy and the cooker has been working fine since. I’m only afraid that one day it will break and they’ll stop sending replacements.

It is a lot cheaper than most of the similar items online. So far i’ve used it for making soup, porridge, and chicken. It can put everything in the night before and set timer on to cook in the morning. The only small complaint i have is sometimes the knob for pressure vs. Release does not exactly line up wit the dot. So it could actually be letting the steam out when i try to pressure cook. If i’m nearby i can hear the steaming sound and go adjust it.

Sunbeam SEK17 1, Love this!

I was extremely skeptical if this kettle would last for more than a month due to the cheap price. But i’ve using it for about a year now, almost daily and it is still going strong. Would definitely recommend it. Perfect for students like me.

It,s the best user friendly product,the water taste so much better then microwave,and faster. I will be giving this for christmas presant.

One for our kitchen and one for our college daughter’s dorm. A cup of hot water in less than 2 minutes.

Key specs for Sunbeam SEK17 1.8-Liter Electric Water Kettle, 1500-Watt, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1500-watt electric kettle boils up to 1.8 liters at a time
  • Dual water windows; automatic shut-off with boil-dry protection
  • Hinged locking lid; “on” indicator light; nondrip pouring spout
  • Removable and washable mesh water filter for optimal taste
  • Measures 8-1/2 by 5 by 10 inches

Comments from buyers

“LOVE IT (edit: lasted just over 2 years)
, What a great idea and product
, Fantastic Kettle

I like that it heats up quickly and the automatic shut off insures safety. The spout pours without the annoying dribble of my old tea kettle. The speed of heating means that this thing will probably pay for itslf with power savings over time. I had no problem with odor, just be sure to begin using it as directed to in the instructions.

Bought for my daughter because i love mine.

We just moved from the uk where electric kettles are a staple in every home. We also washed it out twice with soap and boiled water in it once after using it.

Still going strong after two years.

I can boil a liter (or more) of water faster than i can on my gas stove or even in the microwave. 2-3 minutes tops for a full kettle of water and with the taste of stove-boiled water which is so much better than the microwave (yes. There is a difference from microwaved water although i don’t know why. ) i don’t understand the reviews about strange odors, bad taste or slow boiling since i have never had a problem with any of those issues. The auto shut-off is reliable and the filter fits perfectly although there is a trick to snapping it in properly, so i am certain that the complaints related to the filter are due to user errors. Play around with the filter and you will know when you have it right because it will be tight & very secure. This electric kettle is so good that i junked my standard tea kettle all together. The only reason why i didn’t give it 5 stars is because it would be great if it could maintain a high temp on the water left in it for even faster repeat uses, but i do realize that there would be a higher price due to greater safety features on something like that. I am going to purchase another one for the breakroom at work.

This is a nice electric kettle and i am using it at home. Problem is i bought to use on a trip to eurooe. This product can not be used with an adaptor or converter. The wattage is too high and it is 3 prong.

Works great, received promptly.

Nice size, better for home use. I have a smaller one that works well for camping and i have even brought it along on cruises. The water gets to boiling quickly. The auto shut off helps me not burn down the house.

After a lot of research i chose this kettle1) i wanted it to be electric2) i needed it to be cheap3) it needed to turn off on its ownthis one is amazing. I’ve had it for about a month now and had no troubles. It comes with cleaning instructions which i followed closely and i have had no issues with weird odors or tastes. It boils relatively quickly and will turn itself off. If i click it off before it boils it will stop. It has a medium length chord but you can unplug it at the base of the kettle as well as at the wall so if you need to walk away from the counter with the kettle you don’t have to deal with the chord, it can stay put. I chose this kettle, despite some bad reviews because it is the same as the one my grandmother has used for as long as i can remember. She lives out on a farm in the prairies and has to boil and filter all the water they drink or cook with and i knew that this kettle had stood up the at least 15 years of use at the farm boiling up to three times a day albeit that must have been an older version of the kettle. If the line is that sturdy i thought i wouldn’t mind taking a chance on it. So far i have had absolutely no issues and if i could go back and bought any kettle at any price i think i still would have got this one.

Very quick and convenience, the water really boils and hold the heat much longer than microwave hot water. I give it as gifts to most of the my friends that always in a hurry. We also use one at the office also.

This is simple and convenient.

Very satisfied with this product. I bought one for my daughter then one for my father.

Iit works great, but has a very short cord. In order to pour the water, one has to pull the cord off the pot.

This has literally changed my life. Took a while to get up the courage to change from the microwave to the electric water heater but i am so glad i did, on multiple levels.

It was a birthday gift for my sister. The one she had for 8 years finally stopped. Thought we would never find it again.

I just bought this tonight at an army px. When i took it out of the box, i read the directions (6-pages, people, including all the safety mombo-jumbo junk). I cleaned out the kettle like the directions said and plugged it in. As it was heating up, i went online to read when the product actually turns off automatically (since there is only a blurb in the user manual that states: ‘ensure the on/off switch is clear of obstructions and the lid is firmly closed. The electric kettle will not turn off automatically if the on/off switch is constrained, or if the lid is left open. In the time i came online to find this product, there was a ‘pop’ from the kitchen that sounded like a muffled circuit break. When i went out to the kitchen, i found that the kettle did indeed automatically turn off. I turned it back on, and immediately the water boiled for about 10 seconds before it turned off again. I did not see any chemicals on top (like the one review says), and i did not smell any odor.

We just got this kettle a few days ago. I ordered the black one and it fits in well with our assortment of black & chrome counter top stuff – better than i expected. Thanks to other reviewers’ comments, i actually read the directions (i’m not a fan of rtfm) and cleaned the pot as directed: washing it (including inside the lid) with detergent and then boiling and discarding two loads of water. I then made myself a cup of tea, decaffeinated (unfortunately), and perforce somewhat weak, and detected no off flavors at all. Have used it 2-3x daily since with great results: we like it very much. This is our third electric kettle in 7 years. We had problems with the two prior ones (chef’s choice most recently) because over time the connections between the removable kettle and its power base stopped working well. Our handyman was able to get one going, but not for long. So, i was looking for a kettle with a more protected connection and think this might do well. I’ll revise this later if i run into problems.

Pros:*heats water quickly, even when full* automatic shut off is temperature based, so it is very safecons:*short cord which sometimes comes out of the back of the pitcherthis is great to have next to your bed for a late night or early morning cup of tea. You can fill it a little, or to the top and only wait a minute or two for the water to boil. It is much quicker than a stove top kettle. The shut off feature is temperature based and not time based, so you can be sure that it is completely safe.

My only problem i have is calcium build up on the exposed heating element. Arizona water is just really hard on any appliance.

It boils water silently and has over 1 liter capacity. I used my old one several times a day for 5 years and it is still going strong. Arrived in perfect condition before estimated due date.