T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor : Great juicer

It is very powerful but a bit bigger for a small family of three.

This is my 3rd juicer and i can say this one is the best. Easy to use and very easy to clean.

T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor with Stainless Steel

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  • Whole fruit feeding tube; 2 speeds for soft or hard fruits
  • Anti-drip spout; metal locking arm
  • Stainless steel filter; 3-liter integrated pulp container
  • Includes 1.25-liter pitcher with foam separator for direct service
  • 1-year limited warranty

Simple to use & cleans easily. Have had the juicer for 1 month.

This is our first juicer and so far it is meeting all of our expectations. The pulp comes out a little wet. But i read a few articles online that say it’s best to re-juice the pulp too, so that’s what i did and got quite a bit more juice. The screen feels like it’s durable and the ‘mouth’ of the juicer is big enough to fit an entire medium-sized tomato. Pretty pleased with the purchase and the price is great.

Great machine, we juice everyday at work. Its quieter than others but dont expect a hybrid, product definitely met our expectations. Very few parts to clean, easy to open and close. I have used in the past the bullet express juicer and it would leak juice from side of machine. So this t-fal gets an a++++++++++++++++i would recommend this product.

T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor with Stainless Steel : I had wanted to try home juicing but was a little reluctant due to the expense of a nice juicer. I read the reviews of the t-fal and decided to give it a try and i am glad i did. It is very easy to use and to clean, the first juicer i had considered had horrible reviews for cleaning. This sets up quickly, does a great job with juicing the vegetables, even beets, and is very easy to take apart and clean. And the price can’t be beat. For someone new to juicing this is the perfect beginning juicer.

This is my first juicer and i absolutely love it. The tips in the reviews as to how to remove the basket is invaluable. Its not that the basket is hard to take out, its just that its easy to over think. Don’t try to remove the strainer and the green thing separately. Once you have removed the bulky top part lift out the filter and the basket by just pulling straight up on the green part. I felt really stupid when i finally figured it out but very relieved. I’ve noticed that the pulp inst super dry when i’m finished, but thats probably because i’ve been juicing a lot of super watery fruits like water melon. Another tip (recommended in a review) is to line the catch basin with produce bags. Just scrape everything when you are done, tie off, and throw in the trash (or you could do the whole compost thing with biodegradable bags). I had initially planned to buy a higher end brand, but as a first time juicer i was afraid that the excitement would quickly pass and i would have a $200 useless machine sitting on my counter.

I use my juicer quite often and it works great. The only hard part to clean is the( sharp. I have to scrub it with a brush but the rest pretty much rinses clean, if i don’t wait. I place a plastic bag in the discard bucket for easy clean up. It has a handy juice jug and a plastic screen that separates the foam from the juice. Its a nice looking and seems to be a high quality machine with a strong motor. It makes juice very fast but doesn’t heat the juice at all.

I am satisfied, but only drawbeck is, it leaves lots of pulp. Basically, i don’t get much juice out of amount of veggies and fruits i put in.

I have used this juicer now for about a month daily. I read some pretty nice reviews on here and was why i decided to choose this juicer over a few others in the same price range. Let me begin with what made me choose this item. Easy to assemble and take apart. Came with a stainless steel filter comes with a cleaning brush. (which you absolutely must use to clean the sieve screen with especially the back end with it’s spatula end to push the rinds through the screen when cleaning. Juicing is an essential way to get the best daily amount vegetable and fruit nutrients, when you don’t eat enough things such as kale, beets, chard, etc.

It is my first juicer, it is extremely easy to use, and even easier to clean. I use it primarily for green juices, but have also done carrot juices as well. I usually use spinach, kale, parsley, apples, ginger, cucumber, lemons, limes, beets, pretty much anything, and this machine juices it without a problem. It has two speeds and comes with a user manual that will tell you what speed to use for certain fruits and vegetables. I would recommend this juicer to anyone who likes to juice.

Not a big price difference between this juicer and the breville one, but if that 30 bucks make a difference to you, don’t fret. This is right up there with the breville, quality-wise. Would recommend without a doubt.

My masticating juicer is no longer functional :(. I had to settle for a centrifugal one till i replace the other one. For what it’s worth, i love it. Easy to take apart and clean.

Our heads were spinning when trying to figure out which brand to buy – so many to choose from. We were undecided between the breville and the t-fal. We went with the t-fal because my husband had one many years ago that he remembered to be a good, quality product. What we like is that it is easy to put together and take apart; it cleans so easy. Everything fits together so well that there is no leakage at all during the juicing process. The motor is strong enough for hard root veggies and it handles leafy greens too without a problem. It has 2 speeds (slow/fast) and we tried the slow speed but really didn’t find it a necessary addition for us. It is definitely a good, quality product we expect to be able to use for some time – well worth the money.

Great product, wife juiced for 6 hour when it arrived. Everything from apples to kale no problems then straight to the dishwasher.

I had this juicer before and loved using it. I used it every other day for 3 years, then the moter started to go on it. Since nothing lasts forever, i decided to retire it and get another one. It’s the best juicer for the price.

I am beyond pleased with my new tfal juicer. It never leaks or drips- at either end. The pitcher it comes with (not shown for some reason) is fantastic. It separates the foam out, and the pieces are all removable for easy cleaning. I simply line the pulp receptacle with a plastic bag from the produce, and it makes cleanup even easier. 🙂 this juicer looks great on the counter and is so well made- it really should be up there with the rest of the top of the line juicers, imho. The lock is great, too- none of those frustrating snap into place ones that fall out to the sides. Everything about this juicer is amazing. Tfal really should promote it better- i chose this one over the hamilton beach wide mouth because even though that one got great reviews, in person it felt cheap and plastic-y. You will love everything about this juicer.

I choose this juicer because of the positive reviews on here and i can honestly say it doesn’t disappoint. The price was great for someone just starting out juicing because i didn’t want to shell out several hundreds of dollars for something i wasn’t sure i was going to stay with. This juicer is absolutely terrific. It’s easy to take apart to clean and it does the job quite well. The directions were clear and concise and you don’t need any tools to take it apart – everything just clicks in and out. It’s also extremely easy to use and extracts lots of juice from all those fruits and vegetables you use. I’m extremely pleased with the t-fal ze5813us; i even talked a friend of mine into purchasing one and she loves her’s, too.

I compared so many juicers trying to find a quality juicer for a decent price. After reading the reviews i decided to purchase the t-fal juicer. The wide feeding tube is nice. Sometimes i will have to cut large apples in half to fit but most things fit whole. If you are looking for a powerful quality juicer without breaking the bank this is it.

Works well, just a little annoying to clean because you have to unscrew the blade each time.

I purchased this juicer based on the reviews that i read on amazon and i am not disappointed. I am new to the juicing community, but i have tried it with various fruits and vegetables and it is easy to use, cleans up well and is very efficient.

My parents really like this itemthe price is excellent.

Mr. Coffee ECM20 Steam Espresso Maker : Although it seems to work as an espresso maker,

I made my first ever cappuccino five minutes after i opened the box. Made second cup for my wife and she loved it. -great cup off espresso/cappuccino-easy to froth milk-even skim milk-cleans easycons-had to buy separate st/steel frothing cup-measuring spoon does not have coffee packing tool.

The first worked great until it the steam knob broke (after 3 years). The second was a useless piece of junk. I called jarden for a replacement and they shipped me a more expensive model it was less than useless so i called jarden again. They told me that the “replacement center” did not have this model available for warranty replacement. I wasn’t having any of that so i became the squeeky wheel until they drop-shipped me this model. The lesson is the quality control is less than good. The main problem was it (the replacement) took 12-15 minutes to brew a pot when it should only take 4 minutes. If you intend to make an impressive froth you need to take the plastic “frother” and throw it in the trash. To properly froth hold the froth tip just above the milk to send some air into the milk. As the milk level rises lower the frothing cup continually to keep the tip just above the milk. I can froth 10 oz of milk to fill a 20 oz cup in about three minutes.

The seller had the product sent by ups and there was a track number. The seller reimbursed me even though he was not always as responsive as i would have liked, but in the end i got my money back and i went to a retail store to buy my espresso machine because i got tired of waiting for over a month to get it. This experience makes me rethink my buying online. I had a good experience with amazon and ebay until recently when i have not received items i paid for at least three times this month. I got my money back every time , but the items i ordered where time sensitive. My buying habits will change as of now.

As i work off shore on the oil rigs, this is a small simple compact unit which has proven to make well over 1000’s of cappuccino’s in it’s time. This is the second, after the first one got well used in the last 8 years from rig to rig. Good simple and easy to use.

  • Love it BUT
  • Great Coffee for 4-6 Years
  • Great if you like strong coffee, not true espresso

Mr. Coffee ECM20 Steam Espresso Maker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Measures 12 by 9 by 14; 1-year limited warranty
  • 3 way select knob allows for separate brewing and frothing
  • Removable drip tray for easy clenaing
  • Steam pressure brewing
  • Measuring scoop and tool included

I do not consider that a drawback. But i need to get this first tip right out in front for new purchasers:1) never, ever use the handle alone to “unscrew” the basket assembly or it will go the quickest (just think “cosmetics” for it) get your hand up underneath to do the job, or the thing will too soon break off in your hand. You can’t avoid some pressure on the handle when unscrewing as i’ve instructed. Its demise is inevitable, but you can still use the basket assembly w/o it, of course. Other tips to follow the following:consider me the expert on mr. Coffee ecm20–it’s my third time around for this unique product, which makes coffee tasting about midway between a very good drip and true espresso = great for the price and user-friendliness great coffee in about 3 min. Very quick and easy, no filters to mess with, and its small size fits anywhere.

Se gradite il caffè espresso italiano autentico, questa è la macchina per voi. Produce il caffè espresso squisito, appena come fanno a milano. Premi appena il tasto ed allora prenda una sorsata e pensate che siate in italia. Coffee per il salvataggio della mia unione.

Its an art to make it the way you want it. Coffee needs to be semi fine, slighty packed. I unplugg in the middle of steamimg so it won’t over heat. I wish they were $30 instead of $40. I will keep buying these as long as they make them. We have hard water so thats why they last 5 months max. Never poor water in it to make another while its still hot or you will kill it.It “glazes” the calcium deposits.

I bought this for my friend as a gift and she loves it. It’s totally cut down on her coffee runs cause now she can have it at home thanks to this awesome machine.

This little machine surprised me. When i first took it out of the box and saw the knobs for brew and steam i though, well what a pain in the ass. It brewed the espresso very well and then it steamed my milk up to 160 in a little under 2 mins. I expected a lot less for what i paid for, but what i got was a good machine, you will not be disappointed.

I’ve had years of success with the standard mr. Coffee filter machines; somehow they always manage to combine function with form, and make consistently good coffee, especially for the price. So when after a short trial, i got dissatisfied and disrespectful of the krups low-price espresso machine, i went looking for a mr. Be sure to read all the instructions for the ecm20. They are actually in first-class consumer-friendly language, obviously written by an english speaker and for sure a person who had actually used the product to make different kinds of espresso drinks. You readily learn to produce espresso with that “crema” on top, as well make creamy steamed milk for your lattes and cappucinos. And my partner, who usually likes a tidy, bare countertop, said this interesting design “looks good on the counter. ” (to get the fifth star, they just need to make the frother wand swivel.

This is a great coffee, expreso or capuchino maker.

So far i love this little espresso maker. It isn’t fancy but it does the job and it’s not huge so it fits in my tiny kitchen. The one frustrating thing is that the steamer is kind of awkward to use, it’s smaller than your average frothing cup. Still works fine and makes delicious drinks.

Brews as well as other more expensive models.

It makes excellent coffee and is easy to use. My only complaint is that the lid on the coffee pot does not come off easily, especially with coffee in it. I have made lattes at home for about 20 years, and i would prefer this over the more expensive machines with reservoirs.

I searched for 3-4 weeks at different stores and they all said they carried the mr. Coffee steam espresso maker, but they never were sure when they would get this back in stock. So my husband looked on amazon and found this great coffee maker and he ordered it for me. The transactions went smooth and the coffee maker arrived in a timely fashion and arrived brand new like described. I use it every morning and love it.

I’ve had 3 of these in the last 3 years. The average lifetime of this machine seems to be one year. Something or the other will fail. On one of them, steam started leaking from the top and the control knob broke on another. Too bad because i really liked the cappuccino it makes. I’m from southern india and it made great south indian coffee. Maybe i’ll get another one with the expectation that it will only last one year.

Although it seems to work as an espresso maker, the small, weak plastic parts such as the ‘clip’ on the filter basket and the handle on the pot are already broken. Did not last even three month.

I had one just like it for 17 years. Thank goodness i found one like it. Creature of habit i the morning.

The cost for any espresso machine, outside the us, is out of the sky. This little beauty (@$30) is just too good to be true. Yes it won’t last forever but i had my first one for two full years and used it just about every day at work. I’m now on my second machine and couldn’t be happier. Great espresso, great foam and my $400 machine can barely stay up.

My mother loved it and was very excited about receiving this as a christmas gift, it was one of the gifts she asked for. I was very happy for her and thanks for this great product and i love the size is perfect for her little kitchen.

Perfect for those who want only a single cup of coffee. The steaming function is great for frothing milk. We originally bought this about 4(?) years ago and ran it into the ground (the seal on the steamer wouldn’t hold very well), but it still made coffee. Went and bought the identical model (glad they didn’t change over to a different version. ) we’re delighted to have all of the capabilities back.

I was a little worried about getting this espresso/cappucino maker because of some of the complaints about the milk frother on the machine, but i don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love this machine, particularly given its low cost compared to others on the market. The quality of the espresso is not the best i have ever tasted, but it does the job just fine, and the milk frother is top notch. I have owned any number of cappucino makers in my life, and this is the best one for making a stiff, thick foam. There are better machines to be had for three times the price, but this one is an excellent performer for the cost.

The Ultimate Edge 12W 12-Inch Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel, Nice Sharpener.

This product is awesome in my kitchen. This is the best knife sharpener out of all that i have owned. I actually bought three of them. Gave one to my boyfriend for christmas and kept the other as a spare for when i need a new one.

He was very happy to receive this knife sharpener and is very pleased with the results he gets when he uses it.

Got this, a fine and a steel. Knives are so sharp you can shave with them. If you hate a dull knife as much as i do, i highly recommend them.

Key specs for The Ultimate Edge 12W 12-Inch Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 12 inch by 3/4 inch oval, 600 grit diamond
  • Made of microcrystalline diamonds bonded with nickel to oval steel shaft
  • Works with serrated knives; also files glass, crystal, and china
  • Lightweight, versatile and easy to use
  • Rugged plastic handle has hanging hole

Comments from buyers

“Fastest Sharpener in the West and can be used on glass as well
, Great edge tune up
, works well but poorly built

I have lots of knives this works great, buy this rough one and just don’t push too hard to finish the job.

This is not sharpening steel, it is an amazingly convenient sharpener. Over the years i have used the laski system, hard and soft arkansas stones, but finally settled on a diamond stone/plate. When i saw this ‘steel’ i was intrigued. It is everything i’d hoped for. I run it under the water before each sharpening. When i am not happy with a knife, this steel is hanging right there. 10 seconds and the knife, big or little, is sharp again. As an additional benefit, the instructions noted that it can be used on glass.

True diamond coated sharpener, fine enough, but for a razor edge,,,(to shave with) porcelain rods or the like will be needed to ‘hone’ a razor edge on your blade. This is a great sharpener though.

I have the fine edge sharpening steel and decided to buy this one. It definitely gets the job done and done well. I don’t know about the other ppl and them saying it doesn’t work. I’ll tell u this i’m a cook so i use my knife a lot and my coworkers all want to borrow it.

Already sharpened my knives and it is working great.

This is the second purchase of this particular brand of sharpening steel. They do wear out after a while, but in comparison to other brands, this one seems to last and last. The 600 grit results in a fairly smooth cutting edge. I don’t use this diamond sharpening steel every time the knife dulls. Instead i use a metal sharpening steel to true the edge of blade. When that process no longer works to sharpen the knife, i then use the diamond sharpening steel to remove metal and put on a new edge. I’ve bought other diamond sharpening steels from amazon, but this is by far my favorite.

This is the first sharpener of this type for me. As with all sharpening getting right angle is important. The very fine diamond surface gives a good feel (feedback) so you can keep the angle more easily than with other sharpeners i have used. I just hope this thing lasts a while. Sometimes this sort of surface comes off too soon.

Their was nothing to not like a out the product.

Works just like it’s supposed to work. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend. Nice handle, puts a great edge on my knives.

Though use to round vs oval, finally a coarse steel with great grit.

Puts a great edge on some of my older knives. It’s a more aggressive steel which works well on knives that need to be re-edged.

For the money, this sharpener works great and puts an incredibly sharp and lasting edge on all of my knives in a very short amount of time.

I bought this for my husband for father’s day after he had used a friend’s. Thanks for carrying this item.

I have inexpensive knives and this tool made them perform like those used by professional chefs. Only takes 6-8 passes to get a very sharp edge. Definitely makes cooking easier now.

Edited 12/31/2011: my son has finished his apprenticeship, and he is now the head butcher in our local grocery store. He still uses this to sharpen his best knives. My son is apprenticing under the tutelage of a butcher, and his mentor recommended an oval sharpener. My son says it works well for sharpening the knives he uses during his workday.

I cut meat for our local grocery store and know the importance of having a really sharp knife. I was told about the diamond sharpening steel by a coworker that had gotten his at ‘kiss the cook’ he paid $30 plus for his. Being on a tight budget right now due to rising gas prices i wasn’t able to go and buy the one he was telling me about so i searched amazon. I found this sharpener/steel and decided to try it. This item arrived today and immediately got out my work knives. The were super sharp in no time and it didn’t take much effort on my part at all. My arms will not get as sore now that i have the ability to keep my knives sharp. This sharpener is highly recommended.

I prefer the flat diamond steel over the round type; much faster blade restoration imo. I’m a personal chef and bought this to add to my traveling kit; it’s not as wide as the one i have at home but it does the trick. I do what one of my culinary school instructors taught me; every time i use my knife i give it 5 strokes on one side of the blade, then 5 on the other. Then 4, and 4; 3, and 3, etc.

Very nice to resharpen knives.

Fine enough for honing and just coarse enough for all around sharpening. Plan to order other sizes and styles.

Inexpensive and easy to use. All my kitchen knives are now sharp as razors. After using it often for more than 10 years it takes a bit longer to obtain the edge i like so i just ordered a replacement.

It was excellent and easy to use.