DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster : sweet but a little more would’ve been nice

We have had this for some time now. The crumb tray sliding out the front is nice too. It matches the red of our stand mixer, an extra bonus for us. The warmer rack works or making mutable batches and all being warm at serving. We use it on 3 or 3 1/2 setting. If you bread is really thin use a lower setting. We make most of our own bread, this toaster has wide slots and let us make a nice thick piece of toast.

I just wanted a toaster that toasts and pops the toast up when done. However , now that i have this toaster, it has features that make it fit our usage really well. 1) the button to pop stop toasting and pop up the slices is great so i can do a light toast for my wife and not have to change settings each time. 2) the push down knob also has a little extra movement at the top of the range to push toast up. So no more struggling with toast not popping up above the toaster top. 3) can toast 6 slices without waiting for cool down and all slices come out pretty much done the same. 4) bagels slices don’t get stuck, very happywhat i would change:make the openings just a little bit longer, the bread we like is a little wider than regular commercial bread. The slices still fit, but i have to push them in a little bit. A quarter inch would have been perfect. We do set it to a somewhat light setting as others have mentioned.

DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster, Blue

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  • Long lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior
  • Defrost and cancel function with variable browning control
  • Bun warmer and toast rack
  • Stainless steel crumb tray
  • Peek and view function: lift the toast to peek and view at anytime without canceling

Works great and is so attractive. I enjoy just looking at it or polishing it’s beautiful exterior.

I love delonghi kmix products. I have drip coffee maker, espresso maker and water boiler too. I needed toaster so i bought this one. Like other people said, you can only use set1-2, otherwise you will burn your bread. I use set1 for sandwich bread. Set 2 for bagle and frozen waffle. I bought this because it is attractive to look.

Compact, sturdy, very attractive, incredibly easy to use, and easy to clean. My favorite feature is the lever that allows you to lift the toast in the middle of the toasting process to check on the progress. Sometimes i wish i could make a grilled cheese, but then again, you’d be shopping for a toaster oven if that’s what you wanted. Would highly recommend this.

DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster, Blue : Was looking for a cute pop of color for a mundane appliance. Color is what was reflected on device.

My boyfriend purchased this toaster for me in the green color as a birthday gift and i really rather like it. It does toast bread fairly evenly, though, like most toasters it does make some heat/toast lines on the bread. I especially like the ‘peek’ function that allows you to pop the bread up to check how it’s coming along without actually canceling the heating. One thing i don’t really like is the branding stamped into both sides and top of the toaster, but it’s actually not super apparent unless you are right there using it, still it’s unnecessary.

My roommates and i chose this toaster together, since between the 3 of us, we didn’t have one. I became very concerned after seeing so many negative reviews of other toasters, i felt that finding a decent toaster was an impossible feat, but i was drawn in to this one based on the good reviews and simple design. So far, we have been using the toaster daily (as of a few weeks ago); we tend to eat a decent amount of toast and bagels in the morning. The toaster seems to toast quickly as the heating elements are quite hot. So out of about 8 levels of heat, a room temperature slice of sandwich bread will become golden brown at the 1. 5-2 setting, and a bagel will get medium brown at about 2. 75 or just under the 3 setting. For frozen or cold items, use the higher settings, though i never freeze bread or eat frozen waffles and the like–i don’t have an exact figure. The crumb catcher is great, the color is wondrfully bold, and it doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. The ‘peek’ function is by far my favorite feature, so the cooking doesn’t have to stop while you check the doneness of your bread.

I choose this toaster for contemporary style, but very soon after i start to us it, i found out the toaster missing one base ‘foot’ what makes it unstable. I sent it back and get new one without defects. The toaster works good, i wish it more emphasis on the dial indicator – very hard to see.

So i’ve gone through too many toasters – its slightly ridiculous. They either break, don’t toast, toast too much, or just plain suck. How the delonghi kmix is different then all other toasters i’ve used:1 – the temperature gauge is accurate, consistent and easy to use. 2 – the ‘pop up check’ lever works well – first one that i’ve seen that has something this useful3 – color looks greatoverall – i would recommend this toaster for anyone looking to buy one.

I love the color, it looks so nice against my grey , silver decor. Also, it toasts very nice, very even.

Others have complained about it burning the toast, but i find if you turn the knob to a lower setting it works great. My only quibble is that the slots aren’t very long, so if you like (for example) sourdough toast, it won’t fit in here. Maybe it’s the bread god’s way of saying eat less bread 🙂 anyway it works fine and is darn cute to look at too.

This is a great addition to the kitchen with attitude. The slots are about 1 inch wide and 5 inches long which appears to be wider than the average toaster. The toasts pops up after it is done but there is no ‘ding’ or alarm sound which i am okay with anyway. The lever is heavy duty rubber around solid metal which should last the life of the toaster. The crumb tray which is also metal is easy to pull out and clean. The cord is about three feet in length. It has a nice convenient cord wrap under the toaster to keep the cord out of the way. It has a nice ‘peek’ feature which lets you check on the progress of your toast without stopping it, all you have to do is lift the lever to check on it.

Nice looking, kinda retro-style toaster. Didn’t get a chance to see how it works, though, because the pop-down lever was broken straight outta the box. But amazon took it back no problem, so kudos to them.

The color is definitely more magenta than hot pink. The color that shows up on my ipad is exactly the color of the actual toaster. The toaster works ok, but it is missing a lot of functionality and it doesn’t toast evenly. Also, i find it very difficult to read the markings on the toaster, they are small and the symbols and the background are both silver. Because i bought this strictly for the color, and it was a great deal, i am happy with the purchase.

I bought this toaster for its beauty. I have to keep it on the lowest setting, otherwise it will burn my toast and pop tarts. I haven’t tried toasting anything frozen yet; maybe then i will raise the temperature setting. Either way, i love my toaster.

Looks beautiful on the counter. Just a little too big for a toaster.

I didn’t know toasters could be so beautiful, but this one is. Arrived almost before i ordered it.

Works great, its a beautiful color, we love it.

It makes evenly browned toast. Very happy with this purchase.

I’m happy with my new toaster. The only thing i wish is that the slots were a little longer. It toasts evenly and i very much like the bun warmer.

Kalorik Cordless 57-Oz : Hot Fast. Easy to use.

Loved it while it worked, but died within 1 year.

Kalorik Cordless 57-Oz. Jug Kettle, Maya

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  • 360-Degree cordless Strix controller
  • 1,7 L / 57-ounce capacity
  • Concealed heating element
  • Stainless steel body
  • Auto shut-off when water boils

Heats up very quickly, great safety features.

Lovejust an update on this kettle. I am using it for 3 years so far and it still works great.

I read all the reviews before purchasing through the amazon warehouse. Yes the metal portion gets hot (it’s metal and boiling water- seems like common sense to me but a lot of people complained about this). So the solution is don’t touch the metal. It is a very substantial kettle so when i have trouble with my wrists (both previously broken) i have my son carry it up to my room. Being that it is cordless we heat it in the kitchen then bring it upstairs and make cocoa, tea, instant coffee, whatever with it. The other thing we realized cooking christmas dinner yesterday was that we can set the water to boil (which we then used to make the stuffing without having to use the stove) great investment. I’ve been stalling forever on buying one and could not be happier to have bought this model. Not to mention it takes up so little space and looks totally gorgeous.

Kalorik Cordless 57-Oz. Jug Kettle, Maya : Love this cordless jug kettle. It is exactly what i was looking for. Quick to heat up and stays hot for awhile.

We purchased this to replace our older white plastic kalorik(which we also loved) after the switch died in that one. We just received this one but it has several improvements/differences over the plastic version worth noting. Similarities to the plastic version: it holds the same amount, heats just as quickly, has the same measurement fill window, and has the same/similar automatic shutoff function. Negative differences from the plastic version: this one definitely needs the requisite pre-use cleaning boils as being made of metal is does have what is probably oil residue from manufacturing. You can smell it when you clean it. I put a tablespoon of vinegar in one of the cleaning cycles just to make sure all oils dissolved. I also am not as big a fan of this shape as the plastic version, though the shape has positives as well. Being made of metal, the outside of this does get very very hot, although the plastic version is not exactly comfortable to touch when full of boiled water either. Positive improvements over the plastic version: the lid locks.

Can be filled to very minimal levels to quickly heat single serving amounts.

Very pleased with this purchase, water boils more quickly than the stovetop kettle. I love the lighted autoshut-off switch. Although the color is lighter than shown online, i like it much better than stainless steel or white plastic. Overall, a very good purchase.

Faint smell of hot plastic, not burning smell though so not incredibly worrying. Heats water very fast, ~6 minutes?. There’s a card in the box to activate it and get a year warranty.

This kettle is the best so far i have purchase it has a very nice look you can not go wrong and the celler is fast in delivery thank you.

Works perfectly and quickly. Gorgeous except the handle is not as expensive looking as the rest of it. If you look closely, maybe you can see what i mean. I’m enjoying the new color in my kitchen anyway.

Gave it to my niece as a college gift.

All above the + in the product and it looks very modern, but subtle, in my tiny workspace. Only thing i didn’t like was that it’s a bit front-heavy and tips forward as you carry it. But substantial – not the cheap plastic ones i see everywhere. Reaches a rolling boil that runs for a little bit but then turns itself off with an audible click. My dream would be to get this cordless pot in half the size – if you see one let me know?.

Been in regular use, passed down through colleges, and now post-college for over 10 years now, and still working great. Auto shut-off still works perfectly, and it boils max capacity in 3 minutes. A lot of other products i’ve seen out there give you barely warm water. The handle is ergonomic, and stays cool.

Blue light helps easy understand working status. Handle is convinient to carry.

KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker and Steamer – So far so good. Has worked with cooking rice and steaming vegetables only issue is it takes along time to steam vegetables

I thought paying more money for this it would last longer but after 5 months it stopped working. It only works off and on so was very disappointed in it.

Ha, it is super easy to use and clean. I used the recipe in the book to make the steel cut oatmeal with almond milk. I make rice in it probably 5 days a week. Easy to steam veggies while cooking the rice.

This is the second one i purchase, the first i gave as a gift to my mother and once i saw how convenient it was i had to buy one for myself.

This is an excellent rice cooker. It is extremely easy to use, and the rice cooks perfectly practically every time. Even my wife (who tends to burn foods. Please don’t tell her) can’t mess it up.Plus it keeps the rice warm. This appliance is also very easy to clean and maintain.

I have been using this particular rice cooker for about a month. I cook everyday and i am demanding of the appliances i give my valuable counter space to. This will have a place on my counter for years to come. I’ve used the rice cooker to make barley and was very pleased with the outcome. I like it because i can set it up and i don’t have to watch over it. I steamed some green beans in the steamer and was very pleased with the outcome. I will be using this feature quite a bit. I used the slow cooker to do some pulled chicken and of course it came out perfectly. This never took the cooker to the boil stage and hence my chicken was tender. I would recommend this unit for anyone that cooks.

This is one of my favorite appliances because when i come home from work i can stick a whole or large portion of a meal in it and then go off and do something else, walk the dogs, do some laundry, sew, whatever. I know among foodies there is a great debate over whether this appliance is necessary if you have a pressure cooker. Well it is for the set it and forget it factor alone. I graduated to higher end models when i going through cheap models about one per year. Since then i’ve had a vitaclay which i loved but when the clay insert’s lid broke i was unable to procure another from the company. Then i went to a panasonic and the latch on the lid broke 15 days after the 1 year warranty was up. And do you think amazon would relent?. No and it would cost as much as a new unit to ship it to a sanctioned panasonic repair facility as it would to buy a new one, then i bought a breville which is a lovely well made unit and make lovely risotto and slow cooks but makes lousy rice and doesn’t seem to do fast method of steel cut oats or grits. The breville recipe/instruction book is atrocious. I really hope this is a keeper, i went with krups this time because all of the krups brand appliances that i own are old and have lasted and i can’t stand replacing appliances that should last decades. They’re sustainable goods companiesanyway this one seems well made and i’ve made grits, rice, steel cut oats and quinoa, all were great. It’s easy to clean, wipe the inner lid after you’re done cooking. It doesn’t have a time delay but if it lasts i’ll be okay without that.

  • Disappointed
  • A Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance – Perfect Rice Every Time
  • Love this steamer!

This is a great rice cooker. I used all the four options and everything works great. I bought it from brandsmart usa for cheaper than amazon. L love it, love it and love it. It is the best rice cooker l have ever had. Thanks krups, u all did a good job making this piece of equipment.

Great rice, have not used it for anything else yet.

My friend recommended me this one so i ordered it almost blindly. After 2 minutes working, timer broke up. The cooker was still working but i couldn’t tell how much time was left, there were just zeroes. Also, in the beginning it didn’t let me change the time to my taste, it just weighs what’s inside, then you choose the mode (mine was ‘rice’) and that’s it. Because it was a lot of rice, the machine chose 1 hour. It was too much, the rice was soft-slimy-porridge like. I would like to hear the suggestion but be able to make corrections if needed. When i washed it, part of the finish came off (and i was washing it with soft sponge). So, i had to return it because of the timer but i didn’t order another one because of those flaws i learned while it was here. I hear people exclaim all the time how yummy the rice comes out of the rice cooker, comparing to regular pot, but i wasn’t impressed at all.

Rice comes out perfect every time.

This item is what i ordered and i am a very satisfied customer.

Features of KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker and Steamer with Slow Cooking function and Stainless Steel Housing, 10-cup, Silver

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  • 4 cooking modes: rice, steaming, slow cook, and oatmeal
  • Large 10-cup capacity nonstick and dishwasher-safe bowl for easy cleaning
  • Electronic controls with digital display; delayed start; keep warm mode; hinged locking lid
  • Includes steam basket, rice paddle, measuring cup and recipe book, dishwasher-safe parts
  • 630 watts, 2-year worldwide warranty
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The rice cooker works great, timed and everything. The steamer and slow cooker are also gems, just wish there were a delay feature, but it does keep warm after done cooking.

This is a replacement for the same model i’ve had for over 6 years. I use this nearly every day for either rice or overnight slow cooking. It is the most used applicance in my kitchen. I bought another one as my original was ruined due to the housekeepers scrubbing the inside pan with a scouring pad, removing all the non-stick coating. Make sure you clean with a soft cloth only.

I bought this rice cooker after we returned from an extended stay in japan. I thought it would be able to cook rice as well as a japanese rice cooker, but it isn’t perfect. I always have to put lots more water than the chart recommends or else the rice is too dry. I tried brown rice once and i also used the chart recommendations but i had to add 2 cups more water and turn the rice back on for it to cook it fully. Also, i like cooking a lot of rice to have for the following day but the warm function dries out the rice on the bottom of the container. I steamed some carrots while i was cooking rice but the time was not long enough to make the carrots tender. I think this is a sturdy unit and my friend has had one for over 10 years. So, i guess i just need to play with the water levels and steamer timer to get the food to our liking.

This is our second krups rice cooker. The first one lasted over 5 years. This rice cooker matches all of our stainless steel appliance in the kitchen. We always get compliment from our guest. We did our research and this is the best looking rice cooker in stainless steel in the market.

This was a christmas gift, perfect.

We have 4 kids and try to make morning breakfast as easy as possible. The oatmeal setting is awesome. We don’t have to microwave 4 bowls and take up 10 minutes. Just put in the oatmeal, the water, close it and turn on the oatmeal feature. 5-7 min later we have oatmeal ready to go. We have used the rice cooker portion for rice and quinoa. I’ve never owned one before but am glad we have it now. Way easier, and easy to clean too.

4 cooking modes: rice, steaming, slow cook, and oatmeal

Bought this for my brother for christmas when he asked for a rice cooker. Fast shipping and good product.

Has worked with cooking rice and steaming vegetables. Only issue is it takes a long time to steam vegetables. Found that if i started the steamer at 15 minutes, waited till i saw steamer to put the vegetables in and restarted the steamer, it worked great. Have not tried to slow cooker part.

This krups 4-in-1 cooker is one small kitchen appliance i could never be without. A true workhorse in my kitchen all year round. I use it so much that i have 2, the oldest is around 15 years old and works as well as it did on day 1i most often use the rice and slow cook functions. Using the rice cooking function, my brown basmati rice turns out perfect every time. Rinse the rice first, then cook according to the cooker’s rice instructions. I add a bit of olive oil and dried herbs, no salt. Perfecti have found that the slow cook function is generally equivalent to the high setting on a crock pot slow cooker. My slow cooked roasts, chicken, turkey pieces, stews, meatballs, and vegetables turn out beautifully.

It is a great multifunctional tool. It is large, so not easy for small portions or single servings.

I found this in a thrift store for $10; i was, and still am, incredulous. The first thing i did was try every mode. First i cooked rice, of course; perfect. Next day we slow-cooked a piece of local pork belly for 6 hours. Just before serving we crisped both sides. For dessert, i used the steam function to make a strawberry/rhubarb custard; the steam rack held 4 custard cups. They came out okay; the recipe was bad, but the steamer worked great. Next day, i did two frittatas, one savory and one sweet, using the rice mode. The savory one had 7 duck eggs plus vegetables, and the sweet one was hen’s eggs and frozen fruit.

After using this appliance for twelve years, it finally quit cooking the rice completely without running it through two to three cycles. There’s no question that i’m replacing it with exactly the same thing.

Large 10-cup capacity nonstick and dishwasher-safe bowl for easy cleaning

I had an older version of this item and i replaced it with a newer one. I loved it so much i bought it twice. It is a quality product that lasts for 10 years or more. Very easy to use although it only has a low heat setting. I use it for rice, slow cooking and oatmeal. I have never had any trouble with it whatsoever and really love the item i have several other slow cookers and this is my all-time favorite.

I use it primarily for oatmeal and brown rice. The oatmeal setting cooks ok,but in order to prevent boil overs i have to start with less water and add more as it goes along. I sometimes leave the lid loose and that helps some. Brown rice cooking following the instructions also leads to boil overs. The rice comes out drier than i would like and so end up adding more water and continue cooking. I have not tried it for other uses yet. It is useful and would give it a higher rating if it didn’t boil over so easily. The unit is attractive and seems to be well made. If anyone has suggestions for solving this problem i would like to hear about it.

I had owned a krups rice cooker and after 12 years it was not working well. I decided to replace it with something different. I tried aroma and unfortunately had to return it because, my rice didn’t come out well, it was too dry no matter how much water i added, the taste was different and so i returned it. I saw this krups on clearance at bed bath and beyond and got an extra 20% off. I fell in love with this product again. If rice is a staple food in your home like mine this is the right rice cooker to go. I don’t like my rice too dry and too moist. The krups ricer does a perfect job.

I have had this product for 8 years and it is still going strong. Nothing is broken and all the buttons still work. We all love this rice cooker. I pretty much use the rice cooker and slow cooker function at least once a week, but there have been times where i have used it a number to times in one week. I have yet to have bad rice or a bad slow cooked meal. I have cooked brown, white, jasmine and basmati rice with my krups a number of times. My only suggestion is before the water boils down to stir the rice once. This will prevent any rice from getting a little hard on the bottom. You do not have to do this as the rice comes out just fine either way.

Electronic controls with digital display; delayed start; keep warm mode; hinged locking lid

Includes steam basket, rice paddle, measuring cup and recipe book, dishwasher-safe parts

Cuchen Elvan Pressure Rice Cooker – Best rice cooker that I’ve ever tried

Good rice cooker with reasonable price. This is second purchase for me. We use rice cooker everyday and my first lasted for four years. I like this product and trust this manufacturer. It will be better to have fragile for handle with care sign outside of box.

I’ve owned many rice cookers in the past, mostly z** brand from japan. I was not happy with previous cookers so decided to try this korean brand. My friend bought a cuckoo pressure cooker so i decided on cuchen. I’m totally satisfied with this cuchen cooker. Everything works great and easy to use. It looks modern and it’s constructed of high quality materials.

The cook time is long but it always cooks perfect rice and that’s all that matters. Here are the specifications for the Cuchen Elvan Pressure Rice Cooker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Cuchen Rice Cooker WPS-G1011LUS (RED COLOR)
  • 10cup

Seemed like a decent machine. Think i got a defective one though, didn’t cook consistently.

I have used tiger rice cooker before. The rice quality is totally different. All of my family members are impressed. If this cooker lasts long, this will be the best buy that i’ve ever done.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Nice rice cooker
  • Great value, compared to the $500 rice cookers. Love it. Would buy again

After a disastrous and nauseating experience with a much pricier zojirushi rice cooker that i returned immediately — i decided to try a different brand entirely. Fifteen plus years ago, i’d say a japanese brand rice cooker was tops–but in recent years, korean rice cookers are no laughing matter. So given my experience, i decided to go korean all the way this time. Cuchen is a well-known brand in korea so i opted for the 10-cup model here. This was amost $200 cheaper than what i paid for the previous zojirushi, but for my purposes, this would more than suffice as my main objective was to stay with a pressure cooker. This cuchen model provides excellent rice. If you make 4 cups of rice with water exactly up to the 4-cup pressure cooking water line (on the left–the right is regular cooking, if you can’t read korean), then you will have good rice. I’ve stored rice up to 24 hours in this machine and there is none of that nauseating smell i got from the previous rice cooker. Generally speaking, i do not recommend eating rice any older than that. The bean rice and brown rice functions work perfectly as well, producing moist and sticky rice in each scenario.

Its easy to use and great not only for cooking rice.

It is perfect for my need although it doesn’t speak english.

I really like the ease of use and feature set for the price.

I have bought many for family and friends who also enjoy the rice from this rice cooker.

Nice rice cooker, definitely a step up from the tiger non-pressurized rice cooker i bought last time. Pressure is more important in rice cooking than induction cooking and other features. I am glad cuchen could offer a pressure rice cooker at such affordable level comparing with zojirushi or tiger, which puts pressure feature with ih and other non-important features and raises the prices. Downside is the voice of cooker being too loud.

Works quicklycooks the rice , nice and tasty.

I only wish i had gotten a smaller size.

I’ve purchased the cuckoo brand before and i think this one is better. The lid tended to peel on the cuckoo.

Bought this for my mother and oh my gosh. This is the most amazing rice cooker ever.