Gourmia GR1100N Gourmet Grade 14 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful Heavy Duty Motor – Heavy duty!

The gourmia gr1100n gourmet grade 14 cup food processor by far exceeded my expectations.

I have been shopping around for a food processor for quite some time, and i ultimately made the decision to go with this one. It was a great choice, as it is easy to use and works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it.

Thé gourmet grade machine is à great processor. It’s différent than ive had before but nice.

What first attracted me to this was the fact it had the capacity & power of a cuisinart but a price my husband who hates “paying for names” (except when it comes to baseball or football tickets) could live with. Compared to what we’ve had in the past and to what i’ve seen in friends kitchens, this wins the prize for being able to thoroughly “food process” potatoes and other root vegetables amazingly fast—in fact, between its speed and the convenience of the wide mouth feeder, it can handle a whole potato in way less time than my daughter needs to peel and quarter them-which was always her job with our old machine. Probably, but this was going full force while my grandson was asleep in his carriage with no problems. My cooking repertoire is about easy, so i love it’s uncomplicated control knob plus the fact it comes with everything i need to slice, shred puree and all the expected “food processor functions”. Great for me but not for my diet is the size of the fries it produces—they’re perfect for making “flash fried” shoestring fries. The added bonus for me is the juicer, as we love fresh orange & grapefruit juice but don’t have the room for a dedicated juicer—we barely have room for my keurig (note to gourmet grade folks if you ever come out with a food processor/coffee maker i’ll be your first customer. Plus if you’re from a big family like ours, you’ll love the 14 cup capacity…i’m happy with our decision because aside from saving close to $200, this is a very well thought out machine that clearly understands what people expect from a food processor.

Haven’t used this prosessor a ot 4-5 time. Gets the job done but seems a bit under powered for the size of the machine.

The lid is poorly designed: (1) leaves space between itself and the cutting disk, which results in big chunks of vegetables remaining; (2) has narrow crevices, where the food gets stuck and cleaning it out requires using a toothpick.

  • Why isn’t this processor 3 X more expensive???
  • LARGE BOWL – FAST chop puree
  • Amazing product!

I use it regularly for making dog food. Much easier than chopping everything by hand.

I’m tempted to buy 2 more and give as a gift it is that good.

I just got this food processor. I bought it to replace three food processors i had and needed a large processor and with power to do pie dough in and that wouldn’t leak when i did large batches of gazpacho soup. I also do a lot of canning and need to process large batches of tomatoes, etc. Not only is this a beautiful food processor, it has so much power and is relatively quiet for how much power it has. The bowl is also even larger than the large one i’m replacing, which i wouldn’t of thought impossiblei honestly don’t know why this machine isn’t three times more expensive???i hope it last a long time because i appsolutly adore it.

Does a ok job you do get your moneys worth.

I am very pleased with this food processor. It is supplied with safe guards that if the containers are not properly locked in place the machine will not work. The blade is very sharp and has worked well in blending and chopping any food, and the containers are made of strong materials. The motor is strong enough to mix large amounts or chop ice, or do the shedding and slicing of foods. My only problem is removing the main container from the base when i am done, do to the suction cups not holding the base firm on my counter. I solved that problem by placing the machine on a non-slip rubber mat before attempting to twist of the container from the base. Otherwise i have no other complaints about this big well made food processor. I would buy this product from this supplier again.

Features of Gourmia GR1100N Gourmet Grade 14 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful Heavy Duty Motor, White

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  • Ultra-Quiet, Powerful “Dynamic Drive” Motor that’s Rated 600W and can Deliver Up To 1000 Watts of Power For Faster & More Consistent Results
  • Massive 14 cup bowl with ‘Easy Lock’ lid & ultra-wide ‘Fast Feed’ tube, 110v
  • Includes precision milled stainless steel blades/disks for shredding & slicing+ juicer attachment
  • Also includes the ultimate kugel blade, a whole new kind of blade for a whole new caliber of kugel
  • Includes fine shredder/thin slicer disk, French fry disk, citrus juicer, s-shaped slicer, the ultimate kugel blade

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Excellent buy, plus it comes with a variety of blades.

I am 62 and have owned many food processors since they first came on the market. This is, hands down, my favorite. It is large, but lightweight. It has many different blades/inserts for many different food prep jobs. And, it is not nearly as noisy as its counterparts. There is no challenge to locking the mechanism in place or unlocking it after use. Many other food processors are not made well. Good price for a good product.

I make 3 large size potato kugels each week using this, and it’s great. It makes kugels like hand-grated onesonly issue is that there’s some space between the lid and the blade, so some pieces don’t get chopped up completely, but i just take them out and cut them with a knifei have it for almost two years and i’m really happy.

. If this hadn’t broke on first use, it might have been awesome. It was quiet and had some good features, like the ice button and different speeds. Most processors have two or three choices. The price was fantastic too. In the middle of running through a batch of pie crust, the s-blade shaft jammed onto the lid of the processor and stripped a threaded part in the lid. I had a strong guy separate the pieces, packed it up and sent it back. The design of the center of the lid and top of the s-blade cone is problematic.

Implying this food processor is cuisinart. Also was charged way over the going retail price for thie food processor .

It’s pretty big and it chops the hell out of my food. I use it primarily for making salsa and it does a great job.

Ultra-Quiet, Powerful “Dynamic Drive” Motor that’s Rated 600W and can Deliver Up To 1000 Watts of Power For Faster & More Consistent Results

It has only been a month, but i use it everyday at my restaurant and it has performed great.

I am thrilled with this chopper. The blade are sharp and do a fantastic job. I would give it a five star. Love the frugal blade and will be looking into more blades my husband right away was impressed with the quality of this food processor. Shocked that amazon lowered the price by 30 dollars. Only one thing i would hope for is a booklet of recipes to go along. I did a lot of comparing before i chose this processor. Get it while it last nowhere else could i find it under 149.

If you just want to chop veggies, it take a second. The longer anything is in it- it’s pureed, so for a few vegetables, you have to take out what you chopped. The blade is so low, everything turns to mush. Today we took the skin off a few onions, and remove the ends, the gourmia had them finely chopped in less time than it took to skin them, i threw in stuff for meat loaf, but no go. This blade doesn’t move things around. The blades are a bit cumbersome, cutting is smooth and there are safety features. I wanted a food processor that also mixes, this blade is strictly to pulverize anything if you aren’t looking. I have not tried kugel, the french fry disk and shredder slicer are fine. For me this is too much trouble to slice, chop or grate, and then won’t mix unless you want slush.

It was a christmas gift in 2014. My wife is very happy with this food processor so far. It is very durable up to date. The versatility and power it offers is the best bang for your buck food processor at this size i can find.

The gourmet grade gr1100n 14-cup food processor, is a great food processor. It is made of high quality material and has tremendous power. It comes with the most common used attachments and there are others that can be ordered separately. I am really enjoying the juicer attachment and the julian stick attachment makes great fries or vege sticks for dips.I purchased the gourmet grade because it was priced at the hundred dollar mark, and a all the attachments that come with the one priced higher. I searched for endless hours to find a food processor with more than 1 attachments under a hundred dollars. The gourmet grade gr1100n 14-cup food processor when unboxed it huge, i liked that part, got my moneys worth for sure. I can prepare a huge salad for a block party of just a big bowel for the family. No more by buying those dried out store vege platters.

I have had smaller food processes in the past, but this one blew me away. I can’t believe all the things i can make with it. I’ve made hummus, sweet potato fries and stir fry. I love this machine and thrilled with my purchase.

Massive 14 cup bowl with ‘Easy Lock’ lid & ultra-wide ‘Fast Feed’ tube, 110v

I’m happy with our decision because aside from saving close to $200, this is a very well thought out machine that clearly understands what people expect from a food processor.

It is everything i was looking for in a food processor, it actually holds 14 cups without leaking all over the counter.

Better than any cuisinart or kitchenaid i have used.

She says it is the best food processor she has owned.

The gourmet grade machine work great.

This is a great item, i mostly loved all the different settings i could apply to make cooking and food prep a breeze. I’m a college student but i would recommend this piece of equipment for any kitchen. Can’t wait to buy more products from this company.

I’m really excited to use this product. Very practical, necessary for many recipes. Very powerful looking, i can’t wait to use it.

Includes precision milled stainless steel blades/disks for shredding & slicing+ juicer attachment

Works as advertised great unit 15 more words required so works as advertised would recommend to anyone with a need for large capacity.

I was so excited to receive the gourmia food processor. Finally a food processor with great quality and size. I’m loving how quiet it is, and all the options for the blades. I definitely recommend this great product.

I am loving my gourmia food processor. It works incredibly well and it’s very easy to use. Gourmia has great costumer service and quality products. I highly recommend this product, it is by far worth the purchase. I’m looking forward to buying many more products from gourmia. Thank you gourmia for your incredible service.

I am getting married soon and i can’t wait to use it in my new home with my new husband. This machine is the perfect size for making large quantities of different dishes. I’m so impressed by the 14-cup capacity for such a good price.

I really want to love this food processor. I have used it for a year and, because i cook for a living as a personal chef, it gets plenty of use. It looks great, it has suction cups to keep it stable, and it has more speeds than most processors. I selected it because i needed the larger capacity and the reviews looked good. But in the end i am disappointed. The blade is in two parts, which makes more cleanup. I never get a completely smooth consistency no matter how long i run it. And it doesn’t work very well for smaller jobs. I find myself using a mini-processor and double batches more often than the big guy.

I am very pleased with this unit. Suction cups for stability and speed of each is awesome. Makes great potatoe pancakes in seconds. Great product for the price.

Also includes the ultimate kugel blade, a whole new kind of blade for a whole new caliber of kugel

Searched for many different food processors, and this one is by far the mercedes of food processors, you wont find this at the mall.

Everything was seamless from ordering to delivery. As soon as i got it i used it and was impressed with the sleek look, power and quiet engine. It comes with accessories and blade options so i can use this appliance for most of my cooking needs. This is the kitchen appliance to get.

Panasonic NN-SN733W 1 : Five Stars

Works fine but a lttle chintzy on the display which gives less information that our previous panasonic microwave. The older model showed more information such as the power level and was much larger and more visible.

The smooth steady cooking really does make a difference. I have also used the defrost to just melt butter, etc.

Microwave arrived in perfect condition and it works great. I added clear, flat, adhesive, rubber pieces to bottoms of feet to prevent microwave from sliding backward when closing the door. I am impressed with this unit, which replaced an eighteen year old one. Easy to operate, cooks fast, well-lighted door, doesn’t burn our popcorn either.

I am very happy with this microwave. It works well and i find myself using it more than my old one.

  • Perhaps my old microwave just sucked so bad that I now have my eyes open
  • Great Microwave
  • Love it, love it

Panasonic NN-SN733W White 1.6. Cu. Ft. Sensor Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology,

  • Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
  • 1250 Watts of High Power with a 1.6 cubic foot capacity
  • 9-Menu Category Sensor Cook system, 15″ turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key
  • Membrane keypad and 5 push buttons for easy programming, 10 Power Levels; push-button door release
  • Measures 21 7/8″ L x 19 7/16″ W x 12″ H and weighs 298 lbs.; White finish

We have used panasonic microwaves for many years. The last one serve us very well for over 10 years. The one that we just purchased is of the same quality. I would not be afraid to buy any panasonic product.

Amazon shipped fast and securely. Works great, and so far i love it .

Word of advice: it cooks things quickly. Perhaps my old microwave just sucked so bad that i now have my eyes open to a whole new world of how fast things are supposed to cook in a microwave. If you are cooking for instance, a microwave meal from lean cuisine that says to cook it for 6 minutes on high – it will be done in 4. “packaged steam-able veggies” will have the packages stuck to the turntable if you cook them as long as the package says. You will need to experiment with either a lower power level or lower cooking times for almost everything you cook. Its also a lot bigger than i expected, takes up my entire kitchen counter from back to front. Make sure you go to a store and scope out how big a 1. 6 cubic foot microwave is before you purchase one this large. That being said, i love this thing.

I bought this microwave as a gift for my brother & he loves it. He says the induction function is great since he always forgets to pull meat out of his freezer & put in in the fridge, so he has to defrost his meat in the microwave every time he cooks. The defrost by induction works well so he doesn’t end up w/ partially cooked meat.

Prefect, love the child lock feature.

I loved the microwave, nice size, easy to use, and pretty powerful.

Good product and good price.

Just what we wanted and works perfectly.

Had it two years and works like a charm.

I love my new panasonic microwave, i would give it 5 stars but my husband is not happy that it is so streamline and wishes it was taller since he is always bumping his coffee mug on the top of the doorway. So for some it may not be tall enough but for me i like it very much.

Does everything we want and more. Plus its a good size so cooking with larger plates and such makes it a breeze.

I was limited in my choice of microwaves because i was replacing a microwave that was built in a cabinet in my kitchen. This was the only one i could find with good features and in the white color i needed. I feel lucky because it could have been a dud and instead it is a great little product. Thanks, panasonic and also to amazon for the quick delivery.

Has been working great since we received it.

I purchased this for my daughter because she didn’t have one in her apartment. I don’t know how she survived without one. Hers broke and was very tiny. She couldn’t afford to replace hers and she didn’t have room for anything much bigger. She is enjoying the convenience of microwaving with 2 girls and a very busy schedule.

I am surprised at how well this relatively inexpensive satisfies my needs. It does everything, including running multi step recipes and cleaning up overspills with ease.

We bought this as a gift for our daughter and son-in-laws housewarming gift. They absolutely love it and can’t say enough about it. We will be replacing ours when it goes out with this new one.

It is exactly as advertised. I couldn’t find what i wanted in white anywhere but on amazon.

Nestle Nespresso Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker : Great coffee, smalll and convenient

Nespresso is the bestgot this for a gift for my brother & he loves itit was a great price.

Wound up buying this at a williams-sonoma outlet on a local store-only discount. I had my first cup of this heavenly brew on a visit to a friend’s house and obsessed about buying this machine for weeks. Canvassed several online merchants until i found it at this incredible sale price (brand new, not refurbished, at just over $160). Turns out it was still totally worth plunking down the cash for this gizmo. It brews a cup in less than a minute, the set-up/cleanup is ridiculously simple, and the nespresso capsule flavors are delish (the pixie comes with a 16-capsule sampler). Plus, there are lots of online merchants who sell the capsule so comparing for best pricing is a cinch; the nespresso company also offers pricing specials if you sign up for their mailing list. No more store-bought espresso for this girl. I never would have believed it possible, but this machine will brew you a no-kidding legit contender to any barista-made cup. (and soooo glad i didn’t settle for a keurig, which i wanted originally.

Absolutely zero negative comments, this is a great buy. The housing feels very solid and well made, the coffee is delicious.

  • Excellent coffee. Fast
  • Lean, Clean Espresso Machine
  • Sleek little beauty.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules, holds 10 used capsules
  • Fast preheating time: 30-seconds
  • Programmable buttons for espresso and lungo, Folding drip tray accommodates tall recipe glasses
  • Backlit LED water level detection indicators, Auto power off, Convenient power cord storage
  • Automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity

I wanted a small espresso machine for my office, and i can’t think of anything better i could have chosen. I also got the aerocchino 3 frother, and the combo is ideal. I was concerned at first about having to order coffee capsules directly from nespresso, but i was told that this is the way they can guarantee the coffee is fresh. The pixie makes excellent espresso with wonderful crema, and it came with a sampler of 16 different capsules. Makes a little noise when it makes the espresso, but it’s fast and not a problem.

 i went into this review worried that the nespresso pixie espresso maker was just too small to produce the pressure and consistent temps needed for a great pull of espresso. Further, the use of pods rather than custom ground fresh beans was another big concern. Would the tiny, shiny machine make a lukewarm creama-free pull?. Would it be a disappointment like so many other small inexpensive machines i have tried?in a word- no. It was fantastic and my wife will not stop raving about it. We both though it was the perfect wedding gift (not that we are giving ours up). The pixie just needed to run water through itself twice and its ready to go. While nespresso provides superb directions, we both noted you barely needed them. Everything was well designed and intuitive.

Great coffee, small and convenient espresso machine. This machine is perfect for our small office.

Clean, modern machine that works like a charm. Love that it leaves a small footprint–at least in terms of my counter space. Spend a few extra bucks a get the chrome finish if you have a stainless steel kitchen. The new wood finish is also quite nice. I’m really a big tea drinker, but i was so impressed by nespresso easy to use & great tasting product i had to incorporate a bit of espresso into my life.

This is now the second of the nespresso line i’ve used, the first being the citiz. This is just as great,if not even better. The width of the two models is similar, but the height is shorter, and it’s overall narrow and classy design fits snugly and sleekly it tighter areas where counter space is at a premium. For those pondering one of these machines versus say, the keuring coffee makers, this simply makes espresso. The other thing that some people might not like is that the coffee capsules can only come from nespresso, or if you’re lucky enough to live in certain cities, you might find a boutique at a mall like we have here in los angeles. Ordering though, is very easy, and there’s even an ipad app for ease of ordering. Capsules usually come within two days of ordering, and there are a variety of strengths and blends to choose from. The machine is incredibly easy to use, and you can have the perfect draw of espresso in less than a minute with no mess, no fuss. For the casual espresso drinker who likes great taste, but appreciates ease, this is the perfect machine.

Awesome machine, simple for the busy lifestyle we all have nowadays.

The perfect size machine makes the perfect cup of espresso.

Having experience with both the nespresso citiz and the nespresso pixie, here are my comments:the pixie is best for circumstances where there is limited counter space. Not only is the machine slightly shorter (depth-wise) than its bigger sibling, the citiz, it is also not as tall. While the citiz isn’t exactly huge, the pixie is just that bit smaller, making it even more versatile – think studio kitchens, dorms, offices, anywhere where counter space is tight. However, i am not entirely sold on the pixie’s design. One issue is the water reservoir which unlike the citiz’s reservoir sits mostly directly on the counter. This makes the machine more prone to leaking and also vulnerable to accidents (as in moving it by accident, accidentally knocking it etc. – things that by default are more likely to happen in smaller spaces anyway). The citiz reservoir is sitting in a full-size integrated tray which keeps the reservoir more stable and also makes handling easier. Another thing that is more annoying than a serious issue is that the cup tray one uses for short espresso cups does not stay in the folded-up position when one wants to use the machine with a taller cup or mug. One has to hold the tray out of the way when placing as well as when removing the cup unless one wants to let it fall down on its own – not sure how much good that does for the longevity of the tray though.

Awesome espresso maker, but the cartridges are harder to find and more expensive.

This thing makes espresso with minimum fuss. It doesn’t make a big fat mug of coffee, and it doesn’t heat milk. If you understand the pixie’s limitations does and you’re okay with that, this little unit is a gem. (get the aerocinno plus milk frother to go with it. It’s brilliant) only caveat: the pods are reletively expensive and not ecco-friendly.

Pods very expensive, however.

Great little machine to take on my travel. Each hotel should have one of these in the rooms as many hotels in europe do. All you would have to do is bring your own capsules of coffee. Easy to handle, easy to take along with you.

Makes the best coffee – reminds me the coffee i had in italy. But capsules i buy from nespresso directly for 0.

Now that i have the ratios dialed in i love this little machine.

It’s a little loud, but it’s worth it. I can get a quality espresso in my own home, without going to the store. All you need are the pods and some water. It’s completly user friendly and no margin of error. You simply load the pod, press the handle down and push the button.

I really enjoy having exactly what i ordered. The people who sold it are awesome and will answer any and all questions specific to this machine.

The nespresso pixie unit that i have purchased recently is excellent ,compact ,simple to use and you really enjoy to drink a cup of quality coffee at an affordable cost. I’ve saved more $100 when i bought the unit through amazon. Com compared to retail store in my country.

Bought as a gift for my daughter.

KRUPS XP5220 Pump Espresso Machine : best espresso maker

I am lucky to have two abodes, which means two kitchens to supply. After my original beginner-type espresso machine failed in one kitchen, i quickly ordered a duplicate of the krups which i had later previously purchased for the second home. It was an easy decision because i so enjoy using this krups every day because of the 15 bar pressure and the mostly quiet operation. The automatic tap down and disposal of the grounds is also a bonus.

I have to admit that i am a tea person. I can’t stand coffee (all except arabic and espresso). Lately i’ve noticed that a cup of tea in the morning just doesn’t have enough of a kick-start for me as i have been burning the candle at both ends lately. Obviously i don’t have the time to get up extra early in the morning to make a whole pot of arabic coffee for a couple of shots and then leave the rest for waste. And regular coffee is not an option. So espresso was the next best thingi went around shopping for an espresso machine and found a delonghi machine but it was completely made out of plastic and looked and felt very flimsy. And it had a very low price tag. This one looked highly suspect to me. I kept looking and found this model. I have faith in the krups name because i already own a krups ice cream maker that is really great and the family really enjoys it, a friend of mine also has the exact same ice cream machine and is really happy with it too.

Came on time and just i as ordered worked out great.

This machine makes pretty good espresso. The removable water container is pretty handy. I am not using the pump very often but it does look breakable (see other reviews).

  • Viva La Krups Expresso
  • After six months of use
  • Excellent Value

KRUPS XP5220 Pump Espresso Machine with KRUPS Precise Tamp Technology and Stainless Steel Control Panel, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pump espresso machine with 15 bar pump, 1400-watt thermoblock heating system, removable filter tank
  • Universal filter holder accommodates ground coffee, E.S.E. pods, and soft pods
  • Precise foolproof tamp system can be set for 1 or 2 cups at a time
  • Selector knob for brewing or frothing, mess-free cake-ejection system
  • Measures 12-3/5 by 10 by 14-2/5 inches, 2-year worldwide limited warranty

I’ve had the 5220 for about 6 months and am very satisfied, having gone through a few cheaper espresso machines. It seemed like just the right price-point — i wasn’t interested in spending $500+, and i knew from experience that anything less than $100 means trouble. It strikes me as heavy and beefy, which in my opinion, can be an indication of quality. I thought about getting the more expensive all-stainless version of this model, but in the end decided it wouldn’t change the quality of my espresso. Best feature: the filter holder that clicks in place – when i first saw that feature, it struck me as gimmicky and made for novices. But, in practice, i find it helps me make a more consistent brew because it seems to lock into place at just the right pressure level, versus the traditional tamping process that can be inconsistent. Second best feature: there is a pressure relief valve that exits into the drip tray. This means that the back-pressure won’t create an espresso explosion each time you remove the filter holder (anyone who’s owned a cheap machine knows of this frustration). Third best feature: the heating/start-up time takes less than one minute – i suppose due to the high wattage and/or quality boiler.

This machine is the best purchase i ever made its easy to walk, clean, and keeps my husband in the house and not spending money on espressos outside.

Older models looks more durable. I hope this one is better quality overall and less problems with seal ring.

I had to replace my krups 850 that finally died. The steamer wand is a twistlock and not threaded as some reviews have stated. I have not had any trouble with the steam wand. I only make one coffee each morning, so this machine is perfect. I also buy ground espresso and the precision tamp works great. The machine is well made and not like a few krups machines i have seen in stores and read about.

Its a lot of work to make a shot.

After our 10-yr old delonghi machine quit working, we wanted another sturdy semi-automatic machine and settled on this krups model. It feels hefty and well-made compared to others at this price level. After using it for 2 weeks (4 espressos a day), we are very pleased with the design, mostly for how it simplifies working with the coffee grounds. First, you don’t need to tamp grounds into the holder – the racheting design automatically tamps the grounds as you twist the holder into place. Secondly, after the grounds have been used, the pop-out button simplifies ejecting the used grounds (the “puck”) without having to bang the holder on your counter or garbage can. If you want even more simplicity, it holds ese pods, which are readily available (starbucks 12 for $4. We actually use the ese pods for our decaffeniated espresso. Now, let’s talk about that frother, which is the subject of most of these reviews. I experimented with the frother wand and had no problems.

Today i am as happy with this product as i was when i made my first coffee with it. This is my best espresso machine ever. I owned before other espresso machines from different companies but i had only problems with them.

I am so pleasesd with this espresso maker. It has a water resevoir that is big enough for a couple of days worth of espresso but not so big that the water gets stale. It has the automatic tamping feature (forgot what it is called) that helps to achieve the perfect shot of espresso every time. It is easy to clean, smart looking and, and makes me smile when i see it. Best investment i have made in a while.

Flawless expresso, one or two cup compresses manually and heats quickly and froths effectivelysolid construction and should last at least 2 or 3 years if kept clean and maintained properly.

Bought this for my son for xmas. We have one just like that we bought several years ago and still have it.

A few weeks ago we shopped for a new expresso machine at the bed, bath and beyond store. Take in your 20% discount coupon and you will get a great deal. Overall, we give the krups xp5220 machine 5 stars. It is a quality made machine and makes good creme (foam). The nicest feature is the automatic tapping and the push-button to pop out the used coffee puck, no longer need to bang the filter holder on the garbage can to get the grinds to fall out. One word of warning: we found a number of unhappy amazon. Com users who had broken the tabs off the steam wand. A customer may not realize that in order to remove the nozzle for cleaning you have to pull the slip ring down and pull straight off which requires a bit of force. If you pry one of the 3 tabs which are in a vulnerable position they will break and then the steam wand may not stay on under pressure. Once you understand the proper removal and installation, it’s not a problem.

I’ve only had it for a few weeks but we do like it. I drink cappuccino every day so it’s gotten its fair share of usage. The thing about cappuccino machines is, people tend to think that it will be a push-one-button type of machine but those of us who brew good coffees know better. As with any complex machine or art, it takes a while to get in your stride. I got used to this machine really fast and we’ve had not problems yet but i am extra careful with the steam wand as people say it breaks easily. One other thing i noticed is that sometimes more espresso comes out of one side of the grounds cup than the other. Maybe there is a small flaw with the self-tamping mechanism. To overcome that i just use a small glass cup from a previously used espresso machine to capture all the output and pour that equally into two cups. With no flow adjuster on the steam wand, you have to work on your technique for steaming the milk as well but i haven’t found that problematic. I’ve since had to replace the plastic nozel on the steam wand twice because it cracked and thus steam was shooting out the top of the nozzel versus the bottom and it takes forever to steam the milk.

Machine and delivery were perfect.

The machine heats up very fast. However one should heat up thecoffee holder with hot water before adding the coffee to assure ahotter beverage. The self-tamping feature saves messes when having to hand tamp. And the neatest feature is the push button on thecoffee holder that dumps out the old wet grounds. No more bangingthe holder on whatever is handy to get rid of the puck. The construction is very rugged,and this machine has quality written all over it.

Inconsistent in both brewing and the steamer.

Every since buying this we use it almost daily. It makes excellent espresso and the steaming wand has worked really well with no issues. We looked at a ton of different machines before buying this one and we are extremely happy with it.

I used a krups 887 espresso vivo for 12 years,and i am so glad to choose another krups now and so satisfied it’s quality and design.

VitaClay VF7900-3 Chef Gourmet 6-Cup Rice and Slow Cooker Pro – So far so good

The cook book is written for the larger model so you will need to cut all the recipes in half. Other than that the product is wonderful.

Its the single most helpful item i have ever bought, to help me stay on a healthy diet, and not depend on fastfood.

I love brown rice and it has consistently been cooked to perfection in this slow cooker. There is no leakage of ‘rice scum’ and the pot is made out of clay not aluminum. Everything i have tried in this cooker has come out yummy. I would definitely buy this again.

I have looked for a rice cooker that is made of clay and doesn’t have any coating on. I also would like having a rice cooker could do more jobs rather than just cooking regular rice. This is the exact one i found. I use it almost every day for regular rice, brow rice, yam, sweet rice, steam vegetables, stew, herbal soup, bean soup, etc. It is fast and keeps warm for several hours, with a timer to remind you.

We’ve been trying to minimize the chemicals in our family’s diet, but for a long time we just ignored the rice cooker (which we use almost daily due to my daughter’s wheat/gluten intolerance) as there didn’t seem to be any alternatives to the teflon-style non-stick coating. So we were very excited when we read about this product. I was nervous at first about the shine and smell of the clay pot (that it might not be as non-toxic 100% clay as they claim). I both spoke and emailed with the manufacturer/owner/creator, but due to language issues i didn’t get a clear answer. Luckily i live near a ceramics supply store, so i took it down to get their opinion. They confirmed that the shinny clay was not glazed (i. That might have chemicals), but had a ‘slip treatment’ (i. Basically clay in lots of water put on like a glaze) and then probably buffed out for shine.

My husband and i have loved this rice cooker from the moment we made our first batch of rice. We purchased it because we avoid nonstick coatings as much as possible, and we try to go ‘natural’ when we can. I searched high and low for a cooker without a nonstick pot, and imagine my surprise when i found one at my favorite marketplace — amazon. Comit makes excellent white rice (we use the japanese kind), and cleanup is a breeze. I haven’t tried the slow cooker cycle yet, but i’ve made brown rice with good results. Once, i cooked a packaged medley mix that contained brown rice, wild rice, barley and some other things, and the kernels were a little too firm inside when i served it. However, i discovered later that the portion i had left in the pot had softened to just the right texture. I think in the future i’ll let some ‘harder’ things sit on the warming cycle for a while instead of serving immediately. I guess even a great cooker like this one can’t be expected to know how to time every crazy combination.

  • Good rice cooker without chemical “non-stick” coating
  • So far so good
  • Great Rice Cooker

The listing makes you think you are getting the whole unit. I only received the clay pot. Which in the end is fine because i just needed to replace the lid that broke. To buy directly from vitaclay for one lid costs more because of shipping. I was hoping this was the whole unit at an awesome discount but it was not. Satisfied but still a little disappointed.

So far this is a great rice cooker. We get excellent rice out of it. We cook mostly brown rice with other beans mixed in and it does a great job with nothing stuck to the pot. We have also cooked white and other types of rice and they all come out fine. We haven’t broken the pot yet either. The clay pot is a nice change from all the non-stick pots. The one problem we found is that if you use the recommended amount of water for brown rice, there is too much water left at the end of the cycle. You have to leave it on warm for 30 min – 1 hour before you can server the rice. Edit – a year laterwell, the cooker lasted about a year or so. It started showing an error code after a few months but you could still get it to cook rice.

I ordered this rice cooker because of the clay cooking pot. I don’t like the aluminum pots most rice cookers have because the rice burns and sticks to the bottom and i’m not comfortable with cooking in aluminum for health reasons. The vita clay addresses these issues plus i liked the ability to use a preset timer. The first cooker i got worked for a couple of months then started giving errors and stopped cooking. I sent it back and it came repaired for awhile but broke down again. The second time i contacted vita clay they said they would send out a new model at no charge. I’ve been using it and love the way it cooks. Pesky problems like too loud a buzzer and clock that didn’t keep time well with the first one have been fixed. I use the cooker daily to make steel cut oats and it’s the bomb for that. If you want a great rice/oat cooker i’d recommend this one.

We are a house full of asian.

This is a fantastic cooker (so far). It does everything well from brown/white/mochi rice to soup/slow-cooking stew. The clay pot is adorable and extremely easy to clean despite not having a non-stick coating. I’ve been using it almost daily for the past 3 months since getting it on sale at my local k-mart. After the first few uses, i was so happy with the results that i went back and bought another one just in case. . Yes, indeed the clay pot can be fragile and some extra care must be given to cleaning & handling but that’s minor inconvenience compared to the healthy aspects the vitaclay cooker offers. Besides some glass/corningware products (which don’t come in sophisticated computerized versions), there are no other automatic rice cookers out there without aluminum pots inside. Also, i’ve been using the japanese clay donabe pots for several years now and never had a problem with them, not even a crack, so here’s to hoping the same with the vitaclay for many more years to come.

Features of VitaClay VF7900-3 Chef Gourmet 6-Cup Rice and Slow Cooker Pro, Brushed Stainless

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  • 6-cup rice and slow cooker with computerized clay-heating technology
  • All-natural clay cooking bowl; double-lid design creates micro-pressure cooking
  • Settings for rice, whole grain/brown rice, sweet rice, and slow-cooked meals
  • Brings food to a boil 4 times faster than conventional slow cookers
  • Measures 14-3/8 by 10-5/8 by 9-5/6 inches; 1-year warranty
  • Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 500-600 Watts

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have owned many rice cookers(living in hawaii we eat lots of rice) and everything now days has non-stick on it, and after a while of use it starts to peel off and get into food. So after lots of searching i found this, and it works great. The rice comes out smelling more like rice then like the metal pot cooked in. (only problem is the clay pot is very fragile so be careful).

I borrowed a friend’s vitaclay rice cooker and really liked it. I had been planning to buy a rice cooker with a stainless steel liner but after using this one with the ceramic liner and seeing how easy it cleans up and stores left overs i decided to get my own. I bought the slow/rice cooker and i’m very pleased with it. My only slight regret is that i didn’t get the larger size because i do entertain often but this one is great for two to four people and for everyday use.

6-cup rice and slow cooker with computerized clay-heating technology

All-natural clay cooking bowl; double-lid design creates micro-pressure cooking

Settings for rice, whole grain/brown rice, sweet rice, and slow-cooked meals

Brings food to a boil 4 times faster than conventional slow cookers