New Wave Multi Pizza Maker : must use gloves!

Perfect seller and perfect item.

I love making pizza at home and i’m a big fan of my pizza stone. I was a bit skeptical of this thing at first but i figured i’d give it a try. Boy am i glad i didthis pizza oven preheats fast and gets way hotter than my oven can. No more waiting for an hour while my oven and pizza stone preheat. Also, i love a light char on pizza crust and this oven easily accomplishes that in just a few minutes. I’ve seen several people online (both on amazon and other sites) complain that the stone is not detachable. This isn’t an issue for me as i don’t wash my pizza stones anyways. (who does??) just sit it on the counter and scrape any bits off right into the sink. A couple of things to watch out for. As i mentioned, this thing gets hot.

New Wave Multi Pizza Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Use stone base for all types of fresh and frozen pizzas.
  • Cook restaurant quality, crispy pizza in about 5 minutes
  • Also cooks a frozen pizza in approximately 5 minutes.
  • Compact design will fit on your counter.
  • Appliance Capabilities: Broiler, Bake

First of all, the product does smoke an awful lot especially the first time it is used. It even has a plastic smell during that initial use. To avoid any future smoking, the stones must be cleaned very well, even in between pizzas. The maker heats up very quickly and cooks quickly. The pizzas have a charcoal smell and taste to them, much like a large stone oven. I personally like this taste, but if you are not looking for a smokey taste, you might want to try a different pizza cooker. After burning quite a few frozen pizzas, i think the best solution is to defrost them prior to cooking. Flatbread pizzas cook extremely quick and have a great taste, especially if you use homemade dough.

Just as described and i just love it.

We really enjoy making pizza with our sons.

New Wave Multi Pizza Maker : Made our first batch of pizza and very happy so far.

I like the pizza oven for small pizzas. It can be tricky getting the dough onto it, so i am still perfecting my methods. You can’t make the crust go all the way to the edges or you will burn your crust. It takes some practice to get the right temperature to bake too. I still think it is worth the sale price i paid for it. I think it makes the very best leftover pizza warmer. Just put your leftovers on tinfoil before warming or you will have a lot of black burned spots on your stone. Preheat the oven before warming, then turn up between the 1 and 2 setting for a couple minutes.

I make pizzas following jim lahey’s book, ‘my pizza’ and heating up the oven to 550f for an hour in the dead of summer is something i’m just not going to do. Heating it up to 550f in the winter is a stretch, but in the summer it’s not happening. With this little number, you pre-heat it to 1-1/2 for 5 minutes, put your pizza on the stone, close the lid, turn the heat up to 2-1/2 for 6 minutes, then up to 3 for another minute or two and you’ve got a masterpiece. The crust is perfectly browned with a few of those nice charred places on it, the toppings are done, and it’s better than anything you could get from any pizza chain and most authentic pizza places. It’s a uni-tasker–not much else you can do with it but bake pizza, but it does bake a perfect pizza. I use parchment paper under the pizza and slide the parchment right onto the stone and close the lid so there’s virtually no clean-up at all. Before getting this, my wife hated pizza night because there’d be flour and cornmeal all over the kitchen. Only caveat i have with this is that the website to register the warranty doesn’t work.

This oven is all it says it is and more. Pizza this good shouldn’t be this easy, but it just is. Make your own dough, roll or stretch it to 10′, add toppings and have a perfect, i mean perfect pizza in under 15 minutes, startup to finish cooking. I did put a dab of red nail polish on the knob dial setting indicator because the little diamond wasn’t clear enough. I use a nordic ware 10′ cake lifter as a pizza peel. Works great also for burrito shells with a bit of cheese. Ah cheese, one of the things i seem to enjoy most is how the bottom crust and rim get so beautifully browned, but the cheese is just melted to perfection.

Packaging was terrible and juvenile use of newspaper. . Maker is quite difficult to use and pizza is not great.

My all time favorite product. I use it to bake flat nan, or pita bread also pizzas. You just have to be careful when taking off the hot bread i normally wear gloves coz it gets super hot. To keep the stone clean i put the dough on a aluminum foiling paper first and it is also easier to remove it later when it is ready.

Big difference cooking a pizza in this appliance versus cooking in an oven. Sized for most store bought pizzas.

I love how the pizza comes out. Just make sure you warm it up before cooking your pizza.

It cooks pizzas very quickly, and seems to be a quality, durable appliance. No complaints at all so far. Hope it will provide many years of use. I recommend getting a pizza spatula to go with it for easier pizza removal.

After 40 years cooking my pizzas from scratch in a regular gas oven, this thing is really hot, and quick. I’m still learning with the changeover, but doubt i’ll ever use a reg oven again for pizza. Check your pizza after 3-4 minutes. And do wear an oven mitt when opening, and stand back a bit from the steam.

At first i was skeptical when my wife purchased this as a gift for me. After using it, the unit proved me wrong. I have lost count of how many pizza’s we have made. Please note that there may be a learning curve on the right amount of moisture in the dough. But if you practice cooking with it i assure you that you will be very pleased with the pizza.

Makes very nicely cooked crispy pizza so fast you don’t want to leave the room. My previous oven made pizzas were very good. But now i have to say they are even better in this device. Try to keep the lid down and not check on it too much, otherwise the top of the pizza doesn’t cook as well. You can put the dough on the stone, then top the dough quickly with sauce and toppings. I found the instructions to warm it to 1. 5 and then turn it up to 2 after you are done setting it up to be accurate.

Love it – where have these been all my lifewe heat till the stone is at 550 fahrenheit (290c) – gives a crunchy base.

You have to use gloves when you open it. Also, the flour the book recommends leaves horrible burn marks on the stone and creates a ton of smoke. But after a few uses we don’t use a ton of flour any more. We tried to make a calzone but it just got burned w when it rose into the coils. Other than that, cooks pizza very quickly with a crispy crust. I do recommend, just be careful.

Takes a lot to get used to for cooking. Be sure to ‘prep’ stone prior to use. Only use 1/3 of ball of dough at a time, as cooking is best for thinner crusts. Does make a nice crunchy crust.

I’ve used pizza stones in the oven for years, but this little device makes a much better crust and there’s no 20+ minute warm up (more like two minutes). I generally make pizzas with 11′ diameter crusts since the unit will only handle 12′ max. It doesn’t take up too much space and can be left on or under the counter. A quick dough recipe and food processor and you can have a completely homemade pizza in less than 30 minutes (20 of which is waiting for the dough to rise). Of course, you can also use pre-made store bought crusts and have a pizza in less than 10 minutes.

Stone bake pizza oven overall was as expected. Years ago i had one and liked it. One thing i notice with this one though is the heating element seems to be too low which prevents you from loading your pizza up with a bunch of toppings. The element will burn into the toppings. The stone is also hard to clean.

Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker – Great

Just what i was looking for – works great – love the color. Great price and love the warm feature.

I can fit a whole chicken in it. So much nicer than my previous crock pot. After cooking the chicken i then made broth out of the leftovers in the pot by cooking overnight. I love that i could pull the ceramic bowl out and easy clean up after a back to back cooking.

I gave this four stars because it does not have the gasket that goes around the lid to help keep in heat and reduce liquid contents from spilling over the top of the crock during cooking. I learned that some models have the gasket and some do not, but the instruction booklet refers to the gasket and so i assumed the gasket was missing and i returned the cooker. Com, is great about returns, replacements, and refunds. I was unable to find another model with the gasket, so i went to walmart.

Its nice to throw everything input it on low and let it cook all night.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this item. Received as promised in two days. Love the lift out pot for easy cleaning.

Im a mom of 4 and this has been the perfect addition to my kitchen. Keeps food warm after its cooked without burning. So far this has been great and easy to clean. Nice large pot to cook big meals.Def perfect for big families.

  • Super easy to use, works great!
  • So happy . . .
  • Nice for the Price

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and waffling over size, brand, and portability. This little number was so inexpensive, i figured i didn’t have much to lose. I’ve only used it twice (i just got it, for heaven’s sake) but i made pulled pork on day one (about 6 lbs of pork butt fit just fine) and a whole chicken on day two (a 4. I was tempted by the larger cookers because i was afraid this wouldn’t have the capacity i wanted, but it actually held more meat than the spec. Several reviewers have mentioned that it gets super hot on the outside – not so with my unit. It is certainly warm to the touch, but not grievously hot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love all the settings that this has.

Cost me 20 bucks and i am glad that i bought it. Crock pots are a hard item to mess up so naturally hamilton beach knocks it out of the part with a pretty good one. I like the keep warm setting as well because it will make sure my food stays nice and warm without having to over cook it.

Bought this slow cooker to replace a 3. Iwas amazed how much more it holds without taking up extra storage. Cooks well & can walk away without worry.

I still have my original crockpot that’s more than 20 years old, but it doesn’t come apart for easy cleaning or storage, and i wanted something i could haul in for office potlucks so i ordered this. It’s exactly what it says it is, and works great. I’ve used it once a week since getting it. And the oblong shape makes it easy to put roasts and chickens inside of it.

Features of Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits a 5lb. chicken – perfect for 5 people
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Keep warm setting
  • Can fit up to a 3lb. roast
  • 5 quart capacity

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great and i love using it.

I have only owned rival crockpots over the years. The first 2 had broken lids that couldn’t be replaced and the last one they changed the design and all it did was burn whatever was cooking in it. I read reviews for multiple hamilton beach slow cookers and decided on this one being that it was a good size for a great price. I have made many things in it and nothing has come close to being overdone. In fact the pork roast i did today turned out perfect after cooking on low for 8 hours. If i would have left it in my old rival crockpot for that long, the entire bottom of the roast would have been scorched and it would have been dry. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate. I will never buy another rival crockpot again. Great product hamilton beach.

Just like what it seems in the photo i would recommend this to anyone . Cheap and easy to make good healthy dinners.

I had to send the first one back because it arrived with the crock in pieces. I’ve used this one a couple times and it works fine. I have found though, that it takes longer to cook a meal than my kaloric that i had previously. Both times, the food wasn’t cooked after the longest recommended time on low, so i turned it to high for an hour and that worked. So i’ll just plan better next time. I don’t like the fact that there is no power light, so you’re never sure it’s on, but the sides get warm so it’s not a disaster, just weird. I highly recommend using crockpot liners for incredibly easy cleanup in any crockpot.

Have several hb items in my kitchen and love them all. This slow cooker is terrific, i love the ‘keep warm’ setting. Cleans up well; it sits proudly on my countertop next to my hb countertop convection/rotisserie oven which i purchased from amazon in dec.

Since my husband and i got extra but with 4 children. I use this nearly every day i can slow cook beans ( for homemade chili) on cold days. . Whole chicken ( homemade chicken and dumplings) and much more. Just turn it on in the morning or late afternoon before work and dinner is ready for the family at dinner time and it doesn’t over cook or burn if you forget to turn it off. Even if you are re heating gumbo (opps.

Fits a 5lb. chicken –

Seemed to cook a bit slower than usual. What do you expect from a 20 dollar crock pot.

Gave one to my sister for xmas. She’s used it daily since and loves it. Judging by the dinners at her house it works great.

I bought this one because it is cheap and not stainless steel. The stone is great and it works perfectly.

The lid is lower quality than i would expect, and it doesn’t sit flat on the ceramic liner.

Our limited usage of the hamilton beach 5 quart slow cooker has been a positive experience. The reason for not using it more frequently is because we are having a too warm summer and meals that i would normally cook in this pot do not appeal just now. We felt the cooker did a very good job and the meal was tasty and once it cools off here we will use it much more frequently. It is easy to use and to clean. Using this cooker reminds me of hearing and reading about the old time ways of cooking with the adults on the back porch snapping beans and the children running around throwing the beans at one another. In other words, a time more peaceful and not so frantic and communicating could be done over the back or side fence and no one even knew what the word digital meant and the children played outdoors (i was one of them).

This slow cooker has cooked shredded beef, pinto beans and pulled pork so far. It has performed just fine so far. I have had it about a month. It surprised me that it was so light in weight (compared to my last one which was the brand crockpot) but that does not seem to have affected the performance.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid

I have had it for a couple of years. If your food doesn’t turn out well, it’s not the slow cooker.

This is the perfect size slow cooker and the oval shape is a real improvement over our old round 3. The high setting really gets hot and boils the liquid, which is fine because the low and warm settings seem to work as designed. We have not experienced what other reviewers are saying about the warm setting and have used it quite often.

Size is just right – not too big or too small. Love the oval shape and the stainless steel model.

I purchased this for my dad and he loves it. The size, the look, everything about this cooker is great. Arrived on time when promised too.

I have a 6 quart that is just too big for my needs as you must fill the pot at minimum half way for proper cooking, but this 5 quart fits the bill. Price is a factor and i don’t need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cookers. I like to just throw everything in and set it and forget it. For a two or three person family this is perfect. If your like me, and don’t need the hassle of setting temps. , and don’t need a large volume of left overs than this is the one for you.

My new hamilton beach slow cooker is hotter than my old one, but it hasn’t been a problem for me since my old one was way too slow. One negative is that it’s harder to clean than my old one.

I couldn’t live without this baby now that i have it. I use it probably once a week. I never have problems with the temperature being too low or too high.

Keep warm setting

Pros:- size, plenty big enough- ‘warm’ setting, for stuff that’s cooked long enoughcons:- even on low, it’s pretty hot. – it has a hole in the lid that lets out too much moisture. – tends to scorch if left alone too long.

I researched local stores to find a crock pot that did not contain lead as many things from china have in the past. I could not find a pot that was not made in china at my local stores, and no sales people could tell me which one did not contain lead, if any. So i researched online and hamilton beach was one of the crocks that did not contain lead. Then i came to amazon and found this beauty.It is very roomy, heats up quickly, cleans up easily and the food taste great. It has some weight to it, but it is no to heavy to move around and it looks great on the counter. I am very pleased with the purchase which i thought was a little cheap once i saw how big it was when i took it out of the box.

I bought this specifically to make dishes that work better with an oval rather than tall slow cooker, such as slow-cooker lasagna. As with all slow-cookers, the main selling point is that ‘fill and forget(for a while)’ feature. This version is fairly basic-it does not have a programming feature, but it does have a ‘keep warm’ setting that is presumably lower than the low setting. This is handy when you need to wait a bit longer to eat and do not want the food to get overcooked. Like most slow cookers, the ceramic pot can be removed. Being a 5-quart oval slow cooker means that you might need to adjust recipes that are written for tall cookers or those with smaller volumes. For example, if you use a lasagna recipe you might find that you end up with fewer layers than you might want because of the shape and size of the cooker.

I own two very large slow cookers. I cook a lot for my 7 grandchildren. . We call it cousins’ dinner. But sometimes i need a smaller cooker. The only thing that bothered me at first is that it doesn’t have an actual temp. Guage, just high, medium and low. However so far that hasn’t mattered.

It does it’s job and i have no complaints.

All the meals cooked in this cooker have been wonderful. I like the larger size so i can also freeze extra meals too. Wouldhighly recommend this cooker.

Can fit up to a 3lb.

First crockpot i’ve used in years & love it. It’s the right size for my family. Great purchase, happy with it.

My original crock pot broke. It had less capacity than this new one. It’s so nice to have the house smelling wonderful again when i use it.

We researched slow cookers for quite a while after the handle broke on my old one after years of dutiful service. It seemed that many slow cookers run too hot these days, even when on warm. We figured that with the low price of this unit, we’d give it a shot and see how things turned out. We couldn’t be happier – it works great, the heating hasn’t given us any trouble at all, and the unit was incredibly inexpensive.

I’ve never owned a slow cooker before so i wasn’t sure what to buy or expect. I went with this one because of the low price ($19. 88 at the time of purchase). I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. With summer coming up, and sick of spending so much $$ going out and getting unhealthy fast food, i decided it was time to try a slow cooker as i had found many quick-to-prepare recipes. I have multiple medical issues and it’s beyond difficult for me to spend hours in the kitchen trying to fix a decent meal for my mom and myself. This hamilton beach slow-cooker worked so well my first time trying it. My pot roast with vegetables turned out great. My mom is hard to please and even she was raving about it. The beef roast was fork tender as were the potatoes and baby carrots.

Just got my first crock pot ever and it’s super cool. Slow cooking opens up a whole new universe in the kitchen. And you don’t really need to buy a crock cook book. I got me boat loads of recipes from online recipe sites. I just put them right into my recipe manager. Thing is, you can do your everyday recipes with it. Just get used to cooking longer. Setting it and forgetting it.

I love looking for slow cooker recipes now and having dinner ready when i get home. Reasonably priced and works like a charm.

Exactly what i wanted and at a special price too. I have always had a good experience with hamilton beach.

It holds atleast 8 chicken breasts. Its easy to clean and i love the little steam hole in the lid of it. It doesnt show it in this pic but mine has a steam hole in it.

Very easy to use and clean up is a snap. I would recommend this to everyone.

This slow-cooker has a hole in the lid. It’s intentional, it’s got a rubber piece surrounding it, but no way to close the hole and no explanation in the paperwork provided with the thing. All other slow cookers i have owned have had totally closed off lids. I’m so baffled and confused, and reluctant to use it.

I have used this product multiple times with good results. The size is perfect for 2-4 person meals. The ceramic insert is easy to clean and is the heaviest part of the slow cooker–the housing is very light weight.

It is pretty hard to get a crock pot that doesn’t work great.