Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine – Great drinks from this machine!!

I have looked for a long time for a personal machine that will freeze the product. The size fits on my counter and it makes the perfect amount. The company has been great to work with and has gone above and beyond to help me.

The margarita machine actually arrived a few days before the estimated earliest delivery date. The item worked great but started to produced a loud fan noise during the first batch of margaritas. We contacted the technical support number and talked to joe about it. He listened to the noise over the phone and said there was definitely something wrong and arranged to ship us a new one and pick up the original by fedex. It arrived in two days and worked perfectly and is really quiet. Makes great margaritas and is very simple to use/maintain. Great product with really great service from margarita girl.

Fast shipping and packaged well. Would definitely purchase again.

We live in the gulf south and summer weather can be hard to survive. We got this machine to see if it could boost morale, and it has been great. We are learning to adapt our own recipes for it and are learning that all drinks can be slush-ified. Assembly is pretty obvious and the only trick is to make sure you have a good seal around the column before pouring your liquid in to be frozen.

For years i have been renting margarita machines for various parties at my home. When i first unpacked the machine i thought it was too small, but it delivered. Once it gets going it freezes quickly and clean up is extremely easy.

I’ve used this a total of 3 times so far and it has worked great. It takes about an hour to make margaritas. I’ve also used it to make frozen strawberry lemonade. It is handy to have and i love that it plugs.

  • Wish I’d bought years ago!
  • Great drinks from this machine!!
  • Game Changer!! Awesome machine to own and a big hit with the kids/adults!!

I absolutely love this machine. I was going for the industrial machine at first but too much of a hassle if your not a business and i’m glad i bought this one instead. Used it several times already.

My family and friends enjoy this machine so much. It makes great margaritas and great slashes for the kids. I would recommend this machine it’s worth every penny.

Literally pulled it out of the box cleaned it and started using it. We put gatorade in it to make slushies on really hot days to help us stay hydrated. We’ve put coke in a few times as well. This would be great for a cookout or party.

I ordered this machine for troops who are deployed. They use this machine every day after their missions for an awesome treat. They have had no problems except for running out of cups and slushy mix. This machine runs approximately 15 hours a day. Great purchase for a worthy group of individuals.

Had an open house and served 7 gallons of margaritas in one day.

Features of Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • High-capacity machine makes 25 CUPS of slush from your favorite beverage
  • Durable construction with high-impact plastic and stainless steel panels
  • 1/5 HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control, freeze-up protection
  • 20″ high x 10″ wide x 12″ deep; NOT INTENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USE
  • 2-year parts warranty; try our slush mixes in 4 tasty flavors (sold separately)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Good quality product and good size for home use. Takes about 30-45 minutes to totally freeze up but once done works well. As a back auger and also front push auger to move slush out of the spout. Unit is fairly small for storage.

This is a very well made heavy duty slushee machine. It also comes with extra seals and some lube for the dispensing valve which you must use. Though i have made margaritas in it, i usually just make ‘slurpees’ for the kids (and me). Get your mix, put it in, then wait a little while. I used chilled water which speeds the process up and i’m ready to go in 30-45 minutes. I highly recommend this machine.

It’s the perfect size for small parties and weekend drinks. It’s so easy to use and clean.

Almost every weekend we will turn it on and have people over to enjoy the margaritas or other forms of slushees. It does take about 2 hours to get the right consistency so you have to plan when you will be wanting the drinks. Clean up can be a pain but overall great product.

Great product arrived on time. We use at all of our get together. Everyone likes it so much i wish i would have gotten the double tank.

The margarita machine works great. We have been using it almost 4x per week. The hardest part about owning it is what flavor is next.

High-capacity machine makes 25 CUPS of slush from your favorite beverage

I read up on several different machines before purchasing this machine. The only problems i have had have been user error (me). The works very well and make great slushies.

Machine arrived much earlier than projected, which of course, was not a problem. It was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. It will be a welcome addition to parties and much cheaper than the 3 gallon commercial machine that we usually rent.

I received this as a gift becausr my smoothie n margarita habit is costing us 2 to 3 blenders a year. So far so good, it mskes 6 to 8 drinks using 1/2 recipe, in only 1/2 hour. The mix i like is a bot more expensive but worth it. Cons: the dispenser won’t dispense if the mixture is too thick but with trial and error you can figure that out. And the drip catcher us a bit loose and doesn’t snap to the unit. Pros: margaritas on the deck, many flavors, and the envy of all my friends. Love it would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a slushy drink maker. I would also be happy if it had a warranty, but there was no mention of one.

My margarita girl far surpassed my expectations. I have had 2 parties since receiving this item. At both parties the first thing i ran out of was the perfectly slushy, restuarant style margaritas this machine produces. But don’t think for a minute that margaritas are the only adult beverage you can make with this machine, don’t forget pina coladas and daquiris. The recipes are simple and plentiful that can be put to the test using this machine. It is easy to clean and even simpler to operate. My only regret is that i did not buy the double bowl margarita girl instead of the single (the more margaritas the better). For the price you can’t beat this amazing product. Completely delighted, satisfied, and quenched in st louis.

Bought as a gift for my husband and it has been a gift to the entire family. Margaritas and other fruit slush drinks are awesome.

Nice and compact and gets the job done.

Durable construction with high-impact plastic and stainless steel panels

Cools off quick and makes perfect margaritas every time. I do however recommend if you are having a big party to pre-chill your mix stuff in the freezer or refrigerator. It speeds up the slush time when the mix starts out colder.

Bought this for my husband and we have had a blast experimenting with different drinks. We have yet to make a margarita, we’ve made ice cream drinks, kids drinks and daiquiris, all delicious. It was received as promised, in plenty of time for father’s day. I would highly recommend this product.

We are really enjoying the machine. We bought it for a party, and it was a hit. It’s good for small or large get together’s.

Thank you for y’all highly qualified business i greatly appreciate your help y’all are a great company i would recommend anyone to y’all. Because you talk to customers nice and work out their problems i am very thankful for the margarita girl machine companythey are real great i love it.

We got this for our bourbon slushies, but have only tried it out on margaritas. It look about 4 hours to get the room temp costco mix to be slushie. We added a bunch of tripple sec and tequilla to make sure it flowed. We will have to work on the drink mixes. I did have to take apart the spout assembly and put the supplied vasaline on the gaskets as it leaked without it. Also, delivery was on time and as promised.

This machine has really changed our office. We now have frozen fridays where people sign up to make a different frozen concoction. Our favorite so far has been frose.

Easy to set up and comes packaged well in box while encased in styrofoam. Parts list missed details on the 2nd stirrer in the back, but after some review it is easily attached to the lid assembly. I have 5:1 mix ( 5 parts water and 1 part mix) so i used 2 cups of mix to 10 cups of water. Just gets over the top of the chrome covered chiller and makes a lot of yummy slush. I attached pictures to show the lid stirrer and the height based on kitchen cabinet.

1/5 HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control, freeze-up protection

Ordered this a few weeks ago and love it already. The machine arrived quickly and perfectly cushioned in a huge box with lots of nice padding. We did a margarita batch immediately and it was fabulous. The machine makes a nice slush (not too grainy or too icy). Based on other reviews we then tried a makeshift mudslide concoction (kahlua, coffee, baileys, etc) and it was also amazing. Even a grumpy guest who didn’t want to try it at first. We were nervous about the price but now realize how great this is to have at home.

My wife and i love it for fri night together but it’s also great for a party. We have used it for our kids birthdays as a slushy machine they love it. I’ve rented margarita machines for many years and this is finally a machine made for people that want a frozen drink at there home that tastes like it came from a restaurant or bar.

This is perfect if you like frozen drinks. Good made product just a bit pricey.

We bought last minute for a party and included a note asking company to please help and they somehow managed to get it too us a day early. We made peach bellinis for the party and they were a huge hit. We have had our machine about 4 months now using every weekend and it just makes the kitchen a more fun place. One weekend we brought it too the beach with us. We just let it run till we go to bed then turn it off and let it start again in the morning (most mixes don’t spoil overnight). We typically just take mixers you buy at liquor stores or publix and use same amount water as mixer. If kids are around we don’t use liquor (add to virgin slushy after). But it’s best with liquor frozen as part of mix. One of the o-rings broke (leaked a little) but i called service number and got 10 new ones which i predict will last for years. We are very pleased with this product.

Easy to use, easy to clean, this machine is awesome. Nice and compact, fits on my bar counter perfectly. I was looking for a small sized machine to do all my wine slush recipes and this does the trick perfectly. No leftovers on new years eve. It slushed up the drinks in a timely manor and the dispensing was nice and easy.

I use the machine for margaritas. The only issue i have is that high seems too high and low just a little too low. Once the mix turns to slush you have to keep flipping back an forth between them for the consistency to stay right.

20″ high x 10″ wide x 12″ deep; NOT INTENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USE

This is a great product for my business making drinks. This worked perfectly to compliment what i already had and all of my customers are satisfied.

Oster 3186 Juice-n-Serve 27-Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer, Just what you need

The oster 3186 is a great light to medium-duty personal juicer. It’s built well, its assembly and usage is simple and intuitive and, most importantly, it does a great job of extracting juice. I have a handful of complaints, but all of them are minor and none are deal-killers. The motor feels like it has a more-than-adequate amount of torque (in fact, a couple of times, the entire unit started to spin slightly on the countertop before i braced it with my left hand). It succeeds in completely extracting the juice from a half-piece of fruit in only a few seconds. The directions tell you to give it 2 minutes of downtime after 4 minutes of usage. This worried me a little at first, but once i saw how quickly it works, i decided it wouldn’t be an issue. I especially love that the motor can reverse direction; this feature goes a long way to ensure you’re not wasting anything. Oddly, the direction of the motor seems to be completely random. It seems like it would have been a better idea to have it alternate direction each time you push on the fruit.

I use this almost every day now to make delicious orange juice. It is super convenient, easy to use and easy to clean. It is also light and doesn’t slip easily on the countertop. The clear plastic screen showing the volume of juice is very helpful and informative as you can see how much juice you actually get from the oranges you squeeze. This helps me to decide which oranges to buy from which grocery store to get the highest amount of juice per orange.

I went through a bag of oranges with no problems. It rotates in one direction, and if you lift the fruit and press it back down it changes the direction of rotation. Once in a while it does do this back-and-forth rotation. Not sure if it’s because the pressure i’m placing is confusing or if this is actually an added function to get the last of the juice?i’m removing one star because it is sort of bulkier than it needs to be – the shape of the pitcher makes it a bit ‘cuter’ and looks more acceptable and modern sitting on a table but it’s a bit top heavy, bulky, and the lid slips off if not put on just right.

Key specs for Oster 3186 Juice-n-Serve 27-Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 20-watt automatic juicer provides smooth, quiet operation
  • Reverse-action motor ensures enhanced juice extraction
  • Pulp and seed separator; 27-ounce detachable pitcher
  • Juice-level indicator; automatic on/off switch for safety; cord storage
  • Measures 6 by 8-1/4 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great Little Juicer – Would Buy Again
, Great Juicer for the Price!
, Excellent product for the price

Never thought i would have the need to write a negative review on amazon. My boyfriend accidentally tossed the box so i can’t return the item. Should really listened to the other negative reviews before purchasing it. On the 3rd day, it just died. **************edit: [changed rating to 5 stars i contacted the company and they send me a brand new one right away.Awesome customer service and the new product works great.]

We used this juicer just twice before the motor fried. I think for very limited use like one or two lemons, this could work fine, but it was half full of lemon juice when it died.

I juiced all my oranges from 3 trees two years in a row without incident.

This thing is a life saver for squeezing citrus fruits. I sometimes get large bags of lemons from family and friends and squeeze them all and freeze them in ice cube trays for saving and storing. Makes for easy quick lemonade at a later date. The man like fresh squeezed oj so it also works well for that. It juices into a convenient pitcher but i usually pour it out into a separate carafe. It’s prettier that way and it’s saves the juicer pitcher from accidental breakage.

I was looking for a simple juicer and looked at many on amazon and also read many reviews. I was impressed by the reviews of this one and the price and decided to try it. I am not at all disappointed. It really is simple to use, easy to wash, as everyone says and does the job. It’s quick and easy and extracts every last drop of juice from the fruit. The pulp and seeds are kept separate from the juice too. A great buy and i would recommend this to anyone who just needs something simple and quick.

We hesitated to buy this because we were afraid it would not be powerful enough to use for large grapefruits and for hard/dense limes. As it turned out, after about 4 months of use, it has handled everything we have thrown at it – lemons, to hard limes, to large grapefruits – without a hiccup. It’s also easy enough to clean. For the price ($18 we paid), you could not ask for much more. (we have not used it for any kind of heavy-duty, commercial use, of course. )if the manufacturer were to slightly improve the design, it would be helpful for the window into the juice bowl that allows you to see how much juice you have collected to be placed on the opposite side of the bowl from where it currently is, to be more easily viewed by a right-handed user. (where it is now requires that the bowl be awkwardly rotated as you are working to see where the juice level is. ) a cap to cover the juicer element when the device is not in use would also be helpful. Other than that, this seems a great purchase.

You put a little extra pressure on it, and this thing will start grinding the gears and wont move an inch. Invest $10 extra and buy something that can handle the sole task its designed to perform.

Love the feature where the juice goes into the container, no cup needed and thus no chance for spills. Very efficient, i am getting more juice out of my lemons than other electric juicers i’ve tried. Very happy with this purchase. Edit: i added another star to make it 5, because i just love this thing every morning.It works great, cleans up very quickly, and after owning other citrus juicers that required the user to put a cup or glass under the spout, this model catches all the juice and has an easy pour spout.

I can’t imagine ever hand-squeezing another lemon or lime in my life. This juicer gets all the juice out without irritating your skin. I can do dozens of lemons in less than ten minutes. It’s time efficient and really makes the job a lot easier. I’ve had this juicer for years and if it ever breaks i will not hesitate to buy a brand new one. This product gives you a great value for your dollar.

I came back from a trip to israel with a yen for fresh orange juice. I took a chance on this machine, thinking that something so cheap and small could possibly do the job right. I get 8oz of delicious juice from three oranges in a short time and every drop has been extracted from the fruit. I am also using it for lemon juice, and grapefruits will be next very satisfied.

For fifty eight years of married life i have been using the small glass juicer my mother had and used. A visit from a great nephew who had to use the old glass one to squeeze fresh lemons to make lemonade presented me with an amazon gift card and suggested i get this model as my arthritic hands tired after a few lemons being squeezed. I can’t believe i lived without this dandy appliance for so long. I really am enjoying it and squeezing is so much fun.Twenty four lemons can be juiced in less time than six used to be. Amazingoster 3186 juice-n-serve 27-ounce automatic citrus juicer.

My previous orange juicer called the citrusmate was a disappointment. The motor broke down after using it for less than 3 months. I decided to try the oster brand and already i know it is better than the citrusmate. The juice holder is a lot taller (as in picture) and bigger which makes it easier to clean. It squeezes out a lot of juice and the motor is stronger so i am sure it will last long. The instruction says to use it for no more than 4 minutes at a time.

Listen for the price this is a basic juicer and it rocks. I only needed it for citrus fruit juicing. Oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. You will stop buying store bought pasteurized oj(full of sugar and not good for you) once you try it. Takes me about 4-6 oranges (depends on size), i juice it put it over ice nothing else. And drink with my toast in the am it is so yummy and natural. I do the same for grapefruit juice and put in the fridge. Use within in 5 days as it it is not pasteurized, it will go bad quicker. For highest value of nutrition use with in 24 hours.

I love everything about this juicer. Seems to be able to handle bigger citrus like grapefruit down to standard size limes. I did not expect it to be able to squeeze out so much of the fruit as i hold it down on the turning corer but it does. When i turn the orange (that’s what i juice the most) over. Almost all of the contents are usually gone. It switches back and forth in rotation direction randomly as if to maximize getting the juice. It’s very convenient to clean and you can rest the full jug on the breakfast table with the cover on and it looks nice. I’m about to buy one for a friend at her request after she’s seen how it works and the reasonable price.

This little baby has a small footprint, is light weight, easy to clean and is oster durable. It reverses automatically several times while juicing getting all the pulp out of the fruit. I use it on both small and large citrus from tiny blood oranges, lemons and limes to grapefruit. At first i thought it was noisy but soon realized most any kitchen appliance with a motor will make noise so in that light the sound is quite acceptable. The quick, easy-to-clean feature and durability is important to me and i use it every day.

Now, i’ve only owned hand-held citrus juicers. We have a large orange tree, and a lemon tree that bear quite a bit of fruit, and me being a big drinker, like making lemonade and orange juice from them. It’s a lot of work on a hand-held crank juicer, so i tried this out. This is a small juicer, so it can easily take up little space on a counter or in a cupboard, and works efficiently. When i used the hand-held squeezers, it often left a lot of the orange inside the rind, leaving me to, if i was intent enough, go back and squeeze the rest of it myself. This automatic goes right down to the edges, getting every last bit, and in a matter of secondsi would certainly recommend this juicer. It’s cost-efficient, and gets the most juice from the fruit as possible. My only downfall i noticed, is the strainer leaves a bit of pulp in the juice. Otherwise, it’s an extra step of straining, which i don’t mind, anyhow.

Really good for its job, but be careful because the cord comes with a warning to watch hands if touching the cord because it has lead.

It is light weight, it has a small footprint, it captures the juice in its own pitcher, it juices perfectly, separating pulp/seeds from the juice. It was bought specifically because i had a large supply of honeybells from florida and i didn’t want to lose them so i went from eating to juicing. I so like this juicer that now i will buy citrus to keep it working. If i had one complaint it would be that it does its job too well and that i might like more pulp in my glass of juice. But even there i can solve that my spooning pulp from the strainer. It has seen hard duty since i bought it, there are no signs that it can’t meet the challenge. I have no problems recommending it to purchasers, am thinking of giving it as a gift to some young ones on my gift list.

This juicer is a great value for the price. It was either this or the black and decker cj525, and right when i was ready to order the black and decker it went out of stock from amazon. I ended up finding the oster 3186 and am glad i didat first i thought i was going with the second best since the black and decker cj525 had so many great reviews, but after using the oster 3186 i am glad i got this instead. Pro’s:-it is easy to use-it is powerful enough to juice lemons, oranges, and i even jucied some grapefuits-it juices to the pith of the fruit, so it definitely works well-it has a strainer to catch all the large pulp and pits-it reverses its spinning order by stopping and restarting-it cleans extremely easy-the juicing pitcher removes from the base for easy servingcons’s:i haven’t experienced any cons yet. If i had to throw a few out there i would say that it would be nice if it had a setting to allow more or less pulp. Next, i would imagine the engine is not that powerful for someone who juices a lot. Neither of these con’s would affect me so i gave it 5 starsi was out to find a juicer for the occasion that i have extra oranges/grapefruits/lemons around and want to juice them. For under $18 shipped with amazon prime i am a happy buyer.

If you want a basic, not too expensive citrus juicer that requires minimal prep work and cleanup, then this is your item. It ain’t pretty or shiny, doesn’t have attachments or extras, but juices oranges and grapefruits very nicely – and quickly. The only thing i don’t like about it is that it strains all the pulp away from the juice, and i prefer my juice with pulp, thanks.But that’s a small thing and easily fixed after i’m done juicing. And the carafe is nice, if a bit small – this won’t work well for a large family or group of people – not only isn’t it large in size, it requires a bit of hand strangth to work, and if you plan on squeezing more than a half-dozen oranges daily then this is not for you. But for one or two people who prefer quick-but-not-pretty utensils, this is perfect. It’s lasted a good long while for me as well.

My husband has had more kidney stones than we care to count and we were told lemonade is a great remedy. This citrus juicer makes it easy to whip up a pitcher of it. The pits remain in the top basket so all that’s left is pure lemonade. Add some stevia and ice and you have a refreshing thirst quencher. The only reason i only gave it 4 stars is because, for some reason, on occasion, it blows a circuit and we press the reset button on our outlet. I guess it’s more powerful than we thought. Overall, we are very satisfied with this purchase.

Braun KF400-BLK Aromaster 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Got it in ’99 and still works great. Flaw: spills coffee

If so, then this is your coffeemaker. Prior to the braun, i had the vaunted kitchenaid 4-cup machine. The kf400 makes a superior cup using the same beans, grinder and water and fits in the *same* counter space as the smaller-capacity kitchenaid. And the coffee tastes better. A number of reviews here criticize the braun for being fragile. If you are godzilla and rip the lid off the carafe then, yes, you will break the tabs that hold it there. But forewarned by this review, you can take an extra half second and remove and replace the lid carefully. If you don’t seat the swing-out basket correctly in the machine then, yes, you won’t be able to close it properly. And if you are king kong and jam it closed anyway then, yes, you will break it and the coffee will leak out.

I had to overcome the fact that this is such a cheap coffee maker. I mean, i love coffee therefore i can justify spending more on a coffee maker. But it’s just so not necessaryi looked at this thing on amazon about a dozen times before i actually took the plunge and bought it over the $90 model i was really wanting. No trouble dribbling,no carafe problems,no problems of any kind. I will say that be warned it has no auto shut off but this was a perk to me since i can sometimes take hours to drink my coffee. And, with the way this braun keeps the coffee so well, you can drink it 3 or even 4 hours later and it’s hot and smooth and not burned and bitter. I still find it hard to believe that this sweet little pot does such an incredible job at keeping it delicious hours later and at less than $20if your a coffee snob, then try this or get the one with auto shut off and programable but just get it. Best coffee pot i’ve ever had.

This is the third braun coffeemaker that i have owned, the first one i broke the glass carafe and could not find one. The second was white and i needed black color. It makes the best tasting coffee , it my favorite of any brand i have owned and i am 55 years old. Sometimes the older models would not turn on if you left them on and they automatically turned themselves off, all you have to do is unplug the coffeemaker and plug the electrical plug in again. This braun coffeemaker is hard to find and i thank amazon. Com for such an amazing selection of products and an amazing price.

Key specs for Braun KF400-BLK Aromaster 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Water-dispersal system provides fast, uniform saturation of coffee, full flavor
  • Plastic carafe’s lid seals to minimize evaporation
  • Pour a cup midbrew with convenient brew-pause feature
  • Swing-out filter basket; flip-top water-tank lid
  • Measures 12 by 6 by 11 inches; 1-year warranty

Comments from buyers

“GREAT coffee
, Makes my coffee and my day

We have been using this coffee maker since it arrived a week ago. I love ordering from amazon. And the coffee maker is fast and easy to use. Nothing fancy but we didn’t need fancy. It makes 4-10 cups of cofee real fast. The product seems flimsy but i’m not the kind to go around throwing around my stuff so it doesn’t bother me. Let’s hope it lasts a while. We had to throw our expensive coffeemaker by another maker after 2 weeks of owning it.

Here is the deal with this model:at some time the flow interrupt will break. You need to spend the 1/2 second to shut the basket carefully. The hinges on the lid of the carafe will break at some point. Remedies:the cost of a new lid is less than [. when the flow interrupt breaks, you can remove itif you shut the basket carefully and don’t fling it shut, it should never have problemsso here are the questions you must ask yourself:am i patient enough to shut the basket carefully?can i wait for the entire pot to brew before getting my coffee?for me, the questions are answered with a yes, and this pot makes about the best tasting coffee i drink anywhere, even at fine coffee houses. Others have said that the coffee isn’t hot enough when it is done brewing but i have never noticed that. Mine is hot enough to burn a tongue if i start to drink right away. Also, i find the entire pot of coffee tastes the best if i wait for the entire pot to brew, so the fact that the interrupt breaks is not a problem to me. I am patient enough to wait the one minute after the brewing is done for the last few drops to stop dripping. ]

We are very satisfied with this low-cost cofeemaker that makes a very good pot of coffee. The cost of a replacement carafe is apparently high, which is a worry.

Replacing my old, well, not so old, mr. Coffee, which had a propensity for the coffee filter retainer to keep popping open, i was pleased at the simple elegance of the braun. And even more pleased that i discovered it has an overflow feature for forgetful mornings when the urn doesn’t make it to the maker. More importantly, the braun is fast, clean, drips very little or not at all when the urn is removed mid-brew, and makes a fine cup of coffee. The only complaint was that i had to buy new cone-shaped filters for this one, or fold the old ones to fit. 🙂 still, excellent flavor and excellent performance in an inexpensive machine.

Awesome coffee maker, pricey, but dependable.

My husband wanted a ‘commercial’ coffee maker. Since he only drinks 2 cups a day and i drink none, i decided to go with the less expensive, well reviewed, coffee maker.

The finished product is not hot enough to suit me. I’ve gotta microwave my cup (10 oz. ) for 15 seconds to get it to the right temperature. My guess is braun is wary of being sued for hot coffee. I called braun and was told the just brewed temperature can run from 178 to 188 degrees. Both my braun coffeemakers make it to only 179–which is within their guidelines–but not mine. For $18 i’ll zap my coffee as expensive coffeemakers were lasting less than a year for me (capresso, bosch, moccamaster). So i agree with another reviewer, buy ’em on sale and throw ’em out as required.

I love this coffee pot the coffee is as good as star—-.

It was somewhat surprising to find such an easy-to-use, simple, compact, and nice-looking appliance that has enhanced my in-home dining experience immensely; not to mention that the price was so reasonable. I ordered this braun coffeemaker in january 2007 and immediately began to make consistently good coffee. It is so easy to use and maintain; it has far exceeded my expectations. Whoever designed this coffee-maker knew something about usability; you may not even need to glance at the visually-oriented instructions to get you well on your way to freshly-brewed coffee (it definitely helps to use quality coffee). It fits nicely on the counter and needs little room – you might notice it because it looks like it ‘belongs’ there. Clean-up is simple and quick too; you can have your coffee-maker clean and ready for use literally within a minute or two. I highly recommend this coffeemaker.

Seems to brew good coffee, though i don’t drink coffee and this is the opinion of guests. Because we brew rarely this machine is perfect, but the carafe is so thin that it’s when, not if, the carafe will break. The little plastic piece that helps to hold the lid on the carafe broke on first use. My understanding is that the carafe is more expensive to replace than buying the new complete set. Not recommended for frequent use. Update: 8 years later the carafe has not broken. Used about 20 days a year when in-laws are visiting. I guess dad in law is a careful guy.

I just replaced my last braun aromaster coffeemaker after 16 years. Very reliable, few quirks (they did away with that silly plastic spout), and it makes a great cup of coffee. Better than starbuck, by far. Don’t waste money on the replacement plan.

I was sad to learn that the braun aromaster kf400 coffee maker was effectively dead in the usa. I bought two before; each lasting over 6 years (very good considering i use it at least once a day). The aromaster made the best home coffee i ever had (outstanding for an appliance costing $20). The secret was the special lid that trapped steam in the carafe (which sadly was as delicate as other parts on the unit and broke easily, effectively costing almost as much to replace the parts as buying a whole new unit). The things that made the kf400 great are almost impossible to find in a single brew appliance today: 10 cups, a small footprint, simple design, replaceable parts, no frills, low price, and (of course) great coffee. I think the krups km1010 is a respectable substitute for the braun (though much more spendy at 2. 5x the cost); i have as much respect for the krups fast touch coffee grinder as i do for the kf400, so i figured krups could make the grade. So far, i am more pleased with the performance of the krups 1010, but the flavor was really outstanding with the braun aromaster kf400. It may sound trivial to rave so much over a simple object, but if you love coffee as much i do, you can fully appreciate just how great a work of industrial design dieter rams’ classic braun appliance really was. It was innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, thorough down to the last detail, environmentally friendly, and had as little design as possible.

Large opening across the backswing out basket for the coffee grounds. The glass beaker is of simple design. This is my third purchase of this unit.

I have paid alot more for coffeemakers that have not been nearly as good as this one. For convenience, this one beats all with an easily removable basket for the coffee grounds that makes cleaning a breeze. The coffee is consistently good, and it brews quickly. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

I have had my braun coffeemaker for only one week, but have nothing but good things to say about it. When i tasted my first cup of coffee, i was delighted. It makes great tasting coffee. It is quicker and much quieter than my last two coffee makers (also less expensive), and it brews excellent coffee. I am so glad i decided to shop on-line at amazon. Com before looking in the stores. The reviews were very helpful to me.

I’ve had this for 6 months, and i absolutely love it. It makes really great coffee, and i consider myself very picky about these things. Pros:-utterly delicious coffee. -simple to operate with no stupid timer (hello, it takes 3-4 minutes to brew, go to the bathroom and it’ll be done). -easy to dismantle and clean. What people think are cons:-not heavy duty. No, it’s not kid-proof or lumbering-oaf-proof, but it is certainly reasonable-person-proof. I don’t know what these people are talking about.

No bells or whistles but it yields a lot of cups per coffee used.

This coffeemaker brews excellent coffee & is very simple to use. The warmer plate will adjust its heat so that the coffee will not burn for quite some time if it is left on the warmer for awhile. At this price, i won’t mind too much if the glass carafe breaks.

I’ve been using this coffee maker for about a year and i really like it. It makes a wonderfull, steaming pot of coffee for me every morning. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the design of the pause-and-serve function. It never really worked very well on my coffee maker, dripping water onto the plate every time i pulled the carafe out before the pot was done brewing. Last week the whole mechanism for the pause-and-serve snapped off when i (carelessly) grabbed the carafe out of the unit. I don’t plan on replacing the coffee maker because it still works without that part.

Over the last twenty years i have been through approximately 6 of these makers. The first one lasted about 6-7 years. The two most recent, purchased together 2 years ago, lasted about a year each. It is a shame to see that each generation of this machine is constructed so much more cheaply than the last. The first thing that goes is the drip-stop mechanism, sturdy on the first one, now flimsy junk. The two most recent lacked the ‘flavor-saver’ flap on the carafe that slows evaporation. (it could be back now–this feature seems to come and go. But save your old carafe if you have one). But the thing is, this machine makes great-tasting coffee. I just bought a very nice cuisinart dcc-100, which has much better build-quality, but will be going back to a braun kf400, because my morning cup just doesn’t taste the same.

I’ve washed this product in my dishwasher for the past 15 years, and it never once broke. It’s the easiest coffee maker i’ve ever had, and still use it nearly every day. It makes great coffee, and keeps it warm too. I always loved starbucks coffee, my favorite, so now i just buy the coffee from starbucks, and make it in this machine. (latte tip: take some milk (or soy) and shake it up in a small closed container, then pour over the coffee, sprinkle with cinnamon, add whatever sweetener is your fav, and wala – a great latte) – and you can have lots of cups from this coffee makerfifteen years strong – braun is the only brand i’d ever recommend.

Cal Flame CalFlame BBQ07890P-A Sear Zone Burner : it works fantastic, probably better than the original

Works great as replacement on my kirkland grill. Just needed to fabricate a little to fit for less then $3. 00 in parts from hardware store.

Good product fits as expected.

Near perfect fit to replace the sear burner on a swiss grill 250ss.

I have a older costco/dcs bbq that has 2 burners, one turned into a pile of rust so looking for a hotter biggeri came across this item, and it looked like the bomb. I took almost all of three minits to install, first test was amzingif you shop at costco you know the great 2-3′ pork chops they have this burner seared a pair of them in 2 mins or soreally nice. You can throttle it back and cook on it just like any other burner. I really reccomand this product.

  • A Hot Burner
  • Modifying your grill is worth it.
  • Best grill burner upgrade ever – used on Jenn Air grill but fits most

CalFlame BBQ07890P-A Sear Zone Burner

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Searing heats quickly to seal in juices
  • Any burner can be switched to accommodate sear zone

A perfect replacement for our members mark grill. Fit perfectly and even though it’s about 1/2″ narrower than the oem burner, it works perfectly.

Retrofitted our 15 year old kenmore grill with two of these. I also removed the heat shield and use these to directly sear steak.

Not exactly the same as what i needed but very similar, after a few small modifications to make it fit, it works fantastic, probably better than the original, and less expensive than some of the other offerings.

Wish i had ordered one when i bought my grill originally. Put it in 5-burner calflame. Easy to switch in and out as needed for use, too.

It works awesome and wished i had bought one sooner. Works as advertised and reviews helped me decide to purchase.

I used twice and it is searing quickly.

Pros: met expectations, arrived timelycons: none.

Used it on my kitchenaid bbq grill.

Converted my old bb q with the sear burner and it works like a new one.

Used as a replacement on a jenn aire – had to drill one hole and trim the pilot tube – otherwise a great fit and works very well.

Works great, but didn’t last as long as i thought it would.

Fits my jenn air grill perfectly. The grill is almost 10 years old and the burners disintegrated so i purchased one of these and a 3 pack of new burners for the other 2 on the grill (now i’ve got a spare). The ignition flame extension worked the first time but hasn’t since – no worries since the other two lit burners will ignite this one if you leave the lid closed. Best upgrade ever to any grill possible. Instead of spending $2k on the calflame grill just get a burner for your existing grill.

Got this to replace a standard burner on my 4 burner turbo grill. Perfect fit and searing steaks just adds so much flavor and tenderness. Gonna get one more so i have a little more searing surface area.

Fits kenmore grill with minor manipulation.

This was an excellent purchase. Was a piece of cake to install, no different than replacing a rusted out gas tube. This puts out tremendous heat.It does have some pitfalls, nothing major though. Works excellent for searing obviously. However, using it as a dedicated cooking burner, you may still have some ‘cold/raw centers’, at least i have. Takes a bit to get used to since it cooks kinda differently. Adds a slight char if you desire.

Worked as a replacement to standard burner. . I gave a four rather than 5 star ratting because i thought the price was high. . Overall i am glad i bought.

I love my steak – but i am very particular how it’s done. I love the way top steakhouses prepare them, but it can be pretty pricey. So i looked for a product that would allow me to do something comparable at home. This is how i found calflame bbq07890p-a sear zone burner. There are a number of sellers out there but i found the best price with free shipping on amazon. I purchased 1 of these to see if it would fit my old grill and also if it would do the job. I was so happy i decided to replace the additional 2 burners on my 10 year old grill (charbroil professional series with 3 burners + a side burner). I knew the grill would handle the elevated heat, it’s heavy gauge iron and stainless steel construction. 1 of these burners is able to draw enough supply of propane to be able to sear. But to supply 3, the pressure was not high enough. So i decided to purchase bayou classic 0-30 psi adjustable regulator/hose assembly (also here on amazon). The workmanship is very good to excellent.

I love cooking on the grill with the sear burner. I did have to modify my grill to install the burner. The shaft on the burner is about 1 inch in diameter. I ended up having to take the whole front end off of my grill and use an angle grinder to enlarge the opening. However, with the effort comes success. My 10 year old grill from costco now has a new lease on life. I was a little worried because i converted my grill to natural gas when i purchased it. The burner worked great on ng. It heats up fast and puts a nice sear on all the meats. I do have to cook the meat on the regular burners to get the internal temp up, or the meat will be even too bloody for me. My only advice is to make sure of your grill box’s dimensions.

Concord Cookware CONCORD 2 : Don’t let it whistle!

Get the kettle too hot, the paint will melt and peel off.

Gorgeous color and beautifully made. I really like that you only have to press lightly on the handle’s switch to open the spout and it stays open. Holds a lot of water, but even when nearly full, is easy to pour. I like everything about this tea kettle.

CONCORD 2.8 Quart Extra Thick Tri-Ply Bottom Tea Kettle Whistling Spout (GREEN)

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  • Concord Stainless Steel 2.8 Quart Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Tea Kettle is made from High Grade Full Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel.
  • Tea Kettle hold capacity is 2.8 Quart
  • Tea Kettle Whistles when water is ready.
  • Tea Kettle has extra thick, full Tri-Ply Bottom for the most even and fast heating.

It is a good size and heavy duty. The handle and flipper button work nicely.

This kettle, in addition to boiling water and whistling just as it should, is just pretty on my stovetop- i leave it out permanently because it looks good and cleans up to a nice shiny finish. The color is sophisticated, for lack of a better word. I especially like the thumb switch on the handle for opening and closing the spout. The whistle is that of a traditional tea kettle- it is not ‘musical’ sounding more like a small train- it’s is not terribly loud but i checked for the purposes of this review and i can hear it from the other rooms in my house even with the doors closed.

CONCORD 2.8 Quart Extra Thick Tri-Ply Bottom Tea Kettle Whistling Spout (GREEN) : Very impressed with this tea kettle. It is a gift so i haven’t used it but it is sturdy and heavy.

This tea kettle is constructed very well and is indeed commercial quality. Fit and finish is perfect and we expect many years of good service. The try ply bottom seems to keep water hot longer than others we have owned. A bit pricey but well worth it.

The handle heats up to the point that a potholder is needed. The pour spout cover clicks up too quickly, it could fling boiling water about 3 feet, so one must be mindful of that. Also the whistle isn’t very loud. Otherwise, it looks good, and the quality seems ok.

Pretty kettle and it feels heavy and quality. I use this kettle everyday and love it. It’s heavy, and the copper outside is beautiful. One of the things i love most about it is the low whistle that isn’t obnoxious. I despise shrill teakettle whistles and this is one i can live with.

I am very pleased with this purchase. I ordered the blue version and the color is perfect for my kitchen. The whistle is loud enough to get my attention, but not loud enough to be aggravating.

The kettle is very wide at the bottom – slightly over the ends of the burners on my gas stove. The recessed lip on the bottom holds the flames – i don’t see the heat/vapor patters roll up the side of the kettle like what happened with my old, smaller kettle. I assume this means more heat is staying where it’s needed and not just flowing up past the kettle as wasted energy. The color and design is very nice as well. I will say that the bottom is very heavy, so if you’re trying to tip the kettle to get the last water out of the kettle, the handle isn’t balanced very well to do that. And you would need to make sure you don’t burn your arm while tipping the kettle at such a steep an angle.

I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it.

This is a high quality tea kettle for the price. It’s slightly less impressive in person than the pictures, but made a fine holiday gift for my daughter who accessorizes her kitchen with copper accent pieces.

Easier than copper to take care of.

Ours started to get metallic incrustations around the bottom edges as if it were rusting within 30 days. Looks great though but poorly made in my opinion.

My wife loves the colour and it seems very sturdy and well made.

Rapid safe well packaged delivery. This is the best tea kettle i have ever owned. Extremely well made and looks good on the stove. He copper feels solid and well made. The kettle feels comfortable in your hand because of the firm grip. You can open the spout lid without any chance of steam burning your hand. It pours well and has a great old fashion whistling sound when the water is boiling. I plan to purchase more as christmas presents.

The price is good, the look is good, the size is good and it’s working perfect.

Though it looks great works perfectly,it’s larger at the bottom than i thought. It is like one of those huge belled southern skirts the ladies wore on the plantations.

My wife loves the style and color.