Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew, I love this BUTTTTTTTTTTTT THIS PRICE IS RIDICULOUS

This was a birthday gift, and replacement, she loved it.

The opener appears to work fine mechanically. The main difficulty we have with this opener is positioning the corkscrew tip on the cork top before starting to open the bottle. Since the bottom of the corkscrew housing is of opaque plastic, the tip cannot be positioned in the center before pushing the switch. We have had several bottles for which the screw has gone down the side, shredding the cork. Then we had to remove the cork with a hand cork puller, which is a nuisance. We’ve had better luck with electric corkscrews with a transparent plastic bottom.

Love the item but the item was used and had to get a refund.

Key specs for Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew:

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  • Opens wine with the touch of a button
  • Works with all types of corks.
  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • Includes foil cutter and AC charger

Comments from buyers

“easy peasy . . .
, Love my Rabbit
, Great functionality

Love this product, makes it so easy to open my wine bottles.

Works as stated, just feels really cheap.

Very happy with my purchase. No more strain on these getting-older hands, arms and shoulders. Be sure to follow the directions in the other reviews on how to use. Included is a foil-cutter, which conveniently stores in the back of the unit.

This is a great wine opener. I had one before and it died after about a year and a half of use so i bought another. I will say that it sometimes sounds like it is not going to be strong enough to open bottle, but, it’s pretty consistent. I love that it is rechargeable and it is very attractive for an ‘on counter’ appliance. Pros:does the jobrechargeableattractivecons:feels a little ‘plasticky’had one die after 1. 5 years of use – not sure this is a con. 5 years is a long time if you drink as much wine as we do ;).

Got this item as a gift and loved it and went ahead and bought also for a friend and he loved it.

I love my e rabbit electric corkscrew. Looks just like the picture and works perfectly every time. The prior review makes no sense to me as mine is great.

Purchased this as a christmas gift for a family member and it works quite well. Makes for super easy bottle opening and the charge stand is very convenient. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Have used it on three bottles so far and with all three i’ve only been able to get the cork part way up and have had to resort to a traditional manual corkscrew to finish the job. Think i will order the oster electric corkscrew instead. It’s cheaper and has great reviews. . So, after i wrote this review i was demonstrating the corkscrew to a friend and lo and behold, it worked perfectly. I just wasn’t doing it right. You need to put the bottle on the counter and hold it with one hand so it doesn’t spin around.

Simple to use, works well, even on plastic corks. Sometimes you have to hold the bottle a bit tighter but it has worked every time. You need to remember when pulling cork out – push bottom button until it stops [some people stop pushing button when the cork is out, to eject cork from corkscrew push the top button. ]

I love this butttttttttttt this price is ridiculous. I got same item form macy’s for 29. Shop around folks its awesome but wayyyyyyy over priced on here.

Great electronic corkscrew remover. After my wife accidently broke the one we had, i decided to upgrade to a sturdier model that i thought could handle the most difficult of wine bottle corks and this one has proven to be able to handle the job. My wife still won’t touch it because she thinks she’ll break it but i think she will eventually use it because she has seen me open the one bottle that always gave her trouble (it has a hard plastic cork) with relative ease. The metrokane 9200 also satisfied her asthetic requirements for anything that goes into our remodeled kitchen.It’s black and chrome finish and lighted base go well with our other appliances. All in all, we have been very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend it to those looking for a asthetically pleasing but powerful and tough electronic corksrew remover.

Let’s just say this is used a lot and it works wonderfully.

This unit is extreamly easy to use and slips the removed cork back into your hand once removed from the bottle. We enjoy our wine every evening and the rechargable unit makes uncorking a bottle fast and simple. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was looking to buy an electric corkscrew for my son, and in reading the reviews realized that most reviews are written by people who recently purchased the item. I have had the erabbit corkscrew for 4 years. It still looks and works perfectly.

It’s so great that i bought another for my summer home. Owned the first one for 4 years and never a problem. The blue light gives off great ambience.

Best opener i have had operationally. Unfortunately, the base stopped lighting up and charging after less than a year. But i will buy another rabbit and hope that it lasts longer.

Buy this – it will change your life.

Electric cork screw opener works great. Has power to remove real and artificial corks.

Simple to use, nothing to take out of a box and performs as advertised. I already had one and purchased this one as a gift.

Chantal Ekettle Electric Water Kettle – Five Stars

Perfect colour in my kitchen and neat retro style. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but everyone says that it’s an easy job.

It is beautiful and energy saving and easy to use. It arrived on time and in great shape.

I use it every day and so far it works fine, despite all of the other reviews that made me wary. Here are the specifications for the Chantal Ekettle Electric Water Kettle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convenient water level window: 52-ounce capacity
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Auto shut-off and boil-dry safety protection
  • Indicator light illuminates while kettle in use
  • Ergonomic handle facilitates easy pouring

It has an automatic off and boils water in seconds. The shipping took just a few days. My son bought this for me, a few weeks ago, i turned on my stove top kettle but there was no water in it. I melted what appears to be a metal coated ceramic kettle on the stove. With this new kettle, that will never again be a concern.

So pretty in the kitchen, and does its job.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Auto shut off and boils water in seconds!
  • Super Electric Tea Kettle!
  • Love it!

Purple is my favorite color and it matches my kitchen beautifully. The kettle itself works really well. I am also glad that a portion of purchasing this product went to support alzheimer’s.

I replaced our old electric kettle with the chantel ekettle, in red, and bought them for family at christmas as well. It is the high quality/safety product we expected and 2 quarts of water heat rapidly. The color and design are great, the appeal of a kettle shape kicked up a few notches. The water filter collects sediment and is easy to clean. The water level window very helpful and the ergonomic handle provides comfort, balance and an accurate pour. The cord wraps at base for perfect distance from wall plug without tangling. We seem to use it constantly around here. Highly recommended, a well thought out product.

I’ve had this ekettle for several months and am impressed with it’s ease of use and cleaning. It brings water to a boil in record time and is incredibly dependable.

It has good functionality (the handle takes a little getting used to) and it is very cool to look at. I like being able see how much water is inside. I did take away a star because it is a little fiddly to place on its heating element.

I’ve been using it for several months now. I replaced a traditional stove top kettle with this one and it was worth every penny. It’s so easy to use – put water in, flip the switch, and wait. It doesn’t take up space on my cooktop, it doesn’t get gross from being on the stovetop, it doesn’t have that annoying whistle that can’t wait like a traditional kettle has (it’s patient for me to get up when i’m ready to have my tea 😉 ). It holds a good amount of water and the handle makes it easy to hold. Again, i’m glad i have this tea kettle. Fyi – i have had no other electric kettle to compare to but do love this one.

The shape is delightful, balance in the hand is just right, but the finish on the onyx surface is not as good as it should be; there is already a scratch on the chantal ekettle electric water kettle, onyxsurface in spite of careful handling. This is very disappointing as i am habitually careful and this has never happened to a small appliance in my kitchen, least of all within a week of receiving it new.

After daily usage for 6 months, my conclusion: bit pricey but a fabulous looking, practical, fast, well made electric kettle.

The ekettle feels strong and heats the water very quickly. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I have been looking for another electric kettle, and like the look of this one. I don’t like to have a lot of plastic in contact with the water and noticed that another customer was concerned about all the plastic, but decided to see for myself. There is quite a bit, but i don’t see what the point of the filter and filter holding piece do other than prevent water from splashing out , so that was put in to avoid lawsuits. I removed it easily – first take out the filter, then use the handle of a wooden spoon, put it through the spout and push on the plastic – it pops right out. So then all that’s left is the ring at the bottom of the steel tube, and the water gauge,which doesn’t seem so bad.

Hard to review as the one that ws hipped to me was obviously used and the on/off switch was broken.

I live in a 2 story house and use this kettle in the bathroom upstairsso i don’t have to waste cold water bringing the water heater water upevery time i need a little warm water. It is stylish enough that ir fits in with the other bathroom decor.

We use this kettle every morning for coffee and tea. It works great and looks nice on the counter.

It is the best and i have had many. I have all chantal cookware and it is wonderful.

Arrived on time as promised. I have only one complaint, the spout is very big and should have a cover to prevent critters from crawling in. But 5 start all the way, looks like a beautiful red dress on my counter.

Boils water as well as the cheaper ones but looks really nice doing it.

I just bought my second chantal ekettle electric kettle. It is wonderful–beautiful to look at, boils water very quickly. My first one didn’t die, i bought it several years ago and wanted another one just like it. The first one is now my backup. Don’t worry about plastic parts–this tea kettle is solid and is a workhorse.

Haier HCR17W 1 : Nice Refrigerator

Purchased for my daughter’s dorm room at university of the south. It is 1/2 the size of regular small compressor-less refrigerator. 7 cuft and can fit under most dorm beds that are on risers or under a dorm desk. Holds enough stuff for any college kid. Comes in black or white and has really good ratings. Amazon has the best price and it ships with prime also. A college student can get a trial subscription free with a college email address. I ordered hers on a sunday night and she had it on tuesday with my prime membership.

I bought this about 6 months ago it still works like it should doesn’t use much power and fits all my personal bedroom food and drinks or anything else u want to put in there.

Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Half-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray
  • Full-width slide-out wire shelf
  • Full-width and half-width door storage shelf
  • 2-liter bottle storage
  • Recessed door handle

Came on time and fits well in my office. Keeps everything cold and the freezer is cold enough to make ice cubes, if not just a little small, but i don’t use the freezer part so no big deal. Very happy with this product.

Got it for my wife to use at her office; loves it.

It is spacious enough for sodas, 3 boxes of lean cuisine entrees. Yogurts (6) a couple of small containers – like salad or fruit. I recommend this little box.

Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, White : I worried i would have problems setting this up in my office, but it is lightweight enough for an old woman to lift, and all you have to do is plug it in. It keeps everything ice cold and is virtually noiseless. Every now and again, i hear it kick in, but not loudly. By the way, the box was torn open and all dinged up when i got it. It looked like it had taken a bad fall. However, the refrigerator was so securely packaged in a box within the box that it didn’t suffer any damage.

Shipper delivered it upside down. After settling right side up for 24 hours, it started when plugged in. It cooled within the day, so it survived the illiterate handling. The factory setting has been chilling very nicely with yogurts and boxed beverages since then. Occasional delicate pops are the sounds it makes. The inside shelving is shallower than it appears. The molded door fills up interior space when closed and is molded to hold to a one-liter container and some small bottled waters or soda-type cans. The freezer is right for keeping slices of bread fresh in ziploc bags. The thing is still very new, so how serviceable it proves and how best to use it remain to be experienced.

Not only is the price the best, but i love the qualityt of haier appliances. We use it as a secondary frig for our son (2 years old). We store his milk and other essentials he needs at night. It is compact enough to fit under a standard size computer desk.

Quality fridge with the perfect size. Freezer portion freezes well and all other areas maintain that cold chill you expect from a fridge.

I purchased this little refrigerator/freezer for our equipment room at work as a place to temporarily place environmental samples we collect that need to be kept cold or frozen. It is just the right size, fitting under our work table. The little freezer, which doesn’t come with most refrigerators of this size, is just the right size. I also like the energy star rating, which is important to our environmental organization. Finally, it was delivered to my home in under 5 days in perfect condition.

You are what you say…quiet, convenient and easy to use. I sent this to my friend’s mother is 95 years old and wanted to have easy to eat snacks throughout the day. This unit has worked well for her. It is also one of the few small refrigerators that has a quiet motor…. Check this out before you buy.

Replaced an very old office refrigerator that died. This one is quiet, efficient, and cold. Strongly recommended if you need one with these specific storage features.

Pretty good for a college dorm room fridge.

A few years back i was working in dutch harbor and bought one of these from alaska ship supply. Worked fine even through super dusty conditions. Recently purchased this ‘fridge for the man cave to hold tasty beverages, wrapped sandwiches, stoli & jaeger in the freezer etc. Like the last purchase i let the unit come down to temp before i loaded items. The unit is very quiet, you can barely notice it when it fires up. Once again, a great purchase.

The unit arrived quickly and the box was actually pretty light and easy to carry. It arrived in perfect condition. It is quiet when running and easily fit in my office. It is so efficient that you have to be careful not to set it too high or it becomes a freezer.The little freezer works well for single frozen lunches or ice cubes, but is not much bigger than that overall. The refrigerator is large enough for several items, and i keep a case of coke cool, as well as lunch meat and deli salad. For my use, this was a perfect choiceupdate: as of august, 2016, this little refrigerator is still going strong, without one issue, having been plugged in since i bought it in 2013.

This is a nice little refrigerator. It cools down fast and is very quiet. I purchased it for my office to store facial masks and keep cold water on hand for my patients. My only complaint is the lack of space, which is mainly on the door, and a small amount of shelf space.

I only wish i could have changed the door to open the other way. Works well, but i should have paid attention to this detail.

This product shipped in only two days and it has more space then i imagined. Freezer is bigger than expected and the thermostat will keep your items very cold even on #4(out of 7).

Good back up refrigerator for spare, meds, etc.

. And worth every penny (so far). My ‘big’ fridge died, and it’s going to be a few weeks before i can get my new special-order one, so i needed something that would work to store a few things that needed refrigeration (milk, mostly; butter, that sort of thing). I have a small chest freezer already, so having a large freezer compartment wasn’t necessary. Saw this model, read the reviews, and decided to take a chance. This thing has been *perfect* for my needs. First, it’s small enough to sit on my kitchen ‘peninsula’ (no upper cabinets), in a corner out of the way. And it doesn’t weigh a lot, either, so wresting it from the front porch into the house and up on the counter wasn’t a herculean task (i’m a single older female with a bad back, so that should give you a clue as to how easy this thing is to move around. )second, there’s not a lot of room in it, but it’s enough to store the few chilled things i need to have on hand (most things i use can go in the big freezer, thawed as needed in the mini-fridge). And third — right out of the box, it worked perfectly. I have it set at the factory-recommended setting, and it freezes ice in the freezer compartment, while maintaining a steady 36 degrees in the refrigerator compartment. I’ve had it now for 3 weeks, and i still haven’t needed to defrost it. (new fridge is due for delivery next week. )this might be just the right size for a dorm situation — it’s so quiet i don’t hear it at all, and i sit within 6 feet of it most of the time. Even after my new fridge arrives, i’ll probably keep this in the guest room for visitors to use.

This little fridge is quiet and fairly lightweight. It isn’t able to keep up if the ambient temperature gets too high, but it’s inexpensive and works for a few months now so it gets 4 stars.

I purchased this about a month ago and i have no complaints. The noise is minimal, it gets nice and cold and best of all, the freezer actually freezes.

Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder, It’s a keeper

Was impressed by the better than expected aluminum body on this grinder. Has the size and good looks of a serious chef grade appliance. The cutting discs and blade were also better quality than expected. It has two faults i think serious, however. The rear of the auger shaft is rough unpolished metal, which spins and seals against a nylon o-ring seal. I felt the need to work on smoothing out the bumps on the shaft before use to prevent the possible early death of nylon seal. The meat tray above the grinder is a very loose fit, so loose it just rattles around. If the maker would pay attention to these two quality conrol issues, then this would be a much better grinder.

I purchased this machine last weekend and ground about 10 pounds of 2 different cuts of beef. The actual grind speed is good, and i wore earplugs so the noise didn’t bother me. What i had a problem with was the grey sludge that comes out with the ground meat. I didn’t read about this problem in any of the reviews for this machine, though i did read about this happening with some other machines. However, my impression was that it should stop after a couple of pounds of meat had been ground. The sludge with this machine persisted all the way thru the entire 10 pounds of meat. It got especially bad when the plates got gummed up at all with sinew and fat that couldn’t be cut out of the chunks of meat before grinding. So i kept stopping the grind and cleaning out the plates, which made the grind very time consuming and which also did not completely stop the sludge problem, only made it a little less bad. I have a message in to nesco customer service to see if they have any thoughts about how to stop the sludge. If they don’t, this machine will probably go back.

Making 6lb of chicken breast jerky treats for my little yorkie and me, is a quick and easy job with my new grinder, there is no more clogs of muscle to get in the way, answere—very quick and easy and easy to clean.

Key specs for Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder, 380-watt:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 380-watt professional food grinder in die-cast aluminum housing
  • Die-cast hopper holds up to 5 pounds of meat; 2 sausage tubes included
  • 3 sintered stainless-steel plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinding
  • Motor-reverse safety switch; disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Measures 10-1/4 by 10-5/8 by 14-7/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Looks Good, but could be better.
, What a Find!
, Venison jerky

I’ve only use it once on ground rabbit but it worked great. It is a little loud but because of how well it works, that can be overlooked. At this point, highly recommend. See the you tube video on it.

Make sure to place the cutting blades correctly.

Bought this to replace a cheaper 200 watt grinder that the plates and blade always rusted. This one was advertised as stainless steel on all parts for grinding. I am not disappointed and very impressed with the performance of this appliance. Feeding meat into this is so much easier than my last grinder since it has a larger opening. This little beast will grind faster than i can feed it and works very well as a stuffer too. When i’m done i rinse everything off and place in dishwasher.

Mom, who is getting older, still makes everything from mince meat for pies to filled sandwiches for the multitudes, but was having a hard time cranking the old grinder or doing it by hand. She finds it very easy to use and so far has handled everything she has thrown down its shute. She says clean up is a snap. Haven’t used the sausage stuffing attachment yet. She loves to cook for her family and we were thrilled to find something that made it easier for her. Kathy in mainenesco fg-400pr professional 380-watt cast-aluminum food grinder.

My first impression on getting this unit was that it was a good quality machine. A nice step up from the stand mixer attachment. I started noticing a couple of short falls when i used it for the first time. The food pusher can be a bit tricky to keep from pulling the lid off if the meat gets a bit sticky in the grinder. The smallest sausage stuffer tube is too large for breakfast links or other small sausages. I also found out (after quite a bit of difficulty in contacting the manufacturer) that this is not a standard size grinder. It is very close to a standard #8 grinder, but not quite, so you can’t purchase additional sausage stuffing tubes, grinder plates, or replacement blades when the originals wear down. Bottom line is that the unit seems solid and adequate for a basic grinder if you don’t expect to use it much, or have a need/desire to purchase additional attachments. If you plan to do much grinding or sausage making, however, i would go for one of the grinders that is a standard size, so you have ready access to additional attachments and replacement blades and knives.

Saw this machine in youtube demo by ‘country boy. ‘ its a great machine, but the largest gear inside is made of plastic, not metal, despite some misinformation on the internet. Despite instructions warnings, this machine did easily ground up pieces of turkey cart-ledge, neck bone, and 1/4’ sized chicken and turkey bones. I would not push beyond this though. I also made turkey sausage for myself and family for christmas, using this machine. Watch instruction videos on youtube for further info on how to do this. Also shows you in the book that comes with it. The design and engineering of this machine & parts was well thought out and is a very good deal for the price.

This is a very good food grinder for the price. No problem with it at all grinding raw venision into ‘burger’. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to grind meat to make sausage links, patties, or whatever. Works wonderful to attach the long bags that fill with the ground meat and then seal at the top to freeze.

A solid, professional machine that will function for years to come. Easy enough to clean up after use and great for making ground beef if you don’t enjoy the taste of floor sweepings in your burgers :prock solid and easy to keep clean, the real metal housing is a quality appliance. Comes with a plastic tightening tool that seems to do the job well enough and also comes with sausage stuffing attachments which i have no use for.

I have paid to have deer processed for several years at 65-100 a pop. I cut the meat from the bone and removed just the large tendons on the ends of the muscle. Once i cut into pieces to fit the opening on the grinder this thing would grind as fast as i could feed it using the included packing tube. The unit is loud but i don’t care it works so well and it never bogged down at all. Includes coarse (hamburger) to fine blades so you can make anything you want. Clean up was very easy since everything comes apart. I hand washed and dried all the parts in less than 5 minutes. I used vegetable oil to lubricate the blades and grinder assembly until next use.

Bought this for a friend and they were amazed that it worked so great for such a low-priced grinder. Of course the delivery is really quick too .

I used this grinder only once after purchasing. I did not test the sausage making attachments but used it to ground about 10 lbs of meat which it did in under two minutes. I thought it was well-designed (a large bowl fit perfectly in front with no meat escaping to the sides as seems to be the case with some other grinders i read reviews about), very fast and powerful, performing without any problems in the meat grinding task. However, here comes the big ‘but’: it is *so* loud you might actually think it’s powered by a jet engine.It was literally unbearable to stand next to it while the motor was running, which i found not just irritating but painful. I subsequently looked at a couple of other grinders and asked store associates to plug the display items for me to be able to hear the motor. Other grinders came nowhere close to the level of loudness this one created, so i tend to think that this level of noise is unusual for a household food/meat grinder. For this reason alone i decided to return it and went with waring pro mg100. Waring’s motor is somewhat weaker but is sufficient for my household needs, and i don’t need to wear ear plugs when it is on.

I have been extremely fortunate to hunt off and on for over 55 years now. I have shot and processed my own venison all my life. My friends and hunting buddies just love venison jerky.The missing link to the finished product was the most versatile grinder i believe on the market. Light powerful, easy to clean,safe. Well to me anyway, just perfect. Oh yes one more pleasant fact. I enjoy going over to my hunting buddies homes and tell tales about the deer that got away.However it’s ‘neat’ to see a few more of the same grinders i got to love in those cupboards of their’s as i reached for a glass to ‘hoist’ a brew.

I was impressed this grinder does more than expected i love this little grinder.