Tribest GP-E1503 star power Juicer, Excellent!!!

I was reading a bunch of these reviews and had to write a post. I get a kick out of brainless people who spend a buck on something and expect it to perform like they paid 10 times more, or the ones that are just uneducated on a topic before speaking. I have had this juicer for 15 years now. Yes i have had to replace a few parts, but i have had to do the same thing with my car after awhile. I am an avid juicer and have used many different styles of juicers and some are good and others horrible. I always come back to this juicer. Not only does it juicer more than most juicers, it’s juice is sweeter than most, not sure why, but i think it has to do with the fact it crushes instead of cutting the vegetables. It is heavy, but if its heavier than others, than the components and motor are stronger and heavier, i would say that makes it better (so why do people complain about this???). It’s fairly easy to clean, for the most part you just rinse the parts off except the screen takes about 30 seconds to clean with the brush that comes with it. I prefer masticating style juicers over centrifugal type (better juice quality, volume and less foam).

No kidding, i bought it in 1996, it is weathered looking, but works like new, i’ll eventually buy a new one.

Have to say, this is one of the best juicer/green processors that i have ever seen. Does it all, their advertised claims are spot-on. Clean up is more time consuming than a cheaper one, but still not bad, and kind of fun once you get the hang of it. If you are on the fence about getting this or another one, i’d recommend this one because of its versatility and because of how much you can extract from the greens (pulp comes out dry) as well as the other fruits and vegetables.

Key specs for Tribest GP-E1503 Greenstar Gold Greenpower Juicer, White:

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  • 110V Model
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts & grains
  • Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • 3 pasta settings: angel hair, fettuccini, spaghetti

Comments from buyers

“but good for everything else
, Best juicer money can buy.
, 20 Years of great juice

Love the juicer, works well w/ the gerson therapy. It’s been a workhouse 40+ days straight. Recommend a 4 cup pyrex glass bowl w/ this besides the one they give you to catch pulp. Here’s some background why to juice. Saw the beautiful truth and later the gerson miracle. Had a lump in my throat that was literally choking me when i ate. Bought the book, started juicing. I can swallow most of the time now and hope to be cured in time (been a month or so).

Doesn’t do apple juice well, but good for everything else.

One thing though; it takes a lot of strength to push the veggies through. Slow juicers do much better on greens like parsley and wheat grass.

I recently found out that i had cancer. So of course i wanted to fight it with healthy nutrition. I knew that i had to stop eating sugar because cancer cells love sugar, but i did not know what else to do. I have had a juiceman juicer for a number of years but no one could locate it. My friend had been bragging for years about her juicer and i read the product reviews on this site so i decided to buy this juicer. She had bragged that the pulp is dry which proved that this juicer removed all of the liquid possible from the plant. She told me that this machine crushes the plant at a lower speed than the juiceman so it does not get over heated and possibly kill the vital enzymes. You then have 72 hours to drink the juice. Hopefully the healing juices that i am drinking will help me live and be healthy.

This is the best juicer we have used and we have tried many. I had developed skin cancer and started using this juicer to juice 2 quarts of carrot and apple juice and 1 quart of leafy green vegetable juice, which i drink 8 oz. Glasses of spread throughout the day. It is quiet, easy to use and easy to clean. Even my children (8 years old and up) can use it safely. We also use it to juice wheatgrass, which almost no other juicer can effectively juice unless it is a wheatgrass juicer only. This machine crushes the food then presses it into a dry pulp squeezing nearly every drop of juice out of almost anything. If you need a juicer, this is the one. We only wish it came in a solid stainless steel version.

I bought this juicer to juice leafy greens. I had read at least a hundred reviews on various websites and everybody seemed to give this juicer two thumbs up in the juicing leafy greens department. But it was said that it didn’t juice fruits very well. All i want it for is to get the most out of my green. But i came to find out that it doesn’t do a very good job at all juicing collard greens or kale. Those are the main 2 i wanted to juice. I don’t care what screen you use (fruit or vegetable) or what knob you use on this juicer and how much you tighten or loosen it,(the control knob) it just won’t work. You’ll get a lot of pulp an unbelievable amount of foam and very little juice. It does a great job with broccoli.

I purchased a less expensive juicer, and after using it a few times, gave it to goodwill. It was an awful mess to clean, and i never felt like it was really cleaned well. This juicer not only gets every bit of juice out of your produce, it’s a breeze to clean it. No sharp blades, no hidden nooks and crannies. It dis-assembles and re-assembles quickly and easily.

We have had a green star juicer for over 10 years, never had a single failure. We juice about 2 gallons a week. Takes less than 10 minutes to clean up.

I’ve had my gp-1503 since 1994. I was leaning toward a norwalk until i stumbled upon this innovative, award winning juicer. The price and easy clean up, convenience of not having to wash bags and the high quality juice sold me. It has been in steady use for 20 years without any problems. I juice greens, carrots, apples melons, pineapple, tomatoes and every healthy concoction possible. Everything is a breeze although it requires a little adjustment of the outlet knob for melon and pineapple. Nut butters and seeds process beautifully, did i mention high quality juice?. Although i like to drink my juice immediately, i have stored it for two days without affecting the taste at all, i attribute this to the special magnetic gears that improves the taste of juice. After 20 years it is still going strong and i expect it to last many more. This was the first of its kind and now many have followed the twin gear approach, i’m glad i have the original.

Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Missed Home Dehydrating

. I love the dehydrator itself.

This is great for a first time dehydrator. I have used it for days consistently and it has made pounds and pounds of vegetable snacks, tofu jerky, dehydrated coconut chips & flax crackers etc. . I can’t wait to see what else i can make. I will never buy chips again.

This is a versatile machine in a complete starter kit at a very reasonable price.

Key specs for Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Screens, Sheets, Book:

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  • FD-80 Dehydrator w/ 8 trays (base FD-80 includes 4)
  • 8 – SQM-2-6 Clean-A- Screens (base FD-80 includes 1)
  • 8 – SLD-2-6 Fruit Roll Sheets (Not included in base FD-80)
  • Large Jerky Gun w/5 spices (Not included in base FD-80)
  • “How to Dry Foods” book by Deanna De Long (Not included in base FD-80)

Comments from buyers

“The perfect Dehydraor for the kitchen.
, Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works
, Missed Home Dehydrating

Makes excellent jerkey and wouldn’t trade it for anything except a bigger one of the same kind.

Good deal but my cooking time is longer even with a higher temp setting then my old one. 7 hours for a batch of jerky now its 12 hours i’m guessing it’s the new larger size.

Next generation nesco dehydrator is great. Like the temp adjustment and that the trays are square not round making it easier to use the jerky press and can hold more. So far worth the money and comes with a jerky press that is more heavy duty than the nesco press purchased. Very happy with the purchase of this product, and had not seen it in stores.

I have used it to make jerky, fruit rolls, and dog food so far. The fruit roll trays are easy to peel fruit off of and the mesh trays work great for dog treats and smaller foods. I am very happy with the jerky gun that came with the kit. It is easy to use and clean. The only negatives about this is the trays are a little flimsy and a challenge to clean. Otherwise great item would buy again.

I researched and researched before finally purchasing this dehydrator. And so far i am very happy with my purchase. It came with tons of stuff for a very reasonable price. It is very quiet, a bit big but not too huge for the counter top. My only complaint is that the book that came with it had inaccurate drying times. I did bananas, strawberries, and apples the first time and it took about 10 hours. But this is not a deal breaker, the fruit was very tasty and my kids gobbled it up the first day. I’m very excited to try the beef jerky maker and make homemade fruit roll ups.I would recommend this dehydrator absolutely.

Has every thing you would ever need. In the short time we have had it. We’ve done a batch of bananas chips, 4 large loads of tomatoes, a load of apple slices and 2 batches of jerky. (beef and turkey) turkey in 4 flavors and it’s the ‘best’.

It’s been years since i’ve messed with home dehydrating and this set makes it even easier/quicker to do it. Has everything needed to get started out of the box (other than the food) to do any type of dehydrating you want. Wish i had this set when my children were younger. Definitely offers an opportunity to offer your family a healthier snack.

Making all kinds of dried fruit and leather and i love it. Comes with plenty of every thing you need to start.

I have used the round snackmaster many years now. They are at the shack, so i needed one for home use. It fits better on counter top and they made it look like it belongs in a kitchen. The jerky shooter is bigger than the old one i have, so this is really nice for getting this machine running full. And no curving so bagging of snacks it faster. This comes with one round frute rollup tray and square screen for each tray. This is easy to clean up too. The motor on top makes it real easy to clean drip tray, so you don’t have to worry about juicy stuff with this oneway better than some steel units i have used.

I had initially ordered everything seperately. The dehydrator is excellent. This came with a jerky gun, which uses ground meat. I had no idea you could make jerky out of ground meat and was a little wary of it, but it tastes amazing. I’ll be using ground meat from now on.

Takes forever to make jerky.

If you want every accessory you can get with this dehydrator, look no further. Packaging was a little poor but nothing was broken.

Working well, this kit is well, well worth the price. Having 8 trays is a blessing, plus all the accessories incl. The jerky gun and other trays. The larger cookbook is comprehensive but aimed toward industrial applications.

Used it for the first time after purchasing and was pleased with the jerky we made.

I just received this and will provide a follow up review once i’ve had a chance to use it. The rating is based on the items received and the quality of merchandise. Compared to other dehydrators this feels durable right out of the box and i am hoping it will be able to stand the amount and variety of items i am looking an wanting to dehydrate. If you’re looking at purchasing a dehydrator try to look for one that comes with a starter kit so you don’t have to go to the store and purchase the other items used in dehydrating food.

Love my dehydrator but need to learn more about it it had everything.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works great and want to buy a second one because the first one won’t handle all the production?. Love the square trays for jerky strips. We have goats and make wonderful goat jerky. Problem is we also dehydrate a lot of fruit, apples, apricotes, grapes. All that is left is raisins. But, yes it works all the time we are dehydrating. Just have to get a second one now.

We started with an economical nesco from a local box store, added trays and fruit roll sheets to it, used it a lot, and finally broke all the trays. We decided to upgrade, and picked this one with the temp control, all the extra trays included (because we usually run a full 6-8 at a time), jerky gun, etc. We can’t believe how quiet this machine runs compared to our last (round) nesco. I could even run this one in my kitchen, instead of the basement where we had to run the other one. It is bigger with the square trays (not sure where we will store it when not in use), but is very nice and dries fine. No complaints at this point and we love all the extras with the big book that was included.

Beyond pleased with this dehydrator. It congress with everything you need in a bundle. I like the squared style because it holds some much more food to dehydrate. Shipping was fast and instructions were easy/clear. I would definitely purchase it again.

2 thing’s would like to have had 1-longer power cord first 2-on /off switch on cord would work unit does a great job on jerky used it 3 times the other thing is book doesn’t give time line on doing jerky have to test jerky over time to make it right like i did 13 pounds with 8 trays took16 hrs to get it right book says 4-6 hrs for jerky not telling you its 1 tray to get jerky done to there book instrutions.

Back to Basics SIT10827 Slushie Express Slushie Maker, This thing is very versatile!

Bought one of these and a number of the extra cups to go with it (everybody wanted their own color). Was a fun summer time treat. It worked well for a number of years and then the motor unit quit working. We still use the cups (just crush the ice in the regular blender). I’m debating on buying another one.

I bought the original slushie express 3 yrs ago. I think this is a newer model, but this thing is wonderful. Aside from slushies, we use it to make smoothies, adult frozen beverages, or to simply puree small quantities of food (like tomatoes plus a little water) for cooking. Much easier to clean than a blender, very small, easy to operate, safe for older children to use. I did have to order new cups last summer b/c the tabs broke off the original cups, but the newer cups seems to have sturdier tabs. None of them have broken, but they do need to be hand washed. Still can’t beat the value and versatility for the price. Also works best if you start with crushed ice instead of whole cubes (we use the crushed ice from the ice maker in the fridge door).

On a nice hot summer day this machine is great. I bought it last summer and have been making slushies for all the neighborhood kids. My children love it and it seems to be holding up great. I wouldn’t mind if it had come with extra cups and spoons, though. We could then avoid the fights over who turn it is to use them.

Key specs for Back to Basics SIT10827 Slushie Express Slushie Maker (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Slushie maker creates carnival-style treats in less than a minute
  • Powerful 200-watt motor with child-safe switch and blender-style blade base
  • Blending container doubles as slushie cup; spill-proof lid and spoon/straw included
  • Compact and portable; syrups and flavorings sold separately; hand wash
  • Measures approximately 5 by 5 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great little machine, but need earplugs!!
, Good Slushie Maching
, The sugar free slushes make me feel like I’m cheating on my diet

I originally bought this for the kids, but i now use it more for myself for blending up protein shakes, etc. I have bought a few for gifts for the same purpose, protein shakes, fiber drinks, meal replacement shakes, etc. And got a comment back that it also makes great margaritas. The price is right for this multi-purpose speedy blender.Also, love that fact that you drink from the same cup you blend in, making clean-up a snap.

Bought this for my daughter, and she loves it. I however, have mixed feelings about it. It’s extremely loud, almost deafeningly so. The cups cannot go in the dishwasher, so that’s a little annoying for me, as the one who has to wash rhem. But it does a great job of creating slushies just as my daughter wanted, so we’re happy wth the purchase. She’s only used juice to make her slushies so far,instead of the syrups you can buy, so i like that also. Overall it has been a gift she’s enjoyed fully.

I received this product from a family member in 2007 and never expected to love it half as much as i do. I never actually made any slushies in it, but i did make smoothies, margaritas, and salsa. I have used this product every morning to make my smoothies from fresh and frozen fruit, and never had any issues blending everything to a perfect consistency, which i can’t say about any other product i have used. My original stopped working this week (2012), and i immediately ordered another because it’s one of the few small appliances in my kitchen that gets used every single day stilli would highly recommend this to anyone.

This is a good little slushie machine. Cutting up ice is hard work on any small machine and it will not last forever. The key is to not completely fill up the machine with ice. Leave a little more room and the blades do a much better job and last much longer. Also, be sure to clean the rubber part on the cup that meets the machine after each use. Otherwise it will become hard to turn and burn out the motor much quicker.

My six year old son wants to drink icees everyday. It’s too much hassle for me to go to the 7-11, or burger king or where ever to get him a slurpy/icee. With this little machine, he can have an icee everyday and its no hassle for me at all. Just fill the cup to the line marked ‘ice’ (i use crushed ice from the refrigerator’s door) and add the liquid (i use grape juice, or apple juice, i don’t use the syrups that are available for this device) you mix it in the cup for 20 seconds and that’s it. The icee is the same as the store makes, but the way i make it using friut juice, i think is more healthy for him. He’s happy, i’m happy, what could be better.

I love this machine because it is so much easier to clean up than a blender. We use it to make smoothies, chocolate shakes, and slushies. My kids can safely use it themselves.

I used standard shipping and received the product 3 days later. Was brand new as described and works great. Had one prior to this one that lasted about 5 years until the motor finally burned out and wanted another one. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase, price, and seller got it to me much faster than expected. For these reasons, i would say the purchase experience was excellent. Thank you so much for your service.

We use this for many different drinks this is my second one my first one the cups wear out the plastic knubs on the sides so its better to get 2 cups.

This slushie machine is great. Enjoying a slushie right now. Be sure to use enough liquid. If not, there will be a chunk of ice in the middle.

I started using this blander about 13 years ago and i love it. It’s light, small, easy to use and really strong.

Bought over 5 years ago, it’s still going strong and i used it almost daily. I most often use it to make smoothies with frozen fruits, soy milk or juice of some sort, etc. I make a delicious naturally sweet non-dairy ‘ice cream’ by blending frozen bananas, silken tofu and unsweetened dutch cocoa powder. I use it to make salad dressings. Whipping up small amount of cream, or pureeing veggies for creamy soup if i’m making a small batch. Just to name a few ways to use this fantastic machine. Oh, and occasional frozen cocktails like margaritasclean up is a snap. Just rinse immediately after using it, fill with water and just a bit of dish soap, put it back on the machine to run it for 3 seconds, rinse, and you are done. No more taking apart and washing zillion parts of a large blender after just making a cup of smoothie.It doesn’t cost anything like some ‘as seen on tv’ all-purpose counterpart that comes with 50 additional cups and parts.

This was on my 12-year-old son’s wish list, and i was glad it wasn’t too expensive. It works great and is good for budding chefs.

I bought this, early, for a christmas present for my granddaughters. They have been ‘bugging’ me for one for months. Will write more, later, after we have used it.

I got one about four years ago and have been putting it through its paces every summer. Never had a problem with it but i did have to replace the plastic cups twice in all that time. The cups are sturdy but mine cracked after a couple of years, normal wear and use. I would buy another in a heart beat. *edit* june 2013it’s still working very well.

I have had this machine for a few years now and i totally love it. It has lasted for quite a while. Mine came with four cups, which is not enough, but otherwise, it makes better slushies than my blender, and in half the time. My kids, my fiance and i love the slushies we get from this little machine.

To be totally honest i have not yet used the one i bought. I am still using the one i bought 4 years ago, but the motor is starting to smell. I did not want to be with out one. I use it about 4/6 times a day, to mix instant breakfast slushies’ and through out the day to mix flavored shushes’. It has helped a lot with losing weight and keeping my t-2 diabetes under control. The sugar free slushes make me feel like i’m cheating on my diet :). By the way the product works great. I had thought about getting one of the high priced ones,, but i know this works and why mess with what i know.

Been using this blender for 5 years. Perfect for one smoothie at a time. Makes contents blend beautifully and quickly.

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder : Meat Grinder

I bought this product after experiencing the “grey slime” issue with the kitchenaid meat grinder attachment (seems to be caused by metal shavings that are extruded along with the meat). Have used the new waring pro a couple of times now, and it works great, quickly grinds through meat, and doesn’t get clogged with fat which was another issue i had with the kitchenaid attachment. So compared to the kitchenaid it does cost 3x as much, it takes up counter space, and is a little high maintenance (you have to wash the parts by hand), but it is more powerful and does not cause grey meat, which is key. Very happy i made the switch.

I just used this grinder for the first time this past weekend. 5# of partially frozen pork shoulder, and also stuffed 2. A very nice feature about this grinder that i didn’t see listed anywhere in the description is the addition of a sausage stuffer screen. You remove the cutting blade and screen and replace with the stuffer screen. It means no more twice ground sausage like you have to do with other models. Overall i am extremely impressed with this grinder, and i will be using it quite a bit since “homemade” is a big part of my diet.

I wanted to point out a few discrepancies. The above product description reads the same as the mg800 grinder with regards to this statement: “covered by a five-year warranty, the 450-watt motor works effortlessly and operates with a simple on/off/reverse switch”. This seems to be in conflict with this part of the above product features: “heavy-duty 1000 peak watts motor “the outside of the box states that it has a 1000 peak (input) watts, motor. However the sticker on the bottom of the unit says 350 watts. So i am not sure exactly how powerful this unit is but it *looks* like it means business. :)i chose this grinder over the mg800 due to the fact it was a newer updated version with a more powerful motor and less expensive. *update* i have run 15 lbs of top round through this grinder, using the smallest grinding plate. The grinder ran effortlessly, it did not jam or have any problems. Make sure to oil the cutting blade and plate as soon as you clean it to prevent rust.

Great product, works very well, husband thrilled. Good size, not too big, easy to clean, grinds into burger so easily.

  • Good grinder for the money
  • Great Value for the Price
  • I know what I’m eating!

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra large die-cast hopper
  • On/off switch with reverse function
  • Heavy-duty 350 peak watts motor
  • Three Cutting Plates: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Includes 2 sausage attachments

The unit grinds very well and comes apart easily for cleaning. Just be aware that all the parts that must be cleaned after use (the hopper and screw) are aluminum, not stainless steel, and cannot be put through the dishwasher. The cutter itself is stainless steel, but all other parts must be hand washed in soapy water only. If you put the parts through the dish washer then a black tarnish coats the parts and unless it is completely removed it will contaminate the meat. It is not like an aluminum fry pan but must be a soft grade of aluminum and the tarnish is powdery and very hard to remove. I wish these parts were stainless and don’t know why they aren’t. Must be a cost issue, but i would pay extra for the convenience of using a dishwasher.

I’ve always wanted to makes sausages & now i am on my way. I would recommend this mincer to anybody.

I had a “hand-me-down” meat grinder from my mother. It was probably 35 yrs old, and still worked. I am so glad i decided to purchase thiswaring meat grinder. It is easy to use, durable, and nice looking. I made chop liver and it was a pleasure to feed the livers, onions and eggs through the base.

This has been a great grinder for home. We always cut up our own venison and never had a way to make hamburger.

This is a great appliance to use when you want to know exactly what your “ground beef” is. I control the quality of the meat, the section of meat (chuck, round, sirloin, etc. It’s worth putting it together, taking it apart, washing and drying it, and putting it away. Those things kept me from buying this grinder sooner, but labeling and quality of beef i could purchase is changing and i am happy i can grind my own now. The grinder i ordered from amazon ground metal against metal and left metallic scrapings in the sink when we washed the parts after grinding. We had to throw away our ground beef and go out to dinner. We did it twice, thinking we didn’t put it together well enough the first time. Actually, we had to go out to dinner twice.

It grinds meat so fast, you’re done before you know it.

I am now grinding my own hamburger as well as many other things. I would recommend this to any home user.

It grinds everything without flinching and feels very solid and well made. I’m happy and would recommend it to anyone looking for something with a little more power then their kitchenaid grinder attachment (which i have and like and use for smaller grinding jobs). The only complaint i have is that it’s very loud. I can handle it but i do prefer to operate it outside on the patio because the noise seems to bother our dog and young kids.

I was very pleasantly surprised. This grinder was extremely fast and easy to use. It was a little bit noisy, but the results were worth dealing with a little bit of noise. I would highly recommend it.

I am pretty happy with my new meat grinder. When used correctly grinds very efficiently and reasonably quickly. I have gone through 20lbs of hamburger and 16 lbs of sausage so far. Keeping the meat very cold the machine operates quickly. Easy to use and assemble and very easy to take apart and clean. You can’t underestimate the power of shiney metal in a product for astetics4.

The grinder does everything it states it will do. Very fast grinding and no jamming.

Update 06/07/12: amazon sent me a replaced unit with no rusted parts. Waring pro’s customer service is a joke, very apathetic and i stopped hearing from them after three e-mail exchanges. This grinder works great and is very fast. My mom makes two passes to be thorough, but one pass looked fine. She ground up some beef for the leanest burgers i have had in a while. She has yet to use this for sausages so i will update thisreview when she does. She does not grind anything that ever had bones in it. She is storing the blades and plates in oil and is very careful in drying everything after cleaning. I updated my rating to four stars for this unit.

It would not come apart after using. Return was hassle free and quick.

Bought this to replace the one i have and it is much faster and can handle larger cuts of meat. So pleased and look forward to years of use out of this product.

Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. It comes w/ accessories for sausage making as well.

Suwikeke slow juice extractor 150-Watt, Budget vertical masticating juicer

I am new to juicing but have been very happy with this juicer. My daughter (who is vegetarian and has had experience with juicing) talked me into buying a juicer so i started researching the benefits and types of juicers. It seemed that the ‘best’ juicers are vertical masticating but they are usually much more expensive than this one. I felt it was a bit of a risk since there were only a few reviews but that risk has paid off. It is very sturdy and i can’t imagine it won’t last a long time. It is easy to use and not too difficult to clean (based on some things i read about juicers in general, i thought cleaning would be harder). It has 2 filters – one that is finer than the other but so far we have only used the more coarse filter which lets a bit more of the pulpy stuff through. My only complaint is since we’ve been buying a lot more vegetable and fruits we have developed a fruit fly problem lol :).

 this came as a ‘for review’ unit but the vendor never suggested that a positive review was requested in exchange. As the video shows, the machine can make a lot of juice in 3 minutes or less. This juicer is fast, efficient and quiet and it comes with everything you need to operate and maintain it, including two strainers for more or less pulp, two pitchers for juice and pulp and a cleaning tool needed to clean the strainers and remove left-over pulp. Assembly may seem a little bit of a challenge the first time around but the fourth or fifth time i was able to do it in seconds. So is the cleaning where the only time consuming task is the strainer. The end product is a lot of delicious, fresh juice. The unit appears to be durable, it does exactly what i would expect it to do and it does it well. Anyone who doesn’t mind a massive, heavy appliance on their kitchen counter should love it.

Only issue is that it is not great with leafy greens.

Key specs for Suwikeke slow juice extractor 150-Watt for all fruit and vegetable, cool bright red, juicer02:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easily extracts 55% more juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy.
  • Compared with the traditional juicer, home leader low-speed rotation extrusion retains more nutrients such as vitamins a and C, and live enzymes, and also prevents oxidation on degredation of juice
  • Spiral and mesh used unitem pei, more durable and easier to clean
  • Uses only 150 watts of power, quite quiet
  • Two Mesh (strainer-less & more) and two 0. 9L cup, 2 color choices, cool black & bright Red

Comments from buyers

“Move over, Breville!
, Amazing product! I previously purchased the much more expensive
, A great juicer worth the price!

We sent back the breville juicer in exchange for this one. As much as we wanted to love the breville after watching the documentaries, no matter what we tried it just didn’t do green juice efficiently and we got tired of cleaning the walls from when it would kick things back up through the chute. The homeleader juicer is actually a masticating type, so the price point is comparable but a lot less expensive than most masticating ones. It works slowly, efficiently, and is whisper quiet–especially compared to the power saw noise of the breville. Even better, it does green juice perfectly, and the pulp comes out very dry with no need to reprocess. Even better, it perfectly processes vegetables for recipes which call for anything finely minced, such as lumpia, which saves my better half hours in the kitchen. With added attachments this will do everything from grinding coffee, to making soy milk, to ice cream or even tofu. It quickly became one of our favorite kitchen appliances.

Fairly easy to take apart and clean. Doesn’t juice thoroughly so some of the fruit or vegetable meat seem to go to waste. Still much better than the juicers i’ve had before.

I bought this juicer back in february and wanted to use it for at least a month before i decided what kind of review to give it. This juicer is pretty good for the price and performance of a slow juicer. This got very good reviews due to the juicing and the clean up. The inside rubber blade that rotates around the strainer feels pretty sturdy for hard vegetables like carrots an beets. The blade feels very strong and heavy. The parts are very easy to assemble and clean, which i like because all it requires is a good rinse and a brush from the bristles. It gives a lot of juice for some, but as for greens and leafy items, it won’t. The grinder will do a good job crunching it up into small pieces, but the juice (not much) is slow to come. The motor and operation is quiet and smooth.

It’s my first experience juicing and i wish i had purchased this before. I was afraid of having too much work cleaning up afterwards but this juicer is so easy to clean.

Working just fine, it’s good to have reverse button – some vegetables need to put in reverse, like big piece of carrot.

The waste of fruit still contains some juice. But for the price, i guess it worth it. It juices apples and crispy fruit very well. But for orange, grape fruit alike, it did not juice all juice out. I started to juice kale a couple weeks ago. This juicer did not perform well. The waste could not get out.

Juicing is not easy, cheap or clean. This is the 5th juicer i have owned and or used and all of them have been junk. Even the so called ‘master’ juicers in most cases have not lived up to the hype. I finally decided to give masticating juicers a try and have found my ringer. This unit is affordable at $199 and very well made. It is a nice aesthetic addition to any kitchen as it looks great and comes in different colors. Utilizing the mastication method allows more juice to be pulled from veggies and fruits and this unit is not slouch. It is super quiet, very easy to take apart and put together and an absolute breeze to clean up. I actually feel like i am using more of what i put into it and the juice even seems thicker and less frothy.

I’ve had centrifugal juicers but i do enjoy this juice extractor very much. I feel i get a lot more juice when extracted. Cleaning is fairly easy if you do it right away. You have to be careful to wash the silicone washer now and then as debris can get lodged in there. I keep it on my counter so i can use it frequently and it’s red color just adds a punch of color to my kitchen.

Leaves a little more pulp in the juice than i expected, and my first attempt at greens wasn’t so good, but i’m not a picky person, so all in all, i’m happy with the product, especially for the money.

Good juicer for the price, especially compared to some of the extremely overpriced juicers. It can be a bit of a challenge to clean, but most juicers are. It does have a little trouble with leafy-greens, but it’s not a huge problem. It also tends to leave the byproduct really damp, which makes me think it’s not extracting as much as it could. All-in-all, it’s pretty good. We’ve had it for well over a year, and it still works well.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean, not noisy, you can juice any fruits even make your own almond milk.

It is so quite, and it is such a great juicer. Easy enough to clean and take apart. When i first open the juicer i struggled with trying to follow the directions on how to put it together, its states match the red dots well guess what. Thankfully for the pics i just followed those instead. That was the most frustrating. I made a detox green juice today and it is just fabulous. We will see how long this lasts. I usually stick to brands i have researched for quite a while but they are so pricey i have waited forever to purchase a masticating juicer and i saw how much cheaper this one was. It is bigger than i expected but overall i am so happy with this.

Very quiet, runs great, quick clean up, very little oxidation.

This is a great juicer, sturdy, well built, and does a good job with everything i’ve juiced, including greens. It’s easy to clean, and the little brush is perfect for getting rid of pulp residue.

This juicer seems very similar to the more popular tribest slowstar vertical juicer, which i could not afford. At half the price, it is a good value, so i decided to give it a try, despite limited review information. It appears to be built well with obvious quality in the critical parts. It is fairly straight forward to setup, operate, and clean. It is best to cut vegetables with long fibers ( celery, kale stems, beet tops ) into short 1-2 inch pieces and interleave with veggies/fruits with short fibers such as carrots, beets, and most fruits. Pulp is forced through a rather small duct which might clob if too much long fiber is processed individually. I wad leafy greens into a ball and follow with a hard vegetable/fruit. Feed produce into the juicer slowly and use food pusher sparingly. Clean up takes a few minutes. You use a small toothbrush to clean both sides of the metal mesh screen and the sharp end of the brush to clear out pulp exhaust channel.

I previously purchased the much more expensive kuvings. While that juiced very nicely, it kept getting stuck and i had to clean out the juicer every 10 minutes or so. Just use the homeleader juicer for the first time yesterday. I juiced around 45 pounds of carrots, 30 beets, and 100 apples and it didn’t get stuck once. Plus it was zooming through it all really fast.